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Legal Talent Lined Up in blew York Today to Represent Both Sides in Fogel Investigation
Army Tutor Gives His Ideas and Experiences as Instruc
tor at West Point and Elsewhere Does
Not Bother About Diet.
These Baseball Men Are in Center of Fogel Mix-Up
National League and President of Phillies Meet' to Invcs
tigate Latter' s Alleged Statement That Race Was
"Framed Up.
Trahw At Wtt Polat and of the New York Giants.
'b talking about football, moat peopla
thtnk only of the 'players on the two
teens, or, If not that, at leait of the
ooaeb. The players do the work, and
whatever mention comte their way le
esearvad. it U right that they should
be written up In the papers, and that
people ahould be Interested In them.
It U alee fair that the coach should
be appreciated, (or most of his hard
work does not show up very proml-
Ike eeaoh is a very Important man,
aa it Is not too much to say that
a food ooach makes a winning; team
oat of a fallara, and that a poor coach
would fall with a winning team. I am
Bet criticising the attention which has
koto ftren to players or coaehea;"for,
as X have said, they deserve all they
ant In the line of the public's appre
ciation. But there Is one man pn every
Important football team whom few peo
ple know much about, and that man is
tke trainer.
Takes Koch Time. '
Te work ' of a trainer during the
season It rather Important and oeeu
food. No trainer ever settled upon a
distinctive system which applied to
every man on his squad 'beyond a few
simple rules which are rood for every
one. He has to use Judgment and fit
his system to the needs of the Individ
ual. System. Is a great thing, and It
has Its place In athletic training, but
common sense le a still greater thing,
and where system crowds out common
sense It Is time to call a halt
Every trainer has his own Ideas of
what Is the best diet for his men. In
most cases his Ideas are the result of
his own experience bssed upon what
he has proved to bring the best re
sults. Trainers' opinions differ like the
opinions of people of any other profes
sion. Personally, I have never favored
vegetarianism. Soma people consider
that this Is the best course to pursue In
athletlo training, but I do not think so.
I havs never found It so in my ex
perience. Hti Own Ideas.
It Is true that there are some ath
letes who are known vegotarlans and
who are successful In their profession.
But where there Is one such athlete there
are easily a hundred who .eat meat
mora or less. I do not think that any
special kind of diet Is required to bring
a man Into the best oosslbte shape. It
his time fully. His work goes i ' SSS'SKiiKVi'V-i ma".ca? S?5om.e
able diet. He has to use brains, of
hand In hand with that of a head
eaach, but does not conflict In any way
with the duties. of that official. The
eeach la Interested only In teaching
the men how to play the game and
S rooting their movements on the field,
a takes such material as the fielder
Stvaa Mm, and from this material
builds up the taam. The trainer, on
the other hand, is not concerned tn
.the least over what football knowledge
the men may have. Often he does not
know much amout football himself, and
I am free to confess I do not.
The trainer's whole werk Is oonflned
to the physical condition of the men
toward getting them Into proper shape
for the' strenuous and aomotfmts dan
gerous combats on the gridiron. Jio de
cides absolutely whether or noi a play
er Is In lit condition to take part In any
given contest. He is responsible for the
condition of every man in the squad,
and sees that they keep In proper train
ing during the football season.
In order to do this he has to pre
scribe even the diet of the football
quad. He also has to supervise their
personal conduct to a considerable ex
tent during the season.
In my own experience I have never giv
en too much Importance to the theories
of diet. Nowadays It Is a common thing
10 see a great seal in print about
courses of eating and drinking and ex
ercise. There are many people who
think they can determine by a set rule
lust what Is the best course for a per-
"n w ioiiow. i ao not Deneve it can
IH2JHsHijslisHhr saSslliBsssESESBEsBSBBSssfiiSI J5flfc,MBMBMsaWBBsBBPFpi
xJmsMfK r'.Hi.j?
course, and take' the right kind of exer.
else. So far as I am concerned, the
more meat football players est within
reasonable limits, the better I like It
I have mr fads the same as every one
I always encourage the men to eat
Ice cream. I think It Is very beneficial
to mem, ana ror tne same reason i ais
courage the drinking of alcoholic liquor.
I will not allow the nlavera under my
charm at West Point to drink coffee.
Coffee Is not so injurious as liquor, but
It is along the same order. It affects
the nerves, and football players have to
Keep cool unaer.aimcuu circumstances.
A trainer sometimes has trouble In
enforcing his commands. I can say one
thlna- In favor of West Point. Football
players give the strictest obedience to
orders. The army discipline permits of
no Infractions, and the men who are
trained In 1U hard course are always
easy for the trainer to handle.
Enforcing Commands.
Consequently, whatever I tell the men.
no matter how foolish It seems to them,
they go right ahead and do It without
any questions asked. They never think
of complaining or arguing, but take my
orders literally just as they would obey
the order of a superior officer.
People talk a god deal about the
Harvard-Tale same. It Is a big game,
there la no doubt about that, but I do
not think It the equal of our own annual
game with Annapolis. More people turn
"Speed' 'Elliott Is in Predica
ment for Man to Run
His Team.
The Virginia eleven Is lacking a quar
terback today. "Bobby" Oooch Is re
ported sick. Oooch received a hard
blow on his nose In the Oeorgetown
contest, which, being coincident with
a bad otld, left him In rather poor con
dition for the strenuous practice of lsst
week. .,
Rntnrrinv nlaht he hod sevcro chills.
rnd he has been confined to his bed
ever since "Speed" Elliott remarked
last night that he was in a predicament
as whether to rely on Oooch or not for
the Noith Carolina game, Thanksgiving
!iifonAt l,Lnot t0 anr c0"iJr- J out to see the Harvard-Yale game, and Day. "I have assurance from Qooch's
7h" 2E.,..:;"-.,.Si.f, J'"""": I they take n more money at ine gate. ...,
Gridiron Championship Will
Be Celebrated Tomor
row Morning.
NEW YORK, Nov. MWlth hlgh-classi the first that the charges be silted to
legal talent to represent both the league g W'2tfW&&''
tlonal League goes Into session at the
Waldorf-Astoria today to hear the case
of Horace Fogel, president of the Phila
delphia club, charged with having Is-
Knf hr ! no crowd at anv athletic
contest In the whole year like that
which gathers at the West Polnt-An-napolls
football game.
The President ana vice rresiacm 01
which every one ought to do, and some
uungs wmen everyone ougnt not to do.
Strew On Diet
It Is Impossible to work out a sys
tem which shall apply to every person . th ITnlted States, all prominent Cabl
In every particular, for no two pconli'nnt officers. Senator and Represents
are alike. For that reason, I believe tlves and all high officials of the JJov-
that many of the fads which are so tbe Vrmy and navy, make a crowd
highly advertised by certain reformers which cannot be equaled, tn my opinion.
ottentimes ao as much harm as at any other game.
Borne hot stuff.
' There ought to be something doing
today when the charges of Horace
Fogel are laid on the table for Inspec
tion. Fogel reiterates his Innocence,
while Umpires Rlgler, Flnneran, Klem,
and Orth, with several newspaper men,
will testify against Fogel. President
Lynch Is said to favor an open meeting,
but It Is belloved that the leaguo In
tends to wash the linen behind closed
Qoes over course.
ing are Cy Young, Frank Chance, Mor
decal Brown, Eddie Bummers, Cy Mor
gan, King Cole, Barney Pelty, Jim
Vaughn, Jack Qulnn, Billy Sullivan,
Oabby Street, Charley Schmidt. Jim
Delchanty, Arthur Devlin, Danny Mur
phy, Brls Lord, and Matty MclntyiV.
This Is, Indeed, a list of one-time liars
who found their way out of the Ug
What Indians did.
The Oeorgetown cross-country team
Is lit Baltimore today taking u jog over
the route of the, race to be run on De
comber 7 for the South Atlantic title.
Oeorgetown should win this race with
Gallagher and others. If things break
right for Coach Mulligan the Blue and
Oray Is going to have the best all
around track team that It has ever been
ble to boast of.
Easy to dope.
It Is comparatively simple to show
Just why Harvard won Saturday's gamo
and just why given two lines of equal
strength the backflelds when compared
shewed Harvard In the lead. At the
same time how many of the so-called
experts, came out with the startling
announcement that Harvard would win
by. 39 points? Nine out of every ten
aid that Harvard would win by one
Basketball booms.
When Penn defeated the Indians, the
rpotllR'ut was flashed from them to the
Harvard and Yale teams. Last Satur
day the Springfield Training School
nearly got on even terms with the In
dlans. Look bark and noto that Glenn
Warner's charges have fought no less
than thirteen battles this year, and have
traveled thousands of miles doing it.
Flesh and blood cannot stand the strain
of such a campaign, .and losses In the
last few games are to do expccieu.
To stand pat.
A meeting of the basketball rules
oetnmlttee Is scheduled to be held In
New York, at which time the rules mil
a)' Interpreted. It Is to bo hoped that
some of the roughness will be elimi
nated this year. For the past few sei
sms the game has tiecome a verltablo
fight and Is. Indeed, harder fought,
fester, and more rough than football,
e -
Those who have gone.
Father Time was busy last baseball
son, and the list of former star
Hplayers taken out of the gamo Is
Startling. Numbered among the mlss-
.. v -aiivsv niiy nave kumv.
L Father Time was busy
JMason, and the list ol
rrTallplayers taken out ol
J startling. Numbered am
Western coaches aro coming out In un
qualified praise of the revised football
code and ask that It be allowed to stand
another year's trial. Several Uttlo de
ficiencies apparent may bo overcomo
with a general understanding and cau
tioning at tlio next Interpretation mcut
ine In the earlv tall. Stagg, of Chicago;
Yost, of Michigan: Williams, of Minne
sota, and Hammett, of Northwestern,
are said to havo expressed their un
qualified approval of the new game.
This man Kramer.
doctor that there Is nothing serious, but
the boy Is sure to be In a weakened
r.hvsluil condition even by Thursday.
Wo shall take him anyway and let him
start the game If possible.'
Qooch's absence necessitated another
chango In the Virginia llnc-up, Tood
going to quarterback and Acree to right
halfback. Landis was returned to his
old place at left halfback, thereby send
ing Mayer 10 me ncruuD. vihichw w.i
utatlonad at left end. These chanices
could not be deemed iwrmanent plnce a
lot depends on uoocu a possioia re
turn. However, the placing of Gillette
at the flank position, left vacant by
Harris' injury In the Georgetown game.
Indicates the fact that the former lUn-dotph-Macon
captain will start against
"Johnny" Dc Saulles, the. former
greatvYato quarter and cuptaln, arrived
yesterday to assist in tne nnai prepara
tions. De Saulles was formerly head
coach at Virginia. He spent a lot of
time with the kickers, paying special
attention to Burr Cook's drop kicking.
Cook was Instructed in the art of set
ting his kicks off quicker, a weakness
apparent In more than one game.
Later Elliott and De Saulles took hold
of the men In a light signal drill and
un tne assistance or a .nrisk air,
forced a lot of action Into the plays.
Another very light signal drill Is sched
uled for this afternoon, when practice
for the reason of 1912 will be brought
to a close. Tho team leaves Wednesday
noon for Ashland, fifteen miles outside
or jticnmona, wnera tney will be quar
tereo .until immediately before the
Georgetown Quint to
Play St. Joseph's Team
A picked team composed of George
town University freshmen and several
members of this year's Ill-fated Oeorge
town Prep School eleven will journoy
to Philadelphia on Thanksgiving Day
to play tho St. Joseph's School team of
the Quaker City.
The game wan originally scheduled
for the Blue and Oray youngsters, but
when the team disbanded three weeks
ago, the St. Joseph's management
agreed to play a team mado up of
preps and college freshmen If such an
eleven could be gathered together. Ac
cordingly Coach Ray Brown called for
candidates and from the big squad
which reported ho has developed an
aggregation that promlsos to give tho
Sleepy City youngsters a hard fight for
the honors.
Horace S. Foiel is president of Philadelphia National League dub, and ii
charged by President Thomas J. Lynch with asserting that the 191a campaign
was "crooked." Charlie Murphy, Cub boss, is believed to be behind Fogel. Ban
Johnson, bead of the American League, is watching events closely to take ad
vantage of them for his own league, while Garry Herrmann, president of tho
Cincinnati club and chairman of the national Commission, U trying to spread
oil on the troubled waters.
Members of the Board of Education,
professors, alumni and the student body
of Central High School tomorrow morn
ing In the assembly hall on O street
will hold tho second of the series of two
celebrations In honor of the champion
ship football eleven of tho institution.
The event will be the official presenta
tion of the Princeton Cup, emblematic
of the scholastic gridiron tltlo of the
In addition to Central's representa
tives, speeches will be mado by members
of trie-Washington branch of the Prince
ton Almunl Association and the cup will
be received on behalf of Central by Syl
van King, who was captain of the elev
en during the season just closed.
In addition to winning over all the
other high schools of the city without
being scored upon, Central was awarded
the prep scholastic title by virtue of
scoring moro points over the George
town preps than the total scored over
the preps by all tho Central teams of
past years.
sued both written and verbal statements
reflecting on tho Integrity of the Na
tional League President, Its umpires,
and the last pennant race. One of the
stormiest sessions In the history of tho
organisation Is predicted, and this
league has not been noted for peaceful
sesslona during the past few years.
Tho specific charge on which Fogel Is
to be tried are that he caused to be
printed In a Chicago paper during the
latter part of the season a signed state
ment In which be charged that tho Na
tional League race was "fixed" to that
New York would win. He further
charged. It Is alleged, that President
Lynch had Instructed his umpires to
favor ha New York club during the
race. The first statement, casting a re
flection on the Integrity of the sport,
caused bitter criticism throughout major
league circles, and the second was
Eromptly taken up by both President
,ynch and tho umpires.
Special Meeting.
A special meeting was called for thU
city on October 17, last to consider the
Fogel charges, but action waa deferred
until today after President Ljrnoh bad
addressed the club owners In regard to
the charges. Fogel was represented by
counsel, who contended that his client
must first bo served wth a copy of tho
charges before any hearing; could be
held. Tho legal technicalities Involved
In the dispute were eagerly accepted by
Fogel. who wished to "spar for time,"
and the meeting adjourned after naming
November 20 as the day on which tho
charges would be aired.
Since that time all sorts of baseball
rumors have been coming out of Phila
delphia, and at one time It appeared- as
n tne real owner or tne ciud, wno noiaa
of his oosltlon.
to hold fast He has promised legal
tangles for President Lynch and the
club owners to prevent the hearing or
the taking of any action against him If
the charges are proved, and It waa hint
ed last night that a court might bo peti
tioned to prevent the hearing scheduled
today. It was declared that Fowl's
counsel would question the right of the
league, from a legal standpoint to take
any action against a club owner, and.
If no other means succeeded, seek an
Injunction. Less than two weeks ago
Mr. Fogel mado an effort to have the
hearing again postponed until the an
nual meeting of the league In December,
and he wrote to all the club presidents,
requesting that this change be brought
about, but his efforts failed.
Bitter Denunciation.
Fogel has been Mttar In Ms denaoeta.
tlon of Mr. Lynch slnoe the meeting was 1
called, and he has said emphatically
that the National League president can
not be re-elected. Mr. Lynch, on the
other hand, refuses to say anything
bdoui tne presidency, ana win not even
sav that he Is a candidate. s)i his
charge to tho club owners at ths Octo
ber special meeting he said that If Fo
gel's charges were proved he waa not
fit to be at the head of the league, and
he added that If they were disproved,
Fogel should step down and out of
baseball, Mr. Lynch has Insisted from
' ff,fV1s
pose, either, to retire front the game
or to .remain In his present position
with the charge of dishonorable dealln
standing against him; and he nuts it
squarely up to Fogel to prove his
charges or take the consequence.
nnai ine consequences may be seems
to be a big pussle In National League
circles. There has been talk of Foiel
veiiia; vunva irom Desenau ana tne Na-
Kegel's note., would force the latter outl? York. In which the Oian,, cinch
uut Fogei nu managed
being c
tlonal League franchise taken away
from mm, but It Is not believed that the
league could do either. Ousting Fogel
rest solely with the real ownerl of tho
Philadelphia club, and the franchise
seems In no danger. There Is no creoa.
dent for this particular case, and Is
club owners realise that Fogel could
set up legal barriers to thwart as
action that they, may vote to take
against him, if his rights or those of
other stockholders are Involved. The
league la not bothering ao much about
Fogel's guilt or Innocence as on ths
question of what can be dona when the
verdlot la rendered.
Collects Erideasg,
President Lynch haa recently re
turned from a trip to Plttaburgh and
Chicago; where he Is said to have col
lected evidence to use against the
Philadelphia magnate. He also has
affidavits from several newspaper
men who are alleged to have heard
Fogel make some charges during the
last series between tho Giants and
Phillies at Philadelphia. The atate
ment with Fogel's name signed to It
as It appeared In the Chicago paper
la alao said to be In possession of the
league president
Umpire William Brennan will be at
the meeting with a demand that Fog
el retract certain atatementa alleged
to have been made against the Integ
rity of the National League umpires
if he wishes to avoid a suit for de
famation, of character, and other um
?lrea will probably be called upon to
sstlfy. Messrs. Rlgler, Flnneran.
Klem. and Orth. who umnlrerf the
nnal series between Philadelphia and
ed the pennant may be called upon,
aa It waa at thla particular time that
Fogel made his most notable ora
torical effort.
On the other hand, Mr. Fogel an
nounces that he bas a traveling bag
which fairly bulges with affidavits to
Rrove his loyalty to baseball, and he
aa made the threat that he will ex
pose some inside workings In the
National League. One of th best
lawyers of Philadelphia will repre
sent Fogel at today's hearing, and the
National League's Interests will be
safeguarded bv Attorney J. Conway
In looking over the boys who have
consistently performed In the athletic
world tho name of Frank Kramer can
not be consistently overlooked. Kramer
Is king of tho bicycle speed merchants
and for twelve years has been an out
and out champion against all comers.
He has participated In both long and
short races and now contemplates en
tcrlng the six-day grind again.
Reports emanating from Georgetown
that the team Is not In the best of
physical shape and Is likely to suffer a
setback In tho gamo Thursday with
Virginia Polytechnic Institute appear to
be well grounded. It la understood that
little hard work has been done since
the Virginia game, and if tho Blue and
Oray la to maintain its standing as tho
all-south Atlantic champion it must
show better form than It did against
Branch Bocock. who was onco quar-
4rhntk nl thn llllltnn. has the DCSt Of
reputations as a coach, and If there is
dltlon and ready to hand Georgetown
tho surprise of Its life. Those who are
familiar with the V. P, I, conditions re
port, the team confident of showing bet
ter form and better teamwork than Vir
ginia was able to get away with a week
ago Saturday,
Just now Oeorgetown Is In the throes
of a bad slump. The members of the
tesm were allowed to break training,
and according to Captain Hegarty few
have shown the proper spirit In getting
down to business. Thinking, perhsps,
that It waa all over after the Virginia
aP.Unrh?"l.Bout"t?d"o,Tt . Vo bea ' ffP. "d,!'"u& '. " &1
Georgetown. . The Plriof rivalry and - - -X ''K H'T
th feellne at V. P. I. Is such that the
team, however weak, will go on George
town Field with tho Idea of winning.
Virginia showed what could be done
against a hitherto invincible George
town eleven, and V. P. I. will come to
Washington with every hope of being
til few havo turned out with regularity.
Conditions may not be as bod as thev
aro painted but there is undisguised I
feeling at the Hilltop that the team Is
not getting down to work tn the proper
manner ami is not snowing tne ngnt
m m in Vlrorlnla. one better. Man altitude In thinking that the V. P. I.
for man; the V. P. I. team does not I team Is an easy proposition.
stack up with the Blue and Oray. One Bocock Is reported as having said that
thing Is certain. In teem work It will be
better drilled and will know football
from tne grounu up. . , .
Georgetown's performance against
Virginia was ono of a succession of In
dividual efforts which, fortunately for
the Blue and Oray. resulted In victory.
Georgetown was lucky not to bo tied,
and still luckier not to escape defeat,
although there was not a person who
saw the game but left with tho Idea
that Individually Georgetown had the
better eleven.
V. P. I. has had many green men this
year. Bocoi'k has been unable to get
thn team started until latn In tho fall
I but tho men are reported In prima con-
he expected his team to defeat George
town. The Blackabura- cadets will nrob-
ably outweigh the Blue and Gray and
If confidence Is to be placed In what
Bocock says several thousand followers
of the Techs will have reason to feel
eluted after tho game.
till Peaaa. Ava us. Past Offee.
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effects. The blood must be purified of all infectious matter before the
circulation can nourish the flesh tissues and stimulate them to the
healthy condition necessary to heal the sore. S. S. 8. heals old sores
by going down to the fountain-head of the trouble and driving out the
germs and morbid matters which are keeping the ulcer open. Then as
new, rich blood is carried to the place, the healing begins, all discharge
ceases, the inflammation leaves, new tissue and healthy flesh are formed,
and soon the ulcer is well. You are not wasting time when you use
S.S. S., but you are giving yourself the benefit of the very best treat,
ment for old sores. Book on Sores and Ulcers and medical advice free to
all who write and request same. Q. S. S. is sold at drug stores.
because you get your
money's worth In actual
clothes value. W do
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prices to make up our
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Tho Man's Dept. Store.
901-9 8th St. S. L
Down by tho
Navy Yurd,

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