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Che Ifoettjjt on Wm
Rain and Colder Tonight;
Friday Fair.
Last Edition
NU3IUEK 7(520.
Yesterday's Circulation, 58,416.
Sixteen Pages.
Motor Cars For Use To and
From "Rebecca of
Ever)' Indication Points to De
cided Success of Event
Next Wednesday.
Generous responses are being re
elred In answer to Mils Murdock'i
request (or automobiles In which to
take the cripple and orphan chil
dren of Washington to the big; special
matinee party tnat The Washington
Times Is to give next Wednesday af
ternoon In the Columbia Theater.
Tcsterdar a letter was received from
"j. Flckllng. general manager of tho
Terminal Taxlcab Company, In which
he placed at the disposal of the or
phans several of his largest taxi
cabs for the entire afternoon. "Any
thing that e may be permitted to
do. his letter read, "will give us
great pleasure, and we want you to
let us help to get the little orphans
to the theater that afternoon.
Mrs R. P. Andrews has also signi
fied her Intention of taking twenty
little fxople to tho matinee herself,
and her name has been placed upon
the committee of ar.angements.
Ribbons For Hair.
Prom Oenrice DeNcale, manager
ia & Kann. Sons A. Co.'s tore, the
f cloning Utter came to Mini Mur
doch derk )trrcUy
Dear MUj Uurdcrk Mr Simon Kann
ku requested me to lnf.n yW. flint
It will b a pleasure for lilm to let
ou hare the u of his automobile on
Nrtrbr 11 If you will klndlv ad
im me of the quantity of ribbon
os -h ill need in order to have ever)
1'tUe orphan clrl supplied with a new
llr ribbon tor that day. we will be
Csad to contribute fame.
Very trul.
Gu.. Curran Co. of 517 Ninth
treet northwest the wholesale dr
arods firm. have also offered to con
tribute eereral yards of ribbon to the
ijm Hum Murdo. k, who wants to
every little girl at The Times
thc-eter party wearing a brand new
fe:r ribbcu on that date afternoon
T firm of Woodward & Lothrop
kiT alH written The Times asking
i&at trr be allowed to contribute to
tbe ribbon distribution. o between
tese cvflen us firms. It 1 certain that
ery ittle rlrl who attmds the matinee
at (Uy Hill le provided with a rib-
Authrr letter tl.at am In thla morn
(safe bu!I from T I Cullev & Hon,
ptaa dealers, of Ul eleventh atreet
acrtAwest and r-.l .is follows.
3tlM JuUa Murdock
Notlcias: our rruutat for automobile
rni 10 loan their cars for the or
pfcAjt. benefit .erfrinance of "Rebec
ca of Scan brook Karni.' I wish to say
tta' mill b pleased to place at jour
41pei my machine on whatever af
tentoon -U porformance la to be The
rr is a "tadalrr and can carry four
tV4 "j driver Again assuring )ou
raf t Ltr ts at jiur dlsjtosal, I re
naJa ir.cerel oura,
Ta. thanks of the committee la due
C who haw repnded au cen-rou-
0 to tea renue.t of Miss Murdock
Lt an erroi e-us Impression should
1 fcrm-l that next Tnursda'a matinee
is ta be bet-at. Miss Mi rdock slates
ttat TV Tixes theater (iart for cilp
sdr an-1 orv&an i-hildren la being ur
nctrtf b Mioara Klaw & Url inger
Jrft ttr.'oks the manager of the
1 ij . Mm Taliaferro the Rcbeci a
f It 4e and The Ws.sMng.ton Tlmis.
a ? i t. f ti cun'rlbutton what
eev t- Iken U It. d AU expenses
cf the ivudiut 1 hae alread) been
tM fee and th onl plea that bus
aea am4 to the pub.lr la for automo
aaee. at fc r t trvnsitort the chll-
r o trae ih ttoms and institutions to
tr theater and ba. k It ts a Krrut hlR
fntaJdax. and oners a Ereat 1,1 K o
rtsslty for kind-hearted people to
rta wtth the above mentioned Ir.dlvM
cast si ct "Ji the little orphan and crn
fied efciktren of the Capital City one
tvartava aftrrnoon when their little
tmrtacfaes and troubles may bo forgot
tes J I LI A Ml ltIOLK
Mexico Is Pleased.
Mr3CIf. 1 IT1 Nov : Uoodrcw
wzcm ei"".n Is regarded Willi
rieajre a Mm o. said President
XCaaWrx oa "V consider him a
ctaiai of e9-r,'i. Ideas who will
cr - 'tta f others
!. fllk DItiTItlCT
c. U-- t.auht Krlday fair
C ti 8
4 a m '
4 V a m as
1 a m f
i Sawaa
o t If 1
J a m
t-!dc tabu:
Ms taaft a m and .( V
tta av as anJ II w. bb.
3 t t4 a i ami
m ! X m aad I r
. Tajur
i-Z STss acta..
The Electoral Vote
State. Wilion.Roosevelt
Alabama :a
Arizona 3
Arkansas 9 . .
California 13 .,'
Colorado 6
Connecticut ... 7 ..
Delaware 3
Florida 6
Georgia 14 ..
Indiana 15
Iowa 13
Kansas 10 ..
Kentucky 16
Louisiana 10
Maine 6
Maryland .... 8 ..
Massachusetts. .18 . .
Michigan 15
Minnesota is
Mississippi ... 10
Missouri 18
Montana 4 ..
Nebraska 8 . .
Nevada 3
New Hampshire 4 ..
New Jersey.... 14
f:w Mexico.... 3 ,,
New York 45
North Carolina. 11
North Dakota.. 5
Ohio 34
Oklahoma 10
Oregon 5
Pennsylvania 38
Rhode Island .5
South Carolina. 9
South Dakota.. .. 5
Tennessee .... is
Texas so
Virginia ... ta
Washington .... 7
West Virginia .8
Wisconsin 13
Totals 410 77
November 28 Designated As
Day To Offer Praise
For Favors.
Today, following upon his return
from Cincinnati, a political Waterloo.
I'realdent Tart Issued the annual
Thunksglvlng proclamation, noting
among tho causes of thanksgMng tho
nation is "strong in tho ateudfast con
servation of tho heritage of self-government
bequeathed to us by the wis
dom of our fathers, and firm in tho ro
soUe to transmit '.hat heritage unim
paired, but rather Improved, by good
Here is the proclamation:
A God-fearing nation, llko ours, owes
it to its Inborn and ulnccra senso of
moral duty to tcsllfy Its devout sratl
tude to the All-giver for the countlfHS
benefits it has enjojed. For "liany
vears it has been cuitomar at the
close of tho iear fo- tho national execu
live to chII upon his fcllow-countrvintn
to offer prnl no and thanks to Clod for
the manirold blesalngs vouchsafed to
them In the past and to unite in earn
est suppllance fcr their continuance
Tho eiir now drawing to a closo
has been notably favorable to our fortu
nate land At peace within and with
out, frco from the perturbations and
calamities that have afflicted other peo
ple, rich in harvests so abundant and
in Industries so productive Hint tho
overflow of our prosperity has idvun
taged tho whole world, strong In tho
steadfnst conservation of the heritage
of self-government bequeathed to us
by the wisdom of our fathers and llrm
In the resolve to transmit thai herltaue
unlmpalied but rather Improved by good
use, to our children and our children's
children for nil time to come, tho peopta
of this countr have abounding cauto
for contented gratitude.
Wherefore I, William Howard Taft.
President of the United States of Amer
ica In pursuance- of long-established
usage, and In response to tho wish of
the American people, Invite my countrs
men, wheresoever they miy sojnmn to
Join, on Thursday, the ISth clay of this
month of November, in appropriate
ascription of praise and thanks to God
for the good gifts that havo been our
portion, and In humble prajer that His
great mertles toward us may endure.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of tho
t'nlted BtatcB fb bo nfflxcd
Ione at tho itv of Washington this
"Hi dav of November, In the year of uur
Lord one thousnnd nine hundred and
twelve, and of the Independence of the
t'niled Htutea of America the one hun
dred and thlrtj -seventh
I!v the President
Alvej A Adie
Acting Sicretary of fitate.
MKMfO CITY Nov 7 -Oi neral Ulan
lurte, commanding .1 detainment of
fel'ral troops defeated fi,i" nhels tin-de-
Knuliano Zapata near Cuernav'aca,
vednla a onllng to an oflUlal an
nouncement here tudav
Jtitavy rebel lostej were reported.
Illinois Appears Now To Be
In the Doubtful
Roosevelt Will Surely Be Second
In Vote Cast By Electoral
NEW YORK. Nov. 7. Woodrow
Wilson lias tho possibility of tho un
precedented record of 413 votes In
L tho Klcctorul College, and has a
good chance of adding the three votes
of Wyoming to that total as It will
require the official count thero to
determine whether Taft or Wilson
Colonel Roosovolt Is certain to be
second with the electoral voto of
Pennsylvania, Michigan, South Da
kota, Washington, and Minnesota for
a total of seventy-seven, and a pos
sibility of Illinois added. President
Taft Is third. Ho surely has tho
States of Idaho, Vermont, and Utah,
and tho chanco of getting Wyoming
when the count Is completed. This
was made certain when the revised
figures becamo available today.
Neck and Neck in Illinois.
With a few scattering jirtilncts et
to bo heard from, Ilooaevelt and Wilson
ar running neck and neck for the elec
toral vote of Illinois. Karly this morn
ing tho Indications were that the Stutc
will bo carried by ono or tho other uf
these candidates by a plurality not ex
ceeding I.IW. Governor Wilson is now
slightly in tho lead and Is about to
erer rehr fltx n from the colonel, ac
cording tu belated reports.
Illinois for u tlmo was rcgnrded as
safely In the Dull Moose columns, but
some of the outlying country districts
polled un unexpected WU-ion vote. The
vote throughout tho Stute now appeals
so close that tho definite usult will nut
be known until practlcullv all precincts
are In Tittle are jel UJ0 preclnctst he
majoril) of them uniull to be heard
from. These may turn the tide toward
cither ci ndldatt und transfer the twen-t)-nlne
electoral vctes uf thu Stute from
. column to another.
Governur Wilson unJ Colonel Itoose
velt face a. blmllarly clooc situation li
Kuntas. and tho two cuiididutca are ap
pruacnlng abreukt Ihu Jiome stretch.
The switch in Kansas wus unexpected
end III both instunces wus cntlreiv duo
to thu larmlng vote. The rural districts
knung In behind Wilson so effectively
that tnu big Housuvell vote of thu cities
wag overcome.
Failed of Majority Vote.
Wlliou did not receive a majority.
abut hi." plurality will be In excess of
"2,UWJ,CW, und is record breaking. The
exact llgures will not be available lor
several duvs. In fuct, today's reports
show tl ut the count In many antes
hud not been reported tu thu various
count clerks in hundicds uf lnstun.is,
und It seemed llliclv that It would be
the middle ot next week ut least before
authentic seml-oltlclal totuls would be
It is certain, however, that the Social
ists, ulthougli tliey lust tlit.li uutluiiul
asset Congressman llerger inudo gicat
gums In tne popular vote. Jn Illinois
tliey elected thrco members uf Ihu
Legislature, and owing to till) very
peculiar complexion of that bod, whele
the Democrats luck twelve vutes of a
mujoi iv und tho Kupuiulians inuniv,
with the Hull Moose holding down twtn-t)-el(,ht
inciiibus, the .socialists may be
able tu make trades that will help the
purty materials 'ihe feudalist Imdcii.
were today clulmlng that the) hud cast
upvvurd uf tMJU.iut) votes, and thcie was
no doubt tney hud mudo u goud show
ing. Wilson KOt Iowa bv 15.00D. and II un.
peurs he will nut huvo Uss than lO.imO
in Kansas, although Ituosuvclt had ex-
I peeled W.OUU fioni thu bunlluwer State.
unu encci oi tne iuss ur mat btuto is
tho defeat of Goveinur Stubbr, ono of
tho orlglnul bunch ot guv'einuis whose
Importunity fuiced the till owing of tho
ltousevclt hat into tho ling,
itooruvelt trims to huvo iun second
In many of the Important States, and
this will give lilm and ills followers con
tiol uf the elictlon machine!) us thu
second partv, un ud.antagu thut will
I pruve itnpoiiunt in oiguntzntlon work.
At Democratic liiuUquurlt ra today
it wns intimated thut the leaders
I would like to vote a prUe for the
location ot tne noteu statisticians who
before eloctiun discovered thut the
election wus sure to be thrown Into
the Houso of Heprcsentutlves, and
that bodv would be unublo to rcuch
u choice.
McCombs Vindicated.
The fuet that the Democrutlo can
didate Is suru of thlrt -eight States
und ma) reach fortv gois far tu vin
dicate Chairman McCumbs, It was said
In having refused on Saturday night
to concede a single Htuto to either
Tuft or Itooscvilt
Theio was some feeling 0f chagrin,
however, uver the luss uf Minnesota
Ihe Nutlonul orgalniullun had plan
ned tu send much outside aid to this
State in the closing days of the cam
paign, but the fetute organization
frowned on this, claiming that It was
not needed
The Progiesslvo strength In tho
rural districts there seems to huve
been under-estimated h the Demo
cratic leaders Hut it was pointed out
that thirty-nine Mates were suftlclcnt
to enuble Governor Wilson to demand
thut the party representatives In
Congress live up to the promises of
the Ualtimore platform.
State Corporation Commis
sion Approves Application
Of Company.
ALLOWS $50,000,000
Board Lets Rights of Maryland-
Virginia Road Go to New
Tho Virginia Stnto corporation
commission today approved tho ap
plication of tho Washington Utilities
Company to succeed to all tho rights
of the Maryland-Virginia Railroad
Company, and also to ralso Its stock
capital to $50,000,000.
Gardner L. Bootho, of Alexandria,
secretary and general counsel of tho
now company, who occupied the
samo position with tho old company,
today appeared before tho commls
slon and presented tho report of tho
action of the stockholders yesterday
In voting to form tho new Washing
ton Utilities Company with a capital
lzatlon of ?150,000,000, of which au
thorization $100,000,000 is to bo C
per cent collateral bonds. Tho ac
tion was approved.
Officers Are Named
The officers of the new company aro
given as rsormun Grev. Camden, N J,
presldinl. W. W Hpald, Washington,
treasurer, and Onrdner I Iloothe, Alex
andria, secretary and counsel The di
rectors ale those formerly conncUd
with tho Marj land-Virginia Railroad
The formal ratification of tho plans
for the new llM.fifOWVI Washington L'tlll
tics Coiupuny Is un.i to lie the rim
step toward earning out tho purchase
ot the Washlngtuii-Virglnlu Kalluay
Company. A meeting of the dlrectcrs
of this company is scheduled for Sat
urday In Washington to discufs the
transfer of securities.
Itatlllcatlon of tho absorption of the
Wushlngton-Vlrglnta Hallway Company
will then havo to ho made by the Vir
ginia corporation commission Prior to
that, however, tho stockholders ot tho
railway company will havu to pass on
the action of tho directors.
The next step which will require fur
ther action by the Virginia authorities,
will be the nbsorptlon of the two light
ing companies on the other side of tlie
river, whos" absorption by tho old Marv-land-Vlrglnla
Company was rocently
Senator's Brother Charged Willi
Obtaining Money Under
False Pretenses.
l'rnest Pnlndexter. brother nf Senator
Miles Tolndexter of Washington, en
teredo a plea of nolo contender to tho
charge of obtaining monej undtr fnlte
pretenses before Judge Mullown). of
tho United States branch of the District
Police Court, todav. Polndexter will
come before tho court Tuesday, when ho
will probably be released 011 parole
It vvas shown b Assistant District
Attorney Glvcns that on July 10, 11 and
12 l'olndexter cashed (He checks ag
gregating $70, with merchants of the
ilty, when thero weie not funds enough
to his credit In bank to cover them
Tho checks were sent back to tho mci
chants by tho bank, and l'olndexter
was notilled that thtv had been re
turned Ilefore the caso was brought Into
court all tho checks nud been made
I good, and those who eashed tho chrcks
I for l'olndexter huve not lost any money
I by tho transaction.
Judge Mullown). with the consent of
I the Asslstunt District Attorncv, agreed
let Pnindextir out 011 puiolo if it wire
I technically possible to do so on a plea
ot nolo contender The point will bo
looked up before Tuesdav , w lion I'oln
dixter will come before the court again
Wilson Far in Lead
In Ohio's Returns
COLUMUUS. Ohio, Nov 7 Practi
cally complete leturns from 70 of thu
88 counties in Ohio this afternoon
gve Wilson 345.100, Tnft 229,680, and
ItooseveJt. 180,6:.
1 heso figures Klvo Wilson 115,000
lluiullty ovor Tnft In the 70 countlt.3
and the President 50,000 plurality ovor
Itoosevclt Wilson tarried 55, Taft
10, and HnoBevelt 5 uf tho counties
lepoi ting
Wilson's Plurality in
Indiana Is Now 109,612
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind , Nov 7. With
reports from five counties missing,
Wilson's plurality todav In Indiana
was 109,612. Complete returns from
eights -Beven out of nlnet)-tvvo coun
ties, Including Indlapapolts, gave Wil
son 249,418, Hoosevelt, 139,836, Taft,
127,783 Halston, 247,206, Uevcrldge.
145,801, Durbln, 123,273. ltulston'a
plurality Is 101,405.
Injured Girl and Twin Sister
isVyBBBBB ' 'i- B,Y
mmW' lwlallllllAll
VBSmtt:mW Wimn
WiW3mmwMmiLwmMr'- -?? tmaaaaaaaaLaaaaaaaaa9 1 1
llWOBHjKf' ' 'BbbbbbV jfjf
WKKmmmmmmmmmWt mWIm
VBnlll ' VKtmrnVlSr
Chamber of Commerce Di
rectors Open Inquiry
Into Tax Statute.
Ilellcvlng that the Maryland statute
on automubllo taxation is biscd on a
willful discrimination against tho Dis
trict, thu directors of the Chamber of
Commerce have uuthcinrcd tho appoint
ment of u spcciul committee tu make a
thorough ltivesttgat em of the matter
and rcpoit at the ncM meeting of the
It was shown to tho board that non
residents of any State mav go througn
Mai) land free ot ehnrge, but that the
"Intrrm-t tailou of thu law" bv Murjland
authorities prohibits u resident ot the
District from entering the State without
his early license tag More than C.'l.onO
was paid to Murjland last year by Dis
trict rcildents, and moro than JA,vtO
has been paid during tho llrsl suven
months of this vcur.
Section of Law.
Section llilA of the Mar) land Auto
mobile law provides that 'any owner
or operator not a resident of tills State,
who shull havu compiled with the laws
of tho State In which he resides mi)
use such highways not exceeding two
pcriodB of seven consecutive da)s in
each cahndai je.ir, without compl) Ing
with the provisions (retell ing to tuxes)
of this subtitle '
In thu dclinltloss used In the tub
title It Is provided tint 'The term
Statu' as used In this subtitle, exce pt
when otherwise cxpiessl) provided, uud
except In section 1WA, shull also in
clude the Territories and I'ederal dis
tricts uf the I nlted States."
11 the si' provisions in the law, It Is
evident to membeis of the Chamber
who have alread) been lnvestlgatlnM
the matter, that discrimination against
the residents of the District of Colum
bia exists l.ejon! u doubt
As furthei ground for this opinion,
a litter has bun received from Harry
A Hoc, commissioner of motor vehicles
of the State of Mai) land which reads
as follows 'In response to )outs of
October '0, 1 hep to sa) that the prlvl
hges grantee! to non-iesldents In sci--
I tlon 1WA are only extended to li sl
ue nis or me .-Mans oi ine inton The
el'edeiul dWtrlits and Territories are ex
Hlni-n tl.n rttlll ft m..M ut tin. ei... l.-J
. -.., ..... ... ,ii. ..ii.ijHiiiu
, automobile law, Bpeclal piochimatlons
I from the governor and the cannula-
ilomr of motor vehicles have gi anted
lurtner privileges io non-rei'dents who
have compiled with the InWB of their
own States hut In each case residents
of "Federal districts' have been care
full) excepted
Course Not Decided.
It e-annot lie said at tho present tlmo
what course will bo followed by the
special committee nmhnilzid at last
nights meeting, but It Is believed that
with the admission of the commissioner
of motor vehicle that discrimination
does exist, and with the statute on the
mattel showing tin dlsri Imlnatlon lie
vond a doubt but llttlo dlfllcultv will be
found in having the clauses where dis
ci Imlnatlon Is shown strleken ftom the
As chairman nf the conventions com
mittee, John Dolph Inst night lepmted
the pioeurlng of tho Women's Temper
ance 1'nlon and the National Jnuine)
men Plasterers' Asseii latlon conventions
for next )ear lie asked for an appio-
nHntlun nf slicli mrt nf !'' nt. ml. 1,1
be needed to entertain the delegates to
the convention of the Te delation of
Women's Clubs which meets hero next
It was voted to send two men, prob
ably D, J Callalnn and Thomas Grant,
to New York next Wednesdf.y to meet
offlclnls of the liallwav Suppl) Manu
facturers' Assocl-itlon In an effort to
procure the 1913 convention ot that association.
Who Fell While Skating and
Broke Arm.
Irone, Nine, One of Popular
Russell Twins, Falls
While Skating.
Irone Itussell. nlnc-ycar-old daughter
of Col. D Heeves Itussell, IT S. M. C.
nnd Mrs. Itussell fell )cstcrday after
noon while roller-skating In front of the
family residence, 1616 Eighteenth street,
and frsciiir-d both bones of the fore
tin The nun was Imniedlatel) set by
Mrs. Itussell, und an X-ray photograph
taken by a ph)siclan soon after showed
that Mrs. Iliisscll had dono tho Job us
well as a elector could have done It.
Uttle Miss Itussell Is one of tho Itus
nell twins, she und her sister, Emily,
being a much-admlicd pair of little girls
in National Capital soclet), where the
familv is prominent and related to
Hancock. One sister of Mrs Itussell
fonncrle being one of the three Misses
Hancock One sister of Mrs Russell's
Is Mrs. William P Men lam. wife of the
former governor of .Minnesota and
mother of Miss Laura Merriam, the
other sister is Mrs Prank P Mitchell.
Misses Allie and Hi ssle Sessions are
hnlf.slMcrs of the little girl who bioko
her arm
Irone and Ulullv Ilussell gained dis
tinction at the recent Congress of H
glcna and Demography b the way they
passed tho Uln.it-Slmon mental tests at
the exposition hill Tho twins showed
the mental development of children
nearly tvvelvo cars old, although ihey
are but nine.
University Seismograph Records a
Disturbance 3,500 Miles From
A severe earthquake shock vvas re
cnrelcJ on the si Ismograi h of George
town Unlvcrslt) early today begin
ning at 2 41 n m and ending at 3 14
a m The most seveie shock enme
at 3 OR Pathcr Termlorff estimated
that the eiuake was 3.000 miles from
Washington although there Is at pres
ent no wnv to tell In what direction
I'athor Terndnrff stated that In all
probablllt) the quake occurred at sea,
In which case there will be nothing
more heard from It. A great many
such disturbances occur at sea and
are reeoidcd only on seismographs
Puther Terndorff Is now Installing
new apparatus h means of which ho
liopi s to dele i mine the direction of
eartlKiuakos that are recorded
llio earthuiiuku which was reported
from Atluntic Cltv jestcrday made no
record on tho Georgetown seismo
graph end Kiit her Terndortf said thla
morning that lie did not think it
could lioe been ti genuine earth
Candidates Are Running Neck-and-
Neck, Slow Returns
niEVEXNl!. Wvo. Nov 7 With
both Democrats and Republicans claim
ing the Statu foi their Presidential
candidate. It will piobably require the
ofllclul count to dtermlno who will get
Wyoming's electoral votes Taft and
Wilson aio running neck and neck
Complete returns from ninety pieclucts
showed Taft sllghtl) In the lead, but
scattering icturns urrlvlng dining the
night overcame this, and put tho two
candidates nearly on a par
'Ihe li-electlon of Kiunk Mondcll, Re
publican, to Congress, Is prnctleally
conceded The oillclnl count will bo re
quired to determine the complexion of
the legislature and the political views
of the successor to 8enator Wairen
The Democrats claim a majority on
Joint ballot.
Bottom Torn From Stem to
Stern in Crash, and She
May Topple Over.
Storm Prevents Close Approach to
wreck Three-fourths of Pas
sengers Taken Off.
MONTREAL, Quebec, Nov. 7.
About 225 passengers, all from the
steerage, and all of the 200 ot the
crew of tho magnificent passenger
liner Royal George, are In gravo
danger today. Tho big liner, her
bottom believed to be torn almost
from stem to stern, Is bard and fwt
on the massive rock formation jut
ting out from Point St. Lawrence,
ten miles below Quebec city.
So fast was tho liner going that she
hurdled high on tho rocks wtth a
trifle more than bIx feet ot water
under her, and she may topple over
at any moment Threa-quarters of
the enttro passenger list were taken
off by tugboats last night, but one
fourth and the crew are still on
Sho was running eighteen miles
an hour through a dense fog when
sho struck.
Tugs Will Stand By.
At latest accounts a terrific storm
was raging and great waves were dash
ing against the vessel. It was Impos
sible for any ot the fleet of rescue
tugs which had been hurried to the as
sistance of the Itojol George to ap
proach close to the wreck today. They
will stand b). however, and will be
ready for anj thing that may develop
The officials of the Canadian North
ern Steamship Companv admit that the
position of the steamer is desperate,
but sav they believe they will rescue
all hands.
The Ro)al Geo-e sailed from Bristol,
Kngland, on what was to have ben her
last trip of the year, on October 30.
Grand Jury Returns Twenty Indict
ments and Prosecutions Will
Open Early.
Included among twenty Indictment
returned bv the grand Jury today are
four charging husbunds with non-support
of their wives and children, making
more than 200 of such cases now pend
ing in the cilmlnal courts of the Dis
trict. District Attorney Wilson an
nounced todav that he will probably be
gin prosecution of tho cases
Thoso Indicted today were Krank L.
Jenkins, Charles Caldwell, Morgan D.
Uevcrldge, nnd Harry N. Cross
Other Indictments returned were:
Grand larcen). Lawrence V. Spann.
Fiederlck W. Uurclietto "lydo vvclkert,
and Lottie Gamer; assault with a dan
geioiis vvcupon, Henry Plerson, Henry
Doole). David Roy William Holmes,
and James Cole; forgery and uttering,
Thomas W. Slpe; housebreaking, Joseph
Caster. L'rnest Carter. Garfield Ander
son, and Chailes 11 Davis, depredation
of private property, Joseph Caster and
Ernest W Carter, lobbery, Thomas J.
Drown. Junius Marshall, and Charles
11 Cole.
Latter Lacks 159 Votes on Unoffi-
cial Returns May Carry Fight
Into Congress.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, Nov 7 -Complete
unofficial returns from thu First Ohio
Congressional district this afternoon In
dicate tho defeat of Congressman Nich
olas l.ungworlh for re-election by Stan
h Ruwdle, n Democrat, b) 159 votes
The ofllclal count may possibly change
this result
In the event llowdle Is declared
elected, It Is expected Long worth will
carry the contest to tho tluor of Con
gicss Grand Jury Is Probing
Illinois Student Riot
CIIAMPAION, 111. Nov. 7-8tudents
nnd members of the faculty of the
University of Illinois were subpoenaed
today before a special grand Jury
which Is investigating the student riot
here following the Illinois victory over
the Indiana University football team
several weeks ago
During the riot, a theater was stormed
and several persons were hurt.

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