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Fair and Warmer
Testify That Mrs. Szabo Not
u The Victim of Drown
$ ing.
Accused Lawyer Also Confident
He Can Break Down
i Case of State.
GOSHEN, N. Y., Nov. 21. Tho
fourth day of tho trial of Burton W.
Gibson, accused of the murder of
Mra. Rosa' M. Szabo, brought out
more testimony by medical experts
as to the manner of how Mrs. Szabo
met her death.
Dr. Arthur Masking and Dr. Otto
Schultzo, of New York, testified that
the woman had been strangled and
that there was no evldenco of
Like Dr. King, who had previously
testified that Mrs. Szabo was mur
dered, Dr. Hasklng described tho
pressure necessary to cause death
In the manner alleged by the prose
cution. Testimony Corroborated.
Ir. Hasklng's testimony was corrob
orated by that of Dr. Schultzc. The
story told by the three State experts
was similar In every detail, each cor
roborating the other and dovetalll'ig
hit story along expert llne.
It was stated by Attorney Ilobert El
der for tho defenso that his expert wit
nesses will be Dr. John J. O'Reilly, "f
the University of St. Lawrence, and Dr.
Msgrath, ot Boston, 'tooth or whom are
experts In asphjxlatlcn cases.
They will, contradict the State's ex
perts. Is was said, nnd will declare that
the conditions revealed by the autopsy
are common to drowning.
Says Story Is Clinched.
, District Attorney Rogers declared
when the trial was resumed that ho be
lieved ho had established a cose that
would be hard to break down, and said
that the testimony of Drs. Schultzo und
Masking would absolutely clinch the
story told by Dr. King, who had sworn
that Mrs. Szabo was strangled.
Hope that the trial would be ended
this week was dissipated today, when
Justice Tompkins announced that ho
would give the medical experts nil of
the time desired for their direct and
cross examination.
Gibson Is Confident.
Gibson and his wife seemed as cin
" fldent as thoy were vosterdaj. Before
tho trial thev said that they would be
able, with their own medical experts,
.to scow that It would hao been an ab
solute Impossibility for a person to ha e
strangled Mrs: Szabo as tho medical
experts for the State havo testified, and
fall to leave marks of violence on her
Gibson said that he expected to take
the stand In bin own defense, but also
said that thli hud not, bten fullv de
cided, and he would do only what his
counsel thought best.
Suffers From Nervous Trouble,
But Is Now Repotted
Much Improved.
BALTIMORE, Md. Nov. 21 -United
States benator deorge T. Oliver, of
Pennsylvania, Is 111 In Johns Hopkins
He was reported last night by the hos.
pltal authorities hs being Improved He
was brought to the hoipltal soverul
days ago suffering from nervous trouble.
10,291,431 Cotton Bales
Ginned to November 14
The Census Hurea's cotton ginning
report Issued todHy showed:
Biles ginned from the growth of 1912
to Novembet II, 10Sll.il! Last ear
the total was 11313:3 Itound hales
included this eir are 62 410, compared
with 75163 for 1911. Sea Island included
are 41 321, ugalnst 71,201 fur 1911
Fair and wurmei tonight, Frletaj fair.
I ii m. .... 35 I 8 U 111 41
- n. il I (I U Ml 1
10 m m 1,10a in 0
11 a m it " "
13 noon 61 I 12 noon 61
1 p. m ' I 1 P 'n 71
2 p. m -' P I" 73
, ..6 49 Bun sets
Bun rises.
Today High tide, 0 07 a m. and 5.10
t m.. low tide, 11.29 a. m
Tomorrow-lIiUli tide, 6 52 a. m and
,06 p. m.i low tide, 13.10 a. m. and 13.10
p. in."
Accused Slayer
11111111111111111111111111111111b l v-? &$!!&
ii ii nissi n.u i iii M'Mtjr'in 'ii "i " ' ' "
Z,m nWiwiwimnfTTTi ' ' "" t
Takes Nourishment for First
Time in Twenty-four '
Hours, But Is Sinking.
"My father lias not rallied from tho
coma In which he has fullen," said IV,
B. Itayner this afternoon "His con
dition is alarming; although his suffer
ing Is not qulto, so cyldent as ( was
yesterday.' There Is-not a great change)
one wuy or tho other."
A report that sained currency in the
city shortly after noon that Senator
itaynei naa eiiea, v. as promptly denied
at tho Rayner residence. It was added
that he had been able to take some
nourishment this noon from the tlrst
time in more than twenti-four hours.
He sank steadily last night, and when
he cnlirel) fail, d to rally from his
comatose condition, it was believed that
tile end was in sight
More optimistic reports were Issued
fromthu household, however, as tho Hen
ator seemed to hold his own He Is
slowly but surelj sinking, and the
phys'cians frankly refuse to make any
predictions as to how long lie may bo
able to keep the slender cord of llfo
from breaking.
Carmi Thompson Visits New Quar
ters and Meets
Carml Thompson will tako the oath of
oflko as Treasurer of the United Btutes
ut 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.
Mr. Thompson was at tho Treasury
Department this morning to see his imu
office, to meet some of tin officials, and
to pay Ills respects to Becretarj ot tho
Treasury MacVcagh Ho also com
pleted, with other officials liiteresttid,
the arrangements foi the counting of
the ono billion and u half dollars, fnr
which he Is to be accountable from the
moment he gives a lecctpt to I.eo
MrClung for vho mone in the Tnasur
Mr Thompson does not like his nivv
office Tho office room not the posi
tion In the Secretarj's office todaj he
said that his new salary wus tho biggest
ho had yet drawn fioni thu Government,
but he likes his office room less than
unj lie had yet occupied. It wss sug
gested to htm that he could sec the ill
uugurul paindu from thu window as
compensation for its loiatlon, but Mr.
Thompson ri tinned a whimsical laugh,
and that that he could not cheer over
that "It will be n cud s'ght for mt,
und some of thu rest of in," he declared,
"to see a puiade mariblng us out of i
job It will be rather unique at that,
though, to have such a celubrutlon of
the occasion '
All of the monev In the eleven vaulH
on three lloors of the Treasury, that is
to bn counted wilt be handled by twen
ty laborers In its pawigo from tho
vaults to the udjoinlng cuh room
where It will ba counted The coin
Is mostly silver, and In bags All pos
sible mei Imulrnl ulilx have been pro
vided foi the count Including an extra
uddlng nmehlne or two
There are seventy-live nrmed guards
In the Treasury forct , anl a special
detail of these men will cover the opera
tion Tho counting will be witnessed
by soma chosen few friends of ofllclals,
who enn peer Into tho room under es
cort Thero will tie but ft w exceptions
to a geneial rule of exclusion however.
Fifteen einplojes of the Tieasurv havo
been detailed to do the actiuit tnuntlng
They will ! ree-nfoiod bv th count
ing cnmmltte 'I hey will start woik to.
morrow morning
Exonerates Hoover
In Criminal Court
Howard 1 Hoover toeluj was ox-oiierate-el
In Oilmlnnl Couit No 1 when
Assistant rnltecl Malta Attorney H
McConias Haw ken obtained permission
from Justice Stafford to nolle pros on
an Indictment charging thu voung man
with urand larcens
Hoover wbh convicted several weeks
bro In Crlmlnul Court No .' but Jus
tice Oould granted a neiw trial on tho
motion of Attorney Tunics A. O'Shea
It wus charged that Houver stole money
and dlumond earrlnss, valued at S00,
from Mrs Gertrude Uornltjjb
Capital Man and Woman Ar
rested in Raids By
City Inspectors.
Violation of Code Relating to
Misuse of Mails Is
Charge Made.
Mrs. It. L. Frazier and Dr. Thomas
J. Kemp, arrested In Washington, In
cident to a nation-wide crusado by
tho postal officials, In which 173 per.
sons In soventy-two cities wero
brought Into tho tolls, will bo given
a preliminary hearing before United
States Commissioner Anson Taylor.
Dr. Kemp Is out on ball of $2,500
for a hearing on Monday. Mrs. Fra
zier was at the offlco of tho com
missioner this afternoon, and It Is
possible that she, too, will bo re
leased on ball fixed by the deputy
commissioner. Commissioner Taylor
Is out of the city and will not return
until tomorrow.
Cause of Arrests
Kvcry person brought Into tho post
otllce elragnot is charged with viola
tion of section 211 of the code, rotating
to obsceno matter and suggestion ot
criminal practice.
The date for u preliminary hearing
for Mrs. Pruxier has not yet been llxcd,
but It will probably bo ut the same time
as that on Monday afternoon for Dr.
Kemp. Assistant United States District
Attorney Muldekoper Is appoarlng for
the Government In both cases, and will
endeavor to nave them held together.
The hearing before the United States
Commissioner Is a preliminary one. If
Mrs. Trailer and Dr. Kemp aru held
they will bo bound over for tho grand
Jury. Once the cases aro before the
grand Jur, the usual court procedure
prevails. Not all of tho 173 arrests contemplated
throughout the United States were
made up to noon todav, according to
reports received at the PoslolTlce De
put tment. Ono hundred und fifty al
leged purveyors of obscene drugs und
appliances, mldwlvcs and other practl
tlonerh wcic brought In, however, In the
first haul of the net.
Hourly Returns Coming In.
Hourl) returns of additional arrests
arc coming Into tho ofrtce of tho chief
Intpector. howuvcr, and .It Is confi
dently believed by officials that nil of
those for whom warrants wcro obtained
will be In thu tolls before sunset this
evening It is probable that many ar
rests that will swell tho totul have
been made-, but not reported,
Co-operutlon in the cases hud been
asked of tho Department of Justice, and
it Is probable that courts In the twenty
two States, and the District of Colum
bia, wero arrests wero made, will ad
vance these cases us far as possible on
court calendars for tb present fall
terms. District attorneys In every
ono of thu cities have given effective
co-operutlon In securing and passing evi
dence obtulned for the most spoctacu
lai raid ever made by tho Government
Tew details of the arrests mudo and
the sidelights upon them havo been re
ceived bi the Poslofflce Department.
most of the dispatches simply giving a
I list of nanus.
There wero many odd and unusual In
cidents connected with thu arrests in
I many cities In Washington, Mrs Fla
kier and Dr. Kemp wero brought Into
I custody with smoothness and dispute h
mere was nothing spc-ctuculur In .he
raid locallv.
Di. Kemp was ex eedlngly cool when
arrested, and in his appearance befoie
the commissioner, at which ball was
fixed for him und furnished.
Dr. Kemp declared that the chatga
agulnst him was absolutely without
"There Is nothing I can say except
that I am entirely Innocent," ho con
tinued ' Tho charge Is foolish, and I
hops no one will believe I huvo done
unj thing wrong I am ubsolutel) cer
tHin that I havo never written a letter
or used tho malls for the purposes ul
leged in the churge "
Dr. Kemp could not bo located at
elthei of his offices until a compara
tively late hour this afternoon Dr.
Komp maintains one office ot 433 O
street noithwtst, and another at 16J7
Sixteenth stiect northwest, at which
latter place he has a residence. It was
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President Taft Refuses Petition
Presented For Lawrence
Tresldent Tuft today denied a pardon
to Lawrence Norman, of the District of
Columblu, and disposed in addition
nlnei othci caaes Involving tho pardon
of convicted prisoners. I'ardons weio
glinted to I'ranklln H Green, or onio,
H McDow, of Oklahoma, and Robert
A Wagguner, of North Curqllna. The
sentence of Ivan McOarky, of Ohio,
and John II. Yount, of Georgia, weio
commuted to expire at once
IlesldeH the denial of the appllca.
lion from the District, President Taft
denied the applications for pur don of J
(' Cantonwlne. of South Carolina, O.
II rinch of Washington, llarrv A
Stevens, of Arizona; and William Titer
UUtoem. l Wuhlngtnn,
President of New Haven Road,
And Chief Owner of System
ssssVj M ; V .' m $tX?Wl
HUH '''',..' ''J' -CgaM
CHARLES S. MELLEW. H 1 ; V, v Vtjjijjfcfc ;KvVt
hIgkey's collapse IhIH
Officials Think Alleged Slay
er of Boy Will Confess Be
fore Reaching Buffalo.
TOMS nivnn. N J , Nov 51 -That J
Trunk lllckcv, Jailed here charged with
the murder of tieven-enr-oil Jejseph
Joseplig, of lickawanna a suburb of
Iluffalo, N , Is on the ve-ige of coN
lapse, Was reported following a visit
of DIMrlet Attorn, Duillev and Chief
of I'ollce Gllson to the Jail this after
noon. Moth officials, who have closelv exam
ined thu prisoner since, their arrival
from Lackawanna, predicted that
Htckey would break down and confess
before he reached Buffalo. Gllson said
the feetllng was so strong In Lacka
wanna that h would tuko tho prisoner
to Itochestei llrst There he will get
several rieterllvcM to assist him tu
safelv pi icing his prisoner in tho Erie
count) Jail
Tho evidence Is e vervvhelmlngly
against this man, ' said Attorney Dud
ley. "I am Innocent I mm be a drunkard,
hut 1 am not u murderer I do not
fCHr u fnlr tilul, but I do fear th people
of Lackawanna," Hleke told Dudley ut
the conference) this afternoon
Until the extradition papers are re
ceived Sheriff Tllton said ho would keep
the prisoner tu his custody It Is ex
pected that they would be received to
morrow Sheriff Tllton today ald that tho
nocnssar papene should be received
from the New York authorities tomor
low. They will, of course, huve to be
signed bv tho governor of Now York
nnd the netlng governoi of New Jersey,
nrd It wus expected this would be dono
Police of Boston
Satised Recent
Letters Are Fakes
BOSTON, Nov. II Boston police de
cided today thut tho postal curds pui
portlng to have been written bv the
mv glorious "boy murderer" and re.
celved bv them since Sunday, aie fakeH
Tho caul reeolved jcsterdiiy, telling1
that Joseph O Connor, rourtecn. missing
since November S, had been muidered
and IiIh body hidden on the llrookllne
side of the Chestnut Hill district, was
also tho work of a riank, a seuieh
of every Inch of the terrttot having
failed to reveal tracu or tho bo
Ono bit of good, however, him ro
suited fiom the postcaids, sav the o- j
lice inev epi ino pouro misy lim
iting down clues and thej declared to
day that they have unmistakable evi
dence that J Prank HIekey, under In
dictment foi the murdei of Joo Josephs
at Iluffalo, worked In Greater Boston
up to November 11 What this evidence
Is they would not say. Tho evidence In
detail has been sent to tho Buffalo po.
Ilcn b lnspectoi McGurr, of tho local
Wreck Delays Trains.
Trains em the Baltimore ond Ohio
were elelued Beveral hours this morn
ing due to the del ailment of two cars
at Ilelitvllle thirteen mllea from horo
This nf lemon normal service was re
stored, nccorellng to a statement at
the Tnlon Station Officials here havo
no repou on how the accident occurred.
No one was injured.
III illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHV;v BsillllllllllllllljHiHiBilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllB J
iiiiiiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiimiiiMiiiiiv sHhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiwiI
low t wmmmi
Vagrancy Charge Dismissed,
He Goes To Face
NEW YORK, Nov. 21.-8am Schepps
was the tlrst of the State's "materia!
witnesses' In the prosecutions growing
out of the Ilosenthal murder to be
grunted his llbert). He was brought
before) Magistrate Murpli), In the West
Side court, today and arraigned on the
vagranc charge which has been hang
ing over him ever since ho was ar
rested Assistant District Attorney
Rubin, who was present, told the court
that the State was willing that the
ehuigo should be dismissed, as the
ends or Justice iiaej been servee"
Schepps was turned loose
Accompanied bj his counsel, Schepps
nag taken direct!) to the oftlee of
Thomas Riley, at 119 Hroadwaj, where
Mrs Shepps wan waiting She has pro
cured a separation from him, and
wanted to know what piovlslon he was
going to make for her support and to
pay the allmon now due On the re
sult of the conference hinged whether
Sam Was to be permitted to go on his
wav to Hot Springs or to be locked up
In Ludlow street Jail as u member of
the non-paying alimony association
hchepps said that he had received
ni.iny offers to go Into vaudeville and
Intimated that he would accept one of
them "If the price n made right "
He held a levee with many of his
kind before going to the lawyer's ottlce
"Laat night Rube Bensttln of Wash
Ingtnn, wired me an offer of JMO a week
fnr ten weeks, but I can afford to hold
out for the best there Is In salarj and
for big time I surel nm worth $1,000 a
week to any big house
amerIcafTranch is
sacked by rebels
The Maguey Ranch, an American
liroprrtv, tunted tWtv miles west of
Durungo Mfilco has been completely
Hackee and Its buildings burned by
Mexlcnn rebels, according to State De
partment advices todaj The rebels aro
now being put sued bv federal cavalry.
Tho American Oovernment will prob.
ablv present n nlk claim for damages
Furthn reports were that several
bridges on the Mexican Central rail
way, ncrr Jlmulco, had been burned
and traffic on the railroad partly bus.
Department of Justice Sends
Investigator to Probe
Officials Explain Why Opening of
New Haven Grand Trunk Quiz
Has Been Delayed.
To onjoln coniummatlon of the
proposed traffic agreement between
tbo New York, New Haven and
Hartford and tho Grand Trunk rail
roads In Massachusetts, was the new
plan tentatively formulated today
by tho Department of Justice to
thwart an alleged railroad monop
oly In Now England.
A special agent of the department
wus sent today to New York to ln
pcct the papers and letter files of
tho two railroads. Including corre
spondence between President Mel
len, of the New Haven road, and
President Chamberlain, of the Grand
Injunction Suit.
If evidence obtained by the special In
vestigates warrants the proceedings. It
was understood here that the Injunction
suit will be filed Instantcr, either at
New York or Boston, to prevent execu
tion of the traffic agreement. This
agreement has been presented by the
New Haven road, but hag not beon
accepted by the Graitd Trunk. Its ac
ceptance. It was believed, will be the
signal for filing of the Injunction pio
ccedlngs. The reason why the grand Jury probe
i in New York started by District Attor
ney Wise was temporarily suspended,
was explained today by Jesse C. Adklns,
special assistant to tho Attorney Quo
era! In charge of the Investigation.
"If we had all of the principals testify
I before tho grand Jury, we could get all
of tho facts, no doubt, but they would
then be Immune from prosecution," said
I Adklns. "We would have the facta, but
would navo nooouy to prosecute, as
their testimony would give them Im
munity from pergonal action.
Hasten the Inquiry.
"We are making the Investigation
with all haste and thoroughness, pro
posing to get tho Information without
giving Immunity to any of those In
volved In the negotiations,"
Adklns refused to outline the preclsa
course of prosecution which tho Uov
ernment will j rocecd with, whether
criminal or civil. He also declined, for
obvious reasons, to give the names of
the department's private Investigators
or mo pian ot investigation.
"We will have access to ull cones
pondence in the railroad offices regard
ing the transaction; tnis nan been ot'
feud b; Presidents Mellen and Chimb
erluln, und accepted by the Depart
merit." said Mr. Adklns
Vlgotoua dental was made by the
department officials that orders to stop
tho grand Jury proceedings In New
Vork followed long-distance telephone
entreaties from J I'larpont Morgan,
WUII.ini Rockefeller, or other Will
htieel ncuiis, suupoenaen as witnensei
Ml Adklns admitted, however, that
ubpocnuH for many money barons nnel
railroad chieftains In New York hud
been prepareet when the grand Jury
work was halted.
View of Wickersbam.
"Attorney General Wlckeraham be.
lleved a special Investigation by our
own agents would give better results
and quicker than the slow, tedious
process befoie the grand Jury, with Its
porilble chance of giving Immunity to
those ugalnst whom nroccedlngs might
be brought," said Adklns.
Although the Grand Trunk Is a Cana
dian corporation, Special Attorney Ad
klns said tho SJierroan law could be
(Continued on fourth. Pass.)
War Minister Declares Struggle Will Go
On Unltss Allies Back tJp on Demands
Proposed at Conference.
PARIS, Nov. 21 Unless the Balkan allies offer bet
ter terms to Turkey than they have yet suggested, the war
will go on, Grand Vizier Kiamil Pasha was quoted in a dis
patch received from Constantinople today as having de
clared. Premier Pasitch of Servia was quoted today in a dis
patch from Belgrade as denying that his government has
yielded to Austria's demands concerning the Adriatic coast.
It was said to have declared that the Servians still were
determined to have a port.
As the belief that Servia has given way to Austria's
wishes prevailed at all the European capitals and rested on
good authority, it was surmised here that the premier's
denial was issued to satisfy the Servian jingoes and meant
nothing. Between its fear of the war party at home and its
realization of the hopelessness of defying Austria, unless
it can get strong foreign support, it was said the civil gov
ernment at Belgrade probably was having a hard time.
The denial did, however, cause some uneasiness.
face of the peace negotiations that were
begun today between Turkey and Bul
garia came rumors of a massacre of
Christians at the Mediterranean port of
Jaffa, thirty miles northwest of
The Russian cruiser Oleg Is steaming
toward the port. Definite Information
regarding tho slaughter will be sent to
this city by the commander.
The peace negotiations are In progress
at Hademkeu), a village within the
Chatalja defenses, about eighteen miles
from here. Turkey Is being represented
by Maslm Pasha, the Sultan's war
minister, and Bulgaria by General
8avoff. Cxar Ferdinand's commander
Fighting. Has Halted.
Fighting; has halted along the line cf
the Chatalja forts, pending the peace
conference. A few skirmishes were re
ported from various sections of Euro
pean Turkey, but they were not con
sidered serious. These were laid to un
ruly bands dodging; here and there In
search of plunder.
How long the peace negotiations will
Commissioners Working On Plan
To Protect Crowds Here
In March.
"Ticklers," which on former holiday oc
casions have been a source ot com
plaint, probably will be banished from
Washington before the arrival ot the
Inauguration crowds.
The Commissioners are giving serious
consideration to a suggestion of Edward
Henkel, of the Navy Department, that
regulations prohibiting the tickler be
adopted. It Is offensive, it Is declared,
to most persons and especially to wom
en, against whom It Is most used.
Tourteen men were lined $5 each In the
Police Court for using tlcklerH In a
disorderly fashion on tho occasion of
the recent unveiling of tho statue of Co
lumhus The tickler Is declared also to be a
menace of health. It Is used to tickle
the nose of Up of men and women as
thev ps" along the crowded streets,
and the transference of disease germs
la said to he on easv matter.
In a numbei of cities the tickler Is
prohibited. The prohibition lies ugalnst
the makers who ship them and against
the venders who sell them In the streets
and shops,
Hllles Again at Post
As.Taft's Secretary
Charles D. Hllles Is again private
secretary to the ,1'resldent
The chairman of the Republican
national committee todav resumed
his position at the White House, tak
ing the place of Carml Thompson,
who was appointed Treasurer of tho
United States, and took his oath of
office today.
continue was a matter of conjecture
here today. That the Bulgarian forces
will remain In camp outside the city
until tho pact has been closed was con
sldered almost certain.
Dinger of War Over.
TlKrtl.IfJ Nnv. 21 nnn. ., . -n-
eral European war over the Balkans
was considered past today. A few
chronlo pessimists Insisted on worrlng
lest Servia CO back nn h, nrfantan Af
compromise concerning an Adriatic out
let, uui ipo oesi opinion was that every-
iimiK was at last sure to be peacefully
Tho Servians yielded under pressure
from their allies. Bulgaria had pre
vlously promised to leinurt ek. a.nrf.
ans In their demands for an Adriatic
winaow- out the tremendous losses
they havo suffered before Constanti
nople have -mado It Impossible for thera
to lend effective military aid to an j one
for a long time to come.
Russia talked somewhat threateningly
.fr.a.Klm' bui.it wae understood here
that the Cxar did not seriously consider
Servia s ambitions for an outlet to tho
coast worth fighting for.
nUeh.iL,.,rSmB. atronor nation's sup
?nrte ?i lda0f fours have been buI
cldal for the Servians to defy Austria
Fit of Albanig.
It seemod certain here today that Al-
banla would be traniifnrtn -,. u .
kingdom or principality as Bulgaria was
tin tit aVi-.. ...u
-....I uun ;wr ago, when Czar Ferdi
nand declared It Independent, that It
will acknowledge nominal allegiance to
the Sultan and that Austria and Italj.
which ure both Interested in It, will
iii c-uuune ieg ruier.
This will mean joint control by Aus-
Adriatic. Servia. It was assumed, will
be Blven a commercial outlet to one of
the Adriatic porta, under u llbeial
treaty, but no political power In the
new state.
Though dreece and Montenegro have
suffered considerably rrom the war with
the Turks, their losses havo not been
such thut cither country will be crippled
for any great length of time.
Servia has sustained a decided set
back, and Bulgaria win need Seurs to
recover fullv frnm ehn m.t . ... .,.
- --- i- ti.ucin ut iiiu
struggle through which It has passed
us army oi approximately 250,000 men
represents practically every malo of
fighting age In the country, and of this
number It was estlmated-no official
cusualtj lists have been lssued-that be
tween 60,000 and 75,000 have been killed
or wounded since the war began. Cnol
era was raging violently among them
today, and no one could predict how
many more lives It would claim.
BASEL. Uwltserland, Nov. 1, With a
view of rendering an International clas i
over the division of Europoan Turkey
an lmpogglblllty, through u refugal of
the maeses to light. Boclallats represent
ins every country In Europe will hold
an extraordinary congress here Novem
ber U to M.
It was o."pocted today that resolu
tions will be adopted for u general
strike the moment any one of the puw
ers declares war.

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