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Herring and Agler Sold to Atlanta by Manager Griffith Others May Go, loo
Nationals May Bring Them
Back If They Make
Tapping Balls With Lively Touch, Johnson finds Woltz Isn't Much
Sporting Gossip
"Every Knock Is a Lost."
Welsh popular.
Pitcher Showed Signs of Hnving
Good Spittcr That May
Develop Nicely.
Griff's Coming.
Manager Orlfllth and John llenry,
with eight deer as proof that
trior are hunters, will arrlre In
the Capital about December 1.
.Grjft sends a picture of Ileurr
( and a dead deer to proTC his
claim that thejr are real
Joe Agler, the first baseman, and
"lied" Herring, tho pitcher obtained
from tho Nebraska Indians last Bum
mer, have been cold to tho Atlanta club
of the Southern League, under optional
agreements, which may bring them
both back to the Climbers In case they
mako good with Hilly Smith's aggrega
tion. Agler was the best fielding firut base
man In tho Southern League last year,
though his light hitting precluded his
success In fast company. However.
Manager Griffith took him for a trial,
little thinking he would hang on. Ho
worked In one game.
Herring Is green as a twlrlcr, though
he showed signs of having a good splt
ter. He was signed on his showing
here with the Nebraska Indians, an In
dependent team.
Hilly Smith Is a good friend of Grif
fith s, and It Is likely that any super
fluous voungslers the Climbers may
have will be sent to Atlanta for their
training. Smith Is known as one of
the best handlers of voung players In
tho country, and ho will keep an eye on
the lads who some day may be world
beaters In Washington uniforms.
Long for Atlanta.
Tommy Long, the "Gadsden galloper,"
sent to Mobile lust year by Manager
Griffith, will be given a trial at Char
lottesville, but Is not expected to Im
press the eagle ee of his manager well
enough to hold a place with the team.
Long can't hit hard enough to oust
either Mueller or bhanks, and his field
ing and throwing Is crude compared
with theirs, if 1111 1 Smith can use him.
Long may be sent to Atlanta also.
Roy Moian, obtained from Chatta
nooga last season, will be given a
thorough trial In the spilng before being
released Moran whs not In good health
when he Joined the Climbers, und, on
that account, was unable to play up to
form However, his speed and general
Intelligence has Impressed Griffith, and
he will bo given plenty of work at
1)111 Kenworthy, obtained from Den
ier, of tho Western League, last year.
Is Just a bit shy of the necessary stuff
to make a hit In tho big how. Man
ogcrager Grlfllth mi) send him to Mon
treal In part pavment for "Chick" Gon
dii or back to Denver
The outtleld positions will go to the
thico beBt among Milan, Moeller, Shanks,
AVelchonce. Allen, and Connelly. It Is
quite possible that five outfielders will
be carried all )car.
Martin Goes Early.
Mlque Martin, the sane and sobor
trainer of the Climbers, will go to
Charlottesville curly In the spring to
prepare for the coming: of tho biff
league heroes. The teum may remain
In the college town two weeks, but
Griffith will come away after ten
days If he meets with good weather
and the men round to In that short
time. Most of the training will be
done In actual games at Florida av
enue before the season opens.
The Climbers will return to the Cap
ital toward the end of March and
will play exhibition games for about
three weeks, according to the pres
ent plans of Manager Griffith. George
town will very likelv havo the Jlrst
game, as has been the custom for
several years.
Griffith's friendly relations with Na
tional League clubs will mean the ap
pearance of a number of them In this
city. Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Now
York, Boston, and possibly the Chi
cago Cubs will battle the Climbers
before the regular campaign opens.
The Toronto Maple Leafs, champions
of the International League, have al
ready had two dates saved for them.
Manager Griffith Is a warm, personal
friend of McCafferty. owner of the
Toronto club, and a banquet may be
on the cards for the popular Inter
national League mogul when he hits
this town.
Jack Dunn's Baltimore Orioles Is an
other International League club which
'wilt De seen nere, as win John Can
cel's noohester Bronchos, and Kitty
Bransneld's Montreal team. Bill Cun
ningham, former National, plays sec
ond base with Montreal, while Jerry
Alters Is one of Ganfcl's dependable
twlrlers All these minor league clubs
rhould draw well hero before the reg
ular season opens
Lnst year the Cornell varsity team
played the Nationals, but their show
ing was so weak that It l unlikely
that they will be booked again Cath
olic university, though, will havo a
date on the preliminary schedulo
, Going to Australia.
Charley Comlskey plans to tako his
White Sox to Australia at tho end of
the Coming season, leaving Just before
Christmas, 1911 The ontlro trip will
take eevonty-threo das The sail from
Ban Francisco takes nineteen days. In
cluding one-day stops at Honolulu and
the South Sea Islands. Thirty-two
days will he spent In Melbourne, Syd
ney, Perth, und other titles In Australia,
playing dally games with the strongest
teams In tho country.
After leading the Puclflc Coast League
with' tho willow, hitting for 3S2
muklng seenteen doubles, a triple, and
two homers Matty Mclntjro the foimer
Tiger and White Sox outfielder, an
nounces his retirement from baseball
Ills wonderful spurt In the last two
weeks -of the season, gaining 6S points In
that time, s still the talk of the Coast,
and his loss will bn felt greatly. Mc
Intyre will go Into business.
.TBU AHOtf l!JifLfY - ' ycy?WSSL XV 5rt7 NAME-BUI
yp4iirPt-'Tt- CoMMrrreo Vf OfcSiivBBl ' lsssfcvciJit J SwKlltkMrrSf W V$$k tAjssWtL .vMSTSIifilj fl
crttmh a flagrant pom- I J I Yr&i&tf L7 ffnr '&Ftth TsjWbKSL ?&$ voi V?TsssV VKo; HssPw
iis VS crude WORK. ' WX; JUL VtPeCc tSrs ) ffl Tj vMmMxMT aCjMML Xr
AS6ISTEP hm mmemmx. r W- mo. vuoaz. Pert uPB$ l& JBt s -thc aooicnce Ifarlm. h
yVt Z C-3"B"i' A i rue a -amp- Bt?i. KaWTM Cfj took, to -tMQIIV. X- m ' ' jM" fWT ,
fj 'Cgl vi mao tooublc Or- ioo Points- as!Z5&''Wmv:L' tdhnsun wivicotKeO sMTkaKOUMv'Via??.
sV f tXsi MYlC3o"USo , '"ctie1 aHMNJON WINNING.'-9 V IW SOMC tiMAN CANlE -)4KHsW9lHiu&BVAfl-
-nfM((njt&'0 P eALL SWJ smo-tj- 9 ltfgifeTOMBCMm!?sK)l
Offers Suggestion to Mana
ger Evers To Replace
Him at Keystone.
CHICAGO, Nov. .12. Helno Zlmmcr
mun, who was discovered by Johnny
levers, the new manager of the Cubs,.
Is anxious to displace his new buss
at second base.
Zimmerman doesn't want to knock
his sponsor, but he feels he can show
to best advantagu at Hvcrs' position
Although Zimmerman enjojed hM best
year In baseball after stepping Into
Jimmy Doyle's shoes, tho Bronx slug
ger has expressed himself as wishing
to fill the kepstone position.
While ever) one Is worrying as to
who can bo secured to fill Joe Tlnk
or's Job at short, some fans are of tho
opinion thut Johnny L'crs might ar
range a switch In his line-up where
by the Trojan himself can fill the bill,
shift Zimmerman to second and re
call Tommy Leach from hla outfield
berth and place tho eteran at third
It will bo remembered hn T.enh
was a whale of a third baseman for
many years at Pittsburgh before Bob
by Byrne was secured In a trade with
Si Louis.
There is one position on the ball
club which Zimmerman balks at play
ing, ana this Is shortstop. Zlm had a
trial In this position und fell down
horribly. Since then ho has never
cared to risk another trial
Receipts of Phillies
Fall Off, Declare Books
PHILADKLPHIA, Pa., Nov. 12. The
receipts of tho Phillies fell off 30 ner
cent last year, according to expert ac
countants hired to look over the books
for tho Balfour-Gllmore syndicate now
dickering for the control of the tlub
Horaco Fogel says It was caused by
the poor placing schedule given his club,
but tho fans here think that Fogel's
monologues had much to do with the
failure of the club financially.
Tho Phillies made a lot of money In
1911, the club being in the raco most of
the season, but in 1912 It barely paid ex
penses. George Washington to
Start Basketball
Preparation for the first practice of
the Georgetown basketball team havu
boon completed and the quint Is ex
pected to get Its Initial workout at the
Washington Y. M. C, A. gymnasium
tomonow night.
According to a report, "Doc" WII
llama Is to coach the teum while Mc
Nally Is looked upon as a capable cap
tain. Tho boy's department gymnasium
will be used for practice und a. good
representation Is expected.
May Go for Tinker.
CINCINNATI, Ohio, Nov. 12. Eddie
Grant and Mlko Mitchell are expected
to figure In the deal that brings Joe
Tinker here ua manager of tho Beds In
1913 Grant has never made good here,
but Mlko Mitchell Is a slashing hitter,
a fait base runner and a good fielder.
Herzog Studies.
norms, the Giants' third baseman,
Ba)s he will take a course In agricul
ture nt Cornell. Being a fast man him
self, Charley Is disgusted with the dopey
way cabbage and turnips grown, llo
wants to go to Cornell to learn how to
Inject a little ginger Into his crops.
I'relljr near ThnnUsn'tln' Day acalni
Pretty near Ihunkscttln' I)", and I
Find mjself so fnr tnsr attain.
Far from nbere the blue stl'l crown the kri
Through (be ntrret old rthoes rise anil call
Where the ell; millions drift and room.
As I sit nud look liennit It all,
Oreamln' of Thnnksglln' Uoj and houir.
Time has got a nm of drlftin' fast
Throwrh the Bllnt nud gleam of Hummer' IlKhll
Time ha srt a knurk of rlishln' int
In the stress and tumult of tbr tlnhti
It has been a matter of several roistering seasons
to bo exact ubout thirteen since the Tiger was stout
enough to upset the Bulldog two years In succession.
Dack in 1898 and "99 an eminent young personality
by the name of Mr. Poo jabbed the keen harpoon Into
the Bulldog's frothing gills by a loug run and a drop
kick, but slnco that date tho Tiger has been forced to
accept one victory at a time and then sit back for a con
siderable period before the next arrival.
1912 gives Nassau her chance ngaln In the wake of
what a certain Mr. White outlined a year ago. As for
the dope on this game, there isn't any. But if we wero
calling the turn in advance our guess would be Prince
ton, 0; Yale. 0; or figures to that effect. Princeton has
a high-grade defense against the rushing game, and
Yale hasn't any Brlckley. Yale has a better defense
than attack, and It would be no surprise to see tho
battle so closely fought that a field goal would turn the
tido ono way or another.
What with Flynn. Phllbln, and Spauldlng matched
against Waller,- Pendleton, and Baker, there will be an
abnormal amount of rushing cUbs, but for all this the
standard defenses used by Yale and Princeton will make
each set of backs all tho trouble they care to meet.
Can't you draw a largo, sweeping view of Mr. Mur
phy disposing of Chauco for $1,G00 when three or four
teams would have paid $15,000 and considered It a bar
gain deal?
Every one knows, of course, how C. Webb spurns
the flesh pots of Egypt and tho utter abhorrence he has
of bullion in bulk. But in spite of his
we can lamp him putting through a $1,500 sale when he
might have picked up just ten times more.
George Washington to
Race Virginia Stars
Manager Churchman, of the Virginia
track team, announced tonight that tho
Georgo Washington cross-country teum
would meet Virginia hero In o dual
race, November 23. A course out to
Fry Springs and back, with ono final
lap around Lumbeth Field has been
mapped out, about four and one-half
George Wright, of Akron, Ohio, who
won the rrosi-country run here on
Saturdui , W Gault, who llnlshcd sec
ond, Hart, and either Burton or L.
Guult, will bo the Orange und Blue cn
tiunts The numes of the Georgo
Washington four havo not been an-
Hoppe Is Winner.
NEW YOBIC, Nov. 12 Willie Hoppe
won from Harry P. Cllne, of Philadel
phia, 500 to 110, In the first gamo for
18 2 balkllne billiard championship of
the world here lust night, though his
flavlng was far from his usual caliber
lis highest run was 111, falling on an
easr Bhot for the next one. Morning
star was the victor In tho other mutch
last evening, winning from George Slos.
son by a close score.
Take Fourth Straight.
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov. 12 Tho Phila
delphia Athletics won their fourth
straight game from the Almendares
here yesterday, 7 to i Baker's hitting
was a feature.
By Grantland Rice
Over the Beaten Trail.
Hut aomrlum the ila hate lout their Rncrp
In the Hra of old il ember1 Kloani,
When feller' slttln, hnlf a!re.
Ureamln uf I hniikcHlii lln and home.
JilNt lieond my door the rranhln whirl
4prak of "I. and ubwa ronrtu In
Junt hcjontl m.i iluor the echoes nlrl
Where aliotr lite million ilng nml nlKtai
I'nr and near tin tumult rte and fall
Where these n"llrd In million drift and 7
Hut I alt and look licjonil nil
Dreamln' of Thuiikpglvln' I)) nml home.
hatred of money
Tomorrow's Sports
Y. M. C. A. Indoor contests, 7 p. m
Gunboat Smith vs. Harry Wuest,
ten rounds, at Now York city.
Wildcat Ferns vs. Tommy Howell,
ten rounds, at Indlauupolls.
Jerry Dalton vs. Earl Denning, ten
rounds, at Indlanauolls.
Georgetown Preps Will
Have Track Athletes
Georgetown Prep will have a track
teum tlila winter und It promises to be
one of the best In the history of the
Hilltop school. Plans uie .low being
laid for the coming season and the luds
villi begin training 111 a few weeks. Al
though Capt. Herbert Chllds alono won
points last vear, the squad showed
much promise, and the laurels ure ex
pected to bo moiu numerous this sea
son. Captain Chllds will figure In tho
sprints und the high Jump, Schocu In
tho quarter, Fitzgerald, from New
Huven High School, In tho half mile,
William Jones, a cousin of John Paul
Jones, world's champion mller, In tho
distance eventB, Slsnlega, of Mexico
Clt), In the dashes, and Birnuid
Moore, of Bvracusc High School, In the
quarter and half.
The Hilltop kids ma havo a relaj
four In the Pennsylvania relay meet.
If a quarter oan be found with suf
ficient class.
A Mathematical Impossibility.
Fiftocn hundred dollars for a mun who has four pen
nauts and two world's championships in seven years!
Who bids 11,600 on Connie Mack? A,re we offered $1,650
for McOraw. It's the open season, so go to It.
Mr. Kbbetts stands pat on Bill IXihlen again, the Idea
being that if Bill makes a move In any direction It will
have to be upward revision unless George Stalling shat
ters all tradition by easing the Braves out of their well,
nigh Imprcguuble fortress.
"Steer off that Carlisle dope." chirps In a badly
peeved bstander. "Yale, Harvard, or Princeton could
make tho Indians look foolish if they ever hooked up."
The process of making Mr. Thorpe look foolish would
be a fair afternoon's Job. making no mention of ten
others who might be hanging around at the finish.
As we figure It, two days seven hours fifteen minutes
and nine seconds luve now passed since the last man
ager was canned. A batch of club ownerB must be upon
a vacation or are they merely resting up to renew the
Suggestion for a disciple of Keats, Shelloy, Dante, or
Milton. Take this as a first line and go out and get
the rest of it:
"When J. Thorpo smote tho bloomin' line "
With Apologies.
Wo have heard of tho speed of Michigan's backs,
Of Cornoll's gameness under attacks,
Of this und that and of other facks,
Academy Stars Play
Against the Vigilants
Wectns, last jear the slur center of
the Naval Academy eleven, will plai
center for the llelna Mercedes team
next Sunday at Union League Park,
when the crack tailor uggregutlou
tackles tho Vigilants, Independent
champions of the Suuth, In the return
game The winner of this buttle will
take the entire gate receipts, ufter the
expenses are deducted.
Ooaeh Wayne Hart, of the Blue and
Gray cloven, slated this morning that
while he expected u hard battle Sunday,
he Is confident that the Vigilants will
again be returned to the winners
Two weeks ago, the Vigilants defeated
the Helna Mercedes team, 12 to 7 In one
of the hardest fought games ever
staged nt t'nloii Lcnguv Park, and as
tin. winner of inn inline Sundav will
lake the entire gate icecliits, and there
proml-ies to be a largo crowd prcfjjnt,
a battle rovul Is expected The gimo
will be called prcimptli at 3 o'clock,
with Cunt Jack Uegurtv of the
Georgetown eleven, refereelng
ovtmber 1 to 12, lucliinlve
KI1IST 1U.CE. J.15 1". M
Special lute via W., 1) A A. Blecirlc Rail
road Co IlounJ Trip, Including Admission
U 'ira.k. 12
I.l.MITlvD CAItS both van on hour ami
Iialf hour, muklritf direct connection with
X'lmllco Curs at Liberty and Lexington
Htreetd Ilulllmort.
Vjrk Av.
Younger Man Defeats His
Older Rival at Allen
Followers of tho pocket billiards game
tue congratulating themselves today
upon huvlng bcn present at the match
between Johnson und Woltx, at tho
Allen Parlors last night. Johnson, who i
was winner of the Lambs' Club tourney
last j ear, put up a sterling exhibition,
und won at in lo S3.
Johnson s best run was nineteen, wnlle
his adversary was ablo to pocket seven
Ken bills bofoie being declared through.
Johnson's touch was somewhat better
tliun Mr Woltz, and his ability to ma
nipulate the Ivoriis was shown to ad
vantage when called on to execute sev
eral difficult shots.
Oulte a gutherlng was on hand to
watch piueecdlngs, und It was not until
both pluvers hud gotten warmed up to
the uumc that it beu-un to assume- the
proportions of a real test between the
pluvcrs. Johnson drew steadily ahead
ut the matt of the game, and once In
lorm, hud little dtfllcultv In getting the
bulls whim ho warned them.
Finals Set Carded
In Georgetown Tennis
The detidlng set tu the Georgetown
t'nlvcrsltv tennis' doubles tocnanient
will bo plaved this uftcrnuon on the
Hilltop coutts between McNultv. of
Chicago, and Devlin, of New York, as
tho 11111 teum. against McQulllen and
Orahuni, of New Jete- and Penns)l
vanla, icspectlvcl), of the 1913 class
The winners of this set shall be de
clared the champions of the university,
us the present champions, Wymard and
llrocxciu, were graduated last June
from the Hilltop Institution, and re
ceive the medals offered for winning
the tournament,
The tlrst four sets of the match were
plavtd yesterday, McNulty and Devlin
capturing the llrst two 6-1 and 9-7, while
the senior team braced and took tho
third and fourth G-2 und 6-1. McQulllen
und Gruhum also captured three games
of the deciding ret before darkness put
an end to the pluj.
.In vesterday'e play, McQulllen and
Graham wero far more consistent than
their opponents, although Devlin and
McNultv plajed brilliant tennis In the
first two sets. McQulllen put up a
beautiful game at tho net, winning
munv points for his team by his clever
tacquet wielding In the forward court,
while Graham gave a clever exhibition
In the back courts
Murray May Manage.
the sindleate headed l Itobert A. Bal
four, the traitlon magnate, and WI1I
lam J CJIImoie, the theatrical man. suc
ceeds In purchasing tho Phillies, Billy
Muiray H exacted to become manage
In place of Charlie Dooln, who may bo
728 Thirteenth Street
Over 80 Yearn Practice Treating
Stomach nud lServou Ulicaaea.
Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Con.
tlpatlon. Dizziness, Uad Taste, Full.
nets after Kutlng, Wakefulness, Lo.
or Flesh. 1e.iit Trouble, Palpitation!
Kidney ond Uladdcr Trouble, stricl
lure, ballow Complexion, I'lmnlnV
Ulood and Skin Diseases. Loss of vi.
lallty, and bpecl.il und Private All.
ments of Uolh Sexes cured tromntl
-60i.' administered) "u
Consultation free, medicines rue.
nlshed. charges low Hours. to i i
and S to 6. Closed Hundavi, M
Freddie Welsh, who regalncl his
British lightweight title yesterday ,y
winning from Matt Wells, Is one nt the
most popular boxers evtr sech In t'l.s
country. He Is a little gentleman out
side of the ring and perfectly fair and
clean against all npp.un-nii within tho
rope. He !i a illttnr champion
Fogel, muck raker?
A syndicate offers Horace Fogel 110,.
OW for a muck-raking article on the
baseball trust, provided he Is banlsliM
from the sport. If Horace endeavors to
live up to his contract as well ns he
did when a scribe In Phllly, his aclsnora
will bo worn out In no time. As a
scribe, Horace was ona of the best little
"clippers" In the game.
Farrcll, Intcrferer.
Frank Parrel! will neer have a win
ning club In New York until he l.as
learned to give his manager free idn.
This has ever been the bane of the
American League In the metropolis, this
costly Interfering. If Farrell gets
Frank Chance for his leader, he will do
well to keep his hands off. If he
doesn't well, he won't havo Chance
long. ,
Has coaches, anyway.
According to all the dope, Gcorgo
Washington will hac an admirable
assortment of athletic coaches, but I
have et to learn that these mentors
will have any embronlc Athletes to
teach. Coaches are all right In their
way, but they can't do the pluslng or
the running or the Jumping.
Eastern vs. Western.
The Eastern-Western game should
be all Eastern's way todav unless the
Capitol Hill teom Is overoonfldi nt Wes
tern may be without the services of
Captain Howard, In which case tho
Easterners will make a run away game
of It. Eastern will greatly outweigh
the Bed and White, and ahould win
hands down.
Penn students strike.
Penn students want to celebrate now
that Penn has something to make merry
over It has been a long up-hill fight at
Franklin Field this season, and the long
string of mediocre performances this
fall have been forgotten In the moment
of triumph and victory over Mich'gan.
Such things do happen, and It must bo
borne In mind that Virginia Is bringing
a team here on Saturday which may
be capable of duplicating a Penn per
formance. State title,
Critics award the Mary'and 8tato
football title to St. John's College at
Annapolis The eleven has performed
consistently, meeting and defeating all
comers. Its greatest triumph was Sit
urdaj's win over V. M. I., the team
which defeated Virginia In Mellon and
Wilson the team has two backfleld men
as capable as any In this section of the
Freddy Welch Again
Wins Champion Title
LONDON, Nov! li-Froddle Welsh,
England's pride, Is again lightweight
champion of the "tight little Island, '
receiving a decision over Malt Wells
after twenty rounds of the best boxing
seen hero In sears Tho largest crowd
In months turned out to see the batt'e
at the National Sporting Club, muny
of England's most prominent peers and
polltlcltms having scuts around the
ring When the bout ended t td the
victory was awarded to Welsh he was
given an ovation Welsh will now to
to the United States to meet several
of the best lightweights there. He
wants a battlo with Ad Wolgast, the
American champion.
Not a really hard blow was struck
during the bout, but It was filled with
the cleverest kind of boxing Both
boys were on their toes at all times
feinting, blocking, Jabbing, and side
strpp'ng so wonderfully that the en
tire house was constantly cheering In
the early rounds Welsh had a slight
advantage, Wells falling to warm up
As the bout progressed, though, the
tltleholder began to show more speed,
and soon he was leading Welsh Ills
feinting was beautiful, Irad'ng Welsh
Into Jab after Jab until finally the chal
lenger's right eye was completely
In the last three rounds both passed
up much of their science, and tiled
desperately for a knockout lhe
crowd went wild at their efforts, and
when Welsh was given the title on
points, he was cheered long und
Bout for Wolgast.
Thanksgiving Dsv match at San Fran
cisco between Ad Wolgast. lightweight
champion, and Willie Ritchie, of that
city, is practically assured, according
to their respective manugeri.
The only ewentlals remaining to be
settled are place nnd promoter, wha will
stage the bout. Tom Jones, WolgaHt's
managei, and Billy Nolan, who handles
Illtchle, said these details would be ar
ranged soon.
3, $3.50 and $4
Beacon Shoes are made to
sell at standard prices. That
is why so many men wear
Beacon Shoes.
MOON'S Beacon Boot Shop
1111 Pa. Ave. Opposite Postoffice

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