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"(- :
Pension for Chief Executive
Is Stricken From
(Continued from First Page.)
.to the service ai a whole, although i It
'may cause subdued proteita from the
lfellow in the ranka who MihUw on
' a more lucrative place In the depart
meat next door.
The provision reads:
"That hereafter no person who la or
! h..n amnloved. within the elaaained
" aervlce, In any executive department or
omer orancn or me puuuc !
the United States shall be . employed
within the claesined service. In another
executive department or other branch
of the public service of the united
States unless a period of at least eleven
months shall have elapsed since such
previous employment of the person shall
have ceased, except In spedflo case
where the heads of cxocutlvo depart
irientf or other branches, of the public
service Immediately concerned shall be
agreed on a transfer or an employment
notwithstanding the period of not less
than eleven months herein contem
plated shall not have elapsed, and In
every such exceptional case the Written
approval of the President shall be ob
tained In advance of the employment."
In : the full committee toaay. ,n
amendment waa .added to thta -sect
tlon which provides that whon Gov
ernment employes leave the aervlce,
not of their own faiftt. but thtoijgn a
reduction In the rorevtnese particu
lar clerks need not wait eleven
months before taking position In an
other department. The piohibltlpn
annllta aironulv. however, to clerka
who resign In order to go to some.
other department. - ' ,
The hypothesis Is. that many clerks,
after having worked a few-months In
one branch of the Government, hear
of a better Job In another, department.
Unable to obtain an unofficial transfer,
kscause of a service- of leaa than-threa
gars, the young employe pulls the
wires, ascertains that he can land the
coveted post, and promptly resign his
old position. He Is then an ."eligible"
op the classified service list, and, ac
cording to prearranged understanding,
be succeeds In getting Into the desired
department forthwith.
Iliufor th House nrovlslon a restart
ing clerk must wait eleven months'
before any other department may claim
Ills services, He must go Into retirement,
enter commercial pursuits, loaf, or
otherwise employ his time for approxi
mately a year, and the House com
mittee figures that with this prospect
before him the clerk will hold to what
he haa until such time as his merits and
ft, law turmlt An official transfer.
When the full committee met today
the paragraph requiring that secretaries
to members of the House should bo
placed on the House rolls, was elimin
ated from the bill as prepared by the
subcommittee. An unsuccessful attempt
for several years has been made to have
the secretaries of members paid direct
Instead of through the member In order
that It might be known whether the
member' waa paying hla clerk the full
112S per month alloted to him. The Ap
propriations Committee again nipped
the plan In the bud today.
Efforts have been made tor some time
to have seoretarles put on the roll. In
stead of having the Congressman col
lect the salary of his secretary all of
which salary may or may not reach the
pocket of the young man or woman em
ployed. A predicted exclusively In The
Times, the full Appropriations Commit
tee cut from the legislative bill that
provision making retired Presidents
members of the House for life, at an
annual salary of J17.E00. This clause
was Inserted In the bill when It passed
the subcommittee, but the full com
mlttoe slashed It out and the Burleson
plan has been temporarily chloro
formed. Another legislative provision In the
bill Is that clerks of the Pension Office
engaged In special work may be em
ployed on general work when not other
wise engaged.
The bill limits the powers of the Sec
retary of the Interior to review the
decisions of the Commissioner of Pen
sions. Hereafter such review by the
Secretary will apply only to questions
of law and not to fact under existing
conditions, almost every would-be pen
sioner, whose application Is turned down
bv tho Pension Office, appeals to the
Secretary of the Interior on questions
at tact as well as law.
The House Committee allowed only
tffi,OW for expenses of Inquiries and In
vestigations by the Senate. Twice the
amount was asked.
More for House.
Approximately 25,000 Is added to the
alary und mileage allowance of the
House. This Is the result of tho addi
tion of forty-two now members, under
the recent reapportionment, In the next
The White House receives everything
It asked for, Including 5,000 for con
tingent expenses.
The committee declined to sanction
the request pf the Civil Service Coin
mission for eight field examiners, with
- n aggregate salary of 112,000.
, A deep, slash nag taken at the ostl
3 mates for -stationery for the Btate'De
1 pertinent. Tlw Department's estimates
f tailed for 1121,000. Th tcommlttee al
j towa only (50,000 for stationery.
J t Improvements desired by the Trons-
1 vrj Department,, consisting of new side-
walks on east and north sides of the
i building, special repairs and now oanl-
tary arrangements, the whole to cost
i $87,000 were not approved by the Ap-
2 proprlatlons Committee.
5 T A' dfslred aDDroDrlatlon of 119.000 for
miscellaneous supplies una expenses tor
the hydrographlc office was eliminated,
and no were Items calling for bollix
room linn uyntwnu repairs ai inn uavui
observatory, replacing motors and mov
ing the hydrogrphlc office equipment
IThv stuck to the old number of em
it ployes, ,225. In the office of the Secretary
f of the Interior und declined the sug-
gestlon that the roll should carry s
, employes.
1 The bureau of education received the
Identical appropriation of last year,
HI. 800. for salaries, and the committee
j, rejected plans for the extension of Its
wora. uui i,DMj oi xne s.i.tw wtmeu
for "general expenses" was granted the
Appropriation the Same.
No changes were requested 'or given
In tho number and salaries of the em
ployes of tho Attorney General's office,
and tho appropriation Is the samo as
for that of last year, 1131,610. exclusive
of miscellaneous and contingent ex
penses. In the bureau of labor tho salary list
remains the same, despite the request
for ninety, Instead of seventy-ono, em
ployes. The census office must got along
with 110,000 for tabulating machinery.
In lieu of the 130,000 asked, and but
,000, Instead of 180,000, s allowed for
tho commercial agents of the 'bureau
of foreign and domestic commerce.
The Department of Commerce and
labor asked 120.000 for the, enforcement
f the navigation laws a subject much
In the foreground since tbo Tltanlq dis
asterbut the committee recommends
only 115,000,
Estimates by tho Bureau of Standards
for 110.000 for radio communication,
tf,000 for protection against electric
currents and lighting, and 13.(00 for
standard materials were not authorised.
Receipt for Funds in U. S. Treasury
t ' -T 1
(BitMurg of tip Vnttra fttitrs .
Wuhlngton, D.C.iNovmbtr22,rltl'2.
Received from LEE 'McCLUtfG,
I Htirktg Tttuumof thtMnM Stttti.Jhntmmmt fund jrW eww
gmoemrmy to
On biUkm. five' hundred aineteen million, two hundred eighty-five tboueeiKl. was
huadisai eight doUara, and hfly-srvea and two-third cento.
for which rtetipls in itipUctttJunt.btm ghxn, u'followit
UaMSutoNoM' Si a 1 a B fe fc f$i.l9l.95l
cMCtritcim . el S 3 a b H eJ.J4WW.00
Silver Cerate. i .. si fl fl E H (4.0U73900
IU. S. Canary in pracea el fUkaption . v t U 638,98900
NatnalBsiikNeteiiRjmKeaoJReatfflpiioa.. . l 22.818.696 J9
Cold Com i. ft t-j ii , fc ' 2.I9J.S46.00
iSitsdMdSdmDoiUn m V. H u 3 l lU6.727.624a
SahaVSsiy Sum Coin M w 13 fcl a '. c 90)420.01
Miser Coin.- i- u ui v u t3 O p.- 10.120.10
TeuICa ... U 4 i B F. UWIM7.7I9.M'
(TrMsiiia'tTnaaWAuowt -, u v M fc 'I09.0J64J7.42
U.& Papal Cwitacy is Rave u u r U J79464.5OO0)
bweeapkte Cold CeniacslM. Serin of I900)gy u u S7O.O0O.OO
BeasadOh(tSKiiiHiaHi4siaTnat is ifUIMJAMMj
Certified lo'me Deeernbef'3,1912, by
The same bureau wanted $1000 for the
Investigation of structuaral materials,
but received only 150,000.
The following table Is appended In
explanation of the bill:
Total amount caorrlcd 134,897,105 DO
Total Increase In amount of
estimates, 1914, over appro
priations for 1911...,., 1,8,822.12
Total Increase In number of
salaries estimated, 1914, over
appropriations for 19U 37
Total decrease In amount of
tnia bin under estimates for
1914 1,417,850.00
Total decrease In number of
salaries In this bill under
estimates for 1914 347
Total decrease In amount of
this bill under appropria
tions for 1913 319,0:7.58
Total decrease In number of
salaries In this bill under
appropriations for 1913 310
In PoJtofflce.
The bill provides that work In tho
office of the Auditor for the Postofllco
Department may be done on the piece
rate basis, Instead of by specific sal
aried employment and a lump sum of
1196,90 Is appropriated for such num
ber of piece-work employes as may be
necessary to tabulate the accounts and
vouchers of the postal service.
This lumn sum aDDronrlatlon. It Is ex
plained. Is In lieu of 217 speclflo salaries.
Tne secretary or trie Treasury is au
DrlvlleKe to the niece-workers. The
arrangement by cutting down the num
ber of specific salaries under 11,000 and
he Is also given authorltv to make rules
for extending the leave of absence
nrlvlleaes to the Dlece-workers. The
pay of the piece-rate employes In tho
orrico or tno Auditor ror tne rostotrice
while on annual leave Is to be deter
mined by the average quantity of work
done by the respective employes.
Another legislative provision, affect
ing the Bureau of Pensions, reads:
"During the fiscal year 1914 not more
than 25 per cent of the vacancies oc
curring In tho classified service of the
Bureau of Pensions herein provided for
shall bo filled except by promotion or de
motion from among those In the classi
fied service of said bureau."
Ban New Persons.
This provision would prevent the In
flux of any large number of new em
ployes. The House committee Is fairly
generous In Its treatment of tho Library
of Congress. It provides for tho addi
tion of a messenger to the chief assistant
librarian; a chief of division at 93,000,
an assistant at 1000, and a Junior mes
senger for a division of Semitic and
Oriental Literature; and an additional
clerk at 12.000 and one at 11,800 In the
copyrlgnt otnee.
Five assistants In charge of divisions
have their salaries Increased from 11,400
to $1,500 each. Fifteen clerks, messen
gers and skilled laborers are added to
tho force of the Civil Service Commis
sion, with a total salary list of ilD.l-'a
Three District secretaries at 11.800 each
are authorised and the committee drops
twa 1720 clerks and one 1810 messenger.
A force of fourteen clerks Is added for
the establishment and maintenance of
the system of efficiency ratings author
ised in the last legislative bill.
The Revenue Cutter Bcrvlco Division
In tho Treasury Department Is author
ised to expend 13,400 for the sorvlces of
skilled draftsmen. Ono document clerk
at 11,000 Is lopped off In the division ol
malls and flies and the salary of the
mall messenger Is Increased from ll.Otw
to 11,200. An Increase of two clerkb at
11,800, two clerks at 11.600 and four clerka
nt 11.400, and n reduction of five clerka
at 11,000 and three clerks at 1900 Is the
committee's proposal regarding tho of
fice of tho Auditor for tho Navy Depart
In the office of tho Auditor for the
War Department, also under the Treas
ury Department, tho committee recom
mends an assistant and chief clerk at
12.250. instead of a chief clerk and chief
of division at the same salary. A chief
of division at 12,000. two assistants at
11.800, and a chief transportation clerk
at 12,000. Instead of two chiefs of di
vision at 12,000 and two clerks at (1.800
each, and n reduction is made of one
clerk at 11,000. and two at 19M.
The rnmmlttce hits the office of the
Auditor for tho Interior Department by
recommending a reduction of one chief
or division at 2.wu, two cierKs i ,wi
six clerks at 11,200, and bIx clerks at
11,000 each.
Accountant's Increase.
An expert accountant In the office, of
the Auditor for tho Postofflce Depart
ment has his salary Increased from
12,750 to 13,000.
Eighteen expert counters In the Treas
ury force, employed In redeeming na
tional currency, are given 1300 Instead of
$700 each. Ono 11,600 clerk Is omitted In
thf register's office.
In the Internal revenue office on addi
tional clerk at 12,000, one at 11,800, and
one at 11,000 are added, and the salary
of one head of division Is Increased
from 12.250 to 12,500.
An assistant editor at 11,800 Is pro
vided for In the office of tho surgeon
general, and the salary of tho surgeon
general, ai previously authorised, la al
Tmmm W t Uiu4 Sum
lowed at the rate of 10,000 Instead of
Forty-eight counters and handlers for
money laundry machines are allowed
and opportloned among tho cities of
Baltimore, Boston, Chicago. Cincinnati,
New Orleans. New York. Philadelphia.
and St. Louis. The counters receive
1900 per annum.
xnc Democrat renew tneir enoris io
drop the assay offices at Carson, Nev.;
Boise, Idaho; Charlotte, N. C; Helena,
Mont, and Salt Lake City, Utah, there
by saving 167,690. A similar effort last
session was defeated. Blight salary
changes and changes In force are made
at the mints retained.
At one blow tho committee strikes off
th ehcads of forty-nine clerka at 11,000
each In the office of tho Adjutant Gen
eral In the AVar Department, one as
sistant messenger at 1720 also goes.
In uccordanco with the provision In
the last army appropriation bill, the
offices of the Quartermaster genet a).
commissary general and paymaster
general are consolidated, and the num
ber of persons employed reduced from
239 to 296, and the appropriations from
SC7.71W to !3iS,iU.
Boost for Pair.
A carpenter and skilled laborer In the
office of tho Secretary of War recelte
a boost In salary from 1900 to fl.080 each.
and Instead of two m-'t-censcr boya at
$360, tho . committee recommends two
messengers at $600. TvAi laborers and
one hosteler and one watchman attach
ed to tho Secrctarj's office aro dropped.
The slary of the chief clerk In tho
Surgeon General's office Is Increased
from 12.000 to 12,250. The salary of the
chief clerk In tho office of chief en
gineers, and also In the Bureau of In
sular Affairs Is similarly increased. In
tho Bureau of Insular Affairs thrco
clerks at 11,000 and one laborer at 1660
are eliminated.
Ono clerk at 11,400. one at 11.200 and
one at $1,000 are added to the force of
tne division or military anairs.
In th Navy Department It Is recom
mended that tho chief clerks of the bu
reaus of navigation, equipment, steam
engineering, construction and repair,
ordnance, medicine and surgery and
yards and docks, seven In all, be In
creased from $2,000 to l.',250.
A reduction Is recomended of three
clerks at 11,000,- three clerks at 11,(00, and
two clerks ut 11.400, eight In all. In tho
Indian office of -the Interior Depart
ment A chief disbursing -clerk In Jhe
Pension Bureau Is provided for at 14,000,
with 250 clerks under him with salaries
amounting to $311,850; this force Is pro
vided for Instead of 18 pension agents at
14.000 each, which were abolished last
year, along with the wiping out of 300
clerks In tho pension agencies, who were
paid an aggregate of. 1376,O0O.
Tho office of surveyor general of
South Dakota la abolished.
Twelve New Clerks.
In the Postmaster General's office the
addition of twelve clerks, with an
aggregate salary of SIS.iOO, is pro
vided for. Two of these will get
$1,800; two S1.C00; two 11.400; two
91,200; two $1,000, and two $900.- One
clerk Is dropped In tho division of
the purchasing agent
Tho 'plrrsons employed In tho postal
savings system are placed on tho
specific salary roll.
The office of the Second Assistant
Postmaster General also receives six
additional clerks at salaries ranging
from 1900 to $1,800 and one clerk Is
Increased from $1.(100 to $l.coo.
Three skilled draftsmen and one as
sistant map mounter am recommended
us additions to the division of topog
raphy, Postofllco Department.
A reduction of one copyist lrtho Bu
reau of Corporations, Department of
Commerce and Labor, Is made.
In tho bureau of lighthouses an ln
rrcaao la recommended of one clerk at
$1,600, Instead of one at $1,200: two at
$1,000 each, Instead of five at $900. and
one at $720 omitted, and provision Is
made for one draftsman at II. GOO Instead
of one at $1,200, and provision Is made
for two uddltlonat draftsmen at $1,200
The Census Office gets an Increase
of seven clerks ut $1,400 each and five
clerks at $1,3)0 each. A reduction Is
made of ono clerk at $900.
An adjuster of measurements In the
Shipping Service, Department of Com
merce and Labor, Is provided for at a
salary of $2,100, and In the division of
naturalization two clerks at tl.800- nnn
at $1,800 and two at $1,100 are added.
Thirty-seven employes, with a gross
salary roll of $60,800 aro added to the
Dureau of Standards and tho salary of
the librarian Is Increased from $1,400 to
Among tho additions one physicist at
W.ir); four assistant physicists, two nt
12,700, one at $.'.W0 and ono ut $2,200;
two additional assistants at $1,800, one
chemlBt at $J.M0; three associate chem
ists, one at $2,700, one at $2,500 and ono
at $2,000; four laboratory assistants, two
at $900, one at $1,000 and one at $1,230.
nnd n scoro of apprentices, helpers,
watchmen, laborers, and mechanicians.
Under the Judicial Department, tho
ealnry of the crier of the Court of An
neals, who Is also a stenographer, Is
Increured from l,uuu to ii.zw. The sal
aries of tho attuches of tho Commerce,
Court, which Is unprovided for as noted
above, ore eliminated.
The hill continues In -ffect the IIouxo
resolution of Mfty 26, 1911, reducing the
'Capitol poltce force by one lieutenant
ana tnirty-iour privates.
Chief Wagner Sends in An
nual Report to Commis
sioners of District.
Substitution of motor-propelled for
horse-drawn fire apparatus la recom
mended by Frank J. Wagner, chief en
gineer f the Fire Department, In hla
annual report submitted to th Commis
sioners today. The Fire Department
now haa In service one motor pumping
engine, one combination motor pumping
engine and hose wagon, and one com
bination motor hose wagon and chem
ical engine. In accordance with Chief
Wagner's recommendation, the Commis
sioners have Included In their, annual I
estimates appropriations tor tno pur
chase of additional motor apparatus and
motor tractors.
The total los by fire In the District
during the year ended June 30 was
$M0,4M, coveerd .by an Insuranc of
$7,459,897. Of the 1,133 alarms received
eighty were false. Beveral arrest were
made of persons turning In false alarms,
and convictions were obtained In a
number of cases.
Investigation waa made of fourteen
Area suspected to be of Incendiary ori
gin, and arrest made In several In
stances. In on case a conviction was
found, two are awaiting trial, and In
several the grand Jury failed to find an
The advantage of having storage els
terns at various points throughout the
business section, says the chief, has
been clearly shown by numerous testa
or tne cisterns locaiea at neveniii urai
and Louisiana avenue and Tenth and
D streets northwest it is -recommended
that similar cisterns be lo
cated at Thirteenth street and Penn
sylvania avenue, Thirteenth and F
streets. Fourteenth street and Penn
sylvania avenue. Fourteenth and Q
streets, and Ninth and F streets north
west. The attention of the Commis
sioners te again directed to the need
of a repair shop and storage building
for the Fire Department.
Burn n building, says the report,
would enable repair and construction
work to be done more satlsfoctorlly
and at less cost than It Is accomplish
ed In the private shops. The stor
age rooms would be used for nrorlnjr
reserve uprratus and certain of the
engine and truck companies, would
be relict ed of their present crowded
The "sofe and sane celebration" of the
Fourth of July Is commended by P. W.
Nicholson, flro marshal, whose report
accompanies that of Chief Wagner. As
the result of the regulation prohibiting
the promiscuous discharge of fireworks
not a single person was Injured on the
occasion of the last celebration and the
Fire Department wns not called upon
to respond to a flro due to fireworks.
Funeral services for Charles O. Brill,
who died Monday after a brief Illness,
wero held at hla home at 3 o'clock this
afternoon at his home, 6618 Georgia
avenue northwest and the Interment
will be private. Washington Lodge, No.
16, B. P. O. K., of which tho deceased
had long been a member, attended In a
The last rites for Virgil R. Beylcr
wero held at ! o'clock this afternoon at
his residence, 817 Eighth street north
west, and tho Interment was private.
The funeral of William Carter, who
died yesterday afternoon at hla home,
1233 Twenty-fifth street northwest will
be held at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning
nt St. Augustine's Church. Fifteenth
and M streets ndrthweet nnd burial will
be In Holy Rood Cemetery.
Funeral services for Alfred Padgett
were held at 9 o'clock this morning
from tho residence of his sister, Mrs.
Nclllo Taylor, 10M Seventh street south
east, nnd at St. Vincent de Paul's
Church. South Capitol and M streets
southeast, a half hour later.
The last rites for Margaret Maloney,
who died yesterday afternoon at the
,..& htt d,,.r Mm. Thomas Noone.
1140 Twenty-third street northwest will
bo held at St. mepnen s .muin; uun.,,
at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.
The funeral of Dr. John Ely Brackctt
will bo held at 3 o'clock this afternoon
at his residence, 1310 Rhode Island ave
nuo northwest, the Rev. XI. G. B.
Pierce officiating. Interment will be In
Rock Creek Cemetery.
Funeral services for Mary Elisabeth
Keene will be held at .4 o'clock this
afternoon at her residence. 1004 O street
northwest The Interment will be In
Lanham. Md., tomorrow.
Prince of Wales
Under the Knife
LONDON, Dec. 4. It was learned to
day authentically that the Prince of
Wales underwent a successful operation
for tho removal of adenoids before his
recent visit to Paris, news of which was
rigidly suppressed .
One dose Pape's Cold Compound
gives relief Cure in
few hours.
You will distinctly feel your cold
breaking and all the Grippe symptons
leaving after taking the very first
dose. (
It Is a positive fact that Pape's Cold
Compound, taken every to hours, un
til three consecutlvo doses aro taken,
will end the Grippe and break up thj
most severe cold, cither In the head,
chest, track, stomach, or limbs.
It promptly relloves the most mis
erable headache, dullness, head und
nose -stuffed up, feverishness, sneez
ing, soro throat, running of tho nose,
mucous catarrhal discharges, soreness,
stiffness, and rheumatic twinges.
Get a 25-cent package of "Papa's
Cold Compound" from your druggist
and take it with the knowledge that It
will positively and promptly cure your
cold and end all the grippe mlserv;
without any assistance or bad after
effects and that It contains no quinine
don't accept something cUo said to
be Just as good, -Tastes nice acts
Congress Asked to Provide Division for SightlessTotal
of 120,000 Books Added to the Institution in
Last Year.
The librarian of Congress In hla re
port for the fiscal year eaded June 30,
just submitted to Congress, renews hie
recommendation for a division for the
bUnd, so enlarged and diversified as to
be worthy of the Federal Government
nd a national library. This proposes
not merely additional book and prop
erly equipped buteau of Information, but
apparutus upon which the blind them
selves might be seen at useful work for
which they may receive pay. The col
lection of embossed books used by tho
blind has been returned from the Public
Library to the Congressional Library,
where new quarters are provided.
The report ehowa that with 120.000
books and pamphlets added to the Li
brary during the yoar, the total collec
tion of these haa passed the 2.000,000
mark, and with manuscripts, maps, mu
sic, and prints, the collection aa a whole
haa passed the 1,000,000 mark. In the
past twelve years over tooo.000 volumes
have ben added, a growth exceeding
that of the entire preceding century.
Many Books Given Free.
Borne 61,000 of the past year's volumes
have been received through gift, copy
right, transfer, or exchange, practically
without cost, and, therefore, Justifying
In the librarian's opinion 'a considerable
In mere dimension, the Library haa
thus come to be on of the great col
lections of the world. Ignoring no de
nartment of literature, even those re
mote from ordinary affairs, If of In
terest to the scholar and Investigator.
Among the more Important gifts and
collections secured during the year were
some 10.000 volumes of Judaic literature
from Jacob II. Behlff, covering three
ano a hair miueniums xrom tne Begin
ning of Jewish life; a collection on
chemistry, alchemy, and related toplca
formed bv the late Dr. Henry earring
ton Bolton; a Napoleonic collection
gathered by Major Karow; a collection
or me prims issuea Dv ine imperial
Press at Vienna and presented by the
Austro-Hungarlan government; a trans
fer of $20,000, the principal of the Hub
bard bequest, to the Government to
augment tho collection of prints from
the Income of the fund; the Matthew
Fontaine Maury manuscripts, contain
ing much Information on the develop
ment of scientific knowledge In the
United states, and autograph letters of
interest irom tne urana Duke conatan-
tine of Russia, Humboldt, Maximilian,
Charging that the proposed changea
of taxation in the District of Columbia - n,,iin.,i
in h n.rr r.noM were
contalned In the George report were
drawn un with a view of destroying the
organic act of 1878, and asserting that
the main features of the report were
antagonistic to the best interest of the i
District. Col. Charles C. Lancaster told
the members of the Columbia Heights
Cltlxcns' Association last night that the
passage of the bill which Mr, George la
understood to be framing would cost
the residents of Washington millions of
dollars. "The principles of the bill are
desperate," said Colonel Lancaster. "It
would drive most of us out of Wash
ington If It were passed. Personally, I
do not want Mr. George to appear be
fore this association and explain his
motives. I do not want a man to break
Into my house and rob me and then
shake hands with me."
There was a lively few minutes at
the meeting following Colonel Lancas
ter" a remarks when Judge Charles 8.
Dundy, who had extended an Invitation
to Mr. George to appear before the ae
soclatton at the next meeting, charged
Colonel Lancaster with "sounding a
falso alarm." He said there had been
no bill Introduced In Congress to change
the tax system In tho .District nnd when
such u bill Is Introduced It would be time
enough for the association to go on
record concerning It.
"I believe Judge Bundy Is ono of those
persons who aro Inclined to lock the
stable after the horse, is gone,' replied
Colonel Lancaster. "I have authentic
information that Mr. George has an-
rounced he Intends to Introduce his tax
bill and nave It passed ociore wnn-
James S- Baaby-Smlth rose to a point
of order and the tilt between the colonel
Most of tho evening was given over)
to revising tne constitution ana uy-iaws
of tho association, this having been
trade the special meeting of the asso
ciation. The association also took up the ques
tion of the erection of buildings for bust
nes purposes In the residential sections
of tho city, and tho executive committee
was authorlLcd to appear before the
District Commissioners and urge mora
stringent regulations governing the issu
ance of permits for such buildings.
The school committee reported favor
ably on the recommendation of Dr. Glbbs
that the public schools of Columbia
Heights be open In the evening and dur
ing the summer for supplementary edu
cational purposes and as recreation and
get new life and vigor by
taking Scott 'a Emultion
after every meal.
It revitalizes" the watery
blood and furnishes Nature
with new nourishment to make
reef, oefiee, htatthy Mood and feasts
thm nun confers. Scott's
Emuhion strengthens the
bones and clothes them with
neaitny nesn.
Scott' Emuhion assimi
lates so quickly it conserves
energy and compels health.
acettftBowne.Bloomfield.N.J. 12-74
33 years. Removes all desire for drink
gqtiga. 812 W. Broad It, fails.. Pa.
Carlotta, and Pope Plus IX. presented
by Mr. Maury Werth, the daughter of
the late Matthew Fontaine Maury,' and
other of his descendants.
Manuscript Gifti.
Other Important gifts of manuscripts
Include some Van Buren papers from
it. Htuyvesant Fish Morris and Mrs.
Smith Van Buron; Mexican Inquisition
papere from David Ferguson; Edwin M.
Stanton papers from Lewis It. Stanton;
the Loulso Chandler Moulton collection
of autograph letters; Thomas Hardy's
manuscript of "A Group of Noblo
Dames," from Sydney C. Cockerell, of
England, at the hands of Luther 8.
Livingston, of New York.
J, Plerpont Morgan presented a set of
autographic documenta of the sign
ers of the Declaration of Independence.
Purchases were made In the case of
several Important sets of manuscripts.
Documents, transferred from the
House of Representative, In 1911, now
classified and catalogued, have been
found to contain material of historical
value, especially In the matter of the
Impeachment trial of President Johnson.
The music division has received sev
eral autograph scores of American com
posers. In the development by purchase
In a number of departments a system
atic scheme of selection haa been favor
ed by opportunities of the moment, such
as for Instance the purchase of tho
library of Chaplain Hoes, U. S. N., con
taining valuable eJpanlsh war Informa
tion, collected "on tho spot"
Sutjetti New Name.
The librarian suggests that the title
of President Jefferson a tlme,"Tho Li
brary of tho United States," be adopted
now, because of the scope of the Li
brary and the fact that any Investiga
tor may secure books from this Insti
tution through his local library. The
extension of this system awaits only
'.he extension of a book or library post
wun low cosi or transponation.
Bales of the Library's extensive sys
tern of catalogue cards In the past y.-.ur
exceeaea f,wu,uw copies. specialists
have paid high tribute to these cards.
covering as incy uo many neias inor
oughly. Dr. Hlnc Kwal Funr has been .
cured to classify and catalogue the
Japanese ana cninese literature, or
which there Is a good foundation.
The copyright office fees amounted to
jiib.uuo, ana tne sale or cards to !J,U)b.
onscmng tne appropriations lor main-
tenance by $158,000.
social centers. The committee renortcd
against the resolution to ask the Com -
rnlssloners to open a branch public
library on tho Heights.
The public utilities committee report
ed favorably pn the project to extend
the Inaugural ceremonies over a period
ornve, "ys.
, Th ,fj 'nwlnfI,r.t,,olu'on i"tJT?5""t? jjy
J. Clinton Hlatt was unanimously
adopted :
"Whereas Meridian Hill Park was
procured for the public by tho act of
.iarcn f, iii, ror tne sum or 1490,000 and
the title Is now- In the District of Co
lumbia, and the location of this park
Is within the lurlsdlctlon nt thin nx.o.
elation, which desires It Improved for
puduc use, wnnout runner delay,
"Therefore, be It resolved by the Co
lumbia Heights Citizens' Association.
That we strongly favor and do now
earnestly recommend that the sum of
$23,000 be appropriated at this session of
Congress for the maintenance and Im
provement of said Park, as no money
has been appropriated to Improve this
park since it was taken ror the Dis
trict." District Committee
Meeting Is Delayed
Senator Galllnger, chairman of the
Senate District Committee, probably
will call.no meeting of the commit
tee before the holidays. Owing to
the largo number of District bills
which are passed bv the Senate and
blocked In the House, there Is a feel
ing among members of the Senate
commltteo that It la useless to crowd
Important District bills at tho Senate
end. It Is hoped, however, that an
adjustment of the loan shark bill can
be reached early In the session.
One of the many points
of advantage
have over other tires is that
they are made the UNITED
They are a combination
of the strong points of four
world-famous brands.
Tires, made as these tires
are made give a four-foU
guarantee of quality.
This quality-guarantee
means increased mileage for ,
the user.
VCliy not try them?
Washlagtoa Distributers!
National Dectrical Supply Co. '
1328-1330 New York Aveiue.
WidoW of New York Million
aire Had Been Seriously
. Ill for Months.
PARIS. Dec. 4. Mrs. Robert Goelet.
formerly of New York, died todav at
her Paris home. Heart failure was
the direct cause. Bhe had suffered
from tumor. Mrs. Goelet was fifty-
eight years old and had been a wid
ow since her husband died In Naples
In A'psi). 1199. She had been seri
ously III since August.
Mrs. Goelet waa Miss Harriet Loulso
Warren, daughter of George Henry
Warren, of New York. She married
Robert Goelot In 1819 and there wero
two children, Robert and Beatrice. Tho
daughter died In 1902, when she was
seventeen years old. Robert Goelet the
son, was with his mother at the time
of her death, having gone to Europe
last August when her condition became
The aliment of Mrs. Goelet first be
come critical In August, when she waa
oft Southampton, England, aboard her
vacht. Nahma. aboaord which vessel
Robert Goelet died In the Harbor at
7-iapics. just ociore- sne was erncxen,
Mrs. Goelet had entertained the Ger
man crown prlncses on the Nahma.
Brother of Departent of Justice
Official in Line for
The statement that Attorney Gen
eral Wlckersham will recommend At
torney Stanley W, Finch, of the De
partment of Justice, to President Taft
as the successor of Judge W. H. De
Lacy, Is an error. It waa learned to
day. It Is Attorney James A. Finch,
brother of Stanley W. Finch, and par
don attorney of the departmen whom
Mr. Wlckersham will recommend for
appointment In the event that Judge
DcLacy Is not be to be reappointed
by the President
Attorney James A. Finch has been
connected with the Department of
Justice for a number of years In con
nection with the question of pardons
for Federal prisoners and has had a
special training In a legal way much
like that of a Judge with respect to
the weighing of evidence.
Christmas Tree Ship
Lost With Its Crew
CHICAGO, Dec 4. The Rouse Sim
mons, a three-masted schooner, with
Capt Herman Schuleman In command,
Capt. Christian Nelson and his wife aa
his guests, and a crew of fourteen
men. were believed today to have gone
down In Lake Michigan.
The boat was two weeks overdue
from iisnistique. Alien., wun us an'
nual cargo of Chrtstmaa trees.
Appropriations Work
Halted in Senate
The Senate Appropriations Committee
docs not expect to undertake any work
on the District appropriation bill until
after the recess. Word has come to
the Senate from the House that this
bill will be one of the last of the sup
ply bills taken up bv the House. This
will make It late for consideration In
tho Senate and the subcommittee on
the Senate side In charge of It will
probably do no work on It until well
along In the session.
Saloon Keeper Robbed.
Martin Burke complained to the police
of tho Fourth precinct today that his
saloon at 301 First street southwest was
entered during tho night and $20 stolen
from the cash register. Entrance was
gained by forcing a rear window.
Home Inatractloia
Special Offer to Readers
of The Times
In order to advertise and intro
duce their home study music les
sons in every locality fhe Interna
tional Institute of Music of New
York will give free to our readers a
complete course of instruction for
either Piano, Organ, violin, Mando
lin, Guitar, Banjo, Cello, or Sight
Singing. In return they simply ask
that you recommend their Institute
to your friends after you learn to
You may not know one note from
another; yet, by their wonderfully
simple and thorough method, yi
you can soon learn to play. If yi
are an advanced player you will re
ceive special instruction.
The lessons aro sent weekly. They
are so simple and easy that they aro
recommended to any person or llttlo
child who can read English. Photo
graphs and drawings make everything
Plain. Under the Institute's free
tuition off ci you will bo asked to pay
only a very small amount (averaging
14 cents a week) to cover poslago and
tho necessary sheet music.
No one should overlook this won
derful offer. Tell your friends about
It show this article to them.
The International Instltuto has suc
cessfully taught others and can suc
cessfully teach you, even If you know
absolutely nothing whatever about
music. The lessons make everything
Write today for the free booklet,
which explains everything. It will
convince you and cost you nothing.
Address your letter or postal card to
International Institute of Music. IS
Fifth avenue, Dept. 47-A, New York,
n. y.
Rentals of $9,000 Yearly Sf
curea tor Approximately
$85,000 Paid Down.
The Ripley apartment house at Fif
teenth and R streets northwest, Just
completed by Harry aWrdman, liaa
been sold to Mrs. Catherine Wctmorc,
an out-of-town Investor, for a consider
ation of tS,000.
The building la sixty by one hundied
feet. Is five stories high and contains
twenty-eight apartments, the total ren
tal of which amounts to about 99,000
yearly. lit la fireproof and modern In
every detail.
The building Is Interesting not only
because of Its own value, but by rea
son of the fact that It Is one of, seven
handsome buildings recently erecteU
on R street between Fourteenth and
Fifteenth streets. The transaction was
made through Shannon & Luchs. and
Mrs. Wetmore will hold It as an In
vestment. Addition to Residence.
Dr. Loren B.' T. Johnson has pur
chased eighteen feet of ground to the
north of his residence at 2103 Sixteenth
street and will make extensive addltl
tlons to his already handsome residence.
The property lies on Sixteenth street,
between V street and Vermont avenue,
and was purcascd from Mrs. Amelia M.
8. Oliver.
Buyi Church Property.
Mrs. J. Dyrenforth has purchased the
residence In which she lives at 2021 O
street northwest, from the trustees of
tho Church of the Covenant Tho con
sideration was ss.au, ana it is under
stood Mrs. Dyrenforth will Improve the
Grand Trnk Charges Will Be
Rushed to Capital as Fast
as Revealesd.
Officials at tho Department of Justice
are awaiting eagerly the arrival eltliei
today or tomorrow of the preliminary
report of Assistant Attorney General
Adklns. regarding disclosures made tc
the New York Federal grand Jury In
the probe of the deal between the New
York, Now Haven and Hartford rail
road and the Grank Trunk railway. In
alleged violation of the Sherman anti
trust law.
Mr. Adklns, It Is announced, will lay
before the Attbmey General Ae facts
as the grand Jury determine them,
as rapidly as possible. In order that
Mr. Wlckersham may determine his
course of action with respect to a
merger dissolution suit and will not
wait until tho grand Jury haa prog
ressed Into all the details of the case.
Criminal proceedings, which the De
partment of Justice expects to see In
stituted against the men responsible
for the violation of the Sherman law,
will be begun by Indictments by the
New- York grand Jury, assuming, of
course, that the evidence being given
warrants the finding of true bills.
But the particular point on which Mr.
Adklns' report Is expected to shed light
deals with the civil part of the Sher
man law and possible Infraction of that
part It Is on this question that the
future course or tne Department or jus
tice depends.
An Itching Scalp
Forms Bad Habit
Use Zcmo and Yob Wont Need Io
Scratch Your Scalp. This
Is Guaranteed.
For any skin affliction, itch, dandruff,
eczema, pimples, blotches, use ZEMO.
No matter It you have tried every
thing else under tho heavens un
ZEMO. If your scalp Itches, fly to
If your face Is covered with plmplel
rely absolutely upon ZEMO. If you
have the worst caso of eczema ever
known Just remember 7.EMO CURES.
You apply liquid ZEMO with the
fingers. Just a touch of It No trace
la left. And though It vanishes tn
stantly, you know ZEMO Is at work.
You know It by the relief, the almost
Instant relief.
You feel this In the disappearance
of all Itch, all pain, all distress. Get
the liberal 25-cent size trial bottle a(
ZEMO as quickly as you can. Reltel
from skin distresses can't como any
too quickly for you. And remember,
ZEMO Is guaranteed. ZBMO Is sold
by druggists at $1.00 for the regular
sire large bottle or 25 cents for the
liberal size trial bottle.
ZEMO Is sold and guaranteed by
druggists everywhere, and In Wash
ington bv Affleck's 3 drug stores, 901
G St. N. W.. 15th and F Sts. N. W., Slh
and TJ Sts. N. W. '
gzcetelve brain leg, grip, coma, oeu
raids, rheumatism, besdecnee Irom nerr
ouneu,lndif eatlon, grip, over-lndnlf ence,
sod palos ol every description ere sll
qulczlj and safely driven away by
NtittlmmlenU.talomkxm r JkaMt tormtn
"T s r 1 r" nine sluinr i nt irt'-s i
ajjBftw At All Drawlste
nfl rAL.1 1.1 1 J. J J
"10 Jle Vl.tthti.gw
MatBBBaaSstaSM.. '"f
. Mi IMS St. Jt. W.

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