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Wfit "WnjMngton Ume
Fair and Warmer
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Turkish Soldiers, Under General Mahmoud Mukhtar, Marching to Defend Constantinople
Last Edition
Police Juspect She Was
"Maid Mary," Who Rob
bed Capital House.
$10,000 IN JEWELS
After Theft From Adams Home,
Operated in Other Cities, But
i Was Never Caught.
Believing that tho woman who was
killed during a pistol duel with de
tectives In a Ilalncs law hotel In
New York last night may have been
Mary Miller, also known as "Maid
Mary," a notorious sorvant girl
thief, who about two years ago stole
diamonds and other Jewelry valued
at S10.000 from tho homo of Mls3
Mary B. AdamB, 1621 New Hamp
shire avenue, the Washington police
this morning wired tho New York
authorities to forward a photograph
of tho dead woman
Tho police hao aUo requested
that a photograph of Sophie Ucck
endorf, a domestic, who had been
held for tho grand Jury on a charge
of stealing diamonds from a home
, whero sho was employed as a do
mestic, bo forwarded The Beck
endorf woman, according to tho
press dispatches, mado a confession
Implicating tho Vogcls, saying sho
bad turned over the stolen goods to
1 Killed By Male Companion.
The woman shot In New York was
registered at thu hotel u Lottie Vogel.
Sho uaa "hot uml killed l her mulo
companion, who was registered aa Jo
seph Vogel. a I'ole, whose real nit mo,
I tho police of New York declare, was
Phores l)orug)ttkl. In trailing tho
Vogel pair the detectives who were shot
and dungcromly wounded, belli ved they
had run down a well-organized schema
for robbing handsome residences In New
York The plan of operation, It la said,
was for a girl alleged to have been as
sociated with the ogcln to get ctnploj
ment as .1 domestic, und then rob her
tmplojer's home.
Miss Adams home was robbed b) a
oung woman who had been Riven em
ployment as a maid hhc have thu namo
of Mary Miller, had a foreign accent,
rather eomelv appearanee, and was ap
parently between twenty and twent)
fl )cara old
Tho day after sho had been engaged,
Miss Adams and Mrs Mcrrj man. a
house guest, went out for the after
noon Whin the) returned early In
V the evening, It was found that tho
new servant had disappeared. Tak
ing; a hasty Invintory of the house,
Miss Adams found thut $10,000 worth
of Jewelry belonging to lursolf and
Mrs. Merrjman was missing.
Worked In Other Cities.
Detectives were soon at work on
the case, and several suspects were
arrested In different parts of the coun
try, but Mary Miller was never taken
Into custod). From other cities tho
police heard of tho operatlona of
"Maid Marj" before sho tamo to
Washington Lven after robbing the
Adams home shu uperutcd cixtcnslvc
1) in other places
1'rom the press dispatches, the police
ray that the alleged operations of the
Vogels In Now York was Identical with
the work of Mary Mlllir. They also
nay tho imager description of tho dead
woman tallies with that of ".Maid
Detectives who worked on tho caso
here were convinced at the time that
the woman had a male accomplice, al
though no dlreit evidence to that effect
was ever obtained The woman mado
what the police term a 'clean get
awav." Tho only trace of her ufter she
left the Adams House was at a drug
tore where sho stopped to ttlephonc
It was belloved this message was sent
to a male confederate
Three Dead and Four
Injured in Battle
Over Jewel Thefts
NEW YORK, Nov. ID. Thrco lrodlea
In the morgue two men struggling
for life In tho hospital with ap
parently no chance to recover;
two men slightly wounded, and
m. mass of baggage at the headquarters
of tho Bronx detective bureau, were
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roiiKCAST roii thu distiuct.
Kalr and warmer tonight, Wedncsda)
In.ro El a in
n n m 37 9am
)0 a. m 2 l 10 a. m
11 a. m.
11 iu m.
12 noon..
1 p. m..
Bl. m..
12 noon
1 p in
i p m.
tidk tauli:
Today High tide, 3 30 a m and 3 5: p
fcjj low tide, 10 03 p in and 10 t p m
Tomorrow High tide 4 "0 a m and
:D8 p. m., low tide, 1U.4U a m. and U JJ
... 6.46 Sunsets 4.ii
pna rises.,
11' pmiiiiHi!tiHtimftiiiiinimiiiiiiHriiiBMB
"-wmimMTmmmrm,mmTmnm-mm rrmwmmmMmKrrr'i
BQfinUVbnhLMjl k Jl flSVHTiMK
" - - T ,.' Sill "
f '- "' cK' w SI
2 ' ' ' J
J ' :
Agree on Eight-Hour Armistice After Fierce
Fighting at Forts Before Constantinople.
Plague Kills Many.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 19. Fighting between tho Turks and Bul
garians was haltod this afternoon, when the latter agroed to an eight
hour armistice to bury tho dead. The number of soldiers killed In tho
last few days has been very large
For thirty miles, from tho Black sea to the sea of Marmora, there
arc man bodies both within and In front of tho Chatalja lino of forts.
The fighting has boon waged so fiercely that the hospital corps have not
dared to face tho fire
Mow Down Bulgarians.
Lossis on both sides wire placed at
thousands Most of these, It whs said,
had betn shot or slain with swords,
but a great man wcro lctlms of ter
rible pestlluice, due to Improper sani
tation and lack of medical aid
In the battlo that has h"cn In prog-ii8
since Hunday tho Turks hio ') n
holding their own, mowing down hun
drds of liulgurlana as they attempted
to force tin Ir way towird Constanti
nople He-enforcements were arriving In
ureal numbers today to- aid the Turks
Tht Hulgarlan forces, It was sn.it, ari
rollnwliiK a consultation between the
Sultan and the Shelk-L'l-lslam todiy,
the latter sanctioned the burning of tho
bodies of choleia victims Ho acted In
deference to the wishes of army of
ficers and medical men, though i rem i
tlon la In Uolallon of the Mohammedan
CETT1NJC, Nov. 11-Montenegrins
and HurWans today Jointly oicuplcd
Absslo twenty-live, mllei suuth of bcu
tarl hOri, Nov 10 Bulgarian plenipo
tentiaries, were appolntid todav to ar
range a general armistice with the
The gnernmint admitted today that
iholera haH broken out tmong the Bul
garian iroops before ConBtantlnoplt.
Austria Sends Ships.
PAtllP, Nov 19 -Austrian warships
were reported today on their way to
l)iirao, one of tho Albanian Adriatic
ports which herla wants and tho Aus
trian government Is dctermlnul Itself
to take
That Austria has demanded a definite
Servian announi.emi nl within a fixed
time, renouncing all ilalmi to an Adri
atic outlit or Austila will lesort to a
mllltai) demonstration to enforce It
wlshis null) an ultimatum was alto
It w s also feared that trouble would
be pmlpltatril bv the Montenegrins'
selrure of the lniomlng Austrian mall
bags at han Giovanni dl Medua, the
Adrl itli port which King Nicholas'
troops uetuallv hive nccup'id
Hide Names of Dead.
(.nviA N'nv 11 In rtsnoiue to n. piti
ful nppi il ft mil thousand of wives and
mothers to nlleie their mlnd-wrciklnj
si speuso b tho I iihltiailon of Ibtj of
casualties ainons the Iluli,iilan troops
at the front, the novel anient todiv nn
noulKid thtt It Is 'tegretfullv compelled
to adhere to Hh polli v of publlshliig no
lists of dead ni wounded until nfur thu
war ' 'Ihe announcement biggid rinl
garlan women lo ' be strong for the
sake of the fatherland."
Justice Goff's Charge Is Be
lieved to Presage Convic
tion of Alleged Slayers.
NEW YOHK. Nov. 11 -Tho case of
Mil four gunmen, atcused of being the
actual murderers of Hcimnn Rosenthal,
gambler, went to the Jury this after
roon aftei one of tho most remarkable
ehurgrs ever heard from a presiding
I'or more than three hours Justice Goff
illscusaiil the evidence In thu iae an I
at thu end nf his charge It wus tht bi
llef of nil who had heard It that he left
practical!! nothing of the elabnrato de
fense (onitrutted In behMlf ot the qu ir
tit for thu Jur to tunsldir
Locked Up For Verdict.
The jurj did nut Immediately ntlro
aftu the court concluded. There were
(Ixtv-sevcn iiolrtH raised bv Wahle, nf
counsel for tho difense to be passed
upon uflei which the twelve men wro
permitted to go to their hotel for i lela
ureb luncheon beforo being locked up
to dillberati on theli Mullet
It was the geneial opinion of thoso
who listetud to the ilurke that it was
h virtual dliectlon to the Jut to eon
vlit The inuit polutid out lh.H tho
utile difensi icstid mi thi sto It of
the fotu defendants theinsilvis und hi
cuiiijiK nti il emphatically on the "pe
nilliit coliuldinu that i urh imiiiH sIjjj
airienl with that of tin mat who pie
ceded him on the stand
Compares Witnesses.
In hhoit said lusthe (ioff, v ou
have had the i hann tn obieive ull of
the pilnclpal iharuturs In this him
Hi. fnui defendants lieic sa to the
four accusers rtosi Wi liber Vallon,
iPouUnued on Seventh Poge
Powerful Banking Interests
Accused of Aiding New
England Monopoly.
Did tho house of Morgan or other
powerful American banking iuterusts
reach over into London and shut off
tho credit of the Grand Trunk in
Knglaml, when that road was seek
ing advances of $82,000,000 for pur
poses of railroad construction''
This lb tho highly interesting ques
tion that Is going to bo put up to the
Pujo committco of tho Hous.c, which
Is Intrusted with tho Investigation of
the Money trust
Complain at White House.
The fict that the I'ujo commute;
would be urged to go Into this matter
ami tlnd nut whether the tcnlaclei of
an UUgi-d Monev tiust had been n till
ing over the oiean In tho manni r In
dicated canu out todav In touneetlo'i
with the lslt lo the While lloiin- of
members of the Ilhodc I si mil and Mas
sachusetts public utllllli s commission
who uu stilled up over the fctopi Ing of
work on tho .Southern New England
line prolettid bv the Guild Trunk
The members of those commissions
are conferring with Iho I'nsldent with
Attorne General Wlikeriham and with
the Interstate Cowmen CommUs'on
toda In efforts to get Inquliles sturtid
thit will break the grip of the New
Haven inonopolj on N'ev l.ngl.ind
At th jaiin lime. th"v pUn lo carry
the Invei'Uatlon to the Moui commit
tee and tlinl out how far vast Anurli in
hanklm. IrlneHts have been cv0i rat
ing with he Now Haven In thj liuu
tlon that has st'ited un miblli sonll
mint ill ovii New England.
The members of the committee whj
callid on 1'iesldent Taft tndiv innslst
ed of I'hilrmati Kred J M I i oil and
Ueorgo W Illshop of the M.irsichu-
(Continued on Page Twelve)
Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron Scck
Removal of Daughter From
Academy Here.
In an answei to the petition of his di
vorced wife, Mrs Elizabeth Cameron,
who seekH tin removal of their daugh
ter. Elizabeth nn Welsh fiom tin
llolj Cros AiHdtm, llllni 11 Welsh
toda Informiil tli" Dlstilit Supieine
Coui t that the ihlld had lutn plaenl In
thi Institution at the order of Justice
light, and with Uu consent of Mrs
Ci t 1 1 un
Justice Uiclerson will hiar tho ensi
loiiniro.v ificTiuun, and It wansufgist
ed b Mr i lah th it ho summon tin
formei lounsel for Mrs Camiron to till
what In knows about the uiurt ord i
giving histu Angillca, suiierlot of the
uiailein custud of tin child
Ml i IhIi admits that he and his
former wife ale Episcopalians, but di
Hid tint theli daughter Is being taught
the Catholli faith He states that the
child Is contented and Is bell); given
ureful attention.
Secretary Fisher Threatens
Electric Companies With
Loss of Permits.
Secretary of the Interior Tlshcr to
da told Owen Crosby and other pub
lic service corporation capitalists
how tho Federal Government,
through tho Interior Department,
plans to force electric light com
panies operating on the public do
nain to grunt reasonable rates to
consumers, no matter If they havo
undent contract rights at unreason
able rateb.
This announcement of Secretary
Klsher is of great lmportanco In
Colorado, California, Wyoming, tho
Dukotas. and other Western States
where water monopolies are in con
trol of lurgo Quantities of water
powers The effect upon tho power
companies of these States will bo
mori' far-rcuchlng than in the Hast.
Will Revoke Permits.
If publli service corporations losing
their cases In tftate courts Insist on
filing hills of equlti in Federal courts,
and dragging and delajlnc th matter.
th mtetlor Department will revoko the
permit under which the eonipany Is
using water power on the public domain
"Permits In the first place ure to he 1s
siud, ae cording to Secrctatj I'lshei,
mi the express provision that tho per
mittee, the companv, bv the acceptance
of tho grant agrees to comply with
such reasonable regulations of hs rates
and sirvlce as ma bo prenrlbed b) the
Miti or the appropriate State agency
ili legated
In other woids the Inteilor Depart
ment will have some innlrol ovii the
power companhs, both coming and
going Klrst In get the permits, the
1 JIIIlUf lluni t.i.i in iiunviiitiiu
rates hs piesiiibed bv tin states Later,
If ilifagreem lit eiiHius and the mattei
1.. ...-... nn. In lllii Ifll. i .mC. ,i l.t.
in IMUIilll Ull. Ill .' nmn winii, .,,..
the eompanj fusing If then thu eoni
panv seiks tn Jockej and iltlaj,' as
bieret.uv rikher nut It. bv gnlmt (nto
the redi i il loiirls and up to the Cnited
States hupremi Court the Interior De
puitinent will at uni k revoko the pir.
mlt, having the companv high and
Ready To Go Whole Route.
"ou sis that the matter of rates
oucht to bi legulated bv the State nil
thoiitlet, ' said Heiretniv l'lshcr od
driiMing the tifty oi menu rcpresen'ii
'Ivis nf power companies gathcre-d In
his office todav 'Verv well, vvu will
ko inn wnuie inuit' win, uii
'Hut after the Mate authorities have
di Idol It ami th mntter has gone
II' II IlllllllKIl III' iiiuii niijjii'ini eoill I
ib.n il uu lnlst on vnnr h gal right
of going Into the 1'idoral courts with
i bin nf uiJltv fl ilmlng lonflscall n,
the in'nloi Diperlment will revoke
v i in license
It Ik i keilcius. litem, iilve which Is
put up to ou ou inu"t be thoroughly
aBSuied thit wm have a winhlnc i ao
or ru will nut wish to to Into tho
Jfcdcrai courts."
President-Elect Will Have at His Disposal
the Naming of Cabinet Members
Down to Coachmen.
President Wilson will have at his disposal. In tho entire civil service
establishment In Washington, just about 300 positions which he may fill
during his term of offlcc.
This Includes everything from nlno members of the Cabinet down to
the coachmen for those ofilclals to whom coachmen aro provided by the
Government. Coachmen and Cabinet numbers' are alike. In that there Is
no civil sen ice requirement that they shall bo competent to hold tholr
Frequent Interruptions by
Both Cause Sharp Tilts
Between Them.
GOSIIKN, N Y., Nov 19 -Crlctlon
between Burton Gibson, the lawcr
on trial for the murder of Mrs Rosa
Szaho In tlrcinvvood Liki last Jul),
and his counsel, was evldint seviral
times during the trial toda lloth Gib
son and his wife, who has a Mat along
side of counsil, and has had a great
deal tn do with the niaiiugi mi nt of tho
ease, frcuuenllv Interrupted Hubert W
i:ider, chief counsil foi the di fensi . In
his Interrogation of vvltnesies and on at
le'asl one oce islon. Ulili r sh irply re
proved both of them
the stun of tin 1 let I of tin woman
was told bv a dozen persons who ob
served tho actions of thu loiiplu dur
ing theli stay at the resoit
Tho proprietor of tho Inn whem the
stacd doe la ml that the lawjci had
told him that tho dead worn in had no
near lelatlvcs although he latu pio
duied a woman he said was hi r mothei
Albeit McDowill, who said that he
had iharge of the boats on Urn like In
July, said Gibson tried to nut a etnoo
to go out with Uu wont m on Jul) il
Ho refused becausu t.ic water was
On Julv 16 the wltncFs nine igiln and
demanded a UMitei boat complain ng
that tho one hi hid was a lib" Aftir
an argununt MiDomll aald he guve
the lawjei 111. Ilghtikl boat lie hi)
The couple, in said, weie in bathing
suit J and after tht-i htarlul out onlu
Ihe lake, Gibson heidid fen tin pait
kbere tho water was tho deepest.
Not Much, But It's Some.
Out of the IS.OOo more or less, of
Government positions In Washington,
this Is the whole pie that can be sliced
and dls'tlbuled by tho President. Still,
II s some pie, foi It Includes the best
salailcs In the Government.
Iu addition to those officials Included
In thi' count, there are tho places on
the Supremo Hem h. Theso aie not
counted beiauso it is Impossible to
guesi how man of them ma) be sub
ject to the President's appointment He
can't remove Supremo Judges, but he
doei hive tho author!!) to appoint
them If he doesn t ipiarrel with the
Senate about It
Tills list, prepared for Tho Times by
official authorltv. but making no pre
tense to ubsolute accuracy or complete
ness, U nevertheless as correct as the
best Informed officials could mukc It
Here Is In brief, what It shows
Annual Nine Cabinet members, each 'tl.'.OoO
One Holleltor C.tneial, un,i Been
Intel htato Conimeree I'mmniH.
loneis, lach
Treason i of the I'nlled States
und Assistant Attorui) lien
i ral, eai h ., ,, ,
r-oui portions at. each
Thiee positions at, e ich . ..
Seven poltloni at, each . ..
I'oriv.plne positions it, eath ..
7. rtl
7 000
Ilu remainder at vnilous tlgures lesi
than J0 00O
Tor all these posltloni. tho Tiesldent
makes the appointments foi a mlnor
Itv nf them, innflrmatlon In the ven
att Is required "1 ho rest are appointed
bv the President without the necessity
of this confirmation
The nnnual salaries for t''ee positions
total, tindei nusent laws (1 l.vl.TiVe This
Is the amount that, In Washington, tho
I'rcsldmt ma) be said to eontrol
Control Only Nonimal.
Howcvei, his control Is. In fact, onl)
nominal as lo many of theso positions
l'oi exuuplo, there are suvin inetnhers
of the Interstato i umniein i ommls
slon One eommlsslom r's term i xplres
evir vear, sa that thu most reeentl)
appointed members, will not leach tho
i ml nf their turns during Jlr Wilson's
As a matin of cnurtesv It Is i usto.
muv foi off le tills holding positions of
tlie higher i Ilium. i to tendei their icslg
natiins to tin ni w IMtslilent, I ut the
i Un ili ns ate not iu i pti il w hen in
volving positions lo whlih am ointment
Is inidi loi flxid ti'ims eithci reslK
natlOns uu) he accepted whin and aa
(.Continued on Second 1'ine.)
J, Frank Hickey Arrested in
New Jersey on Order
From Buffalo.
Declares Man Was Employed at
Lackawanna Steel Plant When
Lad Was Missed.
TOMS RIVER, N. J., Nov. 19 .
Frank HIckey, a well-known chem
ist, was arrested near Whiting, this
county, by Sborlff Chilton today at
the request of tho Buffalo, N. y., au
thorltles on a charge of murder.
It Is alleged that bo wob the slayer
of littln Joseph Josephs, whose dis
membered body was found in a cess
pool at Lackawanna, N. Y near Buf
falo, on Saturday.
Tho sheriff went to Keswick, Just
outsldo of Whiting, today, and placed
HIckey under arrest, bringing him to
this town, where he will be held un
til the authorities arrive from Buf
falo Says Handwriting Corresponds.
According to the sheriff, Hicke) de
nled positively any knowledge of tho
murdered bo). He denounced his ar
rest is an outrage, and raid that he
would be able to prove his Innocence
ery easily.
The arrest was made on the tele
graphed order of Chief of I'ollce Regan,
of Buffalo, who said that HIckey was
emplojed at the Lackawanna Steel
Compan)'i plant at the time the
Josephs boy was misted and that hl
handwriting- corresponded with that of
the writing on the poslal cards sent to
Man of Iron Nerve.
HIckey, who sayg he orlglnall) cam
from L)nn, Mast, Is a man of Iron
none He U polished and Intelligent
and when arretted and heard the mur
dor charge read to him, by the sheriff
'I will willingly waive extradition,"
he said "The charge against me Is
ridiculous I can easily prove my In
nocence" Then he bit the end from
a.cl"r and prepared to accompany the
Handwriting in Letter
To His Former Employer
Led to Hickey's Arrest
IIUIVALO. N v., Nov. 19 -New. of
tho arrest of J. Frank Hlcke) at Timi
rtlver. N. J, was received with tatl
faction by the police, and arrangements
were made to send a man to get ex
tradition paper at Albany and bring
Illckey to this city. Unless the police
have stronger cldence than the havn
divulged, however, It Is believed thiv
will bo unable to prove much agalnt
Tho pilnclpal ovldenco In their han.1i
Is said lo be a letter written under a
New York date and mailed at Whit Ins
This letter was turned ovet to the pn
lico by John Hoskyn. chief millwright
of the American Chemical Agricultural
Works of this clt) It was written to
him b) HIckey, he mt)s, and Is said to
be In the same handwriting as the- pos
tal cards dealing with the crime
Hosk)ti says the w liter applied for i
Job on September 13, 1011, und onl lour
da)s later quit und promlsid to wrlti
to him The letter came on I'ebruat
1 of this )car. When tho fae-slmlUs of
the postal cards were published Hoskju
said he waa struck bv lh" remarl ihh
similarity of tho writing and Imuied
alii) sought Chief Ilegan, of Uur il
and gave him the letter. Aftei i om
pirlnt, the letter and thu postal i irds
tins demand for the arrest uf HIckey
was sent out.
Heroism of Employes Save More
From Death at Los
Angeles Fire.
LOri ANHELUS. Cal , Nov 19-Klve
pel sum are diad and twelve Injured,
sovcral fntall), n tho result of a Are
whlih practically desttO)ed the St.
Ceorge Hotel, on Last Third street,
mar .Main, earl) todaj Onl) the
heroism of the emplo)es of the hotel
and of the firemen prevented many
others from perishing
The dead
nitres, who leaped from tho Fifth story
and missed tho net
Mrs IILLLN MOHAN actress, who
leaped from tho sixth lloor
Mrs Morun's Infant child
MlS AHTHITH. whnJlirfrfl-lMri
nl i,eC10" P.'Br" '"Kin""- 'nl
Funk I'ock and his uife all of whom
liiipiil from tho upper floors an ex
pei tcil tu die
.J.'Vi. '.. 1U2 """"" 1" the hotei at
tho time of thu tire Some of thete ha
not been accounted foi. The police, fear
that others have pertthed.

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