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Ultimatum Will Threaten
Conflict Involving Pow
ers of the World.
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Prepared to re-enforce tho Bulgarian!
re not taken seriously here, lloth of
tnem having; captured territories to hold,
U ! argued that they will need all mull
able, strength to do It. Besides, It Is
!!K?i!B tn aaon. and the allies could
not nopo to accomplish anything befoie
"Jter. It would mean keeping troops
in tne field through many hard months
AH along the chatalja lines sllrnco
reigned today, righting. It Is thought,
nag been definitely suspended.
Turks Captured 800.
" government today confirmed a
wport that the Turks captured MO Hul
sari in tho last light at the southern
extremity of tho Chatalja line of forts.
.The commander of the Austrian bat
enlps which arrived In the Uosphorus
with those of the other powers to pro
tect foreigners In the event of an anti
Christian uprising, recalled the blue
Jackets and marines from shoro duty
and sailed today for tlio Adriatic, where
they will be needed If there should be
a clash with Servia.
Suisia May Join Allies.
EUUN, Hungary, Nov. 25-That
Russia had suggested Joining the Balkan
alliance aa soon as peace has been ar
ranged permanently was rumored here
today. Premier auechoft of Bulgaria,
denied the rumor, according to a dis
patch from Bona, but It persisted. It
waa the general opinion that England
would favor some sort of federation of
nil the Balkan states, as llkily to con
solidate ultimately Into one strong
Power which would check both Ger
manic and Slavic expansion farther Into
the Near East.
For this very reason Austria and Rus
sia would object to the states' fedjera
tlon. Premier Guechoff called a meeting of
the Bulgarian cabinet today, it wus
atated In a sofla message, to consider
Turkey's permanent peace proposals.
Servia It Preparing.
VIENNA, Nov. 3 Servian troops
were mounting more guns In tho Bel
grade forts today, according to a dis
patch from Bellln on the Hungarian sldo
of the Save rHcr, opposite the Servian
capital. The government has also re
called to Belgrade all tho soldiers It
waa possible to sparo from Monuatlr
and Prlgrend.
Situation Is Improved.
PARIS, Nov. 25. Tho International
situation concerning the Balkans was
considered here distinctly Improved to
day. Why this was so was not ery
ciear, zor so rar as could be learned,
no progress had been made toward a
settlement of the Issues Involved. Dip
lomats said, however, that although
there were many difficulties to be over
come, they wero at last convtncid that
they could bo overcome without an
armed struggle.
Between them, Austria, Germany,
Italy, and Russia were said to have
nearly ,600,000 troops mobilised, and
their navies readr for Immediate union.
The latest armistice terms offered to
Turkey, It was reported, provided for
the retention by the Sultitn of the cha
talja fortifications and ever) thing be
hind them, Adrlunople, Janlnu, und
Scutari, during the progress of negotia
tions for permanent peace.
Riots in Austria
Show Many Oppose
A War on Servia
BERLIN, Nov. 2!. Uetmen the So
cialists who do not want to light at
all and the pro-Sen lans who do not
want to light Scrla, a serious in
ternal situation was beginning to de
velop tn Austria today, acordlng to In
formation from Vienna and elsewhere
throughout the country.
The censorship made it Impossible to
learn many details, but It was certain
that grave dlatui buncos occurred In
raany cities esterday. They wero all
of an anti-government charactei, and
some were of such proportions that the
police hod hard work to cope with
Jn several Instances, It was rumored,
vollevs had to be llred and the crowds
charged by cavalry to scatter th- dem
onstrators. It wus believed here that
when the malls begin to bring completer
news the telegraphs and telephones are
strictly censored It will bn found there
waa considerable loss of life.
Powers Tame Austria.
Either the consciousness that It will
have much trouble at home If it tin
barks on a foreign war or the pressure
of the powers had rctulted today In u
inoro conciliatory attltudo nn the Aus
trian government s part, military prep
arations and the movement of troops to
strategic points, contained in the semi
official notices issuea irom time to time,
assuring the public that this nethlts
Wss purely precautionary and that war
was unlikely, rang truer thun those of
the latter part of last week.
Reports that the Emperor of Germany
had given Archduko Francis rcrdlnnnd
the strongest assurances of German
support In the event of Austro-llussUn
hostilities were fully confirmed. At tha
same time. It was suld. Will mm strong
ly emphasized tho fact that the F.ithci
land hoped this would not bo nee tx.ur,
that Germany had nothing to guln b
such a war and that It depended on the
Austrian government not to ding Into
one If It could possibly bo molded.
View of France and England.
England and France, Russia's utiles,
also were understood to havo told the
Csar that they considered Servlu's
"window" on tho Adriatic an extremely
Inslgnlflcunt ixcuco for a general Eu
ropean war and depended on Kussla to
settle matters with Austria by diplo
matic means unless tho latter tountrv
positively compelled hostilities which
the English and French foreign oftlcis
did not think likely,
a in a fnmnanv's sales of fresh mut
ton In Washington. D C , for tho week
ending Baturdai, Nov. 2J, averaged 9 41
cents per pound Advt.
1 . '
Senate Committee Will Bring
It Up at First Meet
ing Held.
Burleson Will Offer "Rider"
Providing $17,500 Sal
ary, Without Vote.
Will Regulate System De-
vised For Distribution
Of Stickers For Gifts.
The annual sale of Red Cross stamps
will begin tomorrow.
At every drug store every stationery
store, and many other places where
Christmas gifts are purchased, the
llttlo stamps that mean hope, and pos
sibly relief, for thousands of unfor
tunate Invalids, will bo obtainable.
The headquarters of tho campaign
this jcar will be In the Chamber of
Commerce, with Mrs. John Mclaughlin,
secretary of tho District of Columbia
Chapter, In charge. Mrs. Mclaughlin
will bo at her desk In tho Chamber
every morning from 10 o'clock until
noon, and dealers who sell the stamps
may obtain them from her between
these hours.
As has been the custom for the past
several years, branches of the central
oftlce will be maintained In shopping
centers of the city, where )oung women
volunteers will sell the stamps from
special booths. Mrs. S W. Boardmun
Is In chargo of tho stamps at Dulln &
Mnrlln'B Mm. ClinrleH Goldsmith at S.
Kann. Sons & Co's. Mrs. W. II. liavly
aim Miss Helen uruKc at inn posioiucc,
Hi. i.rptirlck Knet and Mrs Mary
Johnston ut the American Security and
Trust Company, and Mrs, John Mc
Laughlin at Woodward & l-othrop's. A
large corps of young women have vol
unteered their services under these
directors. . ,
The committee In general charge of
tho sale of the stamps Is composed of
Mrs. W. II. Boardmun. chairman: Mrs
W. II. Bayb. Mrs John Mclaughlin.
Admiral N. B. Mason, chairman of the
local Bed Cross, und II, 8. Ilecslde.
The details of the organisation for
t.,. Annn hiivn hen entirely com
pleted, and when the stamps go on sale
tomorrow- morning In every quarter of
the city tho mlo will bo conducted with
as nlgniy penccioo. a sysitTn wcu
tstabl'slied business house. Tho com
mittee belloves this year's sale will be
the largest ever lecorded In tho District.
Tho "loan shark" bill for tho DIs
trlct will be brought up In the Senate
District Committee at tho first meeting
and an effort will be made to reach an
agreement upon It.
Senator Curtis of tho District Com
mittee, who has been In rhargo of the
bill, said ho believed tho bill would be
put through. Tho House Included
pawnbrokers In the bill und tho Senate
did not. Tho Ilouso Axed a rato nt
1 per cent a month and the Scnato at .
( . A. ,1... M..Ihi nt I tlA '
471 IKJr cuvni, svi nu itivvuH ...
Senate Committee an effort will bo
mado to get the committee to recede
partly from Its position and effect a
compromise with tho House.
Bo far as other District matters aro
concerned. Senator Curtis does not ex- J
pect a ureal dial 10 no none oy ino
Scnato District Committee. Tho rea
son Is that the Senate has sent a largo
number of Important bills over to the
House and the House haa done nothing
with them. . .
Unless the House takes up the Senate
bills and shows a disposition to act on
them, the Senate committee feels there
Is scant uso In doing much. At the
same time. Senator Curtis thinks the
committee will dispose of all urgent
District matters that come before It.
Scarcity and Steady Demand
Drives Cost Up To 42
And 45 Cents a Dozen.
Fire At Catholic University Is
Also Quickly Extinguished.
Fire early today did $50 damage to
tho lunchroom of Andrew Peters. 419
First street northtast. Tho cause of the
blaze was not determined.
A pan of grease catching fire caused
a small blaze this morning In tho
kitchen of Albert Hall, one of the build
ings at the Catholic University. Tho
dumagc was $13.
A defective flue was responsible for
a ftro which did SIS damugu to the
horn of James Tolson, Jl'-i Virginia
avenue southwest, today.
Flickering of the red "exit" lights at
the National Ijiv School building. SIS
Thirteenth street northwest, caused a
Pedestrian to believe there wjs a lire
I the building last evening. An alurm
was sounded from a nearby box. but
when the llremen arrlvid It was found
that draft fiom an open window hud
caused the gas light to tllrkvr In sucl
a manner that the rcfltctlon on the
window shado made It appear as If
the rear of tho building was In flames.
A lifetime tenure as a member of the
House of Itcprcsentatlves, with an an
nua) salary of $17,600, Is the disposition
Congressman A. 8. Burleson, of Texas,
would muko of former Presidents. Mr.
Burleson, who ranks second on tho
House Appropriations Committee, will
endeav or to Include this provision in tne
legislative, executive and Judicial ap
propriation bill, now In course of prep
aration. Tho Burleson "rider" upon tho bill
will provldo that hereafter alt former
Presidents of tho United Btates shall
servo as members of the House, with
all privileges except that of voting.
They will not bo subject to compulsory
service upon committees.
I.Ike other members of Congress, Mr.
Burleson regards tho Carnegie pension
plan unfavorably. Tho Carnegie offer,
however, has had the effect of causing
national legislators to consider the prob
lem of what to do with the forme
Presidents, and tho Burleson plan Is
one suggestion. Congressman Burleson
holds that tho schomo suggested by him
would not nmount to a straight pen
sion, and at the sumo time would pre
vent the undlgnlltcd situation of a Presi
dent's return to private work.
As u "rider" on the legislative ap
propriation bill the Burleson plan
probably would be subject to a point
of order In the House, but the, author
will attempt to prevent his. or to have
the Item restored In the Senate.
Virginia and Maryland
Game Season Closed
It will be unlawful to shoot deer In
Virginia, either cast of the Blue llldge,
or west of It after December z. in liar-
ford county, Md., the season for killing
rabbits closes after December 2. Tho
squirrel season comes to a closo Decem
ber 3 in Calvert, Carroll, Charles, Gar
rett, Iiariora, jiuwaru, wueen 'tnne, di.
Mury. Somerset, Talbot, and Worcester
counties. Md.
Thu Reason for shooting quail, grouse,
or pheasant In Giirn tt and Harford
eount'i s i lost December 1 nnd 2. Wild
turkevs ennnnt lie shot In Oarrott coun
ty, Md , uft r next Monduy. Tho wood
cock, reedblrd. rail, and ortolan season
also closm In HarfoM county.
Pleads Not Guilty
To Larceny Charge
Ueverde J. c'ligRctt. charged with the
litrcenv of notes valued at SITS from
Dinlil C. Booth, of t2i Hnlmead place
iiwrumni, iu iiiiaiKiitil 111 111" t Illiru
States bninili or tlm I'ollco Court today.
Clnggitt cntend n plea of not gulltj
niui fii-iii.iiiui u n jury wuii.
Bonds were fixed at tw.
Miss Elizabeth Jones, of
Near Rockville, Nears
Best fresh nearby eggs are selling to
day In Washington at from tX tn 45
cents, an Increaso of several cents over
price Is not due, market men say, to I
tho approach of Thanksgiving, but ilm- j
ply to a scarcity In tho supply and ul
steady demand. )
Prices an Thanksgiving turkey today
remaned at from 13 to 25 cents, but'
market mtn refused to predict whet her I
the prices would Jump tomorrow or I
Wednesday when tho demand for tlm
holiday bird will bo at Its height. It
Is the belief, however, of some of tho
veteran dealers that 25 cents per pound
for dressed turkey will be the highest
figure asked.
Today many farmers from the near
by counties of Maryland and Virginia
druvo Into the city with dressed birds
for the market Saturday was a good
day for dressing turkeys, and with the
weather colder today and prospects for
the same tomorrow and Wednesday, It
Is not likely that the figure will advance
unless the demand Is greater than tho
Pheasants are selling on the market
today for tl.25 each; partridges at H to
14 a dozen, and wild ducks three for tl.
Tho demand for game Is good, and
many Thanksgiving dinners In Wash
ington will have such.
Ingram Memorial Church.
Plans Musical Concert
A concert will bo given at Ingrum
Memorial Church tomorrow night at 8
o'colck, under tho 'auspices of 'the
Brotherhood of Ingram Church. The
entertainment Is the third of t serlos of
lyceum courses that will be given dur
ing tho winter.
In the concert tomorrow night there
will be mandolin, violin, banjo, guitar,
and vocal solos of the eltv's best ama
teur and professional talent.
Senator Dixon Sends Out
Notice of Gathering De
cember 10 and 11.
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r- i3sm
ROCKVILLK, Sid.. Nov. S.-MIss
Elizabeth Jones, daughter of John
Jones, a leading farmer of Poolesvlla
district, this county, who was acciden
tally shot by her sister, Miss Doly
Jones, at their homo rrlday afternoon,
was better today. Tho crisis will not be
reached for several dajs.
The Misses Jones and several friends
were engaged In target shooting with
an automatic revolver. While preparing
to shoot at the target. MIhs Dolv .tnmn'
finger accidentally touctud tho trigger.
Tho bullet entered her sister's back
and passed all the wav through her
body, piercing tlm right lung.
Among tho eounlns married In nnrlr.
ylllo within tho last day or two were
minium ti. Miner and Miss Jennie lco
Bhort. both of Washington; Wallace
llansbursh. of ftrpenwlrh Vn . nnd
Miss Effle Heflln, of Brlckcrsburg, Va ,
win an i Delivers, or Hternng, va ,
and Mlas Hurah K, Kejs, of Dralncs
vllle, Va.
llnnn tijklnw .nnxlni.j In .... -.I....!.
.,... u...n bvn,,i.rii ill knu UH.UII
court hero of it serious offense toward
a thirteen- ear-old cotorcd girl of this
plate, i:crctt Martin and William
Hnilth, both colored, of this vicinity,
were sentenced to the penitentiary for
umiiici-ii muiiuir.
Meyer Finds New
Punishment Better
The detetislon sstcm of punishing
naval officers. Instituted Heptember I,
IHI1, tins piovcd eminently satisfactory,
according to comment In the annual
report or secretary of tho Navy Meyer.
Instead of the lesser offenders being
Imprisoned, thev are now merely de
tained. The offender la permitted to
wear his usual uniform, instead of
prlton garb.
A great gathering of members of the
progressive party Is expected In Chicago
next month.
Senator Dixon, as manager of tho new
party, has sent out u cull for a confer
ence December 10 and 11 and ho Is also
sending letters to Senators and (.'on.
gressmen In vympathy nlth the move
ment saying the gathering will bo the
most Important In the history of the
party and havo a great bearing on Its
it ix mo purpose or tho meeting tn
lay tlun for tho next four vein nnd
set In motion u scheme of organization
wnicn win enanie tne new party to
make a great showing at tho 1914 Con
gressional elections and In UK! elect a
Plans will bo perfected for nncntnc
permanent headquarters, which will be
located In Washington.
Falls From Car.
Tfaltltlf- fpAm til .Ln . .. ... .
at New York avenue and Fourteenth
street northwest last night. Thomas
Brown, flfty-flvo cars old, of 346 O
u front niHliaif h .n..l... i . .
t- i ;" " ttc,v" a cm on me
Pf"'. V was takrn l0 the Kmertfeney
Ifnnnttal In un uninmnhiu t.,.ti
John H.- Nolan, tho "binder. ""
Red Men's: Visitation.
Oscoola Tribe, IraproTSd Order of Red
Men, will havo Its annual visitation to
morrow night In Ita hall In Tenleytown
The grand officers of the District will
mill, nt nit Pennsylvania avenue
southeast, at 7 o'clock, and go to Tenley.
town In a body. J. 8. Altman will b
ai me neaa or wo vwiwuuh wu.
Granted Iasvaice
After Liif Trooble
There are so many cases of Consump
tion reported whers ths details show tne
disease started with a. cold or a cough
that It Is really surprising that people
aro not more anxious to immediately
stop these apparently minor troubles.
Our advtco Is "stop the cough or cold,
If possible, without delay." Otherwise
more serious troubles are likely to fol
low. If the medicines you are now
taking do not bring relief, try Eckman'a
Alterative, as this man did.
ztf Dean St., Brooklyn. N. T.
"Gentlemen: I am giving. X'' .below a
brief history of my am, whloh I trust you
will us for the bentnt of those suSsrlnr
from any similar troubles. ....
"About a yr and a half ago I noticed
that my health was rapidly falling, until
at the end of six months my welgnt had fallen
to M pounds. I waa troubled with night
sweats, a severe cough and was very weak,
having In fact absolutely no ambition what.
eer. About this Ume I consulted a phjrit
cln, who told me my lungs were afftctwi.
Nt satlined, I went to another doctor, whe
after examining ma said that I wss In ths
nrat stages of consumption. At this punt I
started to take Kckman's Alterative. Ths
nlnht sweats stopped almost Immediately, my
cough became looear and gradually dump;
nnared My welsht la now Hi pounds and
tny phyalclsn has pronounced me perfectly
soiinS-whlch. together with the fact that 1
h.ir. i.n .r.tiiMl bv two different Insur
ance companies for Insurance, makes me sure
of my .ntlre recovery by Eckman's Altera
tive. 1 should be very glad to communicate
with any one who would be Interested In my
cm "
(Hworn Affidavit) W. B. QEE.
Kckman'a Alterative Is effective. In
Bronchitis. Asthma. Hay Kovcr. Throat
and Lung Troubles and In upbuilding
the system. Does not. contain poisons,
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Dspt. 1 5B, Basinol Chemical Otk, Baltimore, Md. Besiaol
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Th teppy rtd
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Appointments Star He Made by Telephone.
Hours. H to 8. Nunriar hours, 10 to t,
RAI.T1MOHK OKFICKl Ml West Lexington Street.
IMIILADLXrHIA OKKICEiS. U. tor. Klgtitli and Market streets
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note tins rtot mbw lais patterns I an otnor ttore
sens tneso rugs ror less than fls.60. Bale
10.00 BRUSSELS RUGS x ft,
ix9-foot Brussels Rugs, for small size rooms: made In one niece-
no seams (jnoice or seorai goon designs in Mirious color commna-
tlons A special lot of 25 or these rugs tho same
grade sold clscwhcro for J10.U0. Hale
price .
ns (FleaiM
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Rlx'JO. 7x9A, ?:x90. for double beds. Some are seamless, and others
aro with welded seam ;
Regular Mc and 6c iiues tomorrow ror :c eacn.
a3A Bleaehed IMIIom Cases
large size; hand-torn, and Iron
ed. Made of llnen-nnlsh sheet
ing. Sold regularly at Ql'tn
15c each 7 ,l
SeamleRM ni.aeh.tl Kh..ar Qlv
90; laro, double-bed size. Strlct
lv tlrst quality. Made of One
qunlltj, close-woven sneetlnc
Worth 79c each. Spe- cn
clal at 0C
Women's Flannelette
All Sizes, at 47C
A new shipment of these warm
and comfortable garments for
women on sale tomorrow.
Made of heav -weight flannel
ette, with double okes of Bolld
color pink nnd blue: turn-down col
lar and cuffs. Others made In
kimono Htle; pink and blue
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Cut full and long Sale AH
price, each lv
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of Heavy-weight Coating materials will be apparent at a glance
for these are the fabrics and weaves the world of fashion
demands this season for women's, misses', and children's coats,
the smart and distinctive coatings you must have if you would
be in style. A prominent mill turned over its surplus to us on
a basis that permits this sensational selling for tomorrow. All
the effects that have the call, including
56-Inch Plaid-Back Coatings.
56-Inch Heavy Chinchilla Cloth.
56-Inch Plain Reversible Coatings.
Strictly till wool, extra heavy weight quullty for tho waim und stllsh
(.oats ovtry one Is wearing this winter. All tho most desirable
shades, too such n c'cr sliiulo if grn, brown, navy blue, tan,
plum, eopinhagen, rod, green, &c.
t'holto tomonciw of this splendid lot of coatings, worth $2 00 und
$:.D0 a yard, for tl.25.
no-Inch All-Wool Storm Serge, extm superior quality hcay
weight tiurd-twlsted, double-twill worsltd juin; In black, nay blue,
brown, und garnet; nothing more serviceable or atyllsh for rJQn
tailored weal. Kcgulai $1 19 aluc, at 171,
rtil-lnrb fancy Mixed MiHIkk nnd oatlnga. In a varied assort
ment of Hljllsli color combinations nnd effects. Including heaj
weight twteds, tamel s-hali, lioni.lt, anl iniu klniuv minings, In QQ.
cery desirable color combination lUgi'lur II.S0 Nalue, ut HOC
"lOtAXSe l'tit-cA('aVit

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