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Residents Receive Prizes for
I w., Having Beautiful
j . Lawns.
Hiree of Washington' citizens' asso
ciations held their reKUlar montlily
tnectlngs last night. Ihcj were tho
P'nyt Branch, tho East Val) ngton,
wo tho Tacoma Park associations.
. . I'Iney Dranch Association inti In
Be Iowa Avenuo Methodist Kplscnpal
J-uurch, Tourteenth und Unieraon
"ireetB northwest, where prizes for tho
Fhi n competition contest conducted
Mia summer were awarded,
".." Lano Rot tho first prize, $1".
e lives at 1527 TarroRUt street. Tho
jecond prize, $10. went to A. M. Burtt,
JWl Emerson street, nnd tho third to
L. Bryc. 4S1J Iowa avenue.
Brlstow Adams, president of tho
Jinodo Island Acnuo Association, told
of the benefit to bo derived from bucIi
Tho East Washington Association met
Jl Ml Pennsylvania avenuo southeast.
W. I, Woller urged abolishment of wa
ter tax In tho District. Ho said water
"jould bo furnished freo to tho citizens.
Tho Takoma Park Association heard
?:, Villc former Mavor Wllmer a.
riatt, who said tho citizens' nssocla-
fi?..l0ft.he.u.l""trl.ct ",,n,, t0 nch
fault" with things In gereral und ncg
lect work of real north.
Hitchcock of Nebraska, Plans to
Quit at End of
Senator Gilbert M. Hitchcock of Ne
braska will retire from official life
it tho close of his present term,
March 3, 1917. This Is tho word that
comes here from Omaha Senator
Hitchcock has como to this conclu
sion because of a partial collapse of
nls hialth. Ho has not made a pub
lic announcement to Ihli effect, but
has told Bomo of his friends
The retirement of .Senator Hltth
cock may open tho nay to tho elec
tion of William J. Brian to tho Sen
ate, unices of course, Mr Bryan
should realise his aspirations to tho
Presidency in tho election of 1910.
Mr. HItchock served threo terms In
. 'i,".115 before entering the Hen
ate. Thoct he Is going to quit will
cause a number of Nebraska Demo
crats to groom themselves for his
puce. Anions them will be Congress
man Stephens, W II Thompson, of
rand Island, and Dr. P. L. Hall, of
Hcnator HItchock was not a Wilson
nan and he and Bryan are at outs It
Is supposed Penator Hitchcock will
nave the dictation of the Nebraska
patronaeo under the Wilson Adminis
tration, but this Is not entirely cer
tain. That Mr. Brian will bo freely
consulted Is expected.
Congressmen Will See Needs at
Panama in Motion
I Pictures.
Tho first official moving pictures ta
ken by the Government of tho Panama
Canal aro now being procured bj tho
House Appropriations Committee. A
moving plcturo operator, and also a
photographer from the Geological Sur
vey, aro members of the Congressional
Inspection party touring tho Canal Zone
Movies" of the big construction work
are to bo exhibited In tho Capitol com
mittee room this winter, to Illustrate
fc . graphically the necessity for npproprl-
" ' ntlons rortillratlon pluns will also bo
Illustrated In the pictures.
Secretary of War Stlmson, by a pe
culiar coincidence, Is also Inspecting tho
canal work while tho House committee
is looking over tho project. A consld
crablo part of the becreyiry's annual
report to tho President this winter is
' to be devoted to tho canal, as the Taft
Aominisiruuon s "last word" on Pan
National Company Charged With
Violation of Anti-Trust
CINCINNATI. Nov. 19 -When the
Sherman anti-trust law caso against
John II. Patterson, president of the
National Cash Heglster Company, of
Dayton, Ohio, and tnentv-nlne other
present and former officials of tho cash
register concern was called for trial
beforo Tederal Judgo Howard Holllster
today, a surprise was sprung bj. tho
oppearancu for tho defense of John Mil
ler, of Chicago, tho attorney who rep
resented tho beef packers In tho recent
attempt to convict them of consplracv
All of the twentv-nlno men pleaded
not guilty. W. K Cummlngs, sales.
,m...-ou. ..tuning,!, .-, x ,t jg seriously
111 at his home, and his plea was en
tered by his attorney.
Bronze Placques
From the Maine
A design for the bronzo placques to
1)0 made, from tho brass and bronze
scrap of the battleship Malno will ho
selected within a few dnvs 1 Assis
tant Secretary of tho Nuvy Deekm in
fWlnthrop from among a number of dt
Blgns Bubmitted to him
Of tho doslgns so far submitted naval
officers appear to express a generil
preference for a sketch In relief of a
Brlef-Btrlcken female figure resting her
arms on an anchor this Imnge placed
beforo a background taken up bv a
(Steering wheel
By act of Congress the Navy Depart
ment waa authorized to take all of tho
brass and bronzo from tho destroyed
vessel and use It for the manufacture
of memorial tablet:! to bo sold at cost
to individuals and socletlts qualllled to
receive them. The Pino Arts Commis
sion and the Assistant Bicreturv of tho
Navy will hitvo the final word to suv
pn ttio design
Completed, tho placques will bo about
9 by 12 Inches In dimensions There Is
rnough matcrlol available for the nun
jiiacture of possibly 1,200 of them.
Author of "The House Opposite."
(Copyrliht, 111. Frank A. Munaey Company).
Synopsis of Preceding Chapters.
Cyril Crlchton, on his way back to Lon
don from Prance, where he has been
urchin for his wife, who has escaped
with a Frenchman from an asylum to
which aha had batn committed for In
sanity cauied by drink and dnifi. nar
rowly rulu-i the train at Newhaven.
Film-In- hlmaalf on board, he land! In
a compartment occupied by a young wo
man heavily veiled. Shortly afterward a
pollia Inspector comes in, and the girl In
terror beta Crlchton to protect her. This
he doea by poiilnr her oft aa hla wlfa.
The girl becomes unconaclous, and on ar
riving In London appeara to bo aerloualy
III Crlchton has her ant, atlll aa hla
wife, to a private hoipltal. Meinwhllo
Cyril's cousin. Lord IVilmeraley, haa been
found murdered in hla private swimming
pool l-acty Wllmereley. whom the dead
man had kept virtually a prisoner, l
mining, and l etrondy suspected ot the
crime, A maid whose appearance waa
that of a lady la alio miasms from the
acene of tha traiecty. la the (Irl In tha
train Lady VUlmenloy or the mining
The Inspector Interviews Cyril.
CVniL, felt tho muscles of his faco
stiffen. Ho had for days been
dreading soma Buch question,
yet now that It had finally como
It had found him completely unpro
pared. He must parry It If ho could.
Ho must fight for her till tho last
But how devilishly clever of Griggs
to havo deferred his attack until ho
was ablo to catch his adversary oft his
guard. Cyril looked keenly, but he
hoped calmly, at tho Inspector. Their
eyes met, but without the clash which
Cvrll had expected. The man's expres
sion, although searching, was not hos
tile. In fact, thcro was something ut
most apologetic about his whole atti
tude. Clrlggii was not sum of his
ground; that much was obvious Ho
knew something he probably suspected
more but thcro was Btlll a chance that
ho might bo led uway from tho trail.
Cyril s mind worked with feverish
rapldltv. Hi! realized that It was im
perative that his manner should up
pear perfectly natural.
But how would an Innocent man be
have? He must first decldo what his
position, viewed fiom Qrlggs' stand
point, really was. Ho must havo a defi
nite conception ot his part beforo bo
attempted to act It.
The Inspector evidently know that a
oung woman who boro Cyril's name
had been taken HI on tho Newhavvn
train. Ho was, no doubt, also uwuro
that she was now under tho caro of
Dr. Stuart Smith. Hut If tho Inspector
really believed tho girt to bo his wife,
these facts wero In no way incrimi
nating. Vet the man smelted a rat. Ho must,
therefore, know more of tho truth. No
for If ho had discovered that tho girl
was not Ludy Wllmereley, Cjrll was
suro that Qrlggs would not havo
broached the subject so tentatively.
Whut then had aroused the man's sus
picions? Ah, ho had It He had told
every one who Inquired about his wife
that she was still on the Continent.
Peter, also, obeying his orders, hud re
peated tho same story In tho servants'
hall. And, of course, Griggs knew that
they were both lying. No wonder ho
was suspicious!
"She is much better, thank vou. Hut
how did you hear of her Illness? I
havo not mentioned It to anjone."
Cvrll flattered himself that his volcn
had exactly tho right note of sllehtlv
displeased surprise.
no watcnea tne inspector Dreamless
II Had he said tho rlirht thine? Yes.
for Uilggs' expression relaxed and ho
answered with a smile that was almost
"I, of course, saw the report of the
man who searched the train, and I
was naturally surprised to find that the
only lady who had taken her ticket in
rvevmaven was Mrs Cjrll Crlchton. In
a case like this wo havo to verlf
everything, so when I discovered that
tho gewleman who was with her was
undoubtedly our lordship. It puzzled
mo a good dial why both ou and
vour vnlet should bo so anxious to keep
her ladyship's presenco in l'ngland a
"Yes, yes. It must havo astonlsheed
you, and I confeis I am verey sorrv ou
found mo out," said Cyril He had his
clue now. The old He must bo told onco
"Her lad) ship is suffering from a a
nervous affection " Hn hesitated pur
posely. "In fact sho has Just left an
insane asylum," ho finally blurted out.
"You mean that tho present I.ady
Wllmersley not tho donngcr " Tho
Inspector was too surprised to finish
his sentence.
"Yes, It's queer Isn't It, tint Imth
should be afflicted in the same way,"
agreed Cjrll, calmly lighting a cigar
ette "Most remarkable " ejaculated Qrlggs,
staring flxodlv nt Cyril
"As tho doctors believe that her lady
ship will completely recover I didn't
want anvono to know that she had ever
been unbalanced nut I might hava
known that It waq bound to leak out."
"We are no gossips, my lord. I shall
not mention what jou have told mo to
anyone "
"Thanki Hut If the whole pollco de
partment "
"They havo got too much to do to
bother about what doesn't concern
them, I don't btllovo a -dozen of them
noticed that In searching the train for
one Ladv -Wllmersley thev had lnad
vertentlv stumbled on another, and as
tho latter had nothing to do with their
ciso they probably dismissed the whole
thing from their minds. I know them!"
"Hut vou" suggested Cyril.
"Well jou see, It's different with me.
It's tho business of my men to bring mo
Isolated facts, but I have to take a
larger view of the the ah possi
bilities I havo got to think of every
thing Buspcct every one "
"i:cn me?" naked Cjrll quickly.
"Your lordship would havo no diffi
cult In proving an alibi." v.
"So jou took tho troublo to find that
' Of course, my lord "
''Hut why? I should really llko to
know what could have led you to sus
pect me' '
"I didn't suspect j ou, mv lord I only
thought of jou ou Bee. Ludy Wll
nuisliy must have had nn nccompllce,
and jou must acknowledge that It was
a strango coincidence that vour lordship
should havo happened to pass through
New haven nt that particular moment,
especlully (in the Nov, haven route Is not
vtrj popular with pcoplo of your
mcuns "
Quito so As a matter of fact, I
had no Intention of taking It, but I
missed the Calais train "
"I see" Qrlggs nodded his head as If
the explanation full) satisfied him
"Would jou mind, my lord," ho eon.
tinned after a brief pause "If, now that
w are on the subject, I asked ou u
few questions? There aro several points
that aro bothering me Of course, don't
-t"i'i it juu null rUll-iT nOl
"You mean If m nnswerB aro llkelv
to Incriminate ire Well, I don't think
the will, so fire abend, " druwled Cy
ril, trjlni- to ixpresa bv his manner a.
slight winrlness of the topic.
"I hank jou, mj lonl (lilggs looked
a trifle nbashed. but ho persisted 'I
bnvo been wondering how It was that
jou met her lailjslilp in New haven If
)ou hid no prevloui Intention of taking
that routu-' '
Cjrll was ready with his answer,
"It was quite accidental Iho fact Is,
her lad) ship escaped from an as)lum
near Pontulnoblcau over a fortnight
ngo I scoured Prance for her, hut
flnnllv gave up the search, and, leaving
the Prench detectives to follow up an)
clue that might turn up, I decided al
most on the spur of tho moment, to run
over to England. I never was more
astonished than when I found her on
tho train."
"Why had oho gono to Now haven?"
asked Qrlggs.
"1 havo no Idea."
"Nor how long sho stajed thcro?"
"No. Sho was rattier excited und 1
asked no questions."
"Had sho ever beforo visited Non
haven to your knowledge?"
'Then she did not know tho lato Lonl
Wllmerslej 7"
"Wag there any reason for this?" In
quired tho detective, looking keenly at
Cj rll.
"I was nover very friendly with my
cousin, and we sallid for South Africa
Immediately after our marrlngp. Neither
of us hns been hnmu since then."
"I must find out whero sho spent tho
night of tho murder," murmured tho In
spector. Ho seemed to havo forgotten
Cjrll'B presence.
"If jou think her ladjshlp had nnj
thing to do with tho tragedy I ossuro
vou jou nro on the wrong track," cried
Cyril, forgetting for a moment his puso
of polite aloofness. "Sho hns nover
been nt all violent. It Is chiefly her
memory that Is aflcclid. Until tho Inst
few da) a what sho did one minute she
forgot tlm next."
"You think, therefore, that she would
not be ablo to tell me how sho spent
her tlmo In New'havcn?"
"I am suro tif It."
"That Is moit unfortunnto! Ily the
waj', hnw has sho token tho iiowb of
Lord Wilmirslej's niuidir?'
"Sho has not lioen told of It She doos
not even know that ho Is dead."
"I seo I must cxpHIn her cno mnr
full j', so that ou may 1m able to un
derstand my position Her ludvshlp'i.
mind became affected about six months
ugo, owing to causes into which I nee'
not enter now. Since her arrival In
England her Improvement hus been
very rapid. Her memory Is growing
stronger, but It It issential that It
Hhould not bo taxed for tho present
Tho doctor nsures me th it If sho Is
kept perfectly quiet for a month or mi
she will lecover complottl) That It
whv I want her to remain In absolute
seclusion. An Incautious word might
Bend her off her bilance Sho must ho
protected from people, nnd 1 will pro
tect her, I warn jou of that
"Six weekn from now. If all goes well,
you can crost. question hor. If vou still
think It mcPKsarj, hut at present I not
only forbid It. but I will do all In m
power to prevent It
"Of course,' continued C rll moie
calmly, "I have ntltlur the power nor
the deslro to hampi r )ou In the exer
cise of )OUr profession, so if jou doubt
my statements Just ask I)r Stuart
Smith whnthir he thinks hir lad) chip
hns ever been In a condition when sbn
might havo commlttid murder Ho
will laugh at ou 1 am sure"
"I don t doubt It, my lord, all the
same " Qrlggs hesitated
"All tho BHine, jou would llko to
know what her ladjshlii did on tlm
night of tho murder. Well, find out.
If jou can I assure vou tint, although
our motives differ, my curiosity equ.is
yours "
"Thank jou. my lord. I shall cer
tainly do my best to solvo the riddle
said tho Inspector us he bowed hlninir
Cyril sank wearily Into a chair The
Interview had bem a great strain, and
jet he felt that In u wny It hid been
a relief ulso Ho finite ml liimsi If that
ho had played his cords rather adroitly
For now that he had found out ex
actly how much tho pollen knew, he
might posslblj ilrciimvent them
Of course. It wus men!) a question of
dajs, pirhaps iven of hours, before
Qrlggs would discover that the girl
wnH not his wife, l'or tho Inspector
was nothing If not thorough, and If ho
onco begun searching Newhavm for
evidence of her stuy then , Cjrll whs
sure thut It would not tuke him long
to establish hi r IdmtlfJ Oh' if he
only had Qrlggs lighting nn his side
Instead of that little pompous fool of
a Judsonl ... ,
lly tho wtj', what could have Income
of tho latter'' It wus now two full ilijs
since h hud left Qeralton. He nrlnlnly
ought to havo reported himself long be
foro this Well. It mado no dlffcrinco
ono way or the other ll was a neglig
ible quantltj. Cjrll had no time to think
of him now. Ills immediate concern
was tu find a waj bv which Prlscllli
could bo surreptitious!) rcmovid from
tho nursing home beforo tho police had
had time to collect sufllclc-nt evidence to
warrant her arrest
Hut how was It to be done' Cjrll sat
for half an hour staring at tho smolder
ing flro before ho vviih ablo to bit on i
plan that Bcemed to him at all feasible
Oolng to tho writing tablo ho rapid')
covered three shcetB and thrust them
Into an envelope
"Peter1 ' ho called
"lies, sir," nnbwered a sleepy vo'ce.
"You aro to take this letter nt 7 3d
o'dock tomorrow morning to Mr. cump
IhIPb room and glvo It Into his own
hands If ho Is still asleep wnko him
up Do )ou understand? '
"Ves, m) lord."
"Veiy well. You ran go to bed
now "
It was lucky, thought Cjrll, that ho
had taken Ouj Into his confidence Ho
wus a good chap, Ou was' Huw ho
must liato tho whole business1 Tor,
notwithstanding his can less manner,
tie was an fond u conventional soul
It wus really comical to think of thit
Impeccable perslon ns a receiver of stol
en proper!)! What would ho do with
the jowels. C)rll wondered. Ah, tint
reminded him of the bag Ho muit
get rid of It at once
Poking tho flro Into a blaze ho ciu
tlouily locked tho two doors which con
nected his rooms with tho rest of tlm
house. Then having assured himself
that tho blind; were cnrefullv driwn
an dthit no ono wus secreted about
tho premises ho knelt down beforo the
empty flreplnco In his bedroom and
felf up the chlmne)
The bag was no longer there.
A Continuation of This Stnr) Mill
lie I'ouild In 'loiiiorrnvT's
Iasue of 'I he 'limes.
Liberty of Press
Is Seen Threatened
That tho constitutional liberty of tho
23,000 newspupeis, magazines, and peri
odicals published throughout the United
States Is violated bv thn new provision
In tho pontul appropriation net requit
ing certain data to be furnished tho
postofllco Department Is the principal
contention In tho frlcf filed In the su
premo Court bv nttorno)H for tlm Now
York Journal of Commeice, In the suit
brought to test tho vulldlt) of the law
It Is contended tho newspapeis, tmllko
public service corporations possi hn no
elements that glvo the Qovernmint a
right to rtgulato their business, excipt
In so far us tho public morula or pub
lic welfare Is concerned
i-.-. it.. la Ufa atiffaffia- from t
"s . vi.'.""r" "? lt.. r.tf "vr.ci--
UorlrlnlMlvuInCftUrrli4vl Jsllr.redacM
that tMoBTa-naVal tnoUihraVQa'a!. ItODI ftbllOf H)! 1 Olf.
eh raw. ciMrt tut pihI -ruMirM, lootbea thtf
Infl4mta turrwr nq inii rw pw-,
i.ftk-M rtur. bmtbtaff r.. Oj It from an
oru ant-no Da w or twupi ntu
CONDON MrO. CO MlniiMpotl. Mln. J
Man Implicated by Girl's
Confession Shoots Officers,
Self, and Wife.
(Continued from rirst Pago )
tho visible evidences today of ons of
tho most despernto battles between of
ficers and fugitives thut evor took place
In this vicinity,
Thn conflict took Placo in a stuffy
corridor und bedroom of tho Haines
Law Hotel, known as the Klscmere, at
Ml Cortland avenue, tha Uronx, and
dates back to the robbing of scores of
homes of Jowels and money by dishonest
servants always women during tho
lust three months. Ono of tho dead,
tho man, who Is alleged. In fact, to
havo fired all of tho bullets that reach
ed their murks, is said br tho pollco
to havo been tho directing head of tho
robberies. He Is dead, by Ills own hand,
tho pollco sit), und beslda him Is tho
body of a woman, supposed to bo his
w Ife.
'1 Ills dead man Is Thcrlrdo ItayzcBky,
forty-eight, formerly u unbelief at tho
Hotels Ncthirlands und Astor, hotter
known ns Joicph Vogel. Tho woman
who was with him In tho rocm where
the shooting started Is known only us
1-ottlc, and Is suld to he his wife
Ditectlvn John Allin died In the hos
pital shortly ufter 10 o'clock us the re
sult of his wounds Ills body wus tuk
en to tho morgue, where un uutopsy
v 111 bo held
Girl Confessed Crimes.
The" fatally wounded are:
Martin S. l'uy, thlrt)-tlght, cl'y de
tective, shot twteu In tho uhdomen.
I.ouls Mondschelm, thlrt) -eight, pro
prietor of ttie Hotel l'lsemere
Thn woundid who nro expected to re
cover are Loulgl Qerurdl, thlrt)-flve,
prlviito dctictlve, and William llutler,
waiter at tho hotel.
The proper!) ut the Ilronx detective
buriuu Includes two steamer trunks, a
vullse, a dress suit ease, a handbag, und
a sti ami r bag.
Yisterduy Sophlo Ileckendorf, eight
een, a Mrvnnt girl, wait Indicted b) the
grand Jur) for stealing Jewelry worth
11. t") fiom Or Augustus Hosenblontii,
of JI4 West Nlnety-sciond strut Other
Indictments totaling Ij.ou) worth more
fiom four other fumlllis were returned
Short!) afterward tin girl mude a com
plete lanfisslon In the Tombs of her
crimes, und alhgid thut sho had opi r
uted under tin direction of Ituz)esk),
or Vogel, us he wus belt, known to her
The private detectives cmplo)id h) the
suretj companj and Diteetlvo Pay got
on ugi 1 s truck He was followed
from his flat ut S.1 i it 151st strut to
the Pinnsmlvunla station In u taxlcab,
thin to u Tioui-o on Klghth avenue, tho
locution of which the police ure guard
ing At Ihti uddress In got the baggage
now ut the bureau anil went to the
Hotel Klsmere, where be und tho
woman, who had Joined him, got a
Opens Fire On Officers.
The detectives, with the proprietor
of the hotel, went to the room nnd
knocked When tho door wan opened
Pay told the nun ho waa under ar-
est und directed th" pair to dress ut
ence. The man renehd us though
for his shirt but Instead pulled an
automatic pistol from under the pil
low and swung It In a seml-rlrcle
level with his waist, shooting as fast
us the nutom itlc would v ork.
The prllec dri vv their tulstuls nnd
returned tho fire, but claimed toda
ttulr shots went wild The womnn,
thej said, trie ,1 to get out of tho
window but wus dropped h) a bullet
fum her husband .-t -tun Then, tho
ditectlvcs Ha), the man turned the
pistol on hlmiilf
After tho dcid had been tnken to
the morgue and the wounded to the
hospital, the pollco bi arched the
room Th) found unothe- automatic
pistol under the mitlrcs nnd three
lips of bullets already to he Inserted
In addition thev found pntt of n let
ter Ding on the floor addrtised to
a "Dear Mr Kimball" It wus couch
ed In incolnrent terini.
To Be Named Tomorrow.
successor to Ijirz Anderson, for
mer minister to Hclglum, will be an
nounced by the Stato Department
Wednisihi). Tho nnmo of tho succes
sor has not been given out by tho
Department, hut confidence Is e
llressed thut Mr Anderson's success
oi will be persona grata to tho Hel
glan government Mr Anderson has
been appointed umhussndor to Japan
to siiiienl Charles P.igo llrjan.
i It tends to keep baby's skin cleat
and healthy, prevents minor erup
tions, and establishes a permanent
, condition of skin and hair health.
Assisted by Cuticura Ointment it is
i unrivaled in the treatment of ec
zemas, rashes and other itching,
burning infantile eruptions so often
the cause of baby's fretfulness and
Tullcum Soap aad Ointment sold tnroasnoat tha
world Uboral aarnpta of eieli malkd frae, wttli S2-p.
book Addreaa Cullcura." Dojrt IIP, Boatan
V-Trndrr-faoed men onaT In rorelnrt with Cuti
bum (XaolrUvUx BUilu.lJbanJaaitrtt J). .
Court Frequenters Believe
Instructions Were Practical
ly for Conviction.
(Continued from rirst Page.)
and Schepps, 'You nro the murderers
and wo aro not.' They say Iloso planned
It all.
"You have hnd an opportunity to ob
serve Hoso on tho stnnd. It is for )ou
to decldo whether ho could havo con
ceived such u plot. You must say
whether It Is possible for tho human
mind to have planned such a story and
then to hnvo stuck to It-day after day
In tho faco of tho shrewd cross-ex-animations.
It Is for jou to say
whether Iloso would have accused theso
men of murder Just because ho might
havo feared them Iloso snjs ho did
not see tho murder. These men say
that ho took them to the scene and
that they filed when the ahootlng start
ed, !ellcvlng that thev wero being shot
nt. Is that reasonable?
"ri,r nm i w n NtM of four men each
here, occuslng the other set of this
crime. It Is for JOU to consiuer cure
fully these nccusotlons nnd say which
Is tho moro likely to be true To do
this, jou must study the motive thut
aro Investigated
Considers Motives.
"Whv did a stranger lead these men
to the Hotel Metropolo If tho murder If
Hoscnthal was planned? Iloso nnd theso
men were not friends Would It bo
rcusonnblo to believe that ho would
take them to the Me troiiolo If ho con
tcmpluted this murder, und If so, why
wus this done? Is tho story that theso
men tell that Hose took them there In
order that ho might shift the blame for
tho murder on their shoulders such us
jou should believe .... , ..
"Th..rn lu u Mtrnnie slmllarltv In tno
stories these mm tell Thej give tho
same description of the strungi r they
say was there They ugreo on the tlmo
tbat I rang Kit mem co go u, nm ,un,.
iu it nn, tu enlliir that Prank should
have left the in ns hi did ut this tlmo
when ho cumo down town on a fpeclllc
Considers Men's Records.
These mm have criminal records Ho
has I.uban. rue of tho chief witnesses
against them Hut Is It reasonable to
believe that I.uban would accuse tin so
iron ai ho has unless he believed that
ho wns telling tho truth' It Is for you
to dtteimlne whnt motive he could havo
to come hero and tell u storj th it
might get him It to serious difficulty
Hut eviiy nngle of this ease Is for )ou
to carefully consider and determine
who spoko tne trtun anil wno toiu n
false storv 1 ere "
The court Uien discussed tho law of
evidence at great length nnd mado It
plain that he believed the Jurors should
decldo the enso without regard to uny
hearing tho verdict might have either on
themselves or on the four accused.
Wind Takes Off Court Plaster on
Injury to President
Elect. HAMILTON. Hermuda, Nov, 19
President-elect Wilson has full) recov
ered from the sculp wound he suffered
bv collision with the cover of a Jolting
automobllo tnivurd the end of the re
cent campilgn
He, discovered the fact todar when
tho wind whisked off the strln of court
plaster which had covered the cut since
the ncciilent. 1 no gnsn eompieietj
hnlcd The storm was soon over, the
weather delightful and the President
elect diclurcd ho was enJO)lng himself
Department Sale.
An auction sale of old carpets, rug
afm.Au u.mAn fttnu ml ntlinr fn,
nls'ilngs and a lot of miscellaneous
junk is to do soiii ny tno l reasury
1'cparcmcn.L i naaj- juurniiig. i no
Bali- will begin at 10 o'clock In the
rear of tho cjovernmcnt'a building, on
II street, between Thirteenth and
Now Sold At
Cor. 15th and FSts. N.W.
The Arnold Ibratoi Is a prac
tical Invention for massaging
the scalp us well a4 other parts
of tho bodj It causes the blood
to clreulato freely to tho hair
roots and thereby promotes a
healthy, beautiful und lustrous
glow Ih of hulr It prevents hull
from falling out und cures dun
clruff. Cull for PHIHl booklet.
Two models one with battery,
tho othor with electrical attach
ments Booklet and Treatment FREE
( Hrr i
Vf-wlrtc v a
Corner Sold to Albert and
Charles Carry for
Whnt ts probably n record price for
property In tho Immcdlato section was
paid for tho property at tho southwest
corner of Ninth and K streets north
west, when Michael M. 1Jons sold ,t
to Albert und Charles A. Carry for
Thcro nro 1,193 squaro feet In tho lot,
which fronts 1 feet on 1" street und
19 G feet on Ninth street. Tho prico por
sciunro foot was thcrefora only a few
cents less than $12, which probublv li
tho record for Ninth sticet propert.
Buys Investment Property.
Ansel i:. King has purchased from
Harry Wardman, through Shannon &
Iiuchs, tho two dwellings nt 732 and 7S6
llobnrt street northwest, for a consider
ation of 5,CW Theso houses aro part
of an operation of 1W houses now under
construction. They contain six rooms
and n bath each, und were purchased us
an Investment.
Not SUtesbury Home.
In The Times last week it was report
ed that Mrs. L. II. Htotcsbury. of Phlla.
delphla. had sold to Mlsi Ixiulsc 1'
Murdock n residence on New Hamp
shlro avenue betwein ri and T slnets
northwest. The residence wns not the
one which Mrs Htotesbury occupies, lilt
is the adjoining house, which Miss Mur
dock hus occupied for some time Tho
transaction wus made through the offlco
of Wllllnm Corcoran Hill.
and Falling
Hair Remedy
Fifty Cent Bottle of Pa
risian Sage Hair Tonic
Best for All Hair and
Scalp Troubles
I'vcr) man und woman who values a
good head of hair should regularly use
Parisian Sage
Tens of thousands of people are using
It every day because It Is such a clculi,
honest rimed) that does exactly what
It Is advertised to do or mono back.
Pleuso bear In mind that Parisian
Huge Is not n d)o; thut It does not con
tain sugir of lead or uny other danger
ous Ingredient, and that It will stop
fulling hair, sculp Itch, and rid )our
scalp of everj particle of dandruff.
It will do more, It makes hair grow
lustrous and luxuriant und put n radiant
beautj Into dull, lifeless hulr.
Ui t a bottle of Parisian Sage todiy
at uny drug storo or toilet goods coun
ter Tho prlco Is onlj 50 cents Ilo
sure und ask for Parisian Sage Hulr
Tonic, the girl ivjth the Auburn hnlr Is
nn every carton Jus O Donncll hai It.
JU nblo twleo each
j car j untiues
tlonod safety resulting
from Capital nnd Surplus
of $2,300,000; courteous at
tention to each patron,
whether Ills account Is
largo or small. These
features, together with tho
modern equipment pro
vided In Us handsome
quarters, mnko tho Union
Trust Company an Ideal
depositor' for savings.
Every woman's heart responds to
the cbarm and sweetness ot a ba
by's voice, because naturo Intended
her for motherhood. But even tho
loving naturo of a mother shrinks
from tho ordeal of suffering and
danger. Women who uso Mother's
Friend nre saved much discomfort
and their systems aro In a healthy
condition to meet tho tlmo with tho
least nosslbla danger. Mother's
Trlend Is recommended only for
tho relief and comfort of oxpectant
mothers, and Us many years of sue.
cess, and tho thousands of endorse
ments received from women who
have used It aro a guarnntco of tha
benefit to bo derived from Its use.
Mother's Trlond allays nausea, pre-
ci ino urcasts,
and In ovoiy
way contrib
utes to strong.
healthy motherhood. Mother's
Friend Is sold nt drug stores. Wrlto
for our freo book for expectant
Established in 1860
Open 8 A. M.
Demonstration of Oakley & Co.
Celebrated Toilet Articles
Main Aisle
Advance Styles for Spring of 1913
Women's Lingerie Waists
35c Huck
Ladies' $1
Silk Hose,
This Is a sensational
vuluo In hllk Hose,
Theso aro mado with
u double lisle sole,
hlsh spliced heel and
double lisle carter top.
f'olors, black und tan.
Our rcmilar II W ciual
ltv ut t!c.
liurt-uln Counters
Jluln Aisle.
100 dozen All Mnen
llemstltcheii Huck
Towels extra heavv
soft nualltv Mze 21x17
Inches Ilej-ul.ir Ke
quality Special at c.
llitrf-aln Counters
Main Floor.
$1 and $1.25 Striped and Q
Checked Tourists' Silks . . vt
24 and 26 in. All-silk Striped and Checked Tourist Silks,
Serges, Surah, Messaline, and Taffetas; all of this season's new
styles; very heavy and a large assortment of patterns to select
from; suitable for coat linings, separate waists, and full dresses $1
and $1.25 value. Special, C9c. '
$1.25 Table
' Damask,
7Mnch Bleached Irish
Table Damask In Si
of the nene"t and
mot deIrable pit
terns: strlctlv all linen
and our SI 2", quality.
For u cla. J100.
Special Sale of
r.lKht-welRht Dress Shields, rj0
pair ' I
Do I.onK Hooks and l'ves, all C
sires, card 01
Celluloid Collar Supporters, 2 Kn
curds for c)l
Tancj Trlmmlni; Br.ild, 6- in.
ard piece JLVIC
Clinton Safety Tins, all in.
sires, 3 cards for JLUC
Hair Nets, with elnstlc, 4 orn
for 0s
65c Defender ACg
Sheets . .
7Cx00 Defender Sheets, heavy
linen finish, with patent
welded seams. 65o valuo. ACn
bpeclul 1UL
81x99 Hercules I.lnon Tlnlsh
Sheets, strictly seamlesi. hnnd
torn, with a l-ln hem, 80a jr.
value Special DOC
45x36 I.lncn Tlnlsh nnd 42x16
Domestic finish Pillow Casei. 15o
and 16c value. Special 1 nt,.
either slse X7C
42-.7G Bolster Cases, Mill Runs,
Kuarantecd perfect. 30c Ol.
value. Special alt
Insert this Want
j This is tha initiative.
ft itittJtTjttttttlliiiXtJtXtlilJiniTiiiJ
Close 6 P. M.
First Floor.
Worth $3, $3.50 and $4, at
Through an extraordinary bit of
merchandising we have secured 100
dozen fine Lingerie Waists (all ad
vance spring styles). These will go
on sale tomorrow morning. They are
remarkably pretty and effective;
beautifully trimmed with lace insert
ing and embroidery; all sizes, 34 to
44; we were extremely fortunate in
getting these in time for the holiday
trade; really worth $3.00, $3.50, and
$4.00. At the special price of $1.98.
Maco Cotton
5 pairs for $1.00.
Ladles Maco Cotton
Hose, split white foot,
doublo sole and carter
Very special at 21c,
Bargain Table
Hosiery Dept-
$2 Black Imported M 1 n
Chiffon Broadcloth . . . pl i.7
-i Wo i'SJ" JVst received a little lot of ten
pieces of Hno Imported Chiffon Broadcloth VI
inches wide a beautiful rich black, and It has
aperrn5taCneoPn1t0nna,.s'?,C" Z 'e'ai.y' ."ft l
foV'W Ve'rTircl?1,,!? " lW
$1.75 56-inch Tailors' Serge, $1.19
Here Is one of tho jrreotest values wo havn
over offered All-wool Tnllors1 Serjfe, positively
a. Kreat value at Jl 75: but we have only ono
shade, the nevv mldnlf-ht blue. Vor a quck
tale wo offer this fine, Imported worsted, vard
and closely woven. Jl 76 Quality Tailor's CrV
at tho special price, jard! IU9. Ta" ScrK
$1.00 School
ChlMrfin'a C3.l...( ,i . ..
( im.il. .-' uiuorciia-i mado
pr American taffeta. Handles for
bos or clrls. rather plain or fincy
trimmed. The regular Vol kind for
Ihtrgaln Counter-Main Aisle.
$2 Maline
Ruffs . . . .
Mill In ft TlllfTa linn nnJ ..-.. a. !...
terSC1 ""J IT"- ln "vy. ErV"n.
S";"? bluck and whito combW
nutlon ItCKular J2.00 val- 4i ij
ues Ono da, each M.44
Iiars-aln Counter Main rioor.
$5.50 Wool Q OQ
Blankets .... p5.yo
11-4 rull slzo White wool Blanket,
strongly made, well flnlshed-a sight
y durable blanket, will not shrink
J" laundering. Worth 5 50. Special
$7.00 Wool
11. 1 Villi Dl.. -l,.,...- ... ,.
A ool Blanket, mado out of best ma-tcrlals-alrenciy
ahrunken-a splendid
valuo at their original price. Wide
silk mohair binding bluo and pink
borders Original prlco, r nn
$7 00. Special.. ...' $5.0U
Hello, Central
Give Me
Main 5260
Ad for me Alright
Benefit by the suggestion.

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