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Big Fox Killed by Dogs Near
Dawsonville After Four
and a Half Hours' Run.
nOCKVILLH, Md.! Now 3 The death
of a big red fox, near DawsonvHIc, ycs
tcrday afternoon, brought to a cfose the
third annual Held trials of tho Montnom
ery County Foxhunters' Association. The
death followed one of the (Incat chases
ever enjoyed In thla county, und. fol
lowing the sport of tt;e preceding daya.
mado the meet the moai successful jet
held by the association.
The fox n as started In the early aft
ernoon, and the six packs of six dogs
each. In the annual pack contest, wero
seen In full cry behind the speeding
rteynard. Tho chaic which followed
was almost uninterrupted for neaily
four hours. Things finally became so
hot for the fox that he took to his dun.
The fox was "dug out" and placed In
a bag and carried to u secluded spot.
tho dogs being held back. After the
fox had been liberated a few minuted,
the dugs wero also turned loose,, and
they lust no tlmo In picking up the trail.
Tho chase which followed lasted not
more than half an hour, ending with
the tox being overtaken and killed.
The Judges awarded tlji prizes as
follows: first, pack of Richard F. Spate,
of Ponlesvllle; second, pack of Kdmunil
(. Davis, of Poolesvllle; third, ltockvlilo
Mrs. Ilmma J. gnovvden. of Wash
ington. Is made defendant In a di
vorce suit filed in the circuit court
here hy Mai shall V. Snovvdcn, of thla
county, who charges desertion The
plaintiff Is represented br Attorney
Uowlo p. Waters, of Iiockvllle.
Anacostia Citizens Will Donate Tide Lands to -Govern-,
ment for Reclamation Project Intruder's Snores
Alarm Family and Police Find Sleeper.
The Department of Justice Is havlnf
drawn up papers, which, when agreed
to by the property owners concerned,
will make possible an immediate start
on the reclamation of the Anacostia
flats along tho southern shore between
the bridges spanning the stream at Ana
costlu and Twining City.
Action of the kind about to be taken
by the .citizens Is,, represented as un
precedented In the District. They arc
agreeing to donate their titles to tho
lands under water for a mile of river
ftont and along the shore line In order
that tho plans of the Qovtrnmcnt for
the reclamation ptoject may be carried
on without delay.
The action means that 193,000 which
has become available through two suc
cessive ristrlct appropriation nets for
the Improvement named will be expend
ed without anv mom delnv. Ahum 17 m
fl as been spent In tho pieimrutlon of the
Oscar C. llrothcis, Jr.. will donate
cm-half a mile of land along his shore;
Alexander H. Garden has consented to
do likewise; Arthur CJurdt-n and John
Uarden have Joined In the agreement,
nnd some smaller owners have followed
Iron; Mrs. Klsle lloblnson, Mrs. Copes,
Mrs. Udna Haucheiisteln, Mri.'Mary T.
O'llrlen, and Mrs. Hcrlha Haines.
Uiorgd II. Copes, worthy patron, was
present. The program this year will
lie cluhornte one.
Fear Causes Women
To Faint at Fire
Two Hundred and Fifty Lads Stand
With Hea3s Bared. While
Bugler Sounds "Taps."
At ! o'clock leslerday afternoon,
when the tloy Scouts of tho District 'if
Columbia were holding their weekly
meeting, 2W Scouts stood before the
court of honor with heads bared an a
mark of respect to the memory of the
late Vleo President Hhermun. Whllo
they stood thus n bugler sounded
The occasion for the meeting was the
regular monthly examination. After
the ceremony In memory of the Vfcc
President each troop passed In review
before the court of honor, and the
Prom who were up for examination
for higher grades wcio lustiuctcd to re
port to the court.
The following hcouta were oxiunlnrdi
Public IicnlthAinnll Carpenter, Ches
ter any, Claienco Uithnni, Humid
Keys, Waldo Junes nnd Fred Heed. The
kame boys also, took the cxamlnitlon
for personal livnllh,
Kxitnilnntloiih wero given liy Prank
C. Wood nml l.leut j; 8. TuVlnr, for
admission to tint second class of Scouls,
lo the following: lender Kync, Edward
Melntvre, IMwurd Wlngalp, I.csllu
Downing, Orval Wnlsh, Harry Camp
bell, Do Vcre Wei don nnd Hud fold
A lack for Inntriirtlnn In knot tyln,;
has been constructed by Captain Don
nelly, of the Penman Gunners, and
presented to the Scouts.
Concert at Fort.
Wllev's nocturne "Monastery Bells"
vvll Ik one of tho features of the con
cert played by the Fifteenth Cavalry
Hand at Port Myer today. At guard
mount this tunrnlnir the hand played
Schubert's "Serenade" and Ileum's
march, "Under Plre."
Episcopal Minister Praises Candi
date's Clean Living to
His Fellows.
HOSTON, Mass., Nov. 3. Tho Itcv.
WllllatnH. Van Allen, D. D.. rector of
the Church of tho Advent, want' all
Kplscopal ministers to bo like Hooxe
vell, who, when shot, was ablo to re
cover rapidly because ha abstained from
tobacco and liquor.
In the current number of tho Living
Church, the Kplscopal weekly of Mil
waukee, he quotes, as 'follows from the
bulletins Issued by Colonel Iloosevelt's
'"Wo find him In excellent physical
condition, duo to his -egular cxcrclso
and his habitual abstinence, from to
bacco and llcruoi '
"Does this mean anything for our
Episcopal clergj?' asks Dr. van Allen,
"who do not habitually abstain from
tobacco and liquor, but who certainly
nee il 'magnificent phy-Ieal conditions
ir thiy are tn do the wolk Hint Cod
gives them to do
Children Not Mentioned
In Will Receive $500,000
IIAt.TIMOIU:. Md.. Nov 3.-A fettle
"ent of fW.'JOil on (Juslon de Ualard do
iBrorn and llcalrlce. de Ilcartt, children
of I'lihce Henri de Ucurn of France nnl
grandchildren of the late Iloss Wlnalis.
llaltlmoro millionaire, went on iccord
In the orphans' court here today. The
eiemn will come partly out of tho
SX,Hfl left under the Wlnanx will to
Miss Dorothy Hateman, daughter of n
Newport It. I., Innkeeper, und from
other resourrcs of the eslnte.
The thlldien of Prince de Uearn,
whoKe wire "wus the lute Heatrlin
Wlnuns. were not mentioned In Iho will
of their grandfather bnauie of the es
trangement between Mr. Wlnans ana
the prince, growing out of the action of
the prince In contesting hla wife's will.
Miss Anna Cumpston. of Washington,
a graduate of the Washington Normal
School, has been appointed a teacher
In the Gsltheisburg high school, being
placed In charge of the third and fouith
The Democrats of Muntgomeiy coun
tv brought their campaign to a close
last evening vvl.h a rousing meeting
at Darnestown. It was presided over
by Julian B Waters, and was ad
dressed bv several prominent speaker!.
Says He Is Robbed
Of Medical Discovery
BOSTON, Nov. 3. Dr. Philip A.
Sheppard. one of the foremost leaders
In the study of Infantile paralysis,
who resigned as investigator for the
State board of health, todnv charged
that board with "freezing" him out
of the credit of discovering the cause
of the spread of the disease.
Charles A'. Urges, the Busey Insti
tute expert, who with Dr. Hhenpard
drew up the hvpothesls first fixing
the spread on the biting stable fly.
Is, also Indignant that they were not
Klvcn the credit publicly for the dis
covery. According to Dr Shepjtard Xht, credit
was given to Prof Milton J. P.oscnnu,
of Harvard Unlvrrlty, who by experi
ments on monkeys provod that the
theory of Dr. Sheppard and Mr. Ilrues
was correct.
A telephone message iecelv.,1 nt the
Anacostlu police station last night from I
the Casey limne .it IMS U street, rc
I orted the presence of a man In tho '
dwelling. The patrol wugon, with the'
icservcs of the Kleventh pitclnct, inude j
a hurried tun to the premises, where
a crowd had gathered. The policemen '
entered the building and mucin a quick
search for the Intrudct. No one could
In found at llrst. but after spending
some time In trying to ascertain the
muse oi me cxeiienunt, Ihcj heard the
sound of snoring In the cellur. Home
of the pollci'imn went down und round
Juiph Richardson, colored, fust usleep
It was til" sound or snoring that had
urtmsed the occupants and led them to
call the tx)lce. Hlehardson had en
teled bv the cellar window duilng the
day. He was fretful ut being uruuscd
from his slumber, and asserted that
ho meant no harm bv climbing through
the open window and huddling up In the
corner of the cellar. He was taken
to the Rtatton house and locked up, but
Mua rcicusru aiccr ne nccamc sooer.
Two engine companies and the police
reserves were called to the home ot
William Tripp, colored, at Nichols ave
nue and Messer street, last night by an
alarm of lire, sounded from box M.
Tripp had pouicd oil In a stoVe to start
a lire, and the names got beyond his
control. A citizen pulled u (Ire alarm
box. The bhuo was extinguished be
fore the firemen arrived, and theie
was no damage done.
The annual visitation of the ofilrers
of the grand chapter of the District
to Klectn Chapter, No. 2. Ot.de rof the
Eastern Star. 1ms been set for Tuesday.
November M. There wusa.mcdtlng.ot
tho committee on Friday afternoon In
the residence of Mrs. I. J. Smith,
where the program for the visitation
was formulated nnd adopted. The
women Hiking part were Mrs. Smith.
Mrs. Frances Ouernsey, worthy ma-
DKTnOIT, Mich., Nov. 3. Fire that
broke out on tho thlnl Hour of T, II.
Itavl & Co.'a hardware store, Woodward
avenue and Congress street, In the heart
of the downtown section, enu approxi
mately JIOO.Oixj damage before It was
under conttol.
Thousands of evening shoppers were
attracted by the (lames and tho streets
were Jammed for blocks around. Sev
eral women fainted In the crush and
wero taken awa,y In patrol wagons.
Boy Never Moved Jaws;
Relieved by Operation
BAI.TIMORn. Md., Nov. 3 A remnrk
able operation, which has resulted suc
cessfully, was recently performed at a
local hospital on a fourteen-year-old
bo. who. since birth hud been unuble
to move his Jaws.
Since he v ns born his parents found
it I cccaaurv to feed" him thruuch a tube.
for his Jawbot.es weie stiff, with no
lien mul "hlngck " The surgeon cut
through the solid mas of bone, whet,
the Joint should have been and modelsd
upon the sections in tun I Joints, such as
nature nonnally provides Tho child
has left the hofcpltul, ant now can
move his Jaws as normal children of
his age.
mm 9x a vym mm
(3-to trick rnr
aMres. We trill mtm4 rmm oa
Specially aelerfecl I'lae, Brilliant,
White, Geaalae Illaaioa la
14-k. U.I4 Hoaalla.
If you don't say this la iho blscit
riot value you a or sow, sand It tek
at our aip.ns. and no will promptly
refund ou your mon.y If ou wlah
to koap It tho nay la eaay. Py u only
JCo Intareat. no a.curtt), just common
potiMty amonr rolko
And your ordor for ono of
tnooo olarkllnc lmi today
Wo lvo you tha wholeaalo
etr York I'ktladelakla Ckleaan
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I at Parker-Bridget's Boys' Shop I
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