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Appeal "Will Be Carried by
Shps Put In Packages
Until Holidays.
"Shop early-buy your Christmas
presents early-early In the day and
arty In December. That will be your
biggest sift of the holidays to the
workers behind the counter! and on the
delivery wagons." .
This appeal has been print! on 00.000
allpa by the Retail Merchant! Association,-
and the yare today belnr dis
tributed among the merchants, to ba
sent out with every package from now
until the holidays are over.
The association this year Is using
very possible means to make the "Shop
Earl;" .crusade effective. Becretary
Eller said today that from the orders
for the slips which he had received
today he would probably have to older
M.009 more of them. .,hn. .
It Is the purpose of the merchants, as
expressed fii a resolution recently pass
ed at ameetlng of the board, of gover
nors of the Retail Merchants' Associa
tion, to close at the usual hour until
De&mberie. After the 16th no .limit
will be set on the closing hour, but the
merchants havo pledged" themselves to
close as early as possible. . ,,.,.
In this way the question of whether
the clerks and dellvcrympn mav enjoy
the holiday season or will be subjected
to the hardest work of the whole year,
Is out squarely up to the shopper. The
association wfll try to keep the publlo
reminded of the Importance of early
shopping In every possible way, but
further than this thev are powerless,
and the workers' Christmas depends,
say the merchants, upon the cltlsens.
Merger of Revenue
Posts Arouses Ire
The consolidation of the revenue col
lection districts of Dallas and Austin.
Tex., into one at Austin, has aroused
the Ire of many Texans, and Senator
Culbertson today called on President
Taft to determine If It were possible
for the order consolidating the dis
tricts to be revoked.
It appears that the President Is given
authority to consolidate districts, but
It Is doubted that he has the right to
reestablish districts. This question will
probably be turned over to the Depart
ment of Justice for decision.
The decision of this question will
affect several places In the country, as
four other consolidations were affected
at the same time the order was Issued
In Texas.
In every esse political strife followed
the orders, as they not only wiped out
lucrative positions, but reduced (the
chances of the politically active to get
the coveted place of revenue collector.
Grand Jury of Alexandria to Investigate Claims of Foul
play Episcopal High School Plans
New Buildings.
Announcement was msdev today by
Samuel O. Brent, Commonwealth's at
torney, that he would ask the grand
Jury of the corporation court, whtoh
will be empaneled Dsomiier to make
an Investigation of the death of Patrick
.Buckley, the "boy guide," of Alexan
dria, who was killed by a fall at the
Jraddock House on Sunday morning,
November IT.
Mr. Brent states that he has not
changed his opinion, expressedon a
number of previous occasions, that
young Buckley met his death from an
accidental fall. Diligent effort on his
part, as well as the Investigations made
by Chief Goods, or the Alexandria police
department, have failed to produce any
evidence thai showed a murder has been
On the other hand, so many people, In
cluding the family of young Buckley,
are (Irmly convinced that, the boy was
uiunicreu ana a number of sensational
rumors In riinii.ii.. i. , T
hann-nln.. .IS J? "ference to
nappeninga at the Jraddock House on
tne night when Buckley was seen to
enwr mere, nas convinced Mr. Brent
m . puoiic investigation should be
held. No Inquest was held by Coroner
Samuel B. Moore. ,
It Is understood that Mr. Brent will
summon before the grand Jury all of
the Inmates of the Braddock Houso who
nubile Inveiilntlnn ,fc,M k.
have anv lcnowli1A nt thA ,,.
well as a number of newspaper men'thea Murray, a niece, houses KS-527
w.h? .have been making an Investigation , South Alfred street: Henrv Nails, two
of the case. houses and lots. 806-80B Pendleton street:
. ! Lewis A. Nails, ground rent from C17
The erection of two new buildings South Alfred; Elvira and Kleanor Nails,
and the complete restoration of the en- two houses and lots, 634-638 south Pat-
... vuuu vi uw ciiikwu man ncnooi,
tnree miles west at AMatiiiria
is the
Plan which will In all probability be '
Buytncu ai meeting or ine Doara or
UP"!6'. of. Theological Seminary of Margaret Nails, who Is named as execu
Virginia, to be held here February 1. 1 trlx.
Kills Himself Believing
He Had Slain Friend
RALEIGH, N. C, Nov. X-Followlng
a quarrol Saturday night, resulting in
the shooting and slightly wounding cf
tils lifelong friend, Fred Burnett, Jesse
Boykln, of Wilson, took his shotgun
and blew his head oft, thinking he had
slain his neighbor.
The men are sold to have been drink-
'Jig and after their quarrel Boykln shot
Burnet,, who. throwing hi. hand, to , hi; ;
breast, said; "Jesse, you have killed
Will Mark the Opening of
a New Men's Shop
THIS shop will compare favorably with the best that New York, Boston,
and Philadelphia have to offer.
It brings to the men of Washington an establishment perfect in appoint
ment, with a stock that's both complete and correct.
"The Young Men's Shop" is to be dedicated to men young in years and young
in ideas no matter how many winters Father Time has scored against them.
In a word, this is the shop for the kind of man who never goes to New York
but what he buys himself a cravat, a waist-coat, hosiery, or a shirt a visit here
will save you the trouble.
Saturday and every other business day will find "The Young Men's Shop"
ready to supply all your wardrobe needs from underwear out to the natty top-coat
from the hat on your head and the gloves on your hands to the shoes on your,
. feet.
As This Shop Was Established For YOU Come in
Saturday Just to Look 'Around and Give Us YOUR
according to announcement made today.
The cost of the work Is to ba In the
neighborhood of tlOAOOO. Under the
plan which Is proposed, one-half of this
sum will be supplied by the trustees of
the seminary while the frlenoa of the
high school are expected to contribute
an equal portion. Plana for the new
buildings have already been prepared
by F. H. Brooks, architect, of Wash
ington. Bids were secured on the origi
nal plans, but on acount of the cost
It was necessary to reject all bids and
to change tho plans accordingly.
Deeds were placed on record In the
corporation court this morning from
John Mitchell, Jr., to the Washington
Virginia Railway Company for a lot on
the south side of Franklin street, east
of Royal, and from M. B. Harlow, trus
tee, to the railway company for a lot
on the east side of Royal, south of
Franklin. This Is the property on whlcn
the railway company will erect their
new freight station which they have
agreed to remove from the corner of
Prince and Royal streets by January L
An assignment in the coporatlon court
was made yestsruay attemoon by M.
Lawrence Risneiu. proprietor or a
,., door. and blind factory. Carroll
Pierce, vice president of the Cltlsens'
National Bank, was named as assignee.
nlshelll nlaces his liabilities at
IK.SM.K and the asets are not given.
cullies win do aajusiea.
Tho will of the late John T. Nails was
admitted to probate In the Corporation
rVuirt valtaMHv aftjtrnAnfl Thn tjk-ta-
In,, mnka. h fftllnwlntf ttntiAfa. 11a.
tick street; Aiargareua luroynue,
niece, ground rent from premises at Ell
and 623 south Alfred street. The rest-
due of the estate Is left to his widow.
Forty-seventh Floor Fire
Excites New York Crowd
NEW YORK, Nov. 26.-A tar kettle
which boiled over on the forty-seventh
floor of the new Woolworth building
provided such an unusual Are spectacle
yesterday that Broadway, 660 feet be
low, was choked for an hour by a
crowd watching great clouds of smoko
loll from the open tower windows.
A high wind made tho situation seem
threatening. Several policemen who
&r?a dde ff"K In.Y the.7 inform". l5
helping the crkers to beat out the
flames. The damage was nominal.
gained the scene by a series of elevators
f Street
Regulations Expected to Be
Made Public by Depart
ment Tomorrow.
Regulations for the operation of the
parcels post system will be made public
by the Postofflce Department tombor
row. The postal committee having the
work In charge has the regulations In
printed form, and they will be made
publls as soon as the Postmaster Gener
al Anally approves them.
The committee completed Iti original
draft of the regulations two weeks ago,
but upon review by Postmaster General
Hitchcock, he wrote some of them and
suggested changes. These changes have
been made, and the regulations are ut
the Government Printing OKIce. The
Postmaster General will review this
final draft this evening.
Under the regulations as drawn,
practically all farm and factory pro
ducts will be admitted to the parcels
post under the general llmltatlonssjss
to slse and weight. .... .,.,.
All matter now classified aa third
class mailer will not be permitted In
the parcels post malls.
Books Are Favored.
The third class Includes books, circu
lars and all printed matter. Its debar
ment from the parcels post will make
this class of matter pay a much higher
rate than ordinary merchandise. Under
previous classifications, all matter tend
ing to have an educational value lias
been favored In the malls.
Seeds, cuttings, bulbs, roots, scions.
and plants will be permitted In the
parcels post malls under regulations as
to slse and .weight applicable to other
parcels post packages, but at the rate
of Dostaae of one cent for two ounces.
Jor fraction thereof, regardless of dis
Distinctive parcels post stamps must
bo used on all fourth-class matter. In
cluding that weighing four ounces and
less. Such matter bearing ordinary
postago stamps nil! be treated as held
for postage.
A parcel not more than three feet six
Inches In length may measure as much
ns two feet six Inches In girth, or
nround Its thickest part. A shorter par
cel mav be thicker; thus. If It meaurrs
no more man tnree reel in tensm. it
mav measure aa much aa three feet in
girth, or around Its thickest part
Measurements will be made by mrans
six-foot tape line furnished to
the department.
much of the tape as la not used In
measuring the length Is the measure of
the maximum girtn permissible.
Parcels will be mailable only at n.ist
offlces, branch postofflces. lettered and
local named stations, and such num
bered station! ai may be designated by
the postmaster or presented to a rural
or other carrier duly authorised to. re
c?? ,uch matter.
'All parcels must bear the return card
or i he ssndsr, otherwise they will not
bs accepted for mailing.
Plan for Delivery.
Parcels will bo delivered at all free
delivery offices and. to patrons residing
on rural and star toutes; they may be
registered and may Be accorded special
delivery service on payment of the usual
fees, and they may ba Insured against
toss In an amount equivalent to their
actual value, but not to exceed 125, upon
payment of a fee of five cents.
Distinctive stamps must ba used on
all parcels, but they may be mailed In
quantities of not less thn 2.000 Iden
tical pieces without stamps affixed, the
Postago being paid In money. .
The regulations Include provisions for
th mslilng and care of perishable farm
products that are admitted to the malls,
ana give the restrictive measures on
'he methods of preparing such parcels
so as not to conflict with the nrovlslom
or the general postal regulations.
intormaiion aa to' tne extent to wnien
merchants throughout the country, and
complied by the parcels post committee.
These statistics show the probable, slse,
kind and extent of shipments by mer
chants, manufacturers or produce men.
on them will be bssed the provlslops
of facilities for handling this unusual
Herbert S. Bigelow to
Deliver Lecture Here
Herbert 8. Bigelow, president of the
Ohio 8tate constitutional convent'on,
will deliver a lecture Thanksgiving
evening In the Library of Congress on
the theme, "New Institutions and Old
Ideas." The lecture will be delivered un
der the auspices of the Woman's Single
Tax Club of this city.
Mr. Bigelow Is one of Ohio's mnst
wide-awake young men who, by his
work In political reform, has made him
self a high place In that Stale. Ho has
made a special study of the various
phases of the single tax theory, anil his
address will be of great Interest to all
Interested In that matter. Mr. Illvelow
will be Introduced by Henry George, Jr.,
of New York city.
Imprisoned "Doctor" Had
Supporters in Capital
NEW YORK, Nov. M.-Alma Cuslan
Arnold, who, according to the literature
which she distributed, confidently stated
that ahc could cure many Ills by a treat
ment called the chiropractic method,
pleaded guilty to practicing without a
license before Judge Malont In grnersl
sessions, and win committed to the
Tombs for sentence Wednesd.
Not only were the clients of the ac
cused woman shown to bo well-known
men and women In the city, but letters
were produced by her counsel, Krtiest
K, Coulter, showing that distinguished
persons living In Washington and else
where thought well of her treatment,
and recommended her to the afflicted.
Among these were letters from Clara
Barton. Terence V. Powderly, and Sena
tor Benjamin K. Tillman.
Closed All Day Thursday Thanksgiving
Big Furniture Values on
:: : : ? :;
i I , I
! i I t ; . , i I i
. ,' lMIUl n frllMsa H
This Complete Outfit
This complete outfit represents the greatest value possible to
offer in a complete Dining Room Set, and is one of the many
striking examples of our ability to sell better furniture for less
money than any other concern in the city.
A solid oak dining table
with this set. It extends 6 ft.
handsome carved claw feet.
;iis MFTOferoi rj
Union Workers Give Wild
Greeting to Men Found
Not Guilty.
(Continued from Pint Page.)
day of the trial, smiling contentedly.
Caruso sat silent.
"Court Is open," announced the crier
at 8:27. Within twenty minutes the
prisoners were free.
Attorney Fred Moore, of Los An
geles, the I. W. W. lawyer, who has
had charge of the case, declared
after the acquittal;
"Justice was carried out. It Is sim
ply another proof that an Englloh
speaking Jury will not convict In a
case of purely consructlve crime. It
Is another great victory for organised
labor. It clearly shows that the law
till" has regard for the rights of men
Innocent of any crime. It Is a vic
tory for free speech. I am entirely
satisfied with the result and the con
duct of the case throughout"
Long before the' time set for the open
ing of court, a restless crowd resumed
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
Thousands upon thousands of women
have kidney or bladder trouble and
never suspect It.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
It the kidneys are not In a healthy
condition, they may cause the other or
gans to become diseased.
You may suffer a great deal with pain
In the back, bearing-down feelings,
headaohe. and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous, irrit
able and may be despondent; It makes
anv one so.
Hut thousands of Irritable, nervous,
tired and broken-down women have re
stored their health and strength by the
use of Swamp-Hoot. the great Kidney,
Liver, and Bladder Remedy.
iSmS"1?".0,!?1 b,r.'S8" new life and ac
tlvlty to the kidneys, the cause of
such troubles.
Many send for a sample bottle to
. what Hwamn-Root, the great Kidney.
Liver and Illatlder Rrmedv will do for
". c.rry rraaer or in:s paper, who '
has not alreadv tried It. may address I
Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Hlnghsmton. N. y.
and receive samplo bottle free by mall
ou can purchase the regular flfty-cent
and one-dollar size bottles at all drur
This Complete Dining
Extension Table, Four Dining Chairs,
Dinner Set, Dining Room Picture,
with rich golden finish is furnished
and has 42-inch top. Note the
their patrol of the sidewalk opposite tho
court house.
Bttor, aiovanntttl and Caruso later
Joined their sympathisers In Salvation
Army hall. Elisabeth Hurley Flynn
acted as chairman. Fred Heslewood,
nations! treasurer .of the Industrial
Workers of the World, ssld:
"This Is the hopplsst moment of our
lives. Acquittal for our fallow workers
OS lni we..cn now carry on the
SSJ? i" '"""on and agitation with
renewed vigor and with the feeling that
J2JJS.fyw.a wl" f11 beon an equal
"n. ThU is what the defendants
TSUlSS' M thi ' " nn there
are a good many thousands throughout
cipiw,.?s.wcj,omrnr.VJ ,ha wi c uw
Safe Harmless Remedy
Drives Out Catarrh, Gives
Instant and Perma
nent Relief.
The thousands who suKcr the miser'"?
of colds and catarrh and claim they
have never found a cure can get In
stant relief by simply anointing the nos
trils with Ely's Cream Balm.
Unlike Internal medicines which upset
the stomach', or strong snuffs whlc.i
only aggravate the trouble, this cleans
ing, healing, antiseptic Balm Install.!
reaches the seat of the trouble, stupi
Thanksgiving-Week Hours
The great Market Center only one car fare from any,
section of the District.
Ladies' Waiting and Tea-Room, B Street Wing.
Cafe 7th Street Wing.
Open for Thanksgiving Marketing as follows:
On Tuesday, November M, open from 5 a, m. until 3 p. m.
On Wednesday, November 'Zl. open from 5 u. m. until 9 p. m. On
Thursday (Thanksgiving), open from 5 a. in. until 11 a. m.
Patrons are urged to make timely purchases for Thanks
giving, In order that the dealers and their employes may also en
Joy the day.
Nov. 25, 1912.
Four Solid Oak Diners
This set includes 4 solid oak diners, upholstered in genuine
Chase leather, with carved claw feet. They are strong and well
made, richly finished in golden.
Gold Lined Decorated Dinner Set
3 1 -piece Gold Lined Decorated Dinner Set; handsome shapes;
pure porcelain. This set is enough for tho use of any ordinary
size family. It is included in this outfit.
Handsome Picture
We also include in this outfit a handsome Dining Room Pic
ture. It will be a suitable ornament for your dining room.
Thanksgiving Dinner to '
Be Served by Y.W.C. A.
Thanksgiving dinner will be served;
In the ntw dlnlng-rooom of the, T. If.
C. A." next Thursday afternoon at t:
o'clock. The committee In charge of
th's dinner has composed a menu that
is filled .with good thing! to eat and ex
pects to fed a large percentage of tha
members of tha association on that
The dinlng room was open for tha first
time at noon yesterday and was crowd,
ed during the two hour of luncheon.
the nasty discharges, clears the nose,
head and throat, and brings back the
sense of teste, smell and Improves the
hearing. More than this, It strengthens
the weakened and diseased tissues, thus
protecting you against a return of the
trouble. This remedy will cure a oolj
In a day, and prevent Its becoming
chronic or resulting In catarrh.
Nasal catarrh Is an Inflammation of
the inembiune lining the air paisagei,
and cannot be reached by mixtures taken
Into the stomach, nor can It be cured
by snuffs and powders which only causa
additional Irritation. Don't waste ttmo
on them. Get a W cert bottle of Ely's
Cream Balm from your druggist, ana
after using It for a day you will wish,
you had tried It sooner.
Mothers should give the children Kr'a
Cream Halm for colds and croup. It Is
perfectly harmless, and pleasant to
Room Outfit

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