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, Generally Fab Tonight
' 'and Wednesday.''
Last. Edition
f i
'i ' i
; KXJKBEH 7645.
Ynttrday'i CircuUtlon, 45,290
Sixteen Paget
the ilMitastt' ffw
stem PEACE
Bulgaria Stands Firm in De
manding Adrianople
SerriVa Refusal to CAv
Port Increases Dancer
of War.
salaation of peace negotiations k
gna yesterday tmmlneat today bt
owu the allies Intlit on the sur
reevder of Adrianople. The Turks re,
fuse this demand positively, and the
Bulgarians reply that unless the
Turks change their mind before to
morrow fighting will be returned. It
la the second time peace negotia
tions have been on.
The epidemic of cholera contin
ued today to spread rapidly. The
disease also has appeared In Bul
garia, It was stated on reliable au
thority,, though news of It Is being
suppressed by the rigid censorship in
.' Powers Nesr War.
BBRUN, Nov. Jt-Servlt's reply to
Awe' that she would not Slve up
WJasU en her "wWo" to the Adrl
tftWtHey maks. the dasvg-r of a
tjettjerel XUfapenn war greater tben.lt
mar haaJsatn The answer, which was
made IsKlSiM. ha. caused an unpre
iedlntedUr throughout Europe:
snorts or oniciais " "","". "zr
Stotoy to calm the .aclttPPP;;
were fijijww 'it.. J3ii IV
- Ym iAa tfk fhsaNPt
ws. .rc.. ..;r,i. uid
ware expectea nryusn. .-.
arnur. ",
would be uieleei.
Carries Top Weight.
Reports continued to arrive that the
forces In Austrlt. Benrta. and Russia
were belna mobilised. Boldlere of Qer-
Many are ready for a summons to go
m lh front.
There rt a determined effort by men
of reason to halt war perparattons. The
socialists throughout Europe are urging
txane. and today claimed to have
Slrnod the populace to some extent by
prlan?.fion Issued by the r Inter
xTatlonal congress at Basel, BwlUerland,
The Vienna Tageblatt declared that
reports of an Improvement In the sit
uation were baseless, that Baryta con
tinued nercely provocative and that It
tad Information from a "high person
ace" that. Consul Proohaska. Aus
tria's representative at Prlsrend. was
murdered Uy Servian troops when
they captured the town from the
Tho Vienna Relchspost used, still
stronger language, esstrtlng that
Austria has exercised "superhuman
patience." that the time has come to
"end these Insolent provocations" and
that. at last "the measure la full."
Undoubtedly. International authorities
here aatd. there la a party In Austria,
led by Archduke Francis Ferdinand, the
tTza. ,h thrnnp. which wants war.
An obstacle In the way of fuinilment of
jts withes, however. It was pointed out.
It Emperor Francis Joseph's opposition
to hostilities.
BABEL. Swltserland, Nov. M.-The
T.tlmatltinsl Socialist Congress, called
here to discuss mesne of preventing
war. and especially to oppose the spread
f the Balkan struggle, today decided
an an anti-war strike of all trades
throughout ine woriu i wnunuo n
ill twenty-four hours of December II
The delegates were Instructed to do
their utmost to enlist the co-operation
at worklngmen everywhere. Their cam
aalgn will culminate with a big mast
SaVetlng In every Important city In
Erope and In America as well If It
y-aV arranged Peoember 14.
Tnree dollar for the benefit orphans
a( the allies who are nghtlng Turkey
, received by Postmaster General
sjltchcock today from a storekeeper of
Kingston, N. C.
The letter enclosing a money-order Is
a. fjkltrtwa:
"Kncloaed and money order for SJ-QO
a lid thV Balkan Allies, who are In
or oisrr un awuvu.it u. "-;
-'., '..). naneral illtcncoCk in
doratd the money-order over to Miss
Isabel Boardman. head of the Red
Cress, to go Into theenertl relief fund.
morfiiiT U-OR THE DIBTltlCT.
aenerally fair tonight and Wednes
Oay; Temperature tonight about frees
tt nllRFIAU.
sa. m.
... 90
... 41
... 44
... 44
... 48
8 a. m
9 a. m
10 a. m
11 a. m
12 noon
1 P. m
2 p. m
0 a. m...
10 a. m...
11a. m...
If noon...
i p. m...
S p. m...
Today High title. S:H a. m. and 1:14
d. m.i low tide, 3:11 a. m. and 1.01 p. m.
Tomorrow-High tide. 9:46 a. m. and
10. M p. m. low tlae, 4:01 a. m. and S.U
p. m.
"can KrolghW out the Internaflimal
ST Servta'a determined stand hat
K i ninin that naacotul negotiations
. .ti unnins' iul
kan-Turkln war, or un m ,..- ,rtn held Isfit n gilt in tne Anon
ar;ph:n,.h .& & wfts; lA p ..,. two
IsMhoae sUtes. Plesse turnlt over to ,ngnB societies should un to and give
IE. nrSnar authorities and obliged." . m concert In the Pension Office on
- f:; . nnMl llunhnnk In '
Sun rises ;H I Bun sett.
Owner of New York Giants
Had Suffered From Loco
motor Ataxia for Years.
We Unconscious When He Left
New York Sunday to Seek
Heel on Coast.
BT. LOUIS, Mo., Nor. 86 John T.
Brush, owner of the New Tork Na
tlonal League baseball club, died
suddenly In his private car at Louisi
ana, Pke county, early today. Mr.
Brush ad been aa invalid from loco
motor ataxia for years, and wss en
route to the Pacific eosat In the hope
that a change of air might benefit
him. He was unconscious when
taken from New York Sunday night
The private car bearing Mr.
Brush's body reached this elty short
ly after 7 o'clock this, morning. Tbs
body will be taken back to New York
for burial.
The funera of Mr. Brush will be
held in Indianapolis. Definite ar
raugementa had not been completed
thla afternoon. The body la on its
way there. It will be taken to the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Harry
Newton Hempstead, 1331 North Ala
tau street The widow, Mrs. Blele
Lombard Bruah, and daughter, Nat
aUe, were on their way here this
ssrin.fro-4jTWrJ.M-r' Pa.; .v.
Hurt in Automobile Accident
NBW YORK. Nov. SL-The news" of
the death of John T, Brush, head of the
Now, York Nationals, came as a distinct
shock to his hundreds of friends nere.
A fortnight ago he was reported dying,
but be seemed to have a change for the
better and, although known to be dee
perately III when he left here Bunday
night. It was expected that his malady
would yield to treatment and the air of
southern California.
While III for years. It Is believed here
that the compelling cause of death was
an automobile accident In which the
baseball magnate figured on September
II last. At that time an automobile
In which he was riding, collided with a
big motor truck, and was thrown against
the tldewalk and overturned. Brush had
... ihB KrAken nnd was badly shaken
up. since men ne n ucsn nuu
condition, and had been out of his house
only occasionally. .
Became Orphan at Four.
John Tomllnson Brush was born In
Clinton county, this State, of Scotch-
Irish ancestry. Orphaned when lour
years old, he was brought ud by hli
step-uncle, working on a farm until
twelve years old. Ha worked as a boy
in a eounry store In Cllntonavllle. N.
Y., and afterward went to Utlea, Where
ha wat given a partnership In the cloth
ing firm of Owen Plxley A Co. Later
he opened clothing stores In Troy and
kockport and stilt later In Indianapolis,
rhiil in th latter city he became
president of the National Exhibition
Company and Anally chief owner of the
New York National League Ba'eball
club, urusn was iij ' w,i.
Mason and a .member of many olubu
here and In Indianapolis. He was mar
ried to Miss Elsie Lombard In 1M.
It was expected that the meeting of
the Na'lonal Mague, called Jo Invest
,. ,h , harirea hrouffht aaalitst Presi
dent Vcgel, of the Philadelphia Na-
tlonsis, WOUUI oe poipun; i.i"i..i
because o the death of Mr. Brush.
Arion and Saengerbund Singing
Societies to Unite in Musical
' Program.
At a Joint meeting of the offioert of
,h. onrerhund and Arlon Qesans-
h. necii.lon of the Inauguration of
President Woodrow Wilson next March.
Those present at the meeting were John
Waldman, president of the Baenger
bund August Schmidt, president of the
Arlon de-nngvereln. and Messrs. Wis
chussn. Waldraann. Xander, Pauls,
Wlegman. and others.
It was decided to Inform the Inaugura.
tlon committee of the Intention of the
singers to take part In tho concerts to
be given in connection with the Inau
guration. This action was taken on the
round that the Arlon and Saengerbund
are home societies and regard it as their
duty to extend a musical welcome to the
The Arlon desangereln gme Us an-
rual ball last night In the National
nines Armory In the presence of onu of
the largest crowds ever entertained by
this society. The following committee
wat In charge: Henry Wsssmann.
chairman; Jacob Bruegger, William
Wlegman. Capt. Charles K. Qerner.
Louie Hchmldt, August Schwarts, and
John Weber.
Brief His.ory Of
Ettor Case From
. Shooting td End
Annie Loplsio, woman striker, killed
January to.
Ittor sad Oleraaalttt, strike lead
ers, arretted January jqj charged
with Inciting the womtm'a nurttr
by speeches,
Detpltt appeals, prltontrs ere held
sight months in jail.
Caruso arretted late la February as
having stabbed Policemen Beaoit,
when Lepitso woman was shot
Defendants plead net guilty May ty.
Trial opeaei September iS, with
venire of 330 talesman.
Second vealre aaeetiary before trial
could proceed.
Estimated total cost of trial to
State, lesxM.
Members Fall to Convict
Lawyer Accused of Mrs.
Szabo's Death.
OOBHEN, N. T.. Nov. M.-The jury
In the case of Attorney Burton W, Gib
son, accused of the murder of Mrs
Rosa Bsabo at Oreenwood Lake last
July, reported to the court at 11:20 to
day that they had disagreed and that
there wat absolutely no chance of their
reconciling their differences.
Justice Tompkins, after conferring
with the foreman, announced that the
jury was discharged.
Despite the fact that Justice Tomp
kins warned the jury not to d'scuss the
case, It waa ttated on apparently ex
cellent authority that tha Jury stood
II to 1. for acquittal. Through the night
the vote had been to t. It was said,
but two of the three changed. The
twelfth Juror, however, declared under
s elsiatslaeaaa wsittt- ite-esajMi'JSao
qulttal. and' when thla wat oomntuni
eated to the court the judge decided to
discharge tho Jury,
It was stated that while Gibson wat
remanded to Jail, It Is unlikely that he
will be tried again In thla county. He
will probably be taken to New .York
for trial on the indictment returned
against him there yesterday charging
h.m with grand larceny.
Sent to Dinntr First.
The jurors received the case at 7:40
o'clock last night, and were told by the
court to go to dinner before taking up
consideration of tha evidence. It was
a quarter to f o'clock before they act
ually went Into session.
The first sign from them camo at 10
o'clock, when tlicy sent out for a pitch
er of Ice water, a request that wat re
peated an hour later. The only other
communication was the request for tbe
photographs. Meanwhile Mrs. Olbeon
spent the time pacing up and down the
courthouse by herself.
Within the court room waa crowded to
the dobre. about half the watting crowd
being women.
The charge by Judge Thomnktns last
ed two and a quarter hours. The charge
was u ci
ear, logical restatement of tlio
iv adduced at the trial, without
favor shown for either side and without
any attempt at emphasising
or anv or ine evidence aiven.
The court
eliminated manslaughter from Its
charge and directed that one of threw
verdicts be returned: murder In the first
degree, second degree or acquittal.
Wift Tries To Address jury;
During Mie long summing dp of the
case for the defense and tho Statu
Btbson drowsily podded in his ahali,
and Mrs. Gibson, sitting closo by
him, closed her eyes as If asleep. When
the assistant district attorney told tho
Jury that her presenuo there, snuggled
closely to the prisoner, whose arm en
circled her, was to elicit their sym
pathy, she awoke with a start and Be
came agitated. She would have risen
to speak had not her counsel held her
Ulbson showed the strain he was un
der. His fuco grew nujiMul nnd the
lines deepened In It. while his skin
seemed to grow darker. If thoie was
one point on which the chargu was
ngalnst the defeqdunt, it was tho par
ilnilar emDhasls the court lnlil on ihn
failure of the defense to nrodurn in
court Petronella Mcnxchlk. mother of
i. o.... ...- "r"" j"Y"""i "" "'
flclary of her will, and In whoso nnmo
Uloeon. ifc w uiikcUi imn -a waivsr ot
rltatlon, signed by an Impostor, throw
ing the control of her estate In his
Tickets for Show,
Plans Tennis
HAMILTON, Bermuda, Nov. St.
President-elect Wilson seemed com
pletely recovered today from his slight
attack of indigestion He has bought
theater tickets for Thursday night te
see n performance of "Our Mutual
Friend," and will play tennis and take
tea Saturday at the governor general's
The Presidentelect has asked the
Staunton, Vs., committee to hold Its
celebration on, his birthday, December
The Haitian Grill Offers Its Delightful
ly distinctive service1 from noon to mid
night. The most unique room In Wash
ington ana ine jiaieign superior cuisine.
Music throughout tn evenlng.-Advu
Union Workers Give Wild
Greeting to Men Found
Not Guilty.
Defendants Thank Court and Jury
for Fairness of Their
Sor. es. Standing defiantly at at
tention In the iron barred cage In
the center of tho court room which
Massachusetts' legal ethics decrees
shall be the abiding piece of all per
sons accused of crime during their
trial, Joseph J. Ettor, Arturo Oloran
ntttl, and Joseph Caruso, labor lead
ers, charged with murder, listened
to the aunnunccmr-iit of the twelve
sen sitting in their case which told
them that they were free at last to
go where they would.
Their faces lighted up at the
words "Not guilty," and then, with
their voices catching almost In a
sob, all three cried out their thanks
to tbe men who had refused to con
demn two of them to a lifetime lu
prison, and tha third to a feared elec
trio chair.
tabor Leaders Freed.
Immediately Judge Qulnn, from hit
seat on the bench, nodded to the court
attendants, the sheriff unlocked the
doors of the cage, and the trio supped
out to join the hysterical crowd that
waited forShem. , t . ...
Canaweu stalle .was tearful as be
clasped' to'hlr breast his diminutive
wife who had been sitting praying for
the best, but plainly fearing tne worst.
Before he had time for mora than a
brief caress he wat recalled to the dash
by the clerk, and nominal ball of 1H
fixed on the remaining Indictments
against him charging him with rioting.
Ball waa fixed at IBM for slmllai
indictments against Ettor and Olovan-
nlttl. and the bonds for all promptly
Other Cases to Drop,
It was made plain that they would
probably never be tried en tne out
standing Indictments, and that at a
later date the Indictments would be
railed up and dismissed on formal mo
tion. Court was then adjourned and tb
doors of tho room thrown open to
admit the doitns of friends waUinU
to groet the released prisoners, who
held an Impromptu reception In front
of the cage which has confined . them
"Tlure Is justice In this aute." Olo;
vnnnim rlrafullv remarked to a friend
Kin I mil Inn doDeV to ClVt inV
'dope'' now," he said to the newspaper
As soon as the prisoners reached tht
street-Caruso proudly marchings hand-In-haud
iwlth his wtWthey were be-
slegtd by several nwnurra p.uiir..
riinuoniiiiiL aridlna to his britf re
marks, uuswerins a query at to whathei
he would stay In Massachusetts, said l
"Yes, f will stay. Bo far I have only
m, vmir notice, detectives and report
ers now I want to meet somt gentle.
mn '
"Where Is aurley?" was Ettor's nrst
r"Ourley" Is Elisabeth Ourley Flynn. the
girl Industrial Workers of the World
organiser, who had been faithful In
her work for the Imprisoned men.
Gives Crest Btctptloa.
"I'll have something ta sty later'
Ettor said, as he waa rushed away.
The throng of sympathisers Immcdl
ately marched to a nearby hall. There
they held a Jollification mass meeting.
Ettor and Olovannlttl retired to their
offices with the attorneys, Caruso go.
Ing home with his wife to their baby.
At 8:23 the Jury filed Into the box,
the 'prisoners were Immediately es-
crted to the cage In the center of
t. ..,, nm
(oner wore a red rose In his
Dutionnoie u gut rum nine sum.
.,; mio sat directly behind her
Cttor and Olovannlttl ap
pearea at mucn as ease us un mo nrst
(Continued on Second Page.)
North Capitol Association Ex
plains Needs and Elects
The North Capitol and Ecklngton
Cltlsens' Association met Isst night for
the uniiual election of officers, In St.
Martin's Hall. All the old officers were
re-elected with the exception of A. O,
Tingle, who declined his re-election to
I lie offtoo of sccretuiy and treasurer,
Tho election of his successor was re.
ferred to tlin executive nommlttne, and
tneir moiie win procaoiy oe announced
in their next ineettna
Dr. K. I). Thomps&n was the one
nneaker of tlio eenlng, devoting his
time to the needs of the community In
which the arsoclatlon lives. Ho showed
that the section was badly In nosd of
parks, schools, an-.i police pntertloii,
and that the association's work for tlio
ear Mould be to get tt Itsst a portion
ef what was nsdd
Acquitted in Lawrence Murder Case
i i i . i si ii i i
Ifsju i i iii mi i ' ' 'PLI
-.,H.l.lewattBw ! lMwanwtnwtnwtnwtnwtnwtnwtnwtnwtnwtnwH
srlssas WgjewgwWwataatawawtaBSSeawawaawaiwMsj
I Bll.''laH
I snwtBwVJIgSwanwtsH
I rSBwanwBwanwaBwtnwsV'
I IIBgflgafllL I
twawwwwwSw--""iB' ,
Lunacy Proceedings Against
Widow of Man Who Left
$700,000 Withdrawn.
Tbe litigation over the $700,000 estate
of Columbus Alexandor, pioneer George
town resident, camo to a close today
when Justice Barnard, in Equity Court
No. 1, appro ed a compromise signed by
more than a score of the litigants.
A feature of the compromise Is the
dismissal of the lunacy proceedings
against Mrs. Itebecca Alexander, tho
nlnety-three-year-old widow- of Colupi-
bus Alexander, about whom the storm
of litigation and family wranglo has
cantered. Her signature, showing ei
denco of her advanced age, appears
last on the document, ending the long
drawn legal battle.
Under tho terms of the compromise,
James B. Archer, Jr. Thpmas W. Hay
and Charles J. Murphy, aa new trustees,
will distribute the proceeds from the
big estate as directed In the alU of Co,
lumbus Alexander. The bond of .he
trustees was tlxcd at 150,000.
Justice Barnard rattnei the reports of
the auuitor lilcd April 20 tnd 20 last.
and approved the sales of the unlm
proved properly by Thgmas W. .Hay.
brother of the nonogenurlan widow. It
was further stipulated that the widow
would not be required to refund the sum
of 17,210 CG, alleged to have been paid to
her by her brother.
Co.ncldcnt with tlio litigation over the
estate, the police have been asked at
least twice to Investigate mysterious
thefts of amounts aggregating thous
ands of dollars' from the aged widow,
but the mysterv has never been solved.
Bitter accusations and counter charges
Were mauo ny mo mmni umm mo
Dollce Investigation. . 114 .
lunacy proceeding wero Instituted
against Mrs. Alexander last January as
a ccnsiquence of tli" family row over
the estate. It was alleged by Mrs. Eva
II. Boulc. a granddaughter, that the
aged woman hud been lion compos men
tis und incapable of cailnis for her prop
erty end protecting her interests for
several months.
Heirs to the estate, as named In one
of the petitions, are: A son. Dougl is H.
Alexander; threo granddaughters,
Louisa R Ilaes, Catherine R Welslg
er. and Mrs. I'.vu R. Boulc, daughters
of the late Catherine V. Russell, a
daughter of Columbus Alexander; a
grandson. Arthur A. Alexander, son of
VV niter U. Alexundcr, deceased ion at
Columbus Alexander: a grott-grandson.
Louis Langhornc. a son of Mary Louise
LunRhornc, a deceased daughter of
Walter O. Alexander; a arandson, Mau
llce Alexander, son of Henry II. Alex
ander, deceased son of Columbus Alex
ander: seven arandchlldirn, Mary Alex-
aimer, juiiiu" c. .ncAM.."v-., ram r
A. Alexander,
Dp.nn.. A amitli. and Atla A. Abbot
tecrhlo, children of Kendall lexandor,
di-crjafd son of Columbus Alexander.
All of the heirs with the exception of
Mrs. Wrlalgrr, who lives in New York,
an. i i.nol ijiimlioriio. who lives In
I Richmond, Vs., rvilu la WMbtostea.
Prisoners Taken to Sing Sing
Under Guard to Resist
Attempt at Rescue.
NEW YORK. Nov. 2S.-Juatlct Ooff.
In the criminal branch of the supreme
court. today sentenced "Whltey"
Lewis and "Dago Frank," two of the
four gunmen convicted of the actual
killing of Herman Rosenthal, gambler.
to be electrocuted In King Bing prison
during the week beginning January C
A few minutes later he sentenced the)
other two, "Lefty Louie" and "Gyp tbe
Blood," td die the same Ma.
Sheriff Julius Harburger preceded the
quartet Into court, lie had on a long
overcoat, with a big army revolver in
each of (he tide pockets. From the
time he entered the room until the door
closed behind him, as he fpllpwed the
four condemned men back to tha
Tombs, his grip never left -the pistols.
But there was absolutely no apparent
need for the display, as nothing Inter
fered with the precision with which the
proceedings were carried out
, The fqui prisoners were surrounded by
deputy Sheriffs at they were led Into
tha courtroom, every teat of which waa
filled. Outside the rail was a motley
aggregation of men. and many well
dressed women who had come to hear
the doom of the four gangsters.
Lewis Is Sentenced First.
All were ranged In front of the rail,
with Whltey Lewis on the extreme left,
followed by Dago Frank, Lefty Louie
and Gyp tho Blood In order., Iewis was
the first to be sentenced. 'Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Frank Moss moved tha
judgment of death. When Clerk Penny
demanded wnemer Whltey had any
reason to Interpose, showing why he
should not be sentenced, counsel for tha
men, former Magistrate Wahle, read ten
objections. Eight of the ten were based
on the fact that the Legislature had
last February created a new county of
the Bronx, but that despite this action,
tho four men bad been Indicted by a
grand jury drawn from both Manhattan
and tht Bronx, and tried before a jury
drown from both counties despite the
fact that the code provided that per
sons accused of crime should have their
cases presented to a grand Jury drawn
from tne county in which the crime wat
The other two objections were that
the verdict was contrary to law and
the evidence and wat due to publio
clamor and prejudice.
None Shows Any Emotion.
Each objection was formally over
ruled und Justice Ooff Imposed sen
tence of death In Sing sing prison dur
ing )he week commencing January 1
As each man was sentenced in turn
he was hurried out of the court room
and back to the Tombs. There, when
all were together, they were hand
cuffed to deputies and, with other
deputies alongside, were hustled into
an Iron-clad prison van and rushed to
the urana central station, where the
11:40 train was taken to Osstnlng. Har
burger had reserved un entire day coach
for his prisoners, and armed men stood
on tho platforms and insldo the doors
ready to resist any attempt at rescue.
None of the men showed the slightest
emotion. Frank was the only one to
say goud-by to their counsel, shaking
hands with Wahle before he was led
out of the courtroom.
It Is expected that a formal notloe of
appeal, whloh will automatically act as
a stay, will bo (tied with the District
attorney and tho warden of Blng Sing
within the next week or ten duys.
King Says Farewell
To Larz Anderson
BRUSSELS, Belgium. Nov. M.-Tho re
tiring American minister, Lars Ander
son, yrsteiduy wwua received In audi-
enco ny mo tniK.
Ho presented his letters of recall. Mr.
Andereon was recently appointed am
bassador to Japan.
Scnitt nnd Home Will Start Inquiry Into
Consolidation of Utilities of
By JTOf Off 0. WVLXJVn
The anti-merger suit which the District government
has brought in the local courts is likely to be tried In Con
gress as well as in the courts.
The Congressional trial will be in form of a detailed
investigation of the merger proceedings, with a view to
getting at the bottom of the whole business, clearing away
the mystery that has surrounded it, and recommending a
proper proceeding for Congress to take in conservation of
the public interest.
The extent of Congressional concern about the mer
ger and inflation plans was made apparent today, when it
was learned that on the opening day of Congress reso
lutions will be introduced in both Senate and House, look
ing to such an investigation. These resolutions will recite
the substance of the allegations which have been written
into the petition that Corporation Counsel Thomas has
filed in the Supreme Court of the District, in connection
with his prayer for an injunction against the merger.
Will Send Him Anyway, He
Says, and It Would Save
Family Trouble.
RICHMOND, Va., Nov. M 'Iff a
pity they didn't convict blm of nrst
degree murder and sentence blm to
be alectrocuted with further ado,"
said Flcd Allen In hit death cell at
tho Virginia penitentiary today, com
menting on theHrat trial of bit
brother, Sldna Allen, which resulted
In a verdict of fifteen years In tho
Stats penitential y.
"For thoy will send blm to tbe chair,
even If the have to try blm for kill
ing of every man in tne court room
and for every bullet holt In tho wall,'
Allen continued. "As It Is, Bldna, as
well at other members pf his family,
will have to go through all sorts at
worry and trouble before he la finally
sent down here to be electrocuted.
"Floyd, ringleader of the gang which
shot up Hlllsvllle court, seems resigned
to hit own fate, and aparently cherishes
little hope of getting his death sentence
commuted, although ha Is hopeful that
his son. Claude, who occupies a cell
next to his, may yet escape the chajr.
Women With Hammers Awaiting
News of Their Can
didate. LONDON. Nov. 28,-Tho Hrat English
election with women's rights at Us
main Issue was In progress today tn
the Bow and Bromley parliamentary
district of London. '
The candidates wcro George, Luns
bury. until recently a Socialist Labor
member of parliament, from Bow and
Bromley, and Reginald Blair, a Con
servative. Lansbury recently resigned
from parliament because his party con
tinued to support the Liberal adminis
tration despite tha fact that the Liber
als refused to Introduce equal rights
Suffragette have been working ener
getically for him und were out today
in strong force, despite a heavy rain,
urging electors to cast Lansbury votes
and taking voters to the polls In au
tomobiles. The police have warned shopkeepers
In Bow and Bromley to keep their win
dows shuttered tonight as they have
learned that militant suffragettes have
bought 300 hammers for a carnival of
smashing In tho event of Lansbury's
Joint Probe Possible.
The resolutions which will be In
troduced will provide for Investiga
tions by the District of Columbia
Committees. It is possible that a
Joint investigation may later be de
cided upon, but at present there
have been no conferences between
the House and Senate people Inter
ested in tbe measure.
In tho Senate, Mr. Pomerene of
Ohio will probably Introduce the
resolution, directing the Senate Dis
trict Committee to do the work, and
giving it full powers of summoning
witnesses, engaging counsel, etc.
In the House a like resolution will
direct the District Committee of that
body 'to make the inquiry.
Two Inquiries Needless.
It Is not expected to attempt two par
allel Inquisitions Into tho tame subject;
tho object of Initiating tho matter in
both houses la to assure the greatest
possible haste. Whenever one houaa
shall have passed its own resolution
tho other will be asked to postpone In
definitely the measure pending before .L
Even this, however, may be modified.
In case the body which nrst acts ahull
place the Inquiry la the hands of any
subcommittee wnoso personnel suggests
the possibility of an lncomniete or un.
satisfactory proceeding. The men who
fjfe.i or he movement do not Intend
that thcru shall be any half-way busi
ness or whitewash. On the other hand,
there hat been consideration of the de
sirability of a joint Investigation, tho
Idea being that thla might prove the
most effective way to g..t at the facts
about the mysterious hold-un of the
public utilities measure In the lluuso
last session.
.M w'i' 0B .Sol.nt,'d out- tn H'o resolu
lion that win be urged for early pusr
age. that the Washington Railway and
Klectro Company has no authority to
merge with any other street car :om
pany except under the provisions of
the act of June s, 1900; but that, not
withstanding this, the management of
that company has been manipulating
stocks, has declared dividends whlcn
aro believed hot to have been earned,
and has secured control of the cum.
pnny'a stock, and now- proposes to tuin
It over at fictitious prices to the Wash
tnuton Utilities Company.
Alien Jurisdiction.
This company, it will be recited. Is
simply a project to Inflate verv greatly
tho capitalisation of the local utilities.
and also to remove their ultimate con
trol from the local turlsdtctlon. by hold
In that control through an alien corpo
ration, chartered by the state of Vir
ginia. In view of these and other facts that
will be set forth, and which will be
characterized aa tn violation of the nub
ile interest, the Investigation will bo
directed. It will be ordered, further,
that all sittings shall be public.
There Is little doubt that one or the
other house will very early pass a reso
lution to this effect.
The returning members of Congress
have been trooping around to the Dis
trict Building to Inform themselves t
to the details of the merger plans, and
Intense Indignation has been expressed
bv.mony of them. Tho belief thut a de
liberate attempt lias been mude hur
riedly to "put over" something In tht
absence of Congress, and beforo there
could be any Interference, has aroused
a vigorous purpose to head oft the proj
ect If It is possible
Synchronously with the application of
pretsuro through the Investigation pro
cedure, the effort will also bo redoubled,
to force the earlv nliun nf th nubile,
'utilities commission hill- which l lnnir
ago gone through the Senate, But has
been held up in the House committee.

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