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Winners of Playground Championship Coached by Girl
Biological Survey Says
House Pets Destroy Birds
and Young Rabbits.
Delay in Naming Commis
' sioner Indicates Opposi
tion to Abbott.
Short Session Must Appro
priate at Rate of $15,
000,000 a Day.
Banker Dead and Three
Others May Die in
St. Louis.
A great scarcity of same faces the
Washington nlmrods In the fields of
old Virginia and Maryland. The con
ditions that seem to exist In the sur
rounding counties In these States, and
as a matter of fact throughout the
cntlro United States, Is blamed on tho
ordinary house cat,
Many hunters retunnd to their homes
last night after a day In the nearby
fields, swamps, and hills disappointed.
Of course many were lucky enough to
bag a few birds, a rabbit, and even nn
occasional duck, but tho great flocks
of 'birds that Inhabited Vlrg.nla and
Maryland twenty years ago seem to be
fast disappearing.
Scientists at tho Ulologlcat Survey of
(no Department of Agriculture explain
tho rapid decrease -In tho supply of
gaino to tho cat. -J.
House Cats Blamed.
Thousands upon thousands of young
birds and rabbits are killed by the
house cat," said one of tho experts to
day. The general Impression among the
average huntsman Is that tho march of
Utilization, earning with It tho cut
ting of forests, tho burning off and
clearing of fields of stubble, and tho
establishment of little villages has been
the means of exterminating the game,
but this view Is exploded by the Gov
ernment experts.
What damage the cat does not do,
the professional hunter does. The Bio
logical Surey Is carrying on a war
against the "market hunters." and
prosecutes cases where the Interstate
law Is violated In the shipment of game
against the laws of different States.
Maryland Game Laws.
Rabbits may bo Bhot In tho following
counties In Mar) land: Calvert, Cecil,
Frederick, Charles, Garrett, Harford,
St. Mary, and Kent. The quail and
partridge season opens In tho following
counties: Cecil, CharleM, Frederick,
Garrett, Kent, und St. Mary. Duck,
goose, brant, and swan. Anne Arundel,
Ualtimorc, Calvert. Baltimore city.
Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dor
cester, Frederick, Garrett, Harford,
Kent, Montgomery, Patuxent river,
I'rlnce George, Queen Anne, St. Mary,
Somerset, Talbot, Washington, Wicomi
co, and Worcester. Wild turkey may
m shot In Baltimore, Calvert, Caro
line, Charles, Garrett, Montgomery,
I'rlnce George, and Talbot counties.
The leedblrd, rail, or ortolan season
closes In most of theso counties tomor
row. The squirrel season, wnicn openea
fca CEi sdrN rT Crt
ff$L MmWk flPKPr Utir VItj
i W- .. "
-Photo by O V flack
Baseball team from the Hubbard School, who received a silver cup from the hands of Commissioner Rudolph yesterday
Corporation Counsel Thomas Will Next Week File Bill in
Equity in Supreme Court of District That Is Ex
pected to Open Long Contest.
Just as soon as he can get It drawn.
Corporation Counsel Thomas will (lie u
?opZVc?ll?rlSlT! w L. eiV"ty ln ta. BU?T' c?urt.,of
today. I'lieasant or grouse mayi oe snui """'! - -
ln Calvert, Caroline, Cecil, Charles,
Prederlck, Garrett, Harford. Mont
gomery, and Talbot counties. The plov
er and snipe seatfon Is open ln all but
Anne Arundel. Cecil, Somerset, and
Wicomico counties.
Shooting Is prohibited on election day
ln the following counties: Alleghany,
Baltimore, Cecil, Frederick, and Har-
A license fee Is charged hunters In
nil cxrent Anne Arundel county. The
termlned fight to prevent tho merger
of local public service corporations.
The bill Is not likely to bu filed before
the middle of next week. It will
enumerate a number of grounds for
Judicial interference with the plans of
the promoters, Bnd will mark the open
ing of u fight that, unless Congress
meantime comes to the rescue of the
District by passing a public utilities
Er,nV.l."J0?!!nll?,in"notO more" than twelve commission bill, may be long, arduous.
2KKf.r. Ski1i.MiUTre.ouh?t. ? flf- and. by dint of a series of app.als.
reach conclusion only In tho Supremo
or pannages bix ,nu
rabbits ln
grouse, or phemmnts, three English
pheasants, two wild turkeys; Baltimore,
and Calvert hae cut the number even
Over in Virginia tho hunting territory
Is split hv the Blue Ridge mouniuins.
Deer, rabbit, nunll or partridge, grouse
or pheasant, wild turkey, woodcock,
rallblrd, ploer, and snipe, except robin
snipe, and duck, goose, brant, and swan
may be snot lonay. w ""'.""','
i .. m.i mtioi find curlew
nil counties In ' Virginia today. In
.,i MlmtHna in Vlrclnla the county
board of supervisors are giving power
to sTiorten.onen seasons. .,,,,,,,,,,
No protection Is given the blackbird,
rlceblrds, crows, does. hawks owls,
eagles, robin snipe, or Wilson snipe.
Court of tho United States
Flans Not Made Public.
It Is pot yet known on what particu
lar legal proposition Mr. Thomas will
nlace his chief reliance, and he Is not
disposed to bo communicative as to his
nlans. A careful study of tho charier
nnweiH of thu local corporations Is
and curlew making, howeer, and It Is stated that
the bill will ulltgo that these art) ex
ceeded by the scheme of combination
that has Been sol aiooi.
Good Wages .for Good Workmen
a Safeguard to Public,
Union Declare?.
uted, at Its dissolution, tho court de
cree did not require that every orig
inal holder of Northern I'actflc or Greut
Northern shares should have Ills orig
inal certificates handed back to him
Instead, he got both Northern racinc
and Great Northern, In the proportion
in which they wero held by the North
ern ttccurmes company
Ships Float, However, and
One Tows Other To
ward Norfolk.
NEW YORK. Nov. 2. When going nt
reduced speed through a heavy fog off
Oapn Hatterus Lightship, tho Norwil
glun suumsh'p Norucga last night
That, It Is belle en, would bo tho fate, crashed head on Into un unknown Ball
ot stockholders who turned In their; )ng vessel
holdings to tho Washington Utilities n0tli ships were damaged by the crash
Company. For Instance, a man who im..niii. iirnn i ..ilk
turned In three shades of Capital Trac- "" hr Immediately began to sett e.
Hon. would be likely to get back, In The officers, in alarm, ordered the
cosn of dissolution, not his three shares crews to put off ln lifeboats, and with a
of Capital Traction, but something like , n,.nvy ea running, the sailors left tho
two shares of Washington Hallway, Midi V
one of Capital Traction. The Washing- sl""'" . , , , ,
ton Hallway shares having been put In Wlrdcss dispatches riceJvcd hero
at a very high aiuatlon. this would told of tho accident. Whether there
result to the loss of Capital Traction ) was loss of life was not told ln the
holders, and to the gain of Washing- j brief messages.
ton Hallway holders. 1 The lookout on the Noruega shortly
This point Mr. Thomas proposes to before o'clock sighted u large vessel
develop ln his petition, arguing that tho! directly ahead of (he steamship. Though
District courts should protect share-' he gau the alarm at owe tho Note
holders of local corporations against Biun eiufl could not be stopped ln tlmo
to itvoiii crushing iiivi ine oiner snip.
whoe dim outlines naru were visioie.
Estimates of the cost of running the
machinery of tho Government for the
fiscal year beginning July 1, 1913, which
have been prepared by tho heads of
Government departments for Congress,
and which nro now ln tho hands of tho
Government printer, show that Con
gress, during the short session now ap
proaching, will havo to appropriate
money at the rate of 1D,000,000 a day,
according to information obtained today.
Congress will havo at tho outside only
seventv-flvo worklntr days In which to
I apportion the vast sum of H.lOO.OOO.OuO,
. which Is the amount of money that will
bo required of It despite tho dosperate
I efforts of economists within and witn-
oui ine eapiioi 10 Keep tne cosi oi
Government operation down to rock
Postoffice Wants $275,000,000.
Although the estimates aro prepared
in conlldenco nnd will have to come up
for approval by tho Cabinet before be
ing submitted to Congress, It was
learned today that some of the larger
Items to be asked, nre: Treasury, $137,-
i"),ooo; War Department, $200,000,000,
Navy, $130,000,000, Agriculture, $31.O0iOC),
Legislative, $14,000,000, and I'ostofflce,
Tho total estimates, excluding the
I'ostofTIco Department, will amount to
approximately $770,000,000. Although
Congress appropriates 11 sum sufficient
to cover the total expenses of the Post
office Department, the money appro
priated does not represent actual ex
penditures from the Treasury. The
postoffice Is now about "breaking
One of the first things to come before
Congress when It meets win db n ro
nitHt for an emereentfr appropriation
-,"-.7 .. -.. ------- - . -.1 . - ,
or anout iiw.wjo.wu to gei ine mre-cis
post In running order. Congress at the
last session granted only $750,000 fnr
this purpose and most of this sum will
bo used up In buying a few minor fea
tures of the equipment
Few Reductions In Personnel.
On account of the extreme pressuro of
business to be exerted on the national
lawmakers at the coming session, it Is
considered likely that Congress will
have all it can do In pi'tlng the appro
priation bills without taking up any
other Important legislation.
Tho estimates as now prepared pro
vide for few. If any, reductions ln po
sitions In the Government service. It Is
stated that ut present the personnel has
ben reduced to rock bottom, and there
ran be no other reductions without
seriously crippling the Bervlee.
President Taft will take up the esti
mates with tho members of his Cabinet
shortly after election. The House Ap
propriations Committee will get to work
lining up the appropriation bills as soon
as Congress meets. Borne of the ap
propriation bills -will be printed and ln
the committee's hands before the ses
sion actuallj begins.
An Indication of tho extremely
strained relations existing between the
Indian Bureau and the office of the Sec
retary of tho Interior prior to tho resig
nation of Robert Valentine, was afford
ed today when It became known that
Secretary Kisher advised President Taf t
to accept Valentino's resignation nnd
to hold up the appointment of a suc
cessor until a conference could bo held.
Tho telegram asking the President to
hold up tho appointment of a successor
until after conference has been con
strued to Indicate that the Bccrctary
of tho Interior U opposed to the ap
pointment of Acting Commissioner l'
II. Abbott.
It Is not known whom tho Secretary
of the Interior desires to see appoint
ed, but It Is known that Mr. Fisher In
tends to fend off an annalntrricnt until
he has found a man he deems satisfac
tory. This Intention can hardly be
considered otherwise than as hostllo to
Abbott's appointment.
As against this. It Is understood that
Mr. Abbott has a string of Indorse'
ments an strong und lengthy us nny
that has ever come to the President In
support of an appointment.
Although It Is not known what con
sideration will be given them, Indian
tribal councils propose to take n hand
ln naming the man who shall preside
over their affairs On several reserva
tions Acting "Commissioner Abbott has
many friends.
the possibility of such manipulation.
Opposition Is Expected.
When the Thomas bill comes before
the Supremo Coure of tho District It
Is expected that a strong array of coun
sel will oppose Mr. Thomas It Is
The Northern Securities decision, and expected that some N.wW.ta,,.
Stops for Improving working condi
tions of operators of moving picture m
chines, now being taken, aro rapidly
leading to a culmination which will
place the business on a bettor basis not
onlv for operators, but for picture show
managers, it Is claimed. After several
OOOferenccs between representatives of
the Moving Picture Machine Operators"
Union, No 221, and the Moving Picture
Inhibitors' 1oogue, a bjsls of settle
ment has practlcall been reached, It la
said, and the matter will be settled
I lii.il UlIoIIs of the now agreements
w 111 be arrangi ' at a meeting of the
1 'ilbltors tomonmv afternoon and of
the operators Sunday night
Officers of the Operators' Union this
mnrnlnir exnlalned that there was no
disposition on their part to call a strlko
and that the preset sltuutlon simply
grew out or a movement uegun some
time ago to Improve the conditions un
del which operators work. The movo
Is simply part of the attempt to elimin
ate as far as possible. Incompetent op
eiators. Good operators, It was explained, de
mand a scale amounting to about $3
a duy for seven days In tho week and
ten or even more hours a day. The
safety of the public requires that tho
opomtors hould understand their husl
neBS It Is said and tho operators' union
Insists good operators should be well
Tho demand Is for an eight-hour day,
six days In the week, or for seven class
with the privilege uf Becurlng a substl-
tuo on one duy In tne vveeie, oaiuruajs
and Sundays excluded, 3TV4 centB an
hour, which would mean a weekly wage
of about $22 a vveeie, and 50 cents an
hour for over time.
Robbed of Diamond
Brooch Worth $500
The theft of a diamond brooch val
ued ut $500 has been lepoited to the
police by Miss K. 11 Dent, a clerk
in the Treasury Department. Tho
brooch was taken from a bureau draw
er in Mibs Dent's apartment In the
Dnmarlscotta, 91S Eighteenth streot
MI-k Dent was dressing for dinner last
evening when she discovered her loss.
Several hundred dollars' worth of
other Jewcliy In the bureau was not
disturbed A few months ago Miss Dent
lost a watch valued .it $V Since then
she lost another watch on the street.
de-cree were before the corporation
counsel todav, as well as me vuriouo
decisions in cases Involving dinner
powers of local companies It Is pro
posed to urge vigorously that a mono
poly Is being organized, through the
efforts of the Washington I'l'm'?'
Company and tho Maryland-Virginia
Railway Company, which will control
the local uUllty situation In violation of
District Is Interested.
More than this, the Interest o( the
District government Is involved, be
cause. It Is argued, the proposed merger
would result In transporting much of
the taxable value of the various prop
erties outside the District. Tho signifi
cance of this Important point can be
made plain by tho use of an Illustration.
It Is charged that' a Virginia corpora
tion la being taken Into this combina
tion, which buys power from the l'o
tomac Electric Company: that this
power Is bought for less than Its cost
nt nrnductlon: that bv reason of thus
losing on power sold ln this manner tho
apparent value, for taxation purposes,
of the property within the District will
bo reduced, while tho apparent value
will be lolned with tht strongest mem
bers of the local bar In the effort to
brush aside the petition.
Promoters of the merger have been
expressing their entire satisfaction with
tho latest turn in anuirs. i nej poim
out that If an equity action Is begun
to restrain their project, it will Inevit
ably havo the effect of depressing the
quotations of Washington Railway
shares, ami tnus enaDie mem to uuy
up what they want at lower prices
than would otherwise have prevailed.
"As to that argument," said a Dis
trict official today, "about all that need
be said, ln reply is that -when a great
corporation falls into the domination
of men who can see their wuy to big
profits by reason of depressing the se
curities of the company. It Is Just
as well for somebody to Interfere. That
Is ono of the very excellent reasons
for tho action that Is proposed. Theso
companies ought to be operutcd for the
purpose of accommodating the public,
and earning reasonable profits for the
shareholders. If they aro being oper
ated on a plan that makes It profitable
for those In control to depress the
shares In the market, neither the pub
lic nor the shareholders' Intereit Is
being properly conserved."
HI tuumutmnniiititiiiititiiiiniiniiiiiunwumumjiiiitittiiiiiiimTtiiiniiiiiimauuiuuuiiiiiiiimttTriiiiiiinin""
rimhpr.4 cracked and both craft were
shaken from stem to stern by the im
paet The sailing vessel, which elthei
was a full-rigged ship or a tirlguntlm
began to settle Tho Noruega, lesi
severely damaged, also took water.
It soon was apparent that the las
named vessil would withstand the
crash, and ufter the crews stood by ii
lifeboats for un hour the sailors boarded
her The Noruega took the other crafi
in tow and started for Norfolk.
Distress signals sent from tho Cape
Hatterus lightship attracted the United
Stuli h revenue cutter Seminole, which
Immediately steamed toward the place
of tho accident to stand by In cast
either of tho damaged vessels should go
down Other ships with wireless ulsr,
heard of tho collision and turned from
their courses to offer aid to tho two
vessels , , ...
The Noruega is laaen witn a vaiuaoie
cargo of fruit from ine west inuics.
and Is bound for tnis cny
Fox Hunters Holding
Last Trials Today
The last of the annual field trials of
the Montgomery I'oxhunters' Associa
tion is being hold today at Dawson
iie. Md. Pack races aro being run.
Included In the list of dogs are six
from Andrew J ("Cy ) ejummings
Chew Chuse. Mil , kennels
A. Stcinmctz
Criminal Count
Indictment charging Jacob A. Stein
met, of Philadelphia, with conspiracy
In the purchase of rare stamps from
Arthur M. Travers, formerly chief clerk
ln tho office of the Third Assistant
Postmaster General, was dismissed to
day by United States Attorney Clar
ence It. Wilson with the approval of
Justlco Gould ln Criminal Court No. 2
Travers entereel a plea of nolle con
tendero several days ago and was fined
$1,500 The Indictments were returned
by the grand Jury April 3. 1011
Personal Questions
Asked School Children
In a "Health Grading Outline" pre
pared for the purpose f gathering sta
tistics, the school children of Minne
sota will be asked about the "coflree
riabit," about the quality and quantity
of food which he eats, the arnounfof
fresh air that ho breathes, and the
manner In which he cleans or falls, to
clean his teeth.
This Is an important step In the ad
ance of the school hygiene movement,
which receives strong support from the
Bureau of Kducatlon. and It Is believed
that the appointment of a special State
director for school hjglene will soon
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 2. Ono person Is
dead and twenty-threo are Injured,
three probably fatally, as a result of
an early morning lire which destroyed
thu Berlin, one of the most fashionable
famlli hotels In Ut. Louis, today.
W. C. Douglass, a director of the St
Louis Union Trust Company, and Iden
tified with several other corporations
was burned to death. His body was
found In the ruins by firemen. Albert
Genrct, Lieut. William Green, and I.
I. Ilowlsby are expected to die from
their Injuries. Genrct and Green suf
ferd frartured skulls when they fell
to the pavement while trying to escape
from the burning building. The Are had
gained great headway before it was dis
covered and men. women and children
wero compelled to lower themselves by
ropi s made of bedclothlng, jump or be
carried from the building.
Miss Edna Kissinger, a school teach
er, swung herself out on a. window
ledge and hung In midair until flames
scorched her fingertips and burned her
hulr. She was compelled to loosen her
hold and fell to the ground. Her In
juries aro serious.
There were 150 guests ln the hotel.
The names of a majority of them fig
ure dally ln the society affairs of St.
Louis. An aunt of D. it. Francis, for
mer governor of Missouri, was carried
down a ladder und escaped unharmed.
The blaze was discovered bv a guest
Just recovering from an Illness ana who
was unable to sleep. Servants ran
through the halls spreading the alarm
and there was a wild rush for the flro
escapes. It Is said that the windows
leading to the escapes were locked, and
the panic-stricken men and women be.
gan Jumping.
Firemen caugnt several women wno
leaped to the ground. In every Instance
women were given the preference In
escaping by means of ropes. On the
third floor J. L. Hlbberd lowered his
wife and mother and Mrs. W. L. White
bv a rope and then attempted to lower
himself. He fell, and was seriously In
jured. Escape In Night Clothes.
The guests reached tho street clad
only In their night clothing. Women
grabbed their Jewelry and other valu
ables and threw them out of the win
dows, and. In some Instances, Jumped
out after them. It Is believed the per
sonal loss to the guests will reach
There were scores of thrilling escapes
and rescues. Madame Luta Vettakurht
was lowering herself to the ground by
a ropv of bedclothlng when It broke.
She fell but landed on a mattress thut
another guest had Just thrown out of
a window. V. P. Bowlsby was lower
burned in two. He fell and bis chest was
burned In to Ho fell and hla chest was
ciushed. The Rev. William J. William
son, who lived in the hotel, rescued sev
eral women, carrytns them out through
the smoke and flames. James Watson
carried his mother, seventy-six ycurs
old, through the flames to safety
While tho fire was at 11b height, one
of the hose reels which, was Just arriv
ing to fight the blaze, struck a street
car. Three of the firemen are believed
to have been fatally Injured. They
wero rushed to a hospital
Mrs. Pearson to Speak.
Mrs Isaac Pearson, president o the
Washington Waldenslan Society, will
speak of her ree-ent tour In Italy before
the Woman's Missionary Society of the
First United Presbyterian Church next
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
Mrs lohn Culbertson will Introduce
Mrs. Pearson
of tho outside corporation will be ap-1 DlOlOfflCal aOCietV
nn.c.ttti.. unhflnran. i nun. un UHLncen
uaiciikii v""-!""-" i
and the one buying It for less man
cost, the latter would accumulate an
undue value; but that value would not
be subject to taxation within the Dis
trict. Tho District would thus lose Its
right to tax tho values that actually
exist within the District.
On the other side, these profits, lost
to the properly witnin ine j-nsirici,
would accrue to tho property outside,
whore taxation rates aro lower. It
would, In effect, be a method of de
pressing taxation values where taxes
are higher, nnd where the property has
its actual sltuii, and Increasing taxation
values where taxes are lower and the
property leally does not have Ha situs.
Would Save In Taxes.
This feature of the plan. It Is poltrtod
out, might In the development of a large
system and the Intricacies of bookkeep
ing, become a. source of serious injury
to the taxation revenues of the District.
It would make no difference whatever to
the aggregate properties of the holding
company, because whatever It lost on
power sold by the Potomac Klecirlc
nipfiv it would make up on the fact
that outBlde companies got that power
for unduly cheap prices und turned It
Into profits. The holding company ton
trolling at both ends, would of course
lose nothing ultimately on the current
and would save something on taxeB.
Yet another ground for Interference
by the court will be prewented ln the
bill, It was learned touay This harks
hick to the monopoly question and tho
Northern Securities case. The Northern
Securities was a holding companv, pre
cisely as the Washington Utilities Is to
be. It acquired large holdings In the
Northern Pacific nnd Great Northern
railroads, Just as the holding corpora
tlon here expects to do
It was finally held to be Illegal under
the anti-trust act, Just as the District
authorities are confident the merger
mnanv will be held here.
Now, to this new point In Mr. Thomas'
bill. When tho holdings of the North
ern Securities Company were dlstrlb-
Will Meet Tonight
The Biological Society of Washington
will meet tonight at S o'clock ln tho
lecture hall of the Cosmos club. A. D.
Hopkins will read a paper on "The Lo
cal Leaf Beetle and Its Ravages "
"Other papers will be given by Aus
tin H. Clark on "Faunal Areas of tho
Pacific," an Paul BarUch on "Collecting
ln the Bahamas," which will he Illustrated.
Piquant little Miss Margaret Brown
who eloped to Maine and married D
Herbert Hostotter, a Princeton Junior,
last Wednesday, was for several ears
a student In one ot the Washington
seminaries, und Is well remembered b)
scoits of oung people ln the city.
Miss Brown Is nineteen jears of age
and Is the ward of Edward V. Goltia,
national Democratic committeeman from
Missouri. She has known Mr. HoMetter
for some months, but It was not until
the present week that he decided to
give up Wb university career and marry
the girl of hla choice. The honeymoon
will bo spent at Hot Springs. Ark., and
the young couple will llvo in Pittsburgh.
Ttiegrnms of congratulations have
been sent to the youthful brldu by some
of the friends of her school rtaja In tho
1226 to 1238 Maryland Avenue Northeast
(First Time Offered)
$4,500 to $4,975
Again To-night
The Ebbitt Crystal and Onyx
rooms will be thrown open for
Cafe service after the theater
and once more the famous
"Operatic Four" will render pop
ular selections.
Everybody Goes to
The Ebbitt
And that everybody may be comforta
bly served these two rooms are placed
at your disposal.
On Election Night, returns will bo
received by private wire, and the most
reliable nowg announced promptly ln
the Cafe, tho White and Gold Itoom,
the Dutch Boom, the Crstal and Onjx
G. F. SCHUTT, Proprietor.
Six and 8 rooms and
Hardwood finish
Parquetry (flooringt
Electric lights,
Large lots, with 45 feet
of parking to alley.
Double porches, 7 by 16,
Holland window shades,
Side-oven gas ranges,
Extra large closets,
H H Mirror doors.
Floors planed and
Paved streets and side
walks, Room for garage or
, . t
.-"!? 3&flk mEiWnmi&Mt JMN vbMEV Itt
ic"-i- . ha. sm iw ii i i n ipii i mmmi mm u.k rr-tnw a i
ii- lln!KSHBiBirMlsM
& fesstSfcnsK MffiRsltkiiiiHLV 1 !
sitiiHiBHBsiSlSSx ?' r-4J 8 I
in rJhwtWiitiWiImr7!uM " ' .ii.. i ii i ii YTTTftTWai r , 7 tt ii,
Two styles of houses.
Open Daily and Sunday and Lighted Until 9 P. M.
Maryland avenue is one ot the finest streets in northeast, and houses nt above
prices are seldom. Don't miss this chance. Come out before too late.
H.R.H0WENSTEIN CO., 1314 F Street Northwest
wjm mmtmmtnrnttmtmttmtmttttmmmttmmtrmmmmuwwimmtt

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