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Wxt Itefutwfrm Cime
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Rain Tonight;
Thursday Fair.
Last Edition
NUMJiER 7(i.)2.
Yesterdays Circulation, 45,720 WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 13, 1913.
Sixteen Pages.
Czar Is Preparing to De
clare War on Austria,
Is Belief.
Disregards Warning of Francis
Joseph, and Conflict
Is Near.
The "Young Turk." the official
organ of the government an
nounced today that an order had
been issudd for a general mobiliza
tion of the Russian army in
Europe. The order was directed
against Austria, in the event of an
attempt by the latter to keep Ser
via back from the Adriatic.
Movements of AiiBtria today Indi
cated that a campaign would be
waged against Servla as a result of
the latter country's action In re
jecting the ultimatum for peace In
the war against Turkey. Bulgaria
joined Servla In throwing down the
eauntlet to Austria.
Emperor Francis Joseph and bis
advisers were In conference at
Budapest today, and declaration of war
was expected momentarily.
Servia Seizes Durazzo.
BELGRADE, Nov. 13. Despite the
warnings of Austria, Srla today
seized Durazzo, one of the most Im
portant ports on the Adriatic sea. Cap
ture of tho town was effected by Gen
eral Yunkovltch, with u large forco of
Tills wan taken here today as mak
ing war botwecn Servla, and Austria
certain. It was believed that a force
of Austrlans would bo sent Into Servla
at oncu.
Duraiio Is Important.
Durazzo Is Turkish city In Albania,
directly across tho Adriatic sea from
Urlndlsl, Italy, and not far from Scutari
It Ik near tho Austrian coast line, and
has been desired for a long time by
Austria because of Its importance in
ST. PETERSBURG, Nov. 13,-Czar
Ferdinand haa decided not to lead the
Bulgailati army Into Constantinople. It
was stated todaj In a dispatch retched
hut: Item Sulla,
Ills majesty uu said to have I cached
his decision on account of the danger of
prectpltutlng a massacre of Christians
before hu could secure full control of
the city and feel BUro of keeping order.
Tho Impression here was that he
probably Is much more afraid of cholera
ttiau of a massacre, concerning which
he has not hltheito shown anj particu
lar . inlct.
LONDON, Nov 13 Germany was do
ing Its utmost todaj to dissuade Austria
from precipitate action In tho liiilkatis.
Kaiser lllielm was representing to
the Austrian eouit that he has an ex
cellent right to ask for consideration In
asmuch as he will be diawn Into thu
ronllict In the event of an outbreak of
hostilities Tin fathuiland has no dis
position to pi t cut Austila from pro
tecting its interests, the German luler
was understood to hate explained, but
lie expressed the opinion that these In
terests can bo safeglarded diplomati
cally If the Auatilans im not tuu hasty,
accoidlliK to Infoimatlon iccelvcel lieic.
If It Is true that Servian ttnoiis huve
occuDied Durazzo. on tho Adriatic. It
was conducted that It will speedtiv be
shown whether Austria Is disposed to
heed these counsels
No doubt was expressed of the au
thenticity of the news that both Austria
and 1 tals have' mobilized llctls tor a
naval demonstration against Seivla off
the Adllatlo euist and If Durazzo haa
been Belzcd tho excuse his been fur
nished fm It
That Russia has called out Its entire
mllltor stietigth In llurupe k ques
tioned, but It was known that the Czar
hus enough troops undei uims to strike
hcavllv at a moments notice. That
Austrian reserves aie hurrj lug to tho
colois een from far distant countilos
was another ceitulnty.
German, there was Rood reason for
believing, haB been quletlv preparing
for possible hostilities on a scale at
least equalling its preparations for the
time of the threatened rranco-Germau
clash ovei Morocco, about a yeai ago
Though it was oiTlciulli described as
a practice moblllzailon, the usscnibllu;
or an imgusn uuu corps hi .viueisnui,
now in progress, was also considered sig
nificant, though of courre. It was be
lieved that England s chief reliance
will be ItB nav, which is ulreadj In
trim for am emergency
Rumois tint a Bulgarian lopie
nentatlve Is conterrlng secretly with
tho Turkish government at Constantin
ople wcio generally credited. In vio.v
of eailler news that Turkej had up
pealed dlieotlv to the llullcun alllfB
for pence terms
rom:isr ron xnr district
Italn tonight, Thursday fair and gen
crally colder.
Ram .. 47 I s u m 51
9am.. . 5ii I 9 a in 51
in a in C- I 10 a in .'
II u m .. . (3 I 11 u in ',
U noon . "o 1! noon i
lpm . . 7i 1 1 p in ;.'
; p in . - ' P m 71
gun rises t.30 I Sun sets,,,,,,,, 1.13
Twenty Injured Are Rescued
From Blazing Debris
of Limited.
Exploding Gas Tank Adds to Hor
rors of Tragedy Near
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 13.
Twent7 persons were killed, two
were missing and twenty or more
were Injured when a Cincinnati,
Hamilton, and Dayton passenger
train from Cincinnati crashed head
on Into a standing freight In an open
switch at Irvlngton, an Indianapolis
suburb, early today.
The wreck caught Are from an ex
ploding gas tank, and for a time the
lives of tho Imprisoned Injured woro
threatened, but a bucket brigade of
citizens and the Irvlngton firemen
put out tho blaze.
List of Known Dead.
The known dead are:
MRS. JULIA CHENEY, thirty. wlf
of Clifton Cheney, Jackson, Ky.
CHARLES CHENEY, thirteen, their
CHESTER CHENEY, five months old.
ineir DaDy.
JOHN CHENEY, brother.
CHRIST l.MHOLT and wife, vaude
ville actors, Cincinnati.
AL11ERT ALLEN, Los Angeles.
FRED HUTCHINSON, flteman of the
freight, Madison, Va.
BERT WHITE, passenger brakeman,
IRWIN WIGGINS, passenger conduc
tor, Indianapolis
JErKERSON. negro porter.
JOSEI'H L. PALMER, Etewa, Tenn.
CHESTER CHENEY, sr., fifty-two
jears, Dreathttt county, Ky., father or
Clifton Cheney.
ALMA SHARKEY, Indianapolis.
HAROLD DURG, Indianapolis.
I1EN BOYLK, Chicago.
Jackson, Ky.
Unidentified boy, llftoen
Unidentified woman, believed to be
Mrs Albert Allen, Los Angeles.
One unidentified man passenger.
Two People Missing.
The missing:
Cox, passonger.
Unidentified negro, porter.
Seriously Injured.
Burton Jones, baggagemaster, Dav ton,
Kj., head and back.
Clifton Cheney, Jackson, Ky., body
crushed, Internally Injured: may die.
Lilly Cheney, two years old, head and
J. C. Sklllman, Indianapolis, baggage
man, legs Injured
Willis York, freight fireman, Indian
apolis, legs broken ,
Carl Gross, freight brakeman, Indian
apolis, legs broken
F. E. Emberson, freight fireman, body
bruised and scalded.
A. York, freight engineer, Indian
apolis, legs injured.
Harry Sells, Champagne, 111 , lees
Fred Patterson, passcng-r bi ikenan,
Madison, Va , leg broken
The unidentified dead man, from
names found In a noteoook In his pocket
may bo either C. r. Orundhoeffer. 4410
Darrow avenue, Wlnton place, Cincin
nati, or Charles S. Bpagenbury, GOO
Slxts -seventh avenue, Milwaukee, Wis
Conductor Crushed.
Wiggins, the passenger conductor,
was killed where ho stood In the aisle
of a passenger couch. Ills glasses still
wore on his nose, and he stood upright.
crushed to death
Mrs Chenej and her flve-months'-old
baby clasped in her arms, were Instant
ly killed
The freight train, ordered to meet the
passenger at Irvlngton, backed Into the
switch, and it was left open The pas
senger ran Into the siding, meeting the
standing freight head-on
Most of thu Killed und injured were
riding In the smoking car, which was
next to the mall car. A gas tank under
the mall car, suppljlng the train lights,
exploded aftci the tolllslon and set fire
tu the wreck, but the Irvlngton fire de
partment extinguished the blaze
Are Injured as Shots
Fired From Ambush in
West Virginia.
CHARLESTON, W. Vn , Nov. 13 -Guerrilla
warfare was in evidence near
Kingston, In Fayette county, when a
band of sulking miners opened fire on
a dozen men emploed bj the Bolvay
follerles C'ompanv. Haddox, a driver,
was fchot in the hip and lilankenshlp,
u nilno watchman, was shot In IIih foot.
Itnth were only slightly Injured Three
of tho foui mules dilven bv tho part)
were killed
An official of tho coal rompany was
leturnlng homo from the Kast and was
accompanied b three men who expect
to work In the strll.e zone They who
met In Capt I'red V. l.estti and four
men at Uollian, a station on the Vlr
Klulnti Itallwav and were driving
thiough the iiiiintr), and thoj were
Hied upon frnin the hills near Mohv,
where the strlkeis have a ciinip The
lire Jt letuinul, aftei which I.estei
and his party retreated to Kingston,
Some Little Ones
Gambler Declares They Told
Him They Would Do Any
thing for Becker.
NBW YORK. Nov. 11 llefore the
opening of tho trial of I.cfty lxiulc,"
"Ojp the Blood," "Dago Frank," and
"Whltcy Iwls," the four gunmen ac
cused of killing Herman Roenth il, to
day, Assistant District A norm Moss
announced that he expected lo complete
me tase oi me Htato vvitiun a lew
Today Giovanni Btanlsh, Jack Rose,
and either Harry Vallon or Ilildgey
Webber will be put on the stind to
identify the four prisoners as the ones
who rode in the "murder car" on the
night of the shooting
District Attornes Charles S Whitman
took personal charge of the prosecution
tod.iv and hli first witness was "Raid'
lack Rose The Rambler whs calm as
he looked at the four prisoners, who
tiled vutnlv to stare him out of coun
tenance Roso Bald his name was Jucob Roso
and that he had been a "gambler by
profession for twelve cars more or
less " He testified that he had met
"Lefty Louie" and "Whltcy Lewis" sev
eral da)s before tho minder, told them
they muBt put Rosenthal out of busi
ness, and received theli assurance that
they would "do nriv thing for Lieutenant
Gunmen Seemed 111.
The gunmen looked 111 when they left
the court room jesterdav With fear
still heavy on him but moved by a
stronger emotion, William Shuplro, who
drove tho gray murder cur to and from
the Metropolis freighted with the mur
derers of Rosenthal the man who, the
prosecution savs, holds tho key that
will unlock the room with the little
door for tho four defendants turned the
key In the lock, and by his testimony,
the district attorney believes, threw
the door wide open
Looking straight ut them, the stocky
chauffeur pointed his finger in turn at
"Whltcy Lewis, at Dago i ranK, at
"Lefty Louie," und at 'Up the Illood "
Those were the men ho swore he had
taken in his car from "Hrldgie" Web
ber's poker room at Fort) -second street
and Sixth avenue, to the Metropolo, In
West Fort) -third strict, near Broad
nay, on the early morning of July 16
and with whom h had tied fifteen min
utes later when Rosenthal s head had
been nearlv shot olt, and the four men
with pistols In their hands, hid
swarmed aboard the ear again and
commanded him to speed away.
And so Ingeniously did District At
torney Whitman present his case that
the Hiatus In HIimiioh siois his In
ability to Bwear that tho four he had
carried to and from tho scene of the
dime had been the actual murderers
was moie than pieced out bv the pre
ceding witnesses who had made positive
Identifications of the quartet as the
Whitiuei hope the four had that the
cross-examination would shako the
swarthy, uulv haired, squat figure who
crouched In tho witness chair and was
as Informative us before ho had been
secretive, dlsappeaied when the driver
had made Just two answers
Fear for His Life.
"Why did von not ldentlf) these men
before" ' ho was asked "Whv did J ou
not tell what you knew hefore'
Hack flashed the replv that lung true
"Because 1 was afraid I was ufiuld
that I would he killed '
"Well," Mild WhaU, "whs do jou do
It now '
"Because my mother begged and
begged me to and I saw that It was tho
only wav.
And the answei had an added effect
through the testimony brought out b
Whitman a moment later that on he
dav following ihe minder the witness
had told the same story he repented on
the stand to his eouusil, Aaron J Levy
But theie Is n leport that there was
nnothel reasun for Shaplios change of
splilt. So long hs "Big Jnek" Zollg
livid ho resisted all overtures towaid
malting u eonfesslon But with tho
diath of the gang leader, Shapiros
funs tepaiteil In losing Zellg tho four
men In the Tninbt lost their anchor to
wlndwiiid How deplj thev had tiust
ed him. how IniplUlth tiny hud obeved
111 tu whs slMiivn bv tin lit'eis from tho
gunmen to Zellg and from him to them
piloted th( morning after Zellg was
killed b "Red l'hll' Davidson.
' IsllllllllllllllllllillllllllllHn lilliillllVrfiliBllilllliHEi"f1iii
I isllllllllllllllllslllVHllllslllllllllllllHHSBf iM 'PajBIIIIIKr'. JfTlt issllllSfsiHfB3HEEHHislllllllSilVJMfcShflsBC vslaH, HHHHHSisWsHHHWJr viBlHHHHHHH
8el mMmm 'Ir lr
to Whom "Rebecca"
- m
Reading the Story of "Rebecca" to Some of the Inmates of St. John's
"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" and Miss
Edith Taliaferro Charm Orphans at
Matinee Performance.
One thousand happy orphans, drawn fiom tho orphanages of tho
National Capital, sat In tho Columbia Theater this afternoon, laughed and
clapped their hands over "Rebecca of Suunybroolt Farm," and thanked 'Ihe
Washington Times and Miss Udlth Taliaferro for a glimpse of pleasures
that como only once in a while
It was a Joyous and yet pathotlc spectacle: picsented at the doors of
tho theater when the automobiles, filled with tots without mothers or
fathers, began to unload.
In twos, threes, sixes, and dozens they trooped happily into tho play
house. Chaperons stood ncur, but there was little to do except to show
the little folks the open doors to tho jo)s within.
The good humo' wus Infectious jflsi
Tullaferro and her companv eagerly
watched the plaful antics of tho ai
rlvlng throngs, the plajers were Jut
as Impatient as the audience for the
curtain to rise and every member of tho
company put his or her whole heart to
day Into "Rebecca of Sunnybrook
Farm "
Here Is the way the orphans, called
from every part of the cltv, availed
themselves of tho opportunlt) to he the
vvelionio guests of Tho Times and Mlsa
One hundied and fortv children came
from the ChrlBt Child Socletv th
German Oiphunugo sent fort) -nine- c
ubenint bo.. a nnd gills 100 eumo fiom
the Cltj Oiphan s linn, foil) fiom the
Bell Home, twcntv.foiir fiom Kindi'l
(lieen Asvlum, four from thu Found
ling llospltul. 111 f-oni tho InduMtrlil
IIoiiih at Tcnalljtowii, nlnet fiom flt
John a Orphanage, 1W from the Bntea
and The Times Brought Joy Today
- Ph t., Ilv n llurL
Home, six fiom the lilendslilo House.
und 176 weic gatheied b thu Asiocl
tited Charities The Jewish Orphun
Home also sent Its little Inmates nnd
when the last visitor entered the Co
lumbia, It was ound that approximate
ly 1.000 children hud become the) guests
of Tho Times nnd Miss Tiillafeuro
If an orphan happened lo be a little
girl, she reeelved a bow of ribbon Mine
Ihun .100 surds of ribbon, of vail n'
ored huis were ellstilbuted amung tne
girl theiiter-goeis, and evciv ornhuu
legardless of slzei oi sex, reeelvid a
big bag of ciindv
Wllllum F tiiiele, one of those who
look an iictue Interest In the chil
dren's pait), sent down 1,0110 cat na
tions and iiiici and a cntli child en
tered the theut'i ho or sho is pre
sented Willi n bouquet T1 It wai
e lasped llKhtlv to flutterlnr hieusti
lutt ni weie the eanelv bags
'I hr Woolvveiith Comnanv nisei di
noted 100 hexes of cinelv which vvei
distributed among t lit cilppled chll
(Continued ou 1 Utli Page.)
President General of Society
Pleads for Harmony in
Deliberations Here.
A plea to the (.'idled Duughteis of
tho Confederac) to HVold friction dur
ing their convention here was made to
daj b thu ptisldent general of the
socletj. Mis Alexander B White, of'
I'ittiM Tinti i ti,i., until,,,! -ill. ! '
was lead for her Mis White's mes
sage to tho daughters was the princi
pal feature of the opening sesnlon of
the convention proper which tovened
ut 10 o clock 'ii the ballroom of the
Wlllard, Cardinal Gibbons giving the
Inaugural pru)er.
It was learned authoritatively that a
decision 1 Mrs White herself relative
to being a cundldate for re-election
llkelv to i move what might have been
the chief source of contest or Ill-feeling
In the convention The Tennessee dele-
?atlon will present Mrs Whiles namo
or re-election and the absent president
general Is almost certain to be re-named
If Mrs White were not running for a
second term but withdrew because of
the Ill-health In her famll) which keeps
her anav nt the present time, there
piobably would be a keen three-cornered
contest between Mrs. UvlngBton It.
SchuIcr, of New York, Mrs Frank G.
Odenhelmer, the vice president now
presiding over the convention, and Mrs.
Dalsj McLauiln Steve, of Mississippi.
For Common Cause.
"I'ut ashle this deslro to dominate or
to win ut all hazurds," said the presi
dent general In her warning. ' Forget
self and make the organization the
cause and all it stands for rather than
i-clrlsh Interest, paramount To bj
worthv of the soldier blood of our fath
ers does not cull for strife and bicker
ing but reuulres us to be brave, to
stand shouhier to shoulder like good sol
diers feeling the fate of our eampilgn
ten truth and Justice or the suiiens of
out eaiiso mo depend on tu nnd us
alone and our conduct undei tilt '
Presentation of State flags to the
U D C of the Iilstrlct division thereof
aroused the createst enthusiasm among
the 1SS delegates In the bill room of
tho willnid this morning, othn than
this routine business vvas disposed of
following the Involution Mr" Little
ton nppeared at thu convention this
moinlut, with copies of hei petition to
hive Mnntleello piuclmsed b the nu
llon Mie nske'd delegates to slsn this
The Wlllaril bull room was ablaze with
coloi when the eonvemlon started this
morning, the walls being nlmosi entlie
15 eovned with icl and white streamers
ami Fulled States and Confederate
(Contlnueil on Sixth Page )
Wants $25,000 From Pitcher
Alienation of Wife's
NLW 1 OI1K, Nov 13 -Suit for JJJ 0"0
veus filed iiguliist Rube Mmquaid. the
famous left-huueled pitcher o the New
York Giants, In thu Supienie Court lo
eluv, hy Joseph C alien who alleges that
Mureiuard alienated the illectlons of his
wife, known on the etano as Blossom
Seelej lie alleged that on Noveubei
t, lie foui d Mimiuaid anil Miss See lev
Mvlng loKi'thei In a Imlel ut Atlantic
CIIS, and 'hat when he uppcuieM mi
the sei'iio they escaped hi an ai.toino.
Maieiuiril unci Miss Seelev hud be i
apieuilng in vuudivllle with Cube n n
their munajci
Calif n Is known for business ur
petsei as Wane
Now Orleans Gateway a Pleasant One.
To California mill I'aelllc Coast via
tMiuthirii Rullwu Consult Agent i foi
paitliiilus (It) Offices. Tie', 15th st
and I'M F st N. W.-Advl.
Girl Held for Investigation
Claims She Fired Fear
ing a Burglar.
Aged Mother Killed by Bullet
Had Many Jewels in Her
TRENTON, N. J., Nov. 13. Mrs.
Elizabeth Myers is dead in St.
Francis Hospital and her daugh
ter, Miss Gladys Myers, is being
detained by the local police au
thorities as the result of a tragic
shooting early this morning on a
Pennsylvania railroad train near
this city.
Miss Myers and W. II. Cuthbcrt,
of Lynchburg, Vu , tho latter also a
passenger on the train, are at
police headquarters pending an
investigation. Tho Myers home
la nt Greensburg, Pa , and tho
mother and daughter were en routo
to New York to purchase a wedding
gown for the daughter and gifts for
her brother. The young man and
girl had planned to have a double
wedding next June In Salem, Va , his
Took Mother for Burglar.
The two women wcro en route from
the Pennsylvania city tu New York
und occupied berths In a sleeping car.
After the train bait puBsed Bristol,
Pa, Miss M)crs, according to- her own
story, as told to the police, was awak
ened from a deep slumber and mistook
her mother for a burglar She fired
her revolver, thu bullet entering the
older woman s breast When the train
reached this city the wounded woman
was rusheel to the hospital, but died
soon afterward without regaining con
sciousness The elaughter was h
When asked about the shooting, tin
girl could onl wring he r hand and sav
that It was all a horrible mistake ''
was asleep and awakened suddenlv, and
thought somebodv was robbing me. I
grasped m revolver and llred, and
mother was struck."
Later the daughter was able to tell
moie of the tragedv She said she
awoke Just is her mother was returning
from the woman's npartment In tho end
of the car, and her Impressions on being
suddenlv aroused was that someone was
trvlng to rob her She nred The bullet
a .3-'-calIber, entered the right lung of
Mrs Mers
Panic Follows Shot.
In an Instant everything was confu
sion, and almost a panic resulted. The
shot and screams of the girl aroiuMd
other passengers, and brought the train
crew to the scene. Cuthnert ran In from
an adjoining car and offered his serv
ices This Involved htm in the case to
the extent of causing the police to hold
him as a witness.
The dead woman was fifty jears of
age. The daughter Is eighteen, and er
J Rappe Mvers, jr , the son, was
with his mother and sister In Pittsburgh
esterda. Mrs Myers who wore much
Jevvelrv, was afraid to travel unpio
tected, and nt her solicitation the re
volver vvas ptf-chased Last night she
and her daughter put It beneath the
pillow When his melber and slslei
left for New Yoik, Mcis returned to
his home In Virginia
GRKENSBFRG, Pa, Nov 13 Mis
Lllzabeth Mvers, who vvas actldcntallv
. shot to death li her daughter In a
'sleeping car near Bilstol, Pa, earlv to
dav. eras the wife of J Ripp Mjcis,
ipropiietoi of the Ralph Hotel here, and
well known tlirougnoui me vv e stern
end of the State
Fathel ami son were e pecteel her'
eail toriav, being en route fiom Pitts
burgh and Mipposeellj Ignorant of the
Wilt Be Succeeded By Vice Pres
ident Samuel
PlULm:LPIUA, Nov 13-Presl-dent
.lames McCitii, of the Pennsvl
vanln Railroad Compuio, resigned to
du, effective .laiiunrj 1 next mid Vltn
Pieslelent Samuel Ren, whh e lee ted tu
slice eeil him Ml Ren has set veil thu
reiud hi munv capacities
8ccretarv of State Knox
Seiielau of Comnieiie and labor
Nage I
Senator Culloni
Senaloi Mel umhe
(ougieSbliHin flalze II i
lA-Sen Hoi lleinciivvuj. '
x-bcnalor Maaou. ,

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