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Soloist Married
Superintendent Believes In
structors Should Have
I . Them.
Urging greater co-operation betwtsn
membrH of the public school boards,
teachers and mothers of school children
In order tn sure better conditions for
teachers, Dr. V M Datldaon, Superin
tendent of Public Schools, at the meet.
Ing hf the District brunch of the Na
tlonal Congresa of Mothers, jesterday
afternoon at the Raleigh Hotel, ex
plained the need of providing superan-
nuated teachers with pehalona In ord.ir
to secure greater efficiency In tho staff.
''The question of teachers' pensions
la a uuoatlon of bualneas management,"
aid Dr. Davidson "The truth of thin
proposition la recognised by alien huge,
money making Inatltutlona aa the
United mutes Steel Corporation und the
Pennsylvania railroad, which have
ealabllahed penalon ayatema for their
employea "
Dr. Davldaon pointed out that out of
the corps of l.MO teachers here, at Icaat
IX have been In the service for th'rty
yeara, about fifty-four for tlilrty-ne
years, and about eighteen for forty
yeara. II pointed out that the retire
ment of these older teachers would en
hance the efficient of tho corpn, alnce
theao older teachers are not thoroughly
competent to aland the arduous and
trying wotk of teaching In tht public
Salaries Are Small.
The necessity for providing theao
superannuated teachers with meana of
livelihood ufter retirement from servlc-.
Dr. Davldaon pointed out, waa a srrl
crus one. He said that of the entire corps
or 1,787 teachers but Ml of them re
ceive an average salary of $74140 a ear.
or about i a month "How can the
moat ixemplnr) thrift." aald Dr. David
son, "set aside from such salaries any
thing !! a tninpetence for old age? '
Dr. Davidson then showed by flgutea
that It would be measure of economy,
taking Into account adjustment of the
retirement fund, to enact into u law tho
Present bill provld'ng pensions for re
tired teuchera This baa been done In
uoa-on, Liuiroi.'. en irietown, Chicago.
Cleveland Detroit. Indianapolis. Mil
waukee. Minneapolis, New York. Omaha,
Philadelphia, Poughkecpsie, San Fran
rlaco. and St. I.uuls
The principal features of the bill now
pending before Congress were thun
pointed out b Dr. Davidson. The bill
provides that no annuity shall be greater
than SI..W annuallt nor leas than 160)
Tn the caae of t.HCliera of at least file
veara and less than twenty ears' serv
Ice. retirement for total Incapacity la
possible the salm being proportioned
to the term of service
Acceptance Voluntary.
Acceptance of the retirement plan Is
oluntary In rspert to teachers now
In the aervlie but compulsor In respect
J!"?,?"1 P-'nlls and nil unused balance
in i .L-l. ."".. "a! J ear to the
;." Af75ZliifZ?t SaMM
CVaJjLs, & &
Passes Away at Home
Daughter After Short
private, will be held at thn Church of
tho Covenant at 2.30 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon, with Interment In Cluk Hill
Mount View Place
Will Be Extended
following the request of the Ana
costla Cltlicns' Association, and In ac
cordance with a recommendation of
Cant Mark Ilrnoke. assistant engineer
lommlssloiHT, mid M. C. Ilarcn. District
Miiveyor, thn Commissioners tndav or
dered the extension of Mount View
plate, from Morris road to Talbort
Tile extension will relieve traffic from
piisalntr over n IB per cent grade In
Talhert atereet.
Now members of
Admit Architects
To Society Here
r of the Architectural
Club of Washington, admitted yester
day, are I. H. Uoas, it. K. Button, V.
11 Upton, T W. Btoevrr. .....
Hintier A lecture on "Hlctlly ui n.
Mwca for Art mudenta" waa given by
Percy AHli. professor of architecture in
Oeorge Washl.mto'n HnJvertUv .the
monthly meeting held in the. chap er
room of the Alpha Ileta Phi fratcrnlt
lll.lisc I ISt llldM. -i-i for
,h?U?U:.JU-wn "or "he c.erf?y
IE. w.Vl Me professors teaching ar-
chltecture in lieorie y ...,,....
contest closet December l.
l'hoto bv narlirach
Who Wis Miss Irma Stern.
credit of the annuity tunii
Z ""!"'" ''T') consl.-a of Interest
ner ',? .hnl'i,n!' ?nT anl one-hnT
. V . ...mum unpronriatlona
for teacher's salaries an balance not
to exceed lloouo t0 the credit of the SS-
K2P2Silo" ""i ''" "atari. aK
the end of cart risen ear. contribu.
flons from the salaries nf the teachers
themselves and such deductions as mSJ?
&&? noH' ,,he nnm"," Sm-d to
leacnera who have noi paid dues for
the requisite number of veara
In determining the amounts of aa.
"lme.u; S,rB5'iVd,An Ha!"' nrlMS
u.ltiVTd Tt'1' ''""J? .'h" ''I'" has heen
r , ""u tituiHucmpni or tno fumitt
ha. atni.V ." "''" cnoois wno
., ,. ,u SiXI.nve ieari)
Need Pension System.
Dr. Davidson alo pointed out the
danger of continuing the present low
ralary ratu without such a letlrciient
fund and nnnultj heme as had heen
proposul i-nde, i he pm-ion system, he
fh . .mr'1.n, '"""''era who now carry on
om oS A'hf &: rrs,fe;s
JX, o be dI?ttn nt0 more hlBhlv imi,
o'cordln.v1"0 r,"""; "oo.alll gain
PaBndTnB;f(be?rrr,ll,Te ",tf Z7
Ub?;te -ja -
Pjaea along ideational lines Tlieua
. ... ,, n irni'nnH nninrn
Wedding at Eighth Street
Temple Is Brilliant
After suffering a stroke, of paralysis
aa sho was returning front the Churili
of thn Covenant, Sunday morning, Mrs.
lMlsa II. Alexander, widow of Col.
Charles M Alexander, who was post
master of Washington In President
Orant a Administration, died at the immo
of her daughter, Mrs M A lllulr. In
the Dresden, lust ntKllt.
Mrs Alexander waa seventy-six )ears
of age and had lived In the Capital for
nearly half n centun. Since the death
Of her huaband, more than twenty yeura
ago, ahe lias lived with Mrs Dlslr, who
la her only child, and has been u promi
nent worker In Presbyterian Church
circles Sho was on her way from
church to the homo of T. 11. Alexander,
1711 Q street northwest, when stricken
The funeral services, which will bo
Save your hair! Danderine destroys dandruff and stops
falling hair at once Grows hair, we prove it.
could not fall to "mi i , ih. "moi.i Sffl
MIbb Irma Stern, daughter of TUbbl
Louis 8tcrn nlid Mrs. Stern, who po
ttftSfS an excellent contralto vo e, ami
who has bien tho soloist ut the Uighth
Street Temple foi several ers, was
muirled to Samuel S Kallaher. former
ly cf ChUBKo, laet- nlsht ut 7 o clock
Tho wedding Lcremonv, which waa per
formed In the Temple by the brlde'fc
father, assisted b Hubbl Abram 8lmon,
,. hh4-4 u. i.n, vatherlnir of
The bride wore a handsome jrown of
white charmeuse mado with a full court
train. The bodice wus elabora.el
trimmed with ducheaa lace and was
embroidered In nent-t ThA tnn. ..,,..
bridal vdl was arranged tn a cap ef. !
feet with u wreath of orange bloaaoma
nmen were worn by tho bride a mothe'
more than thlrt ears ago at her wed
ding The bridal bouquet, which waa
a shower of Hilca of the valley, waa
auapcndeil rrom a tlnv white bible.
Mlsa Leona Stern waa her slater's
only uttendant Alexander II Qus-
dorf, an undo of the bride, was the
uci mun and the ushers were Daniel
B. Ousdorf, Wallaco Luchv, Kdgar C
Kaufman, und the bride's brothers, Da
vid Stern and Alfred I stern.
.Mrs. Henry U Amsoik, of Chicago,
sister of tho bridegroom, woro pale
blue charmeuse with a tunic of lace
trimmed with Peiirla '
Mlaa Grace Jackson, of Chicago, cou
sb of tho bridegroom, wore white
charmeuse with an oveidiaperv of hand
painted ihlffon with r alula
.rfir?" Vorm Uu"d.orf. black clmrmeuai
trimmed with ioIjI late.
. ;V1r"'1','n,'V lliesluu, black clmrmeuso
with shadow laic trlmmlnga and rhine
atone ornaini'iits
Mrs Samuel (Jans, ;iuy chnrmeuaj
vil-h toiirhes of blue and sllvei
Miss Hannah Quadorf, purple char
liu urn wiiii sllvir lac.
Mrs i:dgai C Kaufm-.n. Ilehh colored
chimin .in. with liodlc of rlilfon and
cr.Tstnl embroldeu-d tullo and u l.li..
Easy to End
Just Breathe Booth's HYO
MEI Kill the Germs and
Soothe the Inflamed Mem
brane Start To-day.
Don't be piojidlced. Thare Is not n
Durtlcln of mornhlne. cocaine, or nnv
Injurious or habit-forming drug In HY
It Ih made of Kjoalyptue and other
grand antiseptics It will Krcatly r '
lieve the mlaery of iiitnrrb or any af
fliction of the nose and throat In tlvo
No stomach doalnK Just breHthe HV
OMI'I. It aeta ut the catarrh Kenns nml
quickly destroys them
Ask for HYOMUI (pronounced HIkIi-t-mel
oulllt It onlv costs II CO, and
consists of a hard rubbei poikct Inhal
er, which can be curried In vest Dock
et, a bottle of HOMi:i. a medklno
dropper, and almplo dlrtctlona for use
Kxtrn bottles If needed Du
I.cadliiK dniEKlsts ver where sell
1IVOMEI. which Is a-uainnlced to end
catarrh, cougha, colda and croup, or
money returned
i umi roi.M on to the nucalvntua f r-
rata of Inland Australia ou would
oulckty get rid of catarrh Ilmjth a in
OMKI brlnga the Identical air nf thso
forests direct to oiir home It l i
moat wonderful catarrh remedy Asli
Jim. O'Donnell about It
If you caro for heavy hnlr, thot glis
tens with bosuty and Is radiant with
life, hus an Incomparable aoftneaa and
la fluffy and lustrous you must uso
Danderine, becauao nothing clae accom
pllahes so much for the hair.
Just one application of Knowlton's
Danderlno will double tho beauty of
our hair, besides It Immediately dis
solves every particle of dandruff: you
cannot have nlie, heuvv, heilthv hair
If vou have dundruff. This destructive
acurf robs the halt of Its lustra. Us
strength and Its very life and If not
overcome it produces u feverlshness
and Itihlng of the scalp, the hair roota
famish, loosen and din; then tho hair
falls out fast. ...
if your hair has been negieciea anu
1. thin, faded, dry. scraggy or too .oily,
don't hesitate, but Ket o S3 cent bottle
of Knowlton's Danderine at any drug
storo or toilet counter: apply a, littlo
as direct! and ten minutes after you
will say this was the best Investment
"w.Tl'nSttlr believe regard.ea. of
Slftl lu'troT b'ia'ullfna'lr- S3
low of It-no dandruff-no Itching scalp
and no more falling halr-you must
u!.e Knowlton's Danderine. If event-ually-why
not nowT A 21 cent bottle
will truly amaio you.
Think of the bother of making.
1 hmn o the cost oj materials.
Then note that you can get ready made
I Neat House Dresses, ft 1 f)f)
I Usually $ 1.50, Here fdr W VVy
They are well mado one-piece dresses and suitable for afternoon wear
aiound the home, good assortment to select from. Dresses are made of an
excellent quality of chambray and percales, In neat striped ctTtctn, blue,
t,ruy, and black cotor'ngs High and Dutch neck styles, cut extra wide and
full over the hips, trimmed with folds ut self materials, some are trimmed
In plain colored materials to match prevailing color or drcaa. Sizes 31 to
41. Hhvo toe In bulng tomorrow.
Women's House Dreaa Store AdJC( lit to Watata 2d flodr.
Extensive Improvement
Planned in
Fur Storage Rooms
But before we can start the
workmen the large numbers of
furs now being cared for must
be gotten out of the way.
scnting YOUR storage receipt
and have the articles we arc
keeping for you sent to your
home. These are good davs to
wear your furs so why not get
the benefit of their wear and in.
cidcntally help us with our
plans? Fur Storage Bureau,
2d Floor.
Under Supervision of the U. S. Treasury
Walking on Thin Ice
If you are living up to your income you arc like
n man trying to see how far he can walk out on thin
ice without breaking through. What will happen to
you it the source of your income suddenly ceases?
Don't court disaster. Start a Savings Account at
It will be a protection to you in case of mis-
fortune and is the surest road to riches.
We pay 3fc Compound Interest.
7th Hi. and Mass. Arc. Jf. W.
St,. . k. B n "
t '
M :"' "
We Have Only a Limited Number of These
They aro mado up of the fine flat, soft pliable, moire pony skins, and wo
got them to sell at tnis price only because the maker had tin order for a
large consignment to bo sent to another house. He could not secure enough
skins of thu same tine quality to fill the order; and the other house would
not tuku the few as long as they could not gel the whole number.
We took them In connection with some other purchases we w;re making and koI them verv mu h
under real worth. Coats are 11 Inches long, and the fur Is beautiful, I nod with Kuarunlecd Bklnnet'a satin
crochet buttons, loose back, broad sleeves, and narrow nhouldei a, deep rolling shawl collars extending to waltt
Genuine Black Fox Sets tfQ i cr
$45 Values for VP LOU
Made of the genuine American Leipzig dyed I'ox,
four skin seta, made with straight shouldtr collar, fin
ished at ea h end with brush tall. Urge pillow muft
to match The fur la long and silky, and the lining
la of a good quality pcau dc sole
10 Natural L nt Bets, worth tin, choice CQI CA
tomorrow at CmJl .Uu
Special Purchase of $55 fl Q p? (f
Fine Red Fox Sets, a Set JpOO,UV
Ited fox Is one of thn greateat fads of the hour.
This special lot consists of beautiful t-skln sets, tho
real Amrrlcan Itcii Kox. 2-akln scarf with .hanging
head and tails front and back, and extru alte pillow
muff with head und tall trlmmlnir. all handsomely
lined with satin to match color of fur
Kur Store Becond floor.
Davidson mild
New Coast Guard Site
Is Offered Government
With the intention nf donatlnK a atiln
of beach frcnt ut Atlantic Cltv to the
Government so (hat ., life.avlii(r sta
tion nnd u n auinm,,,,, m bp eicc)c(j
tinnti I, 1-,. I ..
Washington ,,, Vr7i',c' ? hVaW i',"
n.r Kimball cl.Kf f ne UfS-aavitiK
S&. W, .cor'inlWe:?
beaehn "hP.!Jli'U"- on' "'In. o" tK
Army-Navy Football SpedalTrsin To
na'lr0T4ru'."k'i'' C'1" '''-najlviinla
Union 8tatb.n v' !"mber 30 Leave
union maiinn, ujshnKton l to a t
runnlns dliect m g.,lra ,. !!rArt. ' i.L"
tiimlne an ,,,i, " .,." ." grounds,. He-
Mrlor tnr. ,. '" game. Pullman
imnor curs UIiiIiik tula iin.l v.iihi
pink chin -
0 with
.Mlsa rinieiue flusdorf
rouw with Hii.dow lace
Mrs Wallaco I.ucha, white 1
a etidlo of (or.il velvot
Flowers for Weddings,
receptions and all anrlui timntinnm f..
mates and suggcatlona given, Uude, 1211 p
iiiiui ciuii lluuuunifu Noodo!
By making fhim at any one of tha J. T. D. PYLES STORES 19 In all
1-2 bbl. Sack 92.75 I 1-8 bbl.Sack 70c
1-4 bbl. Sack $1.40 1-16 bbl. Sack 35C
tt-iD. sacK 18c
- , s " 13 1.2c
35c Brooms, made by the blind 2lc
Fancy Yellow Onions, per peck 17c
8 Pounds Lump Starch for 1Q
Large New Fat Mackerel '.'.'.'.'... &C
50c Tea, any kind, per lb Jl
10 Pounds Washing Soda for f J"
3 Loaves Star of the East Bread for 10
Fine Apples, Ea'ing or Cooking, per peck 25p
" vaKisra jtxic: fsruiiu luacaroni ior
Fancy White Potatoes, per peck
Thousands of Games Reduced in Price
Especially for Tomorrow's Selling to Induce You to Buy Now
Games for the grown-ups, games for the little folks one whole section of our fourth
floor given over to them and twenty extra salespeople to aid in quick and satisfactory shopping.
Quantity buyers will find this an advantageous time to buy. Prices were never lower and ill
not be as low again for the qualities. ALL FRESH, CLEAN STOCK. But read the partial list
below hundreds of others equally low priced.
Button, Button, 25c
Choice, 10c
15c and 19c Values
imi'i rn in inin,.i
irin up in tin hflujinir if 00 a n.f
train Novvinbi i nr. -.,, ", '?"?' . A Af.
"wis leiurninp until
m.e, l "X ...!. tripPSl
particulars of V m' n' id i"p a"
fifteenth und o s .-.U,S.,?1..V-.PI..A
natter lrh.t tiin. ... . . .
a gentle, .peed, an, V.V.'1c-,?...'lr nua
1 " " . --"" vitn ri Inses b. -. ..j...
i aii Druaslsts.
., v.rA..
And Success
arc such intimate relations that no
one can be expected to be well
acquainted with success ho does
not keep good Imld on health.
Most serious sicknesses start in
minor troubles of the dijrestUe
organs. Thousands know by
actual experience tint health and
strength and therefore success
Are Increased
By Use of
Bcechnm'g Pills In time, and be
fore minor troubles become deep
seated and lastlnrr. This famous
family remedy will clear our cis
tern, regulate your bowels, stimu
late your lher, tone jour stomach.
Then jour food will proprrly
nourish jou and enrich your blood.
You will be healthy enough to
resist disease strong enough to
take due advantage of oppor
tunity after taking, as needed,
I aiiej rr I'n'nt.ir, per .eek
White Ciirnineal, per pe k . .
t'liolie Vidr.1 lUllnln. per InrKe pileknue ..
Purity Ilrand ('leaned ( urrnntx, per packager..,
Mar of Ike i:nt Patent Plour. per barrel... .
Mnrlrnlh.i Coffee, pi r pound
l.nrur t'nna lller lhri.nl Ilrand siiiiier Krent,
per au
II (mu Nnntlinkf Toinnloes, fur
Pound ( Hn "l.'U (neon, p. r II..
4 I,nra;e Parkoxra ioll Mednl lints, for
ev Humln?, per lb. . ,
lllnek Wnln.il", )it peck
Itlrek Wnln.ll Kent, per II
IBc Ilottlea Catsup, per l.ot
OjHter ( racker", per lb
Cracker Ileal, pe- II.
White Corn Mcul, per peek .
Halt llrenkfaat l''ii'd, ier piuknc.
1.00 Tea, auy kind, per Ih
fSc Cans. HerrliiK line, per can
Heat Compound, per lb
Prnnut nutter, per lb
Vunvy llend Hlce, per lb
IBc Cans Kippered Ilerrlnn, per rau
10e Ilottlea Aiumonlii, per buttle
(lunkcr Matches, per doren
Sunai t Hi npornted Milk, per can, 4c and
30c Jr Olliea. per Jar
I'eerlc" npirnteil Milk
IBc Mixed Cakea, per lb
I.uncb Crackers, per lb (
IllKh-Kradr Oleoinarirarliie, per II ',
Be Paekaaxea V.kx .oo.lles, per pnrkaKr "
ltlc Paikaitra Puildliie, per pnckaKe
. ,.10o
,. SO.flO
.. ..a.-Jo
.. -lie
.. -jc
... -II.:
.. Illlc
. . 10c
... Be
... Be
...I Ic
... 10c
,. 10c
. .7V4c
, .20c
. . He
per packnRe 10c
IBc Paekaajea 7atcU Iclnp; for Cnkr.
Be Holla Toilet Paper, 3 rolls for. . .
10c (ana Salmon, 2 cana for...
Dry Packed Shrimp, per can 7,
10c Paiknaea Cr,.lane Halt, per package.!" 5,
nasjle Ilrand Milk, per ran "i'l
5 Narks Pine Xnlt for .'.'!!.'!'.'.'! Jo
ISc Packasjea (ielatlnr, per packacr. .'.'!.'.' '
Potted Ileal. Ham l'laor. per ran "J
Putted Meat, Toajoe I' la. or, per en."""!" 4
.-..useless -rip .Matches, prr Doarn Iloxra ... , ,
8c can. Oil Hardlnra, per can ' 1
12c Cana Honey Drop Maine Corn, per can. si
Fifteen lbs. Ice Oram Salt for .',',' J
ISc Dnxea Toilet Soap, per box .',' ,
Muatard. prr Larire Jar '.'.'.'.'.'. Jn
Molaaara, per I.nrae Jar " ,
K. II. Coffee, per lb '.'.'.'.'.'.'. '
Three Package Marco Macaroni or SnairkiY r.'.i' "7..1
8lo Can. , p., (u.,lly .. Pinr.pplc.per Zj,
wn.UH.b ...um iiiaiHcm, per ran
Ilojer'a OH Polish, per bottle '.'.'.'.'.
Coldrn t'nina Ilrand Coffee, prr lb. .' .' .' ', ,' ,'
lO-pound nap; Klne 6alt, per bag '.'.'.'."
I) ii r5 en's Corn Starch, per pkg !.'!!!!!"
Iltinry Do) a, Cakra, prr Ih !!.'!!.""
Star Ilrand linked Henna, JNo. 3 alar'.V.V-''
M.rd Slnr Smoked srdini. per cnK '
Iniportrd S.rdlnea. In Uoulllon, 4 can.'for "
Muatard, per tuiublrr r
Inc Cnns Prna
4 parkanra luauperable Macaroni!!!
.....-r naniia, prr III.
Game of Autnors.
Uncle Sam a Crown
Jack Straws.
Tlddledy Winks
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The Hubbler.
Itlnsr Toss
ramlllar Quotations.
Kill Time Purztc.
l.l.fiutru hi jiuney.
ColUPe Transparent Water
"Erll'a" Paints for Bchool Use.
tra,mdb0cube,s ComPan- "
Vested lilooks
Checker nnnrrt
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Choice at 25c"Xfc
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Jack Straws.
Old .Maid
Vcretlan Tortune Tel.
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Kit Cat
panic of Lost Heir.
Komlcal Konersat!on
Iniiroed To .Mone.
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Sir Htnhlc Funny Dua-
lrC:.d Wd' N''Ce '"
Hu)lnR and Selllns:.
Ta Ton n TeleBraph
Amusing Game of Qoi-
Au iiors Up to Date
W don .VrCarthy'H Pie
Card" For,une Telllnc
Dr Buab.
Indiana Good for boia
N,efo50d,I", Tr'P t0
Modern Authors,
TotUB DU for Unli
inL,lack Cat Fortune Tell-
Corner Grocery.
Pastime Puzzles
,,r Country. U S. Map
Pillow Dex.
Double FlaK Game.
HaBs of All Nations
Hut ton Button.
Dodging Donkey.
25c Jolly Jigger. 10c
Choice at 49c v7,
Pillow Dex.
Game of Boy Scouts.
Air Men Game
Life's Game of Artists
Derby Day.
Charles Dickens.
Old Barn Door Target,
letters and Anagrams.
Leap Frog
Conette, a game of
Transfer Pictures.
Advance Guard.
Buttle Game.
Nen Game of Hunting
Phoebe 8non.
Department Store.
Star Authors.
Forty-tno and Other
Trix Games
Scoop or Cub Ilcportei
Mock Trial.
Character Dolls.
Children's Play Bo
International Mall
Tin Tonn, a. P. o
Toy Airship.
Van Djke Coloring Kit
Cannon and Soldleis
Gamo of War.
Momer Goose Game
Telegraph Boy.
Office Boy.
4c Be llnltle. (PMnlley'. (iiVp'oliab,- pe'r butti; "
.TWcllSc cam Apple llntter, per can..,..,,.,,'''
. Oe
. 7c
. Ic
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lined, a suit DUC
Ribbed Underwear Store
I Street Floor.
Women's Lisle Hose
35c Values for 1 9c
.Y"y "ttIe moro """ lalf price
tomorrow, onlng to a special pur-
n.2?".0' ttJot frnm " Jobber nho
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construction, medium weight, with
nigh spliced heels, douhle eolea. and
pafrl lft?rUr t0P3' blaCk only' A
Hosiery Store Street Floor.
nns coupon
41S fourth Street Sonthe.at.
014 i:ieirntb Street Southeast.
12 Good Hope Itood, Anoeuatla.
I'our-.iid-llulf and G St.. S, V.
i ourin and .-.trrrla torllir.st.
Illlrd St. and Itlaryland A. X. I'
11 Seventh Mrrel IVartbenat.
Jill I' Ktreet Nurllieaal.
fifteenth and O St, northeast,
is boxes iOsw tt
All Over Town
Grocery Stores
Giro your Order at any of th'. ,I,ot. stores, and the expres. man mil UclllerVrarairfo'MTc:1
"SS ' Ave. Aortliirral.
SM II Street Nortuneal.
Mxtb and II Streets Northwest.
Nerr Jersey Ar. and II si v
Man M Street AorthaVasfr " W
J5rrr.!,k, ,'",i No-Wea.
1JUB Park Head Northneat.
;;..,: """ . w.
Kor this great help to the woman
j.lannlng her TlmnksgMng Din-
White House Cook Book
Contains hundreds of tested
coTe7s lEIST hom "' o'Kd
covers Limit one to a customer
and none sold to deulers u'u",-r
(T ) Hook StoreThird Floor.
Another Comfort or
manket Is Needed
Why Not Buy h Tomorrow
-fW i hese Prices?
you aro
sleer In
in!0" "' . t lo on-
-- ,i L-urniort when
asleep, and ou cannot
comfort If jou feel cold.
bed Slze-7:'X80 In-puVo w I.I o
cotton fllling. v.1,1, covers of silk""
JSLT crftone- "Slit und dark
" ' 6" elBht. scroll .tltcfakd
cacl 51.981
.ine una gray hlunketB. made of
tho best whlto cotton, with fleio
nap, well mndo Rood honw n.niK, f
and extra largo size, with pink I
if nn . - I
... $I.&U
and blue bordors,
value, special....,
Uedwcar .Store Street Ploor,
A SnaP Tomorrow Tapes try Portieres
$6 to $7.50 Grades,
Choice a Pair ....
100 pairs only to sell at the price to bring you to the third floor to see what splendid values we
are orferinn nt thi hrnncrj Qinr ti .. ' opicuuiu limes we
hnnw. fPr..n , v.: n.,:: :: ""r H? ,n me most wan,ed styi"- solid coiors w
tWM "' '" "Jc tuoea StV CS in ureens rrlc K,.. j .
for just ,00 persons-wiU you be one ,f thenif-DrapyS,;;: Third Floor "
ith gobelin
An opportunitv
Kid Gloves, fij 1
Good Kinds to Buy, at W --
Cape Walking C11ocb, 2 .liisn, In
tun, also i dusp Pninch Ulaco
l-atnbskln Gloves, nnd 2 clasp Kiench
Suede OIoms, In Ll.ick und cham
piiKm1 ('hlldiina and MIsseH' filii.a,
filacii Kldt, mid tho Ciipn Walking
Oloes. in .ill hU.'h A (.all JUKI,
Olovo Hloie Street I'luur.
K.,.w.aIfei5.-Boo(s:. $4.00
Usually 64.50 and $5.00
hv" udomed'V.'t'h "k"." UmlmVr,tTln..,ha .""i' Ttn """
and In Mink KUiUmetal c.llf il w fi "L ".,e.ln I""'""'"' shades of tun,
-ivr '-- i-'iW.-X: "Sul,..JaUkt,fir,1.r1'ci.,l;!Kr,,i,",,,,!r,!:.t
A llllr tninni row 11 i.i
Shoo Btuiu :I l'ioor.
"S1" " iaansa. m

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