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OE Fill
Dropped One From Otis
Home and Fled Just in
L Time to Save Self.
INDIANAPOLIS, 1ml. Nov. 18. In
terestlng sidelights on the blowing up
of the Los Angeles Times. October
1, 1010, when twenty-one persons lost
their lives, anil stories of the excite
ment that followed that horror, today
were told by t'.illfornla witnesses to
the dynamite conspiracy Jury.
Joseph W. Unnctiurn, a Los Angeles
street car motormiin, told of being tho
first to find the Infernal machine In tho
yard of Kellit Zeehandlaar, secretary
of thn Los Angeles Merchants and
Manufacturers' Association. He said
woman called to him from tho yard
nd asked him to carry out Into tho
etreet a strange looking suitcase.
"Tho thing began to make a ticking
ound, and In set It right down, calling
a detective, to take It an ay," Hrlngham
Found Explosives Inside.
The detective was L". l- Itlco, of
Ban Pranclsdo, assigned to tho dyna
mite case, und he followed Drlngham
on the stand, telling how ho opened
tho suitcase und found It to contain an
:il arm clock und a iruanUty of explo
sives. P.lco was the detective, he said, who
carried the bomb away from tho home
of Gen. Harrison limy Otis, owner of
the Times, on the morning after tho
newspaper plant was blown up. nic-o
Hold he found a sultiase under tho
porch of tho Otis home, and was car
rying it across the street to u purk,
when he lieaid n sound Insldo like tho
alarm of u clock.
Fled Just in Time.
"I set the thing down as carefully as
I could," said Rico, "and 'beat It' from
there. When I had made rlfty yards In
something lees than nothing, tho bomb
went off. Tho explosion broke windows
In every nearby homo."
"Walter Tlynt, of Grant, Calif., a
former emploje of the Giant Ponder
Company, tuld of packing the COO
pounds of nltro-glcerlne sold to J. II.
McNamara, sixteen sticks of which
were used to blow up tho Times
t was learned today that everyone of
tho forty-tlvo defendant Iron workers
will Insist on taking the stand In their
own behalf. Kdward Smvthc. of
J'eona, statni that Ho woulrt havo forty-
vwinesscs to testily lor mm and
that many of his co-defendantM would
nave laigo numbers of witnesses.
Thousands Are Enrolling So They
May Take Part
lJ in War.
8HANGHAI. Nov. IS -Thousands of
Chlncso wero enrolling themselves it
nil Important cities as volunteers for
scrvlco against Itusslu, In tho event
of a war to prevent the Czar from
crabbing outer Mongolia.
A tremendous mass meeting was held
Ji? 9an'on, yesterdav at which an Imme
diate declaration of hostilities was de
Interstate Commerce Commission
Announces Names of Those
. Who Have Quit.
The interstate Commerce Commis
sion today announced that Russell H
Bnead, for scars engaged as an ex
aminer of express companies' accounts,
had resigned to accept the position of
manager of express traffic on the
Chesapeako and Ohio sjstcm.
Tho commission also announced the
resignation of Alfred It. .Marshall and
Alfred II. Pock, cxa-nl-iers in tho dl
vielon of accounts .Marshall will be
ooroe assistant auJlto, ,, 10 jtlnno
apolli, St. Taul and Haulte sto. Mario,
reck lias accept. d service, with the
New Jcrsoy Zinc Company.
get "water cure"
Hospital Heads Find a Remedy
That Is Better Than the
BOSTON. Nov K-Tl.e "nate,- cure,"
tto most advuii c,l im thod of treating
mental Ills, has bun adopted In the in
ano hospitals of M ,w, llU8ultl! as a
humane and solemn), Kl,hailtute for tin,
old-tlmo straltj.uk. is straps, and simi
lar means of icsii.ilnt m the case of
the violent, or, as the Hospital phrase1
goes, "lilglili dlstnrlifd' lutleiits. '
ur II s. i-rost nipirmtendent of the
Boston Insane H, ,,,U, hMil luAayi
We du not mean to say that all
forms of lnsjnit aie unable by this
means, but the urnri.it i,, ....., u ,,..
so g.eat that thousands of patients who
wero formerly tl.d hand und foot are
now able to du sunn lent work to sup
port themselves and hilp In the support
of others.
Miss Hazard Better
Afterja Bad Fall
lilss Martha Hazard, on of the best
known euucsti lenms in the Houth, vvns
reported today to hau nearly rocovcied
from Injuries receivt.i ahi ividay, when
she was thrown from her horse wlilli
attempting to tako a jump In ltock
Creek Park.
Bho was brulseil ubout the body, but
was able to go unusslsted to the T.oiih
6ale apartment house, whero she Is
TUitlng a friend, ller homo is in Hen
leytovvn. to cvnr. a ciiLi) i om: day
Ttxe KAXATlVE HltOVIO Quinine Tablets
Drusrlsts rerun.! moiirv if u fU, to cure
B. W. QJlQVfc a ilnature Is oa each box. Ho.
Head of American Compan y Says So and Quotes Rates
and Names to Prove His Contention Believes
It Was Good Move to Dissolve.
Declaring that the tobacco business
of tho country has been thoroughly
reorganized in obedience to both tho.
letter and tho spirit of the federal
court's Injunction In connection with
the dissolution of the "Tobacco Trust,"
tho American Tobacco Company has
Issued u remarkably frank and detailed
statement of facts about the tobacco
Industry, which marks a now policy In
the conduct of u great corporate busi
ness. For many years tho powers In the
tobacco business pursued a uniform
policy of paying no attention to crll
Iclim, whatever tho character or the
source. That wis in tho old days of
"tho public bo damned" attitude. To
day tho American Tobacco manage
ment wishes tho public to understand
new Ideas prevail. Tho tobacco busi
ness has been brought back to con
ditions of very real and active com
petition ;a competition from which, 't
Is declared, the public Is deriving en
large benefits.
Perclval a. Hill, president of the
American Tobacco Company, Issues the
remarkable discussion of tobacco af
fairs which for tho first tlmo discusses
with the public tho revolution In tho
business that has followed tho dissolu
tion of tho company of which ho Is
head. Mr. Hill pictures an Industry In
a completely reorganlied condition, with
competition not onlv active, but with
the substantlnj evidences of that com
petition bluzoned everywhere. Ho
points out that publicity Is now tho
rule, und Indicates that it la going to
continue to be.
It Is known that tho men now In
executive chargo of tho four great cor
porations which wero set up Indepen
dently, following tho Federal decree,
bellevo that they aro doing Just what
tho Supicnio Court wanted them to do.
They have not been pleased with tho
disposition to attack the court decree as
a subtcrfugo and a fake; and they do
not Intend to submit In silence to at
tacks In the future. Instead, their
policy will be to strike back when they
feel unjustly attacked, to let tho public
know tho facts when misrepresentations
aro given publicity, and In general to
commend themselves ns far as possible
to the confidence and good will of the
Calls It Competition.
Under tho court decree, the Amer
ican Tobacco Company, Mr Hill pointed
out, divested Itself of about JIW.OOO.OOl
worth of propel ties. To own and con
trol these properties, factories, brands,
etc., thro were created tho P. Iirll
lard Company und 1lggett &. Myers,
Inc. Tho properties went to these con
cerns at prices which the court fixed,
and the money received trom these dis
posals, by the American, was used to
reduce lta own outstanding securities.
Mr. Hill declaiea that so far as con
cerned "brands. tMies of leaf tobacco
used, territorial illstilbutlon of busi
ness, and all other things, the condi
tions brought about wile, In fact, com
petition. Drastic and detailed dona
tions were Imposed upon the business
by the Injunction upon all the com
panies w hose stock wiis distributed !
the American, Including Liggett .V
Myers, P. lorlllard Cnmiianyy.y I'nltid
Cigar Stores, British-American Tob.m-j
Company, Imperial Tobacco Compan.
Limited, und thu licorice, foil and mull
Ah to theso injunctions, Mr. Hill suH.
"These Injunctions provide that one
of theso dompanlcs shall directly or In
directly co-operate in the control or
management of a corporation, or In
tlxlng tho prlco to be paid for leaf
tobacco or other ra w materials, or the
prices to b charged for manufactured
product, or for the apportionment of
trado, either with respect to customers
or locality: that none of them should
convoy businesses to another, and none
of them should havo tho samo clerical
organization, or thn same ofilco or of
llces, that none of them should hold
stock In a corporation In which an
other holds stock.
Cannot Be Common Agents.
"For live years none of them should
havo an officer or director who at tho
samo tlmo was an officer or director In
another, and none of them Bhould em
ploy the same agent In the United States
for tho purchase of tobacco or for the
sale of tobacco, and nono of them should
acquire stock In any of tho others or
make loans or otherwise extend financial
aid to any of tho others.
"These Injunctions, If obeyed, Insure
the reality of competition, and If dis
obeyed, then detection Is certain and
perFonal punishment Is Imminent.
"If there haH been a claim mado by a
single individual that the Injunctions
contained In the decrco of November 16,
1911, havo not been obeyed In letter and
in BPlrlt the American Tobacco ompsny
has not heard of It. On tho leaf markets
In Kentucky, Virginia. Tennessee, North
Carolina, and South Carolina tho com
petition hus been, and is, open, notoit
ous, and extreme. In the marketing of
ptniiH It 1ms been eouallv so.
"James B. Duke, who had been presi
dent of the old The American Tobacco
Company, resigned all connections In
fact as well as In namo with tiny of the
American companies and Incame the
principal executive ofllcer of Brltlsh
Amerlean Tobacco Company, Limited,
with headquaiters In London, to which
place he had gone before February 2S.
ini iin.l whero he has certalnlv spent
most of his time since that date."
Mr Hill points out that higher prices
have prevailed. In tho leaf tobacco mar-
This is an unnatural con-
ditirn a little rest each day
and Scott's Emulsion after
every meal gives nature the
material to restore strength.
Scoff's Emulsion is a
strength-building, curative
food and tonic fo overcome
weaknf and fatigue contains
no alcohol or drug.
It doesn't stupefy the
nerves, it feeds them.
Expectant and narting mother
alivayi need Scott'i Emulrion.
Scott SBoTroe, Dlooraneld.N.J. IMS
ket, to the advantage of tobacco grow
ers, under the new order. This he at
tributed not entirely to the disintegra
tion, but In considerable part to curtail
ment of tho crop In somo sections by
bad wcuthcr.
That the public. In the last analysis,
has the tobacco manufacturer at his
mercy. Is emphasized Bvcry package
of tobacco bears Its brand. The house
holder has little chalice to know who
mines tho coal ho burns, who made the
steel In his knlfo or the cloth In his
clothes; but he can't fall to know who
made the tobacco ho buys. If the to
bacco doesn't salt ho knows whoso prod
ucts to quit patronizing, and he does IL
Cutting prices Is not an effective meth
od of competition, Mr. Hill observes;
and then he goes Into some of the In
teresting conclusions which have forced
themselves on tobacco manufacturers
Perfumes, candy, tobacco, -tind general
ly articles that appeal to tho Individual
taste, arc purchased because of that ap
peal. To cut tho prlco of an established
article would merely suggest to Us buy
ers a deterioration In quality. Cutting
the price of certain standard 6-cent
cigars has driven them out of the G-cent
class and Into tho 3-cent class, with tho
result that tho D-ccnl smoker abandoned
them and they were ruined.
Quality An Argument.
Quality, the effectlvo appeal to tho
Individual consumer's taste, Is the ef
fective argument.' No old brand Is safe
from attack. If something with more
quality recommendation Is vigorously
pushed Into competition with It. No
tradition Is sacred to the ultimate con
sumer. Consequently, there Is constant
struggle to maintain und protect old
brands and to establish new ones. Com
petition takes the form of vigorous ad
vertising, of which fact thero has been
ample evidence of late, In the unprece
dented campaigns of publicity. Some
of the brands between which this war
fare Is now going on are suggested:
"The old American Tobacco Company
hail a very heavy business on ten for 10
cents cigarettes. Competitive condi
tions have brought Into largo sale Ka
tlma cigarettes, twenty for 15 cents, by
Liggett & Myers, and have created
Omar, twenty for 15 cents, by the
American Tobacco Company, and Zu
bclda, twentj for 15 cents, by l'lvyre
Lorlllurd Company.
"Mascot smoking tobacco, a new crea
tion of the American Tobacco Company
to meet competitive conditions, is sold at
one and one-half ounces for t cents, a
price heretofore unknown for tobacco of
such quality.
"P. Lorlllard Company have brought
out Slug, a 5-cent tin package of smok
ing tobacco which bids fair to create a
new element In the field.
"Liggett at Mvers have produced a
new brand. 'O. L'..' to tight Mascot.
"The American Tobacco Company has
brought out Bed J. and Black Bagle,
plug tobaccos which are fighting th"
products of the It. J. lteynolds Tobai co
Companv In a quallty-and-prlce basis.
" 'Between tho Acts' und 'St. I.eger.'
well-known little cigar nrands. became
the property of tho P. Lorlllard Com
panv. Tho American Tobacco Companv
has created 'Piccadilly.' and Is lighting
for the business of tho lorlllard
Why Stocks Rose.
One of tho most Interesting features
of President Hill's discussion of new
conditions In the business, deals with
tho Increase In the market values of to.
bucco shares after the dissolution. The
ol dAmerlcan Tobacco, ho points out,
was aiwaB oeaii in wiin a consimra-i
tlon of the possibility of a Government
dlssolutlon suit tnterferlnc with condl-
tlons. Desnlte this menace, its largo
earnings carried this stok up to 40u
The litigation gave publicity to de
tailed statements of the earnings, busi
ness, und properties Involved In the to
bacco Industrj, and convinced the. nub
ile anew of Its huge possibilities With
this know ledge generally disseminated,
and the menace of litigation finally re
moved, the shares went up to a natural
and normal quotation.
Why Another Family
Bought a Home at
HNCE living at
our two little boys
have improved won
derfully in health.
They cat twice as
much now as before
we moved here.
"Another reason why
we first came to buy
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we got of the entire
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S& L
"Dollar Diplomacy" Will Not
Permit Move to Protect
Standard Oil.
If Germany proceeds with her plan
to create an oil monopoly, a project
viewed with ulann by Standard Oil, It
Is highly Improbable, according to In
formation received by high ofllclala of
the State Department today, that the
United States will bo willing to Insti
tute a tariff war to protect American
oil Interests.
This Is precisely tho opposite of the
view frequently expressed since tho pro
posed German oil monopoly haa been
given publicity. American exports of
oil to Germany aro very largo but con
stitute only a small part of American
trade. ' Dollar diplomacy" Is tho rule
of Uio State Department, und In that
fact Is found support for the Intimation
that u tariff war will not be instituted.
The Interests which would bo w hip
saw cd and damaged by u tariff war aro
much greater thun the Stanflurfl Oil,
which will probably bo Injured by the
proposed monopoly.
It has been suggested that the creation
of an oil monopoly In Germany would
not completely wipe out Standard OH
Interests there, because the monopoly
would be forced to obtain a largo part
of Its product from the Standard.
Ileports reclv,i by the Stuto Depart
ment from Bucharest. Boumanla, Indi
cate that the Standard Oil will be set
face to face with very strenuous com
petition If It continues after tho creation
of the German monopoly, to find a mar
ktt In Germany.
Though there has been no difficulty
In finding a market for the large supply
of oil available 111 Boumanla, the pro
posed monopoly has awukened wide in
terest In the Boumanlan capital because
It would steady the market and would
give Boumanlan oil an advantage In
Germany which It does not now enjoy.
German capitalists have Invested SJO,
ono.OVO or more In the Balkan oil tlcdds
If a German monopoly is created It Is
only nntural that German capital should
be given consideration
Tho Boumanlan product is capable of
being greatly Increased, and tho qual
ity of oil Is steadily Improving. Bou
manla has long consider! d Girmany as
her natural market, hut has been Kept
out to u degrie by Standard Oil com
petition. The Oerman oil monopoly will Imd
to maintain a constant price In new l
developed fields a steady market Is u
mutter of gnat consequence, stimulat
ing and in tho sunie time controlling
the Increase of the product.
Pape's Cold Compound cures colds
and grippe in a few
It Is a positive fact that a dose of
Papo's Cold Compound, taken every
two hours until three consecutive
Mioses ure taken, will end tho Grippe
and break up tho inoBt severe coia,
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ach, limbs, or anv part or tho uouy.
It promptly relieves the most mis
erable headache, dullness, head und
nose sluneii up, leverisnness. sneet-
. or throat
runnlng or tno nose.
I mucous catarrhal discharges, sore-
I nrss. htlffni's.s, and rheumatic twinges
Take this wonderful Compound as
llrectcd. with the knowlidgo that
there Is nothing else In tho world,
which will cure jour cald or end
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out anj' other assistance or bad after-
ffects us a X-ccnt package of Pape's
Cold Compound, which any druggist
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Jack Rose Particularly At
tacked in Bitter Outburst
by Attorney Wahlc.
NEW YORK, Nov. ls.-Bltter assaults
on the character of Jack Bose, chief
confessor, and his threo associates.
llridgle Wobber, Harry Vallon, and Sam
Schepps, featured the summing up of
former Judge Wahle, chief counsel for
the four gunmen charged with having
been the actual slayors of Herman Rosen
thal when the trial was resumed today.
Tho cntlro day was to be devoted to
argument of counsel.
Bach side was allotted three and one
half hours by Justice Goff, and the lat
ter planned to reserve his charge until
tomorrow, although there was a bare
possibility that ho might decide, after
all, to give It tonight to expedite mat
ters. Gamblers Assailed.
Wahle. realizing that Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Moss planned to dwell
at great length on tho admitted crimi
nal character of the four men on trial
to uphold his contention that there
was no doubt of their guilt, assailed
Gently cleanse your liver and
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breath alvvajs trace them to torpid
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Poisonous matter clogged In the In
testines, Instead of being ast out of
the svsli-m Is re-absorbed Into the
blood When this poison reaches the
delicate brain tissue It causes conges
tion and that dull, throbbing, sickening
Salts, cathartic pills, oil and purga
tive waters force a passageway for a
day or two-yes but they don't take
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Bose, Vallon, Webber, and Shapiro In
bitter terms. He declared that so far
as Shapiro was conces-qed his testimony
bad been discredited fty tho story told
by Guard Maloney, of the Tombs, that
he had overheard the chauffeur of tho
murder car tell a caller that Webber
and Vallon "had croaked Rosenthal."
In addition, the attorney argued that
Shapiro, like Bose, Webber, Vallon and
Hchepps, wanted to savo his own neck
and realized that tho district attorney
would give him Immunity for the story
that he had told on the stand.
Rose Is Attacked.
But It was Rose that came In for the
chief attention1 of the counsel for the
defense. He called him name after
name, and emphasized again and again
that he was always a gombler and an
admitted liar; tht ho hd as good reason
as anyone else to kill Rosenthal, and
that it was only logical to believe that
In planning the murder he would wnnt
to decoy to tho scene uckuowledged
friends of a desperate gangster of the
Jack Zellg typo In order to be In a
position to shift responsibility for the
Ihe four gunmen Insisted that they
wem confident of acquittal. They de
clared that thev believed tho Jury would
Prefer to bellevo them rather than the
four who had testified against them.
Judge Wuhlc was Insistent in court that
me worst ma clients can expect in a
hung Jury
Leg Is Broken.
Charles Jenn, twenty years old, of
CM Eye street northwest, was brought
to Washington yesterday from near
Laurel, with a badly fractured right
leg received In a fall from his motor
cjcle. It Is not believed that Jenny's
condition Is serious, though complica
tions may set In.
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Attorney General Will Fight
Against Pugilist's Proposed
Test of Mann Law.
Although the question of ball for
Jack Johnson has been eliminated, he
having gained his liberty In Chicago,
the other Phase of his Anneal in the
Supreme Court will be vigorously con
tested. This was Indicated today when
Attorney General Wlckersham an
nounced In court that ho would opposo
Johnson' attempt to have tho consti
tutionality of tho white slave law
passed upon by tha court through the
meaium oi a writ oi naDeas corpus.
Johnson's attorneys seek to have the
wholo oaso held up by the Supremo
Court prior to his trial on the charges
confronting him In Chicago. The Gov.
ernment will Insist that he fare trial,
then. If he wants the Supreme Court to
review his caso upon a writ of error, tho
Goernmcnt will interpose no objection.
There aro several other white slavo
cases before tho court Involving tho
validity of the act.
H - i - i - i - H - i -
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