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""p t
fiy o" Bowlers Fixed on Race in Championship lenpin Tournament At Palace Alleys
By Goldberg
Two Are Tied for First. Place
in District Championship
Navy Yard League to Roll Future
Sets at Ca";tol Hill
Although barely two weeks old. Uu
championship tenpln tournament now
in progress at the Palace Alleys haa
o formed Itself that the race for
maintenance of 'leadership Is one of
the keenest ever known In the hlstury
of bowling classic. One man has
dropped out of the triple tie that ex
isted for nearly a week and five havo
evened honors for second position.
During the ensuing week a marked
change In these standings Is looked
(or and there Is every Indication that
before the tournament Is a month old
the fight for leadership will become
even more desperate than the present
Thomas and Fields are now topnotch
cra In the Individual tournament each
'having won three and lost one match.
McKnew, W. Miller and Hat-wood, the
latter having taken Covert's place In
the race, are tonight's contestants.
Either McKnew or Miller are liable to
et out of the third place tie, for either
would bring their average up to -1.6(57
by winning two games. With these
possibilities the wmes will be watched
with Interest.
Last night's rounds developed great
snort for the participants and spec
tators. Krause. Brush, and Van lius
kltlr hslnir thi mnln attraction. aide-
Show and the vltagraph Included. Bruin
and Krause first took the alleys for
a nve-round bout. Brush making the
best record on grand total, and bid
ding fair to pocket first place had ho
not lost a. later match to Van Bus-
fctrk. In the first and second rounds
Brush clearly had the advantage of
Ilia nnnnnpnt hilt In thn third, fourth
and fifth Krause won by slight mat-
Kins, too small, however, to over
come Brush's early lead.
The second was a three-round attrac
tion between Krause and Van Buaklrk,
Krause retrieving his loss to Brush, by
taking Van Busklrk Into camp In all
Hires games. In the nnale. Van Bus
klrk and Brush went to the mat, the
former winning all the way, thereby
offsetting Brush's leaa.
V n '
Navy Yard League has changed Its
place of rolling from the Rathskeller
to Capitol HU1 Bowling Alleys and Bil
liard ronor, at Pennsylvania ave
nue 8. E. Three of the closest matches
of the season In that league were
bowled last night between B. and M.
Shops and Miscellaneous Shops, the
lormer taking two out of three sets.
The second round went to Miscellaneous
by the narrow margin of a single pin.
Agriculture and Census participated
In an unusually close trio of sets In
the Departmental Duckpln .League.
One match was won by a single pin
and another by seven pins. Census
took two out of three.
e -
In tho Terminal R. R. T. M. C. A.
league Ticket Office and Car Depart
ment staced a well contested trio of
games. Car Department nosed out a
three-pin victory In the Initial set,
while Ticket Office won by five pins
tn the second match. Car Department
took the final round by six pins.
At the Arcade League, Lnhor
ltes and Holmeads were at war. The
first set went to Holmeads, the second
waa a tie. score 512, and the lost set
went to Laborltes. Holmeads won the
toll-off for the tie game.
Climbers had no trouble taking three
Jtralgbt sets form I'otomac In the Na
lonal Capital Duckpln League at Rath
skeller alleys. Ryan and M. Boer were
tO0 Sieimr I biub iui villiwni niiiiv
Qrlffln starred for the losers.
With the tenpins. Commissioners and
Bureaus battled In tho Departmental
League. Commissioners took two out of
three Bureaus losing the rare luck
Which they had In the first set,
WashTnBton Railway and, Relief As
sociation had Eastern and Lighting
Company rolling at the big maples.
Eastern pocketed all sets.
Following are tho matches scheduled
in local leagues tonlKht:
Departmental Tenpln League, Navy
vs. war.
Colonial League, Virginians vs. Man
hattans. Northeastern Duckpln League, Keane
Company vs. Haggertys.
Southern Clerks' League, Law vs.
Commercial League, Hahn vs. Judd &
Petweller. .....
Departmental Duckpln League, Bu
reau vs. Pension.
Navy Yard League. Miscellaneous vs.
Breach' Mechanic (at 309 Pennsylvania
Arcade League, Bankers vs. Arcade
Terminal League, Station No. 1 vs.
Station No. ?. , . .
Interdenominational League, all teams.
National Capital League, Casinos vs.
District Duckpln League, Hummers
vs. Resolltcs.
Tomorrow's Sports
v m. C. A. Indoor contests, 8 p. m.
National Guard basketball Com
pany U First Regiment vs. Company
p, Second Holment.
Annual tournament of the Mlddlo
States Bowling Association opens at
Kansas Gltv.
Abo Attell vs. OUle Kirk, eight
rounds, at St. Louis.
Jake Abel vs. Yankee Schwartz,
eight rounds, at Chattanooga.
Freddie Daniels vs. Bobby Waugh,
ten rounds, at Fort Worth.
Nelson Challenges.
Carl Nelson, a middleweight wrestler
of Soranton, Pa., has Issued a don to
all athletes of Washington J'elshlmr
around l&o pounds. Nelson's address Is
General Delivery, Bcranton, Pa.
. i
( f40R.tlrnR, bR, 1 jS ' AajN Villi YbUl f " MtS ILL lVe N tiKRKlt & asaa a. "4tH?to '
wiu foJiuri's ) Wes, 2S-V a Rope) tes, , ( Voo wit m y . WBm I M THE GUY r
"JSSIlf 1 I KSMtrTOL Asero? 6AvrrtFUL q Turkic . W AFpRW furrus f,
Xfrwri V Suwfetnof J N Russian I esewce op I i. rKsmAo birJAjs?WITy ( slVev, ) .VtTwe V
' r
Devore, Last Year's All
America, Returns to Form
in Syracuse Game.
WE8T POINT. Nov. 20. The Army
team will piltahe finishing- touches to
Its plays' to be used against the Navy
on Saturday In two more hard practice
sessions thlH week. The cadets were
rested yesterday after their nurd battle
against Syracuse last Saturduy. Tho
coaches sent all hands to the gym.
where a special lecture was delivered
by Head Coach Ernest Graves, Illus
trated on a blackboard.
The team came out of Vlie game
with Syracuse In excellent condition.
Morkoe Is the only real cripple. Ha
Is one of tho Army's hest ends, and
was hurt In Saturday's game. Ho
went to the hospital today with a
bad lee. but Is expected to get buck
to work with the team In one or two
of the scrimmages before It leaves hero
ror Philadelphia on rrlduy.
Devore has returned to his true form.
and In the Syracuse game proved lie
Is himself once more. He was ull over
the field and In every pluy. Weyand's
game at guard was especially gratify
ing, and the big fellow has clinched
his title to tho position.
The other guard position will be hotly
contested for this week between Hus
ton, Herrlck and Jones, ull aggressive
men. Kcyea' work at fullback In the
Hyrncuso game was a revelation. His
punting was tho best done by any
Army back this season, aid he has
without doubt displaced Hobbs as the
Army's kicker. Keycs Is the best drop
kicker the Army ever had, and as a
lino smashing back has few equals.
Hilltop Basketball
Team to Play F. & M.
Ono of the best games In Georgetown
University's basketball schedule was
booked for eFbruary 20 at the Arcade
Skating rink, when Manager Madlgan
yesterday completed arrangements with
the Franklin and Marshall College quint
for that date. If last year's contest be
tween the Blue una Gray and the Lan
caster Institution can be tnken as u
criterion, this combat should ho ex
tremely fast and hard fought, for last
season the Hllltopera won out In the final
minute of play, 3J-2S, after one of the
most closely contested struggles of the
As Franklin and Marshall will bo rep
resented bv nractlcally the same aggi li
gation that made such an enviable let
ord In the great winter sport a year
ago, the West End five will have a hard
task before them If they are to keep
unbroken their string of victories
against tho Pennsylvania collegians.
Captain waidren of tho Hilltoppers is
confident that his aquad will be able to
carry off tho game by a comfortable
Jourdet, Penn Star End,
May Not Play on Team
veralty of Pennsylvania football squad
held ita lust scrimmage octore tno
game with Cornell on Thanksgiving
Day yestciday. Tho teum and sub
stitutes will ho taken tomorrow to
I White Marsh, where they will hold
their final drills. Pennsylvania coaches
.are not underestimating tho strength
'of Cornell, which hus been coached all
season with the rensyivanla gume In
view. I.on Jourdet, tho Pennsylvania
end, has an arm in a sling, and may
bo compelled to watch the pmo from
tho side linos, but all the other legu
lurs were in unlfoim.
Arcade Indoor Baseball
Team Tackles Nationals
Dick Robertson and Joe Olebcl, the
Savannah baseball team's buttery will
figure In an Indoor basnbull gume at the
Arcade tonight. O'pbcl will catch Buck
Barton, while Robertson will pitch to
Dutch" Munch.
Robertson and Munch, for the Arcade
lAum will endeavor to land tho rubber
game of the series each team having
won a game, ine game is scneuieu to
start at o'clock.
We have only a few brief suggestions to slip the eminent assemblage
composing the National League. They follow In order:
1. Indorse Prof. Fogel, the Philadelphia pot-pourri, and thereby admit
his charges were true.
2. Shoot an ovation and a rising vote'of thanks to C. Webb Murphy,
the Chicago chantlcler, In behalf ot his untiring efforts to lift baseball to
a higher plane.
3. Offer a silver loving cup, suitably engraven, to the magnate who
can defame his own league and the game in the worst possible manner.
4. Frame up a standing platform of political Intrigue and trickery
and hang all fans and successful managers in effigy.
After which said magnates can lay plans to sell their ball parks for so
much junk about two years hence and apply for admission Into some class
D circuit.
The Fogel Case, Etc.
It is no longer a case of the National League vs. Fogel, but a case ot
tho National League vs. clean baseball.
If the older circuit cares to stand for Fogel, Murphy, and the like
cares to Indorse charges of crookedness, contract breaking, and continual
bickering, there's no one to prevent It committing hari-kari at the earliest
moment For if tho present program continues the fanatics who still have
something to say about It all at the box office, will frame a thicker cluster
ot boobs than we figure them to be it they trail with such an organization
much further along the trail.
Tho game should receive greater protection from the magnates than
from anyone else. They are In position to do the game greater good and
have more coin at stake than anyone else. Wherefore we. suggest three
lusty cheers for Messrs. Fogel and Murphy, the Uplift Kids and the last
words in clean-cut sportsmansnip,
"Vmir rount Indictment against
nrotHnir inttnr. Wn haven't brouKbt
v - .. . . a .w-
was Harvaras assignment, ana iuo
nmnii,r .ait Ktcham should
and Murray. They also know what It
the cast was somewhere else.
The Case of
Lefty Flynn, like Ping Bodle, Was the victim of a name. If Lefty's
cog had been Harold Bliss or Percy Pomeroy. the early headlines would
not have blaied so compactly In his general direction and thereby pushed
him nn Impossible situation.
It wasn't so much that Lefty wasn't there as It was that Lefty wasn't
up to the big roar promised by the early fusillade of type. For a green
runner tolling with a dismantled eleven, punctured In about eight vulner
able spots Mr. Flynn did well enough. Beyond ramming bis hoof into the
All-Conference and All-Western
Teams Picked by
George Axelson.
Now that football In tho West Is
about concluded, all-star wm r
making their appearance. The " two
are chosen by George W. Axelson. a
Chicago tooioaii wni .,.---...
merit. Ho chooses an All-Conference
team and an All-Western team, thus
letting Michigan's stars havo a chance
atAxeUon'a0rAll-Conference eleven Is as
follows: Hoejre.. Wisconsin. nu vru-
MnnesoYa" and "i?u"lW. WiiSSTK
tackles: Hanson. Iowa. "".
Wisconsin, guurao. " -rago.
"enter" Gillette, Wisconsin, quart
erback: Van Riper, Wisconsin, and Mc
AlmSn.' Minnesota.' halfbacks; Tanberg.
Wisconsin, fullback. ,....
The All-Western eleven consists of
Pontius? Michigan, and Hoeffel. Wis
consin, ends: Shaughnessey. M nne.ota,
and Butler. Wisconsin, tackles: Patter
son Michigan, and Keeler. Wisconsin,
guards; Des Jardleu. Chicago, center;
Gillette. Wisconsin, quarterback; .Van
Riper. Wisconsin, and Cral. Mlchlpn,
halfbacks; Tanberg. Wisconsin, full
back. Krug To Try.
Marty KniR. the utility Indeldor ot
- - -"- is- mriii unttinrtltf rtt sit sin at
hort next icason la tb regular llno-up.
wnaiever wo suire.
Yale." begins a follower of the Blue, In
anr indictment against rate, mat
a. .ll.. ... 9fl . Al
kuioui .. v.
shake hands with Mathewson, Heriog,
means to be there when the rest of
L. Flynn.
Big Red Team Makes Ready
for Penn on Thurs
day. ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.. Nov. M.
Tho Cornell football squad, consisting
of twenty-seven men, with Coaches
SharpV.'Reed, and Vanorman, Trainer
John P. Moakley, and a corps of rub
bers, arrived hire, where the players
will rest and prepare signals for the
last gamo of the season on Thanks
giving Day with Pennsylvania at Phila
delphia. All th men aro In good con
dition. Tho students turned out In a mass at
Ithaca last night and paraded to the
station to send the team on Its way.
The coaches would not Klve a predic
tion as to the outcome of the game,
but said they expected to hold Penn
sylvania to a small score.
Thorpe Wants Release
From Carlisle School
WORCESTER, Mass., Nov. 26.-BC-cause
of his dislike of notorloty which
his athletic prowess has brought him,
Jim Thorpe, the famous Indian athlete,
announced today that he intended to
sever his connection with Carllalo after
the Indians play Brown Thanksgiving
ball, Lefty couldn't have done much
had been a cross between a bison, an
Having gathered in the balldom and football championships, Boston
Is willing to concede tho wrestling title to Bulgaria or Humboldt, Iowa.
In the festive battle of rouge et nolr this dlzcy season, those who
played the red should worry a lot about the Increased stipend of existence.
The only trouble Boston faces now In the red-hosed aftermath lies
In quelling a promised riot as to which bloke deserves the greatest cluster
of laurel Brlckley, Speaker, Wood, or Felton. Heroes have grown so
common and densely populated around the Hub this season that another
Dewey wouldn't be good for two-thirds ot three cheers, launched above a
' An athlete who can't hit .400 or boot an average of three field goals
per battle will hereafter be charged admission Into a Boston field with the
wear and tear on his uniform attached to the total.
A Unique Season.
It Is better to give, they say, than to receive. Working upon this
generous motto, almost every champion has in a way been decided by a
lavish gift rather from earning effort
Snodgrass, Merklc, etc., slipped the world series championship to the
Red Sox, using a radium platter surrounded by a fringe ot ferns.
In the Yale-Princeton Jubilee six of tho twelve points scored came
from rival mistakes.
Harvard had the stuff to beat Yale in any case, but Harvard didn't need
It Adopting the 1912 system. Yale. lost no precious Ume In expending her
generosity, handing Harvard the verdict with a polite bow and threo cheers.
Leaving comparative merit aside, all an athlete had to do to achieve
a championship this season waa trot around on a- muffed fly or patter
over on a fumbled punt Which Is selling no credit from those who were
poised for the trotting around and the pattering when the show-down
blew in.
For there is always something In being around when the keg Is
opened or the cork yanked out.
Havinr discovered that the supply ot unclean linen was entirely too
heavX one' week's washing It waa only natural that the National League
. ". I .,"... ., j.. tn another vear or two the N. L. will prob-
Sbtyd.spen.ewim the schedule and the playing., eason to put In full time
on their main work at hand.
One ranking has placed Harvard first. Princeton second. Dartmouth
third, and Yale fourth. All that Penn State was fit for, apparently, was
to win Its games. .
Seven Members Who Have
Year More to Play Start
Against Army.
ANNAPOLIS. Md., Nov. K.-Ono
class, the second, will furnish the grsat
preponderance of the strength of the
Navy team against the Army this year.
Beven members of that class wlll'cer
talnly be In the line-up nt the beginning
of the game on Franklin Field Satur
day, and there Is a chance that there
will be eight in addition to this, at least
three or four of the best substitutes,
players who are certain of getting In
tho game at some period, belong to the
same class.
The members of tho second class who
are certain of starting tn tne Array
game are: Captain Rodes, quarterback;
Leonard and icitevjr, niuw.
Brown, right guard; and Gilchrist, right
end. Either Vaughan or Howe will be
at left guard, and either Ralston or
Redman ot right tackle. All four of
these are members of the second class.
Eight of One Class.
This makes It a certainty that thero
will be eight members of this remark
able class In the line-up at the outset.
Overesch,. a third class man, will
probably start at left end, but he la
closely pushed by Ingram, a second
class man. Perty, third class, appears
Grantland Rice
more under Yale's 1912 system It ho
eel, and a Thompson's gaxelle.
to have nosed out Walker, second class,
but the margin between them Is small.
Only two poslt'ons are certain to be
filled by members or other classes.
These are left tackle, where Hall, first
. mill trt uul fullback, which will
h hM dnwn bv Harrison, third cluss. I
Nlcholls, second class. Is the first choice j
Ak substitute either at halfback or quar
torhack and LAtlmore. of tho same
class. Is the next man for tackle after
those nanmed. Bates ad Collins are ex
cellent backfleld men belonging to the
same class.
Makes No Difference.
The preponderance as to class mem
bership will make no difference In the
enthusiasm ot the whole midshipman
body, however, and the team will be
supported as loyally as In former years.
With the help of Olcutt and McDevltt.
former Yalo players, the coaches start
ed In yesterday afternoon to put the
finishing touches on the team. The
firactlce waa secret and one of Its fea
ures was the excellent drop kicking ot
Leonard, already tho best punter on
the aquad. The Navy'a attempts at
field goals have heietofore been limited
to Brown's place kicking, but It Is prob
able 'that Leonaid 'will be given a
chance to show what he can do In the
drop kicking line If the ball Is held
within striking distance of tho Army's
goal. It Is probably that 0eresch, a
180-pounder, has displaced Ingram at
left end.
804 Seventeenth Street
27Y FARS .usvesstul sractlui
aWI CARS us oar ( Chrxais,
Asrvsws, aad Special Diseases atta
ad Hosnca.
Masuu Health " U Vas) Sd
fnxa Catarrh, Obealty. Rhtumatlim, Conju
gation. PIIm, Throat. Lubs. iirala. Howl,
Elesa. ana Bkla PUuw, Narveua iDtbllll;
KMmi DltMns. Bladdtr TreuMts. apacldi
Bfcisd Polsonlsc Eruptions. Vicars, U4 alt
ttfsts alssasw curaa lur u sy titi
auitaKS low. iNCLUniNo M&mctNg
rtltato WsJHsjt nom f or Lasts
II ft U I is s, luadars. U t ti
Thanksgiving Day Event
Promises to Be Well
Interest in the road race under the
auspices of the boys department of
the Y. M. C. A. tends to show that
tscmethlng like fifty entries will bo
forthcoming on Thanksgiving Day. The
courso has been mapped out and all
of the boys will start at Seventeenth
and B streets northwest, to finish at
tho association building.
Entries for tho race so far are us
George Hecht, Thomas J. BIngley,
Sidney Leech, Basil L. Harlow, J. Mar
Meld, M. H. Nalman, Edward Wilde.
ltoger Lewis, Joel Rogers, L. Metcalt, J,
McDonald, John Free, Herbert Nichols,
If. Cochran Fisher, Thomas Houston,
Leroy Watklns, George Sutherland. C.
A. Smith. R. B. Wills, Charles Nash, H.
Hunt, Samuel Bernstein, A. W. Parsons,
Donald O. Kesler. O. Walker. A.
Blown. J. Sykes, T. Walker, William
Toon?. A. B. Moore. Victor Hartshorn,
Robert Kohr, Henry Fisher, Carl Por
ter. Roaer Blrdsell. Lnnforth Ruth.
William Davidson, Victor Marean, and
i.. xu Myers.
Lsj BrSUlflll BflaHUilUwIlmWIIfmHlulUiyBT Ulllllljni wyanBBQlsf VrSfJ uK
wa lccUH IDmllumillnUlUlmllWHivBLMMwWHinlill utHnsBBysBHsn M I.W
Vn I A?S9I ulinMillllBulllllMnilwlflIilisssVBKJllllBlll nBliSUBBnKf law
sl vv sMftnUIHaHilMHiBlllmlliiulIsi Itlflllll HHRDaBMeVr I bW
Regal Storm King
For cold and snow, for rain and puddles, there's
nothing else like English Sporting Grain Leather.
That is the strong, pliable, water
resisting stock WESTON
MODEL, is made of.
A Scotch Brogue -blucher
with wide extension edge and
other features like an English
Golf-boot. Double sole from
heel to toe, with a midsole of
wet-proof rawhide.
The low, extension walking
heel is welt-stitched. Weston
has half-bellows" tongue,
and the outside back stay
over-lapping the entire seam
seals out the moisture.
Wearers say it's a
wonderful five
dollars' worth of
foot - warmth,
dryness and
service. At
least, drop in
and look it over.
Xa- fW&r jGfm
or sx;l ssBr
Iff ( wa jsafJiar
If f j2b1ssIb5
fes. $5.00
Ir9 1003 Pennsylvania Ave., WashingtoiL n
m ForMMurfWtsUfl, SimuipeiSsambyErafiBfs jm
WIS m fssfajt ......ssislsslsBias-ss.. sssf sib
Technical and Business Clash
Today in Finale of
The final game of the lnterhlgh school
championship series will be played at
Union League Park today. Technical
taking the field against Business with
the Idea of gaining the runner-up posi
tion to Central.
Business, with a hope of establishing
a three-cornered tie for tho second place
position will put forth Ita best effort
to land the game. Should Business win
tho battle It will be the first tlms tn
the history of the school that the
Stenographers have been able to get
that high in tho championship stand
ing. Business has. defeated Western and
played Eastern and Central cloer
games than other Orange and Blue
elevens have been able to do. Coach
Farmer Is more than anxious to land
the game today as it will mean a big
feather tn his cap.
Oriet Bought.
Memphis has purchased Shortstop
William Oriet of the champion Missoula
team of the Union Association.
Rutsst Blucher
If iM' X
m K7 JH.V.IV

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