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Comes Less Hampered Po
litically Than His Pred
ecessors. v
Bull Moose Will Continue To
Be fcreat Force in
Upper House.
VooiIrott Wilson will come Into the
Presidency 1cm hampered nnd less re
stricted In the matter of the field from
which to choose tiln Cabinet thnn any
of hip predecessor In recent cnrs. If
the statements of closo frlendi of Gov
ernor Wilson are to be relied op he I
point! to exercise the utmost latitude In
his selections and there uro likely to
be some surprises
It li declared that Governor Wilson
nlll ro far outside the usual political
ranee In the consideration of the men
whom he will make his closest nd
risers Sure to Ask Bryan.
EveVjbodv takes It for granted that
Governor Wllron will offer William Jen-
nines Ilrvan the. post of Secretary of
Stnte, and there Is widespread feellnc
rtrjnn will refuse to take It. In ense
Mr flrynn does turn It down, then It
Is hird to siv who will Ret the Htate
portfolio Ilannls Tolor, of Woshlnu
ton, former mlnlrter to Spain, nnd ono
of thii highest authorities on Interna
tlonil tin and diplomacy In this coun
try, would no doubt receive serious con
sideration. Highly Intercstlnc Cabinet Rosslp ctn
tern uround tho Department of .VkHci.I
tuie I'rom time to time the name of
Dr Wiley has been alluded to In this
connection. Hut clo'o friends of Oo -emor
Wilson are doubtful whether Dr.
Wllcj would be picked Thev say that
the Department of Aitrlculturc hns be
com.) ono of the most Important depart
ments of tho Government. Hy reason
of the Ihik- output of tha farms of
the L'nlted States and the growing se.
r.ousness with which the people teKaid
the business of aRrliulture, It Is not an
easy problem to pkk the right man tj
luael the Agricultural Dep ntment.
Dr. Wiley a Chemist.
Dr Wilcv Is a chemist, and not prl
mnrllv a student of agricultural affalt ,
and though Govtrnor Wilson rtgan'a
Dr. Wllev hlghlv, and would doubtkss
put 1 1 1 in at the head of a department
of health If there wtre one. It does not
follow IiqvvIH want to put him In Uiargo
of the Department of Agildulture.
A man who muy git the place is
Clurcnco II. l'oe, of Ilalelgh, N. C,
editor of the l'rojtresslvc Farmer, one
of the laigest farm Journals In the
count! i, and tho largest In the South,
l'oe Is the man who has educated the
South to appreciate the Importance of
the Department of Agriculture and. In
fact, gut the South stirred up to an
understanding of Its great Importane
before the North paid much attention
to It
A new name discussed for tho office
of Postmaster General Is Kduuiil A.
I'llene, of Huston Mr Pllene Is one of
the merchant pilnces nnd business men
of Iloston and New England He has
been u strong Wilson suppoitcr. He Is
a friend of the pnicels post, and his
high business and oiganlzlng qualifica
tions About the most Interesting suggestion
3.ot made Is that Governor Wilson will
offer a Cabinet plate either to Senator
I. a Toilette or to some of the close
frli nds of Senator l.ti Toilette, the
latter blng the more probable Somi
who piofvss to know pi edict there Is
not going to be strict adhesion to party
limp In picking the Cabinet
La Follette Wouldn't Quit.
It Is a certainty that I.a Follette
would not lenve the Senate for a Cabi
net place, and so the suggestion doc
not seem llkel, but that Wilson will
give appointments to some of I.a Toi
lette's (.lose f i lends In Wisconsin Is
likely In fact, tho appointment of
Charles It. Crane to n high post In offi
cial or diplomatic life would be pleasing
to I.i Follette.
The diplomatic appointments which
Wilson will have to make will cnuse a
scramble. Tnderlck Tenfleld. of Phila
delphia, Is mentioned In this connection.
He wan a large campaign contributor.
Thomas Nelson Page and Perry Ue.1
mont aie others who are naml.
That the progressive republicans nre
going to continue to be n great force In
the Senate has been made clear fiom
the election returns.
While thev will nominally not hold
the balance of power nfter March 4.
they will, In fact, do so bv reason of
factional division among tho Democrntn.
Contrary to expectations, the actual
numerical strength of. the piogresIve
Republicans will ba jlne.re.uscd after
March 4. senator Ilournn Is beaten In
Oregon, but, on- the othor hand. In the
place of-Senator Gamblo of South Da
kota, a reactionary. thcrsJ will como
Thomas sterling, n Progressive. Senator
Borah Is sure to bo returned fiom
Idaho, and Kcnjon fiom Iowu. The
election of Judge Norrls. of Nehrasku.
1b a gain for tho progressive Republi
cans; In the Senate, as Norrls Is one of
the ablest progressives In Congiess.
Moreover, Illinois will probably1 send a
progressive Republican. I.avvreiicu Y.
Sherman, who will replace Cullom. re
actloimy. This will offset the loss of
U.nnln. nlnll nt Mlllltllltn It millC'irS.
therefore, the progusslve Republicans
ale to have a not gain of nt least uno
In the Senate after March 1 After Ihen
the pi-ogiesslvi Republicans In the Sen.
ate will be Senators Cummins. Clapp,
M Toilette. Hornh. Itrlstow, Crawford.
Gionna. Works, Polnduiter, Kcnyon,
Sterling, Norrls, and Sherman, or a
tntnl of thirteen, with ono or two others
Senator Martin
May Be Chairman
Of District Board
Presidcnt-Elect Going to Sail
For Bermuda Novem
ber 16.
President Returns To Take
Up Questions of Appointments.
When the Democrats take possession
of the Senate next March 1 there will
Impend a K,enernl ovei hauling of the
District of Columbia Committee.
Senator Galllnger. veternn .of man
ears, will leave the chairmanship, and
some Democrat will take his place-
Senator Martin, of Vliglnlu. as rank
ing Democratic member, will lie en
titled to the inairmansnip no wuiiih
It. on the score of senlorltv. Next In
order of the Democrats on the com
mittee who will remain after Marrh 4
ale Senators jonnsion, oi .i.iimmn,
Smith, of Murvland. Pomcrcne, of Ohio,
and Lea, of Tennessee
IMKht Republicans nre now on the
eommlttie and six Democrats This
proportion will be reversed or something
like It. That Is three or four Demo
crats will be added to the committee
whose name are, of course. Indeter
minate for the present.
The Republicans who will remain on
the rommlttee after March 4 are Sen
ators Gnlllnger, Dllllnghum, Jones. Oli
ver, Works and Kens on. This Is a
total of six. It Is not llkcl) an other
Republicans will be added to It.
A numbei of changes will be made
In the House District Committee nfter
next March 4. us there will he three
Democratic vacancies and several Re
publican vacnncles.
PRINCETON, N J Nov. 7 -The
horde of ofllce-seekers who urn headed
here from every section of the Itrlted
States, nnd even ft few fron- the far nlf
Philippines, niioidlng to reports, hi
not awaited with nnv great deneo of
equanimity by Prfsldent-eleet Windrow"
In fact he l nlreadv iirrnmtlnc to
hide them for a lime at least Today
It vvaa officially announced that the
President-elect, nccompanled onlv hv
Mrs Wilson, will sail from New York
on the morning of November IB
A private viioht has been placed at
Governor Wilson's disposal by n per
sonal friend and the governor will snll
for llermuda. He will 1 gone two
weeks. Tho majority of the trip will lv
spent In absolute rest. The candidate li
worn out with Uie exertions of cam
paigning. To Decide Appointments.
Awov from everyhody, ho will bo
nblo to make up his mind on questions
of nppolntments, and when he returns
here In December It will bo with a
deSnlte set of plans mapped out In
bis mind.
There has been considerable discussion
of where tho President-elect stands on
the 'mention of reciprocity and canil
tolls but It was stated today that he
has never asi.med any decided position
cm either question It Is llkclv that ha
will not take anv decided stand on
cither until they are officially brought
to his attention after ne Is Inaugurated
It was said todav that the governor's
Immediate concern Is his home Stat
Ho feel keenlv the uharges made bv
hta opponents III the Slate that he failed
to carry out his State reform program
because he was too much concerned
with his fight for the Presidency.
Will Consider State.
it was slid here today that Governor
Wilson planned Immediately to take up
with his lieutenants In the State a
program of reform legislation to be
presented to the legislature when It
meets Immediately after tho first of the
The President-elect spent today at
tending to a part of the enormous mass
of correspondence that has accumulated
since his election was assured As lar
as possible the most Important of the
letters and telegram are being sorted
out nnd answered. He slept late again
todaj. In accordance with his plan to
get es much rest as possible.
A large "lumber of Cabinet nfllcen
will attend the meeting lit the cjeccutlvo
cifllccs temioriow than Iiiim been present
fur main weeks. It Is anticipated that
a nisi uskIoii of tho election will oce upv
1 hii,c part of the session
1 1 Is the return tu Washington of
Cabinet membeiH several appointments
and other matter which have been held
up piob.ibly will be ellspcued of Secre
torv of Agriculture James Wilson, who
has been In lovvn foi several months. Is
cpectcd to return this week nnd theic
aftcr a successor to Dr. II. W. Wlle,
as chief of tho Uureiiu of Chemlstr,
will bci named. Dm. Doollttlc. Alsburg,
nnd Aers have been mentioned for the
rlaco '
Secretary of Commerco and Labor
Nugel has on his desk fifty or more sug
gestions for tha nnnolntment of mem
bers of the Industrial commission, nnd la
expected to advice tha President on this
Secretary of tho Interior Tlsher will
take up tho appointment of an Indian
commissioner. Ho may also have some
thing to hay on the selection of a new
secretary of Hawaii. Tho reappoint
ment of Governor Krcar, of Hawaii, Is
uimeroioon io oo cerium.
The President returned to Washing
ton from Cincinnati at 9 30 o'clock this
morning. He did not visit tho Incen
tive Offices until about 11 o'clock. Carml
momixon, nis private nocretarj., came
to the White House early nnd left after
c few minutes. During the few davi
he spent !n Ohio before election ho
made seevral speeches, but made It
plain before leaving Washington that
he was not going to his home State to
undertake the management of any part
of tho campaign
Secretary of War Stlmson will have
an opportunity to attend the next two
Cabinet meetings, and will then leave
for Panama, starting November 13 The
tili to tho Canal Zone will last two
Secretary of the Treasury MacVeagh
returned to Washington today. See re
tary of State Knox may not return for
two or three, having gono to bis
home at Vnlley Forge, Pa.
Taft Runs a Poor Third in
The Keystone
rilll.ADni.PHIA, Nov. 7. When tho
complete returns are In bund, expected
todaj, from tho H.aDI election districts of
the State, Roosevelt Is expected to have
a Plurality of more than IrteXJO Taft Is
running third
Wilson's vote will fall behind that
which Ilrjan received In this Stale by
tOe.ejejo or more.
The great Republican vote of 74". 000
east for Taft and Sherman In 11)08 has
been sttmsh.il. Taft will probably not
get 2W.U00 votes In tho Stale.
In JDOS Phlladelphl i gavei Taft 13,WI,
a plurality of mum than 100,t over
Ilrun. Toelay, with nil the help which
Penios. MciNlchol, and the Vaies gavo
him, the best ho can do Is lead tho city
vvjth n plurality of unit.
In Philadelphia, Penrose nnd his
he-nchmeSn lost out on the Stato ticket.
The vote of r. on election districts,
complete, out of i.,t3, had been com
puted today, and Is us follows:
Taft ....263.341
Wilson . ...., 3il.DJfi
Roosevelt 39'i.OJi
Roosevelt's plurality over Wilson Is
S0.CO3. nnd over Taft In iri.usi.
Teachers In Kansas
Holding a Jubilee
TOPKKA, Kan , Nov. 7. School
teachers fiom every part of Kansas
have gathered In tho capital for thci
fiftieth annual meeting of their State
The meeting will rnnt'nuo over tomor
row and wili ha combined with n eele.
brutlon of the association's golden
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It is Her Hair"
Woman's crowning glory,"
So sang tho poets.
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Brittle hair Is "siclc hair."
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head In, wetting the hair well. Now
shake the AMBUROL powder on tho
hair and shampoo with ono hand. It
makes a big foam. Tho hair comes
back to Its youth, stops falling out.
Dandruff disappears. Dull, brittle hair
grows wavy and fluffy. AMBUROL Is
tonic nnd shampoo combined. Spend
a nickel to provo It.
V Auxfal becA."5CTU of Baautr." by
Ld Annabel), in all 8 cent packata erf
AMBUROL. At all dnuibta.
Roosevelt Has Probably Carried
State By Plurality of From
15,000 to 20,000.
ST. PATI.. Minn , Nov. 7. Col. Roose
velt In all probability has can led Min
nesota by a plurality of from 1D.0O to
.'O.OiO, the Indications early toda., show
ing that the State hus swung from
Wilson to Roosevelt Returns from
two-thirds of the precincts of the State
to date give him a comfortable bad of
nearly 8,ii over Wilson, and country
precincts are Increasing his plurallt).
The Indications are that Taft's vote
wfll not greutlv cm ei 75fA)
Governor Kberhardt has been re
elected bv a pluiallt) ranging fiom
OT.uw to HH'f)
Do People
Shun You
Congressman Wilson of Fifteenth
Pennsylvania District Defeat
ed By Republican.
President Condoles
With Senator's Widow
WIl.l.IAMSPORT. im , Nov 7 Wil
liam II Wilson, chairman of the House
I'onunltteo on Labor In the Inst si-sslun
of fongiefcs, was defeated foi rc-etec-tlon
by I Iika r It Kless, Republican, a
former member of tho State As'cmbls,
by less than 10U votes. Tha vote was so
close that It was not until tndav, when
all but a few scattered districts were
In, that the unal result wus made posi
tive Congressman Wilson carried In
coming bj NW and secured TO votes
more than KIckh In Cllutun The lattoi,
however, canled the Republican bul
warks of Pottei and TIomi countlei by
more than 1,3s)
The light wus one of the moM strenu
ous In this hattli'-Hcarrid t'nnkiesslonal
district, which until the time Mr Wll
ron was Hist elected. M vears ngo w.m
roniddeied one of the stunchest Re
public nil strongholds in the Stale Dur
ing his stuv In t-'ongres'e Wilson has
been n national figure, lirgclj through
his woik for the hibor euuse
Piesidcnt Taft today sent a message
of condolence to Mrs. John I. Wilson
at the Wlll-irel Hotel on learning of the
unexpected death of her husband, for
me r Senutor John L Wilson, proprietor
of the Seattle Post-Intelligence r. The
message was
"My Dear Mrs Wilson:
"I have Just received the Bad news
of our husband's death 1 extend to
jou the henrtfelt "otopathy of Mrs.
Taft and mvself In jour glent soriovv
Senator Wilson was u warm and con
stunt friend of mine, and I deep!) re
gret his death
"Slncerelj jours
SIOUX FALLS. S D . Nov 7 With
returns In from approximately half
the counties In the State. Indications
arc that Roosevelt carried South Hi
kola I1 a majority estimated at 6 000
Pirtlal and complete returns from
twent-two out of slxtj-nne coun
ties todav give Roosevelt 'i,'J0S, and
Wilson 21.207
The result of the gubernatorial roe e
probabl will not be known for sev
eral eluvs, and It mu take nn offi
cial count to determine who will sue
ci eel the present Incumbent. Robert
S Vessej Partlul returns from tvven
t -eight counties give Johnson Demo
crat, 3;t72, and Hvrne, Republican.
'the election of Thnmns Sterling to
succeed United Mutes .Senator Rolie rt
.1 Gamble, Is Indicated hv scattering
returns on legislative candlclutcs.
showing thnt the Republicans ma)
control the Senate and House
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Democratic Board
Claiming Kansas
TOPKKA. Kan Nov 7. The Demo
crat!' State committee claimed K,mis
for Woeelreiw Wilton toht by 15eji
hllc there Is noma eleiiibl us to the
tilur.illy belnK this Riciet there Is now
little doubt thut the Ireel.lem-i Ice t bus
cu rlcel the btute nml liN ,iluiullt vvtll
lU'ib.ihl) leneh 10 MO Willi Incomplete
ii turns from 41 nut of Ikl counth-s In.
Wllsrn led In 1,17; vnlex
With him WlUnn ciinled William II
"humpson, c niilldiite fur the I nlte 1
States Senate to vletor over Ciovemor
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C. K. fill IN HUM Main Street,
Mnriihnll, Jlleh.
Mrs. Denhardt Sues.
Mrs. Oraec A. DenliHrdt filed suit
ipalnst William C. I)nli.irilt In the
District Supreme Court todav for a
limited divorce nnd ullmonv elulmlnK
that he allows her onlv tlo nut of
his salary of $100 n month Thev
vorc married September JX, 1105, and
separated August 15 last Mis Den
tin nit chonreH that hei husband, who
Is eniiloed at the Navy Ynrd, treat
ed her crurlly. almost vviecklnir hei
mmi 3-DAY SALE
Thursday, Friday and Saturday d$
Underwriters Meet.
The newl) organized Dlstilet of Co
lumbia Hoard of Casualtv I'nderwriteis
held an Informal meeting, followed by
a luncheon, at the Khbltt jesterduy
noon Tw cut -two members were pies
eut, and several new applications for
membership were leceiveel It was
agreed that everv effoit should be made
to enroll as man) casualty underw lit
ers as possible! bv tho next mectlnK.
whlth will be held tho first Wednesduy
of next mouth
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Siillnmi ( offer, III. illle-
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With the central part of the city
at its feet 171 feet belowand
its head above it. in the purer,
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coziness, refinement, and health.
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remnants of the old, for the "old-
ness was never more man inc
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The houses are of colonial de
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Look For Our Green and White Sign 713 14th Street N. W.
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