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Prominent Men Insist on
Defense of Mongolia
Against Russia.
April 15, Date Set by Wilson,
Considered Tentative
.1 Here.
Referendum Vote on Federa
tion Officers Seems
Largely Favored.
Informer Will Not Be Able to
Resume His Testimony
Until Next Week.
Announcement of Governor Wilson
that lie will call an cxtia session of
Congiees not later tlian April 15 means
that throughout thlH winter thu Demo
cratic leaders In Houm and Senate will
1'C laying tlielr plana for tarlrl revision.
That the 'ny and Meuns Committee
will do much preliminary work hr the
way cf Investigation of schedules Is
The date of April 15, as Uew here, la
tentative. It Is expected that In all like
lihood Coiutress will be brought toeelher
at an earlier date. Thin will depend on
parlous circumstances. That the leaders
of House and Senate will be eager tu
net down to business beforo that date
li antlclputed In order that the session
may. not run fai along; Into the summer.
The nnnoumemciu of tho extra sea
vlin Rives additional Interest to 'the
Jiroposed reorganization of the Henatc
Finance Committee, and of the other
Senate committees, it also lends Inter
est o the question of maltu-up of the
tVajs and Means Committee. Leader
Oscar 1'inleiwood will not be deposed us
chairman, but thcic will be a strong ef
fort to get a many low tariff men on
the committee as possible.
Washington Not Surprised.
Washington was In no sense surprised
at the announcement that thcro would
bo an extra session. In fact, It has been
considered settled here for dayB. Im
mediately after thu election It was
known that the President-elect had
made up his mind to call an extra ses
sion. Indications arc strong that the coming
extra session n III be a good deal hioad
el tlun n intio tariff session. MHiiy
Deiuoi-ratli- lenders uie demanding trust
legislation and also cuircncy legislation,
'the piospcits aio that the Democrats
will grapple with the biggest problems
of the next foui )eur at tlm outset ot
the Administration Speaker Clark Is
one of those fuvoilnz the conaldeiatlon
of the currency uuestlon. Senator John
Sliaip Williams believes the trust ques
tion as well as tariff should be taken up.
It the tariff, the tiust question, and
the currency question are tackled, thla
will mean that the extra session will last
most 01 all of next sumniei. It Is not
unlikil), in fact, that It will reach Into
the fall.
Much Work for Congress.
In otliu wolds, with the announce
ment of the extra session there Is llttlo
reason to doubt Congress Is going to bo
In session most of tho time for the next
four jeurs. Washington Is likely to seel
about us much of Congress In the next
-Admlnlsli atlon as It has in the present
Oetuial appiovul of the extra session
is expressed among leading Democrats.
William Jennings Ilryan, Senator Wil
liams. Speaker Clark, and even Senator
Dixon, Colonel Roosevelt's cumpalgn
manager, approved the Idea.
Mr. Ilryan said
"It wuh the wine thing to do and I
expected it would he done."
Senator Dixon said Wilson had done
the wise thing and that the country
voqlrt Mion have, an opportunity to
Judge of Democratic performance.
Whether Progressives supported the
Democratic program would depend
whether It squared with their own be
lief. Senator Dixon said about twenty
five Progressive members of the House
would caucus separately.
Sees Business Disturbance.
Senator McCumber foresees business
disturbance in the rolslon of the tariff,
hut he does not believe the Democrats
'will dare put through such a revision
a their platform calls for.
Spnaker Clark does not expect much
legislation In the short session save
itppronrlatlon measures. He does not
expect action on civil pensions In thu
short session, but he says If any ono
can show Congress through a good
actuary some system of getting rid of
the clerks after they have reached the
ge of sixty-five or seventy, he think
Congress will adopt the plan Immedi
ately. "I do not think." he said, "that Con
Kress is going to give these people a
straight pension."
Congressman Henry of Texas wants
n entire new tariff act passed on reve
nue lines. He approves the extra station.
ItOCHESTr.n. N. Y. Nov. 16 -Com
mlttrrs of the American Federation of
Labor were busy today ptepurllig the
reports which will le presented to thV
convention when the lutir Kconvrnns
on Monday. In addition the mining
trades department of the fetlcintlon, uf
which Charles II. Mojer, of Denver, Is
president, met,
The miners ure strongl) In favor ot
a resolution which will bo presented
to the federation next week jirovldlng
tlmt In riitiir elections the
officers shall be chosen by refeienil'Mn
vote. The preparation will recelvo So
cialists support also and piumlsex to m
come the subject of a closely contested
tight. . ,
Last ycai's convention ut Atlanta
adopted lesolutlons favoring election by
teferendum vote "If. after tholoiigh In
vestigation, mature and deliberate con
sldetutlon, Jt Is found to be prai tlcnblu
and for the best Interests of the Ameri
can l'Vderiitlon of Labor."
President Oompers and Secretory
Morrison were delegated lo Investigate,
and their report, presented lo the con
vention by tie executive council, was
to the effect that twenty-three national
and International unions fuvored the
referendum and fifty-two were opposed.
The exerutlve council refrained from
making uny recotnmendutlon In the
matter, but It Is no secret that the offl
ccrs of tho federation are opposed to It
J. Muhlon IJarneH, Socialist leader In
the convention, declares that If the ref
erendum were adopted It would mean
certain defeat for the present mtmber.i
of the executive council.
INDIANAPOLIS, Iiul.. Nov. lli.-Ortle
i:. Mc.Manli'al, utar n line's for tlui
Government ngnlust the Indicted Inn,,
workers, did nut lesume his t stimuli)
loduy. mid Dlslilct Attorney Mlllei said
that It might be u vvcrK lieloro he told
the l.alatice of his utou .Mote III
I'll witnesses will testin befoie
dnumlter Is hcanl again. These wit
nesses were expecteil to corioborale
small details of McManlgal's testimony.
A grilling cniSH-examlniitloti by llnid
providing ,ig, rr thp defense, fulled to shake Ihe
fedetatlon story of Cdward Clink, the flncliin.nl
l minuter, who pliuilcil guilty. The
onlv damaging admission Mauling itie.v
fonn Clark wus that he had been nr
reslud nmnv times for various of
fenses. Askcl why lie did the dyna
miting Jobs, Cluifc said lie thought It
n good way to further tho Interests of
the union.
lie snld that President Trnnk M.
Ilyun rnme to Cincinnati and mild that
the local them was In n had condition
and that he did not like tho way It wus
I'UKINtl, Nov, IS.-I'resldcnt Vuan
Shi Kal was delugnl with telegrams
fioiri prominent Chinese today demand
ing win on Russia In defense of Outer
Against acciplaiica of the repmted
offer from the French and Japanese
ministers to mediate there was a nil'-
etsal outcry. To Trance thcro was not
so much objection, but tho Idea of
Japan, which has long been believed In
ngieement with llusslu to divide part
of China between them, us mcdlatu
win considered ridiculous.
t'nless Yuan lelds to popular clamor.
It was felt that his speedy overthrow
may bo expected. It was rumored that
several generals were planning to lead
tlielr commands against the Russians
In Mongolia without awaiting tho Presi
dent's order or consent.
ru.rcs cviti:n in a to h days.
Your druggist will refund money If TAZO
Ointment rails to cure ltehlnf. Wind, lllrt4.
Inc or Protruding Piles In e to It days. Mc.
Hair Came Out by Handfuls. Head
Itched So Nearly Scratched Skin
Off. Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Cured. Hair Now Thick.
1802 Reynolds & 34th St.. Sarannah. Gs.
"My bead began to get sore and all
round the edge got white with tba disease
until I wm quit scared. I thought all
my hair would drop out. It came out by
handfuls, and my bead Itched so I nearly
scratched the skin off. It was full of cUn
draff which showed plainly In my hair.
"I alto had trouble with my hand. It
peeled every time I put It In water, and
It was so badly disfigured that everybody
noticed It and asked me what It was. It
was red, and bumed awfully. My mother
tried several things but they were unsuc
cessful, and It seemed as If nothing did It
any good until I started to use Cuticura
8oap and Ointment. I washed my hair
with tha Cuticura Soap and applied the
Cuticura Ointment afterward. It bad
lasted about four wseLs, but then It started
getting well and my hair stopped falling
completely. Now It Is cured. My balr
Is now nice and thick and It growing to a
nice length. Lots of people tell me how
thick my balr Is getting. I also used the
Cuticura Soap and Ointment for my band
and completely cured It." (Signed) Mist
Battle M. Jones. Nov. 8, 1911.
A tingle hot bath with Cuticura Soap and
a gentle anointing with Cuticura Ointment
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scalp diseases when all else falls. Sold
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each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Ad
dress pott-card "Cuticura, Dept.T, Boston."
jnrTender-faced men should use Cuticura
leap 3hTlng Stick, 25c Sample free.
"You can rely on what we say"
At Public
MONDAY, NOV. 18, AT 10 A. M.
Reliable Horse and Mule Co.
212-14 Eleventh Street Northwest
We will dispose of 3 carloads of animals for every purpose;
40 head by McHcnry Bros., 20 head by Virginia shipper, 30 head
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But it sells for $2,750 instead of $5,000 $150
cash and $22.50 per month.
Gov. Wilson Names
Date He Will Call
Special Session
NEW YORK, Nov. 16. Governor
Wilson added nothing today to hla brief
declaration of laat night that he will
call Congress together In extra session
not later than April 151 lie made It
plain that ho believed the baro an
nouncement that the call -rIU be Issued
should bo sufficient at this time, and
nothing will be decided on the matters
to be Included In the call until he re
turns from the vacation trip on which
he will start today.
The Rovcrnor spent tho night at his
hotel with his family, and this morn
ing went shopping preparatory to start
ing at 2 o'clock this afternoon for Iler
muda. The governor, with his family,
sails on the llermufllun. or the Quebec
line, and Capt. J. w MiiKcnile declared
he would see that the next President
was properlj protected on the brief sea
Am proof that every precaution had
been taken, Captain McKmzle and
Chief engineer Alex lidwards cited the
Uft-savlnir equipment which thev said,
r.ns iiiiiiHiiullv laige.
The licnmidlHu cariles. In nddltlnn to
life tads, ten wooden lifeboats of tho
so-called unslnkabte lpe, euch of which
has a capacity of flfty-llvo persons;
4M life prtscners, two steam and two
hand file pump', and TOO feet of hose.
The Heriiiudlun Ih licensed to carry 3C8
passengein In addition to her erew of
il. hut the calling uetc far from being
completely filled.
PRICE, $4,500
No. 1319 Monroe St. N. W.; the first street north of Park
Road; near 14th St.; two stories and cellar. One of the attrac
tive features about this house is the exceptionally large rooms;
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STONE & FAIRPAX, 1 342 New York Ave.
Jm-t-f--9---- -'"--' ------'9 '' Msai
Why One Family
(Bought at
ssBBI tBafeiH iis5 lH
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Cabin John Bridge
Car Jumps Track
A in. humid car on ihe Cabin John
lliidKf line Jumped the Hack m'ur l'o.
hall loud la.il nluht llm.iinl A. HUlls,
of I'otonmc Heights, vim uuh btandlug
on the n'.ir plulfoiui. Jumped from the
cat and was bruised about the Ickh.
TIh cur wuh iioing at a moderate rate
oi speeii unci onlv trueieu a row feci
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3 tors advised
us to live in a high and
dry place.
"We filled their pre
scriptions by coming
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TO INSI'KCT Take an ll ntiert .111
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Looks Like $5,000--Costs But $2,750
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We could go on indefinitely describing
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Vmrx 33c
ti2tAt. Jt..JJL.X1JtJ-klS. .--:. 3&KM.tM3.XXxtt.ti..... -

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