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Ute Utehmgfam Hme
Fair and Warmer
Final Edition
NUMBER 7024.
Yesterday's Circulation, 44,230.
Sixteen Pages.
ThreeHundred Pupils March
Calmly From Burning
Smallwood School.
Orderly and Safe Exit Proves Im
portance of Regular Practice,
Says Principal.
Marching with the precision and
calm of trained soldiers and exercis
ing romarkablo self-control, 300
children of the Smallwood School
mado an orderly and safo exit from
that building within threo minutes
after flro was discovered there to
day. Although ctcry pupil knew that
lire had been discovered on the sec
ond floor they left tho building un
concernedly. No better discipline or
order ever has been maintained at
one of tho regular fire drells when
only a make-bollevo flro Is encoun
teredand Prof. C. A. Thompson,
principal of tho Bchool, said this af
ternoon that the performance proved
tho efllcacy of the lire drill system
in tho public schools
Smoke Gave Warning.
Shortl after 'J o'clock smoko hob
ceen creeping through the rrevlccs of
the fifth grndo room. Jill's M. E Gar
rett, a teacher. Immedlutily telephoned
tho principal of th ucliool. Hurried In
vestigation showed that the building
was on lire and that the smoke did not
como from tho furnace, as had teen
'I he children In the Smallwood
school, In 1 Mlrctt between Thlid
and Kour-nnd-u-hulf street south
wtst, hum hem taught to moe
methodically unit according to crudes
when Hit tiro gong sounds Om
Kong Is the signal for those on thu
llrst flooi to make un exit from the
biillillnK two gongs gives warning
to the second flooi, und three gongs
to tho third , ,
When u hiayc wast discovered In
the cloak room on tho second flooi
tod-iv, the pupils adjacent to the fire
didn't lose their heads Their eyes
and ears took In the situation; but
thty waited or the signal
Youngsters Go First.
One gong' Tho youngsters on the
first floor iiio-o and bcs,an a sstematlc
mirth towuid the doorwn). Tho lire
was aboe but tho bo)B and gills on
that lloor had been taught to wait for
two bells and the) had faith In tho tire
di 111. cen If tho smoko was beginning
to be a bit annoying
As the llrst gong sounded the second
flooi pupils Jumped to their ftet, stood
at attention and waited
Two gonns' Tho began their scml
rluulai numb about the big room,
lidded foi the itnlrw.i), w liked III per
fect stp flov.n the siulrs and out into
tho strit "The pupils on the llooi
above staged a slmllui le pl-hrndc.il in
formant c und within less than live min
utes tho Mhool h lil been emptied of Its
three hiiudied pupils
As tin pup'ls marched out Into the
iipm all anil grouped themselves about
the building, No H Limine Company
ri sponded to thu tin alMiin I'levlous
to tho in 1 1 nl of tho ilu-llghtcis how
tvci, I ho blaz.. hid been extinguished
with appirntus kept it the school. The
d image to the i louk loum und con
tents was nominal
Behaved Admirably.
The chlldnn ucted iidmlrnblv ' mid
Prlnelp il 1 hompHon tndaj " hue
brtn piepnrlni' for Just HUth tin emerg
ent) for eighteen scats, and tho pupi
hihived braely whtn time taint the
tint of a genuine lire til til 'Ihci, waa
no eclttmtnt or lonfuston. whatever,
and the building was emptied In u ie
ninikahlv shoit time '
H) a strango coincidence, when the
Smallwood Hit otruired, Superintendent
Davidson was signing an order to ob
Beive 'lire pteventlon day' In all tho
puhllc schools on November 15
Dr Duvldon was blotting his signa
ture to tin clicular oitlers ut the tr)
moment the thlldicn wtio leaving tho
Smullwood School The superintendent
learned of tin practical opeutlon of the
fire drill n tew minutes later.
"Kach supervising principal " sas the
Hiiperlutt nriint s ordei, ' It, authorlzeil
to mako such uriangements as ho mav
deem nioptr for the ohscivnnce of the
day l'or joui guldincn I am Inclosing
with this a cops of some leftrenees In
the Public I.lbiarv which may provt of
value to J ou and oui teachers In wink
ing up miterlil for tho programs"
tr Davidsons lrcular expresses his
appreciation of the fat t that so many
tiacheis took ot c,i.lnn to visit the
library exhibit at the Public Uhiui) the
Inst wttk In uctobt i
"Tor the bene lit ol thoie who fulled
to pee the i xlilhlt I pernaps ought
to stutc Hi it the chlblt i lost 1 Sut
uula) evening, Vovnbii .' I make
this announcement hicmie a fevt in
quiries aie still coming to the ofilce
a to whethm the exhibit s stll opi n '
See All the Details of The Times Election News Service and How to Get It on Page 2
Sultan Asks Powers to Pre
vent Massacre in Con
stantinople. WARSHIPS HASTEN
to Save Foreigners From
Death If Uprising Is
BERLIN, Nov. E. Tho Turkish
government intimated to tho German
forolga offlco todny that If tho Bul
garians enter Constantinople it will
bo Impossible to prevent an antl
Chrlstlnn uprising, It was stated on
Beml-ofllclal authority here. Tho
Sultan, therefore, renewed his ap
peal to the Kaiser to uso his influ
ence with tho Balkan allies to agree
to an armistice.
Germany la tho ono power which
' has not frowned on Turkey's efforts
to make a cessation In hostilities
precede nn offer of concessions to
thu allies The Fatherland alono
can accomplish nothing, however, so
there was no prospect that the latest
appeal from Constantinople will have
any better result thun tho earlier
Powers Send Warships.
Ihe Sultan'a vhtuul admission that
he cannct control his enraged Mo
hammedan subjects was considered
extremely ominous. The pnwi rs were
all rushing wurahlps to Turkish wa
ters todnj to protect foreigners, but
there ure many who surelj will be
einablo to reach the ports where the
lighting craft will anchor
An one of the largt st titles In
Europe, tho gravest toneern Is of
tourso felt for Constantinople Kor
ilgncrs thei may InMiic their sifetv
liv going on hoard the waishlps but
It will be lmiusslble so to protect tho
entire Chiltlan population, which runs
Into the hundreds of thousands
Diplomats Under Guard.
The embissles and consulates were all
under heuv) guard toduv it was
stated In dispatches from the Turk
ish capl'al, as were tho larger for
ilin business establishments Most
shops have been closed and barri
caded In anticipation of un outbreak
Tli f'V fl c 1 ii n u lucpn I t mnmontni'v'
I lit tlil iiiituiia m iv ii iiiuinvntui j
! expectation of hearing the Mnhiim-
IIIClHtll UIUI, 11 Jlll 1U( ,,,V,I I'A.VI llll-
Hostllo throngs have mule Kevcrnl
attempts to get from the native
quarter, Stamlioul, Into tho foreign
sections, (lalattt and Pern, but the
police have foiled all of them by
thi owing open tho diaw In the
hrldgo aeros the Oolilen Horn, which
sepaiates the native and foreign dis
tricts PoielgniiH have been wnrned to
keep out of Stamhoul and even of tho
localities In Oulita and Pel a where
Mohammedans predominate
May Restore Old Sultan.
Among orthodox Mohammedans It
was said a strong sentiment was de
veloping In favoi of the restoration of
former Sultan Abdul Hamld, to whoso
deposition tho masses attribute Tur
kej's present misfortunes nattering
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Colored Man Is Actised ot Flit
ting Embalming Fluid
in Their Tea
Accused of attempting to poison his
thiie step-thlldicu with embalming
lluld William Moslev, colored, thlrtj
slx jeuis old, of N MassichUFetts ave
nue northeast, was arrested toda) bv
Detectives Cornwcll and Bauer on u
charge of assault
Act ordlng to the polite, Mosh y, who
at dlffi rent tlmi s has been tmpIoed
at unrtei taking otabllshmcnts In II
stiect northeast hud some trouble with
Ills stio-i lilldrtn, rloienct, Edna and
Andrew Chrvbcis last Thuisday nigh'
Thft fullnulm, ,-,nl..r. , li it. I I.I .-. ,,
,,iM iiuii.vMiiK luoiiiiMg tne eiiiiurtii
went to drink somt tea fiom a pol on
the stove Andrew who Is nlno cnts
old took a sip of the lliiuld and It
burned his mouth so that ho did not
swallow It
Die following d.u the ihttttlvts were
advised of the matter and tho pot of
Mipposid tia was turned over to tho
District c lit mist who leporttd toda
that It contained a uuantltv or embalm
ing lluld ihe children told the polli e
tifi ,ti. i.i. .1.1 .1... ,. , .1. ..'.. ..
.in., in, ikkiii im ' teiti too irounie
with tluli siip-fnthii, hi threatened to
'git them Mnselv i niphatlcaltv denies
the chin ge ailnst him sav Inc he had
no knowledce as to how the poison t,ot
In the tt.ii ot I
Hibbs Favors Requesting the
Attorney General to Pass
Upon Scheme.
Department of Justice Will Co
operate With Commissioners in
Move to Block Consolidation.
Tho Attorney General of tho
United States will be fully acquaint
ed with tho plans of thoso who aro
organizing the Washington Utilities
Company, if tho suggestion which
William B Hibbs, tho financial
genius ot tho organization, will
mako to his associates tomorrow la
Mr. Hibbs Is in favor of lalng the
plans for financing tho Washington
autl nearby public utilities fully be
fore tho Attorney General, he said
todny, and submitting to that au
thority whether there la anything
proposed which is against tho law.
Action Is Not Certain.
It Is not certain that this will be done,
however, for the directors of the Maiv-land-Vlrglnla
Hallroml (.'ompanv, the
Washington Hallwuj and lilcetrlc Com
pany and other concerns Inti rested may
not tako Mr. Hibbs' view of the matter.
Those In authority who must pass upon
this suggestion aro away from Wash
ington tvlay. tasting their votes, ami
will not return until tomorrow.
"1 am In favor of giving the Attorney
Geenral any Information we have ton
ctrnlng the formation of tho Washing
ton Utilities I'otnpanv, and the plana for
the new coinpaii), ' Mr. Illhbs said to
daj, 'and I shall suggest to the other
men Interested that this be done I am
so thoioughl) convinced that thtro Is
nothing proposed whlih will work to
the harm of .ill) one, but, on the con
trary that what we pmposi will have
a beiiellclul effect all around, that I can
see no reason wh the llovt inniciit au
thorities should not be tnllghttned.
' Thtro has betn found no ground
upon which to procied against us. and,
I btlltvc, no ground tun tic found,"
Will Ratify Action.
The meeting of the stockholders of the
Mat J lund-Virginia Jtallioad Co will be
held tomorrow In Alexandria to pass
upon the proposition of the directors that
the company bt changed so as to have
an authorized capitalization of JIM.lKXi,
IXO. of which loO.OOOUUO Is to bu stock
and JllXUWOt") bonds, and that Its name
be ehangtd tu the Washington Utilities
Company. The nutting Is almost pure
Iv a legal ttiu!rtmcnt to sanction the
alieady settled pulltj as outlined by the
the chungo will be followed bv tho
taking over of the Washington-Virginia
Hallway Cnmpauv This dont, the wnv
will be clear to take over tho two
lighting companies whose absorption
was itfustd to the Mar land-Virginia
Railroad Company by thu Vligluln 8tate
Col poratlon Commlss'on
Tht next stip will be, It Is understood,
to exchange seturltles with the Wash
ington Hallwaj and Klectilc Companv
and with an other Washington utility
companies which desire to avail them
selves of the new financial facilities
provided It Is to prevent this that
wavs and means aie he ng considered
bv the Dlstilct Commissioners
Co-operation Is Offered.
With present Information at hind the
Depailinent of Justice. It Is undeistood,
will co-opt rato with the Commissioners,
at least to the extent of o fining advice.
In the suit to bo tiled b the Corpoia
tlon Counsel to prevent th ttxecutlon
of the plans of the utilities compans .
The situation was dlscusjed In dttall
at u conference fsteidav afternoon
between the Commlssloneis, lesse II
Adklns attoinev for the lxpntment
of Justice, i: II 'I homas, Coipoiatlon
Counsel, and Claience K. Wilson, unit
ed Mates Dlstilct Attoinev It belli,
the Intention ot the Commlss oners not
to unmask theli hatttrh- until tie
propn time no state mint rc'iudlng
the it suits of the toufeiente was given
olI todaj
Careful consldi ration It was said b
Commission! rs Hudolph will be ghtn
the legal aspects ol the i use Mean
time Mr Thomas will continue with tho
pnpaiatlon of a hill to be llled In the
District bupremt t'ouit
The purpost of the Commissioners Is
to delaj in tlnn until tht leassembllng
of Congress when tffoits will be nude
to si cure the passage of the District
public utilities hill which passi d the
S.imto lit the last session hut was left
cm the House culmdar
Aviator Killed.
VIENNA, Nov 1 -An Austrian mlll
tai avlatoi fell with his aeroplane nt
tloeiz toda and was killed
Wife of Lieut. Com. Carlo
Pfister Commits
American Popular When Husband
Was Attache at Italian Em
bassy in Capital.
ROMB, Nov. 5. Gradually losing
ground In a hopeless light against
consumption, the wife of Lieut. Com
mander Carlo Pfister, of the Italian
navy and former naval attache at
thu Italian embassy In Washington,
committed suicide here today. Mrs
Pfister was formerly Miss Hester
Laughllu, of a wealthy St. Louis
The wife of the Italian officer be
came despondont several months ago
and her melancholia Increased as the
prospects for her recovery dimmed.
Sho fought desperately against tho
discaso for n while
Skilled Specialists Called.
Skilled spcilallsts wele called Into
consultation, the socially prominent pa
tient remained much In tho open air
of tht Italian capital, and It was hoped
that her will power would ttnd toward
combating the white plague
A few wetks ago the case of Mrs.
l'tlster was pronounced hopeless, and
when she I call ted that tho end was near
the dtspondincy of the wlfu of tho
Italian naval ofllctr became pathetic
In tho extreme.
The suicide of Mis. Iflster, however,
came without warning, and has shocked
the social circles of this city, where
she was Immenselj popular
Tht joung hushand, who was trans
ferred from Washington to the com
mand of a ship In the Italian navj, Is
heart-broken, and Is so upset over the
shoik of his wlfes self-destruction that
no flint ral plans have been announced,
nor aie the full details of the suicide
available at this hour
Society Here Grieved.
Washington society was gilevrd ;odav
to hear of the unfortunate death of
Mrs. Carlo I'tlster, at one time one of
the most popular members of the joung
er set In Washington. Mrs Ptlster
was married to the dashing joung Ital
ian naval officer December 21, 1D05. She
was the daughter of the late Henry D
l.aughlln. of St. Louis, one of the
wealthiest men of th' Missouri city.
Lltutenant Commandtr Ptlster acted
us naval attache of the Italian embnss
from ISO. to the latter part of hW, when
he and his young wife went to one of
the Kuroptan capitals He waa suc
ceeded here by Lieut. FHIppo Camperlo,
who also married In this count r, taking
as his bride Miss Kleanor Terrv. After
lesldlng In Washington for a year.
Lieutenant Camutrlo returned to Italv.
and Lieutenant Commander meter was
again sent to Washington by his gov
ernment u rather unusual distinction
He returned to Rome In the spring of
1911, und since mat time he and ins
nung wife have been statlontd thtie,
the lieutenant commander being as
signed to the commund of one of his
majesty s warships
Lived at Brighton.
During their last residence In WaBh
Ington, Lieutenant Commander and
Mrs I'llstei livid at the Brighton apart
ments, where thej entertained exten
sively. They were conspicuous In social
elrt les and thcli departure caustd
genuine regret,
Onlv a few of Mrs I'llster's most In
tlmate friends here weru acnualnted
with tho fact that she was In falling
health As Washington knew her Bhe
was a tomclv, attractive )nung matron,
nnoarentlv In perfect htalth The Bhock
of her suicide, theicfore was all tho
more genet al todav when the Rome dis
patches carried the tiaglc Ftorv of her
unavailing ugnt against a disease wnicn
fastened Its hold upon hei some time
roitixArvr ron thi: district
lull and vvannir tonight, Wednesdav
lilt reusing cloudiness
t a m
Km m
11 a m
U noon
1 p in .. .,
.' p in .. ,,
41 i sam..
48 9 a in. ...
a I 10 a m
51 I 11 h m
69 I i: noon . .
bl 1 p m
1)1 I .' p in
Toda High tide. 4 30 a. m, and 4.57
p m , low tide. It 05 a m and 11:40
p in
Tomorrow High tide S 30 a m and
5 60 p m,, low tide, 11 '57 a m
E 31 Sun set t
Hun rises.
Pormer Capital Leader Ends Life AUUu
j r
E 3
-;t,',. y?& . -JlmEE)Bk
w if , MmBKR
Government Clerk Strangely
Missing, and His Wife
Fears Foul Play.
The police this afternoon sent out a
general alarm for Htewurt K. Richards,
clerk In the War Department, forty
five jears old, who has betn strangely
missing since I'rldav morning. Mis
Richards, the missing man's wife, told
the polite that sho does not believe her
husband has gone away voluntarily, but
that she fears he has met with foul
play or an accident.
The couple lived at Mt Rnlnlei, jtd ,
and Mrs Richards und her several chil
dren, the oldest of whom Is sixteen, are
without means to piovlde for them
selves, according to her storv to thu
Richards left the War Department
about 11 o'clock Frldav morning and
has not been stn since.
Skidding Motor Hits Fence in
Maryland, Occupants Thrown
Into Field.
CUMBERLAND, Mil, Nov 5 -The
two-j ear-old child of Managei Fileijd,
of the coiil compati store at Sunshine,
near Meersdale, was lnstantlv killed
near Mannscholce, about dusk laBt
night, und sis were Injured when a
skidding automobile ran Into a fenco
at a sharp tutu tearing away thlrtv
sl feet of tails
The Injured ale Mr Friend, his wife,
whose mm Is bioketi, John Huikholdei,
still unconscious, his wife, whose
shoulder Is tllsloiated and face flight
full) laci inted, their child, thiown
twcnt fut Into a Held, und William
Brant, chauffeur Mrs Burkholder will
be starred for lift.
Doctor's Bill for $27,476
Sustained by Court
In an opinion hnndid down Into is
tcic'ny, the Dlstilct Court of Anpiils
affirms tht vudltt foi SJ7 17C awuidi'd
Di Joseph J Knviuv In his biilt
ngulnst the American Securllv and
Trust Compans, as executor of tl i ,s
tate of John II Heinll
The tistlmony given bv Dr Knveney
In the lower court nfc that lit piu
tlcallv spent tho last vear of Mi llu
rell i life at his home
YJSrfZs&ffiMk. States
Five Engines and Machinery
of Western Maryland Road
Destroyed by Flames,
Cf.MIlURLA.VD. Nov 5 The loss
of the Western Murji.ind rail w a) b
the destruction of the ninctceen stall
liound house with live engines and
machinery at Kldgclv opposite Cum
berland enrl today will reach
J.! 1)0,000.
Of the engines, three were of tho
new 700 mountain climbing class
The turn t iblt and approaches were
wrecked and valuable machlner
made useless The loss on machinery
will be 7 r, 0(10 alone The tire origi
nated In the roof nnd spread so rap
Idlv that the night force could do
nothing toward getting tho engines
There was no flro equipment at the
walls Break and Ruin Homes,
But No Loss of Life Is
NASI! VILLI:, Tenn , Nov. 5 -The enst
bisln of the Nashville cltv reservoir
gave awav early todav ind a deluge
rushed tluough a lfo-foot opening, Inun
dating the Hats about the leservolr hill
bevel al smill dw tilings were washed
'mm t lit 1 1 foundations, causing fam
IIih to seek safctv on mofs and In
trees No loss of life Is reported
Promotions Made in
High School Regiment
'Ihe appolntini nt of 1' T Campbell, a
KutdntRH High bthool student, to bo
II i. st Hi utin mt ind a ljulant of the
Stcund Battalion of tin Hlhh School
Regime nt, was announced toda) ny As
sistant Superintendent of Sthools Thuis
ton lollowlng the nppimul of the mil
lliuv uffalis commlttei of the Boanl
of Education W Baiiott, also of
lluslntss High Is momoted from Hist
seigeanl of Company O to take the
plate madi vacant b) Cumpbtlls pro
motion Ihe two Commissioners make the staff
of the High School Regltntnt compltte
Returns From the West Will
Probably Delay
in East Will Probably
Give Good Idea of
Ideal election weather Is reported
from all over the country. That
moans a good deal ordinarily. In
tho olden days, before things got
mussed up and wires crossed among
tho parties, you could tell that a
wet election day In New York was a
Democratic occasion, because the
bulk of the Democratic vote was In
the cities, and a man had only to
walk around the corner to deposit
his ballot, taking no chance of get
ting his feet wet and "catching bis
death of cold."
Quite to tho contrray, a wet elec
tion day. If It wasn't too wet, was a
Republican occasion In Iowa, be
cause) tho farmers couldn't stay In
tho field for corn buskin' and fall
plowin', and therefore), wanting
Bomethlng-'to do, hitched up the nag
and went off to the Corners to voto
and spit tobacco Juice on the stove
at tho store.
When All Signs Fail.
But ull signs fall In Bull Moose sear.
It's harder to make tip our weather
dope this time. If the lowa farmers
and the New York clerks all get to
vote, who benefits? That II bt clearer
about midnight tonight.
One thins, however, is worth mulling;
ovei In these lest hours of suspense. A
few davsj ago they were estimating that
about 16,000 000 votes would be cist In
the country. Since Sunda they have
been adding a million for good measure.
In reason of the sudden naming up of
keen Interest In cver section Today,
en the strength of the good weather
reported from all parts good weather
being, on the whole, a suro Indication
of un Increased total vote It Is likely
enough safe to add another hulf-mlllion
to the previous estimates
Thote million and a half additional
otts might do a good deal of execu
tion. Todaj s forecast of the managers
general! assume that the vote will bo
the biggest ever east In the country.
Of tourse. It ought aluajs to be that,
becuue there Is a natural Increasa of
about 7 per cent In tho voting strength
of the nation In every quadrennlum.
But It doesn't always get out and vote.
Jieturns tonight will be scrappy.
Returns May Be Late.
It Is promised that In New York they
ore going to count tho Presidential bal
lot flrst Presidential votes being cast
there on a separate ballot from that
en which the local tickets are printed
If the) do that throughout tho State,
It will facilitate, returns from the Em
pire tBato
The East common!) gets Its return!
In a long time ahead of the trans-AUc-ghi.nlan
section, partly because the
East has from one to threo hours' ad
vantage In time, partly becauso poll
generally close earlier In the East than
out West, und partly because the count
ing Is done quicker In tho East.
However, New York, Pennsylvania,
Massachusetts. Ohio, and Illinois are
tominonly pretty good States for get
ting their returns In stasonably. Those
States mav settle the geneial result
eail. Or thev mav mix It uo so hope
lessly that evcrjbod) will bo glad to
go to bed und ill cum of 1S.SI, when no
bod) knew what had happened for a
week oi more
Bay State Votes Early.
BOSTON. Nov 6 -With the best elec
tion day weather In years, an unusually
large earlv vote, and u hot fight In this
State, Indications toda) pointed to a re-cord-bi
caking I'resldentlil election In
Massachusetts with the new Bull Mooso
party ns the deeming factor Despite
the claims of Republican and Bull
Mooso managers Woodrow Wilson ruled
a slight favorite.
If the Democratic candidate goes out
of the Ba State with even a slight
plurallt) It will bo an epoch In tho
polltlcH of this State, for In tho last
live Presidential elections It haB been
the same story Republican pluralltv.
This )ear, however, tho Bull Moose
part) expects to cut Into the old Una
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