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Extra Session Statement Fails to Bear Prices
Outside of Few Sales
Type Stock Practically
Nothing Is Done.
Mcr?enthaler caned off a llttlo on
todays trailing on thn iVa-diln-ton
btock KxclmnK-. three shares ro
lug lit -'3 ana two tcn-slmro lots at
N and a M less rexpectlvcly Tho
only other trndlriK today consisted of
20 shares of Wuslilnitlon CIus at 88.
the Inst irlc and $1,000 of Potomac
"Clcctrlc 5's at no iirlcci clmnr-r
Thn following statement. furnlHhcU
ly V. II IllMis nnd Compunj. hIiou
the amount of sales of the active m
UirllkH on tho Vnshlnp;ton Stock I.
chantti) from tho heKlnnliiK of tho
present calendar sear to and InoliHl-itif,-
todus:. Tho rnnfre of prices Is al
so shown. Including todu' chunKc".
Amount nondi lllgh tnw last
SuU.l.aju i an iracuon i, a , fit i" iy
,3,tt l'i tomao 1st 8 . .
73J.0OU Potomac t'ons Us.,
iru,&oii Washington (Ins s
.aji, ,VX u Jh llwy tl. ..
Shares Hto.ks
,".'9 Amer (Irnplio. nun
.79 Amcr llnptw pfd
4 MO Cup Tratllon
I K7I Kuat Light &.'..
6 ui3 l.unston
.1 WS Mr rgcnthaler
'.6 Ml Wh.1i. Hwj. ruin.
It US Ullh. H) prd .
fC Wush.-Va, com ...
351 Wash -V pM
ll,.Mi Washington Oas ..
no unie, nm,
KB', lull. 10O
nil. no nos
M Ml. s.1,
lllgll IxiH.IJUt
SO 1i
l!x 1J0
l"1'i IIS
tJ M
i Hi's
Uirno Increases of exports of domestic
breadntuns. cotton Reed oil, food ani
mals nuat and dairy products, cotton,
and mineral oils foi October, as com
pared with the comspondlnB month
last eur, are rvuoilt.il today In the
rnontlih bulletin Issued b tho Division
or HtntlMlrs or tho Uurc.au of I'orelRn
and Domestic Commcicc, IJeiai tment of
t'ommcrce and Labor. The total aluo
of these exports for October Is shown
to be $133,715,62'' as compared with J1U3.
CSft.MjG for October, 1111. The llcures for
the ten months of tho sear, lm ludlni
Ortoliei, show $;13.111.SU for I'll' and
IT'si 201 012 for the coirespondlnB in Hod
n enr ago
rports of wheat show the Kreutest
Increase of the list 1L,IJC5 l bushels
having been exported In October this
yeat as compared with onl 1333 071 In
Oi tuber, 1911 On the other hand, t x
rorii of corn were onl about one-thlicl
of what they wcie In October n Mar
aK Cotton sei d oil also dropped off
icill. The statement Is In detail b
.iouim cf products and li prlnttpal
uttli les
NBW YOUK, Nov. IS. There was a
spurt of activity In the last half hour
of trading on thn New York Slock Ex
i limine today, with u fair volumo of
business In the tlrst hour. The market
opened strong: nnd bj the closo aver
age gains of a half point to a point
and a half were recorded Hales for
tho day totaled 318.W0 shares.
market for Amerlrans showed frac
tional advances, but not much activity.
The news from abroad, with r ferenco
to the Ilalkan situation, however, was
confusing It was reported that all
negotiations between Turkey and thn
llalknn Ipncnn hiM l.rpn hruken on. Tills
message wns received from Constant!- j
nople by a member of the diplomatic '
I corps in New York ,o uriiiiia n
given, hut It was Intimated thul the
' nHIlA..B Inl.t ..,.. .. t.t, IttllfrilH-i
Mrs. Jane W. Moran Claims
Life Interest in Hus
band's Property.
The announcement of an extra session f.d'J,?"J- "?.. ? , "SiEEli'.Jf'nf
was evidently well discounted both In hostilities hud been rejected by Tur
Ncw York and London, n London tho , key.
Today's New York Stock Exchange Prices
Quotation! furnished tr W, tl Itlbna Co. number of tttw York (Mock Z
iMw, Wsshlnsten Stock Kschans. unit ("h1fo flnnrrt of Trad,,, lllbbn tluttdlng
nlh.Iw Close Closs
nial. Copper SVi WU t I t
Am Beet Rugar com. AS M'i MVi I 5iH
Am. Can com till 40H tl'il 40VI.
Am Can. pfd I22U 12-JVt 1MU 1 122H
Am. c. & Fdr. com eo to to I ool'j
Am. Cot. Oil com if H M iOVi I 09W
m Ice.Socur 10V4 lDti 10HI 19 H
Am. Loco, com It) 4iH 40 I 4d
Amer, Loco pfd KM. lOtVH Wirt. 1 100t
Am Smelt At ltef.com 7M. "8l tft I 7014
A. Bug. &. net. pfd.. ..1201k 120). 120H I
Am lei Ac Tel 142't 1424. I42H I U3V4
Sttretai MaiVtagh will shoitl) pi r
fi t a dCKlt-ti for the ntw nickel to take
tli placo of the fi-cc nt coin now In cir
culation J 12 Traser, of New York Is
th artNt-nuthor of the design. The
fai e ot the coin will show tn Indian
In ml and the reverse the figure of a
llusliiPHt failures for the week endid
Novnnbcr 14, as leportid by lipid
s'net's, were 260, against 2m last week.
I3S In the like week of 1911, 2IS In 1010, Zil
in WO. and 273 In 150S.
Btd nnd Asked on
Local Exchange
Bid Asked
U. a lteg. 2's lOO't 101H
IT. S. Coupon 28 1004 101,
t s iiik s's nut, lt
V rf. Coupon 3-s 102, 1034
L. 3 lteg. 4S 113-H, 114S
V. S Coupon 4'b U3-, 111)1
ilioigctown Oas D's 101'4'j
Wuili, OiiH u'fc 110
Capital Traction It. R C's.... 110
AnncoMla & Potomac 5's 99
Cltj & Suburban 5's 103yj
Columbia R. R. 6's 100
Columbia It. R. C's 102
Metropolitan R. R. t's 10V4
AVash. Rwy. & I'.lec 4's K3
Wash , Alex. & Mt. V. 5's.... 91
I'ntomae Elec Cons 5's 100i
l'ntomne Eli e Lt 5's 10ii
C & V Telephone 5's 103V4 105
Amer 'lei & reiRa. a iw
D. C. Paper Mfg. 6 s
Wash. Market 5's, 1927 99
Wash. Market 5's. 1917 93
TV. M Cold Storage 5' 99
N. & V Steamboat K's 105
Rlggs Realty 5's (long) 103
Rlggs Realty 5's short) 101
i .ipltal Tl action 121
Wash Rv A. Elec Coin . .. M
'Wash It. H Elec I'fd iiV,
Wash Vo Ry I'fd 40
N. X, w. Ktearahoat 200
Washington Oas SIjVj
Easttin Light & I uel ill
Amer. Tel & Tel 140
Mergenthalcr Linotype 224 223
Lanaton Monotjpe 914 9J
Orcene-Cnnanea 84 ..
American Nat Bank 175 ISO
Capital National Bank 220
Columbia Nat Bank 250
Comuienlal Nut Bank 2u5
District Nat Hank . . . 145
Fai. A. Mech Nat Bank 253
Unci m i itlonii B.inK 150
Metiopnlitan Nut II ink . 210
ItlKgi Nat Hank 5v0
Si oud Nut Hunk 1m)
Nut. Hunk of Wash . .. J31
Amer Hcturltv ft Trust ... . 30.'
Nnt S.ivlngH .. Trust . ... 250
Villon Tiust Ill
Wash. Loan Trust 230
Union States Trust 140
Citizens' Sivlpg Hank 20
lloi'iu Savinss :
Union Savings 213
Ti.ink of Com ,. Sav .. , , iai
But Wash, b iv Bank 15
riHE INhl'I. v.N'i'L STOCKS.
Arllnston Tiro insuiutico .. 11
(.oicorun Die lusuiuiue .. . W)
I'lremen's I'"lro Insurance 19Vi
1'ranklln Klre Insurance
firr. Amer Eire Ins 110
Nat Union Tire Ins 7V4
Potomac l'lro Insurnnco ;o
Columbia Title Insurance . .. b
Real Estate Title Ins K
Chapln Sacks
D. c. Papei Mfg Co
tlrapho, com
(Irapho, pin . .. .
lltich Ttans AV Storage
Hecuilty Storage. . .. .
Washington Market
Am. Woolen pfd
Anaconda Copper....
California Oil com...
California Oil pfd....
Cent. Leather com...
Central Leather pfd.
Colo. Fuel & Iron...
Corn Prod. Ref.,com
Corn Prod. Rcf.,pfd.. 79 70
Con. Gas, N. Y 142Vi 112
84 t!2 82 I
43H 4'' 43l 42h
I32H COW ulVi I uin
Ml. W MV. I
:0 2i'4 29i I :ov.
l'7V4 1Mb !
Su-i. Xt 314l 30.
lit !& I-.. I Id
79 I 81
141 VI 1 142(4
Distillers Security.... itU 27 27Vk I
General Electric 181 181 181 1 114
Great North. Ore 46V4 45 45 I 46
Inter. Harvester 121 121 121 1 121
Luclcde das 1051a 105U 1K.U I
Loose-Wiles Co. com 41 4IU 41W I 42
National Lead, com.. Kill 59T. eOVi I BOH
Mexican Petroleum.. H K 8OT. I 81V.
Peoples Gas of Chi... Ilt 116 lld I lid
Pros S. Car, com.. J7 37 37 I 37
Rep. I. AS. com 29Mi 21) 29 I M
SlofS-Slicf. H &il, com 50 50 50 I 53
Tenn. Copper 41 40 41 I 41
L'.S.Rubber, com . . 55 14 15V. t 55
U.S. Rubber pfd 107 107 IU7H 1 100
U S. Steel, com 75 '3 75't '4
I) S Steel, pfd 112 111 112 Ili
Utah Copper 631 e uiv i u.
Va. Car. Chem , con 4d 45 40 i 4vl
West. Union Tel 78 78 71 178
Wcst'bouse Elec. M 81 10 '0 I t2
New York Curb Market.
Furnished to ths Washington Times
by llurriraan & Co. New Jfork; O. D
Chlpman. manacer local branch, t do
rado building.
Bid Asked
nllh tiw Cloa Cloi"
At T. 8. re.. coml07 107 107 1 107
Hal. & Ohio, com.... 100, I W 100 I lOdW
Hal. & Ohio pfd S7 87 87 I '
Drook. Rap. Tran... 8iW 89 H) 804.
Canadian Pacific 268 2u) M726i
Chei. A Ohio 81 10 HU I 81
Chi. M. A St P.. coil15 114 115 1 115
Chi. & N. W., com. 140 1(0 140 1 140.
Chi. A 0. W.. com... 18V. 18 18 I 18
Den. & R. G. com 21 21 21 I
D. A R Grande, pf 40 40 40 I 41
Erie, com 34 3. 34 I .14
Erie, 1st pfd 51 50 51 I 51
Erie, 2d pla.
Q. Nbrth. pfd...
Inter. Met , com.
Inter. Met., pfd..
Leblgh Valley....
L. A Nash
Kan C. S. com.,
Kans. C. S. pfd...
M B P A S S M. con 111 142
M. K. T. com 28 2
42V 42 42 I 41
U7 137 137 I 137 V,
. 19 ll 1 I I1"
65 04 K I 65
.174 173 174V. 1 174
14- 116 I4dl
.27 27 27 I
.61 Cl 61 I
14' I 143
28 I 28
Missouri Paclc 44 4.1 44 i 43
N. Y Cent. Hud. R.. 115 HIM 115 1 114
Norfolk A Western.. 115 115 115 1 115H
Northern Pacific 124 123 124 1 124
Reading com
Rock Island com.
Rock Island pfd..
St. L. ft 8. 2d. pfd
south. Pic. com
South Rail com avt-i.
South. Rail. pfd.
123 123 123 I 123
IU 170 172 1171
, lit 25 2d I 2d
, 49 48 49 I 41V.
34V, 33 33 I 34
111 110 111 I 110.
29 20". I 23
81 t' I
Texas A Pacific 24 24V. 24V. I 23
Union Pac. com 17.1 170 173 I 173
Union Pac. pfd 90 V0 W I
Wabash pfd 14V. 14 14 I 14
Atch Convert. 4's... 105 103 105 I 105V.
C.H.I. A Paa. 4 s t7 67 f? I 67
Int Metro. 4Vys lo te' to I SI
Pa Con iW 1915 ln. lt !W I
U. S. Sieel Jd 5's 102 !(' 102 1101
Anglo Am Oil IS 19
Atlanta (Joldlli Id H 19
Bu State Ulis V.
Ilrailcii Copper 8 9
Biltlsh Cnl Copper 4 4
Cont'l Rubber 11 12:
Chicago Subway -
Cobalt Lake 41
(llroux Mining 4
Greene-Cananea "Va
Ken Uike 2
l..i Ilosi Con 2i.
Manhattan Trunslt 14
McKliilej-Dairagh 2
Nlp'alng Mine 8
Ohio Copper If.
Porcupine Gold 1
Standard Oil N J W
Tonopah Belmont "t
Tonopah Mng of Nevada ....
Trl Bullion "
Yukon Gold 3'
Informal Smoker Given
Man Going to Shanghai
An Informal sinowcr was tendered Dr
Norman L. Downs last vinnlg at the
residence of Georgo E, Lorenz, on the
evu of his departure for Shanshal.
China, where he goes to engarfu In
Among thOBC present were: Charles
W. Barry. Bureau of Insular Affaire,
William J. rislur. Isthmian Canal
Commission. Emll W.iltui. Geoige
Washington Mdital School, Albirt I)
Collins. Poitofllce Department, Mr. anil
Mis Georgo E l.oienz. Mrs Lnill
Walter, Mrs. A. I). Collins, Mrs .
J. Fisher Mrs. C. W. Uartj.
Wholesale Froduce Market
Error Would Put Additional
$50,000 on the
trlct will he Indebted to lis pensioners
In the sum of $y,000.
The defbiency In tho police relief fund
for the last Hum I year amounted to
112,814 88, nnd In the firemen's relief fund
W'-'Oia. a total of $19,tl"i 07. There o
iiirred dining th fiscal )cur mi a tolul
deficient) of Ul.UA.yi, so that at the
present time tho District owes Its pen
sioners $3500137, with no piospcct of
being abhi to pay them In the abseenco
of an appropriation by Congress or the
passage of legislation authorizing new
sources of revenue.
The bill now before Congress which
tho Commissioners have recommended,
tho Auditor sas, would place the pen
sion fund upon a stable basis for J ears
to tome, but It Is questionable whether
the deficient les lould be discharged
without express authorization therefor.
Mrs. Chancy New-Head
Of Indian Auxiliary Here
Mrs William II. Chancy Is the new
presldint of the Washingtonauxiliary
if the National Indian Association.
Thn annual eleillon of officers was hi Id
vesterdav afternoon at the home of
Mrs O. E. Cummins, wife of the dean
of tiie Academy of Howard University.
The other officers arc the following
I'lrst vice president, Mrs. A. O. Wil
kin: second vice president, Mrs. James
II Gilbert: recording secretary, Mrs M.
II Sawyer: corresponding secretar),
Mrs J. W Spencer; treasurer. Mm.
illancli Baker. Miss Mahle Main lold
of the work being done at the Sheldon
Jnckson Indian School at Sitka. Alaska.
m t
s. Maw mmn
I fgjr $
Exclusive soclctv circles will be Inter
"sted In a dispute between Mrs Jon?
W. Moran, widow of Francois Berber
Morin, and tier daughter, Mrs Eleanor
Ilerger McConihe, over tho distribu
tion of the J300 0IO estate of Mr. Moran,
who dl.'d January 16, last,
Mrs McConlho has been cited by
Justlco Barnard to appear In Equity
Court No. I, next Friday and snm
causo why a receiver should not be
mimed and trustees appointed to Ulu
chargo of tho estate during tho llfo of
Mrn. Moran.
The citation was based on a suit filed
b Mrs Moran against Mrs. McConihe,
Malcolm S. Cotilhe, Francois Ilerger
Moran McConihe, Malcolm (1 McConihe,
jr., Mrs Arabella Moran Hudglns und
John Welton Hudglns. Mrs. Moian
claims a life Interest In tho estate as a
lesult of ullegid agreement entered be
tween herself and daughter In October,
Dispute Over Residence.
The court Is nlso asked to determine
the title of the htindnomo residence at
2315 Massachusetts avenuo northwest,
now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John
Hajs Hammond Mrs. Moran claims
to hnve ircted the residence, although
her daughter asserts that It belongs
to her father's estate, and It was a dls
ngrceimnt over thn properl) that Is suld
to have actuated the litigation
In order to bring Into court alt parties
Intensted In the estate Mrs Moran
made defendants In the action the two
children and husband of her daughter,
and a second daughter and the bitter's
son, John Melton Hugglns, whose father,
Lieut. John Melton Hudglns, I!. 8 N ,
was killed several years ago by an ex
plosion on a war vessel.
Adjudged of Unsound Mound.
Mrs Moran Informs the court In her
petltnon that her husband was adjudged
of unsound mind by a 'Jury In the Dis
trict Supreme Court on May 9. 1907, and
that she was appointed as a committee
of his person.
Ills i slate then consisted of $11,697 13
on deposit and in estate In Albemarle
county, Va . consisting of SOO acres,
nnd In addition an annuul Income of
$IH(n from his father's estate
The will of Mr Moran. dated April
4 180, named Mrs Moran and her
daughters as sole beneficiary It Is
i lalmed. howevt'r, thut under the al
Irgid agreement of October 31. 1904. Mrs
Moran ngreed with the daughteri that
upon the death of Mr. Moran they
would divide his estate rquallv, and
that the daughters agreed to give her
one-third of the Inenmv di rived from
their interest In the estate of their
grandfather. Charles Moran
As the result of an error In ascertain
ing the amount of Its Indebtedness for
the care of Its Indigent Insane at the
Government Asjlum for the Insane tho
District has been overcharged $30,000,
according to the annual report of Alon-
zo Tweei'ale, Auditor of the District,
submitted to the Commissioners today.
The act piovldlng for the sundry civil
expenses of the Government for tho fis
cal year, which ended June 30, provides
that thero shal be transferred from tho
revenues of the District to the United
States, beginning with the fiscal year,
1913, the sum of $79.5.1. 09 to reimburse
the 1'nltcd Stntes tho amount duo "on
account of one.hulf of tho percaplta
i (ist of malntalnence or Indigent Insane
patients nt the Government Asvluin for
the Insane In excess of the number
charged to and paid for by the District,
tuiliig the llscal cars 1881 to 1911, In
clusive." "In part 2. page 1,435. of the hearings
on tho sundr) civil bill. Is set forth a
letter from the disbursing officer of tho
Government Asvium for the Insane con
taining a statement of the amounts
purported to be due the United Blates
1.) the District of Columbia for the sup
port of the Insane," savs the Auditor
"This statement shows a total sum
due of $l,f9,07' 18. The letter of the
disbursing offleir further goes on to
nt that ntie.half of tills sum. Or $79,-
536,09, Is reimbursable from tho District
of Columbia."
One-half of $1,139,07218 Is $719.0,6 09. tho
District, according to the Auditor, being
erroneously charged on the face of tho
account with $30,(10.
Previous to the passage of this legis
lation thn Auditor submitted a letter to
the Commissioners, copies of which
wire sent to the Speaker of the House
and President of the Senate, which set
forth that the District did no des re
to evade anv pavment of Its Just or le
gal obligations, but that before any
charge was mide against the revenues
of the District that the account be
audited by the Auuitor oi uic in. .i.e.
and the Auditor of the State and other
departments, so that It might be defl- i
nltely aseertalned what sum was due,
the United States on account of this
Item The suggestion was not adopted.
Commission! r Rudolph said toda that
In presenting their estimates to the
House Appropriations Committee, the
Commissioners will direct attention to
t. nrrnr nn.i frutravor to lmmcdlatel
legislation relieving the District of the
overcharge , , .
Attention Is again directed by the
Auditor to the ne'CBslty of obtaining
legislation to place the police and fire
men's pension fund upon a llxed and
permanent financial basis Unless this
legislation Is obtained, the report sas.
It Is strongly probable that by the
end of the tlscal ar, June 30. the Dls-
Ebbitt Cafe
You can be sure of accommodation for
wc open the handsome Crystal and Onyx
Dining Rooms for Cafe service after the
The Operatic Four and Miss Clara
Naeckcr will render a musical programme
of popular and classical selections while
you are being served from the especially
arranged menus.
G. F. SCHUTT, Proprietor
lahitNNruilo fnih, 33-W3lc uulhrrn. 32U
hr-ie N-w rk n, io lb . flat.
IK. lb
i Uuttrr-niKln rlnt. 25c p?r lb; tub. 31a
pr lb . pnicriiK, .
I,le Fc-uUry llnj, 13c per lb ; roosters.
c pr lb , turkey. ICtflSc pr lb ; ducki.
Htrl&i pr lb, .hlrkrn. Urgt, l&o per lb,
iiudlutn. 61lc per lb
iTeMed I'oullry Turkeyp, IBflCfti per lb.,
htm KUito PT tb . rtucki HtilTc per lb ,
cbUkcnv Ufflfec Per lb
(Irre-i Frultw- Calif rnla f-r.iriM'i J Pr
box lrnion W Tltt to per b-x; pine-
pplei, per crate, i: Wl2 50. HorMa trap
fruit t M Per )x, n-w tipple. SI iwa
2 ft) pr bbl , peat he SI 45
Meat Diraifit -MjchtuelKht pork, lo'ic per
lb . lieai-r IiUlle
vegetable rot aloe Ke pr bii : rM
er, Sic iM-r doim, uiiih, It ft)jjl 2L per bbl ,
onluni HniCc ler trat rabbHcr 7iiHV per
100 Ihe Iftlmp. $1 will 'J) p-r tuiiket, lflit
SI ("t pt 1W bunchen, hqnaMh 6V D4-r bbl .
g.ltt (OtJttfM'd SI 0iul .1 KT bbl , lllllJ
beam, Uk. per nt
Sales Today On
Local Exchange
Potomac Electric 5's. $l,00OiflM.
Washington Gas, W3ii..
Mergenthaler, 37i2.,5, lOSIS. 10-3224H.
The Kcclcy Cure fun"ud
33 years. Removes all desire for drink
S drugs. 812 N. Broad St.,Phlla,, Pa.
in Tin: Mi'i'itiiMn copiit ok thr dih-
1111CT OP Ltll.CMUIA Holding li Dis
trict Court IN HU The extension ef
Undoruool Street to Plnej Uranch Road la
the District of Columbia Ulitrkt court, No.
lu4S .Notice In hereby alien that the Com
mls.loners of the District of Columbia, pur
auunt to tho provlitom ot An Act approved
July 17, 1312. entitled, "An Act to authorise
the extension cf Underwood Street, north
..... hnvff fllad a Detltlon In this Court
nravlns; the condemnation of tha land neces
sary for the extension of Underwoad Street
from Its prcaent western terminus west of
I'irhth Dlreel, wesi, 10 inn rj ,m.i.
ii.u.h with a width of ninety feet, as laid
down on Ihe permanent sstem of highways
plan In the District 01 c-oiumuia. as snowu
in a plat or map nied with the said petition,
as part thereof and pralng also lhal a
Jurj of IHi- Judicious, experienced, dlaltiter
estel men, who shnll he freeholders within
the District of Columbia, not related to any
person Interested In these proceedings an I
not in the servlco or einplomeiit of the
District of Columbia or of the Culled States,
ho summoned by the t'nltod Stales Marshal
fur tho District of Columbia to assess Ihe
damages each owner of land to be taken may
atistnln by reason of the extension of the
afortsutd Street and the condemnation of the
land necessary for the purposes thereof, and
to assess aB benefits resulting therefrom Hie
mtlre amount of wild damages, plus the costa
nf this proceeding, upon the land abutting
upon the snld street to be extended, and also
upon all other pieces and parcels of land
which the Jury may find will he benefited
h the said extension of the said strict, us
irovldid for b Ihe aforesaid Art of Hon
presi It la by the Court, this IMh da of
Nov ember. A D 1112, Ordered that all per
ions having anj Interest In these proceed
lags bi, and thoy are hereby warned and
i ommalideil to appear in this Court on or
lefore tho 12th day of December, A D
I'll, at tin o'clock, A. M. and continue
In attendance until the Court shall have
made Its final order ratifying and confirming
thn award of damages and the ufisrssmeut
Of benefits of the Jury to be empaneled and
sworn herein and It (s further Ordered
that a copy of thla notice an 1 order bo pub
lllu I once In the Washington Ijiw Jte
purtei an I on six secular daya In the
"Vushlngton Hvenlng Star, The Washington
'limes, ant Ihe Washington Post, newa
pmHMH published In the said District, com
mencing at least twenty das before the
said Kill da of December, A. D MIS It la
fuiihir tirdired that a copy of this notice
nnd order be served by the United htules
Marshal or his deputies, upon such of the
owmrs of the land to be condemned herein
as may 'he found by the said Marshal or his
Implies within Ihe District of Columbia
an 1 upon the tervnts and occupants of the
came before the aald 12th day of December
A D 1912 P) the Court ASIII.U! M
OOt I.I) Justice (Seal ) A True Com Test
J K lOlN(l Cleik lly P E. CUNNING
HAM, Asst, Cleik.
KOK HAM" One bu horse good worker,
price 175 Apply tfUIIAPKll llltOS . Ilea,
nine I) C
GOOD deliver) wagon homo, weighs 1.2(0 lbs.;
serviceable, sound 717 lCnh st. S. V , base
Port SALT One thoroughbred Shetland pony,
cart, harness, sad lie and bridle rhon4
rtos.nl) n 23-C, or call at Mrglnla Highlands
CHEAP Also for hiring purposes, reason
able prices NQ11MAN COIllllN. 3H Mo av.
OANTZ has 10 carloads of rvnabouts, sur
res, and 7 spring wagons will sell thorn
regardless of cost KCu D St. N. W.
Capital $1,000,0-)
Surplus and undivided profits
over ll.000.ets)
You Can Start
an Account
at this bank with every as
surance of adequate protection
and uniformly satisfactory
on lepniltN subject In cheek. A
special deimrlnient for women
depositors! Is provided.
The Washington Loan &
Trust Company'
Cor. 9th and F Sts.
JOHN JOV KDSON, President.
The Safest Investments
Are tbose that do not fluctuate during dli
turbcil toiidltloiift ot t lie money or Btock mar
ket nrbt t-f1 of truit notetr (trnl niort
KaKP). well Hecuni, on roitl estate In the
Dlitrlct of Columbia, lomtltute ' Rllt-edce"
InNcvtmentji They do nut depend upon th
(Inanilal iiviponilblllty of ndllluaL ur cor
porations for their blabillti. and are exompt
from tMKatlin as pergonal property Wo can
upply such lnrntiiintM in amount! from
IWO upward Kiik1 for booklet. "Cuncrnlnjf
Loam and InvcfltmentB."
727 Itril HTHUCT N. W.
Munsey Building
Is The Place For Your Office
Do not pay another month's rent or sign another lease for your office,
Mr. Business Man, until you see the beautifully finished, light, cheerful, offices
in the Munsey Building. The Munsey Building enjoys the finest location for
an office building in Washington.
It is the most centrally located and
the finest constructed Office Build
ing in Washington, lt is right on
Pennsylvania Avenue, opposite the
District Building, next door to tho
National Theater, 2 blocks from
the City Postoffice, one block from
the U. S. Treasury, and in the heart
of the financial and business cen
ters of the city.
The Rentals
the Munsey
Building are extremely reasonable.
Small firms who want to locate
in the business part of the city,
but cannot afford the high rent of
other high class office buildings,
will find The Munsey Building just
the place for them.
The Munsey Building is constructed of marble and steel and is absolutely lireproof. The
elevatoi service (3 fast cars) is the best to be found, and the heating and ventilating plants are
Every office in the Munsey Building is an outside office, having plenty of light.
"Everybody Knows Where The Munsey Building Is"
Renting Office
913 Munsey Building

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