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Green Automobile Drivers Hae Best Friends in Traffic Police, Say Motorists
Officers Prevent Many Acci
dents in Busy
The Krcen automobile driver's bout
friend Is the trnfllc policeman. If It
ero not for the cnrefully considered
traffic rules that are in force In all
elites, tliero would be a great many
Inore accidents.
As a matter of fact, without them
rhaos would prevail and the green
driver, enjoying his first experience In
Bold Crimes of Modern Ban
dits Hard to Trace
And Punish.
A menace to tho comfort of the men
who upend more monev for gasolene
for their nutomoblles than their grand
fathers did for food for their tables,
In the course of a jcar, has como In the
form of th automobile thlof. Washing,
ton has had a number of tlicfls of Hits
character within the past yeur, and In
nearly every Instance where the oar
wus lecovered It was so badly damaged
Statistics of Motor Car
Road Racing for 1912
Vumlicr of rond races 20
Number of miles J,645
Aicntgc dlstnnco of cncli
raco 232
Auraire mile per hour
eneh winner 00.25
A tempo eneh ear that tin.
lulled Ci.19
r'astext rnad rare 78.7
Mlonet road raee 23.7
N'umbc of starterx l.Vt
Arenipe number of starter. 71-5
Number of rant allowed to
finish '. 71
l'crcentafre of finishers . . . . 43.5
Number of makes compet
ing 44
piloting a tar through a crouded busl-jas to be almost useless,
Hess street, would liavo Uttlu cliancu of
keeping his car Intact.
The traltlc regulations are his salva
tion. Without them he would go blun
dering through, perhaps nt excessive
peed and, getting Into a pocket, would
Jose Ills head, and probubly lliu miiijiri
of his car. With thu rules hu Is kept
In check and saved from himself.
"Once In a while we aro Inclined to
chafe, over these traffic rules," says a
motorist. "An ofllcer calls us down
because In turning a comer two wheels
touch the car track, as we have failed
to keep within the prescribed distance.
"Wo gel sore, Uul a little culm thought
at once convinces us that these rules
and regulations are right.
"In saving tho green driver from tho
bumps In crowded traffic, thev also
protect the experienced driver, because
tho seasoned man Is not ho much afraid
of what trouble he la going to drive In
to us he Is of the truublu tho green
fellow la going to force him Into. The
man who is lust learning to handle the
wheel can be as destructive as the
proverbial bull In a china shop, and,
therefore, I am thankful for that whltu
gloved hand that rises so calmlv and
majestically at uvcry crowded corner."
When tho multiple disc clutch slips,
try using a thinner oil In It. Wash uul
tho clutch with gasolene before tilling
with thu new oil. If this does not do,
new plates will probably have to bu
bought, the old being badly worn. Do
not run a multiple uisc clutch dry un
less It Is expressly Intended to bo so
run, for It Is liable to seize.
"This Is history repeating itself, sure
enough," laughed VaughJii Uluser, ac
tor and producer of ploys, one day le
ccntly, as ho stepped fro-n his (iarford
touring car In Philadelphia, after a
run from Pittsburgh "In the old days
of the show business, the little one-ling,
ireus traveled over tne country in
horse-drawn vehicles. Today, I am
touring a large part uf tho Untied
States, playing In various cities with
my company, by means of a motor
car. During this season I have travel'
e.l approximately 5,500 miles over all
sorts of reads and under almost every
Known weather condition. Hut 'over
land trooping' nowadays Is vastly dif
ferent from the old wagon-show ex
periences. Then, a rainstorm would
cause a delav of hour1 or a cancella
tion of the purformanee. I liavo never
yet failed to reach the next stop In
plenty of time to start tne snow.
PooBlne hack Into the corburetor Is
rather a dangerous diversion for some
oars. If It docs not cause a conflagra
tion. It at any rato causes the motor to
skip or even stop. It Is usually due to
a lean mixture, which lmins slowly, so
that flame Is left In the cj Under at tho
end of the exhaust stroke and Ignited
the Incoming gas. To prevent, adjust
the carburetor for a richer mixture. If
this does not avail, look to the valves
and see that they oiieato freely with
out sticking. A sticking Intake vuho
would allow tho flame In u cylinder to
escape Into tho manifold and Ignite tho
Automobile An Aid
To Suburban Life
"Thanks to the automobile, suburoan
life has taken on new Interest and thou
sands who otherwlso could never bo
dragged from the din of city llfo aro
it finding their way back to the happy.
lieoitny life or tne country.- sam a
well-known automobile dealer today.
"Men of modtrate means whoso en
tire Income has heretofore been nb
xorbed by the high cost of living Jn
the city have discovered that they could
maintain even u higher standard In the
ountry and afford an automobllo at the
( same time.
IHl l-cylindrr. tt li p. prce-Arrow tourlnm
car; At condition.
1W9 6-ellndr h p Plcrce-Arrow with
touring and Uuduulct I to Me
1910 Packard, IS li t. biouxham, In j;ouJ
1C2Q Conn. axe.
llll-tt CONN. AVE. N. VT. PHONE N. 7I1&
While the Individuals of tho cllmlnal
world have always been Just a Uttlu
ahead of the business world, in the
march of progress, the police have al
wnvs been close up to them, and. In
manv instances, have been able to ap
piehcnd thu crlmlnuls after the crimes
navo been committed, and have, occa
sionally been able to prevent crimes.
Hut In the matter of this new form of
thlcveiy, tho police have been beaten,
and they have not as yet been able to
devise a means of preventing the steal.
Ing of automobiles, and they have not
been very successful In recovering the
midlines once they havo been stolen.
Rivals Old Horsethlef.
The automobile thief of modern times
Is In many wajs on a par with the horso
thief of Western frontier days, for he
Is desperate, takes long chances and,
like the bad men of the plains, will fre
JUently fight desperately to get posses
sion of his loot and to escape with It,
even going su far as to shoot and club
Not so long ago thure was an Instance,
wheru tho automobile thieves have held
up automobile parties, forced them to
get out of the motor car, give up their
valuables, and then march away from
the scene, while the robbers drove away
In the stolen car.
Not so long ago ther was an Instance,
In Hostou, where the robner beat the
chauffeur over Ifco hcul .and then
pitched him out of the car and drove
away with the motor. It is a common
thing for these bold thieves to steal a
ear from beside the road and drive
avkay In It. They have been known to
i.. . ...... .nni .. ...... .....i
(treaiv 1IUU KaiUBl-n uuti Dit'ai u wi timi
drive It away. Strange to say, few
of these cars are ever recovered, and
thoso which ore found by the polliv
nro usually so used up as to be almost
useless to their original owners.
Insurance Men Lose.
The Insui once companies which pro
tect the owners are the losers, for
they take the old car If it la recov
ered and replaco It wllh a new one
and they In turn employ private detect
tlves and encourage the city police to
constantly pursue the thieves, who are
sometimes brought to Justice.
A n rule the automobile thieves aro
men of more ability and better training
than the ordinary thief. They are ma
chinists who n-ive been trained In build
ing und assembling the parts of auto
mobiles, and they ore familiar with ev
ery part of the motors and the ears
themselves. Tiiey nre aiso. as a r",
skilled chauffeurs, having licenses, be
cause they aro not known to be en
gaged In the stealing of the tars until
they have been once caught, after which
their licenses aro revoked, but that
mere formality Is no Inconvcnleiico to
Organize In Bands.
Many chauffeurs who have gone tho
paco following the fast life and havo
lost their positions havo become un
fitted for legitimate employment and
have been recruited to the ranks of tho
stealing automobiles has become so lu
crative and so easy that these thieves
have organized In bands and they work
In various cities, where they are able
to dispose of their stolen property with
u considerable degree of safety, It
New York city Is at the mercy of sev
eral organized bands of these automo
bile thieves, and In that city tt Is com
paratively easy to dispose of a stolen
ear without much feur of detection. In
New York, as In Boston and other largo
cities. It has come to be so rommon for
thieves to steal high-priced cats that
the police, realizing that It Is unsafe to
leave an automobile unguarded, have
advised tho owners not to leave a car
unless Its wheels are securely locked.
There Are Many Things
About an Engine To
Make Bother.
and the charge leaks past llw rings;
putting In about one tablcrponnftil of
i Under oil will help wonderfully In
such a ease: a mixture of half cylin
der nil and half gasolene Is much bet
ter than clear gasolene for priming.
If on turning the engine over, she
gives n few explosions and then slops,
the trouble may be one of two things
ton much gasolene, or not enough. If
the latter, the engine will usuully back
fire In thu base as It stops; If too
much, the explosions will be weak,
mil on tum'ng It over again the en
gine llres, hut without force enough to
continue running. If It Is not getting
gasolene enough, the trouble mny be In
the pipe or a particle of parnrflne or
dirt may bo clogging the needle valvn
nr the lloat of thu carburetor may be
If you are using a mixing valve of
the type which takes the gusolene
through a small hole In tho scat of
the valve, occasionally these become
leaky, showing the base compression to
leak past and drive the gasolene back
toward the tank. In such a case the
engine will run a few revolutions.
nf tiouhle Ince It will settle In glo
bules In tho bottom of tho carburetor,
then under the suction of the engine
It Is drawn up to the needle valve and
cuts on the gusolene supply. The glo
bules can be easily seen In the gaso
lene, ns they stand out muddy against
the clear white lluuld; all engine
should he provided with some form of
separator to guard against this trou
ble, A looie flywheel will make nit engine
hard to start; this Is inmmonly InJI
tated by loud rattling noise whllo the
engine Is running, though It ran nt
times be detected while the engine Is
standing by twisting und working tho
One of the most frequent causes of
troubles In starting Is a Hooded engine,
due to a leaky carburetor, sticking lloat,
nr needle valve which opens too far.
As the majority of valves and carbu
retors only need from ono-fourtli to
one-half turn of the net die vnlvo for
I their best running, It Is a good plan
when trying to start tu shut off the
casotene entirely and then, turn I he
engine over several time,, till the mix-
Space Is Provided
For Carrying Tools
Where to carry tools and spare parts
nluutu Iiiim .iitiNf lutil liwir. nr lrMH tif
n problem with motor cur designers, a other, then try tho spnrk; If ou have
There are few nconlo who have ever eng lie win run a irw rtimunuir. nwnr " ..... i... jmv
incro are icw puipiu nu irnvn evn .? bapKfire: tho remedy s to grind turr Is reduced to one that will mart
had nnv thing to do with automobiles ,hp vMveT When the explosions are shnrp nt th
who have not had experience with the I Wutc-r In the gasolene Is productive relief cocks the mixture Is correct
motor which would not go und with- '
out any discoverable! reason why It
didn't go. It Is Impossible to give all
tho reasons for fallute, but a few of
them may help.
Ono of tho first things to know Is th
condition of the spark; test tho bat
teries If ou havo a meter, ami If there
are any dead cells throw them out. rice
that the connectors do nut touch eneh
Merger of Motorcar
Firms Is Confirmed
Absolute confirmation of the reported
merger of the Klandciw Mdlor Company
and tho United mates Motor Company
was given out following the decision of
Judgu Hough, of tho United States Dis
trict Court In New York, In which lis
denied tho petition of some of the stock
holders of the United Htates Motor Com
pany for Intervention In Its reorganiza
tion plans
Walter 13. Flanders will head tho en
larged corporation nnd tho headquar
ters of nil thn plants except that of
the fltodnrd-Daytnn, at Dayton, Ohio,
will bn moved to Detroit. The plans as
now formulated contemplate the pur
chase of the Flanders' Motor Company
for W,7M,000. of which 11,000,000 will be
paid In cash and the remainder In stock.
It Is stated that while W 13 Metzger
and It. V llverett will withdraw from
active participation, they still retain
stock Interests.
nroblem which was merely side-track
ed, but not t,olved, 1y the box located
on the running boaid. The necessity,
nr at uny rate the desirability, of hav
ing tho tools and materials where they
were "hands" naturally was aceouut
able for the location: the call for cars
of clean design, however, has set body
deslcners to seeking out new locations.
in cases vvnere tne running uourd
n unc-quiuter-lnch good Jump, or. If It Is
muke-und-break, snup the wire on the
englno frame, ami If the spark shows .
hot and lively, look further for ou
trouble. " I
Take out tho spark plugs, see thit
ther aro clean; set the points n litre
less than thu thlrkness of u dime an-iit.
see If the spark Jumps across the point
wneu tne plug is lam on tne v)nnu'i,
then Insert a plecu of mica ur a tbic.c
caid bt'twetu the points, says 13. 8.
Mlllums, In Motor Print
J.OOK lot iicaity nug. j
It the spark goes around the Inseit,
with which the tools can be reached, i the plug is all right, but If the spuik
or so far as concerns the nppenrance J disappears, I lie plug Is leaking sonic-
of the car. The Instruments mid spare . . lh.
parts are carried In two drawers of u " " u ' vvcirtli.ss.
ample capaelty -for the accommodation IT It Is make-ancl-bieuk. the Ignition
of even more tools than generally aio points nmv be conoded, fieiiueuiiy
carried, which are limited underneath tin re is tl plug In the eld" of the cyl
the front sent, one on either side of the luder, which, when It is laken out al
gasolene tank. The drawers open Into Mows ou tu si e the sparki i In action,
tho tnnneau and ran lie reached very i hut bt-waie of this hole, for if thuu
handllv by a person outside tne car, i ,ui mis In tl Under, the les.iit-
SimpiV DV opening me lonueau uour. ,
location Is adhered to, to designing ' tl" Vl.V. '',"" A" 1X1 , , ,,,,'
boxes which lit Inlo the cuives and JV ."i " ."""' J" '""J '.' .'.""
lines of the body.
One of the solutions the one which Is
offered by the designers uf the Cadll
hit comprises the usage of space not
otherwise utlllzablc and yet leaves
nothing to be desired as to the facility
l nnfi
catch" with wlilcli tno urawers aro
provided prevents their Jarring open
when the car Is In motion.
Excess Zeal Causes
Much Motor Trouble
"Some motorists believe It their duty
to oil everything In sight and nut of
sight on an automobile." said Frank
Flckllng, an automobile supply dealer
"As a result of this overenergv and
zeal, they Mood the magneto with oil.
and get tho wlrna leading to the plugs
oil soaked, and then is no worse enemy
to rubber than oil The Injury Is not
nt llrst discernible. After a while the
rubber swells and decays, thereby giv
ing cause for short circuits, which Is
one of the most annovlng troubles
known to motorists."
lug explosion is liable to stud out 11
stieam of tire Into tin lnvc-stlgalor s
The moving parts must till at t freely
with no latching or binding, as their
suciissful pel ftu tiiunre depends upon
their bitaklng tin ill cull inslantane
Hindi . If tin ii- Is am slow nitloii th
usiiltlng spark will lie weak nnd pool
Timing Is Important. Tin spark
should 111 rui as riirlv as poi-lble with
out causing the 1 iigliu to Mi k bck
that Is, Jim at the Instuiit the piston
starts down.
Faulty Compression.
Another thing that nukes an engine
flow lo start Is faulty roinpiesslon. tills
may be due to defective designing.
Inky ronnectlons linky valves, li aky
1 Under hi ad or Igniter parls. Wbeie
the engine Is usually primed In starting
the cj Under walls are apt to gel dry
Insure Against Mishap
"Whether on slippery pavements,
ice covered boulevards, or muddy
roads, the angles, edges and hollows
of the "Non-Skid" have a firm grip
, and prevent your car from skidding
in any direction.
And back of the tread is the
sturdy Firestone body of material
and building strong enough to with
stand any skid-preventing strain.
Th tread that makes
the brake effective
The Safety Tread backs up the brake
by pushing the ooze aside and grip V
ping the road. The forward bar v
wipes a spot clean for the following
bars to hold to that stops the skid.
"Beir in Hie Short Stop"
Increase Tire Mileage
The extra thickness of tough, re
silient tread gives an extra length
of tire service. The unusual mile
age given by Firestone Non-Skid
tires, after the tread "letters" have
worn off, is the economical proof.
Reduce Car Repair Bills
By absorbing the bumps of the road,
no matter how severe they may be,
these extra thick treads prevent the
rack and loosening of. mechanism
which thinner treads on the ordinary
"slow" tire cannot avoid.
Economize on Gasoline
The road grip of the edges, angles
and hollows prevents loss of power
by wheel slipping or spinning.
Traction is increased, gasoline
consumption reduced to a mini
mum. Give Greatest Riding
There is an added give and take
to the extra thickness of the resil
ient tread, which materially aids
the cushioning effect of the car's
Washington Tire Depot, 1319 14th St. N. W.
TOR SAIiB FIve-pamspiiKor Overland, fully I
wiulupeil, 3 new Hivh. In inrlcct cunilltlon,
rare bargain Call I'ol 177s M.
KINO 3S-h. v. muring car; cult St, (75; never
been run: HWi off
WALTEH I' S11AVV. Oltn Vctle. Mil
i'lVK-PAHHKNOEIX touring car la good con
dition im M at. N. W.
Packard care: city, 12 hour; country, liM
Euaclal day ratea. Ilent puaalble aervlca.
I'HONB W. 218.
VlVE-rASSEKGUn AUTOS. 12 an hour;
atcond-luind autoa for aala. Lincoln :o$3
TGAM AUTO 8HOI'. (01 N. J. ava. X. W,
on exhibition In a raw data; quality right,
price right, law. Wo havo a few allghtly
need machtnea:
1 Indian, new tlrea $63 00
1 Reading Standard Stt.oO
T. N. MUDI) JR., INC.,
113 New York ave.
Ueln UH. SU 9th at. N. W.
W OFF ON AM IUrVCLEH for a Umlttd
time. Now Is tn time' to ufcuro a Xmtvi
nreient for your bov by lravlnit a small da-
0ilU Ilaterford CcU Cq , 421 10th .N.. W.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
10 Oversize
Used on 250,000 Cars
The final verdict on tires is told by the
fact that Goodyears outsell all others.
In three years the sales have doubled six
times. And we are doubling our output to
meet next year's demand. We judge that
these tires are used today on 250,000 cars.
That's because motorists are now making comparisons.
Most cars now have odometers.
Men see what it means to have tires that can't rim-cut.
They see what our oversize means.
The mileage figures show that in 13 years we have best
solved the whole tire problem. We've cut tire bills in two.
You can see the reason by one glance at these tires.
And men who have tried them men who know now buy
on the average 100,000 per month. Come see the tires
see why men prefer them.
The Goodyear Tire Book free on application.
TUU Cnmpanr has no connection whntcTrr with miy other
rubbor coucera which uw tht Uoodycar nam
1016 14th St. N. W. Phone Main 1595-1596.
Cost Most to Build Cost Least io Use
MEELEY, The Tire Man, 1736 14th St.N.W. Washington, D. C.
iiisTiiint'ri:its Kim
The Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. " America's Largest Eiclnsire Tire and Rim Makers "
Treads With a
Bull-Dog Grip
Here Is the very last word In a
winter tread. It solves the skidding;
question as was never done before.
It is on extra tread, made of very
tough rubber, vulcanized on to the
regular. Thus it gives you a double,
thick tread.
The blocks are deep-cut, so they
last for thousands of miles. They
present to tho road surface countless
edges and angles.
Each block widens out at the base,
co the strain Is distributed. Without
this, a non-skid proves very short
lived. You can see In a moment that this
tread meets all your Ideals In non-skids.
No-Rim-Cut Tires
With or Without
Non-Skid Treads (sni)
Automobiles Often Burn
The very stuff that makes the wheels go 'round
GASOLINE is inflammable and dangerous, making an
automobile risky property. If you have a car which is
UNINSURED, you are practically playing with fate. Let
us insure your car for you, and do it right now. We will
protect your car from loss by fire anywhere in the United
States and Canada. The cost is only
$12 a Year for Each $1,000 Insurance
A dollar a month and this price is much lower than you
' can get elsewhere. The Commercial is the biggest fire in
surance company in the District of Columbia, but quotes
the littlest rates for automobile insurance, uan on us,
write us, or telephone us, and we will be right on the job
with the best insurance that you can put on your car.
Commercial Fire Insurance Co.,
Southern Building Telephone Main 6475
PAID-UP CAPITAL $300,000 ASSETS $500,000
Robert R. Tuttle, President.
Hon. Ashley M. Gould, 1st Vice President.
Frederick S. Dudley, 2d Vice President.
Charles F. Carusi,
Rcht. N. Harper, Chairman Finance Committee.
Paul F. Grove, Secretary.
ohn McKee, Assistant Secretary.
General Counsel.

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