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Get the Election Returns
From The Times
No newspaper ever made more elaborate preparation for the covering of an elec
tion. Besides the United Press service, which The Times receives exclusively in
Washington, it has put in special Western Union and Postal wires to carry supplemen
tary services. The Times will receive the entire special service of the New York Sun,
and a special country-wide bulletin service from every Western Union telegraph office
in the United States. You can get the results of this elaborate news-gathering preparation
Returns From the West Will
Probably Delay
Spends Four Minutes in
Booth and Issues "Last
Call for Barbecue."
OYHIHIl HAY. N. Y., Nov. (i After u
liusy mcnlng nt Ills correspondence,
Cnluntl Hoosevelt wns driven In hla
nutoinohllc tn tlio polling plot a at the
Jlttle engine Iiourii nt Oyster Has', r
living there ut ilvn minute utter 1
o'eloek. With lilm In tlie mathlna were
Uutnes nnd llalph Anion, IiIh boily sen
lintB, Howard Ilrooka ami Charles Lee,
lie Hoosevelt coachmen, William Ualley
iiiul William Carl, gardmois, nml Ar
thur Merrlam. Ills ihauffeur. William
(lardner, former gardenet ut Sagamore
31111, who cams from Canadu to vote for
the colonel, urrlved a few minutes
Hoosevelt was met nt the ciitiuncc to
the booth by Hubert V. Duvall, a
)uutig lavvjir.
"Do jou know how to voto the Hull
Moose ticket?" naked Duvull, showing
(he colonel a sample hullot,
"I think ho, ' said the Progressive
candidate, examining the ballot closely
PoIIovved by a crowd of villagers, hulf
i dozen photographers mid thu mc Hi
lars of his party, tin colonel entered
the polling plain und nfiu J the hook.
Ills ballot was No JoS
'Hire goes uuotlui Hull Mooae .ete,"
ome one shouttd us the mlonel, smil
ing bioadlv. entered thu noo'h
It took htm luat foui minutes to murk
hla billot Then he poaid for ev ral
llaahllghts mid, us the lust explosion
iIImI uwa), he said
'Laat cull for the burbeeuc," refer
ring to the nuiiiiul election celebration
nt 0stei I lu tonight .Still followed
In tin' crowd, Hoosevelt wnt buck to
Mi .iiitiiinoblli , while he waited white
the inembiiK uf hla lioiljc hohl cast tin lr
hutlols Tosi ph i'lench, the poll clnk.
I xplah.td the misconception ua to Hoosc-
It a oli
'Last spring tin coloml didn't regts
tu fm the prlinarlca, bttniist tliere
mis no PruMisslvc pail) on tin hooka
then ' kUiI I itiich ' Thla Is what i re
tied tin tn lleT th it Room, ill had no
lute I hla morning, when he signed
tne hook In hid a pirfectly legal right
In cast hi ballot
lb fine having for home, the colonel
liok anothi i shot at Lllhu Hoot and
thne other Inn writ who criticised him
1nr his aland against the coutt of ap
H ila
If the) had onto out with tin lr
statement thlrt) du a ago, I would huo
liatuniiied thtm out of the ting ho
diclaied 'Thev aaed It up until the.
Insl minute in the hope that I would
Pot bi able to answer thim Hut, by
litorgo, I did hat c the i hanee laat night,
und I think I unawiied pittt) well ami
'What a more, the ni.uti r la not endid
jet Tin attitude of these foul men
fhowa that thc, and the piuplc who
ale behind them, an standing against
t ho people of the iinintry T hey are
lighting against the vei) piinclph that
tin ProgreBslve a are lighting for '
The colonel said he expected to spend
a quii t da at homi
'A alioit walk with Mra RooHevelt Is
tin nnli thing on the program, ' he aaid.
.At pristnt I have nothing to sn) about
the tUitlon, but 1 ma) have aomc thing
later on
The i olonel will rimaln at Sugumoro
Hill until Prlthi), whin hi expei ta to
Ku to New ).oik foi a da) s work at tho
Outlook of Mi i
Roosevelt Choice
In Straw Vote at
Drafting School
Colonel Hoosivelt wna rholce for
PicBldtnt h) a ote of 61 to 1- foi each
of the othir pollthal candid ttcs In a
ttuw ote tiktu laat nlkht by studtuti
of the Columbia bihool of DruftlnT
The Miting was done on ballots of tht
Dlsttict riuffiuge LeiiKiie
Other results indicate d that the squ
ill nts nro hinitil) In fuvoi of Dlstiht
ndf-gov eminent, the vote hi Ins unanl
moua, na was also the ote for a deli
rate to Congn aa fiom tin Dlsttict
'lhei wuo olllv foil- otea out of
cl-htv uuli at tho elictlou of District
ommlsaloncra and the i lection of tho
delegates ut against the appointment
Advocates of Votes
For Women Will Hear
Returns on Suffrage
Lending udvoeatca of votes for worn
en will lend sechil oat thla evening
to ictiiina Horn those States white
voinuns sulTiagc la hanging In 111"
balance tle States being Oregon, Ari
zona, Knusas Ucunsin, und Michi
gan What the voters b'O todn) thcie
will be spoelull) unnounied to inter
ested women here at the red room of
tin New l'libllt while tho feovernlng
hoard of the rederul Woman s Kepul
I i Asioelitlon will entertain meinbi ra
and kuests
Addrissta ,iie to be made In Mrs
1 led Dubois. Dr Klnora C l'olknnt,
und Mis It V. I-nmbeit. und briefer
remarks b Miss Janet Illchnrds, Mlsi
Heiiiiitta Illfton, Mis Lvelln Ilildun,
nnd Mra Jennie I. Monroe
SocialistsWUl Get
Returns From Election
An Httrtctlve piogium of music and
dancing hua been uirnimed b oters
lnlen steel In tho loelallst eause at Old
Maaonli Temple Ninth and 1' atreetH
tonight when It lb expei ied all Soclnl-1-tn
and their friends will gither to
heal tile n suits of the election
apuinl wlic has been Installed nnd s
Itors will he pimMcd lutist reports on
the clci t on while cnjojlng the entor
lalnmnt An unalsla of the Mite llgurea will
he given b W J Client ofrklal slritli
flilnn of the National Socialist parti,
i nil comparisons of the results with
those of other tlcctlona will bo made
Departments in Hands
Of Assistants Today
U hlle the countij Is busv di tennin
Ing who shall oceupj the. White House
for the net foui veins the Govi rn
ment departments uie veiv lnri,elv In
the hinds of ini n today who Invi nevir
held Cabinet positions The Senetary
of State Is Alvee Adee the Seirctaiy
of Win Is Oeninl tllvei and the Hee
rctntj of the Navj la Hear Admlial
I' lllp Andievvs The President Is Sec
ular) of the Intel Ini riahei
Most of tho ilcputment heads have
bun lampnlgnlng for Piesldcnt Tnft,
and are at t lie 1 1 rvspni e homes voting
todav Kslst ml Seuctaiv of Slate Wil
ton Is h hleigo and Vu-dstant Secie
tarj of the Nuv llecitmun Wlnthrop
left, last night foi New lork
(Continued from l'lrst l'age )
Republicans and wipe out their plurali
ties The strength of the Progresses
however, la unknown even to their
cninpalKn nuinagi rs und tho lluett atljn
of their vote Is practically certain to
deildu the) tight
Approximately fiOODim volrn wire iv
peiled to be east before the last poll
closes nt S o'e lock tonight over !0 per
cent of tho totnl Htnle vote
Pennsylvania Leans to Roosevelt.
I'lllL.AnELIMIIA, Pa. Nov 5 -Ho-porta
from evert part of the State to
the State headiuifrtera of all pintles
heie sliouid that a hi avy vote was he-j
Ing polled earlv today The decimal
vote of renusjlvanla will go to either
VVIIhi,i nc t)...u...r..ll .1... I.. II.. VinLtrr'
the fuvotlte Tuft ai ntlment in aoino
parts of the Suite la almost extinct.
It la weak In tho big cities nnd In the
Interior murines
A elespe rate light Is hi Ing made hj the
Itooaivitl men to navo their Mate tick
et, W'he revel it litis been poaa hie, the
Itnosivclt mm have Indorse el the tegu
lar Hepubllinn eandldatea The united
atrtngth of the Itooaivelt and Hepublle
nu forces la expectcel tei carr the State
ticket through
A lint light Is going on In all the Con
gn asleinal ellafrlcts Theie arc thlrtj
four Congressmen to be ehoain In
nine ePatricts, where the Hi publican and
the Hoosevelt people have not been nblo
to fuse on thclt Congressional eandl
datea, the ip hip tlitee -cornered lights
The BHine situation exlata In regard tn
the twentv-ax State senatora and 207
btato representative a who ule to be
choaen lu muily ever case the He.
publicans and the House ic It men hue
fusid on candidates Where tliere ma
tliren tickets the chances favor the
The vote whb espcclall heav v this
morning In the residential aiitlona nf
I'hll tdelphla and In the n"iirhy suburbs,
while tho llooaevelt voto Is atrungeat
New Jersey Vote Heavy.
NIJNAHK, N J. Nov 5 -A hcav
vote la being pollid todalv In this cltv
r-nd suburbs Hirorta tlnoughout the
Stntc also Indicate a rush tn the h illol
lng places It la generallj admitted
that Woodrow llaon will carrj the
Stale with a comfortable m ijorllv
Th nepuhlltnna and l'rogre sslve s
however hip hopeful that they will
reduce the Democratic atand ird biarei a
figure hi low the 1'Mimi he reeelvcd for
governor two eura uho
There la n henvv local Intnest In the
battle between Jacob llnusslliiK Demo
cratic candidate for re-nleitlon for
major and the Republican enndldatc.
1 ouls V Amronson. The latter Is mak
ing the Issue on u vice reform platfoini
Voting Fast in New York.
Ni:W lOltK. Nov. 5 -Election any
hero a ivv a flood of warm aunahlne, the
theimometet "luat rlfcht. putting a
tlnglo In the air that Bent earl) voters
to tho polla with enthuslaam Voters
made good time and appeared to be vot
ing Btrnlght tickets Tiny cust their
billott expedllloualj
During the llrst hour lu the Howcr
quartet soini tiling like n per cent of
tin registered voto hael been caat In
lliookljn It nits about the aime A
vote a minute was the aveuge time at
manj of the polls.
Dies in Voting Booth.
IH'KrAI.O. N Y, Nov 5 -Just as a
long line of voters filed Into his booth
when tho polls opened earl todnv,
llmrj Moest, fiftj-scven. Hepubllinn
clerk fell ncross the tnble and died of
heart dlseuae
The voting was Interrupted for fev
eral minims loeat wna a superannu
ated fireman The earlv vote vvnB heuv,
hundreds of voteiB eustlng before 8
o clock
Connecticut in Doubt.
NEW HAVUN, Conn. Nov. G -Never
before has the outcome of n I'rcsldi ntltl
nnd Stato election been uulti ao much
In doubt In Connecticut as todnj. The
outcome nil hinges on the vote of the
Progressives nnd how many votes they
take from the two old parth s Ucnio
ciatlc nnd Republican managers lach
clnlm the Stntej h 15 OX)
The Progressive a eluim fO K oi more
vote" 1 gi eater ptrt of them from the
Republican ninkh, and If such Is the
ruai the nominal Hi publican vote will
be htought down nearl to the tlguies
claimed bv the Demounts
Democrats Claim Ohio.
COM'MHl'S, Ohio, Nov 5-Dcmocint-
lc claims of earning Ohio for Wilson
nnd Marshall weio not altered In nnv
wnv toduy
Our national ticket will receive more
votea than Taft and Hoosevelt put to
gether" was Democratic Stato Chair
man rinlev's parting prediction hefoio
he went hone to Kenton to vote 'The
entire Demneiatlc State ticket will also
he eleited by unpreced nted pluralities, "
he added
The Interesting feature of the situa
tion whs that bitter fight between the
Itepubllcans und Progressives, appal ent
1 for second place Much monev was
offereel bv. auppoi tera of Colonel Hoosc
vtlt that he would defeat Taft In Ohio
and lb was quickly taken l Taft fol
lowers. Wilson Leading.
UALTlMOm:. Mel, Novj-Ueavv
earli voting In Ilalfmoro city nnd all
the counties of Mnrland beur up the
belief that Wilson will get eight elec
toral votes und u aubatantlnl leud
The wtttlui Is Ideal
Progressive Vote Heavy.
CAMDi:.V. N J. Nov. Ti With Idenl
vventlur pievalllng 4U pel cent of tlm
2 J 000 reglstoieil votea In Camden
lountj weie polled at 11 o'clock this
Over JO per cent of the vote wus
polled ut 7 o clock, one houi afttt
the opening of the polla Thla earlv
vote leant el tovvnrd Wilson, although
the Progressives seom to he polling
a heuvy vote
Fear Theft of State.
CONCOHD N II . Nov. .'-Detectives
emplo)ed b) the Progressive tnmpulgn
managers ai lived earl) today from llos
tnu und weie stnllnncd nt the various
polling places All of the big elih a
tlnoughout the .State ale ahnllail)
guarded bv 1 hi Hull Moose detectives
The campaign mini-gttH chaige 11 plot
to "steal Niw llanipshlro Tin 1111
usuallv hot -.tale mid Pre sldentlal tight
1 utiaed a lemuik.ibli earl) vote for this
By Bulletins
The Times will display returns
by stercopticon on the front of the
Munsey Building. The quickest
possible service wilt bo given and
a generous display of moving pic
tures, including "movies" of Roose
velt, Wilson, and Taft will be
Progressive and Democratic
Headquarters Only Places
of Activity.
With reports from nil ovei the
couutrv showing great Interest In
the election, excitement lieie eiver
the result haa narroweel down to tvvo
t undid iti a Wilson and Hnoxivelt At
I-iemocratlc heaelepiartcra today the
result wca regardid as tertaln anil
lenders were alreaelv congratiilatln
tin mm his on the vie tor).
At l'reigresslve headquarter' thcri
was leas enthusiasm, hut no filling
that the risult mold hi othe i wis.
than fuvorntile to Cnlom 1 Hoostvclt
Prank .1 llogun, national lomtuittei
inun, who has lust re turtle d from
l'-iinal inli and West Virginia,
snld there eould he no question of
the cnmlng of the Keynoni Stuln
bv t'oloncl ltooacvtlt. although n
conceded West Virginia to Wilson
'In IN mis) iv aula, tic pcopn nave ue
ionic, dlssatlsll d with INuioso and all
that pertains to IN iiioslsin, end will
cast a heuvv vote foi olonel House
velt ' hi milil "In New 1 ork cltv In-dle-itlons
point to g nt l)i moi inlle
losses 'I In iiildness lutwieu elovernor
Wll-on nnd t hailei Murphv tin Tain
mans leu lei f.iue will hurt tin Duno
eratli candid ite- nniriisi Iv (Nm'iurv
to the elitlms of Inn oernts t litre ui
piars to he i In av v move lu favor of
Vote in Baltimore
It was leportcd In 1 rngie slve 'n id
nuarltrs that in II iltlmore veiteis weic
itittltm tltltcta tuveirlng Uiinni i ill
Cong-i smcn, and pining Cjlon-l
Hoescviilt a nami on t'u ballot If tnU
's inv Indication of the "Itentlon In
nin, i luiitlniia of Mar-'alio the l'io-
....... - L,.... I. .. ,, I
Missives, should cuir tin htutc Itwusj
Oiiilulstli' niorts inn olitalncd at
He-mo' rullc heitlqini' is Onlj one
Stnte was conttiled to the Pnmiesslvo
candidate at noon tod i 1 hi D mo
unts udmlttnl that tin iffectofwon
nn a tuffrage in .lah'iii'ti.n.- might
can) that feute foi Itoosevell l.vui
I tab. It wns snld would Und n pi ice
In the W IIboii column , ,
All this cxcltemint was In mnrked
ei.nliast to conditions In Hcpuhllcan
luudeiuartci-s at Pouitienth and O
Btrects Mr Mpeuin, iiiiuik" u. ,,
eampilgn here, hud gone to his home
in Connecticut to vote and tlu.ro was
no one else In uuthorltv In sight The
best hoped for tliere wai a respectable
showing New llampslilie was claimed
bcennse of Its undent nllcglance nnd
It was pointed out tliut the tendenc)
of votera to favor candidates of the
I art without rigard to pi rsonallt),
would pi event mnn) voters from favor
ing Hoosevelt nnd that main formerl)
solid Hepubllinn ptntts would favor the
Hepoits from Maaaehuetts showed
that He publicum! thero were splitting
their votis lu order to elect He publican
Congressmen und were placing tho
name of llsoti at the hi id of the bil
lot Comment on New Laws
Comment wns heard from nil localities
of the effect of the new election luws
P. New oik tit), upeclull), the long
line of eairKgis which ii"ed to bo a
fcatuie of ehetlon dan iarrlng voters
to the polls and the thoustnda nf call
ers at the I'ourte tilth strict cmpoitum
vas no lonsN I In evldciiie
ProkH sslve Icadcis heie pointed out
til it the failure to aupplv large aunis
of monev for voteis In the turul dla
tllcpe of main Statis Is liounrf to u(T0"t
other than l'rogrcsslvu candidates ad
vi tse 1)
'The Prngiesi-lvc voters will get out
lr this lai.ipilgii It was aild, "be
ti use It Is lecaided b) then ns u cru
si de Th) aie thoioughl) lu enrnist
and will not need tin spur of llnnnciil
nw ird to do t tic li duties as citizens"
London Papers Hold Wilson Will
Win Election, With Roose
velt Second.
LONDON', Nov r. -The American 1 kc
tlon rivaled tho Ilulkan win here toda)
ns a inatti r 01 popular Inli rest
The Louden newspapers nverag-d four
columns on the subject toda), 1111 un
piictdinlul clisplav of news enthusiasm
over New W01 Id polltlis Without ex
ception thev pii dieted vlilniv foi W II
biui and sciond pi ice foi lloirevilt
Me sages from Purls and Ileilln ina'
eatcl an iilinost tumil manlfi station of
interest imniig In lull mid (!i riniuib In
tin eli 1 Hon s itutioini l.vt n sin li 1 ai,
tils as Mi nun mil Itoun wlihh onl -narll)
tare llitl. for nn rli in nun,
wci . imreilv aw mini Pribide lltlul clec
tlon tidings.
By Phone
Call Main 8700
The Times has established a spe
cial phone exchange for election
news. Tho number is not The
Times' regular number, but is
MAIN 8700.
If you want the latest returns
call The Times' Election News Bu
reau, Main 8700.
About 80 Per Cent Said to
. Be in Favor of District
League's Cause.
Tim IntTeat lie Ing lal en h citizens
nf the Ulatilct In Hie question of Dis
trict suffrage, the choh e of I'res d.nl
and the eleetlcn of a delegate to Con
giess, Is ustouudlng, aeiorillng to im
ports Tlie nuinbi r of votes Is large,
und there ta an appinul dispoeltion
nmnug the people of the District tn t"
that their neighbors nnd friends know
nhout the proposition nnd vote It wus
given out today from 1 eadquarters of
the District Suffrage 1. ague, that the
vole was heivv und that it was abo'lt
en per eent In favor of suffrage.
Mninlner) cotin'ited with the election
la similar to that In use ,a tegular oil
Ink plnres where surfrnge la permitted
The cltj hns been divided Into six
wards, comprising flftv prcclncls whir
voting plaecs havo been Installed
ateliers, nnnagera and the like, J jst
as In other titles of the I'nlted Status
nre on hand The poling plates hnvei
an appearance not unlike those In anr
other cltv during a e lose cump ilgn
Tills morning billots were hande 1
flovirnmint clerks ns the entered tlm
offices The lul'ots contained complete
Instiuitlons regtrdlng voting, and per
nilttnl the voter to bring his ballot to
one of the regular polling places or to
mall It In to hindquarters of thei league
ut wit e; street northwest
t omple te returns will hi given out at
the elos, of the polls us soon aa the
i mint can be made und results will be
mi to dlffirent plnns where election
it turns ure given eiut
llltlliwilliiinilll ll.l Ul inJlilllK idiv.
.Nl thH, B,.N,irth Capl'ol nnd ll. Ho
lullouInK la tin list uf polling places
rn a urug stole, i inn anil u, eirug
Ifth and O
stole S3 ft 1 lorlela Land Office 1 If-
lienHi and t, Afflecks drug store, 1.1
'..1 heie nth Astor lunch loom 1715
Pennsvlvarla avenue, W 11 lloltzelHW s
cigar store, 1.7 Pitins))vunla nvenue,
Waiiilngton lunch room Ktrst und
Hhodo Island I.lutou A. Nelson s drug
stoic. North Capitol und H, Linton K
Nelsons drug store .31.! Georgia uve-
,uie, Snnltar) uton . Mil t.i-orgla aenue,
gtocer) store, .sinin nnu u, ArtiecK s
drug store. Ninth mil K. Orlir A.
(irict s drug store, 3I0O Pourteenth, San-
uurv spire 1 ourtirntn nnd t , drug
store, .111 L'lghticnth. Sanlturv store,
Dtipont Circle, Chase lloston s driu
storo l'J.vJ Petnsvlvaula avenue, Heu
O s gioeirs store. 931 Twentieth, How.
le s barber shop, 910 Seventh, fleorge A
Co 'a clothing stole Thlid nnd P, J
Kline a groceiv 913 Ninth. D II Wheel
ti s stnte, Twentv. llrst nnd Q Qulg
lev s drug store, SUM M, Unices Mtn'o,
311" M, I)are)'s store, J Wisconsin
avenue, Kmrlch's Meat mnrket (leor
gin nvenue and Howard place, Shapiros
Northeast Third and H. drug store,
tM II, shoe store. Twelfth nnd II, gro
cer) store. Klfleinth and II, ririw aton
317 eighth grocer) store. Thlid nnd
Mar)land avenue, grocer) store, Slxtv
llrst nnd C
Southeast 100V, C, 670 Penns)lvnnla
avenue, Sinltary Orocer) 207 Thir
teenth, Sunttarv Orocer), Oil eleventh
P)les' store southwest corner Pour
teenth and Pennsvlvnnla avenue, Henn'i
Selbold, northeast corner Fourteenth
anil Ptnnsvlvnuli avenue, I Hoddes,
1011 Klghth Icon Ooodmnn, 133S O.
''pi dor's i,rocerv 12 Hood Hope road,
Anacoitln, 2S;j Penns)vanla nvenue,
Twining Ilindhur's atore
Southwest Ml Seventh, Clarence Wei
ll's grocer), Kour-und-a-half nnd O
Pjhs grocer) store, polling place near
llureau of Kngrnvlng and Printing
New Record Is Set
By Postoffice Men
Sev ent) -five employes of tho Postof
flco Dcpaitmcnt who vote In Mimland
nnd Vliglnlu took a da) off toda) The
si vent) -live ure additional to the 17J
who put In rciiuests for leaves of ab
fence up to l'rldu night, muklng a
totul of .'18 emploves of Ilia depaitmeu'
ho c list bnlluts todu) The totul uuni
bn of implo)ea of tlm depattment lu
W iishluglon Is 1 IM und the prorsirtlon
of those voting la stated to be the high
est in tlm hlslorj of the (Jov emunm
Stnetar) Nagel la lu Washington to
day and he and fecerttarj I'lsher nre
thi mil) Cabinet numbeiB here Neither
wus ill li to votp Mr N'agcl was awuy
cunpalgnlng when registration iln)
1 inn In St I ouls, nnd been tan I'lsher
v. s 01 his wii) homo fiom Chlcuo
when vntits leglst-nd then
Seiiet.ir) MucVcugh and hla seeretar),
riancla Taylor, voted In Chliago toda),
but r-lilt f W'llkle, of the Serctt Service,
did not hii home to Chicago Tho two
tilps uct.csaur) nude It Imposslbli for
he colli 1 not spare the time from here
Assistant Secietui) of the Trusui)
Slieiman Allen voted tcda) In Hurling
lui t and Assistant beireturi tui
tla InvWesl Newton Miss Assistant
Hi en tm 1 Unl-it O llallev Is the heud
in the Tn isur) Dcputmcnt hire to-aaj".
By Extras
The Times will issue extras ca
the news of thp election develops,
and each extra will contain returns
up to the minute of going to press.
NEWS EXTRAS and complete
newspapers, 'as Times extras al
ways arc.
Weather Man Has Favored
Voters With Bright,
Crisp Day.
Pulr wisther espeeiull) In tin. l.nst
em and hcavj voting sections was n
ported to tho Weather llureau this
morning, and the weather man Is In
cllmsl to believe that, for an election
ill), lu bus elone n Mr) gist Job of II
Oenerul rains are reported In northern
California, Washington, Oregon and
Idaho A thunderstorm was reported
In southwestern Missouri earl) lesla),
but this with thu rails on the Pacltlc
coast, was the onl) blot on the fair
matin r map
A portion of the .Mississippi valle) Is
cloud) and overiast, but preelpll itlon
Is not expictecl The Weather I Inn an
makes forecasts of rain In tho region
of the Great I.nki s tonight, but It Is
not until Ip Hi il thnt rain will fall until
hours afti r tin polls havi closed
No rain Is e xpected In the Stnte or
clt of New lork ttxlu), nnd bright
weather Is probablo tlnoughout the
Record Vote Probable
Temperiituris In tin West urn nut
too low for comfort rnow his rieeni
l fallen through the Missouri valle)
and fnizlng timpe lutuna hive been
riportid earl) In thu morning during
several da) s pist VII of the snow
his now vanished, and evin had ll re
mained It wus so light us not to lm
pcito traltlc on the roads
The reports from all pins of th
count!) to tin Wiatlni llureau i xc 1 1
tin moist 1'nilm siopi te ini to hi a
out tin predictions that tin vote cist
todav will i ceed ill rnonls Tl
pridlctions havi bun hisd upon tit
Itiiouti Increase of population mil the
unusual Interest ellsphoed In the ihe
tlon hleilv as n insult if the strini.li
of the Piogn sslves 1'aii weatlur and
nisi uiiess to tin polls support ti
0II11 1 eliinetils inleilin. Into the 1 -pected
vote nf 17 mOixl 01 more
According to the lufuimullnn of the
Menthet llureau the candidate s fm
President will cast their votes midi 1
clem sklis nil of them In Ing Included
within tin fulr we ithi-r section
Temperature and Rainfall
Temperiituris ut & o clock this morn
Ing were as follows
Iloston . . ..
Philadelphia ..
Augusta, Oa
Tu lor 1 e
Incllnnapolls . ,
Da ton
Pittsburgh . ...
Cleveland ....
Ditrolt . ... ,
Chicago ... .
St Paul
Kansas City ..,
bant a IV
Los Ange les
Salt Lake Clt)
48 Svracuse
H New Yoik
41 Washington
'0 HiilelKh
'I lucksonvllle
M Montgomer)
M I't bm'th Ark
64 Mi mphls
t 1 oiumbus
48 Clarksb'g W. Vu W
50 Huffalo ... M)
41 Toledo . . . 1
11 Maruuetle, Mich M
Dis Moines
I'tut Worth
Portland, Ore
Sacranu nto
' , ' , . .
thn list tuent.fonr
ic niii . i....
Haiti during
hours was leportnl on v In cities on the Haon-Clev eland contii-l. when the p.t
Pnclllc coas . as follows Portland, cents g, 31 an 1 th. tenths, the lowest In
srn'lir'J"Cni nU''"VC1'M-M,i"K,,r, ml I" '" H'-nseveli Pirker election,
ban Diego. 01 Inch, W all i Walla, 10 !,,, ii ,. p I li wus nnli IB? in
Inch, bpokune. Zi Inch. s. uttte Inch , t,P Tnft-nrv in ,,. t on
In nil utile r luio-n llc In lh minlrv l,1P I nil-l!r in t 1 I lion
was rain rcpoitid
Thousands Denied
Right to Ballot
NKW 'iOHK. Nov f, -Mote than
--nn i i . .. . it i ..
...00 legal voters of Hudson County.
N J, -ire being denlid the right It)
vote todu), bii lose thev did not reg-
later, owing to tho confusing terms of
the (Jerun election law
Justices hwiaev mid 111 ill, of tho
supreme court ovenuled the decision
of tlie court of common pleas that
voters who had enrolled at tho pri
mal les In September, -ml bv that act
believed the) had reglstereel for th"
election, me intltled to voti The su
preme court deilslon Is that no nn
can vote unless ncrsonullv registered
The greatest lens of tho voteis dis
franchised Is among the Democrats,
wlose enrollment at the nrlmiirle
hud been lirger than that of tho Pio
gtesslve and Taft narlles
The decision disfranchised man)
thousands throughout tho Stnle
Legislature Opens.
Qi'KBKC, Nov r.-Wth the ustiil
ceremonies tho session of the Quebec
hglslitiire was opened this nftrnoon
Icorted In a mlllturv gu ird, the ad
tnlnlati itor nf the pi mince arrived nt
Hit parliament buildings a salute being
llred fiom tho cltjdel The spec h from
the Intone was not an ev;i eptlonallv long
one It was moved and seconded bv
Metrs Tesslei nnd Scott, both new
members of the houi.
Intense Interest in National
fflection Believed Sufficient
to JVkkc Record Totals.
That theio will he a record-lire iking
total vote today thero ate various and
potent ri asons to conclude A new
party Is In the ' binning" which bus n
erj aggressive spoiisotshlp, u f uncus
peisonallt) In Its leadership mil Is
menacing tin Ulna Hint have nrdlnull)
hi Id the two tindltlonnl advcrstilis, Ho
publican nnd Democintlc
Tin Dimoirats cl tlm that tin) mo
united, nnd the) nro undoubtidly In
splrnl Iv gi null e cxpectutluti of vie
torv based upon tho Inroads upon tho
Hi public mi voln ftom ivhoin tlio'l'io
grcsslves have eliawn nil of their !e id-
ia Tho Hcpubllcan party, suiipoitm
tlie Admlnlatrutloii, telles upon Its lei
niil upon the achievements of III.
part) through peilods of the ciiuntrj'B
gn ilist prosp'rlt), tho present inn x
a tuple il gitiiuil welfaio of tho lountiv
nml the common si nso disposition ev
er., win ru to let well enough alone n
condition which Is expected to bring
Into tho voting Hint v nt i lenient of
sll nl voteis whexe ballots give maorl
lbs It Is to this eb tin nt of eiliiiis
the suppoilets of President Taft look
with most nHiir litre These facts arc
enough In themaelvca to elicit a li 1.0
vote The 10 la ulsn the liatuial In
ernisee In the iintlvi population and 11
iimslili iiible liicrmisi In the natuiullnd
foielgn-born nuiobir of rltlzins Two
niori Htnlis huvi In-eii udmltttd to the
l'nlon iml 'o vvoinen voting lu tin
States of Id 1I10, Colorado, 1 tub, und
W)oiulug uio added 1 ullfoinlu md
Washington In which the women vote
fin the Hist time In 11 Pnsldintlal elc
llnii The Southern Mites, whlih of
late dictions have cist ver) light votes,
on account of local pride In (he So ith-ein-lioni
Democintlc cmilldite ai it
pieted to aVlllble the Bhovvlng the v ild
it the Inst 1 lectlun, und to averai,i will
with tin rest of the States In which the
rlUit of siilfragi Is Irecly and ml-
mntedly cxerilsul
Logic of Past Fights.
Thin theie Is tin lot-lc of past li 1 -Hon
tlguiea iciln'ing to a much lurg. i
vote thin ewr 'Hie pnpnlttlein of the
Cnltid Stun s on November 1 us dls
closed In the rati of Inittasi- of tin.
Fidetnl iinsus P. una whb e.hJ3tAI
lliglnnlng with IsTf. the perci ntag of
votus to the population up to elnti his
bun tlt,hteen nnd two tenths, or elg it
ii n and n frnctlon of persons In ever)
hiindri d of populntlon 1 linf pi rci nta,e
ipplled tn the esllmaed popul itlon
would t,lvi a total vol" of IT. s. '" Tin
uviiiM- tri nlli of the two parties In
lercentagi of the tota' vote duilnj the
same nine lections was
Itipublti in 47 Dtmocratle. 1...
ac itti ting, "-r
What Table Shows.
The t iblc given hir"wlth si o s.
omitting Mizona nnd New Mexico now
voting fm the Hist time lu the llrs.
milium the pcicmtugu of the total vote
In each 'late, and In the second the
pircentugiB respective I). In the second
mil thlid columns of tin Itipub'lcin
mid Diiuo'intl
vote s lu tin total ven
I for the same nine
reslekntlul elections
M etc-n
rl. 111s is .
t oloiado
Contiectli ut
lit Pup
. . --'
. .'1.
I 1
I)-1! iwaie
, rinrl.la
1, 7
4 11
Illinois . . . .
Hull in 1
Iowa .
Ivansas . .
I nulslnna
Mai vl in 1
Mass u hlifClts .
Mlrl Ikii 1 .
Minn sotn
Niv.nl 1
New Hampshire
v j
1 1)
5 )
41 Nevv Jere
42 New ork
4r North I'nolln 1
6i Nnith Daltot!
r Ohio
62 Oklahoma
jj tlriKiin
151 I ' '74
171 Ml "iS
rn VI 4 a
in 1.. 4'
211 'ii4 Hi
p-D "'J :7
u". 1 21 rs
0'. I.'l S.
2il mi Vi
111 ("1 Ml
II. .1 7 7 -
311 VI 4li
P 7 7i 7 i
ri s7 lo.'
J't. ell'i TM
.17 V.I I I
.1 1 YI7 I '2
Ji! J79 It:
!g l'l tius)i 1111 !
Hhodi Isl ind
-nulh Carolina
South Dikotn
'!' nnefsee
tl Te-is
tl t'tnn
IS 11mnnt ,
62 Mrelllla
Z2 Washington
4S West Mrklnla
18 W Iseonslu
IS Wyoming
The larff-st propui i on of oter to
i. .,.... t...i .. irec i .1.. t...
Failure to Register
Disfranchises Many
1 HUSKY CITY, N J. Nov C -Thott-
8,!','"f, ".T1?"" ,r?"n.t c,nW(n are
sid to be dlsf unchln d so far ns pai-
(lcllton , lni , .leition goes be-
ciiuie of n i. in nil luljiinderslanillng of
I the election Ihws there hid lien a
i mistaKi n ih-iii i iiuit in uttng nt inn
Re. tenibt r pilinurles voteis automatical.
Iv registered fm the full election
Moie than !'" men visited the court
hmiBC In petition fen nil opportunltv to
reglater, uflei having discovered theh
mlBtukt, 1 ut Juatlci bwuvit of the att
lireme court, ruled that the icglati) list
could not hi added to on the d ly bcfoie
i In lion tiept In CTsia whole It eould
be shown that iltiziiiM hnd bun illegil
H dmliel the light to nglster prcvl
nusl) The couit In Id thnt In this else
It wus a votera own mistake and al
though It la snld that thoiiainda of vot
ers hive made It the 1 iw allovvwl no
reopening of the list
Three High Schools
Take Straw Ballots
Rtrnw litllnta will be liken thla aftei
rnon at llustern lllt.li nnd Pi mini High
Schools Huslnesi. lllch voted ves'ir
dnv nnd MeKlnle) mil Western do not
The liuslnefs High vote wenl for WII
rem who had a inaloilt) of 27 ovu nil
Wllnn polled F.10 out if 'i'll i'i s
Rongcvrlt getilng S21, Taft l.i T lis
17 and C hull ll U
Jokes About Ballot and Gets
Rabbit's Foot and Pic
ture Taken.
PHINOPTON. N J. Nov ' -At 10 11
n m , toda Oovcruur Wilson deposited
Ms ballot In thu nutlonul 1'icsld.titlal
1 lei tlon ut the village voting placo
In the tire engine stution Ho voted
hullot No li:v That In voted foi him
self wns liiilhutid win 11 ho eunio on'
of the booth, nnd luiighlugly rcmaikc 1
to the 1 lection ofllcl lis
'Whoevir nruiigcd Hint hullot mud"
the Di nn Crntli 1 lectors us hanl to find
us iKisslb'e T hc are almost concealed '
The Deniocritie ticket nppear'tl lu
the middle and halfway down thu big
Win 11 eTovirnor Wilson atrlied ut tho
polling phue he found a buttery of
1 minus trained 011 tip nllot box, wait
ing to "snap' him Waving his wnlli-Ini-
sthk towurd tho photogruphcrs ho
laid to the diction olllclals
Mm (.ovcinor und urn enforce, th
law If vou want 1111 to
Law Prohibits Loitering.
Thi N' w Jctsi) luw ptohlhlts loltct
Ing ubout tin pulling plu'cs, hut Iho ut
ile Ills here allowed thi photogr.iph'Ma
to set up tin li machines, mid take u
lUhhllght picture or the candlduta as
he turned In his nulled
While w tiling Ins liiti tu vote, iov
111101 W IIhoii Joked with the ulllclals
mil in wspapciuiiu
'All light, i.ii uliiuil" he said ak he
ait down tn hlvi his name und utldrcss
and rtcelvo hla bullot
'We re going to wait till ou put It
lu tin box, ' otic of the phologiuphcrb
rtmarki d
1 r) well.' aild the governor, "any
thhik )ini su) I 111 gcttlm, ver) meek
ubout having mv ph tun taken
run or the offlclils said The mull
in the luldilli booth can hi called out.'
eh, no iipliid t.ovirnoi Wilson
'Kvcrvbodv must tuki Ida linn
I In orflilal ripllnl Hut he a over
Hand hla time nun '
Will don t bun) 111 1 11 slid tin
eovtrnoi Ira know wi want him to
iki Hun to voti llkht
Willi stioiiun, in 1111 voting ouotu
(iiiviiunr Wilson stopP'd mid pul ited
out a 11M11I11 lltth Prime ton house to
'apt Hill McDonald his bod) guar),
and W ilti r Miusdaj, his sicrctur)
Took His Meals There.
I took mv meals thero when I was
a frishmin, hi snld, ''and one du) I
got it llsh bone stuck In in) lino it bco
that ponh there-' 1 Jumped off that six
times tr)lng to shake the hone out
As Oovernor Wilson left the lire en
gine station he waa approached by a
leautlful oung woman, Mrs Wade
Mouutfoit, of New' ork clt), who said.
Ciovernoi, I want ) on tu accept
this for good luck for toda) '
she hendid the eandlilat u rabbit 1
foot lie accepted it with a smile
lemoved his hat with Southern grace
and shook Mis Mountfort s hand
I hank vou' le said, 'thank ou
vi rv much
I came down heie from New orK
ispeilillv to (,lvi It to vou,' he told
Vice Chtlrman Mi Ailoo and
IciM-nlius lunlels of the Dmot rati"
Nation tl Comnlttet came to Prim -ton
ti i' i) for u visit with i.ni rnor
Wilson 'I In v ipc t 1 1 ri turn to
Nevv ork this afternoon
Myaltsville Voters
Trooping to Polls
U TTSVILI P. Mil Nov '.-Voters,
of this eounl) te elav nre trooping tn th
polls am', fiom all t1 fnilnit i
lb lount tomes the icport th it n
itra luiki vote la being e ist In II
tittsvllh Ui votes hid bi i ensi it to
o i luck twe bonis aftei opt nlnr tl i
Tin r nn about 'V vole-. In nil
Prnicsslves Inn nre eonllden- nf
vlctenv The) point to thi fuel tl t
the llrst vote cist WHS u Hull Mouse
voti, nnd tint nil of theh follow s
uri on the lob Note 'o 1 In this d
tilet was nisi hi W 'll'nm 1
u former Dnnoirit hut now u sluneh
siilivsjiter of Hoosevelt
The llvtllsvllle Detune nitle Club lisi
nlkht nelit the ilosltm imitlne of thi"
cnnipnieii In Musonle Hill Mlltoi H
v-mllli made the speed of welconu in I
Intii.ilneeil fo me r Maim Wllllu n P
Mn "nnli r ns chnlrmur. tl Hi"
1 ? Kash) -Smith (lei.-ge P Hem
andChtilesH Cilvert in idi iddii -
C W H Chnpnait hn i ompleti el
t ineemi nls when bv the W i ein I " m
Te'ecrnpl Cnmpanv will fu'iilsb ' i
llvnttsvllle Denioemtlc luh toil ht
with full returns of ttii ilecilm
Home Cure
for Piles
Trial I'nrliHpo .lioltitplj l'rro Mill
You Siiciiil n l'ost.ruril fur Iti
If vuu me a hiifferer fiom pllis ln
slnnt relief Is outs for the asklim, and
a niecdv peimanent lino will follow
Tho Pvrnmld Ding Co, HU Pvtainld
llldg Mat shall. Mich will semi )ou
fnc. In n plain wi upper, i Hill patk
ign or P)iumld Pile Cine, the woudei
ful mm und teitnlii cine foi the toi
tinea of this dre ml dl.e ise Tliousai s
have iiltcadv taki n advuntnge of this,
offei. thousinda Itiimv foi thu llrst time
In vems what It Is to bo rreo fiom tin
pains, thu Itching tho uwful uholi) of
Pvrnmld Pile Cure lelleves the piln
nnd Hilling Immediate!) The Inllun
mullon i-ocs dnwii tin awelllng Is n
tln id and suon the disc iso Is Mine ab
tolutclv No matter how desperate vou thlrk
voui tase Is Willi In tod i for the f ee
tilnl tie ttment Then when vein havo
used It In the pilvni) i f vour own homo
und fiiimi out fm vourself how iflHml
o ii It Is, vou tan get the fi ll-s'o l tcK
iice at anv drug stnte for Ul lent
l'viiv da) ou suffer ufti r leading this
notli e )ou silflel tutdlcsslv blmpl) 111!
out in c coupon and mull toda)
PMtAMID Dill fl COMPN.N'v 4
I'Mamld Illtli MaMhnll. Mlcli Kin I
Iv send nn n simple of P)runild Pie
Cine ut ciice b) mall, 1'HUIJ in
plain Mini pel ,
( It!
S' Hi

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