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a !
Anti-Tuberculosis Body Out
lines Plans for Fight on
Ijl. White Plague.
Vnj society girls of Washington to
day, began the annual Red Crosj Christ
puUn Martin's, the Palala Royal,
"ding Mala (or pennies, with beaming
smiles thrown in For good measure. At
Dulln & Martin's,! the Palla Royal,
Woodward ft Lothrop's, 8. Kann.
(Bona, the American Surety and Truat
Company, and the city postofllce. aalea
Began today, and the young women In
charge thla afternoon reported a brlik
opening builneii.
Mlaa SallU Schroeder, daughter of
Rear Admiral Hchroeder, la In charge
ST1" the mornlnga at Dulln A Mar
tln'i, and Mlaa Mildred Qreble, daugh
ter.of Colonel Qreble, U. 8. A., la In
charge at the Palala Royal, both acting
for Mrs. W. Boardman, mother or Mlaa
Mabed Boardman, of the American Red
Cross. A score of prominent aoclety
trie will take regular ahlfta on theae
Red Croaa stations, and are agreeing
among themaelvea that no guilty man
or woman ehall escape.
"But we are giving change thla year,"
Mid one of the blithe young women,
MUmr aa amateur aaleaglrla at Dulln.
ft Martin's, "ao you need not be afraid
to bring forth a bill."
But If any generoua person almply
ihould Insist that the young women
retain the change-well. In the Interest
of the antl-tuberculoala campaign the
change will be kept; on the other hand,
It la no tag da hold-up which la 'being
carried on.
Mra, John McLaughlin haa charge
or the vendera at the Boston Btore, and
Mra. Charles Goldsmith will have the
same bevy of young women at 8. Kann,
Hons ft Co. who last year auccessfully
won large auma for the cause rrom pat
rons of the store. At the poetomce Mrs.
W. H. Bayly and Mlsa Helen Drake
officiate, and at the American Security
and Truat Company Mrs. Mary John
ston and Mra. Frederick Keet are In
. On the eve of this sale nf aeals to
help fight the white plskue, the 'District
Anil-Tuberculosis Association held Ita
fourth annual meeting at which the
work or the year was reviewed, and di
rectors were named for the coming year.
The following persons were elected
te the beard of directors to aueceed
those whose terms had expired: Emlle
Berliner, Surgeon General Rupert
Blue, Mlsa Mabel T. Boardman, Dr.
William M. Davidson, Dr. F, Fremont
Smith. Dr. William C. .Qwynn, Dr. J.
D. Morgan, Dr. Charlea W. Richard
aon, Mlaa Isabel I Strong, Dr. H. W.
Wiley, and Mas Cohen. Following
tho meeting of the association the
board of dlrectora aasembled to or
ganise for the coming year and elect
ed 4he following officers: President,
(Jen. George M. Sternberg; vice presi
dent. Emlle Berliner; treasurer. Gen.
William H. Forwood, and secretary,
Walter a Ufford.
Mother of the King ,
Of Belgium Is Dead
BRUSSELS. Nov. M King Albert's
mother, the Countess of Flanders, died
here today of Influenss,
The King and Queen war at her bed
aide. J (
. Ban on Turkey Trot.
NF.W TORK. Nov. M.-By a vote of
3 to II patronesses or the junior cotil
lions decided there shall be no turkey
trotting at, their dances this winter.
The trot Is considered out of date.
IRew fwx Department
'. Opens With
Remarkable Offerings
'Monday we inaugurated the opening
of our new Fur1 Department with bargain
features to run the entire week which
surpass anything Washington women have
ever seen. Our five great stores joined
forces in a mighty 'initial purchase, which
enables us to make you the following ex
ceptional offerings which defy competi
tion: Iceland Fox Sets (white), We
, , Be Fox Seta, ftsi.valiet, M.
a - Black Fox 8eta. 0 Tatars, $M.
Black Wolf Sett, $M value, IIS.
'Ncarreal Sets stole In long, wide
scarr errcct: larpje piuow muir. nana
aomely lined.
We earnestly request comparison of these
values with those offered elsewhere, for we are
positiye that they are beyond competition.
Three, aa all furs coming Into our establishment, are made of
the choicest extra selected Lclpzlg-dyed skins. All are up to the
standard of Juliet merchandise without a single fault.
desired, upon small deposit will be held for future delivery.
New York,
' V915GSU
ruiAfLrmnr miTY-ir-i-v- -Lnrtriri -i- -- -
esiAniiiaiiEU is. i-rras.
704 7th Street N. W.
taaaeeeen- i sai jeaapaia -pe-BaaaaBBBBBT-
With Silverware and Gut Glass
mHERE is a feeling of satisfaction ta selecting an article In thla
I store that comes from the assurance that anything bearing our
nnmo is at once recognizea as tne nignest quality. Our as
sortments are large and the service certainly above the ordinary.
You'll -note the ring ot economy In our prices If you look at the
Items below:
Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Sugar, Bon Bon, Olive or Cream
Spoon 11.00 to $160
Pickle, Olive, Sardine or Cold Meat Forks. .11 to W.75
Large Cold Meat or Salad Forks S2.M to K.76
6 Tea Spoons In case 94.00 to 91040
8 Fruit Knives In case tM
Heavy Turkey Dressing Spoon.. 14.60
Chests of Silver $30.00 to $260.00
Sugar Bowl and Cream Pitcher $10.00 to $50.00
6 Piece Tea Set .'.$10540
Cut Glass
Nappies, with or without handles $1.00 to $150
6 Tumblers $2.50
Water Pitchers $2.75
Celery Dishes $1.75 to 9600
8-inch Bowls $3.60 to $6.00
Sugar Bowl and Creamer $1.00
Oil or Vinegar Cruets . $1.75 to 94.60
Vases $1.75 to $21.00
Horse Radish Jars $1.60 to $540
Highest grade' Sliver Plated Spoons, Forks, and
Knives, set ot 6 from $1.76 to $6.75
Christmas Is Coming
Make your selection now and we will reserve It for you upon
a small deposit.
Official Takes Up Assess
ment of Lot on Connecti
cut Avenue.
District Assessor W. P. Richards this
afternoon replied to the charges of un
der taxation In the District made' by
Herbert J. Browne, real estate expert
of the Henry George taxation commit
tee of the Houae. at a meeting of the
Plney Branch Cltlaena Association laat
Mr. Richards' statement haa two main
parts. One Is devoted to the assessment
on a lot on Connecticut avenue near
Rock Creek bridge, which figured In the
testimony In the Kalbfua case, having
UkeAaold by Aaalatant Assessor Samuel
J. Kalbfua to Peter Drury, president of
the Abner Drury Brewing Company.
The other part of 4he statement,
which Is signed by Alonso Tweedale.
Auditor, and C. C. Rogers. Collector ot
Taxes, deals with a statement of a
prospective increase In the tax values,
made In October. WW, a forecast which.
was realised only In part What In
crease 'was made, Browne charged, was
achieved by placing It on 40,000 smalf
homes, and theso small, homes only.
Points" to accords. .'
Regarding the Kalbfus-Drury'lot as
seement,.Mr. Richards' statement says:
"Mr. Browne, last night. In reading
from volume t. page HI and ltl of
testimony, copies of which he claims
to have received from F. Oden Herat
man, showed that a certain lot on the
west side of Connecticut avenue sold
for fHi (known aa lot 1(1), and he
stated that the assessment of the lot
was 40 cents. The records of the of
fice show the lot to be assessed at $1
a square foot"
Tho speakers before the ClUsena' As
sociation covered much of the ground
previously traversed In discussions of
the George committee report. Mr.
Browne began by complimenting "The
Times, with which he waa connected
In Ita earliest daya, saying:
Compliments The Times.
"The Times has fulfilled the predic
tion made for It of publlo usefulness,
and has become a stanch defender 'of
the Interests of the plain people of
the District and np other newapaper
does better."
Mr. Browne'a ohargea agalnat Rich
ards Included mismanagement of the
clerka In hla office, failure to per
form certain duties which could eas
ily be performed, the apeaker eald.
and discrimination agalnat the small
taxpayer In favor of, the 'large prop
erty owner. '
-New Instanoes of this laat allega
tion were cited. Including the assess
ment on the southwest corner of
Ninth and R the corner of Ninth
and. -F, .occupied by, the Washington
Loan and Trust company, John R.
McLean'. summer home "Friendship"
andi Larg Anderson's palatial resi
dence.) ,
Woman Prominent in Estab
lishing Emergency Hos
pital, Is Trustee.
Mrs. Zaldee Ellis Gaff, for many years
Identified with the movement which re
sulted In the Emergency Hospital ot
Washington, has been appointed to tho
place on the board of trustees of the
National Training School for Olrla,
made vacant by the resignation of Mra.
Thomas Thoron. Mrs. Oatt haa accept
ed the trusteeship and will assume the
duties of the poaltton aa soon as possi
ble. t
Mrs. Gait Is a winter resident of
Wa.Mn.-ton only, but since her coming
to thla city, a number of years ago, she
had become prominently Identlnmi with
publlo Improvement and haa spent a
great deal of time working for various
reforms and institutions. Her work for
the Emergency noapiw wa -"?''
..nn..i In Ita establishment and
since the establishment she has done a
great deal or won, in iia nwnicuauGv.
I asaa1 x
Opening of the New
Winter Garden
at the National Hotel
With an Elaborate Thanks
giving Dinner
On Thursday' Evening from 6 to 10.
At $1.00 per plate, including wine.
Green's Orchestra
For this inaugural event tables should be engaged in advance as the
reservation list is already .large.
TpHE Winter Garden is the
largest and most elabo
rate room in Washington. ISIp
expense has been spared in
decoration and appointments
and the service from cuisine
to cover will be maintained at
the highest degree of efficiency
and refinement.
Entrance to the Winter Gar
den through the Hotel Lobby,
the Ladies' Entrance or di
rect from Sixth street just off
the Avenue.
FOLLOWING the opening
on Thursday night each
period of the day will be mark
ed by a special feature,
Club Dreakfasta a novelty In
From 12 to 2:30-a business men's
Luncheon will be served Table
d'hote at 35c.
Every evening from S to 8 (In
cluding Sundays) a Table d'Hots
Dinner at 11.00.
Throughout the day and evening
a la carte service will be pro
videdat popular prices.
At Dinner and until midnight
Green's Orchestra will beMn attendance.
6. F. SCHUTT, Prop.
Raal n..l. am-
fron Leather and
Morocco Oraln
-v...v. is . Ia v u
Handbags, with
gilt, gun metal
and nickel frames;
mra wim insiae
nura A it . .
11.60 values. . For
one day. Me,
Open 8 A.M.
oo. 6 p. m;
Established in 1860
1 rmre WOL
Ladles' Par
talk Hose, double
lisle sole, high
spliced heel and
doable lisle garter
teem, Our reaular
tl.ee value, special
tor one aay at
Bargain Table
Main Floor.
Store WD Be Closed AD Day Tlnwday THANKSGIVING
Owing to this fact we have arranged for an extraordinary special bargain day tewoffow. Every
department has offered its quota of specials in orderto do a two-days' business in one. ,
The items quoted below are only a few of the many you will find when you coins' to the store.
Be here early and take advantage of the following, wonderful bargains.
Shoes for Thanksgiving
Hirsh's Big Shoe Stores
WE are just one block from the high rent district, which enables us to sell at a much lower
price than our competitors. Besides, we are virtually the makers of every shoe we sell,
thus, we save you the middleman's profits. We boast that we can shoe every member of
the family with the highest of quality and the latest style of footwear and can save you fully half
your shoe money. Furthermore we guarantee every shoe we sell.
Wind-Up of a Successful Sale of
Women's Button and Blucher Shoes
' An Opportunity That (fie Women of
Washington Appreciate
Values $3 and $3.50
Ugt-to-the-aslnute styles In Patent Colt,
dun Metal, Viol Kid, with cloth and leather
tops; button or blucher; plain and wing tfpti;
high and low keels. A few styles In tans.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday will bring this Most Successful
Women's $1.95 Shoe Bale to a conclus Ion. We wero pleased to see how
eagerly the women purchased and appreciated this footwear which was tlio
biggest bargain we ever offered. Nearly all styles and alses yet remain.
W flsl Mi
ZIToZl 1026-1028 7th St. N.W. Btt.Kmu
A Great Purchase Manufacturer's Samples of i
Gingham. Percale and Chambray
Worth $1.50 to $2.50
For a Quick Clearance WeOQ
Will Sell Them at . . . OOC
About sixty dozen House Dresses constitute one of the most fortunate pur
chases we've made In s long time. They ate absolutely perfect in every respect
(no seconds). Any number of pretty styles in high, square, or round neck; all
sixes, from 34 to 46. The price at which we will sell' these House Dresses is so
extremely low that we cannot send them C. O. D. No phone or mail orders filled
and all sales will be final. The actual values are from $1 JO to $2.50 each. While
the lot lasts tomorrow, your choice, 88c. On sale Main Floor Bargain Tables
and in the Dept., 2d Floor Annex;
69c All Pure Wool CA.
Henrietta, Yd WC
All-wool Siik-finish Henrietta is in great demand for one-piece
dresses. These are high-grade fabrics and first quality; 38 and 42
Inches wide. Colors are navy, marine, cream, Alice, pink, baby blue,
brown, cadet, lavender, old rose, gray, taupe, cardinal, garnet, Bur
gundy, Nile, and a host of other good colors. For one day only C
these 69c fine henriettas are to go at, per yard jyv
Sale of Black Broadcloths
$1.25 quality; 52 inches wide, with a satin luster; sponges
nicely. Yard 08c
$1.50 quality; 54 inches wide; very lustrous and permanent
finish - $1.10
$1.60 quality; 54'inches wide; imported chiffon weight, with
a very rich luster $1-27
$2.00 quality; 54 inches wide; imported chiffon weight, with
a handsome luster $1.48
$2.50 and $2.75 quality; 54 inches wide; guaranteed spot
proof; sponged and shrunk $1.98
$3.00 quality; 56 inches wide; heavy weight, for coats; very
handsome and rich $2.10
$3.50 and S4.0G quality; 56 inches wide; guaranteed spot
proof, ready for the needle $2.95
$10.00 Ostrich
Trimmed Hats
Elegant Black Velvet Hats, In every
desirable shape, largo and smalt, trim
med with cenulne Ostrich Plumes or
Ostrich Bands or Fancies.
110.00 value, Thanksgiving offering,
$1.50 to $3 Fancy (C0
Feather Novelties, 'JL
Manufacturers' samples of Fancy
Curled and Uncurled Ostrich and Mara
boa Fancies, In every wanted shade,
such as white, black, cerise, green,
fuchsia, In long sweep, side effects and
amall aigrette novelties. Values up to
$100. Thanksgiving Offering, 95c.
iZsbbbK atsssssMsssflr
S. -m0maaWm
m JET '
$1.00 FlaMelette
50c Each
CO flosen Extra Quality Flannel
ette Dressing Sacques, In a number
of pretty styles J light and dark col
ors; all sums. A special purchase
at a big concession In price enables
us to make this offer. They are ex
cellent values at $1.00.
Special price tomorrow, while the
CO doicn last, Coc.
Bargain Table First Floor.
100 Pieces 10c
at 7ic a Yard
A large variety of Pretty, Stylish
Checked and Striped Outing cloth.
In pinks and bluea; also plain white;
splendid weight; soft nap.
Desirable for pajamas, skirts,
nightgowns, and children's wear; full
pieces. Any quantity you want.
Tomorrow, THo yard.
25c Steel
Scissors .
v. r
$1.50 37-Inch Satin
Positively all pure silk; soft and perfectly finished; in such
shades as American beauty, light blue, pink, brown, silver, wis
taria, mais, gray, navy, Indian red, whits, and ivory. Real A q.
$1.50 values. Sale price "Ot
$1.39 40-Inch All-Silk
Creoe de Chine
These are positively all silk;' perfectly finished; very strong
and durable; colors are pink, light blue, navy, mais, gray, smoke,
silver, brown, reseda, Diacx, ana uopennagen. Excellent AQ-
values at $1.39. Sale price.
tMO pairs Steel Scissors, tts-lnch
slse, either sharp or blunt points.
Oocd values at SSo pair.
For tomorrows special sale, 7c pr.
Bargain Table-Main Aisle.
75c Robespierre
Collars . .
Robespierre Collars; all colors;
high and low styles, with dainty Ja
bot attached. Worth 7Sb. Choice,
each, ffic
75c SleeTeless
Gnnpe . .
Sleeveless Quimp, nicely made, and
fitted to the waist Una; white, cream,
and black. Regular 7Soma
values. SpeclalSnVdly. ?9c
Bargain Tabienm 'Floor!
Girded Silk String Ties, nicely
boxed; all shades suitable 4 A
for boys and ladles. Regu-B
Ur Sc. values. Special, each IOC
3 for 60c.
Mufnera, all alses; sll the wanted
w'"-. sum i.nuiuiy at Sc
One day pectaX each..,.?!?.
A Special Sale of Women's and Misses'
Street and Party
Dresses at $7.98
Values Are Up to $15.00
Street Dresses are of fine quality serge and
whipcord in blue, black, and brown; several styles
and all sizes. Party Dresses are made of fine
quality chiffon over china silk drop, in light blue,
oink, mais, and lavender; beautifully trimmed; four
distinct styles,
Dresses worth up to $15.00. For tomorrow's
sale, $7.08,
$4 Chiffon Taffeta Silk
Petticoats. $1.69
These have the tailored flounce" finished with 5-lifch'
pleating, and percallne underflounee. Resrular aiaes
only. Real H.00 values, for a day, mm """"'
Bargain Table First Floor.
Women's Sweaters
UftSf At $1.49
About 100 tn the. lot Odds and, ends of Women's
Bweaters; a few colors, but mostly In white; alses
are broken; some are slightly soiled from hsidllnr
Actual values In the lot are up to S4.H. "U"B"'
Tomorrow, while the last, to close at 11.41.
Bargain Tbe-4aln Floor, w " '"'

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