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"Home Mission Week" Ob
served Here With Pray
ers for Unsaved.
That Christianity begins at homo nnd
(lint theto In u great iiil''n work to
bo dono In Vinihlnnion, ns tho
thought brought out In man sermons
in the froU-stunt cliurrlica today
Not only am tills M'O I lr ss.d upon
hundred of churi.li me " ' " "u""'
tngton, but In nioic ih hi .00 cities
thioughout thu Inliei btatcs Pray
ers were lifted, too, tnat 0"' tidiest
blessings rest upon thu unsincd and
the unfortunate In tnl rou try that
"Home Missions" cinnot reach.
Beginning with tod "Hume Mission
Week' will bo observed in more than
:0,OCO Protestant churches In America.
Br. Samuel II. Woodrow. In preaching
today on "Our Count n Coil Coun
try, ald that "no ihould snow more
Interest In tho Africans In tho allejs
of Washington than those In South
"We hse n great work to do in
this countrj." said Dr. Woodron, In
touching on the 'Home Mission' prob
lem. "Look how the Rieat cities uro
congested We must no ilss on wurl:
there. Then we mu't looi after the
rural districts too. lnen wo must con
sider that there are tl ousaniis of lm
migrants pouring lntn tills cim try each
year The gospel must be extended to
Debt of Churches.
The Rev. lllnson V Howlctt, pastor
of tho Second llnptlst Chunhtl preached
n special sermon today on ' What Shall
We Do?" lie told hli congregation
that the chutih owes something to tlu
community; that it snould be tho center
of social and tiHglou uctlclt) He said
that one way to tohc tho 'home ml
plon" problem ai to leach the children
and bring them Into the Sunday school
"If a child Id taken into the Sunday
tchool and crows un w th the church.
a veful llfo H glcn the puMlc." said
the pastor Ho urgul hli e 'ngregatlon
to see that tin- rommunltl. s In which
they 11( be madu bitter b the lles
they lead
The Hec. J W rrlzicll, pastor of the
Inuram Mrmotlal Chi r h mi lehcrt n
peetal pcrnion on the ho ir mission"
problem HIh sul Jf t n I'ncle S.im's
Homo Mlslonur l'mbli m Tho pas
tor dc l.ered a .nu mllon work con
fontel the churi h i h In this coun
try. Mission Work Here.
The Rev Inhn frn.pnn Hill pastor
'""tropollt ui 1 iptlst Churcn,
"Uirkn-i i nl I.leht ' lie
mlsMonn e; nlt'on In Bal-
j. r! it Is I. wwn hi ' the World
'Vl ? , JJi re "' I that It wns one
.if S- 1 wffev't womle ful ex ilbltlon ho
BsJ (Tl,oHfCPnl ana Mrjc'i ni- cungrcKii-
m . fuVfi. . A nrmw tn Tlalllninrn In I...A It
flijt itJef tho mlsrlon vork that could
JRir. Dr. Je.i". Bhrn Montganv
eis,"br of the Metropolitan Metho-
'n ch attnrke.i the New Thought
r other n v. cr cU thit have. In
tcci ors gilnod i strong foothold In
the United State" lie m d. In patt
"I om not antnurnlsitc In the New
Thought. I liellrw In much of It, though
I do not trne mrtl lircausr the sun
dot i not rise In tint d'r ' on Doubt
less in clirlfing j I loRical Hw,
artilltlonal bli "111 l -n to betti r
tl unders.tan I'm; of the Christian life
Tie rmstlf fori s ur j'nit uh, anil
t) being revoili I Ilrritoforo the)
ofe strn nnhei-n n ' 1 twisted out
lev Into e pr "' r.r if i tnttupt.
'rhe ph nomein nf tupnutlsm nnd
l-lepath Tro mon thin funliM Th' v
irc realities w hi' i M-'-iRtii' n resoluto
; lilt Tin dim.. ' t it It upets tin
Mcnmcntnl br( nl nt 1 t' - tin. r m soni;
of redemption In i r n we find
not an Hd'Tiiat" ill i. i n to Jesuit
of Narari tit II' " jn i one nf a
crowd "
Organist Drops Suit Against Pas
tor Which Started Over Al
leged False Arrest.
NEW YORK. Nov 1T.-A suit brought
By Mis (Jrnco Warren, of Sherwood
I nrk. Yonkers, ngalnst the Rev. 0. II.
Houghton Duller for IMOOO damages
"us discontinued by (Supreme Court
Justlco Tompkins seslerday.
MIsh Warren, formerly nn organist In
St Mary'n Episcopal Mission, at Sher
wood, alleged that Mr. iltttlir clreu-
lied falso and slanderous tales agalnsi
Miss Warren's suit wan tho outcome
Of Tl hlftnc I.I...K. I. vn... .!.. 11. ... .
. . "' viiui-,, ,.MY iiwi spin ine
parish Into two fnctloni. While it wa3
imn.l in. t...... ti..n . . ..
,.. ...., i-unuir iiuurr nail n llciy
Kculfle with Mrs (leorgo Wetmora In
ijecilng her from tile church
Mr llutler then chnrged Mrs Wct
moro with sending him annoying let.
ers, but Mrs Wctmore w.ih ucqulttod
Tlicn shn sued the pastor for JJj,oni) for
falso arrest. Thli time the pastor won
Shortly afterward Mr Hutler resigned
ii jiuaiuiuii., iinuii) muuu peace un
the organist nnd the suit wns dismissed
German Orphan Asylum
Re-elects Old Officers
Officers tho pnst uar of the German
Orphan AsWnm will he the samo tho
comlnjc twelo months iih the result
of an election conducted at the Sacng
erhund llnll Thursduy iMntng. Thisn
re-elected nfllcers nro John F
"chnelrler. president Martin Wlegand,
tlrst ke president, Aclnlph Quile, sec
ond vice president. W V Movers, hcc
lotar), C O Roiiler, treasunr, IC O
Oscnr Pull, superintendent, nnd Mis.
I'rell, matron.
The directors nt this meetlnc paiscd
a oto of thanks to W. I Glide "for
continuous fnor Klen," and slm-
Milt l.1trt t lllnlilra liAff. Awti.niln.l ...
Mri ICntherlne (5 I.oofrier, president
im me L.HHH s- sewing ocni, anil to
Mrs Tv. Ci ftitthil tirfulil.nt nt rhb
J 1-adlcs" Aid Socletj
J "Work Among Lepers."
I W M Danner will gle the address at
I tho Y U C A. nper sen Ice this nf-
ternoon at i 30 o'clock IIH subject will
be "Work Among tho Lepers " Mrs A.
I) Melln will be tho soloist of the
Descendants of Confederacy
Wind Up One of the Most
Successful Meetings.
A lslt todaj to Christ Church, Alex
andra, of which licoige WaahlnKton
was u cstryman and pew holder, by a
partj of delegates to tho convention of
tho Unltid Daughters of tho Con
federac) was tho onl event on tho pro
giam of thorn) Daughters still in tho
clt. Klnnl sisslons of the convention
wcro held )csterday afternoon and
evening, attendant o In the afternoon be
ing Binnller than In morning, and be
ing still smaller In the cvmlng, owing
to tho departure for homo of delegates
In the final session a vigorous debute
was aroused oer a theme which never
falls to cxilto feeling when raised In
any patriotic society where membcr
hlp nuallllcatlons relate to ancestry,
tho question of Just what Bhall consti
tute eligibility to membership In the
present constitution of the U. D. C ,
grandnlcces of Confederate veterans are
eligible In a proposed amendment to
tho constitution, membership would bo
restricted to lineal descendants, wUcs,
mothers., nnd nieces Collateral de
scendants, except In tho first generation,
would lie barred.
Mrs. Prank O Odcnbelmer, tho first
Ue presldmt gmcral, who was pn 1
Ing. hud a strenuous time during tho
debate over this question, for, us sev
eral times previously during tho con
vention, from three to ten Daughters
were on theli feeet at once, all bhoutlng
"Madame Presldentl Mudaina Presi
dent'" and claiming tho lloor and tho
right to speak.
So much tlmo wan taken up oer this
question of narrowing tho doors of ad
mission or opening them that it was
llnu'lv decided to postpone definite ac
tion until tho next convention at New
The Dnughtcrs are on their way home
todav aft r a week which has been bril
liant In respect to nodal activities, while
tho work of tho convention was pushed
to successful conclusion by Mrs Oden
heltner nnd other leaders. Noth'ng 1 ke
real friction occurred on the floor of tho
convention, nnd, though prlvato ani
mosities nnd Jealousies wero occasion
ally In evidence in nno way or another,
they wire not publicly dlsplajed
Ono or two manifestations of bad feel
ing bv ono delegnte tnwurd another had
something of a humorous side Ono
prominent delegate sent a nolo to tho
reporters who attended tho convention,
siylng that a certain woman fiom u
far Houthorn Htuto was not a number
of tho United Daughters of tho Confed
eracy nnd that her name ought not bo
printed In tho newspapers In any con
nection with tho convention. On Investi
gation It was learned that the att'ii.kiul
woman la a tanner high officer of the
I'. D. C. In the State, where she lives,
and she came beforo the convention In a
way to make her desirvedly prominent
All the publicity that could bo given
this appearance then was given as tho
jeciult of tho attempt to have her namo
kept out of print.
The f'nul serslon of tho convention
Inst evening went on colnc'dontlv with a
leceptlon given In llu vnl- ! ,.
gallon at the Confederate Home, In
Vermont nvenue
A resolution offered by Sister Esther
Carlotta, division president of Plorlda,
at the last session, regarding the use
of Robert K. Lee's name as an ad
vertising device was emphatlcallr ap
proved. The tesolutlun denounced tho
When tho night had grown on nnd
all business had been disposed of, the
delogites rls mr to their fiet sang
"Dixie," turnlnr their eyes to the Con
federate flag at one end of the Wlllnrd
ball room. Electric lights pulsating
through this emblem made the flag
seem to wave In rlivthuuc lesponse to
the stirring strains. I
Then tho Confederate Diughters
struck up "Tho Htur Spangled Ran
tier." and ns they Bang thev faced
about, giiilng upon the stars and
mripes at mo oilier end of the hall.
Salvation Army Leader
Relates Story of Life
Col. John Dean, principal of the Sal
vation Armys frn mw 'Villi r
York city, spoke to a large crowd last
night nt the halvutlon Arniv hall, 930
I Pennsylvania avenue Ho told the story
or nis conversion and of his thirty odd
years of service In the Salv illon Ann)
This afternoon at 1 In Colonel l)an
speakB on "The Crooked Woinun," ami
tonight at 8 o'cloik 'The vvomi- Who
Mopped Running ' Tomorrow night ho
speaks on "From Pulpit to Platform "
Artistic Floral Decorations
Por weddings receptions and oil soc'il '
functions Estimates given. Gude, 1111
P -Adit
Costello Will Be Consulted
in Selection of Inaugural
Committee Head.
Naming of a chairman for tho in
augural festivities March 4 will bo taken
up by Chairman McCombs, of tho Dem
ocratic national committee with District
National Committeeman John l Cos
tello lr tho course of four or live daB,
when Mr McComba haH returned to
work from Ills vacation In South Caro
lina. Mr. McCombs has Bent a telegram
tu the ubovo effect to Mr. Costello.
"I know no moro than anyone else
who will be tho chairman of tho Inau
gurul committee," said Mr. Costello to
day. "I have no personal preference,
and so far as making any recommenda
tion to Mr. McCombu Is concerned, shall
follow this courso ot procedure. The
names which have been suggested for
the place will be talked over, their po
litical, financial, and social standing in
the District considered and the result
determined by a process ot elimination.
No Personal Choice.
"Personally, I have no choice among
the numerous well-qualified men whoso
names huve been publicly mentioned.
Therp uro others whoso names have
not been printed who nre l'kely to be
discussed, and It may bo that tho chair
man whom Mr McCombs will namo has!
not yet announced his candldacv. I
"The printed statement," continued
Mr Costello, "that McCombs plana to
ignore the District of Columbia's na-.
tionul committeeman, Is untrue and un
fair, and Is plainly maliciously Inspired.
I have dono nothing In the matter ex
cept to write Mr McComba that at his
convenience I should like to talk over
with him tho matter of the chairman
ship. In reply I received a telegram
that on his return North from his va-1
ration he wishes to tako up the matter!
with me."
Not Allied to Any Group.
Mr. Costello protested vigorously
against being termed tho leader of a
faction of tho District Democracy,
pointing out that ho won not a dele
gate to tho Ilaltlmoro convention, and
has not allied himself to any group
within the District.
Edwin Newman, one-time national
committeeman. Is reported to have ap
proached William Jennings Bryan In an
effort to enlist the NcbraBkan'a support
In the chairmanship mauer. uui ir
Newman now announces that he nim
bclf Is not a candidate, and that no is
urging the chairman of tho national
commlttco to depart from the cuatom
of tho past nnd name the whole In
augural committee, letting the commit
tee choose Its own chairman The sug
gestion is not taken seriously by local
Speaks at Y. W. C. A.
Dr. W. M. Danner, for years general
secretary of tho Leper Young Men's
Christian Association of India, speaks
at the Young Women's Christian Asso
ciation this afternoon at 30 o'clock.
Dr. Danner la well versed on missionary
work, especially among the lepers, and
Ids talk this afternoon promises to be
of great Interest. Moro than 100 young
women will hear him.
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More depositors than any other Link in Washington
The power of
We have an impressive example of the cumulative power of
small amounts of money.
Last February nearly 12,000 persons joined our Christmas
Savings Club, making initial deposits of one, two, or five cents.
Since then they have made slightly increased regular weekly de
posits. On December 1 1th we shall send them checks aggregating a
these small savings, with 3'"' interest.
The prospect of having some Christmas "spending money"
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Ghe it your earnest thought. Determine that you will have
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iTg wr
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7.1c Infanta' Teddy Blankets, .Tie.
rink and blue wool nap Tedd
Blankets good sire, nice OQn
weight, splendid alues . OOl
'fH1"-" JVy'ffBM

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