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Rem Tonight
or Thursday.
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ponnclly Declares His En
gines and Cylinders Rust
ed by Its Use.
Machinery Is Injured by Experi
ments With Lubricants, Offi
cial Complains.
Engines and machinery at tho
Government Printing Office are
beginning to rust and corrode, and
show signs of wear as a result of
the use by the office of lubricants
for both engines and cylinders, fur
nished under general supply com
mittee contracts.
"Experiments cery year with
oils are becoming expensive to the
Goernment and injurious to the
machinery and equipment of the
big print shop," according to Pub
lic Printer Donnelly.
The Public Printer appealed to
the Comptroller of the Treasury
for possible relief from this condi
tion, but in an opinion made public
today the Comptroller holds that
there is no relief under the law.
Public Printer Protests.
i oeaniiM-ntljr It iccmi mat the big
irtnUas office with hundred n( thous
ands of doUars worth of machinery, will
hate to continue using general supply
rownlttr olla and suffer damage to
tbe -qttJr4n?nt
Before tb aupply commltee wu cre
ated, the Government Printing Oflico
rwebaard It own olla.
ITjUlc Printer Donllya letter to tho
etaptroilf-r letting forth conditions un.
!r 'b present (yatom of obtaining oil
! a follows
la the purchase of lubricating olla
fsr use !n ihi Government Printing or
C-- ronsSderab difficulty has been ex
perienced In obtaining suitable cy Under
aed enctve oil under the contract
toned upon the schedule of the general
aupply rooimtttee The piston roi are
aAowtac stana of rut anu corrosion jmi
the etuctsea are beginning to ruttle and
bow signs of wear
Till condition la attributable to the
fart that last ear we had a great
amount of trouble with tha nils fur-r-lbrd
by the I town Oil and Wux Coin
yvy at the beginning of the." contract
a4 after -unstderable correspondence
this imiany sue-credrd n furnishing
a fa:rit tatisfa.tory oil. but Just uoout
tiat m the contract expired and tha
geceral supply committee madu an
award to two new contnutors
-ThU ondltion reiulrrs unother term
( experimenting lx fori' a suitable
crad o oil will ! ubtalned, and as
thee experiments ver yiar are Lf
romtnc rapensle to the Goernment
acd injurious to the machinery equip
ment m this ofrtre I havu the honor
ta rsut our official opinion a to
whether the I'uMU Printer is required
lo pu ehase 'ubrtiatlng oils from the
schedul nf the general suipl commit
tee o whether he may purchaie them
ta the open market under the pro
t!one of se. tiun of the printing act
ef January ' 1"K
T law under hl h the Gen- ral Sup
ply Commute v(m rates provtdts that
alt oTernm-nt supplies oimtno'j to one
e more departments or estubllshments
nf ta Government in Washington must
rrarrhss-d throUKh the Siirclurjr
the Treasury
The t'omptroller holds that this In
A lubricating oils an 1 thit the
fnftUs offce Is an establishment He
utf cile u can be spetlrUallj shown
17 weed from the Secreturv of the
Treasury that use of lubricating oils
'-traeted for were not ront niplatcd
t- tb. 'VTeinment Printing Ortlce the
efrfce mast .ontlnne under the pies.
c aw t use the oil the committee
raa-acts fur
Traction Company
Sues for Damages
Ist-a- amountlni; to IW, are
ak4 o th Washlncton llalla and
TjrdJ- ' esEiay In a suit Med In the
Instr-r owm t Vurt. today aaaln
ViMimimi Terminal I'nmmn) th
tTC-a4riilii. Baltimore and Washlne
xsa si.at an the llaltlmore and
Raunud "..mpnj It Is claimed
Oat th roafcnl nf the plaintiffs trark
4 rtra sfrv" northeast between Kist
ajtJ mt H trts a as damaxed h
3 -yumtrtrwt t a tunnel under the
-mrfc of lis ir- -v defendant companies
rrt I J HarHtaton represented
Ha. tncfeti i Thursda warmer!
. P a- nv IS
w U9am. 57
ra S Mi & (l
' 1 II a m. M
- rj bjqo T:
r t c ib t:
e . : It sa. Hi
Tit Y T'HCK '
T(s Mix t -1 a 11 a"d '
00 f I Tm
Tc M 2- s m acl
0 o- r. 1 U I' I
Numerous Differences Ex
pected to Come Up Dur
ing Administration.
Capital Believes Election Shows
Progressive Party Is Here
to Stay.
Men Who May Be
Chosen for Places
In the Cabinet
Secretary of State WiUUm Jen
nings Bryan.
Attorney General Senator James
A. O'Gorman, Louis D. Brandeis,
or Samuel Untermyer.
Secretary of the Treasury William
G. McAdoo.
Postmaster General Congressman
Albert S. Bnrleson.
Secretary of the Interior Josephus
Secretary of Agriculture Dr. Har
vey W. Wiley or Congressman
Secretary of War Congressman
Slayden of Texas.
Secretary of Commerce and Labor
Charles R .Crane, of Chicago; Con
gressman Lloyd of Missouri.
Secretary of the Navy Joslah
Quincy, of Boston, or some Mas
sachusetts Democrat.
Washington began to turn today
from contemplation of the results
of yesterday, with the sweeping vic
tory for Wilson and Marshall, and
the Progressive party second, and
President Taft third, to considera
tion of tho future.
A political resolution having swept
tho Democratic party into complete
possession of tho legislative and ex
ecutive branches of the Government
for the first time In nearly two de
cades and having given the Progres
sive party, beaded by Theodore
Roosevelt, a triumphant lead over
tho old Republican party, tho quos
tlons that ' stand confronting the
country today are far-reaching and
Problems Confront Him.
Coming Into office with a Homo
overwhelmingly Democratic, and a Sen
ate safely In Democratic control, Gov
trnor Wilson 1 at the same, time con
fronted with problem more dlffh ult
than any that huve faced a Prcslden.
since the -days of Lincoln.
Seemingly united, tho Democratic
party today 1 well-nlsli as badly dl
ldcil an tho Republican Wide-spread
doubt prevails whether the new Pres
ident will be able to keep It from being
hoiclesaly split In tho next four years
The thing put up to Governor Wilson
and put up to him hard 1 to keep his
nutty from breaking to pieces, as tho
Hepubllian party ha done In rocent
month and at tho same tlmo accom
(Contlnued on Second Page )
, ,,., - , M
JOKCS With Friends, and SttyS He
Will Be Glad to
Get Back.
rl.NTlVNATl Nov 6 President Taft
arose at o'clock this morning In bet
ter spirits than could be looked for In
a man lust ilifeatrd as n candidate for
the IiIkIksi offlie III the nation Il
,hiil no slsn nf depression and Kood
raturrdlr loked lth friends who called
on him
trne of these was KIre Marshal Cole
mm who said he regretted the Presi
dent's defeat, hut rflud that his re
tlr. nienl Mould rnslile him to return to
l!e am'tnt, tils fellow-townsmen
I am coInK to hr KUd to be hak
arnunr ntu liiiKheil the President,
who w I ni the praUlce of law
tn 1nctnnat at tne end of his term
ii or rrBjiiem inu 111s pari will icutv
111p.m. (or WaiWitsia,
fm tm
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ommKBMammmtmzmm :m ; .-iFk ,. l.v.- r'ASsWasWaSwkt v . -1. xv
mmmmmsmmMmi pxziit y Z'l&ttsmmmrt
? mamM-wimmwrm mn i " " MaLin )
$ ffliHmMaH I
R ?WiPBr- ,BIHHSlBaW?cs -Mlfi
P HyBHBsy' " irMr :snxnlMvsy"X'x9t tl!
ItkwBwSSsSk.'iis . iHaiwF .' i kH99SNMvxvl n
BsiwaSlBDilB9rS'kvSllAe ABsBsSasJi. 44c SlBWaWaBlllllllllllllBrHSVflnVOrji9B 91 i
E9BwS?.Rffl.VHHlHill-.''i "
hsHmBmB rl'?-i iB;'BsS!i
f BHhlVKfiitaat - r m vi K 9
D 7UCK. TWOrtvo
OF "P-l"
Former Senator Wilson of
Washington Succumbs to
Arterial Sclerosis.
Former Senator John I, Wilson, of
Washington, owner of the Seattle Post
Intelllgenccr nnd brother of Henry
Lane Wllstn, United States ambassador
to Mexico, died nt tha New Wlllard
early this morning of urtirlal sclerosis
At his bcdsldo was his wife, who cairn
with him to Washington some days ago.
They wcro on their way to the Panama
Canal A phjslclan was summoned, but
ho died within tno hours after he was
seized with a sinking spell The ind
came about 6.30 o'clock, and plans were
Immediately laid to take the body to
Crawfordsvllle, Ind , tho birthplace of
the former Senator, at S o'clock tomor
row afternoon Tho remains will bo ac
companied by the widow and by Ash
mun llrown, correspondent of tin
.Seattle Post-lntilliKcncer here.
Pormer Senator Wilson made his fame
as a poltlclan and newBpnper publisher.
llo was lor more tnan a quarter of a
century actle In politics in the Statu
of Washington, being one of those men
whose political adversaries believe they
havo knocked him out for all time,
only to dim over him upon his feet
again and ery full of tight when they
least expected It. He belonged to the
old school of Republicanism and was a
standpatter of most pronounced con
victions Tho defeat of Mr. Taft yes
terday Is known to hae been a treat
shock to him.
Mr. Wilson was born In Crawfords
vllle, Ind. August T, 1S50 Ho una
graduated from Wabash College in 1871,
and In IbM was a member of tho Indiana
Then ho went to Spokane, Wash, nnd
was appointed receiver of public mon
os, a position he held from 18$: to 18SS.
lie was a member of the Fifty-first,
rifty-second. and Plft -third Con
gresses, resigning from the last In 1895.
He became United States Senator on
Pcbruarv 19, ISM, for tho unexpired
term of John M Allen.
Ml. Wilson during the llalllnger con
troversy, assailed CI1hIh and Plnchot In
vigorous terms. In his newspaper.
Mr Wilson liad been suffering from
n complication of diseases for some
months, nnd Was attended by Dr.
Thomas A. Clajtor In this city. His
end was not unexpected by his friends,
Nebraska Incomplete
Gives Wilson 35,000
MNCOUN, Neb, Nov 6 Although
returns wero far from complete, it wns
almost rertaln eurl today that Wil
son's plurality In Nebraska will reach
Morehead, Democrat, has been elected
governor by 10 000, and Norrls. Itepub-lUan-Prugresslve
prohalilv has a small
margin over A C. Sliallenberger, Dem
print, for United 8tates Senator.
The First Second. Third, and Fifth
Congress onul districts have elected
Democratic Congressmen. In tho
Fourth and Sixth districts the result Is
ig doubt. The leijlulaturo Is Democratic
Bn M,'NtfflN&lKMtK&sM&mm
WILSON, Casting His Vote at Princeton, N. J.
District Commission's Re
quest Is Likely to Meet
Formal request by the District Elec
tric Itallnfey Commission of the Capital
Traction Company to Install express car
service has been made. The company
undoubtedly will refuse. A hearing will
be the next step and It Is likely to bo
held soon.
These are the latest developments In
the express service question which arose
when the Chevy Chase Citizens' Asso
ciation asked the. District Klectrtc Com
mission to take up the matter.
At the offices of the Onnltnl Trnr.
tlon Company today It was admitted
that the District Electric Commission's
letter had been received and It was
stated that "It Is being given due con- hours on Government contract work,
slderatlon" Other than thla. none of tila contractor causes him to work two
quesCt?onPa0y I h0Ur" morc' maklnR a """ ". on
It Is admitted by everyone familiar a prlvnto contract such un arrange
wlth tho question that tho Capital True- i lent would not contravene tho de
tion Company is likely to refuse to In- mands of Congress.
stall express aemco until rormnity or-
dered to do so. It Is understood that
owing to tho possibility of disagree
ment between the Chevy Chase Circle
ami Cleveland Park systems tho Capital
1 ruction Company would prefer to havo
the whole iiurstlnn threshed out at a
hearing. Tills Is Independent of the
question of the company's being willing
or unwilling to Install service at all,
and It Is no secret that the compuny
Is not eager to do so.
Cox's Plurality in Race for Gov
ernor Safely Above
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 6-Prcsldcnt
Taft overwhelmed Colonel Roosevelt In
Ohio. State returns were still far from
complete early today Only 7t5 pre
cincts, complete, had reported out of u
total of 6,203 In the State. These gave
Wilson K603; Taft, 32,337; ItooBovelt,
On the raco for governor qnly 220 pre
clnts were avullable These showed
Cox, Democrat, 13,751; Brown, Ilopubllc
un, 9,191; Gnrford, Progressive, 1,028
Based on these returns, Coxa plural
ity Is safely abovo 100 000
Camera Club Meeting.
The 'C.imera Club of the Young Men's
Clulstl.in Association meets In tin Y.
M. C. A. tonight nt 8 o'clock Several
new .nemhers will be ndded to tho
rolls A number of mutters In tho
development of photoyraphy will he I Wilson s victory Taft has been dls
dlscussed II C. Illckel, president of approved of In Qermany, over since ho
tlie club, will preside.
Government Contractors May
Shift Forces to Private
Government contractors may not em
ploy men for longei than eight hours a
day on Government contracts but. It It
Is practicable, may employ the men for
a longer time In a day by shifting them
to private work.
Thla is the gist of the opinion of the
Department of Justice on one of tha
questions submitted to tha Secretary of
the Navy on the Interpretation of tho
eight-hour Government contract uct
passed by the last Muslon of Congress
I Tho Government, In othci words, do"
I not attempt supervision of houia of
labor bejond that Involved In Its o'vn
I contract If, ufter working a man eight
. lhc onlnion .., .,.. , rpnl ,,
the eight-hour limit does not apply to
the preparation of raw material until
it is definitely decided that the material
In question is to bo used to nil Govern
ment contracts
Tho third question aBked by tho Navy
Department wns about the meaning of
tho word 'supplies ' The Department
of Justice opines that this applies to
things kept In stock and for which
there Is n common demand
Military smoktloss powder Is also em
ployed for commercial purposes, but the
oeuates in tne itouse snow concluslt el
that It was tha Intention of Congress
to extend the eight-hour limit to cover
tho production of this commodity, and
the Department of Justice therefore
concludes that the eight-hour provision
should apply tn the manufacture, of
smokeless poi der for tho Government
It Is pointed out that there arc a
number of ways under this opinion for
ship or other contractors to evade the
eight-hour Inhibition, providlntr they
And It practicable or profitable, to
shift their men to private contracts
In the courso of tho day.
The mutter 1b one calculated to
arouse great Interest among contrac
tors and laboring men and organiza
tions It Is believed that tho opinion,
dated! October 3, was held up until
the duy nfter election to avoid what
ever embarrassment or criticism may
attach to the Administration as a re
sult of Its reasoning
Germans Are Pleased
Over Wilson's Victory
BERLIN. Nov C The managers ot
tho Adlon and Kulserhof Hotels wero
lejolclng todav over tho volume of the
champagne sales to thilr American
guests, while election roturnB were com
ing In from the United States laBt
i!.imiin, AXnressed menmire inAav nt
(ailed to veto the Panama Canal bill.
Republicans Are Apparently
Supplanted in Nation by
New Party Will Meet in Chicago
on November 10 to Make Plans
for Future Action.
Results of Election
As Determined by the
Returns to This Time
Democrats 50
Republicans 45
Progressives , i
NEW YOBK, ,'Y. 6. Further gains
for Wilson went recorded as the be
lated returns came tn today, and this
afternoon the President-elect was cred
ited definitely with 390 votes in the elec
toral college. In addition there was a
strong trend to Wll'on In tho rural re
turns from Illinois, with the Demo
crats claiming that State would yet
add Its twenty -nine votes to the Fllson
During the day Rhode Island and
New Hampshire were shifted from the
Taft column to Wilson, giving the Dem
ocrats n clean sweep In New England
with the exception of Vermont, which
went for Taft.
Itoosevclt was definitely credited with
112 electoral votes but his managers In
sisted that he would also have the five
xotes of South Dakota, as yet credited
to Taft.
The Democrats claimed Wyoming, but
the figures were not yet conclude and
Wyoming remained in the Taft column,
Taft being credited with twenty elec
toral votes
Wilson hai carried the following
thirty -seven States: Alabama, Arizona.
Arkansas, California. Colorado Con
necticut, Delaware, rlorlda. Georgia.
Indiana. Kentucky, Louisiana, Mary
land, Molne. Massachusetts. Minnesota.
Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Ne
braska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New
Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North
Carolina North Dakota. Ohio, Okla
homa. Oregon, Rhode Island. South
Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia,
West Virginia Wisconsin.
Roosevelt was credited with Illinois,
Iowa Kansas. Michigan, Pennsylvania,
nnrt Washington
Taft was credited with Idaho. South
Dakota, Utah, Vermont, nnd Wyoming.
Estimates on the popular vote wero
still very vague, but It was asserted by
both Progressives and Republicans that
Wilson would not have a majority over
Roosevelt nnd Taft.
Carries Governors Into Office.
The Wilson landslide has been great
enough to carry Into office Democratic
Stite tickets In many Stotcs Even
w hero Wilson had failed to get through,
the swing had gone on, nnd Michigan
nnd Illinois, carried by Roosevelt, elect
ed Democratic governors
Massachusetts gave Wilson approxi
mately 23,000 plurality, and omphaslied
Its liking for Eugene N Foss by tacking
20 000 on to this figure for tho Demo
cratic governor. Maine, which had
fulled to re-elect Its Democratic gover
nor nt the recent election, swung back
Into lino for tho next President, and
(Continued on Second Page )
"Red Phil" Davidson, Who Killed
New York Gangster, Pleads
Guilty to Murder Charge.
NEW YORK, Nov. C "Red Phil"
Davidson, who shot and killed Big
Jack" Kellg on October 5, today plead
ed guilty to murder In the second
degree and was sentenced by Justice
Goff, of the criminal division of the
supreme court, to a minimum of
twenty years with lite Imprison
ment maximum.
Road to Constantinople Now
Open, Dispatch
Forty Thousand Estimated Dead,
Hurt or Prisoners in Fierce
PARIS, Nov. 6. The Bulgar
ians completely routed the Turks
at Chorlu and Sarai during the
night, according to a dispatch re
ceived today from Sofia, killing,
wounding, or capturing 40,000.
The dispatch said the road to
Constantinople is now open. This
presumably meant that the Chatal-
ja defenses arc taken, and which
military authorities said they be
lieved would not be difficult now.
Great Fatality Reported.
LONDON. Nov 6 That 23.000 were
killed and wounded on both sides In the
latest two-day battle, ending In a Bul
garian defeat of the Turks between
Sarla and Chorlu, was reported here to
day. The victors were hastening to join tho
attack on tho Chatalja forts, Con
stantinople's last defenses The Turk
ish authorities In Salonika, It was said,
were disagreed whether to surrender to
the Greeks.
The report persisted today that Fran
cis McCulJoch. the Aemrlcan corre
spondent of the London Dally -Jvra at
Constantinople, had been killed. !nt l
Journalistic circles the rumor was "hot
BUDAPEST, Nov. . Bulgaria's losses
In killed and wounded since the Balkan
war began do not exceed 7 per cent of
the troops In the field. It was stated
in an official dispatch from Sofia to
day. This would mean 19 000 or 2000H
It was thought here the figures are too
SOFIA. Nov. 6. Bulgaria has not
given a single thought to the re-estab-llahment
of peace with Turkey, declared
President Dancff, of the lower house of
the Bulgarian parliament. Just back
from an Interview with Cxar Ferdinand,
at the front.
"Ferdinand means to continue fight
ing," raid Daneff, "until 'a certain
object Is accomplished, when the war
will ceasoof Itself " The statement was
Interpreted as meaning that Ferdinand
Is determined to drive tho Turks out of
BELGRADE, Nov. 6 Novovarosh.
the last town still held by the Turks In
Novlbnzar, has surrendered to the
Servians, It was officially stated hero
The antl-forelgn situation In Constan
tinople was reported more threatening
today, and It was said all Christians
who could do so would leave the city
by bout
War Contraband
Declaration Is Now
Less Comprehensive
The declaration of the Oreek govern
ment regarding contraband of wnr has
been made 1ms comprehensive? nceord
liig to advices given the State Depart
ment loaay, com, luuneamiK '. m
combustibles being treated us contn
band only when destined for Ottoman
povts Jicyond the entrance of the D-ii-
Mlnlster Jacob Schurman, at Athens
has cabled that the Greek government
has raised the blockade of Prevesa, and
has extended tho blockade of tho coast
of Epjrus as far as Avlona.
State Department Takes Up Case
of Man Placed in
Influential friends of Harry H Dunn
the American newspaper man who was
Imprisoned for thirty -six hours In Mexl
can dungeons, and then driven from
that country, have caused the State
Department to make representations In
the caso to the Mclean Kovcrnment.
A claim for damages will be presented
The Identity ot Dunn's friends Is not
disclosed by tho department.
The nle Department admits tho
right of Mexico, or other countries, to
depoit an "undesirable cltlien " It
mulntalne, however, thnt Dunn had cci
aln rights as an American citizen, even
if his presence In Mexico was not liked
by the existing government. He wns
also entitled to humane nnd decent
treatment, which, according to his
lengthy affidavit, he did not receive
Dr. Zacarlstl, with whom Dunn trav
eled on his war gut of Mexico, has not
excited the solicitude of the State De
partment. Dr. Zacarlstl has been the
subject ot diplomatic correspondence,
for tho last ten years, appearing at
various times In practically everv
Latln-Amcrlcan country nnd Invariably
bringing trouble In his trail.

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