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Fdir ToifeM, With
Freezing Temperature.
Last Edition
Yesterday's Circulation, 42,233
Fourteen Pages
Corporation Counsel Files
Request For Injunction
Against Act.
Fighting Merger
Maryland Senator Died This Morning
i:MA'"ZmtBVsi4, , vr .-issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssl
Several Months Will Probably Be
. 'Required To Take
A suit to enjoin all proceedings In
the merger of the public utility cor
porations of the District wu filed in
the District Supreme Court today by
Corporation Counsel E. H. Thomas.
That the scheme of the Washlng-
ton Utilities Company, a foreign cor
poration, would be Inimical to the
Interests of the cltlsens of Washing
ton, and to the stockholders of sub
sidiary concerns In the process of
absorption; that the foreign holding
corporation will not be subject to
ready control under local law; and
that the gigantic holding company Is
organised for the purpose of evading
the laws of the District of Columbia,
la set forth in the bill prepared by
the Corporation Counsel.
Long Litigation Predicted.
Mr. Thomas reserves, but did not ex
ercise, his privilege of asking for a rule
upon the defendant companies to show
cause why a temporary Injunction shall
not be Issued. He contented himself
today with the filing of the suit, the
culmination of "which may be marked by
lone litigation.
The defendant companies and finan
ciers have ten days In, which to put In
an appearance before the District Su
preme Court They are given twenty
additional days In which to file an an
swer. In the event a demurrer to the
Salt Is tiled, this will further protract
the litigation.
The sweeping allegations made In the
bill of the Corporation Counsel are of
such comprehensiveness that the taking
of testimony, probably before a master
In chancery, may consume several
Warning to Investors.
In the meantime tlio suit will serve
a warning to the Investing public,
and It Is hoped that legislative action 'to
prevent the merger may be taken hy
The bill of the Corporation Counsel,
tho result of scverul weeks' Investiga
tion and work, coers forty typewritten
pages and Is a succinct history of ml
the public utility corporations of Wash
lngton. Tho appended exhibits cover
as many pages and the document u.tu
sether Is olio of the most complete and
remarkable ever tiled In the District
Corporation Counsel Thomas filed tho
bill at noon today and the suit was
umbered 31,129.
Congress Hay Also Act.
"In addition to this move," he said,
"I am unofficially advised thut suppln
mentnry action may be taken by Con
gress during the pendency of the suit
to prevent tho meiger. Just what
shape this Congressional action w.U
take I am not advised, but 1 believe
cognizance will be taken of the uftulr
by Congrets."
The allegations set forth In tho bill of
tho Corporation Counsel ure In lino with
tho synopsis of the bill as exclusively
fiubllshed In The Times of Wednpsduy
ast. The document cxhaustlel treats
of the street railway system of Wash
ington: illustrates the manner In wnlch
the various underlying companies and
corporations wcro brought together un
der the general couti ol of the Washing
ton Railway and Hlertrlc ComDJiiv. in
1903. und then proceeds to tell of the
subtle transactions uy wnicn the Itiinn
clers behind the proposed Washington
Utilities Company went about their
task or garnering in u control of slock.
Flea for Injunction.
Tho Corporation Counsel's petition
"That the said defendants, Clarence
P. King, William U. Hlbbs, and their
associates, to the Injury of the plain
tiff, tho public, and thu stockholders
Of the local public utilities who have
the right to or prefer to hold thtlr
stock by the organization of the said
Washington I'tlHtles Company and the
use of Its stocks and bonds acquired as
aforesaid, unluu fully, and Illegally In
tend und purpose (through the latter
com m ny as a holding company or
through their control of a majority
Interest as aforesaid. In the stocks In
this bill mentioned) to cause said lat
ter company to vote or to themselves
Tto such stocks and thereby operate
by means of the election of directors,
(Continued on Seventh Page.)
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Fair tonight with freezing tempera
tve; Tuesday fair.
a a. m.
8 a. m 37
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10 a. ni 43
11 a. m 49
12 noon 60
p. m...
p. m..
l p. m r,l
.' p. m. (in gun). CI
Today-High tide, :10 a. m.; 8:W p. ni.
low tide, 2:28 a. m.; 2:11 p. m.
Tomorrow-High tide, 8.68 a. m.; 9.14
aw as. Low tide, 3:13 a. m.; 3:01 p. m.
... s;m i nun sets... t:u
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Photo by O, V. Uuck.
Corporation Counsel
Court Irrstrucrs Acainst First
Degree Sentence and
Death Chair.
SALEM. Mass., Nov. M.-Tho Jury
which will decide tho fate of Joseph J.
Ettor, Art ii io M. aiovannlttl, and
Joseph Caruso, charged with tho mur
der of the Lawrence girl striker, Annie
Loplzso, retired at 12:41 p. in. today.
Following tho conclusion of Judge
Qulnn's Instructions to the Jury, both
the" counsel for the1 defense and District
Attorney Atwell argued unava.ilngly
for more than an hour attempting to
obtain additional Instruction from Judge
Tho Jury went out to dinner Immedi
ately In charge of several court officers,
while police officers cleared a passage
through tho croud on the sidewalk.
Thn prisoners were removed t'i Jail,
where they will await tho veidlct.
Mo Death Sentence.
Judge Qulnn today Instructed the
Jury that tho only verdict which could
be returned against thvm If found
guilty Is second degree, calling for life
Judge Qulnn's Instruction was a dis
tinct surprise, as he had been expected
to Include first degree murder In his
Caruso, however, may go to tho chair,
Judge Qulnn Instructing tho Jury that
If they rind him guilty tho verdict will
specify cither first or second dcgioe
Asked Death or Acquittal.
An unusual situation was biought
about by tho Judge's chaige, both Ettor
and Ulovannlttl having made an elo
quent plea for death or acquittal.
An extra large coidon of officers sui
rounded thn court house today. The
building was packed with spectators
and large groups of Italians were gath
ered outside, talking and gesticulating.
Officers about tho court were Inclined
to discredit, thu rumor thut the dyna
mite stolen yesterday rrom Haverhill
has been brought here for use should
the verdict send tho prisoners to their
Jealous Husband Disliked Com
pliments of Many
NEW YOHK, Nov. 25.-Maddcned by
Jealousy, Michael Moricl, shot and
killed his pretty young wife, Cnrmelus
In their flat, 2013 First avenue. Mrs.
Moilcl had had several qu.incl with
her husband, because everyuhoro ahJ
wont her beauty attracted attention.
Ills friends Insisted on paying hor
compliments and ho became so unrea
ncnablo that she threatened to leave
Early yesterday he beat her and then
fled, but later In the day came back,
begged her forgiveness and took her to
a moving picture show.
After their roturn from the theater,
the quurrol of th morning was re
newed, and the husband shut her and
(led. Bo far no trace of his where
about has been discovered.
Lack of Lawmakers
Holds Up Meeting
Inability to procuio u quorum, cause J
u postponement today ot several Con
gressional committee meetings. Sena
tor Iluucii, called off until next week
the meeting to consider the "seumen's
labor" bill.
Chairman Clayton, of tlio House Com.
mlttee, managing the Impeachment trial
of Commerce Couit Judge Archbald, did
not arrive here today, and the meeting
of the House "prosecutors" was post
poned until later 'In the week.
McManigal Swears Destruc
tion of Los Angeles
Was Plan.
Additional $10,000 Is Demanded
As Security For Men Ac
cused As Plotters.
The complete1 destruction of Los An
geles and explosions on non-union
contracts at the Panama canal were
projected by J. J. McNamara, ac
cording to Ortle E. McManigal, the
Informer, who was unexpectedly re
called to the witness stand today In
the dynamite conspiracy trial.
"Burn the city off the map. Make
It a landmark like San Francisco
following the earthquake," J. 3. Mc-
Naraara told him, said McManigal.
J. J. told him of a scheme to send
three or four "good men" to Los
Angeles to set Are to the city at dif
ferent points and to dynamite the
water system at the same time.
Wife Cheers Hockin.
Mrs. Herbert 8. Hockin came to the
Federal court house here today from
her Maple Road boulevard bungalow to
cheer up her husband, secretary-treasurer
of the Ironworkers' l.'nlon, one of
the defendants In the dynamUe con
spiracy trial.
Hockin has spent the last two nights
in .Marlon county Jail. His wife's plead
ings with relatives and friends has
lauea 10 get mo siv.vw aaauionai se-
curitt demanded bv Judsc Albert An
derson to give Hockin his liberty. i
xne nauDiest man tooay ur an me '
for'es piosecutlng the Ironworktrs.for ,
tlm aliened dvnamttn consnlraov. over
the alleged dynamite conspiracy, over
tne imprisonment or Hocun, was urue
McManigal, tho Informer.
According to McManigal, Hockin led
him Into his carer of crime, and Mc
Manlgal'a expressed purpose Is to re
venge himself on the secretary-treasurer.
Want Extra Bends.
A Government motion requiring addi
tional bond of I10.0CO for each of the
executive board members of the Iron
uokers Union ps to bo. decided by
Judge Anderm A? when the trial was
resumed loda) 'II The executive board
men concerned, now at liberty In bonds
oi iiu.iw, are jonn i. nutier, u. j.
Young, and I'hlllp A. Cooley.
Pcfensu attorneys who were absent
from court on Saturday when the Mary
Field article In the union's magailne
was read, declared by Judge Anderson
to be a tlagrant case of contempt, lit
erally fell over themselves shortly after
court opened today In their eagerness
to denounce the article and to plead
Innocence of any conectlon with It
They followed the example of the
other defense counselors, who cleared
tnemsoives ot a contempt charge on
At the clase or McManigal' direct
examination, which led him up, to his
arrest In Detroit with J. H. McNam-
nra, April 12, 1911, and through their
trip to Los Angeles, the Informer wss
turned over to the defense. United
States Senator Kern cross-examining
"The motive that prompted my car
eer ot crime was the Inflamed minds
of others Uko II. U. Hockin and J. J.
McNamara, and I did It not lor
moncs," said McManigal In reply to a
question from Kern. "I was Informed
that ever thing was to win and noth
ing to Icec."
McManigal told of J. J. McNamara
planning to destroy tho Panama canal
vork done by the McCIIntnck-Marshall
Construction Company. McNamara's
scheme was for McManigal to go to
Panama, declared the witness, locate a
magazine, steal the necessary dyna
mite and blow up the canal, and to
enlist as a soldier if necessary.
Arrested In Detroit.
That McNamara told him ot a plan to
iwccp down on the motor speedway here
the day of the big race with a gang of I
storm-arms, steal the gate receipts, and
us tho money In future dynamiting
cchemtB. was additional testimony given
by McManigal.
Tho Informer detailed hi strip with J.
II. McNamara from Toledo to Detroit, to
".o four Jobs.
The pair arrived In Detroit April 13,
1911, registering under aliases at the
Oxford Hotel. As they were leaving
the hotel that day they were seized by
several men claiming to be Federal oftl
ceis und charging tho prisoners with
cracking a safe 111 Chicago.
McManigal recounted the story of his
being taken with McNamara from De
tiolt to Chicago, and later to Las An
geles, of J. B. "talking too much" en
loute ami offering huge sums to the de
tectives for his liberty.
Oregon Rushes Guards to Spot,
But Many Escapes Are
BALKM, Ore.. Nov. . The west wing
of the Oregon State penitentiary hero Is
burning, and It Is believed It will be
totally destroyed. All the convicts have
been released,
Special guards are being rushed to
the scene, but It Is feared many con
victs will escape.
Judge in Gibson Caselnterro-
gates Man Said To Have
Been Approached.
Reports From New York City Say
New Warrant Awaits Him
If Freed.
GOSHEN, N. Y.. Nor. 25 Insist
ing that he bid no fear of the out
come, Burton W. Gibson, the .New
York lawyer, accused of having
choked Mrs. Rosa Stabo to death last
July while they were boating on
Greenwood Lake, came Into court to
day to learn bis fate.
A verdict was expected before mid
night. Only one minor witness was
to be heard, bis evidence going to the
discrediting of the Bute's chief wit-
ness against Gibson. Each aide haa
oeen granted two hours for summing
up, while Justice Tompkins has ex
plalned that bis charge would not
consume an hour.
Jurors Not Guarded,
The Jurors spent Sunday at their
homes. The court took their word for
It that they would not discuss the case
and permitted them to go back to their
farms, despite the usual rule that a
Jurv In a capita) case must be held
Both Gibson and his wife expect fur
ther trouble should he bo acquitted here.
M Is understood that an Indictment haa
sj!n returned In New York county
cnarglng the lawyer with perjury and
larceny In connection with his admlnts-
miinn th Rui .. in .iMiiinn
j,1v. h.v hn wnrkinr tin thn
detectives have hetn wonting on tne
deaths of his other clients, which have
never been satisfactorily explained.
Otbson, however, wss Insistent today
that he would "beat" all of the charges
against him,
"But my career as a lawyer Is at an
end, anyhow," he said.
Juror Is Questioned.
The courtroom was packed when the
trial opened today and many stood In
the cori-ldoijrunablo to gain admittance.
Before II! jummlng up began Judgo
Tompkins Tfd Juror No. S. Harry
Tweddle. tOvthe bench and questioned
blm regarding the rumor that lie had
been, approached bv some one over Hun
day who wanted to talk with him about
the case. Tweddle went back Into the
box without any uctlon being taken and
Attorney Robert Elder opened for tho
"Gibson has been hounded and libeled
by yellow Imaginations and by the yel
low press," said the Brooklyn attorney
In his onenlng.
sur"?ebubtfa7wlthSut alfliigan?1 wlN
surTCDuttai wiinoui railing an wu-
nenses nut naa piscca in eviaence .1
deposition bv Walter Miller, of Pater-
son, N. J., who ssld that he saw Mrs.
Biatm's bodv taken from the water. The
deposltlon agreed With the story told bv
Tom Garrison that he had put a block
of wood under the head which might
have dislocated the muscles of the
throat. I
Evidence Circumstantial.
Elder sDoke very slowly and dellb-
nrat.lv In hi. ummlm un and warned I
the jury of their responsibility. He then
JJ 7 ft. '.EPS: n II, if th.Vvi
dence nga.nst the accused was of a
circumstantial nature and Insisted that
everyone of the twelve In the box mum
"have a reasonable doubt" of the guilt
of the accused.
Treasury Department Will Exam
ine Headwaters and Watersheds
Under Act of Congress. )
Following an announcement niado
several weeks ago, that the Public
Health Service would make a supple
mental examination of the waters of th
Potomac river, following the bauturlo
loglcal examinations of the Department
of Agriculture and the States of Mary
land and Virginia, the Treasury Depart
ment Is preparing to make an examina
tion of tho headwaters und the entire
unterahed of the Potomac to determine
sources of pollution and the extent of
This action Is to be taken under the '
uct of Congress passed August U, last,
enlarging the scope of tho actions ol
tho Public Health Service. It will bo,
the llrst LU walk of the kind evui un
dertaken by the Federal Government.
All sources ot pollution will be ferret
ted out. and It Is probable that an effort
will be made to correct such polluted
discharges Into the stream,
ror many years tlsh and game Inter
ests hove complained of the alleged pol
lution of tho waters of the upper Po
tomac by tanneries. Those complaints
arc to be Investigated.
Eighteen Are Injured
In Railroad Crash
MONTREAL, Nov. tt.-Elghteen peo
ple were slightly huit, only one requir
ing medical attention, when two street
cars collided In a snow storm today.
Tho snow confused one of the motor
men and he misjudged the distance of
a, switch, officials said.
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Agree With Morrisey's Stand
OnQuestioir, But Will
Accept Award.
Itallroad engineers running out of
Washington, who are affected by the
arbitrators' award announced today by
tho board, thu formation or which
UVerted ",rlke 0n flft-two railroads. I
nr -(,nmiv in,iinMt r with
" . . ;, . "
their representative on the board, P.
If. Morrlsey. Mr. Morrlsey protests
against the recommendation for mlni-
warn, rnmml.nlnn. uhlrh all h
")"m WOfcl1 commissions ""'en an the
other aroltralors sign. The engineers
nlTected aro given Increases In pay in
a large number of cases and there Is
less dissatisfaction with Jhls part of
'"e nndlng.
The award s generally considered a
Partial ,ctory for the engineers. It
rnt. cHtaln increased compensation !
and Improver! rules of service as asked
for, but refuses an Increase In wages
all along tho line on the ground that It
is not wan-antca uy tne eviaence pre
Rented. The wace board proposition to which
Mr. Morrlsey Is vigorously opposed Is
for the creation of State and Federal
commissions which shall exercises I
functions regarding labor engaged upon
nubile utilities similar to those exer
cised upon public service corporations
by the pullc service commissions al
ready in existence. This means com
pulsory albltrutlon anys Mr. Morrlsey.
lie asserts It Is wholly Impracticable
From Buffalo comes a dispatch from
Grand Chief Warden Stone, of tho
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers,
saying that the engineers will accept
the nward because they pledged theni
scls to do 60, but that they will abide
by It o-ily for tho time stipulated.
Wages Granted By Award.
The terms of award Include tho fol
lowing: In passenger service a mini
mum wage was granted of 11.25 foi ti.
miles or 'ess and an overtime rato of
M cents an hour with an overage speed
of 20 miles un hour. Tho rnglnu'is
aske A U 1J and 4 CD per day of loo mill rt
according to the Mto of the loconiottvu
cylinder, with an overtime rate of W
cents an hour after flvo hours.
In through freight service a minimum
wu runtF,i of 11.75 a day of 100 -nlles
i or less, with overtime 010 riu aiier len
hours. The engineers requested "tea of
tu.S3, IBM, and S5..5 a day of 100 milis.
according to sire of the engine and 17
for Mallett engines, the same rates to
apply to mine runs work, wreck, hel.er.
or pusner, mwa. aim cuvu. uuum.
in local freight service 20 cents addl
tlonat to the through freight rates wus
ranted! This met the full request ot
la engineers. . ,
In snitch service a minimum of $1.10
a dav ot ten hours or less was granted.
Tlio engineers asked H 50 a day of ten
hours In switching service and for belt
line service. ,
AH existing rates higher than the mln.
Ima granted by tho board are continued
in force.
Mowisey Only Dissenter.
The award Is signed by Charles R.
Van Htoe, Madison, Wis.; Oscar S.
Straus, New York; Albert Shaw, New
York; F. N. Judson, St. Louis, and Otto
M, nidlltz. New York, all of whom wcro
named arbitrators by Chief Justlco
While, bv Judge Martin S. Knapp, of
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Maryland Statesman's End Is
Peaceful, After Gallant
Fight For Life.
Official Washington today extended
Its deepest sjmpathy to the widow and
fumlly of Senator Isldor Rayner, of
Maryland, who died at f:3) o'clock this
morning at his homo at 1330 Eighteenth
... r,r. !,,... i. ,... h .. i
street northwest. It has been a long
time slnco the Capital has been cast
Into such universal mourning for one of
Its distinguished citizens.
For hours members of the Diplomatic
Corps and members of the House and
Senate called at the Ruyner lionvi to
extend their condolences, and messages
came from all parts of the country t,i
the bereaved household. President Taft
expressed the sentiment of the nation In
message oi svmpainy auures.eu 10
Mrs. Rayner From colleague, of th.
message of sympathy addressed to
denate came a ecore or more of brief
tributes to his memory.
End Comes Peacefully.
Senator Rayner died this morning
after a gallant struggle of more than
a week against a disease which hii
physicians knew was incurable. Tho end
came peacefully. Ho had been in
state of coma for more than twenty
four hours preceding death, and tho
pain which had racked his frame disap
peared In the calm which heralded d.s
solutton. From 8 o'clock last night tho
family was expecting the end to come
at any moment,
Those at the home wero Mr. and
Mrs William 11. Ituner, his sun und
daughter-in-law; Robert Kioner, of
Baltimore, a brother; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert W. Wells, of Hyattsvillc. Mil..
Archibald Rayner, u grandson; Ueorge
Fooso, tho Senator's secretary, alul
Rlclmrd Ueaii, brother of Mrs. Kay
tit. His wife remained at his sldo
throughout the night, and was thn only
ono permitted to stay with Dr. lliirdln
in the bed chatnbci.
Funeral services for Senator Itayner
will be held at 2 n'clorii Wednesday
aflcrnoon, at the homo, with the Rev.
Charles Wood, of the Church of the
Covenant, and U. O. II. Pierce, of All
Souls, In charge. The Interment will
(Continued on Seventh Page.)
Labor Head Threatened With
Pneumonia, in Roches
ter, N. Y.
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Nov. 25,-Depres-elon
marked the opening of the build
ing trades department convention ut
tho Hotel Roehesler today becausu ot
the news that Samuel Oompeis, presi
dent of the American Federation of
f.obor, who had been expected to wer
como tho delegatis, la seilomdy 111 at
his room In tho Hotel Seneca,
He Is threatened with pneumonia.
Ultimatum Will Go to Servia This Week.
Threatening Conflict Involving Russia,
Germany, England and France.
i .
FREILASSING, Germany, Nov. 25. Austria will de
liver an ultimatum to Servia which will decide before the
end of the week whether there is to be war between the
two countries, of course speedily involving Russia and
Germany, and probably later England and France, it was
learned today on high authority.
The government at Vienna is determined, in view of
the business demoralization which has resulted from the
last few weeks of uncertainty, to let matters drag no longer,
it was stated.
Austrian officialdom did not share the more hopeful
feeling which prevailed today at the other European capi
tals. For one thing, it was asserted, Foreign Minister
Sazonoff of Russia, originally a strong opponent of hos
tilities, has finally beer, forced to join the Russian war
party as the only means of saving his own official head, and
was said to be strongly supporting Servia's claim to an
outlet on the Adriatic, Backed by Russia, it was reported
that Servia has returned an unsatisfactory answer to Aus
tria's previous representations concerning the Adriatic.
Novelist's Son and Former
Boston Mayor Accused
Of Mining Fraud.
NEW YORK, Nov. .-Julian Haw
thorne, noted author and newspaper
correspondent, and son of Nathaniel
Hawthorne; Joslah Qulncy. twice mayor
of Boston, and Assistant Secretary of
State under President Cleveland; Dr.
William J. Morton, a nerve specialist,
and Albert Freeman, a promoter, went
on trial before Judge Hough In the
criminal branch of the federal court
today. All are charged with using the
malls to defraud, the Government alleg
ing that they and oJhn McKlnnon sold
fake mining stocks In companies that
had no existence excepting on paper,
and that as a result tho Investing public
1.... niAr. ihmi three million dollars.
McKlnnon will bo tried separately later.
District Attorney wise inumtuitu m
person, while the defendants were rep
resented by Damon E. Hall, P. N.
Jones. Thomas W. Proctor, of Boston;
Joseph II. Choatc. Jr., and Roderick
Wellman, or mis cuy.
Not In many years had four us well
known men been placed on trial In th's
city on a criminal chargee, nnd tho
court room was crowded when the se
lection of the Jury was begun. On be
half of Jocloh Qulncy It was eald the
defense would be that he had absolutely
no connection with tho companies, but
was the personal attorney of Premun
nnd Hawthorne. He had nothing to do
with flouting the stock. It will be n!
leired and did not participate In tho
Hawthoi ne. tho Government alleges,
wrote wonderful descriptive prospec
tuses and circulars for the companies,
and because of his standing In society
and the gieat popularity of his father
ir New UnKlard, the work of sell'ng
the stork and bonds of the companies
with which his namo was connnectcd
wn very easy.
There wero fullv n dozen of the com.
natiies wliic lithe Government claims
were fraudulent. alUioimh It Is admit
ted tliiir stock nnd bonds were wonder
ful triumphs of tno miner maker s aim
engravers art. Chief of these was tho
Hawthorne Silver and Iron Mining. Com
pany, the Continental Syndicate and the
Jullun Hawthoi n Company.
Accord'ng to the opening nddresg of
the prosecution made immediately aftor
the Jury had been sworn, tho company
conducted an unitizing campaign of
stock and bond selling hy mull. Thcro
wus n scheme of foim letters, alleged to
havo been evolved by Hawthorne, which
could be slightly vailed accoidlng to tho
sex or the occupation of the person ie.
(elvlng them. Catulogues were collected
showing graduates of thu vailims
schools, colleges, and unlveisltles. while
the "blue book' of many titles also
ylcliled namex to wnom ipiioiu couio
be sent.
Jleciusn nf this method, the Govern
ment claims, the stuck selling cunnulitn
was womlcrfullv successful, and tho ie
turns were very luige. It was expected
that the trial would last about a week,
Families Are Saving.
In anticipation of the bread win
ner's long absence at the front, all
bat the wealthiest families have been '
observing the most rigid economy
lately. There has been little holiday
buying, and tradesmen are suffering
heavily as a result of the practical
prostration of all sorts of business.
More reserves are being called to
tho colors dally. At 12 o'clock last
night announcements were read at
the theaters, opera houses, and cafes
calling certain classes to report for
duty immediately. Many were hur
ried away without even time to visit
their homes.
There is a steady movement of
tro toward the Servian and Rus
sii ion tiers. Within twenty-four
hut 30,000 soldiers have reached
Gravos, an Important Austrian port
on the Adriatic, within easy strik
ing distance ot the sea front claimed
by Servia, and 16,000 more were be
ing disembarked there today.
Servian troops, at latest accounts,
wero being swiftly moved northward
from Monastlr and Prisrend toward
the Austrian frontier.
Turks To Dictate
Terms For Peace
To Balkan Allies
and the Balkan ullles have agiecd mi
a week's aimlstlce to tako up peace ne
gotiations again. This time the agree
ment for a halt In tho warfare uu
asked by tho Uulgarlans, staggering un
der the terrific blows dealt by tlm
Turks In the lust few days.
An agreement to end tho wai this
time seems certain. Tuikey, It is be
lieve il, will dictate thu teims. Mllttaiy
authorities dcclaro there Is no ilni.lu
that tho allies, beaten, will agree
Stories of tho collapse of Bul.,i la i
strength were borno out by information
received from Sofia. The whole coun
try has been swept clean of every mas
cullno human being Btrong enough tu
carry a rifle. Hoys of twelve und four
teen have been sent Into the field.
Bulgarians Lost 100,000.
It has been estimated that Bulgaria
has lost 100,000 before Constantinople.
This has nearly been a death blow to
tho little nation, which, in nil, has
a population about the size of New York
Claims that Servians and Creeks were
(Continued on Fifth Page.)
Panama Canal Netrlng Completion.
Right now th's stupendous undertaking
is at lib most intei estlng und Instruc
tive sluge Best reuihed by Southern
ltuilwuy thiough New Orleans; thenco
steamti. Consult Agents, 7X 15th St. and
VOS F St. N. W. Advt.

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