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New University Club, Pbwer Company's Office, and Proposed New Church Front
New University Club at Northwest Corner of Fifteenth and I Streets.
Proposed New Front for McKcndree Methodist Church, On Massachusetts Avenue.
Splendid Modern Building
Recalls Development of
Electric Lighting Here.
Brokers Succeed in Closing
167 Sales, a Slight
Tlie Potomac Uleetrle rower Com.
punj's now oftlro building nt tho south
east coiner of fourteenth and C streets
northwest linn been complettd Tho
company muuil tn during' tho pant
The new building faces sixty feet on
C street iind 100 feet on rourtecnth
sttcct. Tho plan Is attractive, tho ex
terior being terra cotta and white brick,
with Indiana limestone for tho trim
ming. The Interior Is well arranged to
accommodate tho public and the officials
and clerks of tho company, Thero are
separate rooms for the display of light
ing, cooking, and power appliances of
Mirlous kinds, so that customers can be.
shown how the dclccs are used and
what the effect Is of tho use of tho dif
ferent electric lamps.
Tho lighting fixtures on the first floor
ore of the seml-lndlrect kind. The Illum
ination which this st)Io of fixture fur
nishes Is uniform and tho general effect
decidedly pleasing Mllburn. llclstcr &
Compan) were the architects of the
building and James I,. Parsons was the
Founded on "Melancholy Failure."
At this time It stems almost Incredible
that the success In Washington of olee
trie lighting was founded on a "melan
choly fnllnic," but such was a fact, us
Is eldenced be. thn following extract
from "Crew's Hlstor of Washington:"
In the full 0f issi. Hie survivors of
the Army of the Cumberland gathered
together In Washington to dedicate
their satuo of General Thomas, In
Tnftmns Circle. The people of Washing
ton contributed to the success of that
occasion, and committees were appoint
ed to carrj out various plans for tho
entertainment of the visitors Ono of
tho now Ideas proposed was to Illumin
ate Pinns)lvanla uvenuo from tho
Peaco monument to the Treasury Df
partment, with the electric light, ut
that time beginning to be usid In .1
few rifles, but entliel unknown hi
Washington Guys wero stietched ut
Intervals fiom ho isctcp to housetop
and arc lamps suspended thtiefrom.
over the middle of the stieit A diny
umo was connected with the engln.i of
a jmwinlli on Thirteenth street, and it
thu appointed time thousands of citi
zens and visitors thronged the avmue
to witness the novel display and to be
hold night transformed into da).
Btiange to relate, however, the attempt
to light tho avenue In this waj was a
melancholy failure."
'I he Interest which this experiment
aroused grew, and some time after the
vain attempt to light Pennsylvania ave
nue, a company was organized, of which
the Potomac Electric Power Company
Is the successor, for tho purpose of
supplying electric light for street and
Interior Illuminating In the District of
Many Extensions Made.
At that time series arc lamps were
the only nvallable eleitrlc lamps, and
as they were of a very high candle
power their use was confined to ex
terior lighting or the Illuminating of
train sheds depots or other buildings,
the rooms of which were of large area.
In Ma). 18S3. an order was given b
the local company for a dvnamo for
incandescent lighting. In November of
the same vear thero were In operation
nInct)-ono arc lamps and ICO Incandes
cent lamps. In IUI, the compan) In
stalled its underground conduits along
Pennsjlvanla avenue and other streets
where it had service mains blnee then
manj extensions and Improvements
have been made Alternating current
generators were purchased, which en
abled the company to supply service In
the outlying sections of the city.
The original plant, which was In the
rear of tho building ut the northeast
corner of Tenth and D streets was des
troyed b) fire July 111, lf3 This forced
the company to seek now quarters, and
while the fire of Its plant was still blaz
ing, arrangements wero made to leuxe
the original depot of the Ilaltlmorc nnd
Ohio Railroad at Second and II Btreets
northwest, where Is now located the
United Btates Census Office
Numerous Electrical Devices.
At an annual nuctlng of tho stock
holders held November 9 lfiSC, It was
decided to purchase a lot at Thirteenth-nnd-n-IIalf
and B streets northwest,
the offlceia being authorized to build
and equip a pi rminont station The
Edison system of central station light
ing was adopted and the station was
completed about the latter part of 16S7.
Later on additional adjoining propert)
Wus purchased and from time to time
extensions of thu station wtio made as
the requirements demanded
Many Improvements have been made
In tho generating and transmission ap
paratus of electric suppl companies,
and win. illy Important improvements
have been made In the appliances which
use the electrlclt) for light, heat, an
power purposes Tor Instance, tho
mazda electric lamp is believed by elec
trical authorities to he practically per
fection Itself so far as artificial light Is
concerned Tor a given amount of light
this particular t)pe of lamp consumes
but about .'0 per cent of tho quantity of
lectrleltj required by the incundesccnt
lamp as orlglnall) developed
Klectrle cooking and, heating appli
ances have been elov elope el to a thnr-
ougui) practical state rciectric ranges,
raldators, chafing dishes, coffee perco
lators, electric Irons, and many other
devices too numeioiiB to mention here,
are finding ready sale In the electrio
supply nouses anu ucpanment stores.
Booklet Describes
Resorts of South
An attractive booklet describing win
ter travel In the South has been Issued
by tho Southern Hallway for the benefit
of those who contemplate! leaving tho
rigors of a northern winter for the
balmy Southland. Uvcry resort of any
Izo or Importance Is described In the
booklet and tho accommodations for tho
tourist are shown
The Southern Hallway roaches nearly
every point In the southeast of the Mis
sissippi Hlver. and has for years mada
a specialty of tho winter resorts of the
South From Richmond to New Orleans
tho resorts nro listed, and the accom
modations and prices for them are
The Southern Railway this winter will
run six trains dally from New York to
the South These trains will bo equipped
with all tho most modern Improvements
and comforts, such as Pullman, drawing
room, stateroom, sleeping, observation,
and club cars
Thero also will be six through trains
from the West and Northwest dally and
a new train between Cincinnati dally,
enabling travelers from all over the
North and Northwest to reach tho
Southern winter resorts without chang
ing curs.
3Vi fslsfsisilllllllllllllllllllllHilil.i0fe'tfiilLW ' llfsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiBLriiiiiiii
yYLgimvm rt ' t JrT 1 iii3'sSsHP?SsWSiSrijSi 4ilsjhhiiilwN ' 3a . j J i I
P nil i'"l l W Rii ' Th
i n WF.RSITY ci iir fif mmm man. wadman
n i. mm t ..our HI IPS 4 IfiP&lI ' IP 48 SffiJSSSiS NEW HOME
Lfli 1 iu U U I L mm f f Mm m tSmfSs Warn oJl ?8t1S M SfFaF
Will Be One of Most 'npos
ing Structures in
Within ten elas the University
will move- litto their handsome
home 'at the northwest corner of
teenth anil I streets northwest.
building Is now complete except
a few last touches on tho interior, which
will be added within a few davs
Tew buildings In the citv present a
more attractive nppearanrc than the
new Unlverslt) Club. It Is of elono
and tupestn brick, and the architecture
is the e.trlv Italian Renaissance style,
the design simple and dignified. The
building fronts eight) -six feet on Fif
teenth street and sevent-two feet on
I street There are live complete) Hours,
a mezzanine, and a basement
The main entrance Is from Fifteenth
street, facing Merherson square and a
secondary cntranco for ladles Is from I
street. The main entrance hall has a
tiled (lour and the walls are treated In
Oriental stone. On the first floor to one
side of the main entrance Is the clerk's
office and on the other Is the college
loom, one of the most attractive In the
building It Is panncllcd In chestnut and
decorated In college Hags and Insignia.
"A ladles' reception room 1b near the
ladles' entrance, and a private elevator
has been Installed from the first floor
to the ladles' dining room
Opposite the main entrance Is the
main stairway of marble, with orna
mental! ballustradcti leading to the sec
ond, or main club floor. The principal
lounging room Is on this floor and ex
tends across the entire Fifteenth stroet
front. The dimensions of this room are
eighty-three feet In length, twent -seven
feet In width and the celling Is twenty-one
feet high It has a richly vault
ed celling and spacious windows, giving
It a spiendld outlook over Mcl'nurson
The walla and celling aro pannelcd
and decorated In colors, and at ono end
It a hardsome stone fireplace It is
planed to use this room as a docturo
Inll and a place for the Saturday even
ing gatherings
On this floor, also. Is the library, ex
tending along tho south front, and the
i) ir Is placed on this floor, with dumb
waiter service to the other floors; tho
committee roms aro also on this floor.
Above part of the second floor Is tho
mezanlne floor, where the card rooms
and additional committee rooms are lo
cated The general dining room and a
special 1 idles' dining room are on tho
third floor. The main dining room Is
exceedingly attractive, being pannelled
In chestnut, with celling and cornice of
The two1 top floors will be the bed
room floors There aro fifteen bed
rooms, six private baths and ono gon
eral bath
Tho building will no surmounted with
a rof garden, which will bo nttractlvely
fitted out for tne summer months.
Iho University Club was smrted a
little more than eight vears ago, and
have occupied Its original quarteis
on Sixteenth street over since. There
are now utmost 1,000 members the
qualification for membership being
graduation from a university of high
Oeorge Oakley Totten, Jr., Is tho ar
chitect, and F. T. Ncsblt & Co , the
Mrs. Godey's Estate
Is Left to Children
The estate of Mrs. Caroline It Qodoy
la left to her children by tho terms of
her will, dated July S, 1&1J, which has
been filed in Probato Court. A houso
and lot In Mount Pleasant Is left to
Mrs Alberta Illness and also an equal
share with her brother, Edward M,
Cook, in the property at Fourteenth
and T streets northwest, and the per
sonal estate at Ulster county, N. Y.
John C Cook Is given an Improved
lot on Fourteenth street on the con
dition that lie give his brot'i.-r Iishi'
Cook. i:oc. Hatch Cook, of IJaltlmore,
Is given only $10. and the residue of
the estate is left to John C , Jesse and
IMward M. Cook and Mr. Alberta
City. .tfjw H F'T'T ;Tvt -m vWnwTWi'iirTiM
MHf- r : i TmmT' I ' Ril ! Ml til II HI
ciui. Kz$$hF&y&z2zzi: M9x::Jlni iwJE9lilKl'!lH
New Office Building Of
Methodists Will Spend $20,-
000 to Improve
hen the plans under consideration
for remodeling the MeKendreo Metho
dist Church, on the north sldo of Massa
chusetts avenue, between Ninth and
Tenth streets northwest, have been
completed, the renovation will be so
complete as to transform It Into prac
tically a new church.
A sum approximately 130,000 will be
expended In the Improvement, and tha
front will be entirely new, while the
entire Interior will be completely
Mllburn. Helster & Co. havo drawn
several plans for the new front, and it
has not been definitely determined
which will be accepted Ono of the
plans calls for a front of Bedford, Ind..
limestone with granite base and stepi
anil handsome electroliers. This plan
also provldoi for handsome new arch
glass windows
In remodeling tho Interior of the
building It vvll bel made fireproof, and
the entrance will bo by means of two
ornamental Iron and marble stairways.
The floors will be of tile with marblo
walnscoatlng. and the flnlshlngB will
be of mahogany. An ornamental cell
ing, with handsome electric fixtures aro
Within the last few months MoKen
dreo Church has had the most remark
able growth In Its history. Whan the
pastor, the Itev. I Morgan Chambers,
took charge the middle of April, this
j ear, the membership was only 2a7.
Today tho membership Is 401, an In
creaso of a little moro than 35 per cent
In less than seven months
Attendance at tho morning services
has doubled, and at the evening ser
vices, moro than doubled, and tho In
crease In revenue has been so satis
factory as to make possible the re
modeling described abovo. It Is ex
pected that In about three weeks, It
will be decided whether the plan de
scribed here or some other plan will
bo used ,
Instructors Found For
State National Guard
After closely scanning tho list of
available officers', the division of mili
tary affairs of the War Department has
found Instructors to replace those now
detailed to the Instruction of tho several
State national guards. Nearly all of the
Instructors were) affected by the act of
Congress orderlpg all officers back to
their commands who have been absent
four jears or more
Onlv three or four States will bo left
without Instructors December 15, and
the vacancies will be filled as rapidly
as possible thereafter.
Potomac Electric Power Company, at
Van Camp Company Loses $350,-
000 When Water Main
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind, Nov 16 -Fire
eurlv today destroyed tho plant of the
Van Camp Packing Compan), causing
an estimated loss of J.TM",C"J0. llecausu or
a bud break In a clt) water main In the
downtown district, tho llremeii vveie
handicapped In lighting the big blaze
nnd for a time it seemed the flames
would devastate the entire district
The packing house was one of the
pilnclpal Industries of Indianapolis and
more than WO men and bos will be
thrown out of cmplomrnt until the
plant Is rubullt.
Free Superfluous
Hair Cure
A 1'ofltlTp cmcdy Thai Remotes
Anj Halrr OronUi nnd Does ot
Hum tho Skin.
K.Vr I'llKK TO llll KOH 1 III II.
It Is easy now for any woman to have
a beautiful face, handsome arms and
bust, frso from all disfiguring superflu
ous hair It doesn't matter whether It's
only a few hairs or a regular mustache
or goatee, or how light or heavy tho
growth Is, It can be destro)d In a few
minutes with the marvelous now reme
dy Elcc-tro-la
This wonderful hair destro)cr can be
used on tho face, neck, arms. bust, or
anv portion of tho bod) with perfect
safct) It Is not lke other remedies
It positively will not Irrllato, burn or
scar tho most tender skip, no matter
how long J); Is loft on, and It never falls
to remove even tho most obstinate
growth almost Instantly. If you "want u
pormancnt, lasting cure not merely
temporary relief. Klec-tro-la is what you
bould use. for It goes to tho hair roots
and kills them
Wo havo decided to send a trial hot
tlo of Kleo-tro-la to any man or woman
who writes for It, to prove that It does
a)l we ea, upon receipt of a two-cent
stamp to help cover cost of mai'
The regular sized bottle Is Jl 00 and your
money will bo refunded If Ulec-tro-la
does not do all wo claim We don't ask
iou to take our word for what Elee-tro-la
will do JubI fill out Trial coupon
below and mall with a two-cent stamp
Vtll In your name snd ariilrciis on e!ottJ
linn llo und end It to ICo-ncc-TK Co ,
2J1 n 4W Ft noeim IOU Chicago en
cloi ng a two-ent sianui to help roeer
maltlnc. nnd we will how jou whit
nieo tro-la will el for vou
Fourteenth and C Streets.
Capital Man Reports
Theft of Two Hundred
(Jus lonius. of .'is .tniin Mutiluill
pile noithw Mt leiHiiteet to the poll' e
nf the First line hut t iv that Iu lost
or had stolen from hli person JV In
bills lonpus told i he police Iu tuit
the monev In a wnlht vvlileh he ( mltd
In his Inshb pocket He discovered
ils los when he wmt to mnhe some
purchases nl Center mtikrt
Twenty-six Modern Dwellings
Be Erected In Perry
Although there have been few large
transactions during the past few davs,
real estate It holding Its nw'n well and
sales of small properties arc freeiuent
An Important announce nu nt is made
bv Hhannon ic I,uchi, seljlng nxents for
Ilarrj Wanlman. that Mr wardman
will next woik btgln the erection of
twent six modern six-room dwellings
on l'errj place, between Kourtte nth an I
Sixteenth streets. The new houses are
in a section vvnicn lies been greatlv ele
vcloped lev Mr Wardman for with the
anoition or rnesc twent)-! houses, the
total iiuiniie r nn nas uillli in unit sec
tion will be 37e5
Tlui houses will be of mcHlern cciul
mint throughout ami the soiling prlr
will be In the nelghtiorhoexl of J3,iXi0
Shannon A l.uchs also rt port thn sale
of u six-room duelling ut 121 Irving
sire, t to ltobert I and Krnnces H
Smith, for a consideration of about
113) Thu same firm sold the houu at
Ti.0 Hobirt street northwest to Clinton
Mansfield, the consideration being j: 750
The two-stor) apartment at 14:7 Tlrst
street northwest, rerentl) completed by
tMuarel M. IMilin, has been sold through
the same office to IMward I. Mills
The roiiHlde ration approximated fv 0uJ,
and Mr Mills will hold It as an Investment
The Bureau of Public Roads of the
Department of Agriculture
Is Building Another Experimental Road
Chevy Chase
"The Best Suburb of the National Capital."
This road extends from Bradley Lane to Chevy Chase
Lake, connecting the experimental road built last year
from the Circle, to Bradley Lane and the macadam county
road from theLake to Kensington.
The United States Government r
wouldn't build an "Experimental Road" where there was
a small amount of traffic.
Let us tell you all the many advantages to be found
in Chevy Chase.
Thomas J. Fisher & Co., Inc.
General Sales Agent.
Itcally activity continued urn bated
throughout the second week of Novem
ber. While thero was a slight decllno
In the number of transactions effected,
the volumo of trading more than dou
bled that of tho first, week of tho
month. The last six dajs witnessed the
transfer of 711 lots and parcels of realty
as compared with 311 parcels conveyed
In tho preceding week.
The hroki-rn suceeded In clostng 17
sales during tho week, n decrease of ten
from the number of the pi reeding week,
and Identical with tho number of trades
consummated In tho last week of Octo
ber. Tho corresponding week uf No-
vemoer, iwi, saw 175 sales made, but
there wero only D0i lots Included In the
volume of trading of that week.
Among the papers recorded was the
lease of the Occidental Hotel at Mill
rnus)lvnfial avenue northwest, adjoin
ing the New Wlllard. Qua U Huchholu
lias leased the property from Henry K.
Wlllard for twent) vears from January
1 Kor thn first five )cars an unnual
rental of JiJ iJ Is to be paid. Trom Uls
to vw rent of J6DH0 ) early Is to be paid
1 rom 13.3 to lid the rent Is to be fl.VH
aninul!) and
tuti of 7tai
from IKS to 1W3 at
l.nnsbuigh &
ItrtlR tP.l.rilnl' Ina.ail
from ( harles Kolman and others prem
Ises i 4."i. ti and iU Seventh street
northwest Horn August 1. m:. until Oc
tober 31. liril. The rental Is to be J7 00)
annuall) from August 1, I2, to Tebru
arr . U17, and II0 7M unnually during
tho remainder of the term
Two Business Sales.
Two suits of business property wer
recorded one In the newer section anil
the other downtown The Ileal i:stut
Trust Company purchased a lot on
the south lde of H street northwest
nejr the rorner of Thirteenth stree
from Olst Wall The price Is not given
( larenee r Norment bought preml t
112 Klghth street northwest Just abov
Penns)lv,inH avenue from i:mlU Hit
liner A nnmlnul consideration appears
in the deed
Nearly the entire MiMlvIslon of Hlu
llldge IMghtH, Including 41 lots wer
tisnsfeirert Preebrlrkll Allemon eon
vo)ed .he propert) to John P Blocker'
The pure base price It not named
This sale pliceel the outlvlng sub
urbs far In the lend of the week
inirket with s te.tol of 552 lots althoiign
with the sale deducted the section
would ha-e held first pi tee In th
week's nulvlt) The southeast expel
eneeil b' urn this wetk which "coined
for 1 nnil plaro In the number 1 '
lette 1 ivlth fortv-flvo lots conveved
The mar-urban district ranked thlr
with an aggregate of foit)-four lot
tr.msfeirrd There were thlrtv-ntne lots
sold lit the nothweest. sixteen In the
northeast, and fifteen In the southwes'
Money Market Declines.
A decline Is noted this week In tho
mono) market, where the loans dropped
below half a million dollars The exact
flgurei for the week were l4f!,74' W
This sum was borrowed on the securltv
of 231 lots at nn aveiage Interest rate
of 5fi per cent
Straight loins returned to the lead o'
the market this week with a tottl of
$"03 1.47 74 A marked Increase was mad
In advance from building associations
to members, which reached an nggrt -gate
of J104 75" The sum of all tin
notes glv e n foi deferred purchase mon
c) was JS0 347 7C
Count) property rontlnued to draw
the larM st amount of the money lnvest
ed In loans I -and In this section was
encumbered to the extent of IlilS.Mo 91
A total of Jlvl.i.53 VI wan borrowed on
the securlt) of line! In the NorthwoM
The recorel of loans In the- othar rltv
set lions was Northeast J5.1K7, south
east. 115 W7. southwest, JS.500.

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