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Landslide for Conservatives
Leads Them to Claim
Whole Ticket.
HAVANA, Nov. 2 -The election or
Gen. Mario Meiiocal and Bnrtqua Joso
Varona, respectively, candidates (or the
presidency and vice presidency of the
icpuMlo on tho conservative ticket, and
of all the other candidates put foiward
by the, cona-rvatlves.'appears practical
1) assured
Tho liberals, however, v-cie "I'll
(lalmlni; lctori.
Ocn. Manuel Hungull), secietiuy -if
state, In leaving the Mute tlcpdrtnie-iit
laue last nl.llit, mild tint while It woii'd
be Impossible fjll to leterinliiu ,thu ic
Hult until today, tho tmid of thu I -1 -lotlntf
everywhcio was slioni,lj fsui
ablc lo'the sticeesa of h consmatliis
and the detent. or Alfredo .uus, eutidl
data of the III train for president, and
the ethers on the llberul tlckt t.
Advices received at conservative- head
quarters hero Indicate that Uenii.il
ijendcal had u landslide In his favjr
currying all six provlives of the Island
In the city of Ilnvnnu Oen Fnjrj
Andrade, cunoervotlve, was elected
mayor bv a majority of 3.000
Absolute order prevailed In all parti
of tho Island durlnK the billotlni;.
The delay In reetlvln,: .tho returns It
due to tbo extreme- slowness of election
officials In counting the votes As itu
Instance, In Havana four hours uftur
the polls had closed the official flgur"S
In only half a dozen e'ectlon districts
were available. A niajortt of theiu
favored General Menoral No official
returns have been rcceled from tho In
terior. Every w hero (treat satisfaction Is ex
pressed over the succe-s of the govern
ment's efforts to maintain order during
the balloting, although some- regret was
evinced that the use of troops wan
necessary. The election was held under
supervision of specially detailed army
officers, commanding sufficient men to
eompel maintenance of order
Care was taken to'see that the sol
diers and rural guardsmen remained at
a respectful distance from the polls.
They prevented more persons than
could vote simultaneously from passing
their lines, and compelled all persons
arter voting 10 leave me pons
Patrols of cavalrj and Infantry con-1
stautly circulated In Havana to prevent I
tho gathering of crowds, but theli serv
ices were not needed, whllo thu police
lid not make more than the usual nuin-,
bir of uirestn
After the polls had closed enormous
irowds gathcied before the various po
1'tlcal headquarters and cheered the dls
pla of bulletins Cavalrymen riding In
airs circled the outskirts of thu crowd,
but did not have to Intel fere, for the
utmost ehe-rfulness and good order pie
v illed
Elected President
IMw :
! - . . . iiSi,
ft 7 '
Sli" 4 .1
. W es Ail 1 1
P 4 " fi ' t
i t ' '
i.r, l
" " t v, ?
Conservative, Who Was Successful At
the Foils lu CUM.
Explosion Starts
Fire in Car Barn
Relief Afforded Girls of Be
leaguered Town Brings
Letter of Thanks.
Two hundred and Qtv dollars' dam
age was done by lire yesterday to
the car barns of the Capital Tructlon
Company at 3222 M street northwest.
The blaze was caused by an explo
sion of gas No G engine company
responded to a local alarm and ex
tinguished the blaze.
Urutltudo Is expressed by the women
of Grenada, Nicaragua, for the relief
itfYnritf-fl tt,A tutlnniruAri it town hv Malor
Smodley D. Butler and a company of
American marines, who, during tne ic
araguan rcbilllon, made tholr wav to
li iltv before the rebels had a chance
to enter. The appreciation of tho In
habitants Is expressed In a letter ad
dressed to Hear Admiral W. II. II.
Boutherland and forwarded to the State
Department Accompanying the letter
was a bouquet.
There were about forty girls of dif
ferent nationalities. Including American,
ii ii seminary at Granada and they
wero tho subject of much apprehension
until the American troops reached tho
Itv nml Insured them against attack.
"We eclobrated with enthusiasm your
-rival on the shores of Nicaragua us,
in omon that soon our Ills would ceaae,"
Is a phrase In the letter which causes
the State Department to believe that
anti-American feeling does not per
mcato all classes In Lalln-Amerlca.
Tho Judgment and prudence of Major
llutlor Is highly commended.
Miss Alice rtrcthorst, of Ttechow,
China, will be tho speaker at tho ves
per services of the Young Women's
Christian Association tomorrow after
noon at 4 30 o'clock. Miss Brethorst
will tell of her work among Chlncso
girls at Tzechow.
J. Howard Ford Alleges She
Is in Far East With
German Baron.
NEW YOniC. Nov. 2 J. Howard
Ford, millionaire "Hubber King," has
taken steps to get an absolute, divorce
Mrs. Pord, who was Miss Ilertha Nor
II". of Bremen, Oermany, Is In tho
Philippines, It Ik said The Kords liavo
done a great deal of entertulnlng at tho
1'Iuza Hotel t.t this iltv nnd lit th-l-country
place, Stony Vord, near Ooshen,
N, Y., where Mr. Ford has a horse
breeding farm.
It was learned, vestcrday that attor
neys for Mr. Ford, recently asked Bu-
premo Court Justice A. S. Tompkins at
White Plains to appoint commission to
take testimony In foreign cities Jus
tice Tompkins did bo. Papers were
served on Mrs Ford through her attor
ney, William V Clare, of No 1J5 Broad
way, (in her behalf he doiltd till tho
allegations, but tiled no cios-lnlerroga-lories,
which lb talttn to Indleuto that
Mrs Fend will not fight tho suit,
A German burou Is numed as co
respondent It 1 charged that Mis.
Tord traveled with him from Nice,
France, to tho Philippines. She Is liv
ing at Hllay. It Is said
Last month Mm. lord left the Ford
apurtment. In the Plain Hotel, saying
she was going to Uiemen to visit her
parents. Mr. Ford sallod soon after
ward When lie reached Bremen he did
not find his wife at her piiren(K' home,
and he put detectives on her trull.
They learned, It Is alleged, that Mrs.
l'ord and the baron hod traveled to
ua'her and stayed at hotels In Genoa,
Ivcmc, Naples, Florence, and Nice be
tore the) sot sail for the Philippines.
Witnesses to Mrs Ford's alleged mis
conduct made affidavits before Ameri
can consuls abroad These affidavits,
'vlth letters that passed bstween Mrs.
Ford unit the baron wero given to Mr
Ford's attornevs Most of the witnesses
are hotel servants.
Program for Police.
The officers and putrolmeti of the
Tenth nreelnct will boithe guests of tho
P nkham Bible class of the IinmuniM
llupllst Church rloxt Wednesday night.
A special entertainment nnd lunch Is
planned for their benefit.
Virginia's Governor Makes
Known He Will Not
IHCHMOND, Va Nov. 2 -Floyd nnl
Claude Snanson Allen, now awaiting
the electric chair In tllo death cells of
the county Jail (jere, njiy oxpect no
clemency from Governor Mann, accord
ing to authoritative Information today.
Tho guvernot. It Is suld, has made It
known thut the Aliens' last resort Is
the court uf appeals.
The two mountaineers, father nnd
son,' are condemned to dlo November
Si for their part In the murders in Judge
Massle'a court at Hlllsvllle last March.
Tliclr appeal Is now pending.
Gets Absolute Divorce.
JuhIIlo llamaid In Houltv (Tourt 'n.
jestirdav granted an absolute divorce
to Daisy Harding from Ginleld
HardliiK A co-respondent was nam
ed bv the wlfo and testimony sup
porting tho allegations In her bill wus
given buloro the- examiner.
Motor Car Upsets,
Killing Salesman
SrnlNOFIKMJ, Mass. Nov. l.-Wul-ler
Weston lond wilesmuii of Boston,
vaa Instantly killed, and Halph F. Hop
1:1ns. son of Dr F. K. Hopkins, of
Springfield, was probably fatally lnlurpd
when their automobile turned. Willi
while going at u lilMli lull" of rpicd
on the lllvcidale road In West Hprlilg
lltld toduy
My On "MOMO QUWtrUVtlni It
Laxative Btomo Qak
6is ln' ' W.
pilks cvui:t in e to n hays.
Your drurslst will refund money If I-AZO
I Ointment folia t cure Itrhlnic, Iltlnd, Illeed
Inn or Protruding Plls In la U dan toe.
Mark of Respect to Memory
Late Vice President
Aa a. mark of respect to the memorv
of the late Vice President, the man
agers of tho chr)santhcmum show In
the botanical gardens at Fourteenth
and Ii streets have closed the show to
day and will not open the doors until
tomorrow morning. The show will open
tomorrow mrnlng at 9 o'clock and will
be open all day.
The feature of the show yesteiday
was the christening of the "Margaret
Holllns" bloom, for Mrs. I'. S. Holllns.
of Nashville, Tenn.
Col. John B. Mosby
Is Much Improved
So great hoa been the Improvement
In the condition of Col John B. Monb,
now confined at Garfield Hospital for
a long-standing ailment, that the physi
cians have decided not to operate on
hlra todiT. It was originally planned to
II ii believed at pre .eat that an opera
tion i.... .j. .,e -.. iij
svtll bo discharged fisom the hojpliul be
fore many days have pasned
3812 Jocelyn Street.
M " &'!! - kM& Si&bSi i&m
miiiiiiiiB i v r t t- 'vt .til . a- i-iT to c . (-ejrjr .
JB5';. kl4iL. t n8 " TLilHkai lv.-. ... A'Jt,
WKsCTLPfri 1 1 ItMlli i"l 'i
Are You Reducing
The High Cost of Living?
HE cost of living is just as much a personal p roblem as it is a National one. What are you, your
self, doing to reduce it?
When you pay money out and get nothing back you are wasting it that's what paying rent
amounts to.
When you take this same rent money and begin buying a home you are investing your money
instead of wasting it. Such payments on a home will soon make you the owner of that home, whereas
if you continue to pay rent, 'ou will never own anything but a bunch of rent receipts, so far as this rent
money is concerned.
Make One of These Homes Your Savings Account
That's what it really amounts to. And the money you are now saving in this way can be utilized
to give yourself and family some ot the present comforts and luxuries of life, and'you are still as well
off, for the money you are paying on your home represents just as many dollars and cents saved as
though it were deposited in a savings bank.
Here Are 3 Unusual Home-Buying Opportunities
We have been authorised by the owner to offer this home
at the ridiculously low price of
10 Rooms and Bath 2-Story and Attic.
Never been occupied. Open every day.
Lot 60 feet wide.
Thomas J. Fisher & Co., Inc.
This Is the Last One
Judging by the great demand shown for these homes in the past few weeks, a day or
bo's time should find the last of these superb homes sold.
With the sale of this last home, one ot the greatest, if not the greatest, home buy
ing opportunity in Washington passes out-of your reach forever. Should ou buy from
one of the owners you would in all probability pay a considerable advance over the prices
and terms we ask.
$3,975 to $4,250
Hi larso Bunny rooms
Missive eolonlul front porch of delected
Houtliern exposure.
Double oalc floors.
Expensive llghtlnir fixtures.
Ulectrlc and gas llcht.
Open flrep'iuce v, lth Rib lost and special tile
toclnc ard hearth
Special design mantel
ijolonUl giants slldlnr doors
llcautlful and costlj decorations.
Unusually largo dining- room Tilth dome fit.
I'crfect Kitchen coierlntj more floor area
than in ordinal y dlulni: loom.
Cold-stoiage loom vilth porcelain-lined re
frigerator i 1 1 li outside entllatlon and
not exposed to the sun.
Cntlrc kitchen and cold-utomce room nails
covered v. lth gcnulna sanltas.
Drop table.
Detroit Jewel a;as ranire with porcelain drop
and pipe connections to cuiry oft steam
and odors from cooltlni;
Tile sink v. lth nickel cplgots
tiplicloua Kitchen dresser.
-Small Cash Payment
-$27.50 to $32.50 Per Month
FlroleES cooker
American Jtadl itor Co hot water heater
0 is iater heatt r.
bcrvants toilet
Mono v. ash trays
.Sled beam eunstiuctton
Tront and rear entinno.s to cellar.
Double renr porches
.ilV'y in rcur
J electrla lights and one gas light In cellar
I'lc large cellai windows and tio sash
Hound molding
Show cr bath
1 lie Door nnd nails
Olans ton el bars
Toilet paper holders
Razor strop hook
Nickel glass and soap hold.ia
Medicine cabinet
Hand mado decorations on walls.
Genuine birch doors.. -
Kpaolous closelB
Unfinished usable nttle (for storage), ven
tilated b two window a
Flcturc molding In every ro.m
Tr.msoms over doorb
Holland window shades
To Inspect these homes tako any 9tli stieet car, get off at I'nrk road, and It Is but a moment's wall:
(east) to Warder and Newton streets the loeutlon of tho piopertles. oorlooklng tho beautiful grounds of tho
boldlers' Home.
Look For Our Green and White Sign 713 14th St. N. W.
THE Cost of Living isn't worry
ing High View residents. Any
merchant who enjoys High View pa
tronage will tell you that this is so.
But why should High View resi
dents worry about the cost of living?
They are buying homes with the
same money that formerly went for
rent in this way a former expense
had been turned into an investment.
They are. therefore, in a better
position to enjoy life's comforts and
luxuries and pay for them. They are
building even more substantially for
the future. In a short time to cdme
they will have their homes entirely
paid for, and all their income can
then be devoted elsewhere, with no
thought of rent to be paid month after
High View homes are of the most
substantial construction. The fronts
are of beautiful pressed brick. They
contain six full rooms and bath. Mod
ern conveniences throughout.
The price is 53,300 cash or the
SHANNON & LUCHS way of $200
cash and S2G.92 per month.
TO INSI'l i T 'lul.i un O street car inaikorl
"UrooltUml ' ur "Noith I'.i'jltol and W stretts,"
get offutlthodo Island muiin, und walk one
square east.
j rf HIS photographic reproduction was
I taken in the dining room of one of
j our Columbia Heights homes. You
are looking toward the parlor and through
the parlor can be seen the hall with its front
door of plate glass.
At the left of the dining room is the door
leading directly into the kitchen. Then there
is another door in this kitchen that leads di
rectly into the hall, so that the woman of the
house can reach her front door without
trapsing through the dining room and parlor.
Note the massive proportions of the din
ing room drop light, shown in the foreground
of this picture. All the other lighting fixtures
are of equally as fine a caliber.
Another thing that we would call atten
tion to is the fact that this picture was taken
without the aid of a flashlight one of the
best evidences in the world of the perfect
natural lighting facilities of this home.
There are six rooms in all in this home
and a perfectly appointed bath. Each room
it. complete in every detail, leaving nothing
to be required but our furniture.
We sell you this home tor $150 cash and
$22.50 per month. The full price is $2,750.
TO INSPECT-Take any 11th street car KOln
iiuithniitl, gel ofl at C'olumlil ro id, and wulk one
sqtiare- oust . or nn Hth street eur golni noilh
wmt, got off ut Columbia roud, und walk thiu
squares east, oi nv ?th street car going north
west, get off at Columbia road, and walk ono
square west
XT'OU don't have to guess what
your neighborhood is going to
be like at 14th and Perry Streets.
The homes we are selling are the last
to be constructed at 14th and Perry
Streets. The quality of the neigh
borhood is already apparent, and you
will find it a mighty fine neighbor
hood. Here we are selling homes of
character and individuality homes
with four porches where the ordinary
home enjoys but one or two. Homes
with hardwood floors upstairs as well
as downstairs, whereas ordinary
homes have no hardwood floors at
all, and many homes of quality enjoy
hardwood floors only on the first
floor. Homes with two fireplaces
(one in the parlor and another in the
dining room), whereas many homes
have none at ah. Homes with extra
large front terraced lawns, and extra
deep back yards.
And we sell this home for 5300
cash and $38 per month. Thirty
eight dollars will not rent you a home
equal to this yet the S3 8 or so that
you are spending for rent will buy this
TO INSPKCT Take any Uth street car going
northwest. Oct off at 14th and Perry streets, and
iou arc right at the properties.
Our FREE AUTO Service
This strike Is foi the free accommodation of tliot-e Interested In an of our properties It does not oblig-ato you
In any mj In fact, wo .!ll be glad to tilto iou tu un other properties ut the same time, so that ou can make com
purlions. Just drop a postul or phone Main 'UV, for thla I'HUK AUTO Service, and we will ctll for you and bring you
bark again.
Look For Our Green and White Sign
713 14th Street N.W.

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