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Ihorpe, Donnelly, and Land Selected to Officiate Georgetown-Virginia Game
', 1 . Si . -
Yes, Felix, There Arc a Lot of Kind-Hearted People in This World
By Goldberg
H 'AT MRS. 'fc a VqS M?' 1 Ff K6RE K lgW N4A MRS. Ui6 X--- -
jlfs i BooQwr M rlSs look uvce v- nx mcse L6AME THE X , v
Finlay and Maiden Injured
on Eve of Season's
Best Clash.
CHAnLOTTIiSVILM:, Vn.. Nov. 1!.
Whether Vlislnla will b i.blo to mu
ter her full playlne strcmith nsulnot
Ocorgetown on Stitureluy does not up
pcur near an certain 119 It did three iluyn
ago. Two of the otronsest men in n,(,
line. "Ed" Finlay. All-South Atlantic
e-ntl, and Mnlilen, clant tackle, wero un
able to don their uniforms jratcrduy.
Finlay has been a most conslntent per
former this jour, and It would piny
havoc with Virginia's chancci. of top
phiK e'offello and Fury, the speed t
OeorReluwn backs, if ho were out of
the Kiitr.e. His ilb was not broken, as
reported. Maiden hurt his le In the
Vnnderbllt game, and the same Injury
reappeared during Saturday's scrim
mage. Outside of Carter, he Is the bl-
Kesi man on tho team, wtluhlnK 216.
"Speed" F.lllott stated toiliv thi.t Kin
lay's loss would be u handicap hard to
overcome, thouRh he bcllevtd the himliv
boy would iccover sufllclontly to get In
pnn ut me game.
The practice yesterday wns featured
by the appearance of four moro alumni
coaches. Kemper Yancey, head couch
last season, took special pains In In
irtructlnit the backs In trie art of back
ing up the line on defenbe, and broke
into the scrlmmngo himself for a while.
Coaches Ncff and Mnddox assisted him
wan wic oacKs. "Speed" Elliott and
Baldwin XIers. a former star end, took
hold of the ends, while "IM" Hullady,
tackle two je.irs ugo, and "Empty"
Cooke, the most famous of Virginia
tackles, Instructed the linesmen. All
these coaches will remain until tho
team leaves Charlottesville, on Thurs
day. "Speed" Klllott had both vurslty ami
crubs In Fnycrueathcr gymnasium last
night running over uomc trick plajs,
especially planned for tho coining
Georgetown contest. A short scilm
mage toilm- and signal drill on Wednes
day will llnlih up the Pieparatlons.
To Accommodate Six
Thousand Extra Persons
PRINCKTON, N. J. Nov. 12.-In order
to meet tho great demand for seats for
the Yale-Princeton football gamo which
will tako place on the local gridiron on
November 16, the Princeton Athletic As
eoclatlon has ordered tho construction
of two extra stands which will accom
modate 6,000 persons. This will raise
tho seating rapacity of ITnlveraltv
Field to over 23,000, but this number will
fall almost two thousand short of tilling
inn total numoer 01 applications re
ceived. A limited number of standing
room tickets will ho on sale on tho
morning of the gome.
McClung, Heffelfingcr, Hinkey, Butterworth, Hickok,
Brown, De SauIIes, Rockwell, and Shevlin Are
Among Eli's Greatest Warriors.
Yale, as the riadlc of college football. . lanche, Ted Coy
lays claim to more gridiron stars than
nny other college In th country. Well
tniiy the nils enter their hall uf fame
with heads uncovered, for somo of their
heroes have attained the tuinctltv of
saints whoever Yale men foiegalher.
No Yale man can keep fiom fairly
screaming, no matter what his uge,
when he thinks of the football valor of
"Pudge" Heffclllnger. "Hum" McClung,
Trank Illnkey. Frank lluttet worth, thu
mighty lllckok, Gordon Ilrown, Frank
DeSaulles, Foster Uoekwrll, Tom Shev
lin, and "Tad" Jones, to name but a
handful of old Yule gildliun viondt-ia.
The- tplfy thu Yule athleth splilt.
Out of the dim, distant past looms tho
colossal llgure of Heffclllnger, gigantic.
In statute, bcaidcd like the Norse rover,
a eritublo Olbrullar In tho line on de
fense und u raging lion on attack. He
was a peerless guard of tho old school,
und yet so well was he grounded In tho
Yule "tyle ( play that eur alter yeir
he comes back to his ulma mater and
triuhCH the youngsters of today how to
play guurd. lie knew how down to tho
.i n fii.it Kntiio time Frank Hlukey.
demon end. was making football his
tory, revolutionizing the methods of
stoi ping Intcrfertncc. Ho slopped It by
hitting it liunlei thnn It lilt him For four
vears. though weighing less than any
other man on the Held, he hit Interfer
ences and then waited while they cur--i.,i
HpnHflpflR onnoncnts from the Held
to ho sidelines. He, too, comes back to
nil! in Instructing voung Yule, but not
ulnce then has he been able to Inculcate
Ills own deadly minus into weaaer ci.ij.
Only Tom Shevlin and Kllpatrlck have
ever ci Preached hlin In vitlousntss of
Butterworth Unstoppable.
Prank Huttcrwoith, one of the most
popular men In college, was u stur In
thu early nineties. As a llnc-plunging
fullback he had no peer. He was un
stoppabln under tho old pull-and-push
stvlo of his day. Strong us a bull and
Just ns wild, he would tear through op
ponents as though they wero pygmies.
Long will his mcmoiy live at Now
lllll Hickok wns a powerful guard or
lltittci not th's day. Built like u house,
he inivo way before no attack that could
be htrleil at him. What a wonderful
teum Hcffeltingcr and Hickok would
ninko todu In a guaids buck pla ' He
also made his muik In the hnmmer
thrpw, Ids record long standing uu
bpproached. In the late nineties there gleamed that
other marvelous athletic machine, Gor
don Ilrown, fah-halred, tall, and mus
cul.irlv magnlllcent. Had Yale used the
1..111IS luck Play, he would have1
May Limit Salaries.
MII.WArKm:, Wis, Nov. 12 -It Is
believed that minor league salaries will
be limited at tho meeting of the minor
leagde moguls hero today
Tonight's Bowling
Nutlonnl Capital Duckpln League
Nationals vs. Welsbuchs. ,
Northeastern Duckpln League
Ilaiilons vs. Athletics.
Terminal League Shops vs. Audi
tors. Southern It. U. Tronic vs. Freight.
Spalding Council League Sheeliys
vs. Johnsons.
Interdenominational League All
teams, v.
Departmental Duckpln League
Census vs. Commissioners,
Departmental Tenplu League
Navy vs. Hurcau.
Arcade, League Lnborltes vs.
who rlnneil nnd tore
his wuv throuuh Princeton und llr-'
villi! ns If they weie p.ip'T, who kicked I
Held gouls fioui the fiO-yuid line as
If In practice, whose ello hair was'
ulwajs an Inspiration to his tenminults j
lo do and date, llu was the equal of ,
nny two men he ever factd. anil his 1
rank Is high In thu roll of the heroes
of tho ki lilll mi nt Yale
Hut there wrro otln r wonderful play-
"is nt Ni w Haven. Yule men arc Just j
a loval to Hun Chiimtjcrluln, the glial
but unfortunate leaner, und a powerful
tinkle. Hi Ink Thorm. a brilliant tun
ning halfback. Al Khiiipe, who estab
lished a riiord us u drnpkleker, Jolinnv
l).i .uilK'K, iirvuiisi iiriiii.uit uk a
iiurterliuck. little Morris F.D, who
pl.ijed half of a Huivurd game with I
u broken rib, 1 mining him lnt nso
ngony, "Ho" Olciitt, an excellent cm-!
tir rush. 1'trry Hide, whose rushing 1
was as good as Coy's ever wns uflri-
waul. George Stlllmnii, a stronir, up- 1
standing tuekle. Ned Glass, strongest ,
of gti.uds, Itulph lllooiner, terrible In
the tachlis back ten yeurs Hgo, "Tud"
Jours, 11 whirling 1le1vlt.l1 In n broken
Held, Steve Phllbln, most slippery of j
running halfbacks. 01 Johnny Kit-1
l.iittltk. the catupultlc end I
Yule's heroes of the gridiron have.)
xlsted through a generation. They
will continue to make football history 1
nt New Haven. It's a way tliev bavo
there. Theie's something In tho air
that makes for footbull skill among the
Harvard Works Hard
On Dartmouth Plays
CAMHIUDGi:, Mass, Nov Il.-Fslng
Dartmouth and Yale formations ulto
gcther, the lluivunl scrubs pluyed a
two-hour scilmmage yesterday against
the vnrsltv, the o.iches being deter
mined that the Crimson go through the
season unileieaieii, inns wiiiiiiuk ui-.
l,.alll. ll.irttnmith Is exneeted '
.Hllll'i"c,,,'l'. .-..... -- ---.
to give Harvard the haidest tlglil 01
the yiar next Satin day. Captain Wen
dell was the only regular not used, hli
weak onUle being given another day's
Hope to Beat Penn.
ITHACA. N. Y. Nov. 12. So strong
was the defense of the Cornell eleven
against the lunvv Daitmouth team Sat
in dny, a feeling of confldenco Is spread
ing nmong the students here that the
"Hlg Ited team" will defeat both Mlchl
gnn and Iennslvnnln this season, des
ilti the nonr work to dute. The return
of Captain llutler to the eleven adds
life to tho nttaek, and he will piny In
both blc games lemiilnlng on the
Wheeler Will Lead Elis, and
Bomcislcr Stays on
NI.W IIAVI:N. Conn, Nov I.'.-Yale's
vurslt) llui-up Is about s'ttlid for the
I'rliuetou game, und It does not llnd
liiiiuelbler on It. Avry Is klveii lirkt
thole at right 1 lid, lurgcly because of
the weak shoiihli'r of Hoiutisler. The
ioucIhs will save hlin for thu Haivuid
garni' a week fioui iSutuiday. Heiu li
Ihiw Vale v.lll face the TUeis. tiullauLr,
lift end. Tulbott, left tackle. Count.-) ,
l.-lt guard; Keiehaui. -ntii . 1" mlleniii,
light guanl, .wir), right end. Whe.ler,
i-ii.irti-ib.ick, rhilblii. Uft halfback,
t-paldliig, light hultljuck, and Flnn,
Wlueli-t's Inn- gi nerulshlp, tuuidid
with his dlsplev ol snap and fir", has
glviii hlin tni pluco over the more ex
pirleneeircorni II He came with u tush
ft mil the tmrd team to the vursil), ullil
bus held his own In the dally scrlm
iniiKi s und looked .is good us Crowther,
llrown's 1te11111, lust Saturday.
A mob of former stars are couching
the v.nlt pliveis. Tom Shevlin Is do
ing his Ihsi to make the ends capable
of pl.islng his stjlc of game. Foster
S.infurd, Carl Flanders, llurr Chumber
luln, and "Ho" Olcott nre struggling to
htiengtli'Mi the guaids und tinkles, while
Wallei Cump. Juck Field. Arthur Howe,
and "Pa" Coibln are handling the backs.
Princeton Eleven Is
Given Long Practice
PIUNCKTON, N. J., Nov. 12. With
every regular except "fJoldle" Wight In
the line-up, the Princeton viirlty eleven
was given n long, bruising practice es
terday. Man Ineligible giants, Includ
ing lleynlger, the b.g frcshmnn. weie
used on the scrubs and they held the
varsity to a 7-to-7 tie. Special strees
wus lam upon tnu uciensive wont or tho
forward couch Cunningham expecting
a hard time f It stopping "Lefty"
Fllnn, the Yale llne-plunglng fullback.
Thorpe, Donnelly, and Land Announced as Choice
Georgetown and Virginia for Game on Saturday.
Last Hard Scrimmage Held Today.
Announcement of the officials fo- the
Georgeto ti-Virginia game on Saturluj
Is mude toda following a seleci:m
fiom a list of names submitted by the
two universities.
Tom Thorite, coacoli of the Puplhim
eleven, und former Columbia i.ipf.iln,
has ben agreed ' upon as lefeice.
Thorpe last ear worked the Vliglnla
game and has been seen here this Jen
son, umpiring the Washington and Iac
Genrgetottii game.
For umpire, lMwurd IJiuncll, the old
Dartmouth plaver, has been selei P d.
He has worked through the South this
season with excellent result. He Is a
1 popular official, knows the game from
A to 7. and Is a capable man.
Lieutenant 1-uud, o; the Nav, will
kuuwn here as an ofllclal in college
and high schoul games, has been select
ed as head linesman. Lund's work Is
will known and the list or officials us
announced 1 oiild not be Improved upon
Today will llnd the Georgetown team
In hard work on the colli g
last time before tho Virginia loniest on
Mitunl.iy The llnal sci.iniiiage in piep
.in.tlnn for the big game will De
held with the Maryland Aggies who w 11
come over to help point
Gruy team for Its
the fonnei picp school star will get
a look In.
At t.ukhs. Ilegnitv and Whlt- will
be used, that Is. If Hcgarty is in uuy
sort of condition. Ills knee is still p.
bad shnpe and no one figures that he
will ! nble to stund tin gatt even If
ne does start the contest White Is 11
Hiiicti for tho other tnekle, and it would
not be at all surprising to see the for
mer l.etir tuekle malic the All-South
Atluntt'1 position on his showing In the
next two gumes
At guards, Iiarrun and Morlartv will
piobablv be found. i:ither or thee men
Is capable of giving Jett and Carter,
the giant Virginia guards, a run for
thflr nione, while 111 center eltlier
Hitch or Mull..ne will be nst il. Hitch
villi be the most likely 1 liolec for the
ei 111
Disappointed at Showing of
Backfield Against Buck-
. nell Saturday.
ANNAPOLIS, Md.. Nov. 12. The un
satisfactory work of the Naval Acad
emy backfield ugulnst Uucknell on
Suturday has made the coaches most
uncertain as to the tlnuf arrangement.
It has been hoped thut the four best
men had been picked, and that the
remaining three weeks before the Army
game could be spent In rubbing them
into shape und establishing concert of
notion among them, but It Is manifest
that the backfield combination must be
stronger than it wus on Saturday or
uu Army victory will be a Curt-gone
conclusion. The coaches told the inem-
Thu'rsday. Friiiuv. and Saturday mom- ' 'r8 of Vi" mWia p?l?lr -csfaay af'
.. ,., .. . .. -"."""j t.twi 11 - .,,,,,,., fhitt twin,, .if thu th.Mlllitnu vim
his will lie spent ut the camp near Glen
l.rno and the b netfls derived for the
outdoor life, healthy food and hours of
slnep will see a rested, capable eleven
which daihs on the field on Saturdtiv
when irglnla Is met.
em. led Tr uxton Hare thai c er 1 ,,d nVl :.lt le Satuiady the Itl.ncatis will
gut of Old Pe ni for hcv laved it 'fPt Michigan at Ann Arbor nnd look
, no's, mo In, ..'"eatl TmnUng' ""hf AH- " NKtoiy b) q small score.
Indians Confident
America eleven while In niilli-ft
llrown's play was flawless ngalnst all
npionentH nnd the fntlro football vol Id
was nghiiBt a vear or so ago when ho
met an untimely death.
Then Came Hogan,
Then came another wonderful plnyer,
end an iqunlly wonderful n-an Jim
Hogan. A poor boy. ho worked his
wav through pren school and through
college, always a high rank man In his
cluss, und 0110 of the greatest football
tuikles ever seen. Hven In 1W1, while
a freshman, his woiK uttiacted atten
tion, slid for three venrs uflervvnrd liu
was hailed the best on the grldliou
Like Hiowii, Hogan died In the prime
of life, mourned in all who knew him
In Ilogan's du came the mlghtv Tom
Shevlin. whose delight It was to seize
11 klckoff under his goalposts, and,
brushing all opposition aside, run down
the field for 11 touchdown. Foster
Hockwell, red-headed 111 d magnetic, also
glistened nt the same time. Hockwtll's
iliiaiterback play, when he was In con.
dltlon, wns truly marvelous, easily
I'.uuhug thut nt the gieitt Cliuille Uai
ur the peerless Phil King.
Following these ttnin tunic the quietly
In llliant Hnv HUlow. Yule hns gen
el bllv developed creut tackles, and nlg
low was one of them. He was always
Just a little bettfi thuii nnv man who
evei plnvrd ugulnst lilni Ills iualttes
of leadership too mutle him dnuhlv
valuable to the nils, uinl Ilia ineiuory
wIM iilwavs he kept green,
Of latiist memory Is the human ava-
CAHLISLi:, Pa., Nov. 12. The Car
lisle Indlnns, with every player In per
fect physical condition, expect to run
away from Pennsylvania Saturday on
Franklin Field. Coach Wnrner Is teach
ing his stars three tricks to be used
against the Quakers and these, to
gether with the wonderful double passes
and running of Thorpe and Arcanu. .ire
expected to prove the utter dounfull of
tho tied nnd Hlue,
May Fool Harvard.
IIANOVUR. N. IL. Nov. II -Dartmouth
may fool Harvard Saturday with
Held goals of Its own, Hogsett, Kngle-
horn, and Ilurcnds nil being nble to boot
tho ball from placement over the bar.
All three were given much work yes
ttrtlav at this tlenartmcnt of the irnmi
and may repeat In the Stndliun. Twen-
ty-tnree players were used on the var-
sitj team. Coach Cavanaugh wlsiilng to
have plenty of ood substitutes.
Army Philosophical.
W'KST POINT. N Y Nov. i;.-The
Army eloven Is philosophical after Its
overwhelming defeat at the hands of
Carlisle, nnd Is now bending all Its
energies to winning from the Navy
Light work was given tho team yes?-r-day,
but a stiff scrimmage Is on the
curds for today.
Coaches G.irgan und Hcnnls are hop
ing that the men now uvunuum
c"c.ipe the Jinx that has been follow ng
the team for such a long tlmo und that
the players will receive no more In
juries In practice. Those In charge
make- utements to the effect that they
urc ac'uullv af.ald 10 stajt some of 10
stars in scrimmage foi fear hal .they
will be unable to play against MrBinla
After the scrimmage WedneBilav. the
plaveis will make icudy to take the
trip to Hen Our. the cump at vyhlcl
four dus were spent befnie the Indians
gumc. Here It Is thought thilt the pli
ers will get a much needed rest, thut
finer details can be talked ovt r and
the plajers given the few hints nnd es
sentlals that arc expected t.. ictund them
In shape mentally and ploalcally for
the Virginia game. -
None 01 the Georgetown plaers feel
tho slightest rear or v inngiii. iney
arguo that the Orange and Hlue can
not be expected to show im impiegnable
defense against Georgetown, ulthough
when the Vnnderbllt scoie Is taken Into
account, Georgetown nlaycrB have little
to say Virginia bus failed to show
the same form that bus marked the
many victories of the Hlue and Gray
and those on the team nt nil talkative
say that Georgetown will triumph for
Hie tlliro successive llllio ue-i mu mvn
from Charlottesville.
No definite line-up has been given out
by nny of the coaches, und It Is prob
lemntleal Just who will start ngalnst
Virginia II Is almost ccrtuln thut
Dunn. K . Costello. und Murray will
make up the bncklleld. On the ends
Hergin. Donnelly, nnd Van Hrocklln,
with Mnrtln and Campazil. will piob
ably get a show Followers of little
Hilly Martin are pulling for him to start ,
the game, and It Is not unlikely that 1
There wus not the slightest suspicion
of 'Hlue Monday" at the Hilltop field
.vesterduv. all of th i,I-iv-o ,.
field 101 tut), Into jtraellte with n vim und determln-
Hiion wnirn bespoke the Lest results
for SiturdayN game. The practice was
secret, due to the fact that the Hlue and
Grav coaches had a number of new
plnvs which nre being worked up.
All of tho, men reported In fairly good
shape and nre expected to be In line
fettle nv the end or the week. It wns
definitely learned that Hegartv will
start In the game Saturday. Petretz
will be out of It on account of n bad
knee which has failed to come around
to treatment
thu Hlilu und
stund ugulnst Vlr-
Bucknell Hustles.
LKWISIirnO, Pn Nov. i;.-"Hy"
Dickson Is making his Hucknell eleven
hustle on Its final preparation for the
big game with Swarthmoro next Satur
day. The varsity players enme through
the Navy game In good shape and every
one of the regulars will be reads to
stait Satuidu)
ternuon thut none of the positions win;
settled, nnd thut the men who show
ed the best performances would be thu
ones thut would start tho Army game.
There wus spceiul disappointment at
the weakness of Cuptaln Ilodes und
Leonard In bundling punts. Handling
punts had been considered the strong
point of the Navy captain, but lib was
away off on Saturday, and his weak
ness In this line us well hs thut of
Leonard's contributed largely to the
Navy's poor showing.
Nlcholls will be given a thorough
tryout this week, and by many ho la
considered a more relluble ground
gainer than Leonard. The team would
miss Leonard's punting badly. How
ever, II Harrison did fair work on
Saturday, as did Ingram and I'alljng.
All of these are big mun, and two of
the trio nre rather sure of finding
places behind the line.
Penn Given Rest.
PIUI.ADF.LPHIA. Pa.. Nov. 11
Penn's vurslty eleven was given a rest
yesterday, but light "crlmmuge was
oidered lor thtB afternoon to get the
stiffness out of the plajers after their
victor over the Wolverines. Craig
has tecovered from his injuries and
will stnrt at quarterback ngalnst Car
lisle Soturdny, Mnrshitll nnt being used
until he hus to be, owing to his wenk
defensive play.
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