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Annual Meeting of Central
Cimittce of Society to Be
skssW Held Next Month.
Tfce eomprabenalvs plans of tb Amr
toaa Had Crow for th organisation of
mral nursing Mrvloo and tbt plana
'or a natlon-wld education of woman
to firit aid and home nursing will b
esplalaad la detail at the annual moot'
. Ini of the central commute of the
Red Croat, which will tie held De
cember II at the wlilard.
The proa-ram compr.se a morning and
afternoon Melon. At the lattar Prsl
deat Taft wUl pretlde.
the aotlvlUea of the District chapter
Will be described by lira. Theodora N.
McLaughlin, Christina aeala and their
amle wlU be treated by Secretary
Charia I Hag, and the work of the
'war relief board wilt be reported by
Brig. Oen. Ooorg H. Torney, Major
Charlaa Lypeh. and Mlei Jan A. De
lano. National Dlreetor E. F. Bloknell
will stake report on the work of the
national relief board, and Huntington
Wilson. Aaaletant secretary of state,
will deaorlb the work of the Interna
tional relief board. A meeting of the
board of Incorporator! wilt be held at
Washington Will Celebrate in Various Ways Special
.Services Arranged in Churches All
Over City.
A nation, raanlna? from It million of The Rev. Dr. Randolph McKtm, na
acre of frtiu unit iha nutni har. of the church, will preach. Music, ap-
" -"" .wa. . ag. www.) aa -. 4k. aallaalHn aatlll taaa.
vest ever In It hlitory. today la com
pleting plana for a fitting commemora
tion of Thanksgiving Day. Washington,
the hub of the wheel of government,
waa all In a hustle and bustle today
making arrangement for the celebra-
l Hlla
at lljfj vliui viii fj 'w hwvv r
nrnnrlal. to th occasion, will he aunC.
A pell offering will b iekn tor
agd and Infirm Episcopal clergymen.
Communion will b taken at I o'cioek.
The congregation of the Church of
Our Father. UnlversalUt, and the Alt
Bouir unitarian unuron
rather for a
HH.V w..... .- T.r-" .-- . .
union aervlce at in au awuir wnurcn.
tlon of the event, which, next to Chi let- Preeldent Taft I expected to attend
maa Day and the Fourth of July, I
ntar.at to the hearu of all true Ameri
thla icrvlce. The Rev. Dr. John van
Bohalck. Jr.. pastor of the former
church, will preach the sermon
m meetln
While the man of mean, able to have Ration of the Mctrouo Han Methodist
tne rir.i j-ruaoj.a. mn. ant
upon- hi table all that hi heart de
(Ire, ha more to look for on thl day
than those less fortunate, still the hum
ble or needy will In come way or an
other b remembered. Rallying to the
help of the several hundred almost pau
pers who know not what It I to, be
able to enjoy a feast of their own taste,
are th Salvation Army, the Gospel
Mlstton. the Central Union Mission, the
Associated Charities, and many of th
church. In th effort to car for all
the unfortunate aom miserable may
be neglected, but th local doers of
charity hop thla will not b th case.
Sentiments Are Varied.
From th rise of the sun until twt
light the cltlsens of the District will
give vent to feelings of appreciation,
their sentiments being manifested In
union meeting between me congrs-
or trie
lal lha 1
Methodist 'Episcopal
UM. and at 1 o'clock a luncheon will ! varlou way. Bom will not consider
be served to delegate.
Th afternoon session will comprise a
series of report. MaJ. Oen. Oeorg
W. Davis will report the work of the
central committee, W. Frank Persons,
of Now York, will describe the Titanic
relief, and the work done for Mlsslsitp!
flood sufferer will be reported by C. M.
Hubbard and E. P. BIcknelL The Weat service. A choir of more than fifty
the day welt spent unless they take to
the field and woods In quest of gam.
Other more pious In their view will
go to their churches and there Join in
ong and praise of Him who blessed
At Calvary Baptist Church the con
gregations of more than twenty
churches of this denomination meet at
11 o'clock In a union praise and song
Virginia flood relief will be reported by
Jam F Jackson. Mis Mabel T.
Boardmaii will discus problem of th
Balkan war relief. The organization of
th flekl tural nursing service wfll b
dtaeoaand by Ml Fannie F. Clement,
and th plana for the first aid and horn
nunlng organisation by Mlsa Marlon Florence Crfttenton Home, and the cen
voices will sing. The Rev. B. D. Oaw,
pastor of the west Washington Bap
tist Church, will nreach the sermon.
"The Three Great Bcourges" I the
subject or a special aermon the Rev.
Dr. Samuel Woodrow, pastor of the
First Congregational.
deliver at
(ha Wesley
Churches, will he held at the latter
named church. Firth and a streets, at
11 o'clock, where a apadal sermon will
be delivered by the Rv, Dr. James
Bhra Montgomery, tutor of the Met
ropolitan Methodist Episcopal Chuiru.
At Foundry uemoaisi spiscopai
d. nam at
At Foundry Methodist
Church special aervlce will
U o'clock, conducted by the
Rev. Dr. W.-ll
ooator. t:
Wadderapoon, who
of oratltuda.'
preaches on "Th Orace
The church cnoir and quartet win eing
appropriate ong. During th dav the
church win send out a number of bas
kets filled with foodstuffs to worthy
oases that have eome to the congrega
tion's attention.. ..
The Rev. Dr. E. V. Regester will con.
duct a special aervlce at 11 o'clock at
the Mt Vernon Place Methodist Epis
copal Church, South.
Bt. Thorns' Episcopal Church, follow
ing; Its usual custom, will hold special
services at U o'clock. A sermon will
be preached by the Rev. Dr. C. Ernest
Smtthi A special musical program VII
be given.
To Unit In Service.
The congregations of Bt. Paut'a Eng
lish Lutheran and Luther Place Memor
ial Churches will unite In a praise aer
vlce at Bt Paul', where the Rev. Hen
ry Anitadt will preach.
Besides the union meeting of the Bap
tist church at Calvary, the neat larg
est service of this kind will be at Ing
ram Memorial Congregational Church.
where the congregations of the Ninth
. Ep
At o'cioek a reception to delegatea
will be held by Miss Boardman at her
home, 101 P street northwest
11 o'clorlr. A Thanltarivlna- nffrrlnr afreet Christian. Eoworth M. E.. Dour
will be taken tor tne Bruen Home, tne las M. m. jveuer Memorial, uo n.p
Florence Crfttenton Home, and the cen- worth M. E. Bouth Churches will gath-
tral Union Mission. The church choir er. The sermon will be preached by
of fifty voices will render a special the Rev. R U Fulta. of the Epworth
Madame Alia Bent Mahmid Aveni
Appeals to Government.
I Methodist Episcopal Church.
A almllir union meetln. wl
the Metropolitan Presbyterian Church at the Calvary Methodist
Droaram of anoronrlate sonars
- r- . --i ". ... r. r . -
ine Eastern jrcsoyienan cnurcn and
will be held
it KDlacona.1
join In a praise service at the last Church Bouth. at 11 o'clock, where the
named church. Newton T. Hammer congregations of the Dumbarton Avenue
will preach. The Rev. Paul Hlckolc Methodist Episcopal. West Street Pros
pastor of the Metropolitan Church, byterlan. the Evangelical Lutheran and
preaches the Thanksalvln sermon, his the Conaress Street Methodist Protest-
subject being "National Thanksgiving." ant Churches meet. The Rev. Dr. 3. C.
At tne unurcn or tne EPipnany. at li
o'clock, a special sen-Ice will be held.
Nicholson, of the Dumbarton Avenue
M. E. Church, will preacn.
Mme. Alia bent Mahmid Avenl and
her husband, Hossln Avenl, a Turkish
merchant, are In Washington to take
up with the State Department today
the proper settlement of a large estate
lef In Morocco by George Macllvaln, of
Philadelphia, her former husband, who
died In Fex two years ago. It I alleged
by th woman that the American con
sul In Morocco hss been extremely dis
courteous to her and that In the settle
ment of the estate she has gotten only
a part of It, administrators of the es
tate being permitted to take out big
fees. She now demands a satisfactory
settlement, and auks the State Depart
ment to assist her In It, as her former
husband wa an American cltlsen.
It 1 said that Macllvaln left an ae
tata In Philadelphia valued at 150,000
to hi wife, now Mme. Avenl, but no
great trouble has been experienced In
settling thl claim.
Thanksgiving Service.
Washington Council, Knights of Co
lumbus, following Its regular business
meeting tonl.ht nlll hold a Thanksgiv
ing union aervlce. A special program
has been arranged for the occasion. '
Named With Officials at Meeting
of New Organization.
Russell N. MacLennan la chief of the
newly organised clan of the Order of
Ucottlsh Clans here; Alexander C. Mac
Lennan Is past chief, Alexander Rob
ertson, "ganst;" Mr. Hlgglnson, record
ing secretary, and Dr. H. J. Bryson,
medical director. Other minor officials
v 111 be elected or appointed following
receipt of the charter, which has been
requested of the royal secretary, Peter
Kerr, of Boaton.
Complete organization of the clan Is
held pending the call or tho secretary,
uhlch Is expected In a few days.
Five Chinese Arrive.
A emissaries of the new Chinese re
public five young Celestial arrived In
town yesterday, joined the Y. M. C. A.,
and atarted to work. They are LI Taue
Ling, wang yu, hu ron Yuan, wang
Brown Bread Has Also Deterior
ated. Declares Eminent
"Boaton pie filler, which Is being sent
II over the country in bucket and
tubs. Is debasing the pies of all Chris
tendom," according to Dr. Harvey W.
Wiley, pure food expert
Boston's reputation for plea has been
ruined. Dr. Wiley said, on this account
Boston brown bread, he said, has also
deteriorated, probably because of the
poor molaases used In Its making.
Jumping lightly from the subject of
pure food, Dr. Wiley paid his respect
to piano thumping young women. Piano
thumping by young women when they
might be doing something better for the
family or mankind In general by learn
ing to cook and cook well, aro sinning
against the race In the opinion of Dr.
The doctor scored th mother who
Dr. Rommell Buys Solid
Bay Trotter at Old
Glory Sale.
Famous Brooklyn Minister
May Preach at New
Masonic Hall.
It I th opinion of aom of the char
let members of th newly, organised
Washington Temple wmen noias reui
umm. marft Huniliv afternoon
Maaonlo Tempt, that Pastor Charles T.
Unci Bam, In th gut of Or. Rom
mell, chief of the division of an.mal
husbandry, and th board of Govern
ment and private breeding experts, has
Just made the first purchase of a
breeding stallion, for the brooding or
army remount.
The solid bay trotting stallion Mac
Nunne was purchased at the Old Glory
horse salo In Marilann Rnuara daroVn.
- -; ..... .. -, .,,..T r.,. ...- ".i"VI-" .. ti
new Tork. His pile waa UP, thl jut " way. teamen una wi '
amount belna draWn from th. annen. . L""X .rao,S.5i ih op-
Demands Jury Trial.
Arraigned on a eharg of assaulting.
Orace Morehuid, Wad H. MoreUnd,
Pleaded not guilty In th United StaU
branch of the Police Court yesterday,
and demanded a jury trial. A warrant
charging Moreland with assault wag
Issued to Mrs. Moraland through th
District Attorney's office Saturday.
Automobile Ablaze.
Th automobile of Mrs. Maud H.
mlth, of 1441 MasaacbuMtt avenu
northwest, caught fir whll standing In
front of hr horn laat evening and wa
damaged 1100. The blag wa xtln
gvtbtd by members of the Fire De
partment, who responded to an alarm
from a nearby bog.
"Palestine on Horseback."
Th Bar. Dr. H. W. Wharton, of Bal
timore, lectures tonight at I o'clock In
th Metropolitan Baptist Church. Sixth
and A street northwest, on "a Trip
Through PalasUn on Horseback." Dr.
Wharton recently conducted a success
ful revival at the Weat Dapttst Church.
The lecture I given under the auspices
of the Baraca Sunday school class of
th church.
Closed All
Huaaall nf .ha
accept a call Attended to him. by th
local tea
he Brooklyn Tabernacle, will
temple to become It leader,
amount being drawn from the appro
prlatlon of l0,OW made by Congre
for the purpose of establishing a Gov
ernment stud for the army.
MacNunne, a handsome horse, will b
Ont to the Government breeding farm
at either Front Royal, Va.,. or to the
farm at Mlddteburg, Vt Ula purchase
by th Government created a lot of
Ulk at th aala and in nor drctea
throughout th country.
MacNunn la ais year old, and la
by McDougall-Th Nunne, with a three.
ar-oiu record of 2:2u. lie Is sixteen
hands high, ha perfect conformation,
and lega and feet. He waa aei.t to tne
sale by Peter Manning, or New York
Aa a four-year-old he went the ml.e in
2U flat, on the aire' side MacNu ne'a
pedigree Includes such well known per
formers as Kobert McGngo., Major
Bdsal, and Bourbon Wilkes, while on
,.5S,dl,u,I.,ud.e ne "og back to George
Wilkes and Nutwood.
The remount board, which Is superin
tending the work of securing a Govern
ment stud, met In New York Saturday
and Sunday to consider purchases. The
board decided upon MacNunne as tne
one of the best buy for the Govern
ment It .' Possible that other purchases
will be mode before the Old Giory sale
la concluded.
The Philippines government Is also
' .!." American market for breeding
tal'lons for crossing with the native
Filipino ponies. The Philippine gov
ernment Is endeavoring to Improve the
horseflesh of the Islands, and Frank
aearhart. In charge or animal bus
bandrr In the Philippines, haa been
tourln the Western States In search of
a sultsble stallion. He has found a
horse that Is to go to the Chicago show
and sale, beginning November , and
?5Br.cU. ,0 make a purcnas tor the
Philippine government.
L'ncie Hani a Army remount board haa
prepared Its estimates, and Is going to
make a request for a tGn.OOu appropria
tion from the next session of Congress
to carry on the work of breeding for
the army.
The board will adjourn Its meetings
in New York as soon aa the Old Glory
sale Is concluded. Whether or not rep
resentatives of the board will go to the
Chicago horsa show, and the following
sale him not been determined.
A ,.hiM. brdln" frm Is also to be
S.fii.'ki m..lh future. Several
available sites have been under dis
cussion, and members of the board
have looked over eernl of them.
Whan I. affaa flra. MintenlDlated Call-
In. than. Wiiaaall. u was maid that It waa
very unlikely that he would ba wiling
to sever m oonneciiona iv..ii.
learned tma aiiemoon inn
uirti.nt.v tn ffmm tn Washington.
t t h Pviaa. an. of th comm'tte
of th now tempi, aaa M that whlla i
nothing ha bn hard f Tom Pastor .
RusmiT he feel confident that h will
com hare. .. I
From UII a"0,..1 .'. J '
Pastor Ruatail wUl dlvld bU tlm ai
ucn aa poatiow awn urvnaijn am
ashlngton. .. , ,
tor ruisaeu i on . "-
I Shop
I Wednesday.
i n
fn 1
On Account
J Wednesday.!
kaown prehr In th worM today .He
began hla Independent mln try In Pltu
bgh In U7. H haa been pastor of
many congregation In thl oountry and
ofth Paddrnaton TabirnaeJe In Lon
don. It la said that h 'a the leading;
light of the International Bible Student
Association, which several months ago;
mt In Washington and went on record
aa Believing mere is no neii nm,
The Best
of Course.
At the Thanksgiving Feast the Best Comes Last
Kann's Delicious Confections
We are going to make these before your eyes tomorrow, so that you know they are perfectly
fresh, and made in the moat sanitary way of the best materials. Our price tomorrow is 35c a pound;
other places you know you pay about 00c a -pound.
Urge Percent, of Deaths
Tuberculosis Due to
T. Chong, and Chow uu.Hul. Two of pay real money and who have their
them win go to itaia ana tne outers asugnters waste years or vwuaoie time
will remain In Washington for the i taking piano lessons when a knowledge of
winter. t cooking Is the fundamental thing.
A Suggestion for THANKSGIVING!
Tuti-Fruti-Bkque or Maple Nut
"The Velvet Kind"
Made Under the Most Sanitary Conditions Possible.
Pure Pasteurized Cream Used Exclusively
and Scientifically treated
Vz gallon and 1 gallon lots and upward.
Prices as Follow:
Vz gallon, individual block (three assorted flavors) 85c
1 gallon, cut 6 portions to quart $1.50
Yl gallon, bulk (any flavor you wish) 75c
1 gallon, bulk (any flavor you wish) $1.25
Also special attention paid to private parties and entertainments. ,
Orders for THANKSGIVING must be in hand not later than
Thursday morning to insure prompt delivery. ,J
Chapin-Sacks Manufacturing Co.
Phone Line. 390 Cor. 1st and M Streets N. E.
Visitors are welcome at our plant, at all times. A guide always
in attendance.
Never take anything for (ranted with a
couh or cold, for the lonaer It clings to
you the more danieroua It baeomaa.
Chronic much end other disease. f weak
lunsa Can U ncraaifully treated by using
a preparation called airolln. a remarkable
Swiss remedy known to this country only
durlna the laet two years, but In that short
...... .. m uvna wonoerrui work la this dl-
klndrho,u,!7,5i JSP. iSf. " of any '
the relief .irered bTBtroim. """ j
Information about Blrolln ran be aacured In 1
this country from the Blrolln Co.. MS VVeit
S7..-, .: w w Pennsylvania ave. 8. E.i
. I1.r "'seman. iph r .t. hr. W.. and all
c'on.'fi.raSfi'ttcc.r lbM &&&
White Potatoes
Per Peck
Fancy Yellow Onions, "jy
per peck
Large new, fat Eg
Mackerel. "
50c Tea. any kind, OQr
per Iba
3 loaves Star of the 1Ar
East Bread for ,v
Mince Meat, per -. 1A
Pure Lard, per 134-C
lb ....... ...... "
Fancy Apples, eating riC
or cooking, per peck. ..''
5 sacks fine Table 1A
Salt for 'vw
3 dozen boxes Safety 1A
Matches for 'VW
High-grade Oleomar- Off
garine, per lb
No. iVz 8io can Gold
en Crown Syrup, per A
can yt
652 Park Road N.W.
Drastic and Tremendous Sacrifice
of Our Entire Stock of
We are making heroic efforts to move out our stock and
prices are deeply sacrificed on every garment in the house. This
compelled clearance is made necessary because of our being
forced to find new quarters.
The economies are unparalleled. Where else can you save
fifty cents on every dollar you spend for your winter clothes?
That's exactly what this Removal Sale means, for we have cut
prices squarely in half to dispose of our stock quickly.
Come tomorrow and select a warm, stylish OTercoat from thla
immense aatortmeat All kinds, all styles, all ilses here to choose
from and Just consider these wonderful Tallies told about below i
Men's $10.00 Overcoats go for $4.25
Men's $12.00 Overcoat go (or $6.50
Men's $15.00 Overcoat go for $8.75
Men's $18.00 Overcoats go for $10.50
Men's $20.00 Overcoat go for $11.75
Men's $25.00 Overcoat go for $14.50
Men's $35.00 Overcoat go for $19.75
Wonderful Values in Men's Fur Overcoats
Men' finest grade St. George's Kersey Overcoats, richly lined
with musk-rat fur, and trimmed with Persian Lamb collar. 0AS AA
Itegular price, 190.00. Removal Sale price w49UU
Men's Black Broadcloth-Kersey
Overcoats, full length; hand
somely trimmed with Persian
Lamb collar. Hogular $30.00 val
ue. Removal Sale CIO IK
price 9XVlQ
Men's Fur-lined Overcoats, lin
ed with Marmot (ur and trim
med with Persian Umb collar.
Tailored In the finest manner.
Regular 146.00 value. 9no CA
Removal Bale price tPaa-OatJU
Men's 120.00 and 18540 gaits uaest all wool materials, In.
cinaing rare norsieai, unssimerwa aaa raacr
tneriota, in smart ana correct colorings ana a
ilgas. Faultless In lit nnd workmanship. Ckalee
nvui materials, in-
" $10 75
eat. Tivaf U
Cor. 9th & E Sts. htiew
Importation Just In of th
high class dainties, glace pine
apples, cherries, apricot, figs,
pear, tc. soe at other store,
here apodal a pound.
Rich Dipped Off
Creams, lb., JsJs
With fillings of all kind of
nuts, dates, grapes, ngs, etc.
These also will ba mad at pe
dal demonstration booth, and
you can thua aeeur them dellc
Iously fresh and tempting for
your holiday feast at only Itc
a pound.
TI or more varieties, on a par
with th best 0o candy, and
equal to many kinds sold at SOc
a pound. Chocolates and bon
fresh shipment just received for
Thanksgiving Day. 25c reg- 1C-,
ularly, tomorrow. b J.fJv
Deception wafers, made m
our own factory, a decorative ad
dition to the table, delightful to
the taste. In orange and pepper
mint flavorings, a Q
pound Ou
well known 'good quality we sell
regularly at 20e a pound, to- Set
morrow for JLUC
mad In our candy factory: with
filling of walnuts, peanut, but
ternuts, and filberts, kind vou
pay GOo for elsewhere here QAa
tomorrow, a pound tJUv
Candy boxes of various kinds, with
m""" 5c nd 10c
Marshmallow turkeys, 10 in.
In a box, the box J.UI
Turkeys In crates, K
each OL
Candy Store and Bptclal Booths
Street Floor.
Thanksgiving Sale Gas Domes
$7.98 to $14.98 ValuesChoice Tomorrow
IT.IS Oas Domes of best solid brass In deep Umbrella shapfl
fitted with rich art gluts In wide colonial effect and deep
beaded fringe to match IS Inch size, high fancy collar, tomorrow
$11.98 Oas Domes, New Meth
od Art Glass Designs, rich fruit
and flower effects, both round
and square shapes, IS Inch to 22
Inch else, very elegant In style
and finish, choice tomorrow,
$. Oas Dome of beat solid
bras In Plain Colonial shape
with high Colonial collar, fitted
with panels of rich art glass
with deep tubular fringe to
match, 16 Inch alse, choice tomorrow.
mm a
Shop Early
For Christmas
Kann's Toy Store The
Most Complete in America
Advocates this movement la a
characteristic manner by quot
ing unprecedented values In
popular toys for tomorrow.
Styfe, Ghic and Simplicity
THIS HOYS' linn vwr.nff
rKDU, with rubber tires, steel
wheels throughout, adjustable
leather seat, polished wood
handle grips, good serviceable
velocipede, guaranteed suitable
for boys from :h to S 1 Qjr
years. Sate price 9X.V0
Vtr imW mlti nit, ah K..H...
wagon contains 6 cans; painted
a brilliant reu or royal
blue. Tomorrow
now on sale
in oqgmai
ST.00 II imdshM
9 m $9
TRUCK, with one horse only;
load consls's of boxes, barrel
and sacks; Is drawn by a 10-ln
plush, horse on roll- ef A1
era. Tomoirow
$1.75 BLACK
BOARDS, only 302
pieces exactly, 46
Inches high, 22
Inches wide; 12
different designs,
made of selected
ash. dark oak
finish, has desk
compart ment,
s t r o n g ly con
ducted. Buy one
tomorrow at.
$1.00 B
tjou decide
be sure
and examine
Only 5t when purchased with a
' at tne cfiattern Gaunter
Arc Yours for the Asking Do So Tomorrow
Thanksgiving Cakes and Pastry
Here la th. Meant
2Dc Lavcr Cakes, rich und delicious, made fresh
from rure Inmcdlents and laked on the premises,
good size. Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange, and IQn
Cocoanut. choice tomorrow v
26c Mince Meat Pics, mndn from high grade
pure irlnco meat with a rich flakey crust, ICp
full slsc, tomorrow amv
lc Pumpkin Pies rrade fresh Irom fresh pump
kin and bukert on the premlsos, full 1 A
size lw
40c Grade Fiult Cake made from new fresh
stock of fruits and properly easoned, very OK
rkh. per pound aa-tiv
VI'RY H1CII. ner dozen tVv
BEST KINDS, per dor.en
Hosiery Specials
Women's pure thread Silk Hose in black,
white, or tan, with spliced soles, high
spliced heels, and wide garter tops; f(t
splendid value tomorrow, pair U" t
Women's Silk Boot Hose, winter weight with
lisle tops, seamless foot and high
spliced heels, in. black, white, or tan; QC
tomorrow a pair ODC
Hosiery Store, Street Floor.
Women's SJSSL Felt Juliettes
Also Felt or Comfy Slippers, always sold at $1.00 to 7Q
$1.25, in a wonderful sale tomorrow, per pair C
Think, an opportunity to buy one of the best holiday sellers at a price usually associated with after Chrlxlmas.
not before. Wo had the chance to buy this lot at a price and accepted rlt, and glvo ou the bencilt. You know
tneSO .jUlieties U"U oui'l'da. mm aiiuu.u iw iiar early lui juui niiuir. i-i ; "vav iuiuicBi perirutly made, UI1Q III
all sizes. Tho salng of 21c to tSc Is too good to overlook, llargaln tulilo street floor, and Shoo stoie second
mmmmmmesmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmuammmmmmmmmmB&smmm,Ti.". T"'i-

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