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German and British Officials
Aroused Over Sultan's
(Continued from First I'ogc.)
length of the thlrty-mllei fiemt was
ll'lUI I l'IPCtC(l. ('OIlHtniltlllUPlH'll capture-
mm looked for liefiue tlic Turks
linvt- time to n-cnforce their foices
The TinklHh riipltnl'ie outer suburbs
are Jheellv behind the Chulalju forllll
catlonn Tin capital Itsilf In distant from tho
chain of forts rvn than thirty miles.
May Reject Mediation.
PARIS, Nov 4. I'Yiim Unit tho Dal
kun allies would reject nitdlutlon !y
tho powers between the utiles and Tui
kev ivete erllled today, From Holla,
llrlgradr, Cottlnje, mid Athens came.
niesfaRev, not In official form, but on
olTIelal authority, to tho effect tliut
the ullled states will discuss peace, only
with the Sultan.
Fur this rmison. It was pointed out,
the porte s nppcul to tho powers' em
bassies In Constantinople nnd to tho
lorelgn offices at the various capitals
will not delay the wur for a monicht.
If Turkey addresRes Itself directly to
the allies they will listen, not otherwise.
Clear Eastern Turkey.
IIKHU.N, Nov. I.-Ulther by rxtrr.nl
nation or capture the HulKuilans today
had piuctlcully cle.irid e-uMein Turkey
of Ottoman tioops down to the last Hue
M defenses thlrt mllcj west of (.'nn
stauiliiople, according to rellublo infor
mation fiom tho Held of Balkan wur.
How laiKc a proportion of his urni of
approximately :vf) men Kazln I'usha
sueieeded tu K'-'ltlliR back to and be
hind the Cliatal.l.l foi tltlcutlons was not
positively Miiiwii heie, but mllltuiy nu
thuiltliH said the) would be surpilsed
If la saved inure than half of his fureej.
While the Turks' mala streiih'th at
1 lib- llurKUs was still ilKhtliiB. tho l!ul
Kalians wele crumpllim up the Tiuklsli
tast wImk in the- Iclnit; of Vlsn and
s IvIiik i'i n't between I.ule lturKas
and Constantlpole. so as to cut oft tho
ln.itii uiinvs retieut I'ntll fuller de
lalls huvi been ri'eilveil It c-annut bo
told how weM this attempt succeeded
Tuiklsh irpoits that tho (Irreks wero
mi titiB with vlKorous opposition In
the r imue.li on Salonika appealed today
tu have Ixeii, like so many Constanti
nople Illinois, wholly buseless.
Salonika to Surrender.
News that the Salonika authorities
hud decided to surrender as soon as tho I
U leeks arrived cumo fiom Salonika lt
silf and was accepted as uuthentlc. A
lireek forte under Crown l'rincu Con
munt lie lit lutest accounts wus at
JriiulKe, only twent-llvo miles west
ol Salonika, and anothel force under
tidieiul Smolensk) was ut l'ollgyra,
tweuty-tlvo inllis southeast of It.
.veial ullur Tiuklsli lovvns were ro
liorttd to have fallen into Greek hands
over Saturduv and Sunday, Includlnu
i'levesa on tho Gulf of Artu, vvheie tho
tinirk tleet muilo Its tlrst demonstration
dhectly after the war began.
It was said the rum of thu Turkish
tprpido boat destroyed b the Greek
f ltlp s lire oft 1'ievesa, escaped.
Of tho apcratlons of Iho Servian
lioopi, little has been heard in tho past
few das hiand the assertion, tile
Ki aphid fiimi llelurade that they were
lapldl.v oceupjlna frerh teiiilor and
rxpe I'd thoitly to Join the Greeks In
an attack on Monusllr.
An iiiKunllrimd leport here, the origin
ef which could not be traced, credited
I.ad I'asna with tin declaration that
lie Intruded to hold .eutiu I iikuIiisI tho
.Momiu Krlme even 11 the Sultuu lost
ever ntln'r suuaie foot of his European
Greek Legation Hears
Hellenic Flag Floats
Over Prevesa Fortress
Aitoid'ng to a cuhh'KUim received by
h. I i irtiiiiii;Iu, ihaiHe d'affulies of
Hie linMK liuatluu liele, the Gr ek lias
I a o. u laisi-il it I'levesa, and the
'link h .mMIci at tlilf place niuila
I iluiii i"-if-w.n Anolhei i.ilik'k'iam
stall.', lb t two Tiuklsli toipedo boats
wete ih"trond In the KUlf of Sulollllll.
ni iiidruiani states that the (Irirk
ami .von 1 battle aalnwt the Tuiks
. .Mae.' loll'a The messle leads:
Tie 111 nn 1'ilnie. Instead of koIiir
dlien p. Salonlia, intitle a detor and
met t t ' .tkl-li ami) (iitieiuhed at
vimiti 1 anlar Aft-r a battle la"t
iik two iliivs, Hie Turkish aimv bar
b in " Hi;- d to leave tlie eiiti 1 ncluni at 1
u.d Is 111 it mat The Gueks uintu-!
a lot 11' pi'ai 'ii-is, too't toiuteen Held
mitis, a lo. of .innuittlon and the) 11. e!
now In piiisuli of tin lUo'iiK amv o'i 1
me 1 1 to Haloulia. The Greek arni)
look Hie 111llw.1v lirldRo ovei tho ilver1
I oinll.is pievintlm: il.e Tutks fl Dill ile-Miol-c
It ' I
The iliuiirr d'.iffk'irs ti.'lav inched n '
1 iinbei of telemami and leitr.rs fiori j
Alltellcaill who hive vollllilei led tllill
r nlieH to the aimv of Kim: rjeoim.!
A nunibet of sl h n.Ti I I w f. e mnde yert
trnlav Si 1 h offeis have 1 n un
sweiid, convevlui.- Hie (hanks of the I.
1 Hi iilnl Mm; Gior'e, savlni; that f
'lulr iivues ate not did they will I."
1 Unl 1, pun, hut sr f.n no help has been
1 eeilul
It was stulfd ut the location that all
Gnel-s In Ami 1 1 .1 subknt to the tall of
K mi ( Juiie fin mU'taiv i-eivlee must
r.'lin 11 b J.ini.aiv ::n, 01 forfeit their
iltlzi uslilp In I lu 'i home ounlrv
So fn liri'ekt In m. 'ilea subject to
tin Khu:'s mil to aims uie answerliie,
s inhk'v as possible ami set 111 cuni
10 i:ei the 'liunee to llslil iiKiilnst the
Tv.ikt. Willi at hast ev ent.v -live loi al
G'leks li.uk In Iheli home rounlrr
Hfhili u it. Inst the Titilci ninie than
11 oil eis llfle Hie pl.iiiu'nc; thilr lo
ll 11 .0 takf up arms
s fiisi as ! Is possible to find pur
ehaurs fn tlirh iilu es of business,
101' 1 (, lei.s. who 1 ome w'thln the ao
Unit fi 1 dull- In the aunt of Kliic I
Gcoine, ai elosliir- out Some ale ie-i
toinlim alone, while It is probable a
luiiii'l of twiMitv 01 iii'Me will leave the
las' of tins Hec and otheis next wek
li 'i Ks In the il'i now are a happy
lot ol- ihe tli'loilisot the Itiuanrluns
the Sl.ius the Monteii' crlans, and
t eh cv 1 cntintM men over the Tniks
.VI! till lone llle niituliels of G.eiks
calln.1,1 at the (li.'i'k lintel in John
Mai shall iilucc, whete the) haliplly re
live the in hlevi ments of the allies
npuhist the Tuiku
Shipbuilders Now
On Eight-Hour Basis
CjriNf'Y. Mnis.. Nov 1 Koiii thou
r Hid enipoves of tin Fine Ulver Shlti
building Company aio In nellted In the
i 'lit liiuir scl-edule whlih was put Into
ttit t iod.iv The new schedule cariles
nine hums pay for ei-.ht bonis' woik
no- oner was brought about b u
it lent t of Conirii'se eoniiu'lllng (lov-
t.meiit work to in don., in cu-iit-iin ir
fchlpvaeiU The IVue I'.ivei lomp.inv
1 i i oiihii ut tlon th
Composite Map Showing How Balkan War Territory
Compares in Miles With Washington and Nearby Towns
Adrlanople, which has been one of the centers of tho
liolKai Inns' attack, and win re thu main Unitarian army
Is Htntl'ined, In as lar from Constantinople as Illchmond
fiom Washington.
Kirk Klllrstli, vvhli'h fell before thr attacks of the
Hulirurlnrs, Is as far from Constantinople as Charlottes
ville Is from WashlnKton.
Directory of the
ADRIANOPLK-Turklsh city of O,0i
lnhubltuuts near the HulKitrl.in bor
der, which has lioni" the biunl of
the Ilulntrlan advance toward Con
stantinople. Xi'.rltiiicplc was the capi
tal of the Ottoman empire until 1451.
and has the pilncipal fortress of Cu
ropeiin Turkey.
ALHANIA Ulstm-t or v estern Turkey
which has lecently been lu levolt.
AHTICLi: XXIII (lleiliu Treat) )-The
famous article which provides foi tho
Kovernment of Turkish prov luces, but
which has never 1 11 Tint Into force.
According to the program which aus
outlined by Lnid IMnuind I'Ttzmaui
Ice, the Turkish provinces vveio to
have complete local (roveiutneiit, v It li
Kovernors holdlui; office for live ji-un,
and elective assemblies. Itet.iusi of
the reference to elective assemblies
Abdul llnmld never enforced this pro
vision. Thu present Tuiklsh govern
ment proposed to curry out tho pro
gram, and In that wuy setlsfy tno
Ilalknn states nnd avoid war.
A1:GI;aN SKA-TIio part of the Mtdtl.
eianean which lies between Asia
Mlnoi, Greece and Turkey in Kurope.
AHTA. I1AV OK An Inlet fiom the
Ionian sea between Greece and Tur
key At the opening of the war Greek
warships sutcossfull run past Tiuk
lsli forts to a flreek harbor. '
Kntercd Into by Greece, .Montenegro.
Servta and Jlulnmla with the avowid
purpose of freeing from Turkish op
pi csslon Chrtstlajis nnd people of thtlr
own races living in Mactdonla
IlASIIIllAZOrKH-Soldlcrs lit longing to
the Irregular Tuiklsh troops who h.tv"
been credited with much triitttr.
nKI.GItAUl-r.-pltal of Servln. situate,!
or the Danube at the mouth of tli
Save. Cltv of about ninety thousand
Inhabitants nnd n station on the
Orient railioad.
Ml-:itl.lN TKHATY The most Import
ant of the agreements entertd Into
b) the ereat powtrs of Lurope with
a view to the settlement of the Hal
kan iiuestloti. It was signed July 13.
ish provinces with about one million
nine hiiiidied thousand Inhabitants,
wlili h welt given bv the trims of the
llerlln treatv to Aiistilu-Ilungary for
udnilnlstiatloii. Thtv were annexed
by this inoiiaichv In IDftS.
CHl.Ti: Turkish Island lu the .Meitner
ium mi sea, whh h Is gov" rued under
the supei virion of the towels bv a.
mmmlsslon The Cretans vtlsh to be
annexi-il to Greece und are taking
advantage of the pn-scnt trisls to 1
bieak away fiom Tuikey
IlASTKHN IU'.Mr.LlA-HeBinn letween I
the fl est of the ll.ilkun lnountalns I
and what Is now Turkish Itumepa. It ;
wus prm lalinvd a part or llulgarlu In
1SSS. und foim.illy annexed In 19 is.
win n . I'l'idlnand took the title of I
Tsar of the Hulgars. I
irtADC-A wrltu-.i decree of the Turk-
11.0 nuiuui. 1
KOTCHANA A town In Macedonia
whlih was the si'ene of a mi'ssiuie or .
lliilgailau clulstlii'i.i bv Mush ins 'I Ills
niassaere had irurli to do with Incit
ing tin lliilg iil'.ii people to war I
MM'KIViNIA impiiitnnt Tnklsh piov
lure, of whlih a conslde i utile portlo'i I
of that iionulallnti ae Hulgais. Serbs.
t.irekr, und Vlaclis. The dlssatlsfac-
llllll III I IH ri- ijt.wtr.i- ....i, .. .Hi..... -
ml" and theli own racial and lellglous
dlffeiences have for )ears kept the
lat.d in almost eonst in turmoil.
MAI.ISSOHA A I'oitbeiii Albani-i'i
tllbe. llinfll) Chlisllau, that has beta
in levolt agalm.1 the Ottunim. povrin
mi nt.
MIKDITES-Ono of tho lurgcM of tin
Allniiiliiii tithes. lial'tlciti.llLts In the
cent upiisliih agiilnpt Turkish rule.
MI'STAI'llA 1'ASIIA l'luee of strat
egical Importance on the Turkls i
frontier Just ovei the Ili.lgail.in bol
der und on the lallrond between Solla
nnd Adrlanople. Here the Hiilgailun
troops have been concentrntllng.
NOVII'AZAlt A mountain piuvlnce lv
Ing between Montenegro ami Benin
and south of Ilosnla It was the scene
of the e:ual occupation by Vtistrla and
get new life and vigor by
taking Scott's Emulsion
after every meal.
It revitalizes the watery
blood and furnishes Nature
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red, active, healthy blood and feeds
th nerve canters. Scott's
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g bones and clothes them with
healthy flesh.
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3 iates so quickly it conserves
I ' J , , , ,
j energy and compels nealtU.
, ,..,. .
Bcott Ft Bowne. Bloomfietd, N J
'nftiUniil Ulllllffii
i vnmuLraLi I li i hi I
V & - Kick KilissbhK SA
Balkan War
Turkey follow Ini; the llerlln treaty.
Austria ewicuatiil the im.litr) In V
01. 1) HKHVIA-A district l)lne between
Albania nnd Set via It contains the
Held of KotMovo. where tho untlent
Servian emplie went down lu defeat
In n3.
ORIENT i:M'Hi:SS-Tlio trans-i:uro.
pi an expievs which links western I'.u
rope to Constantinople It runs b)
vi a of Vienna, lltutupcst, IlclKrude.
and Sotlu
IlKDIK Thr reserves of thr Turkish
army. Military service I'skIii lit the
.iKe of twenty and lasts for tweniv
)ears. The tlrst line or active omu
ls called the nlzam, nnd servlei' Is for
nine )iears. but In practice 11 man Is
often kept a lonKer period with the
colors. The soldier next paises to the
ledlf. or second line, and remains In
It for another nine years rinallv h;
completes his service with two vears
In the mustatl The redlf Infantrv
exists In time of peace, and then- sol
dlers are used In common wl.h lh"
nlzam for the suppression of disturb
ant es.
forms part of th fionth"- between
Hu'r-irli nnd Turkey
SALONIKA The most Inipoitnnt lown
n: westMiji Tin lei tl '
the Voun Turk mnvrment nnd the
"IMon of i" lnrpe Turkish force. It
Is considered as the objrctlvo point
of Austi la-Hungary's ndvanrc to tha
east which she would reach by means
e' r-illro.id atross Novlpazar tu Mlt
rovltza. s tl ('upllal of Albanlu, which
fell b. fort Mn I in.
SKI I'Sini.NA- "eivlan pin .i.illo-lll
SOUKAN'.III-I'.iillameiii ol llola.irla.
I'SKIT Capital of the vllavet of Kos
Mini at the ttiiictlon of the railioad
fi'iiu Xlsh to Salonika. I'olnt of stiat' -Kifal
importiiuco 011 111 count of lis'
position which i crs two ninuii
tutn llltlKes
VILAVI',T-A division of the Turkish
cinphe, Tho bend of eai b vllavet Is
n vail, or imiritinr-Kem-iul Sanjik
is a division smaller than a vllivet
YOI'NG TI'ltK l'AUTV The rev nlu
tlonarv nrtv whlih hrnintht about
the overthrow of Sultan Abdul Humid
In 1!9. It has lit en in tlnx thnuiKh a
secret committee of union und prnK
less It has i.ot Kieatly Impiotid
the m-itetlal pniKiess of the empire
Its inlri-lp.il r. fornix have hi i-n -r
fi-eted hi the in my
Suspends Services
To Hear Returns
,.,,....,,, .. , "
OIIA.NGL. .N. J., Nov 4 Tuesday
night pra)ir meeting will be suspended
ut ti. First I'resbyterlun Church to al-
)o ,hp congregation to gather In thu
relin Hie lintl eitllll looms In hear the
, lection H-turns
dose of Pane's Cold Com-'
pound ends all grippe
up Ine
.in suie-Iv end tlrlppe anil I real,
iiiosi siveie e old ilther I'l head.
hett. back, sto'ivich. or llnilei. by ink
ing u eloM) of J'upe's '"old Cnnipoiiud
every twu hums until thiee tuuse -u-tlve
do.es nre taken.
It pioiniillj" relieves tb" most tn'ser
able he dachc, dullness, head and Host
stuffid up, ftveilshness, sneezing, sole
thio.it, inucous c.itjjih.il dlschaiges,
tunning of the nose soreness, stllfnens,
und ihiumatlt twinges.
Tnke this wonilei ltd Compound us
till, ct ti I. without inlei ten nee vtlth mui
usual duties and with the knowltilge
that there is nothing eln- in tin world
widen will t uie yum cold or end (lilppe
inl"ei) as pioniptly and without an)
other assistant i bid nfter-i If ecu as
t -'."-cent pai kagi of I'api 'a Cold e'opi
liound which ant diugglst can -iipil
in cept no substitiiti conlallib no oiil
nlne belongs In eei) home Tastes
$ "H Special Today $ "fl
and Tomorrow
l:Slilits or felitiilutls ttMt )ou II
i.iv at iftiia M fur elMiwlire
M 'laillni; gimranliiil Ti'.t to frtrnUli
IlifetHl rI Her. s smile pilie- h.itliunc
tliitl li'isltl it) H'luritlileul t-MtntllU'
e .atninnt u i tif juur cms Trie fill
in oltlii II ittrs S a tu tu b p nt
til'llllilVK 'i 1 1 l? in,
902-9J4 G Street . W.
Mldla, scene of much of thr lighting, Is aa far from
Constantinople as Ilnltlmoro Is from Waihlnnton.
llurKns, also scene of a number of attarks, Is an fur
fiom Constantinople an Norfolk l from WashlnKlon.
GremurdJInn Is an far from Constantinople as Lynch
burg Is from Wasfclnuton.
Judge Hears Disfranchised
Ohioans Are Being
WKST KNION. Ohio, Nov. 4 -Judge A.
'A. Illiilr, who was featured on the Utturr
platform a couple of )tars ago, after
h- had dlsfianchlsed 2.00 voters of
ihiins county for vote merchandising.
Is tnkliiE lueiautlotis that none of them
ballot tiunotrow.
In n statement to the cotintv cnnimlt
le. Iii. said that "a little bill tells him
lliUop is belnx furnished voters." In
M'hiitiK" for tlirh support Als3. he
vs. some of the candidates are com
11. p.rllouslv near overstepping the ro
ll I thins of the corrupt practices act,
1. ieh the I.iglslatuir passed as a resu't
of the Adams countv expose Also th it
some of the disfranchise,! have moved
, Into other precincts, voted at tho May
piliiurhs, and rxpe t to vote tomor-
1111.VI lug like that happ ns." warns
Jiiilki lllair - I'll have the ciun,i Jury
on ou '
Sine e tho fli "t upright pljinn wan
nuiu tlii'M h.i luM'ti little ur n
I'luiuf? In ffcnral Uleu of ilenlpn
Mr l'ti I ,ji fv Iiuh JiiHt ifturnfit
1 1 nui the fit 10 tit anil fuieln eouii-
trl n Up I li'J hrmizl.t hump t'.unio
of tho most unique creations this 1
iHiiiiiy huh kih'h we nro tne nim
to ilfpai t fniiu tho oM UKmh. qulto
In Ut'opttiK with tho proKroMslvo
plan of this house
Wo hno the hit of thoho InHtri
nionlti hio. Th? trroatent tho world
la- o Ol MiTtl, wo wtint Itll to HOf
It, tlon t iiiImh It alii this Ih onlv
liio Hi hi, wo limn Mill moro ur
llptlo llilnss utuler way.
ll'niciitlor v ri MnniifnrturrrN
iul Ninr imi nil In lirturru prolltM.
'I'll- nucnt nntl iiihlillrntnti ttrr rr
niotril. in uv iinhcllf tnlilc
niitonnlh of innnt hrrr.
IIcfrriioONIrop In Wnettilnc
fnn ImltiK utoil n Hfhultort for -."
$ on rn,
Himlc IlolU Tree.
Joseph Hal! Chase Piano Co.
1307 G St. W. W.
Ile-nii'iulier, Nnrth Melp of . s.
Ilcltrre-n l.'llh mill 1 Ith SIN.
M'.W (.'Ullli: IlliS 7TII ST. .
7(U fit, Nleic eiprn rvtT rvenluu
mill DiIKI.
SSfiggaiSSigforBq- grfSr
iw jy-uuii.
Ambassador Says Constanti
nople Cannot Be Taken and
Decries Talk of Massacre.
Hrnuestlng thr United States to sus
pend Judgment on the Turks until uti-
1 Ihorllallve reports from tho seat of the
Ilalknn struggle are received, nnd de
claring that Turkey can and will cany
on the war with the Ilalknn states for
an Indefinite period. Youssouf .la
Purlin, Turkish -imbassnilor to tho
I'nlted States, this afternoon placed a
new Interpretation on the reports com
ing hourly from eastern Kuropo regard
ing the struggle now transpiring there.
Asserting that tho Turkish Sultnn can
within three weeks ut the most draw
fiom Asia Minor, a semi-Isolated pos
session, a mightier and mure powerful
army than the 0110 she now Is pitting
against tho enemy, the ambusaador be
lieves that the world not yet has heard
n true report of how nls countrymen
are fighting, and will fight before tho
contest lias ended.
Army in Asia Minor.
"It Is not known In America," he con
tinued, "that Turkey can, within threo
weeks, mobilize an entirely new army lu
Asia Minor, from such points us JJutr
dad und Yrmen, eiiual to the one she
now has In the Held. . My country Is
hampered by the fact that. there are iio
lallruads she e-an use for mobilization
In Asia Minor, and that It will take at
least two weeks, and posslblv three, to
bring a new and effective army across
Ihe Bosporus. Thai this will he done.
If the need eoincs, I have nu duubt."
Ibiahlm .la Hey, second secretary
of the Turkish embassy, declared theru
ncnl be no fear about tho full of Con
stantinople. "Constat tlnople Is not going to fall,
no matter what the successes of the
llillKuri.ui tioops may be." he said.
"The fortlncatlons around the capital
lire so stiong that the cnemv will Hnd
It Impossible to (M'tietrato thrm, even
II the Turkish hi my has bien defeicrd
In battlr. which wr do not now coll
ie de We have rrcelved no advices 1
from home Indicating that our army
hi.s been routed The last cablegrams
trcolvoil were most enrouruglng "
Navy to Aid Defense.
The iintbarsudor supported the see
rrtarj's statements lij showing that
Constantinople was situated at the tip
of a peninsula, and that the fortln
rations prHctlcally emlicled the city
like a wnll on the land side from
Tehntiilja to the Illack sea further
more the Turks have a navv to pro
ti ct Constantinople from an attack by
sea. while the Ilalkan states have no
navv whatsoever
"Theie Is no possibility rlthrr of thr
full of CotKtantlnople eir of n massacre
in pillage ol the Christians and foreign
1 rs there.' lu- said "lr we have been
tit fea tid. I look foi an official announce
ment ordering 11 fresh arniv from our
terrltor) In Asia Minor I do not know
that we have hern defeated, and am In
clined to doubt newspaper rf porta under
the circumstances, because the corre-i-pondrnts
are not at the front, and arc
compelled 10 relv upon rumors.
"I'nder lb" circumstances. It Is neces
saiv for nil unprejudiced persons to sus
pend Judgment, for the resources of
Turkey are not suspected by the world
at Inrge, and have not been brought
Into plav vet Turkev Is arle to Hght
Indefinitely and personally, I do not
billeve time is my truth In the report
that she Is suing for Intervention by
the powers or that she Intends to do so. '
Tk I.AXATIVIJ II1I1.IMO Qulnln Tblft.
IirusKlAt.-i rrtunil monej If it fnlls to curs
U W liHOVIVH ilknnlure Is r.n each box 2ie.
LAST But NOT the Least
This one unsold house is ,in every respect the equal of the others in the group,
all of which have sold in a remarkably short time.
You MAY be able to buy this home later in the week, but we doubt it. Read the
following details and you will know WHY.
Cut this advertisement out. Put it in your hat keep it on your mind for IMME
DIATE ATTENTION Don't miss this great opportunity.
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P9tf 0 IU
I Fix larse nunny rooms.
I Muwilvr e'olonlal front porch of selected
Southern pxrosure.
i Double ouli floors.
I Kxpcnulvo llRhtlniT fixtures.
lllictrlc and cur llcht.
D'Opin flre-ii'.iice. llh cas logi nnd special
B fnclni; n' ! h-nrth
I Special ileslcn muntcl.
Coloiilol glass sltdlne doors.
Ileautlful and costly decorations.
1 Unusunlly larcu dlnlnc room with dom fix
, lure.
Perf'ct l;Itchen coverluc ninrev floor area
I than an ordinary dlniuc room.
I Colil-ntoraec room with porcelaln-llned re
I .'rlgcrator with outside ventilation and
I not cxpoiud to the sun.
I Kntlru Kitchen and i-old-stonice room walls
' covered with genuine sanltas.
I Drop table.
I Dctiolt Jovvol k.is ranee with porcelnln drop
nml p.po connections to carry off
and odors fiom conldnc.
Tllo hlnk with nickel spigots.
Bpaclous kitchen dresser.
To Inspect theso homes take any Oth street car, est off at Turk road, and It Is but a moment's walk
(east) to Wurder and New ton streels-the location of tho properties, overlooking the beautiful grounds of th
Koldlcrs' Home.
Look For Our Green and While Sign 713 14th St. N. W.
One way to find employment is to watch the
Help Wanted columns of The Times each day. If
K6eD Right you d0 not find thc Psition yu the very first Tilt It 111
F day you read these advertisements, keep at it I Read
I'nm ("ViTV rlnv Fin Mile; onH ennnar n. Ini.. ......
I At It opportunity will arrive. Washington's best
The Woman's Vote
in Washington is unanimously in favor of ordering
our choice Creamery Butter at the SPECIAL PRICES
we are now quoting.
Select these candidates and you'll be on the win
ning side
Butter, 33,1
5-lb. boxes "Four Leaf Clover" Butter, $1.90
2" You're sure of QUALITY and prompt delivery
when ordering our products. Call, write or phone.
Stands In Principal Markets.
The Most Sumptuous and Modernly Equipped
In the Country
By A. C. LUBER & CO., Inc.
in the
Cor. G and 15th Sts.
This is without doubt the -most notable Turkish Bath Estab
lishment in the country. The entire plant is built on the most
sanitary lines. The equipment is the very latest, and many of
the special features are found in no other Turkish Bath.
To Ladies and Men Till 10 o' Clock Tonight
A Splendid Musical Program Will Be Rendered.
Open for Business at Midnight
And continuing day and night thereafter.
To every patron who purchases a $5.00 ticket
tonight, good for six baths, we will give an extra
bath ticket free.
A. C. Luber & Co., Inc.
A. C. LUBER, Manager
Turkish and Russian Baths
flil 90 -Small Ch Payment
94960U $27.50 to $32.50 Pe
ers use tne neip wanted columns of The
cause they have found by experience that
9th and
Pa. Ave.
rhono Main 0.
Per Month
Klreless cooker. "
American Itadlator Co. hot water heater.
0.1s vrater heuter. '
i-'ervnnts' toilet.
Htono wash trays.
Steel beam construction.
Front und reur entrances to cellar.
Double rear porches.
Alley in rear.
3 electric llchts and one gas light In cellar.
Five laige cellar windows and tno inh
Hound molding.
Shower bath,
'file Iloor und walls
Glass towel bars
Toilet paper holders
It.i7.or utiop hook
Nickel glass und soap holders
Medicine cabinet.
Hand mada decorations on walls.
Genuine birch doors.
Spacious closets.
Unllnlshi'd usable attic (for storage), ven-
tflatcd bv two windows.
I'lcture molillner In every rosm.
Transoms over doors
Holland window shades. '
employ. TllC TlllieS
it pays to
kio mil s: a. iv.
Nevada and twu subroutines.
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