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which Is not accessible liy telephone
when ho Is working at top speed.
When he tcturucd home' he found a
pil can! on the ft out door Infoimliig
him that the house was In ciuniuntliic,
his daughter lOiltth having been taken
III with dlpthcrla dining Hie euil eve
ning. The lioniil of he'illh would not allow
him to entei hhi house and he spent
the tilulil In a lintel with .1 telephone
deelilcdlv accessible
Boy Scout Results
Expected Shortly
tlesults of examinations conduetou
by the eoiiil of honor of the Hoy
Hiouls or the ItUltlct ut liosslyn yes
toidus will be nnnniinc.il In u few
d u 11. Kxnmlmitlons w ! taken for
merit limine In puhlli boalth und
peijioiial heullh, foi llr.U aid vvoiki
mid lor admission In the second rank
of scouts. Dr. J. J Murray, of tliu
District Health Department, and Dr.
Leonard, of the American lied Cross,
conducted the. medical examinations,
while the scout rank examinations
were given hj Assistant Scout Com
nilsslonei Frank !. Wood and I.leot
.t. (I, Tavlor of the Klgnul Corps.
Tho exercises. of thn day began with
tho uncovering of neads In uu morv of
Vice President Shi-rmiu while "Taps"
was sounded. Tvvn hundred und llfty
scouts were present
Carroll Electric Co.
We carry a rumiiletr stock of
and our nrlrra arc lovt.
Construction Machinery
514 12th Street N. W.
Pbunra Mftlll T.TJO-TIKI
UUINC'V, .Mass., Nov. 3.- Ala) or l.u
telle J I. Htnne had a tut of vvoik to
clean up In iltj hall last evening anil
closeted himself In Ida Inner office.
New Evidence Expected to
Convict Vallon of Shooting
and Prove "Frame-up."
03SININCJ, N. V., Xov. 3.-Chailcs
Ileeker conferred with Joseph A. Hhay,
Ills now attorney. In tho dentil house for
ncnrly two hours yesterday. A guaid
nut between tit's two nil of the tlino and
overheard cvor. word sokcn hy iho
condemned mall to the lawjer. It Is a
ride of the prlt-oii. When the confer
ence, wus ended llccker reached out Ids
heavy hind und Kilppcd th.it of the nl
torney. Then he tliiuw his aim about
t he lawyer's nerlt,
"t am much Hiiour.iBed by what ou
have told me," snid Ileeket.
"I was I dallied on the nluht Uecker
was serilcnci'd to die In the eleclrlo
chair," snld Mr. Shay utter ho had left
his client "I am How the attorney of
trcord In the case, succeeelhiR John W.
Hart, who mi luiiKcr Is letalnecl.
An American Dreyfus.
"This Ih the first time In my life that.
J have seen Uecker, nrd I have been
convinced of his Innocence. The wholo
tnjng wus 'framed on hlm hv llose,
Weber, and Vallon. To mj mind he Is
an American Dreyfus, uud Ills case Is
similar to Unit of tho nench urm of
ficer In many respects.
"Docker's personality has taken lit Id
m me. All the hiisplclous cticuntstanccs
In the case he has explained uwny with
iho utmost slnipllct ami frankness.
Ills manner has convinced me of tho
truth of his assertions.
"I want to say ilsht heie that If thero
Is another tll.il anil In my own heart
am certain that an appeal will be Rrunt
isl Uecker will tak the witness stand
and he never will b convU tcil. Ills
own teMlnionj will convince unv Jurv.
(me of the Hi t things that I did when
I met him hi the ibutli house tudas w:ih
to ask lilin the question which I put to
all in clients- Ale vou KUlltV-
Holds Becker Guiltless.
I wulchcc) his e.ww for the sltphteHt
w.isctln ai.r hi, nice fot Hie siikk s
tlmi of ti tu'.'ih ' said Mi Shu. "Th u
Ills ansvv i tame, and 1 was .issuicd bv
It and III:) niiiiitii r that un Innocent man
I" In the death house the 111 ut. I believe,
who has i el b 'll il lell'UlL tin re. fH -foi
I bit him I hail convinced blm that
,i ..pe-il and a leversal of tin erdl t
a sine to be the outcome
I ha1 e discovered tiuanlilles o! fiedi
e Idince In lh ease upon whlih t shall
b sc u motion foi an appc.tl, aside frettit
tin re o da of In, ti lal. This ntliei
inotioii s.ill uo before on" of tin so
pieme com! lusHce. and 1 don't see
Imu even Justice eliilT tan tlecllne .t
t nlili lilt veldlet It It Koes lii to. i
'I luvi made teinnrkublc cllcoV.'l li
ti Ilk c.ih . 1 think that tin Impciidlni;
I luls nt the foiu so' ailed iiimuen will
ielt r.tckei. Home itutllliut t stlinonr
v ill develop lit those inset As I git
i lie Sstotv, no murder had lit en uliiinpeil,
but It vim Intunibd to kidnap Hoscn
tiliil. lleckei knew nutlitnrr of this. It
wjh a uauibleiH low. Hut the murder
car picked up Vullon In 1'ouiteenth
sliitt on the nliiht of tbn crime, and he
luil been di Inking liurd.
Says Vallon Was Slayer.
"When ltoseiithal was culled to the
loor of the Metropolo. Valon Hied all
'he four shots which the witnesses tes
tliteil to haslng heutd. I'ollceman Kile.
n the .Mutropolc at the time, said that
tho shots were filed In such rapid sue
esilon that they sounded as If they had
neen fired fiom an automatic Klin. Now,
If It 1m proved that the other occupants
of the car had no Intention of kllllni;
Rosenthal, llccker could hae had no
i nmilrilitr of the mmder.
"I shall piovo that Schtpps. who 1.4
'he prliii Ipul corroborator of the testi
mony of Mow, Weber, and Vullon.
lever was mar tho house of Meeker at
the time he said he was. JJut I know
Im was In the murdr car that night.
"These and more dlseovciles have con
vinced me that thn thiee gamblers de
cided to 'frame' tho case on Uecker to
save themselves," added -Mr. Shay. "I
don't believe that ho ever will be ex
ecuted. In the event of the granting of
a new trial I don't expect that the ease
over will be tried again, us the wit
nesses of the piusecutlng attorney will
bo cntlrelv discredited by that llnio."
Flames Cause $15,000 to
$25,000 Damage to Elev
enth Street Structure.
A searching Investigation of the
.transro flro that did from 11S.O0O to IX.-
000 damage last night In the building at
4K-3 Elovcnth street northwest, occu
pied by Uarnhurt Brothers & Bplndlcr
and tho National Capital Press Is being
made today by I'lre Marshal Nicholson.
Until tho marshal completes his Investi
gation und confers with tho occupunts
uud owners of tho building, ho will
make no official estimate of the dam
age. Nothing has yet been found to Indi
cate the causo of the file. It apparent
ly started near the center of the third
floor, which was used for storage pur
poses. An alarm was turned In a few
minutes after 0 o'clock by William Cal
vert, one of six printers at work on the
second floor. Calvert noticed heavy
smoke hanging under tho second floor
celling. A few minutes later a second
alarm was sounded from the box ut
Tenth and V streets by Joseph Sorucco,
who lives at 10u4 K street. He saw
heavy smoko coming through tho roof.
Jt'our euiglnc companies, two truck
companies, und 'tho water tower re
sponded, und several lines of hose wero
soon playing on the blaze, she burning
paper gave off a. dense smoko that filled
the nearby streets and seeped Into busi
ness houses, und several moving pic
tine houses on D street. A number of
places on tho street closed their doora
temporarily. Tho bluzo was extin
guished at about 'll o'clock.
Practically all the damage to thn first
and second floors was duo to tho steady
flood of water that camo down on the
minting machinery and supplies. Tho
building Is the property of tho Clarko
Nunnle Chesley, an aged colored wom
an living at Ut Eleventh street north
west, lost her llfo savings In u fire
that destroyed the furnishings of her
home u little after o'clock last night.
The aged woman was hysterical with
grief nml had to be taken to a neigh
bors home.
Pittsburgh Bank Official Loses
Most of Stolen Funds on
prrinUL'llGII. Nov. i Muik ..I.
Pomeioy, former assistant cushlei i.f
toe Citizens' National Hunk. Poit Alle
gheny, will sentenced to live years In
the l.eavcnwoith penltentlsry bv Cnlfed
Mates Judge Charles J. Orr. uftei hav
ing been convicted on nineteen nidlci
inents charging misapplications if
tunds of the hank.
Jlost of the money had been Inst In
Policeman Is Hero
Of Near-Drowning
David Hughes, living at tin root of
Twenty-seventh street northwest, whh
saved from almost certain death by
'rownlng this morning by Jumes Cart
wright and Policeman P. II. Lipscomb,
of the Seventh precinct.
Hughes was tiylug to rtcovci a bcovv
pump from the waters of the Potomac,
when ho lost his balance and fell Into
the river, e'artwilght who wus near his
home, at 1;7 Thirtieth street, heard his
cry und hurried to the whnif. as did
also the policeman. I Inches was pullucl
stiuggllng fiom the water, when he
wus about to succumb.
The Finest American Beauties Lart;e,
perfectly developed spcclments of these
rnmoits loses, iresii-cut.at eiuue s, lzit
Great Inducements For
Early Christmas Buyers
Goods Laid Asidi For Christmas on a Small Deposit
Ladies' & Gentl emen's
y'J f.riiiilne
Diamond Rings
Lib. s
$35 Genuine Diamond flJOK Aft
Itlngs eDeSO.Ul)
$70 Genuine Diamond Crt f(
.M,,,glsG.e.?,.,!n.'1.n!",,.'.,,?.,! $100.00
$8 Gold Filled
LndltV or Urn"
tlrnirnV. r
riinte 0 ?mrt,
ii i r I i'ii ii ino r-
M Ladies and lb ntleinen's Hold
I'lll. 1 Vvutcht-. I'.lgln or (JJ-J A ftl
v iltiiam iiu.venieut OJ.V.UU
tjn ii-ki solid ciuiti (Ciorrn
Watches 01-.t)U
$5 Gold-filled Bracelets $3.50
$7 Gold Bracelets $5.00
$10 Gold Bracelet $7.50
$7.50 Men's Solid Nfj
Signet Rings
ti.su .Men's Milld Gold fljr ((
Sc t Itlngh . tDtJ.UU
$7..'i" l-iilles' Solid Gold ! Aft
Set I tings
i ;;. i.u
Tllfuny lllngM
4.1 Ti l.udleH' Solid Gobi Q"nft,
$5 Solid Gold La
valiers and Chains
$1. Diamond l.avallei. fljrT r
und Chain Ol.tJU
lis Dlumund l.av.illcr- (11) f(
and Chain . tPli-.UU
Cor. 7lh mid
C. M.
i. i. i:m.u wim. vmi niiMNCi riti:i:.
Kahn Optical Co.
625 7th Street N.W.
llittlC l , s,
Patent llfner.
Boys' Shirtwaists Girls' Dresses
I White l,awit Diess for girl, nge IS")
yeais, was PSc Hmali sles Hoys' Eel
l'crculc Hhlrt Waists, cuilik clourunco
$1.39 Long Crepe Kimonos
Wurruntod Kast Color Seipenllnav
v repo Kimonos; run lengtu, slurred
yokes and sleeves; Persian hand trim-
mlnir! IHnk. Ittlle Vuvv. Ill .1. und I.1IV.
ender .' J
Where Your Dollars Count Most'
722-724 7th Street N. W.
Flannelette Sleeping Garments
Neat Htilncil Kast-Color I'lnk and'
liluo Hleenlng Garments, with feet; for
children 'i to I: yeuis
$1.00 Velvet and Leather Bags
ntack 8111c Vclvot Ilandsomo leather 1
Bags; 9-Inch filagree silver framo; leuth- I
er or moire silk lining; small pocket- j
book; fitting
It's a Recognized Fact That Ours
Are the Best Suit and Goat Values
$1 Fringe Trimmed Head Scarfs
Chiffon Slllc Head Kcarfs, In rich "I m v
shade,) f I'lriK. Light and Dark lllil". I I 11
White, Lavender uud Pink; Much sllltffiM
fi Inge edge J I V
Let Us Demonstrate to You
$1.75 Women's Silk Umbrellas
Pure Hill: Twilled Gloria rmbrcllas, 1
with parugon frames and handsome
mission and pearl and silver handles, f"
vve-ui' and color guaruutccd j
$1 Felt Hats Bearskin Bonnets
Black and White Kelt Jlats, for girls!
una names niacK uearskin uonnets;
ribbon und flower trimmings; warmly
lined. Kemnutit price
$1.50 Linen Table Covers
Splendid Quality line IJatlu Damask 1
Pattern Tublecloths, rich florul confer
and border designs; 3-lnc.h hemstitched
8c Outing Flannels
Double Faced, Splendid Quality, Nlco
Weight Outing Flannel, In pretty light
and daik colorings. Hemnant of So
ciurjlty ,
39c Serges and Zlbelines
Heavy-weight Klbcllncs and Stonni A v
Serges, In all wanted colors; clouhlo M W
width; splendid for coat suits, skirts, " W l
nnd dresses.
85c Broadcloth and Storm Serge
St-lnch-wldc Wool nroudclotlis audi
Storm Serges, In lihick, lilue, Urovvn, I ,
Gray, and Green, best of dress goods f"
value J
$2.00 "Lucille" Doll
Our own Importation; 21 Inches high
with handsome, blir face: remilur ft u.
tures, sleeping eyes, and KYUIlllOW S,
hund-sevved wig, shoes and stockings
anu an senms patent jointed
$8.95 for
$15.00 Suits
Our guarantee goes with every suit
even ut this low price. Drund-new,
nobby, SMnch Jacket, of all-wool storm
S' rge. In black and blue, with heavy
hutlii lining; notched collar. Inlaid
vviiii siiiin; mannish
sleeves, and hip pockets.
very special ....
$10.95 for Real
$20.00 Suits
Of popular .ill-wool rhovlot und
seigcs, in brown, navy, and black.
Nobby, man-tailored Jacket, with
ii-lnch tailored scumst brcust and hip
pocKeis; manmsn collar
and lapel, and guaran
teed satin lined. Won
derful values .'.. .
$13.77 for Suits
worth to $21.00
The very newest "Johnny" Suits, of
rough weave or smooth serge, with en
tile cout silk braldid or handsome
Itobcsplerre models, with velvet
Ilobesplcrre collar that can he removed.
making two iiistui't
styles In one suit all
colors In this lot
$18.50 Corduroy and
Serge Norfolk Suits
I'lnt bl of elvrt con I in o. In blue Jit J
tiruttti and hdndflom all-wool CIu
- i u hhMh for uuiin'ii anl uilfcft
l.l Ki-l tlllH ilOUltlf iHlllltcil M1. v to
uUdta in f mm ano
lai k wliu belt of
nme matt-rial. Ilta
HiHt of rail n lining
oiiur. iiuuiu
39c Brassiere Waists
Of splendid ciuillly bustlsle, with en- i
tire yoke's of all-ovr emliroldery, stasa i
front and back, pcrfcct-iltting gar
ments; sizes 31 to 44 I
35c White Table Linen
Sutln Damask, full uS Inches wide i
pretty floral and set patterns, with
matched borders ... ...
12ic Linen Finish Cambric
Linen Finish rnderwcnrCumbrle., free 1
from starch; soft, splendid ejualllj , full j.
34 Inches wide extra value. j
it can ue riuiiuvtNi,
a $13.77
39c Mexican Scarfs and Shams
Handsome .Mexican Extia Lengths
r.uee Scarfs nnd Full-size Shams, In .
piettv. i Ich patterns ,
50c Flannelette Rompers
I .isl-Colnr I'rettv pink and Ulue 1
clucked Fl'iniv lette Hotnx rs. sizes -'
to i: ears, .ill scams tuped. elastic I
boctoms breast pockets .. .. ...
$18.50 Johnny Chinchilla Coats
lii.cv, Proven and Ijluck siiln. c'ateipillui e'loth lonnnv foat
run niai'idi, v n itiiiiiineii-nvei collar or velvet ami nuv
all-wool I'lstt i I'.iits til Mine and cSiicv c'li liichllln. with clt i
collar and t ufls of . iriitiasting eeilnr
it in 'i t i
69c Black Nearsllk Petticoats
Women s lllnik I'nelersklrts. of neai-'
-ill. fuM-i it well-made guiincnts, vvltli
hi t p n cordlon-pleateil riiflh , all
I Ii7th
15c Children's Drawer Bodies
Close-ribbed, fall weight bodies fori
children, 2 to II years, finished with !
double rows of buttons ..J
39c Flannels, 4 Colors
All wool, splendid ciuatllv Manuel In
blue, gni, white, and led Kxccllful
for undeiwiar nnd Infants iinc . I
$1.50 Long Flannelette Kimonos
Itk'li oriental mid llowered patterns,
fleece long kimonos
jol.es and cuffs
Peisiuu (
Ulark, lllur,
nil Tan
Silk llrpp
Urcssv .
coats of
ineicei leo
In blue,
black, or
tan stylish
auto sivlc.
with ten n
dnwn collar
slasl ed f Ide
puck I anil
c off.'
Add tn
tKli(, rjk
lui; you an
ititlii' coal
uli. of r II-
ttl l. tUHt
11 lll.K'k
UK nt Inntf,
with mini
rilhh io11,'iih
mil rv.MF
and hIhis,
1 1 1 1 JtOt'Ul tM
nnd nit
llt.lnt. All
I tril mimI
lilue ur-
blti1 fptrc
and it'tl
fliinnel Nor
folk Juckotu
fO! lnlHHI h'
ami won.on
fm i li.it
Iwti pk-nlH
front unci
)),u k. and
bell of funn
Hand) noalltv blu
unci brown Velvet
e'oriltirov Skirts
"t lish two - plec
Made with thr
iiulloiiM un eucli
i 'p mi oj-i nr
lenglhs . eDl.IeJ
75c Infants' Wool Knit Drawer
Whit" jll'vfiil. lunc.v weave knit
drawer legins
Cups to mutch. :c
$1 Children's 6 to 14 Yr. Dresses
fast e-olor light ami dark peicale and 1
gingham di esses. Ill aid and button
stsl s
Piettv colorings and neat
35c Infants' Slips
Good qUalltt cambric slips, llltu'op
slv. wild line lucked collai and colTs.
I ,.11-cui garments
Greatest Sweater
I . .- O Wool
vvralrm Wom-
n's all wool
lieavv plain and
fane y y.lg - yag
sweaters In tin
new high in low
neck st.v les sin
gle or double
tilcUHted. h 1 P
P o c k ii ( m and
l-'rench cuffs.
led. white
liluek, hliii
(Con Wiiinrii's Nnralrrs, c-
tru h'uvv weight, close wov
en func v stitched weave coat
sweaters " hip pockets
Kieneh collai and cuffs QrTp
all colors II 1
!-.-.c I n fa nl' and I lillilifu'n
grav nntl blue Sweaters foi
chlldicu fi to Hi veins, white
and white with pink and blue
edge foi IllfanlB Vn. AQn
values !l
VImMI t lilldrrn's nud Vtlnses'
Wool vveiitrrs, white, red.
blue, and gray, all mini, digit
ol low neck .Sw'eateiH, plain
or laney weave Sale QQi
$1 R & G Corsets 69c
COl tPl Mil I'M V iy
um' lunir shi t. nm
ine.lluni h'HKil , IiIkIi
and I'v Inihi forrtf,
hcaw in HkIh wi-lKliU
InniMiH l( A. Ct
nnl;t'n $1 mi
7ro i iirwtrlH, iUv.
StHMi tl'iubli' i nil til uiici'H, l'iii
m Hhnrt IfllKlIl- With fltlhl oli.T
in l.u-i top- anil l K''- JQp
s v
Worth to 89c
lixti.i Heavy weight iniliiii:
Knvvns in pietty fast coloi light
stripes lilhli und low necks, vvltli
plulu d.iis i loth viiK'H, some
-lilt c nibrnldereii. others llnelj
lueUed wltl full cut gar- IQf,
incuts. ili i v all e 17L
35c Women's Outing
Underskirts 19c
.Neat la"t cold
'trpe, outing
ilnnm-l petticoats,
lellgt with
eicen uiffle. silk
. ullopi d .
euitircld- ' 1 Qp
Klubroldered t'laniiellettr
I'rlllciiali.. J lie.
ii .u link, blue, and white hc.ivv
da clith i mleixklrts with deen
lllfflt liulldselliely rllk elllbroldel ed
In ll h flowcic-d and dottetl
39c Boys' and Girls' I
Ribbed and fleecelined '
II I. tiled and
I I i v I! I Ii lied
I III' vv Ig'u I'n
ch rw. ii- lnr ho h
i inl 1.11 Ik K'liv and
iMiltlenrh- OCiit
1 9c Infants'
Soft white iinc i tu
bed vests foi In
I. Hits. It u t I o n e d
down cntlic fiont
v llli hi with-
r !':r.i2ic
39c Children's Union
c 'lllidl ell s lleece-
liniij unbcaeliid
.Ihlied L'nlnii Sult
full cut. well in.itlt
Willi all canib re
cnfoieed. 1 9fJ
to IT. vears . JiJC
75c Women's White
Ribbed Shirts
MitlW w tillc Hi,
' Inn d. w itli sUI
a ii r k e d fronts,
drawing strip, inn
lit ai I button in,
woven OQrt
arm eJe7L.
and v
50c, Men's Fleecelined Underwear
n 1. 1
I prii'u
I.Xtlii I' U ,H III v ll (
lliifil hI lit- nml M.hh fm
till II (ill Ht .lllli- ll JH'il
9U0 Mrn'H anil Womm'ii HrU 31edl-i-ntril
1 ndrmrnr, USc.
Ml uiiil, Huft nuMiU'ritfil fluun 1
Cnili'MMMi Hip kind ilni torn irroni-
ini ml foi i tlN ci' rlii'iiniutUni C-
ta v. art nnti-.i fi..st .ill
35c Women's Ribbed Shirts and
Drawers 22c
W onn n r vvuim uiild 'aeiieii .fleec
lilhco slilits and drawers. seonils
of best "5c iiial-115
Specially Reduced
$1.25 Double Blankets, 73c
Whit .in piav, heavy fleece
double blankets, rull slnv, nice
vcclnlit prettj pink und r7Qn
bile honlfl idl
75c Single Comforts, 55c
I'aik reii and bli.u heav
weight slni'l' bed com- PC.
loits i-lnch llllln,; . . DDL
75c Double Blankets, 49c
Houblc Hluiil.otb in g..iy and
wlilte. prettj uJiik and hluo
boreler, ,,.,
SI. 50 Silkoline Comforters
rilled with pure white un
itary cotton, full double bod
sle. piottv light and dark
enlcrlngs, warranted QQrt
fest eolors VOX,
$3 Comforts and Blankets
llcavj weight wool nap
Ulankets and eixtia size warm
wh(t(. cotton mii-d Comforts.
Silkoline covered uud fl1 rjrT
J lat.1 color OJ..I I
Boy's Suits Underpriced
:,TM .ehol siill, fl.tis.
I llll lib' III C ,Sl II lllK till
lines '.t to lit yi IIS. in r.xli'
r.i , iiui In ti v n nil v.l t.i
line in K II I It t hut ki i
,..,, .pecctm. SL98
"t.O I tl-VIII)l Sllits, "fJ.P.S.
Ilniidsiinit p. uterus In iiui
b Imulile-lireasted Suits, in
l.inii and plain culm lug
n I lecllv lalloleil Sllllll
dura lie urn moms. (JJO QQ
i.i u to lit nam 0j0
s.l.no Uu. overcoats, sl.n.-..
I. stia heu win in Kiav
aim bin, ,u c he v lot livi i
iiuils 1 jr liovs 1 10 ') venis
Liiubh-bi caste d
- 1 1 Ii emblems on
slei Ves .
?1.W t lull, lliiHslnll
sllor Sulih, pile.
I'lii I ll i.l ii, .mil
f.llll v Sll Ipetl I lulh
ItiiSHlun SulliM' Sultx
witli emlileiii 1 1 tin-
nied slilcld and sail
or oMhi
to i sles
50c Boys' Pants
l'll c ill 1 1 1 d c a
imere c-liith punts
foi Ini.NM i tn II
vears llhioui- C)An
ci stvle 6-it
Wonderfully Handsome Waists Moderately Priced!
$3.50 Satin Waists
Sl.vlli.li waists ot sott
lilciidld Miialil) meshalluc.
In 1 1n new llobcspleirc
mtiili Ih with attached ion
luistliiif color collai and tie,
ilso the new shirt with
soft collars and cuffs and
Blovc hut-ions
r.l.r.O .llessallne Silk Petti
coats, tl.1,
I. Iili chunKcablcs ami
plain colors 11 lies I nualltt
nicssalliiti peitienatN .Mini,
v.lth deep Hue tut If ed und
si Intel ruf- q- or
f 1.7.1 I repe ami Aolle nlat, ie..
( rlap Krenc i sidle and e icpe Wulst
In in w rinbfsplri re models vvltli v l
vet collars or haiidsoiiii hue und me
dallion trimmed llutterlc In over :!"
handsome lliodcl;, to select
hffl Tollorrd fdneiiH and lllnek nllnc
nli Itle.
Mannish l.liiene Waists with Uiin
dciied collars .mil cutis ulso black
saline waists' In plealnl or mannlnh
sllts with bleust pock- AQr
cts tuL
."..0n hlriou nnd Tnffrla WuInIh, l.DS
Silk ehlffon over lace und perslon
fonndatli ns, with laec yokes und col
lars und hum! embroidered fronts
lllch shudes of nnvv. 3ia, brown
t'oni nluiKcn nnd (pi) no
blacl Ti..0
91.00 Sladras and 1'iinue. shirts, .Vi
Mjllsh strlpid Shirts of silk pnnni e
iiinl liiadrus. Willi soft detachable
imllais and I'l-ucli sott cuffs
Very litest models
$3.00 Ion;
White Kid
Gloves, $1.85
l'lllcst V.llUr 1 lUlch kill SMoVe.s full
lb button lonstl I'-clasp mus- flj-l QC
eiuetr.lre. wllh imliroldered buck 91.0t)
l.(l( lies) tvl, I. love., Ullc,
i r liest 1'ienth kid tflovc. of select
ed stock, finished with nusselt d llnKcrs
and tmbioldeied backs, white, CQn
black, uras. brown, and tan ... DIC
."Oe llk l.tned (iliivcs, .Mr,
lilac k wool cashmere. Uloves. with
.. iv t...i Lttniii
fumy silk llulnk's, '2
clasp ., .'. .
21c Women's Cnshmrrr '.line., :ir,
Kleece lined wool hlai 1; liloves for
wtnitn. that sell ir;;ulurb foi in..
-f- IdC
Kl.llll I mil.: ( lianiiilhelle C, lines .-,.-.
Whit and natural chaiunini it. lilovc .
IU button linisipieialie Ijhd
JooUs like Uld and svuslns ip. II r.
didiy . . . QDQ
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