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Fair Tonight
and Tuesday.
Last Edition
ft ,v
NUMBER 7(23.
Eighteen Companies of Flor
ida Militia Spread Along
i Road in Jacksonville.
City and State Officials Gather
in Effort to End
fwhat practically amounted to martial
law In force throughout tho city and
suburbs, eighteen companies of the
Stato mllltla being stationed, fully
armed, along tho entire length of the
car line, the Jacksonville Traction
Company partially resumed opera
tion of Its cars today. Trouble from
strlko sympathizers was feared, but
dio attompts to stop tho cars were re
ported by tho militia patrols.
Tho joint commltteo of State and
city officials which is seeking to
mcdlato tho strlko resumed Its ses
elons shortly before noon. Governor
Gilchrist and Mayor Jordan were
hopeful of bringing an agreement
between tho striking car men and
tho traction officials before election
(day, fearing possible outbreaks.
Car Shops Stoned.
Karly today n mob stoned the car
Fhops and charged a croud of supposed
strike breakers. Tho city Ib placarded
with notices In which the strikers bit
terly denounce tho press for asserting
that the only obsticlo to settlement Is
tho strikers' refusal to accept the "open
tiop"planH of thu Jacksonville Traction
The placards Insist that the railway
company lefusess an Immedlato Increase
In wages and ie-cmpIoment of strikers.
Weeping, Faces
of Inquiry at Ellis
NHW OItK. Nov t-I.Ittle soven-
cur-old Cull .Morris fuccd a speclul
huuiil nf Inquiry on Hills Island todiij.
The ihlld s sightless tos wcro rtd with
weeping, und thu big Hum kept rolllnu
down his clueks
He wanted his fatlici, and his annuel a
to thu Questions put to him were
punctuated with subs tint wrung tho
hearts oi all thul Imuil And. when the
father u at hist adnilltid, at the
bound of his voice the bo's Joy was as
touching us his tais Hut the father
UIIU t.lklllll.ll tallil ft .1 I.. ui. In 11 r L.I. I
Waltlne hit tolllil hilliltv rnnlrnl htu
voice to till tin lm of his inotlur.
whom he had not Men In irnntlri l'or
tht special IkiiicI n id lescivcd decision
on whether full was to be adntlttid to
thu co u 1 1 1 1 ui mill led retuinul to Iiu
lanil to lle ag iln among relatives
The fithor. lleubcn V Morris, and
wife caniu here two eats ago and now
live In Lawnelalo. a Kiiburb of Akron.
Ohio, where Morris Is itnploid us a
juuiier uiin-i imj ii.iriii id orinK
Cecil with them b cause nf his affile
tlon, having been told that If he was
with tin in, thu whulo famll) would bo
They prosperul und some months oko
when "Irs Christopher MeHweni), of
Green burg, I'll . a rcWllvc was going
home for .1 visit they asked her to
bring Ceil' buk with hr, wlilih she
did An hint; Saturday on the Camer
onla, full Mouls was sent to the de
tention pen at Kills Island, although
his futher was walling for him on the
lie will he held until the decision ot
tho board Is inndo public
Cummins Declines
To Enter the Race
At least one of the men mentioned for
he rtenuhllcnn ranellelucv for Vice Presi
dent to sueeeed Vice President Sherman
Is out of It This Is Senator Cummins
of Iowa
Senutor Cummins, who Is tit his home
In Vea Molm s, when asked ubout the
prosp'Cls of being put on thu ticket In
the place of Vice Piesldent Sherman,
said he would not go on the ticket with
President T.ift Henatoi Cummins Is
supporting Hoosevolt, though ut the
same time supporting the Republican
State und Congressional tickets In Iowa,
rom:cAST ron tiik dis... i.
I'alr tonight and TikmIiij, with rising
8 .1 in 3J S a in ....
9 a in 10 ' 'I a in . . . .
10 a m ... 43 I in a m
11 a ui U I 11 u n i
i; noon II I 12 noon
1 p m 'n I l p m
2 p. in
rj I i p in
iini. taih.i:
Today-High tide, J .'5 a m and 1 BS
p in , low tld, 10 07 i m and 10 Ifp in
Tomonow HUh tide, 4 10 u m nnd
4 67 p in low tide II lb a in and 11 40
Hi N I I I I'
i Ml u
Yesterday's Circulation, 43,350
LtV S.
Voters of Forty-Eight States Get Another
Chance to Show Independence at
Tomorrow's Election.
The attitude of the old-line politicians, in both par
ties, is today marvclousy bimilar to that which they as
sumed last spring on the eve of the primaries in one State
after another which Roosevelt swept.
Deep down in their minds lies the sickening fear that
the voters of forty-eight States are going to do what the
voters of twelve States did last t-pring.
The Progressives lost no State in which the voters
had a chance to express themselves at the ballot box.
The peoplo will get another
chanco tho peoplo of forty-eight
States, not of twolvo to express
their sentiments, In tho polling or
It is only necessary to go back to
tho days Immediately before tho Il
linois primary of last spring, to get
an accurate picture of the stato of
mind which the politicians are In to.
day. Tho Taft people simply could
not belleo that they could lose Il
linois they dared not admit tho
possibility and yet they saw It
Wilson Men Worried.
The Wilson rmmgers ure In the same
position today. In the lust three weeks
they hae lost all their tocksureness,
because thev have seen the same dcve-I-opmmt
of conditions throughout the
country, that marked tho preliminaries
to last spring's primaries There has
been the same stead), persistent, omi
nous swing toward Roosevelt that there
was then. It bus commanded all atten
tion, all Interest, all thought, to the
Piogresslve. part). Just, as then, It
forced all Interest to ho centered on
the Roosevelt candidacy.
It will bo reculled that. In the prl
mnr States last spring, tho Democratic
vote was commonly Insignificant. No
body puld much attention to it ut that
time, nobody knows, even now, what It
was, except thut It was Inconsequential,
and that the Hoosevelt tight was the
one thing that seemed north while tu
anybody either to talk about, to think
about, or to take part In
That wab true In Illinois, In Pennsyl
vania, in Nebraska, In California evety
wheru thot thei whole political Issue got
at one tlmu before tho voters Tho vot
ing, some how, was done for lloose
elt. tho fight, in which everybody seem,
td to want a part, centered around hln.
Court Decides $3,250 Bequeathed
In Will Goes to
In ufltrmlng the Judgment nf the
luwer enurt, Chief Justice Shepurd, of
the District Court of Appeals, today
handed down u decision holding that
certain hi quints to ihurltuhlet Institu
tions In the will nf Hosa G Hlmms, who
died Don in In i ii, llieri, ale llnalld
'1 he beeiuests hi epiestlon were $500
each to the Little Bisters of the Pool,
the Home of the Incurables, the I'iol-
de ncu Hospital, St Vincents I
(iinhan Asylum, and fitf) to Kt
Infant Aslum A bequest of Jl.Oueyio
Trances II Mclntic, u sister, Is1ho
dls elloweil
'J he loner couit held that Ofir $1 !V)
Nhould go to Man Antoinette lioltz-
man und Suhlna Mllln, sisters of the
testutilx Mis lloltzmun hOTlead, uinl
Mr Miller appeared In tlurtttlgatlun us
texeeutru or her estate,
Rulers of Countries
And so he won that remarkable si lies
of victories that gave him a clean ma
jority of the honestl) dieted dele gates
to tho CIiIciro ceinvelitlou
Conditions Today Similar.
Nobody cun go lnek In his mind to
elav and recall his Impressions of con
ditions In those (la)s of the prlniar)
buttles without n allying that those
same eoiielltlons uic existent now That
Is why the foiecusts jie all being made
Just now b men whosi business It Is
to muke them, b eampilgn inauageis
and poll Hi il geiorals who loulel luive
written them out Just us well In the
middle of Septi nibi r as now It's the
(miction of a i.uiiimImi manager to
claim, na, nioie, to know fur cutaln,
that he has the eleetliu sui louiidd
Mr HUles, Xlr Dixon and Mr .Me
Combs ill aniiouiiee that thev knuw ,
thev can enumerate thi ihetoial otes
they are going to uet and tell where.
Of course, thes don't If thei nil got
together In a roenn, and iluie was no j
nletugrupn oi witness, tins wouiuni
even go through the iffoit of Kei ping
their faces straight If ihe di e leleel to
bo eontldintltl and lion st with each
other, the) would eoneiso seimewhit
like this
'Well'' Mr llllles sa, would sug
gest tentative!)
"It's a elneh, III chorus from Dixon
und MtCombs
What's a clneh," llllles would "r
sIhI. fur lii ii itle wiints In know wliut
It In that h ii i.m h I
'Oh, we w n,' lesumes the e horns
"Yes. I kno e , but em the hunk hut
ubout New York1 '
"This Is on the eleiid Is If
llllles erossi H his In irt
'Then we hopt Its going to be as
gooel us our enthusiast! edvlsirs In the
held suy It Is," poends the eonceit
(Continued on I'ourth Page )
Get the Election Returns
From The Times
No newspaper ever made more elaborate preparation for the covering of an elec
tion. Besides the United Press service, which The Times receives exclusively in
Washington, it has put in special Western Union and Postal wires to carry supplemen
tary services. The Times will receive the entire special service of the New York Sun,
and a special country-wide bulletin service from every Western Union telegraph office
in the United States. You can get the results of this elaborate news-gathering preparation
By Bulletins
The Times will display returns
by stereopticon on the fronbof the
Munsey Building. Thequickest
possible service will pi given and
a generous display of moving pic
tures, including "movies" of Roose
velt, Wilson, and Taft will be
Vitally Affected
UIDAPi:ST, Nov. 4 -Military ex
perls estimated tnilu that at least
130O0 men have been killed in tho
llulk.ni stiugglo thus far
It was admitted that that estimate
was a rough one The lighting has
been too much of a scramble to muke
accuracy possible Communication In
the lhilknns, nlwajs uncertain and
slow, has been almost prostrated by
the war Hospital services have been
of the most pilmltlve description llach
side has minimized Its own losses and
exaggerated Its enem) s
htlll II was believed the climate
would not prove wrong b) man) thou
sands If uiDthing, It was said, It
irre-d on the side of conservatism
The heaviest slaughter has been In th
leinlt of Kirk Klllsst and Adrlanople,
Lulf llurgan Kiimunova. nnd Hcutirl
t Kirk Klllssa and Adrlanople the au
thorities believed the Turks lost about
-.") and the Ilulgirlans 7,fOi men.
T he llgures, of course, Includo both
Killed und wounded
In the lighting st I. ill"' Iluigus and
dining the Turkish rout which followed.
It was guessed that the Tuiks lost
ifO and the Hulgarluns about S.OuO,
ugaln Including killed and wounded
At Kumanova the Turkish loss was
i pluce,i at 7 fn and tile Servians at 5,UO0.
Around Heuturl the nest Information
wis thut the 'lurk have had In tho
I licliJihurhoiiii of 3 ll shot, and the
.Monti m gilus twin as man).
I In the smaller engagements anil sklr
IiiiIsIhs hi fine ami afti r the battle of
, Kumanov-i aiiil In NoMIj.ir, It was cll
imutiil that th' Turks lost .r. i"X) und
' tin t-ervfans ",uii
Thi 1 iirko-dit i k fighting h is not be n
iv-iv severe as )it, but In the various
small engagements authorities believed
l' sife to plaic the losses at !,000 on
h clde
I low ni.inv non-combatants the Turks
hive niissaireil In Hull virlous retreats
eold liaidlv even be guessed Hulgsr
i.ii Servian. Montenegrin, nnd Greek
advices would inn tho figure high Into
tho Ihnusunels.
By Phone
Call Main 8700
The Times has established a spe
cial phone exchange for election
news. The number is not The
Times' regular number, but is
MAIN 8700.
If you want the latest returns
call The Times' Election News Bu
reau, Main 8700.
I 130,000 I
by the Balkan War
British and German Officials Are Aroused
By Sultan's Request That Powers
Halt Balkan War.
LONDON, Nov. 4. Willi Turkey's admisaiou of defeut
by the Balkan allies, the danger of n general European
clash over the near oustern situation hub become acute, it
was said here today by men in close touch with more than
one great chancellory.
A special cabinet session was held at which the Turk
ish government's request for mediation by the powers was
the sole topic of discussion. No decision was readied.
A message was read from Sir Gerard Lowther, British
ambassador in Constantinople, saying the Turkish gov
ernment begged the powers to act with the greatest haste.
From Ilerlln came the news that
tho Gorman public Is so much ex
cited by tho extonshc naval prep
arations England Is making that the
newspapers of the futhcrland have
tentatively ugrceel to say as little
as possible a limit the matter. It
was also predicted that the Oerraan
government would Issue a quieting
seml-oniclal note tonight, but it was
not thought likely UiIb would have
much effect
Cruiser Sails From Kiel.
The Ge-iman cruiser Ooiheii sallfd
from Kiel toeluv fr Coni'tiiiitlnnle It
vvhh loiiriifel, anil tho erulmr Ureal iu
will follow The Italian feeielKU inln
lietor, who Is In Ilerlln, ennferreel tnei.ey
with tho Teutonle. forelsn mlnlMer. anil
will rtlnei with the Kaiser toinmrovv Ilia
vlMt of course, ceinirins tho ll.ilkan
The Gi'rmaii kov eminent Is not sur
prised that the Sultan his mieel for
pi ace, e.ilil a metsJKi' from Herlln,
'hut It leb'itKl the real International
ilanccr as now at lianel '
"Turkov'd stineniler has preclpltate-il
a crisis,' sali! a telegram fiom Vienna,
'which weighs heuvll upon thu gov
cnimint hern" '
"A prcllinlnar) note sounding Bul
By Extras
The Times will issue extras as
the news of the election develops
and each extra will contain returns
up to the minute of going to press.
NEWS EXTRAS and complete
newspapers, as Times extrus al
ways are.
Fourteen Pages
garia concerning an nrmlstlce In the
Hulknnf, has been handed to M. Stane.1
off, the Ilulgarian minister here,' said
a message from Paris, "but It Is be
lieved Jlulgarla will reject tho sugges
tion Fighting Outside City.
li:.'NA, Nov -Terrltlc lighting
between Turks and Bulgarians was
In progress Just outside Constan
tinople todav, and rioting had broken
out In the tltv Itself, according to
i,encr.ill credited reports current here
The Hulgartaiir, it was said, wero at
tempting to lake the QhatuIJa fortlll
eatlons 1 storm One rumor hail It
that thev hail succeeded, and were
elrlvlng tie Turks Into Constantinople
Itself, hut this story waB doubted,
Mllilarv men believed the retreating
'lurks were snttcrlng bodies who bed
not reg lined tho shelter of tho forts
but, still outside, were falling back upon
Hum before the Bulgarian attack with
the riots Inside the illy were said to
have followed an attempt bv the stim
uli, juople lo "elze food, the gov
ernment having commanded nearlv the
whole supplv In the city for several
dais to feed tho tioup" Tho garrison,
weakened h the drafting of nlnetcen
twinlle lis of Its strength for service
in the front was In Imminent danger
nf lclng overcome hy the mob, It wus
(Iruve fears wcic expressed that tho
outhreik Is niilv the beginning of a
eainlvel of violence which will end In
a wholesale muhMicie and Back of tho
Bulgars at Last Line.
fcoriA, Kov. 4 Tho IlulBurlani were
pi'shlng operations toduj agalnit the
last lino of Constantinople's defenses,
which cross tho Turkish southeastern
peninsula from Kara Ilurun, on the
Hlack sea. through Cliatulja to Slllvrl,
on the Sea of Marmma
News of rencwid lighting the entire
(Continued on Second Page)
Bruised Body Found Immersed
In Gas-Filled
NI" lOlIlv, Nov, 4 ettetlves here
tcdiy faeeel aiiothil 'death In a bith
tub m)tcr, the mule hodj of Mln
Anna ,M nn Aukin of til West 131th
street, navliii' been found In the tuh ut
lei homo w.th the gas tinned on and
All). oi. eh the hithtuh was full nf
weiter and the loom tilled wth gus Col
onel Winlcrbottnni said to la that Mies
Van Aukeu hail iielllie r been drowne-d
mil asphjxlatirl lie U making orToit
to Und ii man v. ho w is said to be the
gills fitthei, nnd who came to the
house with her u mouth at-o
There uie huilsei on the hndv of tho
dead j,lrl, und another evidence of foul
plav wis a badlv turn klmoui whleh
the police found lu Miss Vnnauken's
Steamer, Damaged in Col-
lision, Convoyed Into Port
by Battleship.
Glenlui, Following Crash, Rides
High Sea in Peril Thrilling
Tale of Rescue.
NOItKOLK, Va , Nov. i. Hampton
Roads was the haven today of half a
dozen ships, victims of tho gale
which swept tho Virginia-North
Carolina coast Friday and Saturday.
Tho toll of destruction wreaked by
the forty-mllo wind during the storm
Included tho total destruction of the
three-masted schooner John Max
well; serious Injury to the Norwegian
s'eamer Norcuga and tho sailing
ship Glonlul, and minor Injuries to
scleral other craft which sought port
hero today.
Tho Noreuga, conoed by a battle
ship and revenuo cutter, following
Its collision in the storm with the
Glenlui, was on Its way lo safet)
today. Heaiy sea -going tugs were
dispatched from here today to the
aid of the Glenlui, which is off the
North Carolina coast.
Fear for Vessel's Safety.
The tugs, were; urdered b the battle
ship Minnesota, which Is standing b
the crippled vessel, but Is unable to
get a line aboird because or the high
seas running In the wake of the storm
The Noreuga, with u large hole stove
In her bow, was reported early toda
u fen miles outBlda the Virginia capes
She Is seeking drdock repairs here
and Is reported to be riding deep, with
much water In her hold.
Fears for the safety of the Glenlui
were expressed here among old sea
dogs. The vessel, which smashed Into
the Noreuga, Is drifting at the rate
of three to live knots an hour off Cape
Ilatteras the dread death shoal of th
South The battleship Minnesota can
not reach her because of Jier danger
ojs position but the towing tugs. It
Is hoped, will effect a tescue
Capt rred Ooelfrev of the schooner
John Maxwell whlLh sunk earlv Ron.
dn on New Inlet Ufe-8alng Station.
N C, was In a serious condition todav
from exposure Ills escape after all
other members of tho vessel's crew
sex en In number had perished H re
garded as one of the most thrilling of
salt-water tragedies In this section
Mate and Seamen Drown.
Captain Uodficv was washed ashore
lashed to a piece of wreckage, and
hauled through the surf unconscious by
life-savers at Inlet, after this vessel had
broken In two
Me had clung to the wrecked vessel
for twint-four hours before the ship
bioke asunder about 1 u in. Bunda,
and he was tossed Into'the water, to In,
sent to safctj through tho high seas
and pounding surf
Captain Godfrey said Main Wiillack
and five seamen drowne-d early Situr
ela, when the attempted to put to
shore in n lifeboat It was overturned
a few vards from their ship
Godfie Hhd Alexander IMlmos the
tteward, staved with the sinking crnfr
I'llinni became crazed and lumped Inlto
the set Saturday to swim ashore llo
was drowned before Godfrev s eyes
Nuine rims attempts nf life-savers to
rrtich tho stricken se homier were futile,
their tiny lifeboat being thrown back
on the beach by the giant wuves
Perilous lights with -ho wind and
waves for fott-elght hours were re
ported today h severul other vessels
w hlch reached port. Some reports I
freezing tcniperntures during the hih.ht
of the stoim whlln lnlev darkness and
spumy fog added to the seamen s ir! lis
Judge ullowny Declares Any Man
Has Right To
Assault on 'strikebreaking" workmon
or anv. .ct of violence on tin pait of
strikers Interfering with men who have
rimulncel at their respective occuput.otis,
despite ordeis fiom a I llioi oiganlza
tlon to the conliur) will call foi th'
severest p, nill prescribed In the Dls
ttict Ceide, neeoidlng to Judge Mul
lon. of the 1'nlted States luiimli of
the l'ollee Ceniil, toilav, who made
known his attituele tow. ml such acts
dining the Mil of '1 honiiis Ahazls, a
New Wlllurel Hotel waltei charged with
assault iifon lleiijamlu Vlneent, one of
the strlkehri'iikirs In the recent hotel
waiteis strike
Anv man has a light to woik If bo
pleases' suld the eourt. "am! anv
striker who takes the law Into his own
hands and tlies to Intimidate auotlnr
man from woiklng will ho summirlly
dealt with bv this uiilll
lodge Mullowiiy was unable to detei
mine fiom thu evidence whether the ele
fondant, who 1m alleged to he a striking
waltei assaulted Vincent mallclouslv
or win thei li nierelv acted In self-defense
thinking that Vlneent was about
to strike him After listening to the
tistltiiDUN of several witnesses ell r
ainuiig whom was Crank S Illuhl mi i
age i of tin lieistrli Judge Mullnwnv
dci hied to postpone the heating ot the
case until tomorrow.
bun ii t

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