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Freezing Temperature
and Fair Tonight.
iniiuat t::o.
Nothing to Iwd.cate He Has
Had 'bn. p" During the
Pat Fotr ears.
Ap I" .i '..o h But Concedes
b ' j- , crm for President
Vv .' .,c Kct'ir. i
v '', . IT.-i'r.'.iliIi-it
T ... ' '..,..!, a l)t poke,)
son i,t vVn.iiun Jt'nntrga llryaii,
toss. ' . ,,. .-ar. ., f'ol-jru'l Jl'tohu
: i..) i' h' "iii1"!! do'ir" p'l
Icr t ib. Wt.. Ho'j. would pro u
qu t : . ., :1c 'I'll- o' :i I'rra!-
dc. h.. tr'-' to 1 in I'uly litem!
:"' i .' ' tuiilly buk-
S'ri if, '- .
d. '
Of . -hi-
XT . 3 I .1 !
be ' a ui
t" i .luring Ms
' '" m l:i this clly
r 'ii' all ihr
- g.iv uni! Incl-
.ii, ilil'oviih '
Hi- him a'.o h1
l ilurinc 11..-
a. .c h ho h.is
u-.u .. , i '.man- hnowl
: .. ... ii- (iflU ! a.'!
i .
f- . . is. u stir. -
rj.'.ii'n 1 v,ir.Bln.i
i-l8 8J.e-.im i . Job
.-. !. de .-il In tl:la
. -
t . k ,,. .....
a- no
.J''F mm
Hi. i.
I .i.m 1m'. i i
f-r- ic-. i.Yew Term
,N !.,()
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. I... .
: . it.
! i... .
. , -. .
.i I'l
. uv. a -
i i u. Ii..
1 ....
. .-
?. - .;:'V':;,
t .... in .
. . j .i r. i..i.
t - t.i.l u it.-.
A. -. Ill .'-
c .....' u...
U - '
t.t.r . .. . . -f4
t . . . i lim
Ck . ...i J I-
p , : i. it
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a.' .. i . .
,1. .!.. I -o
fe, . I .. .-
', ,..!..
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t. .... .. ,.llll
f,r . , . i..
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tn . n i t
-" ' . .! ..
H . .-' 1.. !
H. i . ....
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t.. T in . , .1-
I 51
Yesterday's Circulation, 52,339
Dying in Georgia
ii d;i hoie
Brother Admits That Geor
gia Statesman Is Growing
Sieadily Weaker.
ATLANTA. On.. Nov. 17. Former
i. mior Jin-i'i'h M. Tern 11 Is dying at
. licm.- 1m iv.
it irollur. I'. Tern 11. says the
i; .Aior is Htciil'ly becoming weaker,
a.i 1 lia: ilentji mi,; it ralur at ;uiy mu
r..i tit.
hi KA. 1 . . h
Ran Away, She Says, Because
Faints Would Not Let Her
Have Company.
Af KAMKNTO, 'i.. N'"V. IT. John
3ir.iinti. xMl twnity-tlilK', iitij Slim
1! . ICn... iiKiil llftt-.-ti. t.r Iii'Iiik lii-l'l
1 1 . ijr lti-3 yul ' n limtt'Uft tm.i fruin
;r;.ikr.. . ).. 1. J Is n.il'1 ih.-y iliijuil
f. i iCai J'luvuli'iici. 11 uei'k kii nml
,, in ill. illy, wlii'ni SlmmntiM'
fc . '.. t. AUi it. l.i a r.illniml mini.
1 V i. .1 uiUmi l.ito iii8i"1y till' riijli Ijail
, ". li(,t.itn thtu. At th police Hta-
' : i t th j'oj.-.jf K'rl milil hhf rnn nwuy
. .' .'j.f ii 'r a .iiim riiM-O to ulluw Iut
t. ,a vim j'o i.i; mca or ottiiM tla;
u . ar.tl tlitr.c.
' "..ol.i.ry wan t'.in fimt ti.y 1 evi-r met,"
:.l !.. -aril 1 iovo Mm. 1 uhnll
- :. rv h:in Jut an eocn an I get out
ci' ; nln."
M - T'.'.'.on rarri',il two jmh.r.iPei: fllle4l
I wl'h r :. i.,l-.-. of til.- Uncut iimllv -.
r.i . c'.il, H.nl n iliKii'c.l Illhli.
! Daughter; of Confederacy
Pay Tribute to Rival
. . c; flnv r-rii were InM DiU nft-
i 'i.o f.mt of tlio i-tatuten of
t tuant nml Itnln-it E. I.re In
"i l lu- nowpru tvero thun
iHrectlcn of the convention
i' ' .i. Parchtrrs of the Con-
f".. minutes he fore Biljourn-
1 . H. lluv.phileo. recordlns
if i . UlPtrlct Division of
r L.'.l lu irrealhn In plne-
i I . h.ilf of n committee headed
l-iir. C I.' illnw, seconil vice
M .'"-il nf the norlcty, nml
i;i' i II .tl.-r. pr Kldetit of the
I in. n'lil IncluillnjT In Iti
i ii '- ntailve of each
' .. i in
"i-x.r.t"- c
:ir-01d Married Man
t.ho'grJ With Non
support. - , ..- 1, Married
,h .ure of sccn-
i i.i. hs been ar-
' ' ' -i rt sworn
in . h.
A 'jnta Blrming-
' U blN. S
Che Tllafimgtott Wiraeg
Twenty Thousand Leave
Trieste for Vicinity of Dis
puted Coast Territory.
King Nicholas, Viewing Opera-
tions Before Scutari, Is Target
for Ottoman Shells.
I1KRL.IX, Nov. 17. Austria la mov
ing troops to tho border as faBt as
they can bo entrained at tho military
posts. Twenty thousand troops have
left Trlesto In the past twonty-four
hours for the province of Dal matin.
which borders on Moutcncgro, and Is J
within striking distance, of the dis
puted stretch of coast on the Ad
riatic. Tho departure of troops was
marked by riotous demonstrations
by Czechs and Slavs, according to
advices from Prague.
"They're off to fight our brothers!
Shame!" "Hurrah for Scrvla!" "Down
with tho Germans!" were crlos of
thousands of the foreigners. The
police scattered tho mob after eov
cral charges.
Servians Capture Heights.
lti:illtAUK, Nov. 17. Servian troops
were endued "11 Friday In outpoa:
(klnnlslieii In front of Mnnantlr. Tim
Ttirkr heM ptron-f poltlon 4,i0 feet
Iilt-h, Which the ServluniJ hnd to cap
tun, ut all hazards.
ThU they nuccredcl In doing btor
Hundown and they now bold all tho
punltlorut leading to ill town.
1UHK.A. MuntcncKro. Nos. 17. Klnu
Nli'hcilHH. accompanied liy hU on-ln-law,
the UuBKlun (liand Ilukt 1'oler
Nlko.ileltcli nml the xraiul rtuelim,
eiiiharkcii Kilduy on a lake nteamer to
view the operation! In front of Hcutarl.
The Hleiiiiier Immediately hecumii a
tarKel for Tuiklnh "helln which fell lu
uiipleHKiuitly close proximity.
HIh iiiuJi-Kty, on the ateamer. followed
Ui work of the Monteneitro center col
umn on the plain befoni Hculatl. At
nnon it heavy homtiurdmcnt opened on
all nldes. MunU-neKrlti nhidlii deveral
Uim.H atruck the lilxht-st point of Ml.
Turabotich. dcne clouila of umoko nni
lni;. Drive Turki From Town.
After thla iiuccemiful liombardment
foinlien liatliillona of Infantry ctoimed
Hi'. KIrl river tii tho northeast. nd,
JolnliiK the troopn on that "lite, niadn
a united assault on the Turkish posl
tlotiH to the eut of tho town, driving
the enemy uut.
Meatmhlle a division under command,
of Uenerul Martlnovlch had great suc
cess on the oVpuslte hide of the Iluyana
ner. In the dhectlon of San Giovanni
.11 Medua. The division encountered
8,iVi Turks, who occupied the elopes
of lit. narbnlusrhe, overlooking the
IJiln river. A severe engagement en
sued, lasting all afternoon. The Turks
defended the position heroically, but
were unable tn withstand the stronger
Montenegrin artillery fire, and gradu
ally withdrew.
Demand Annexation to Greece.
ATHKNB, Nov. 17. The steamer
Athlna has arrived at Piraeus, brlnglni;
delegntlons from the Islunda of Thasos,
Imbros, and Samothrnce to lay before
the government resolutions adopted by
the Inhabitants of thcBe Islands demand
Inr annexation to flrccce.
Aboard the Oernian steamer Tenedos,
captured nt Lemnos and brought to
I'lrenus, nere articles of furniture be
longing to the. former Sultan Abdul
VIENNA. Nov. 17. Correspondents
have lieen debarred by the Utilitarian
commanders from m-ndlne an ylnforma
Hon as to the course of the war, be
cause the leaders wish to creute an
accomplished fact before allowing tho
movements of their troops to bo pub
lished, according to a dispatch from
Lieutenant Wagner ut Sofia to the
Premier Guechoff, of nulgarln, sayii
the situation Is so delicate that It Is
Impossible for him to say more than
tbut an exchange of views Is proceeding
between the allied Ilalkan nations re.
gardlng conditions of the armistice.
wh'eh will also lorm tne Dasis oi peaca
An Evidence of Progressiveness.
As an evidence of Progressiveness, in practice as well as theory, The Times appears today in a bigger
and a better form. This change to a bigger page, with eight columns instead of seven, has been under con
sideration for a long time. Its advantages to the readers have been recognized and a favorable opportunity
to make the necessary big changes in equipment has been awaited.
The increased size of the paper will make it possible for The Times to better serve its public, it will inci
dentally give the advertisers of Washington better opportunity to display their business announcements and
so better serve their public. With the larger form of paper every effort will be made to put to the best use
the increased space available in enlarging and bettering the news contents and all the departments of The
Times, and from its readers the newspaper seeks co-operation In its progress.
He Writes Buffalo Police,
Telling Where to Find
Missing Boy's Body.
Boastful Murderer Mailed Card
From Washington Telling
of His Crime.
BUFFALO, N. Y., Nov. 17-A police
dragnet extending from coast to
coast was spread today by Buffalo
police In a hunt for tho murderer of
Joseph Josephs, a seven-year-old boy
whoso body was unearthed yester
day In a pit near his home in Lacka
wanna City. The Josephs boy had
been missing for a year and his body
was found by moans of postal cards
written at intervals to Buffalo pol.co
and newspapers. The last card de
scribed the spot where the body was
One of the postal cards written by
the depraved murderer of the boy,
stated ho had killed twelve other
boys. Police at first wero not In
clined to bellero this, but early this
morning Chiof Regan declared that
after a night of communication with
other cities from where postal cards
had been mailed by the murderer
that the boastful murderer probably
Is telling the truth in rogard to tho
number of crimes he has committed.
o uwh in watningion,
Postal cards received from time to'
time since the disappearance of the Jo
sephs boy were dated In lloston. New
York, Washington and Philadelphia.
The murder of tho Josephs boy, ac
cording to police, and medical authori
ties, Is the work of a most depraved
man. The child hail been outragod,
murdered and his body torn limb from
limb and bulled In a oess pool within
a few hundred yards of his home.
Offers of rewards agcregattng tl,rQO
failed to give any trace of the boy but
ili postal cards telUng of his death
appeared quite regularly at police head
quarters, at the home of his parents
and st the business house of the boy's
father, who lu a wealthy Syrian mer
chant. For a time these cards were lgnor-d
by the police, but lout Friday, when
one was received describing the exact
spot where the body was burled, police
nnd medical examiners began an Inves
tigation which resulted in tne nnoing
of the body, piece by piece. The last
part found was the head.
Calls Himself Mason.
Immediately after the body was nn
cirthed tho police appealed to tha postal
Inspectors to try and trace the writer
of tha cards.
The murderer, who. on one card,
writes he Is a thirty-second degrea Ma
son, declares that on Wednesday he
will return to Buffalo and give himself
up to the police. This. It Is thought, in
metcly a blind to forestall a search for
Besides the murder of the Josephs
boy. the murderer writes that two other
boys wero asi-uultcd by him. He gives
the places where tho assault occurred,
and In eno Instance, that of a newsboy
statlored at an outlying street car
transfer point, the police have verified
this statement.
t.lnce the lliidlng of the Josephs boVs
body, the police arc looking up records
of children's alsappearances within tho
last eighteen months and Hnd that
seven, all boys under ten years, have
dl'appe.ired and have not slnco been
heard from.
Detroit Woman Fatally
Shot by Her Husband
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 17. In a quar
rel with hor husband, Mrs. Anna Mey
ers, living In Hamtrack, a suburb of
Detroit, was shot through the left lung
Sunday morning.
She lies In a dying condition at St.
Mary's Hospital. Her husband, after
shooting her, ran out of tho houso and
"Boy Guide" of Alexandria and
Historic Scene of Tragic Death
aSgif" "l..il M&tA -'SB..
FA;$Kmm sm M, zzynr &
-rV ev 'JsWsWflsMlWafe "wj,39- - w J- tf JMlrs' m
i J k. 4ffiT m s-y''ic223r'cisa
!. im!SE2zS22Zmm;J mSffi ?t
I fi IswHrilTiiTB ll ITrTllnTiii'r iJHwrli F r liliiiitii r i r irsTti fritsTf ifiT"inflP iK'w'N'jiFra
Dotted line shows where Buckley ftll or was hurled from fire
Mrs. Mayme French Is Pros
trated Over Notoriety of
Arrest in Baltimore.
Prostrated by the notoriety Incident
to hor having rndcrlck V Kurtz ar
rested on the charge of swindling her
out of 113.000, Mrs. M.iyme French l
today ronnned to her room In the
Dewey Hole! iindei the care of a phy-
(Continued on Pago Twenty )
Condition Is Unchanged
Acute Pains Have. Sub
sided Today.
Si'tintni- Tsltlnr Haytier Is makuii; a
lii.ni' stand against the ncuritta, wlitcli
has M'lznl blni, nnd Ills condition is,
piartlrnlly uni'liniig.d today, .iccotillng I
tu information given nut it t the linn.
residence in i:ightctnth ttiei t 'milli
west. I
The lnten.ii. rain he has hcen suftciing
was not in ai ute today, and Hup' was
n mole clienl'iil ton, to some of ilie
rt t'orts eniunatltig from the p-ck ro tin I
than yt-Rteril.i. Many of lilt nollnp.il I
frl.-i.ilH ha... .I'' ! i. .! - '
Hpi'cts. nnd William .Tonnlngs lliyati
paid a IMt latr vi-iitrrilav af onioi'ti.
Seiiutnr Il.lMU'l wii iihle lo talk wlt'i '
nienilii'is of IiIk I'aiiilU toil.i .mil. ,i
plte his Illness, hIi"f the UmPcm In-1
terest In the politic. il di M'loi'me1 ts of;
tlie day, and partii'iihiHi tboM' r-latlnii '
to the coming (.eci-lon of congress..
. ,.! ,- mLrsBK'ilfl&MWXM
Twenty-two Pages
Alexandria Character Is Found Crushed on
Sidewalk at Braddock House
Tho old Braddock House, in Alexandria, which adjoins the famous
Cnrlyle Houso, the scone of stirring ovent3 in American history, and in
tlmatcly connected with tho life of George Washington, was the place
escape to brick pavement.
Four Companies Reach
Scene, Following Strikers'
Attacks on Trains.
fMAHI.KSTON. W. Va, Nov. 17.
.Martial law has hern declared again
in the Kanawha coal fields by Gov
irnur Glasscock, and today companies
l. H, I. and M, of thn Second Regi
ment, are ruling with an iron hand
over a territory thlrty-nvo miles
square. Two companies reached the
Hi lil last night, and the other two ar
lived thla morning.
The action of Governor Glasscock
was brought about hy the continued
buttles between strikers and railroao
police, the former attacking trains
ci.rrjlng non-union miners Into the
field, while the latter were endeavor
ing to defend the trains. Friday night
two carloads of non-union men were
turned bnrk from Cabin Creek Junc
tion and brought to this city, follow
Ing a battle in which thu strikers
spiked switches and shot Into tha
Governor Glasscock had n. full re
port of this latest outbreak made to
him yesteidny afternoon, and then Is
sued tho martial law proclamation
A.ijutant General Elliott 1j in com
mand cf the troops i,r.d bus announced
that the trfnii nunt of martial law
will he so rigid that tho former roles,
rnforccu six wicks ago, will heem to
have been but piny. A military court
bsa bteu lnstltutd and will incot
dally for the trlul of all offences.
Panama, Canal Zone, Central America,
i -ii t'.uii. 'nie-tea mo i .n'iunj
ion i m i a rd bv "i . Iiern Itttll-
viv "i i (.h Nik Uilonnu. thence
h. ,ii . Iiuut.il H)U Iii ill .ens. ColliUit
- in-. 7U. 15th ,U und ! F ct. nw.
Sunday Evening
of another tragic death early toda
when Patrick Buckley, tho "b;
gu.do of Alexandria," plunged to h'n
death from tho fourth story.
Body Found Today.
Iluekley's body was found at C. '
o'clock by Walter Ale, a roomer I .
the building, who saw the bod in
a man lying on the brkk favetnei t
In the rear of the building,
Police headquarters, whli.Ii fa
acroca the street, was notin.u an J
Chief Goods made an !nvestia Ion l
found young lluckler lytnc on hn ia k.
with his skull crushrd. Its fare .ut In
seveml places and his coat cove. . ,'i
blood, which had run from his oso
and cats. Ills coat collar wns rti
off una the Indications were ttia pli
death had followed a severe, stru eli.
It v.ao first thought that tti- oy'a
death was due to murder, but rtcr
a tburouKh investigation madn b h ef
Uojda, Commonwealth Attori ey ta .uel
lJrent and Coroner Samuel it. Moore,
was decided that Buckley fell from
the fourth rtory of the but tin,- aim
that ills plunge was accidental. Coro r
Moore win. however, probabl Ii Id ar"
Inquest tomorrow for the purpoau of
making a more thorough UH-ujtr" 1 it
the circumstance' r-.rrooiialt,; v-juuv
IJuklcy' death.
Had Been Ortnlring.
Accordlug ti the farla devu'ooed tir
tho police, Buckley had been drtnWln
nigni. Aceompamoci by his two
brothers, Joseph and Thomas ll-jekley,
atid Jumrs Self, he had mad a round
of the bar rooms early In the fvuniiirf.
At one place be had become disorderly
and had been thrown Into the street by
the proprietor. During the evurTl which
ensued his coat collar was torn and Ida
face cut. Shortly artw midnight the
party entered n Crt-eX restaurant on
King lroot, where another altercation
arose, and Buckley and tus compttnloua
were forced to leave,
Buckley then left his Wends and
started to the Braddock House. He en
tered the building from the Camsron
street side and went to a window at
the end of a hall on the fourth floor.
Here ho removed his long overcoat and,
hat and placed them on the floor, raised
the window, and stepped out on an Iron
It was from this balcony that he fell,
his body being found on the brick pave
ment directly beneath It Near the
sody was found the heel of one of his'
shoes which had been turn off, and ths
police think that his beel caught la
the Iron bars of the flr-escape, caus
ing him to lose his balance.
. W . Rimnuvn. nranrlnlnp nt lh
Braddoek House, heard Buckley enter
the building and yelled to him to stop
making so much noise. He did not
know who It was at the tlmo, and said
this morning If he had known It wsi
Buckley he would have stopped a
from entering the building. Some
months ago he ordered him nrter to
romo Into the Braddock Tlouso at
night, on account of Buckley's atten
tions to his young daughter.
Was City Guide.
Buckley first camo Into promlnene
seven years ago. when he was thirteen
years old. At that time Alexandria wai
overrun with young boys who acted as
guides to the many historic places
within tho old city. They met th
trains for lit, Vernon and offered
their cervices to Uio hundreds of tour
ists who visit Alexandria every daj
from all parts of tbe world. Buckley,
a rosy-checked youngster, with an at
tmc'lve face and mast agreeable man
ners. wa a favorlto with tho tourists
and far outdistanced his competitors In
the number of his fee
The guides became so numerous and
annoyed the visitors to such an nxtcnl
that six years ago the city council wai
compelled to pass an ordinance which
required the guides to take out a llrrniM
nnd pay a feo of $3 por annum. Bucklej
was the only boy that had sufficient
nerve to provide himself with n IIckim.
His only competitor for years was Chan
S. Taylor, a member of an o'.d Virginia
family, who piloted visitors nruund th
streets for a, number of yeans
Since Taylor's death, three venrs i.c.
Buckley has had the entire Held to h'm
self. Every day ln the vear rain oi
snow, he met the through trains oi
the Washlnrton-Vlrglnln jallum, nnd
always managed to get together a a
who wished to see the historical pi'
of old Alexandria. The first plaos tint
was always visited was the pi-nddck
House, and fro-n tha spot where HH
bodv was found today, lie his thou
sands or limes pointed out the tunnel
which formerly run from the Polemic,
and which was used bv the ear'e Eng
lish settlers to escape, from "ic ' 'd an.
Bucklev lm.i made tboroi ch i-tudr
of the early history of Alexand'iii end
his lejcrlptIonB of mme of tbe evenu
connected with the life rf t.o il B-nd'
dock. George Washington. G-irge Ma
son 0nd the Marquis de l.urii Title wert
said to he Intensely Interettlng.
Colore.- Man Fined $5
For Cruelty to Horse
Jntnes Vfatera. colored, chargvd with
cruelly working n horse unnt for use,
war nii-d by Judge. Pugh ln the D!
trtct rvtleo Court yestcrrtuy. The ftm
wn paid.
Waters tMtlfied that he pa! "i
the hi so, and. Dlthougn the animal l
jpnvlneo In both bocks and Irnie u
front, r.e did not think It was unnt fji
i ft "' pollen tirrVora who made thi
arrjwt rtttd that.Uiv horse einds hardly
walk, ond woricsvu vejry painful t It.

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