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CoWer ami Generally Fair
Tonight and Monday.
Sunday Evening
PflWUCB ?m.
Yesterday's .Circulation. 49,40
; .' '
. ..'
tl- . . .. r ' T ")
Escape Cut Off, Several Are
Carried Out of Minne
apolis Apartment.
are burned out
On Woeaan Sleeps While Beiagl
Berne to Safety by Firemen
?atlt DftlailfuA-a
WNNBAPOLI8, Minn.. Nov. J4.
lfe, started by an explosion in tho
rear of the fashionable Pabst apart
ments, ttl and 632 East Franklin
avenue, across the alley from the
Park Avenue Congregational Church,
at 3 o'cloek this morning, raced up
the rear stairs of the building, cut
tins off the escape of occupants la
that direction.
ereral persons who lived In the
apartment had narrow escapes from
death. A number, most of them wo
men, were either helped or carried
from the burning building. One wo.
man, who was soundly sleeping when
found, was carried to the home of a
neighbor before she awoke.
Seven Families Burned Out.
The fiomes assumed euch a serious as
pect that three alarms were sent In by
firs chiefs. . oalllng out eleven engine
companies and twenty pieces of appa
ratus, among them both Minneapolis
salTage corps.
even families were burned out, their
losses on personal belongings being esti
mated at UfabO and. the daaaaa to the
betiding at lidooa AU the damage was
area or insurance.
ha causa and the-itaturo of the o
1 ar Bot'aaewB.
who' stHTowir em pea shsw
asvwhs iJoisa awora, lasses
re. A. it. Onssl eceuDVliur a base-
meet, apartment, who was carried out
by nremen when they found her help-
wss uecausa ox an injury to nor- ran.
Woman Sleeps While Setcusi.
Mrs. Mary Bohn, who was sound
asleep, In the apartment of her son.
Elijah, Barton, on the second floor, and,
remained asleep until she 'was In the'
home of a neighbor, where she was
carried by Mr. and Mrs. Barton, with
tho help of nremen.
L. P. Davidson, Mrs. Davidson and
daughter, Margaret, who were asleep
on the first floor when the fire started,
ware helped out.
Mrs. L. C. Benedict and daughter,
AUce, were helped from their apartmeat
on the first floor.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Walaton and
daughter, Genevieve, assisted from the
third floor.
Wilmington Badly Shaken by Vio
lent Storm Which Does
Much Damage.
WILMINGTON. Del. Nov. 24.-A ter
rtSo thunder storm broke over W.
mlesibn at. I o'clock this morning, and
many persons were badly Beared.
Houses were shaken to their founda
tions. Rain came down In torrents and
oiilckly turned to hall.
To add to the din, the fire reporting
system was struck by lightning and
the fire bells In engine house towers In
tne soumoru pan 01 ma ciiy oegan 10
te storm continued for two hours.
It is tnougnt aia consiaeraoie dam-
in tne country surrounding wu-
Liberia Again Quiet
Under French Commission
The affairs of the Llberlan republic,
which occasioned some concern follow
ing trouble that aroee over the nego
tiations of a much-needed loan of ll.oco,.
060, have entered on quiet paths, ac
cording to the belief of the State De
partment. Information was received yesterday that
M. Wolf, the French commissioner -l0.
with representatives of Germany. O'.-eat
Britain, and the United States. wUl
supervise the financial affairs of the
African republic, has reached Monrovia,
the capital, and will proceed, wtth the
nthcr commissioners.
In making ar
ranaement for tho
supervision of
Colder and generally fair tonight uml
Monday; temperature about freeslng to
in, ra..
fa. m..
it a. m..
S a. m
a, m :....
10 a. m
11 a. m
12 noon
1 p. m
3 p. m
11 a. nt..
it noon..
J p. m..
p. m..
Today-High tide, 7:23 a. m.; 7:31 p.
m. Low tide l:M a. m., 1:31 p. m.
Tomorrow-High tide, 3:18 a. m :M
p. m. Low tide 2:3t u. m. 3:14 p. m.
BunrUes t-ta Sunsets i-.a
Rich Boys in ten; Hive 'BurgUrs Club',
NEW BBDFORD, Mas., Not. M.-A den of boy thlovee wu discovered to
day at Lea SUe, Lone Pond, by tbo polloa of this city, who had beta
searehlas tho pawnshops (or trace of loot lost by manycottagera. ,
Th InvesUgaUon led to cava near t he pond where several hundred dollar
worth of plunder was recovered. A half doten boy belontlng to' the
rioh families in the city were fcund to hare organised a "burglara'
club" aa the reault of reading dime noTela. '
St. Louis Couple File Re
markable Agreement in
Recorder's Office.
ST. LOUIS. Ma, Not. J4.-A remark
able ante-nuptial agreement between
Louis Yahlem and Ray Kckert, filed In
the recorder's office, provides for a
sliding scale of rewards to the bride,
the payments to Increase the longer the
couple live together
Yahlem agrece to pay his bride I10O
at the time of the marriage Without
conditions of any kind, be agrees to
bequeath to her In his lsst will (GOO, In
ease they live together for two years
ho will will to her tl,0W, Including the
SSW mentioned tn the previous clause.
If they live together three vears or
sixth he wUl bequeath .to her one
sixth of Uls estate, including the 11,000.
It Is agreed that the wife shall have no
Other share In the estats sxoept as sst
out In the agreement.
Yahlem waives all right to the es
tate of his -bride, and It Is aareed that
either mar sell or encumber property
without th other's signature.
vi.t i j r" , '
Girl, Aged Five, Travels 4,700.
Miles to Join Mother in
WAVER11LL, Masa. Nov. M-Enagot
Knight, aged five years, after a I.TN
bum voyage properly tagged a baggage
andln ears of thairtswardesaea of dRV
ferent ocean liners, Js safa and sound
with her mother, Mrs. Knight, of
Rosemont street, this city. The tatter
of the child la a government official la
Ths mother separated from him a
year ago; and unable to gain custody
of the child, came to America. She
made a number of appeals 'for her little
one and finally, through the aid of the
British Charitable Society, and Com
missioner of Immigration Billings, the
path was mads clear.
The BrlUsh consul general at Alex
andria started ths wheels of govern
ment going with the result that tho
child waa placed on board a Med'ter-
rftfiAAn steamer bound for LJvarnnnl. In
charge of a stewardess. The British!
ft?? SS7,?fc,JL".I!r?0OJ lAc.nar'e "J'aivlng dinner which the President and
thsKrh.?' to "iostpn 'on thehU fm- " " -'
Believed to Be Holding His Own,.
and Death Does Not Appear
Although tho course of the day has
shown no marked rallies such as oc
curred yesterday, the condition of
tfenator Istdor Rayner, who lies des
perately til at his home In this city.
remains about the same. tho
physicians In charge of the case are
not more hopeful today than they ,
were vesterdav hut aav the Senator
were yesieraay, dui ear me oenaivr
Is holding his own
Tho Senator's heart action yester
day was much better than It had been
for si mo days, and he regained con
st lourncks scxeral times during tho
day. Today no consciousness hid
been observud. but his general condi
tion Is no worse then It was yes
terday. Those In charge today stated
that they did not think death was
Picks Up Blade When Pugilistic
Promoter Finishes Tak
ing Shave.
CAMrtRIDQE, Mass.. Nov. 21.-tiuorgo
nyeis, once a m!dde- eight boxing con
testant for championship1 honors and
former manager of Bam Langford, hud
a scrap with a pat monkvy today, In
which he was severely cut across the
hand with a rusor which the monkey
picked up.
Uyers had been shaving when the mon
key perched on u chair near him and
Imitated his master. Hardly had the
master set down the rasor to reach for
a towel when the monkey rescind out
and snatched It. Users chased the pet
around tho room, the monkey tlnnllv
wielding tho ruxor In self drfenee to
keep Ilyers off. He wus llnally caught
!nd disarmed, but not before he had
slashed his master's hand.
Florida, the CaroUaas, Atlanta, Blrmlng-
nin auoarior aerviea via aaaaaard aip i.ia.'a
ele. light, steel trains. las, tot N. T. ave.
Couple Supposed to Have
3ten Married Here, But
Pastor Denies Ceremony.
A marriage, enshrouded with much
mystery, and which it i. h.iui ,i
Placn after the first wife of the bride
groonj virtually save up her husband
that he might wed a mutual frlnii. l
supposed to have been performed In
Washington early this month. Miss
Alice Chapman, a dramatic reader of
Boston, and Franklin it. wntrih
also of that city, and prominent aa a
socialist lectin er" and writer, are report
ed to have been married here.
On November 7. a license to wed was
Issued In the names of Mr. Wentworth
and Miss Chapman. The ceremony was
to have been performed by tho Rov.
Donald C. McLeod. Dr. MacLeod said
this afternoon that he had not poi
formed the ceremony, that he had not
been requested to, and that he never
had heard of either of the parties.
Clerks In the marriage license office
say that the license never was returned
ss unused. They have no remembrance
of the license tn question having been
returned for the purpose of having Dr.
MacLeod's name erased and that of an
other minister Inserted, 'ihc tiles of tne
otnees uero Inaccessible tooay.
Accordlnc to lioston dispatches. Mar
lon Cral Wentworth, suffragette, dra
matic reaaer, ana piayununi, virtually
give up her husband, franklin H.
wentworth. when ahe learned that the
muiuii inino, mim vjnapman. ucairea
to become the second Mrs. Wentworth.
It Is said she went to California for a
year In order that he might have no
trouble In securing a divorce. The dis
patches further state that Mr. Went
worth packed the truaksifor Ms wife
prior to the transcontinental Journey,
accompanied her to tho ratewey -station.
President's Relative Is Preparing
Thanksgiving Rish of Super
lative Richness.
The principal feature of the Thanks-
arrive at the White House soon. It Is
not the great turkey either, which will
be sent, as usual, by a Rhode Island
man. It Is a mammoth mince pie, thick
with rich filling contained In crust of
crisp brown fiaklneis. It Is made by
Aunt Delia Torrey, as good a mince
pie maker as she Is an apple pie 'baker.
Up In her home In Mtubury, Mass.,
Aunt Delia Is now chopping fine the
meet, slicing the apples, seeding tho
raisins, and getting: ready u few other
Ingredients for this 'pie, these being a
secret known only to Aunt Delia and a
few other New England women who
huve the knowledre handed down from
the time Bradford and Brewster and
Coffin and Mather and the others came
over on the Mayflower, '
As soon as the pie Is made. Aunt Delia
will pack her trunks preparatory to her
visit to the White House, a more sor
rowful visit than any of her previous
ones. For ons thing, It Is the last, and
inn cans 10 mina tne aereai or ."e
phew Wll" at the polls early this
month, and for another. Miss Torrey Is
one or tnose wno genuinely mourn wo
death of Major Butt, whom she knew
.. . . iia m iha wnita
House and who met her at union Bta-
tlon In March when Miss Torrey came
here last, a short time before Major
Butt sailed for Rome.
The mince pie will not be the only
delectable contribution from Miss Tor-
Jey's efficient kitchen to the White
louse table Thursday. Some of her In
imitable though widely Imitated pre
serves and pickles will garnish ths
Presidential mahogany that day and the
big moose heads on the walls of the
dining room will see a choice array of
edibles with the pie as the crown of
them all.
Miss Torrey will come here the sec
ond week In December and will be a
Whlto House guest until after Christ
Chased Up Tree, He Writes Note
Telling of His Suf
fering. CENTRAUA, Okla., Nov. 2i-Tho
body of Charles Johnson, a boy, waa
found In the top branches of an oak
tree near this city by a searching party
that had been looking for him a week.
The boy took refuge In the tree to es
cape wolves, and starved to death cr
died of fright.
A note found In a pocket told the
story of death. The boy wrote he had
been fishing In a creek when wolves
swarmed out of the timber and made
for him. He ran to tho tree and
climbed It, thinking the wolves soon
would go away.
The animals kept their vigil 'at' the
foot of the tree constantly, However,
until the terror-stricken boy, who durrd
not try to escape by running, lost con-
ana assisted ner in ooaraina; m iraim.
urer of the National Flro Protection
Association, of Boston., , . '.
Herbert Hockin, of Iron
Workers, Fails to Furnish
$20,000 Bond.
Publication of Attack on Prose-
cutor Believed to Be Worst Blow
Prisoners Have' Received.
Herbert & Hookln, secreUry-traaa
urer of the Iron Workers' Interna
tlonal Union, spent today la the
Marlon county jail, where he was
taken by the United States marshal
last evening when Judge Anderson,
In Federal court, declared, that In
view of Hockln's alleged acta In con
nection with the dynamite conspir
acy, bla bond of $10,000 was Insula
clent, and that double the amount
would have to be furnished.
Hockln's bondsmen were his at
torneys, members of the firm of
Harding, Newman & Hovey, of
counsel In the dynamite defense.
When asked today If they would
serve on increased bond they replied
emphatically In the negative.
May Remain in Jail.
It U the general belief that Hockin
will not be able to provide the $20,000
bond and that ho will have to remain
In custody during the remainder of the
There waa a conference of the at
torneys for the defense and the other
defendants today at headquarters to
map pet a msa at action In view Of the
new dsvalonmanta. lt la ----'' "
the counsel for tho defense that7 theITh0 bodies of Mrs. Elmiro Arrtngtan
publication of the Mary Field attack,' and her five-year-old son. who were
on the prosecutor and the calling of , drowned In the Pocomoke river at Po
the trial a, farce has been one of the I coraoke Friday night off the schooner
worst blows the defense has had. The
attorneya all disclaim any responsibility
for the publication of the article.
Attorney Miller's motion also Included
inv mwcasins di m oona or ine mem-,
em Af tha eviltlva tutavvt Kii. mm ih.
appeal of Benator Kern action on thla
waa postponed until tomorrow. This
was one of the mattera discussed to
day. Should the bonds of all be dou
bled, as was done with Mockin, It Is be
lieved that not many of the defendants
would escaps being taken back Into
custody. It la believed, however, that
these bonds wlU not be raised, though
It Is expected that some action will be
taken at once by the court In regard
to tho publication of the Field article,
which Is admitted to be clearly In con
tempt. Woman Is Warned.
Before court adjourned, Jutae Ander
son remarked that It would bo better
for Mary Field, the 8an Francisco news
paper woman, to remain away from his
court. It Is likely that a) .mnedlately
connected with the nubllcatlnn nt iim
article will be cited for contempt tnrth-
wiin, imeresung developments are ex
pected tomorrow,
"It took all my self :on'rl tn prevent
me from saying In open court that I
was 'ons person Mr. Hockin had not
double-crossed," said M-s. Jlockin to
day. She has been firmly loyal tn rir
husband throughout his difficulties.
"Mr. Hockin hss never doublj-crossod
me and 1 should have ia!d no tli.n and
there had I not feared It mUnt be con
strued as disrespectful to the r-oint. I
had to stand In that roo-ii, -villi the
Judge, It seemed, almost looking direct
ly at me, and hear ny husband .ucueed
of double-crossing uvcryone with wliom
he had 'come In contact There Is i.ne
person ho hss not double-crossed his
Chairman of Ways and Means
Committee Recovering From
Slight Operation.
BinMINOHAM, Ala., Nov. 24 If
there Is no setback, Congressman Un
derwood, cha'rman of the Ways and
Means Committee of the House, will
leave for Washington tomorrow, to re
sume work In Congress.
Congressman Underwood underwent
an operation Friday for an abcess on
his back. Physicians recommended the
slight operation rather than wa't until ,
he reached Washington when conditions
mlaht nnt b ao favorable iJa h. !.!
mignt not oe so lavoraoie. He has been .
connned to ma home since Friday, It
was given out. today that while his
cndltlon was not dangerous, It was not
certa n h ewould be able to leave to
morrow. Much of his tlma since he has
bsen In Birmingham this trip hss been
given over to considerations of tariff
Lives After Fall
Of Nine Stories
CHICAOO, Nov. St. -drover Nlelson,
structural Ironworke employed on a
building. In course of construction,
plunged nine stories through an eleva
tor shaft last nght, and aside from a
aevero shaking up. the onlv Injury he
suffered was a broken little finger.
Nlrlson was walking on an Iron beam
of the skeleton framework, when he
mistook a shadow for solid tootln and
fell. He landed on a pile ef sand.
MIMM Wen to be ready for softiee la ease ef a eeaHet
Mere tkaa MMM bmb aew read to asareh te tbo freatter aa eeea aa
orders are reeelrea.
Ceea eltlaataa. setoff seat te Serrla by. Aastrla, Ike Car ordered
the BteUUsatleB ef the eattre Basslaa amy la Sereae.
Daaabe flotilla, eeasistlae; ef twe oalters, two torpedo beats, aad few
laabeats, left yesterday afterneea for Belgrade.
Orewa Prince Fraaa Ferdlaaad appelated special eeatsalnleaer te
eeafer with powers as te probable eeaiplleatteBs resalttar treat
war with Serrla,
Warned Italy that she Is determined te adhere strictly to eeaveattea
ef 18W, by whleh both Tleaaa aad Berne pledged theawelres
act te occupy Albania.
Easperer Wlttelai calls for 1IMM reserves, as a preeaattea la ease ef
his eapire being drawa lata the Aaatre-Sarrlaa tangle.
Eatperer ateets Grewa Frlaee Fraas Ferdlaaad aad dlseasses probable
elect ef Aattre-Serrlaa war.
Watching Flames From Boat,
Couple Fall Into Poco
moke Rver and Drown.
' Mayflower, have not as yet Dean re
covered. Searching parties with grap
pling irons have been at work since the
accident in an effort to locate the bodies
of the unfortunate mother and child. Tbo
river bank is lined with spectators to
day watching the searching parties In
small boata In their search.
Th. rfraamina of Mrs. Arrlnaton and
her child has stirred the community to
Its depths and much sympathy Is being
expressed for Captain Arrington, who la
near frantto with grief over ths tragla
., .f lila aflfa and child.
It Is now learned that at tho Ume of
the accident the mother was holdlhg
tho child In her arms that he could
get a view of a big fire which bad
broken out la a barn on shore, and
which had communicated to the county
drawbridge, and at a time threatened
the whole town. M .
It la thought the mother missed ber
footing aa the boat rocked, and was
thrown overboard with ths child In her
arms. At tho time the woman and. her
child were thrown Into the river, the
father waa at work on the gasolene
engine, and heartag the shrieks of his
wife, rushed te her aid. As some min
utes elapsed before reaching the spot
where ehe fell, the bodies hsd sunk
from view before anyone could make
an effort to rescue them. It Is now
believed the bodies are concealed un
der a mass of mine props that lay along
the river side Close to the scene of the
Found Dead in Bed in Hotel, With
Gas Escaping Believed Vic
tim of Accident.
R, B. Harold, a harness makar, work
ing for the Colubla Granite and Dredg
ing Company, was found dead tn bed In
a room on the third floor of a hotel at
ESS M street northwest this morning,
with gas escaping from an "Independent
connection" for a gas stove or drop
light The burner of the single light fix
tyre was lit, and the window was partly
Precinct Detective Walsh, of the Bev
enth Precinct, who Investigated, Is of
the opinion that Mr. Harold's death
was an accident, due to his accidentally
turning on the cock or the Independent
connection aa he lit the light.
Mr. Harold waa aooui miy-nve years
old. waa a widower, and has a daughter
,eR.chJn. KhSl V .?w.f ll' hltl from
which p aee he originally came. He also
hi. a n.nhnw. Russell Harold, llvlna at
has a nephew, Russell Harold, living at
Clarendon, accoroing to imormaiion
given the police. He la also believed to
ave a slater at Vienna, Va.
Geraghty and Wife
Occupy Boston Flat
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 24,-Mr. and
Mrs. "Jack" Oersghty, of Newport, are
to live In a 0,a month flat at Stedman
and Harvard streets, Brookllne, as soon
as Mrs. Geraghty and her baby boy can
leave tho Vanderbllt Hospital at New
port, There will not be a groat deal of
furnlturo to bring from Newport, be
cause Mr. Oeraghty has sold his cottage
lurnlstiings, except a piano, grapno
nhone. and personal aoods at auction
and personal goods at auction,
Th... um. ,lv flnta In tha ttn.rtm.nt
...... w.v ..... .-- .- -.........
tro six nuts in tns aoar
house, and each flat has a big front
bay window and tho usual up-to-date
Other Occupants Escape In
jury in Accident Near
eJS?$.S5r'?ni H-Pr-. a. a,
. . -1 .-' r.
""""i nwwBin, inuo, one or tne
swot prominent physicians in the State,
tooay dropped dead at the steering
ww, vi ma auiomomie wnue he was
motoring home from Toledo with his
wife, daughter, and two friends.
The msehlne plunged Into a ditch
against a telethons pole, but none of
the occupants ware injured.
The machine Is running weU." the
doctor had remarked just a moment be.
fore, to Mrs. W. p. Tabor, who, with
her husband, ware guests of the Mar
tins. Almost Immediately Dr. Martin
lurched toward the dashboard and the
auloraobUe plunged from th road. He
died within a few minutes.
The Martins and their guests had been
spending two days with friends In To
ledo, and were just outside the city
limits on their wsy home when the
tragedy occurred.
Col. Archibald Grade Shatters
Often Repeated Story of "Nearer,
My God to Thee."
.,,-, , ......... I
AnSl immortal belief thai inn hanit .n I
board the Titanic played "Nearer My
Ood to Thee," as the crest ocean Yner
went' to It. watery .ravTlaaan--,
ed by Col. Archibald Oracle, one of the
survlvors of the disaster, In an address
bafnra tha TTniur.i,., -t..v ...... .....
when fin d,.iar.H ,h KV . .i. "''"'
of ih. . nutn. ?t 0d !l the Umc
or the anklng of the ship had quit play,
us anu mo majority oi tne Instruments
o line musicians were scattered about
over the deck of tha vessel.
Perhaps the larsreat crowd , nt ti.
club hesrd Colonel Oracle "Tell the
Truth About the Titanic." Colonel
Sr?.c!.e,S!d. th". band. hltA Blyt ragtlmo
uraciesam ine Dana had playe
mus c. but only a little while
after the
compact of the ahlp against the Ice He
w." 2 fH!e.9P'"l?n that had the band
m?n attain .ft SSK. ""J! ,L Thee." the ,
wand'chUdre'r lB con"0"n wo"-
Virginia Cadets Would
Act as Wilson Escort
General Nichols, superintendent of tho
Virginia Mlllllary Institute, at Lexing
ton, has written President-elect Wlltion
offering the students of that acadimy
as an escort on Inauguartlon Day It
has been claimed by some experts that
the Virginia cadets are the most per
fectly dri.led )n the United States, not
Yen excepting the West Pointers.
Wilson was born at Staunton, a blir
town a, few mile- from Lexington and
though he Is only a step-son, so to
speak, the Vlrglnlsns claim the right
to escort their relative on the Important
American Capitalists
Want Bank of Panama
PANAMA, Nov. .4.-A project was
presented to the ntalonal assembly yes
terday for the establishment of u na
tional bank charged with supervision
and collection of all government dutlos
and taxes. It Is reported that American
capitalists are Interested.
Another project was presented by
which foreign life insurance companies
may write policies In the Isthmus with
out depositing a K0.00O bond, as has
been necessary heretofore.
.:.!. Tfc.rr.r .; -'"h --iu nave naa a
Russia Mobilizes Cossacks
as Powers Clash on Turk-'
ish Peace Terms.
Danube Flotilla Rushed to Bel-
grade and Strict Censorship
Is Established.
VIENNA, Nov. 24. n Is announced
ere that 160,000 German reserves
have bean called out.
Three classes of the reservists be
longing to six Austrian army corps
nave been summoned and warlike
preparations In other directions have
been going on since November 15.
Already about 400,000 men are
massed round the Servian frontier,
and equally ateedy preparations are
going forward in Qallcla.
A censorship over all communlca
ttons from Austria-Hungary has
been established. Thla Is applied
even to telephone measges, aad la
igardetnra-ariiighly signlnoant
Russians Mobilized.
By Thursday, It Is expected, l.JOO.W)
Russian troops srlu have been mobilised.
The rUlchspost states that Russia Is
rushing thousands of troops end muni
tions of war to the Austrian frontier.
Rumors of the Russian mobilisation
have led to a strong aqtl-RusVuii out
burst by the Austrian presj, which ac
cuses Russia of !eng behinl Bervla,
The bourse was greatly weakened by
these rumors.
Flotilla Sent To Belgrade.
BUDAPEST, Nov. M.-Tlw Austrian
Danube flotilla, consisting of two mon
itors, two torpedo boats, ajj four gun
boats, started tor Belgrade yesterday.
It was not announced thai tho ships
were on a hostile mission, but the di
velppment was considered extremely
Employes nf the street railway sys
tem have receu-ed orders to report to
their reserve regiment commanders.
The flotilla's 'aperture orcAlcd a tre
mendous sensa-Jon. Ths newspapers
have been forbidden. indur ih-. loivlett
penalties, to publish hnyUUig conceit.
fng military or naval movements
Cossacks Are Rallied.
LONDON, Nov. St. "It Is reported to.
night that the Don Cossacks have been
mobilised and that the Russian author!
tics are holding all available rolUng
stock on the lines running to the Aus-
train frontier," says a dispatch to the
ixmaon uany Man irom Vienna.
uunng me iasi lonmgnt tne troops
thiit rnnlH rnnvnnti.ntlv ti unnoitA !.
been drafted toward tho Bosnian and
Rulan frontiers, and the possibility of
"" 8.?ulh!!!?.. 1.av..?.r.An """"
been guarded against by careful dtstri-
uuilon of the troops.
"AccordlnsT to my Information. Austria
Is counting on Roumanian support In the
'Vl"t of w,r wUh Russia, which Is
rumored to be macslns troops on the
" lacing r omerunia. ine uermans are
said to be sending forces Into Pome-
Youths Called to Colon.
BERLIN. Nov. 24.-A military news
aesnev asserts that It has learned from
authoritative army sources In Berlin
that the real
reason for Bulgaria's
readiness to offer Turkey more
ablo . terms Is that Klnc .Ferdinand's
army of 300.0OJ men has lost fully a
third of Its original strength In dead,
Kounavo, ana aiseasea.
The cavalry coua.aU, It Is said, of
only Impotent remnants of Its former
strength, and can In no senso be called
battle worthy.
Oeneral Savoff Is said to be reduced to
such straits that ho la now calling
youths of sixteen or seventeten years
to the colors.
LUNDUN. Nov. 21. Thst Austria and
Russia are rapidly strengthening their
border forces lor some dreaded eventu
ality Is the burden of dispatches from
the Continent.
Reports of the Russian mobilization,
published in the Vienna Hetchapost, the
organ of the heir to the throne, specify
that all the military districts on the
frontier, Vllna, Warsaw, Kiev, and
Odessa, as well as Monow, are to adopt
a war footing; that Don Cossacks arc
to be pushed to the border and that
the preparations In Russian Poland In
clude the dispatch of an enormous num
ber of trains with troops and munitions
toward the Austr.an line.
ROME. Nov. .. Austria lias given
Italy to understand she Is determined
to adhere strictly to the convention
concluded with the Marqulx Vlscontl
Venesta when he was Italian foreign
minister in 1899. by which both Vienna
and Rome pledged themselves not to
occupy Albanian territory.
They also agreed at that time not to
support any territorial changes In that
region, except tn the event of Albania
becoming autonomous.
Italy considers herself pledged of.
ficlall to stand by Austria notwith
standing her sympathy for tho Balkan
Armed Men Walk Streets and
Death Threats Are Heard
on Every Side.
Tarring and Feathering 61 Editor
by Opposing Faction Lead to
Reign of Lawlessness.
KELLIHER, Saakatchewan, Nov.
S4 Armed men of two hostile fac
tions are walking the streets of Kel
liher today; threats of death are
heard on every side, doors are bar
ricaded, and the town Is practically
In a state of siege. .
On the way to KeUlher, with war
rants for the arrest of some of the
towns leading cltisens, are members
of the Canadian mounted police, but
It Is feared that the Canadian con
stabulary will not arrive In time to
prevent bloodshed.
The reign of lawlessness In KeUl
her, a town only ninety miles north
of Regina, capital of the province of
Saskatoon and largely populated by
settlers from Minnesota and Iowa,
followed an assault on Charles Ry
dett, editor of the KeUlher Echo, who
was beaten, tarred sad feathered
Friday nlghL It was the first tarring
and feathering in the history of Sas
katchewan province and the result
ing developments la the town have
recalled tho days of the night ridera
and vigilant cossssttteee.
Feud Over Town's Affairs.
The situation In Kelllber Is the cli
max to a prolonged feud between two
factions of dtlasns who have disagreed
aa to the best policy of administering
the affairs of the town. Rydett has
been the leader of one faction, and
charges of maladministration of the
town's affairs have been bandied back
and forth for many months.
Some months ago A. J. MoClcnnan
came to KeUlher from Winnipeg and took
over the general store business of
Bralnthwalte AUen. He applied to
the bank of British North America for
a line of credit, which is said to have
been refused. At any rate, McClennan
launched a project for a new bank In
a town near KeUlher.
Opposition to the new bank developed.
The opposition waa headed by Rydett
At meetings of cltisens called by Mc
Clennan to discuss the bank project,
members of the Rydett faction were
ejected. Old quarrels were revived, the
dissension grew, and threats of violence
were made. Finally, after a conference
amon Uie leadera of the Rydett fac
tion, hand bills were distributed In the
town attacking McClennan and his
friends. In the handllls McClennan was
railed "a lollypop and four-flusher."
Editor Tarred and Feathered.
Friday night, as Rydett was entering
his office, he was attacked by six men.
He resisted, but the assailants overcame
him and gave him a severe beating.
Then, taking him Into his office, they
stripped him and applied a coat of tar
and feathers. The men were Inter
rupted as they were gagging Rydett.
the alarm was given and tho streets
were soon thronged with armed men.
V. Hartley, a hardware dealer, was nr
rested. Since then KeUlher has practically
been under martial law. It was feared
for a time that there would be a pitched
battle on the street, and an appeal wjh
sent to Regina for help. Saturday
Hartley was arranged by Justice of
tho Peace Morrison, but the case
against him was dismissed fur lack of
evidence. At the same time the Justice
Issued permits for members of the Mc
Clennan faction to carry guns. The
Rydett men responded by arming them
selves tn defiance of the law. A second
appeal waa sent to Regina for help, and
today a detachment of mounted po'leo
started for KeUlher,
Guardian Appointed For Child In
Suit to Partition Some of the
Real Estate.
NEW YORK, Nov. S4.-Former Jus
tlce Olldersleeve was nnnint.it mar.
dlan ad litem for John Jacob Astor yes-
lerauy at me request of his mother,
Mrs. Madeleine Force Astor. The ap
Dolntment waa marfa hv .tu,iaa m..i..
mar, of Brooklyn. The noathumous son
or woionei Asior Is one of tho defend
snts In a suit broua-M h- m. n.n,M
; ,Ha' ?n.d .""' rmo Wilson, aunts
of Colonel Astor. as one of the heirs of
his father a undivided estate.
ine sun is xor tne parUUon or ccr-
tain mDl n.t.t. ........, .... .... . -.
estate In Kings county. The co-defendants
with the Infant are his
m.tiher' 90'nnel Astor-s first wife. Alva
Willing Astori John Vincent Astor. his
sister Alice, and ths executors of the
John Jacob Astor estate.

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