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Our Best Little Village Globe
Trotter, Turned Sleuth,
Back Empty-Handed.
Unlike Young Lochtnvar, who li said
to have charmed the fair lady and
carried her away before the eyes of her
"bridesmaids and groomsmen and
brothers and all," Hector Fuller, war
correspondent, globe trotter, and gen
eral all-round newspaper man, returned
from his last trip In search of the man
who had carried off "the lady," unsuc
cessful, and left her to the tender
mercies of the other man.
Jordan Lawrence Mott, Jr., scion of
the family who own the J. L. Mott Iron
works; Mrs. Frances Hewitt -Bowne,
a dashing young widow of "The Bay
City;" "Hector," of Immortal fame, and
Zeke, the fairy godfather In the per
son of the elder Mott, play a modern
day romance that would provoke a
smile If placed In a book by Anthony
Hope so they say.
nobbed of all details the story Is as
follows: Mrs. Bowne, brought up on an
Oregon ranch In the midst of a coun
try where sage brush nils the air with
fragrant perfumo and where the festive
coyote makes night glorious with sound,
tired of her lonely life there and later,
In her husband's ranch in New Jersey,
and left her husband to follow the way
or her own wayward Imagination In
other words, a career.
Story of Elopement.
All went well with the career until
he met young Mott, when "snap!"
the curtain rung down amid red fire.
The escape of Eliza across the Ice be
came as nothing to the hurried exit of
the fair ono to the arms of her admirer.
"From the desert I come to thee,"
sang young Fuller when he started In
pursuit at the Instigation of the elder
Mott to bring back the boy, and doubt
less fired also by his own feelings
so that "the winds were left behind with
the speed of my desire."
The pnlr left New York on the Brit
ish steamer lndradco for the Orient.
"Ha, ha, they will not escape me!"
exclaimed the valiant pursuer as he
took the next ship eastward.
When the pair reached Port bald,
"Hector" was coming up the roaditcnd.
He stepped ashore at Gibraltar Just In
time to wave a fond farewell to the
lady leaning over the rail ot the out
going atcumer. Through his knouledgo
of globe trotting and a spurt. Fuller
Ireached Hongkong ahead of the bridal
party and confronted them.
"Stand aside. Jack Dulton, we tear
ye not!" Fuller heard. He pleaded his
"passion and his llamo" on deaf ears.
E.MH threats of paternal wrath failed
to produco any effect either on bride
groom or lady.
Outfaced, turned down, unnerved,
"the pursuing villain" stepped uslde
and let them puss. They continue!
their Journey unhindered and tiufol
lowed to tho Interior of China. It Is
raid, where they are "honeymooning,
or mooning. "Hector" says, to their
hearts' content.
The Lady? No, the Cash I
"Papa" Mott paid the ex')nscs. It Is
aid. amounting to several thousand
dollars. The bonuB of 125,000, which
Fuller was to receive as an Incentive
to bring back the eloping youth, re
mained unpaid, however, since Fuller
failed to produco cither of the elop
ers. The famous war correspondent
Is disconsolate. It Is said over the
loss of the lady, of course.
As an Indication that the ladv really
Mrrlge Strike
Urged Till Women
Get Their Rights
HEW YORK, Dee. 4. Working
ftrli were urged to strike against
marriage until they get the right
to rote at a meeting here attend
ed by Mrs. John Hays Hammond,
Mrs. August Belmont, Mrs. Stay
result Flih, and others, high in
ociety circles.
"Refuse to marry," urged Mlu Kate
Barnard, of Oklahoma. "You'll fi
nally win."
Mrs. Hammond told the working
girls of the benefits of the
"Spugt," an organisation to do
away with useless wedding gifts.
Is worth while and a charmer of the
highest class the following real love
letter Is produced In part:
The Selson, Rockford, III.
Hunday Morning.
My Darling Hoy
This Is such a contradictory day!
The sun Is shining gloriously and I
know that all tho little sleeping
roots of things are beginning to bo
restless tired of their heavy cover
ing of frosen ground and the snow
which Is over them like a nice clean
counterpane! The brunches of the
trees surely must be calling to their
Insldes to send out their leaves so
that they can becomingly gowned to
greet their sweetheart the sum
We had such a bethrotal day on
Friday, but we of the human world
were too busy with our foolish man
made existence to pay attention.
Yesterday night brought fresh com
ing of angel down and we humans
who could not understand growled
at winter's prolonged stay. But to
day, when we must cease from our
labors, we can see and understand
that spring felt sorry for the snow
bride and its wedding gown of green
not yet ready. So It sent a new
white one nil bejeweled and Just
heavy enough to conceal the scars of
Poor Misguided Man I
But man, poor misguided creature,
cannot see that this last visit of snow
Is spring's gift, and he must out
with sleighs and noisy Jangling bells
and 1111 the atmosphere with win
ter sounds.
Dearest, did you hear the glad note
to my song last night? Yes. love
has power to overcome long railroad
Journeys a matinee and evening
performance, and I am happy to be!
Oh. so happy, because you do love
me. You are not weary ot my love,
and, dear, again I sang with real
notes of love's promises fulfilled In
stead of with glistening, brilliant,
but Icy notes of a woman hardened
and determined not to care for man's
The letter concludes:
Think I'm tired and sleepy.
Ouess I'll re-read your tetters and
take a nap till my dinner comes.
Further narration of four weeks'
happenings can be continued tomor
row. It's a serial story you are get
ting this time. Honey Boy.
Worlds of love and a soul's devotion.
Northwest Citizens
Will Dine Firemen
alliens living In the vicinity of New
Hampshire avenue and M streets north
west, will give a banquet on Thursday
night to honor the firemen of Truck
Companv No. 2. winners of the pennant
In the annual contests for District flame
fighters. Speeches will be made by
Commissioners Johnston. Judson, and
Rudolph, and II. B. F. Macfarland, the
Rev. Dr. Ernest 8mlth, and Fathers
Lee and Buckey.
The banquet will be held In the truck
company's quarters. E. M. Dulan and
Corcoran Thorn announced today that
thev desire all residents of the vi
cinity to attend the feast.
Wealthy Bar Owners in Cali
fornia Sought to Abolish
Tempting Menus. ,
LOS ANOELE8, Dec. 4. The question
of whether there shall bo any more free
lunches In the saloons of Ixs Angeles
came up In connection with the vote
on the new choiter. The commission
form of government was defeated by a
vote of two to one. and the antl-frce
lunch ordinance, designed to banish the
free 'lunch from saloons, was beaten by
a heavy vote.
Amgng the saloons of this city the
free lunch, which In Its embryo was
simply cheese, sausages and crackers,
has developed Into practically an eight
courso dinner In some of the larger and
better saloons, each saloon striving to
outdo the others In the variety and
temptlngness of Its repast.
This state of affairs went on until six
of the big saloonkeepers got together
nnd started the movement to abolish
the free lunch. The Good Government
movement, otherwise known as "Goo
Ooos," under which this city Is ruled,
scenting this movement us a good re
form. Immediately got behind It an I
boosted It.
The six saloonkeepers state that- the
free lunch costs so much, In the at
tempts to outdo each other, that It Is
eating up a good share of the profits.
The menu of the big saloons consists
of soup, roast beef and ham, potatoes,
salad, cheese, bread and butter, many
kinds of sausages, radishes, green
onions, and green and ripe olives. The
small saloons ahev simply cheese, bo
logna sausage and olives. A man can
go Into any of the large saloons In the
city and for 6 cents, the price of a
glass of beer, can eat enough to keep
him from hunger for a day or two. For
15 cents any one can have three square
meals a day, eating food that has Its
equal only on the tables of the rich.
The meals are not "grab what you
can," but are daintily served by white
aproned waiters.
President of A. O. H. Will Talk
of Remote Spots
Emerald Isle.
Many things about Ireland which are
not generally known will be discussed
by Joseph D. Sullivan, president of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians of the Dis
trict of Columbia, an ajthorrty upon
Irish history and customs. In his lec
ture on "Unknown Irela.id," In Carroll
hall. Tuesday evening, December 17.
Mr. Sullivan has visited even' county
of the Emerald Isle. Tho lecture will
be Illustrated with lantern slides shown
for the first time.
A musical program has been arranged
In connection with the lecture. Those
who will tnke part are Miss Mnrgtierlte
O'Toole, Mrs. II. T. Whalen, and Paul
A. lllnes, Jr. The proceeds of tho lee
ture and entertainment will go to found
a scholarship at the Holy Cross Acad
J.AXATIVE I1HOMO qulnln imov th
cause. There la only one --uiiuaiu wuii!..
Look for signature of E. W. QnOVE. 24c.
Striking Evidence of
the Prosperity
Enjoyed By Owners of
SAID the head of the collection department of one of Washington's largest business enter
prises the other day: "We have been making collections among our High View custom
ers and reports to date show these collections to be
P "There is not another section in the entire city where collections are so good. And we have
customers in large numbers in every section of the city;"
These High View residents used to be rent payers. Today they are buying High View homes
with their former rent money making these homes their savings banks consequently, they
have more money to spend for other things.
How are things with you? Are you investing your money in a home or are you continuing
to waste it on rent?
TO INSPECT Take any G atrect car marked "Brookland" or "North Capi
tol und W streets," get oft at Rhode Island avenue, and walk one square east.
Our FREE AUTO Service
This service M for the free accommodation of those Interested In any of our properties. It does
I not obligate you In any way. In fact, wo will be glad to take you to any other properties at the
I same time, so thst you can make comparisons. Just drop a postal or phone Main :3U for this
IL FREE AUTO Service, and wo will call for you and bring you back again.
Buy Now
Pay Next Year
Our Liberal CREDIT
TERMS enable you
to give generously
and pay for what
you buy in the most
convenient way.
WBUjBSwk Underselling
Hffljfflg Specials!
JJH8raKr3:'ja -5SrS hie Furniture suit-
hlaT ""i .T.J'o hi SI ft rw"-r
MPifc . x aensmie. usctui uiria
New and dependa
ble Furniture suit
able for gift pur
poses at genuine
money-saving prices
sBsBsB2sWv!i cSSSIssHissisiHssiBkKssSS' IBI
ill -SeBftiTifc
1 In 8531
I 111 si I
This Exact
$18.50 Large
Genuine Sterling
Leather English
An extra wide,
very roomy Rocker,
like cut.' full spring
construction, uphol
stered in genuine
Sterling leather.
This $25 Imperial Leather
Massive Imperial Quartered Oak-frame Daven
port, like cut; upholstered in genuine imperial
leather; opens up to full double bed.
This Exact $6.00
Ladies' Colonial
In Golden OakaH.
Early English
Ladies' Colonial
Desk, like cut, in
golden oak and early
English finish; drop
lid and pigeonhole
interior. S p e c i al
mU isH T LW
This Handsome
$24 CofflbHHtJM
Han dsome
quartered Oak
c o m b i n a tion
bookcase, like
cut; has carved
top, shaped
French plate
mirror, drop lid,
pigeonhole desk,
and drawer; 5
book shelves,
with heavy plate
glass door.
(isBsBsHistsBr j$5Sciy nflgyiM III
Auto -Garage
With Self-Operating
Town Car and Road
ster complete, as
Illustrated, for Only1
An extraordinary Xmas' Spe
cial something that will give
joy to the young folks. Double
door Auto-Garage with two self
operating Automatic Automobiles
a Town Car and a new model
Roadster exactly as illustrated.
Each car has its individual chauf
feur and is equipped with adjust
able front wheels and the latest
style spring motor. The greatest
toy value ever offered. QA
Onlv 07.
This $2 Golden Oak
or Early English
Smoker's Standwith
Brass fittings, for
Golden Oak or
Early English Smok
er's Stand with
round top and lower
shelf fitted with
brass cigar and ash
tray and brass match
Pour Handsome Pieces Table, Rocker. Armchair and Side Chair, Covered in Boston Leather,
Four massive pieces, ex
actly as illustrated. De
signed on true mission lines,
built of selected kiln-dried
solid oak; finished in rich
arly English. Every joint
mortised and glued, and
c construction is fully
inranteed. The Rocker,
'rmchair, and Side Chair
re upholstered in genuine
Boston leather. The Table
'as large top arid lower
shelf, with magazine and
book rack. A sensible Xmas
This Massive Foster Ideal Brass Bed,
Guaranteed for
ten years, with
woven wire
spring and soft
cotton top mattress--complete
This Exact Early
Handsome Early English Grand
father's Clock mission style, 6
feet high, guaranteed movement,
brass pendulum, brass hands and
numerals on dial. Ideal clock for
hall or den.
Look For Our Green and White Sign
713 14th Street N.W. " Ith
and V ats.
Hfce fybfinito
Corner 7th
and D Sts.

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