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Rain Tonight and
Probably Friday.
Last Edition
j NUMBER 7654.
Yesterday's Circulation, 44,967.
Eighteen Paget
Helpers Wanted to Distribute
Thousands of Christmas
Seven Thousand Children Made
Happy at Munsey Building
. ' Last Week.
American Wives of
Foreign Diplomats
Believe In hlmt
Of coune they do.
fevery one of th thousands of
children who are writing letter to
tte 8t Nicholas Olrl of The Wash
tagton Timet believe In SanU
Clsrua. Ther believe with all the
strength of their little hearte, for
he U .very real to them, and I will
tall you why.
For nearly 2.000 yean there hat
been a different kind of love In the
world than there had been before,
and thla wonderful love has been
shown, especially to the little ones.
It would take a big book to tell of
all the love the children all over
the world have enjoyed, to I will
only talk about a few things today,
the love that little children of well-to-do
parents receive, and the love
that Is lacking among the poor little
children right here in Washington.
First Presents.
There Were 7,b children laat year
whom The Times .hunted out, an to
hum th at Nichols Qlrl gave Christ.
mas' presents. Among these were bun
ArmMm little children who had nevafrf"'
had a Christmas present In their Hvsv
inn. .ijm
tr 7?EX . . . ... 'mr-,
.-TOin' wm t. . ... ..
There were uiue wnnw w
h.. ,.m t The Time ofdee In the
Munsey building lest Christmas -morn-na-
whose little hands were Ted and
chapped, whose little faces were soiled,
whose little toes peeped out from holey
Shoes, and who hadn't even a stocking
that would hold a Christmas preeent, if
they had been hung up In the bare, un
comfortable rooms that they called their
But these little children believed In
gjanU Claus, and there were Kood peo
ple enough In Washington to confirm
that beautiful faith of thclts by coming
to the front with the material aid thai
Is always necessary, even in mnrs ui
faith. Each little child left the Munsey
building last Christmas morning car
rylng something in the war of a Christ
mas gift.
That's the reason thev believe In a
ganU Claus. and that's the reason
the St. Nicholas Olrl also believes In a
ganta Claus, and now It la only up to
the kind-hearted citlsens of Washington
t see that this beautiful belief Is not
hattered, this year. . -
Many Excuses.
Did you help last year? Or did you
iust read The Times with a sort of an
vnexpressea wnn inmi i ... -
assistance, but making absolutely no
eSorl toward doing soT Perhaps you
excused yourself on a thoupsund dif
ferent scores. You didn't have any
children. You didn't have any to.
You bad to buy Christmas presents for
tour friends You didn't tmo any
money. The actual amount which you
probably could have given with an easy
conscience would have hem less thiin
a. dollur, and you thought morn of our
own feelings in tho matter than you did
ol the hcait and hupplnesa ot somu
unfortunate little child.
Now has come the time to assert
yourself. Each one of your friends
probably knows that you cannot give
very much, and vet you uro aihamed
to gtvo what you have, and so you
are willing to not give nt all. Doesn't
Bound like wry pood logic, does UT
The cilns that come In from all over
the city will count just as much In the
- .I... .'M.ll.l ......... 1.l.li1n( .....
are celebrating on Christmas day us tho
green end yellow bills of the man and
woman who can well afford to glo
K you can read this letter without
bellnvlne thnt there la a great bis
spirit of love In Washington about this
time, then you do not deserve to have
a happy Christmas. Hero Is a letttr
that cumo this morning, addresed to
the Rnlnt Nicholas Olrfi
Dciir St. Nicholas Olrl: I am n
boy cf fifteen jtnrs, and work from
0 a. m. until n p. m., and If I ran
be of uny help to you after 5 o'clock,
1 am nt your son Ice. I thought
maybe 1 could do something to help
you, as I have no toys to give.
Yoitb truly, E. 8. J.
All Letters Answered.
There you arc: It isn't Just money
and toys that the Saint Nicholas Olrl
(Continued on Pago Nine.)
Rain tonight und probably Friday; not
much change In temperature.
8 a. m
8 a. m.
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12 noon.
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l p. m..
2 p. m M 2 p. m
TtHnvTllirh IM. 1107 h. m. Anil ll!?S
p. in.; low tide. 5:30 a. m. and 6:03 p. m.
lomurniwiiiiii uur, it.w a. in., ivw
tide, Silt a. m. and 7:00 p. m.
Bun rises 7:03 1 Sun sets 4:3$
Germany's Revival of "Iron
Chancellor's" Throttling
Of Cupid Discussed.
Many Feminine Figures in Diplo-
matic Corps Are Native
III nil
Attorney peneral, in Report,
Scoffs at Efforts to
Alter Statute.
Cabinet Officer Expresses His
Satisfaction With Work of
Commerce Court.
Whatever may be the outcome of
tire recent edict by Chancellor von
Bethmann-Hcllweg, restoring the
regulation made by the Into Prince
Bismarck, which prohibited German
diplomats from marrying foreigners,
society hero has been stirred as it
has not been for years, many of the
men regarding the ruling as a direct
slap In tho face by .the German gov
ernment. "It Is an Insult to American
womanhood," exclaimed ono woman,
who stands high in social circles,
when asked about the matter.
"It Is stupid and silly," said an
other young society woman, "and
Is In line with some other tbiugs
which have been done recently which
are not In keeping with Twentieth
century conditions."
Fail to Explain It.
The whole matter Is considered In
explicable In view of the fact that there
are so many American women among
the wives ot members of the Dlplo-
, matic Corps, and especially when the
rues nMonl trrnittpreeni ijsran.
ambaasaool, Count vo" Bemstorlf. but
of his predecessor. Baron Bpeck von
Sternberg, wero chosen from the ranks
of American aoclety women.
"The thing will be 'nettled all by
Itself." was the sage remark of one so-
Advising against amending the
Sherman anti-trust law, so far aa It
relates to dissolution suits, and
favoring the enactment of legisla
tion wnlch will prevent Judges from
ordering the taking of testimony In
private, Attorney General Wicker-
sham today gave out his annual re
port to Congress as head of the De
partment of Justice. The Attorney
General declares that amending the
Sherman law in ways which have
been suggested probably will hurt
more than help with respect to civil
proceedings. '
The Attorney General admits that
criminal proceedings under tho
Sherman law have not had "encour
aging result," but is silent as to
recommendations on this point
Wants Public Hearings.
Mr. Wlckrrsham Is emphatic In at
tacking tho course of United Status
Judges Colt, Putnam, and Drown In
ordering the public excluded from the
taking of testimony In tn L'ntt.Nl Shot
Machinery dissolution suit before en
examiner, and urges that specific legis
lation bo passed to prevent such an or
Uw In the future.
He also urges that 1300,000 bo appro
priated to perfect the organisation of
the Department of Justice's untl-whlte
slave tranic bureau, and nc di-rends
' most vigorously the Commerce Court.
saying It has been misrepresented
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VasssssssssssssssssssBu $ IFVsVi ''4l sf f- '. .'
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Head of Money Trust Probe
Would Treat Stock Ex
change Drastically.
Congressman Claims Analogy Be
tween Money Power and
Old Louisiana Lottery.
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sWaHSSiiHH 3n
WtMsssH '" iW-&S::H" jjtt
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WshIsssssssssssP 'a'.S'"SBSSslBSSBW
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mil fl :asKt" f "assssfc- jMsssssssssssT Jj jA
1 acw1 iiSmt rssap
From Top to Bottom Mme. Bikhme
teff (Photo by Buck), Mme. Juss
ersnd, Mme. Calderon, Mme. Rlano
(All by Harris & Ewing), Mrs. Yung
Kwsi (Photo by Bain), Mme. Have
nith (Photo by Clinedinst), Countess
de Cnambrun (Photo by Harris &
Ewlne), Countess Von Bernstorfl
(Photo by Buck),
clety leader this morning In discussing greatly. With respect to this, the re.
the caici. ineie nurciy no .j p0rt mys:
prevent young men here, members ot -n In). opinion tho Commerce Court
the Diplomatic Corps, whether thev he-1 haa provei far morc satisfactory in
long to tho Qurmun embassy or to un Birument for the determination of legal
other embassy, from choosing American questions arising out of ordern of the
girls for their wives. If they wish them, ,nltB Commcrco Commission than
have any effect ut all. In this day and
uge It only con work to the disadvan
tage of tho German embassy, and will.
In time, If carried out strictly, bring
about strained relations between that
country and this.
Poor Comparison Basis.
"The time when matters which af
fect men so deeply as tho choice of a
wife, will be considered In comparison
with a station in the Diplomatic Serv
ice, has, I believe, gone by. Even the
fact that the German diplomatic offl
clals will know that thev wilt be trans
ferred to other than American stations
If thev murry here, will act as no deter
rent. I nm quite sure. I believe If a
yoiinc man here falls In love with an
American girl and Is of the right sort,
he even will yield his position In the
Diplomatic Service rather than give
up the girl he has chosen to marry.
The fact that there already 'are a
number of American girls hero who
have married ambassadors or ministers
will act as a deterrent In the carrying
out strlutlv of the recent Oerman ruling,
seems to be the general opinion here.
Mme. Jusserand, wife of tho French
ambassador; Mme. Calderon, wife of
the ambassador from Peru: Mme.
Hakhmeterf, wife of the ambassador
from Russia; Mme. Havenlth, wlfo of
the ambussador from Belgium; Mis.
Yung Kwal, wife of the Japanese min
ister: Mme. Rluno. wife of the Spanish
ambassador: the Countess de Cham-.
biun, are somo of the Americans.
Claim Is Ridiculed.
Mme. All Kull Khan. Mrs. Esmond-,
Ovey, and Mme. Kkengrcn are other
American girls who w;ed Into the Diplo
matic Corps. Their status hitherto has
been unchallenged. That anything like
an Imperial edict from Qermany will
hae any effect on their social position
or their Influence now. or that the iul-,
ing 1H result other than as a failure
to bring about any prominent change In
tho disposition 01 loreign aopiumms io
choose American girls as wives Is ridi
culed here on all sides.
Attention is called by social leaders
to the fact that Ocrmany la the only
country which takes this attitude In
rcgSrd to the monlagc of members of
Its diplomatic lorps,. and that practi
cally every other legation in Washing
ton haa been graced by numerous Amer
ican bcautlts.
Some Seek Americans.
Certain ones, In fact, huvo intimated
thnt Miunit eecrelurles huvo been
brought over here, Introduced Into
AMieiicnn society purposely to win
Ammicm Klrls. and It Is alleged that
tlie Germans have not been entirely free
rrom the application of this ennrgo.
Tho Ocrnmn attitude Is censured on
tho cround that If American girls are
good enough for members of other Dip
lomatic Corps, why should Germany be
o nurtlcular? Again. If a young man
und young womun fall In love, is It with.
In tho province 01 tno uermun govern
ment to keep them apart possibly to
tho detriment of their future social life?
Is also one of the questions which social
leaders are asking.
Thoso disposed to put the best possi
ble faco on the matter, however, call
attention to what happened In tho case
of Mrs. McKay, formerly Miss Marlon
.Treat, who became the wife of Baron
von limning 01 tne uerman nipiomuuc
coups, when tho wedding wus delayed
for somo tlmo on account of tho opposi
tion of the Oerman Emperor and In
which tho German ambassador, Baron
Speck von Sternberg, Interceded because
.ol his Interest In both tho young people.
Daring Boy Burglar, Who Confesses to Series of Sensational Robberies In Washington.
the former method bv which such oues
tions wero passed upon In the various
circuit courts throughout the country.
Upholds the Commission.
"It Is much more expeditious; It has
upheld the commission In a larger por
tion of cases than did cither the cir
cuit courts or the Supreme Court; and
It has granted temporary Injunctions
with less freedom than the circuit
courts did.
"I believe It would be Injurious to the
Interests of the public, as well as to the
due, convenient, and expeditious ad
ministration of Justice to now return
to the old man of distributing the liti
gation among the many district courts
of the United States. To require the
defense of these case colncldently In
all parts of the country will lead not
only to serious Inconvenience and great
er expense, but Inevitably to greater
delay, and In this class ot cases delay
Is most scttously disadvantageous to
the public. ... ,, ,
"In my opinion, the criticisms which
have been made of the Cummerco Court
are due chlelly to the fact that the scope
of judicial ret low over the orders of the
commission has not yet been clearly de
fined cither by act of Congress or by
authoritative decisions of tho Supreme
Court, This difficulty would be met by
legislation which should
"111 Rnaulre the commission to state
In Its report, as a basis for Its order, the
findings of fact and the reasons on
which the order a based. .
"C) Provtdo that- all findings of fact
and conclusldns ot policy appearing In
the said report shall be final and con
clusive. '
" 3) Limit court review exclusively to
(Continued on Fifth Page,)
Confessing Long List of Thefts to Police, Leroy Baker Asks for
Return of Book "Raffles" So He Can Read of Criminal.
Declares He Stole -to Live.
House Rules Committee J5ets Tues
day For Hearings on Spe
cial Committee.
Calm, and apparently as unconcerned over his predicament as the most hardened
criminal who had spent the better part of his life in the underworld, Leroy Baker, eighteen-year-old
burglar, who, according to the police, admits that he was responsible for the
most sensational and daring series of hold-ups and robberies that have occurred in
Washington in years, sat in a cell at the First Precinct police station this afternoon and
asked the turnkey to return to him the copy of "Raffles," the novel he was reading when
he was arrested late last night.
Idea From the Book.
Actuated by Talk of Merger,
Commissioners Address
A Congressional probe of the pro
posed traffic deal In New England be
tween the Ornnd Trunk and New York,
New Haven and Hartford railroads was
decided upon today by tho House Rules
Chairman Henry, of the Rules Com
mittee, tentatively set next Tuesday for
hearings upon the resolution of Con
Kressman O'Shaughenessey (Dem., R.
1.) to appoint a special House commit
tee to investigate tho railroad deal.
A select committed to conduct an In
quiry, Independent of the Federal grand
Jury Investigation In New York, and
the Department of Justice probe, Is de
sired by Mr. O'Shaughnessey.
Redmond's Daughter
Soon to Become Bride
DUBLIN. Dec. 5.-A marriage has
been arianged between Max Qreen.
chairman of the Irish prisons board,
and recently prlvato secretary to the
lord lieutenant, and Miss Johanna Red
mond, tho Youngest daughter of John
K. Redmond, the leader of the Irish
parliamentary party.
Miss Redmond Is about twenty-two
veurs old. She hatt recently devoted
part ot her time to writing for tno
Directing attention to the necessity
for Immediate action In view ot the or
ganisation of the Washington Public
Utilities Company, tho Commssloncrs
today sent to Congnssman lien John
son, chalrmun of the House District
Committee, a let'er lequestlng tho ulop
tton of several amendments to tho :ub
llo utilities bill, the object of which uro
to prevent the control of a local public
utility by a loreinn corpomiion,
One of tho provisions Is to prevent
. .....I. i.ni. ...... .... li.iu.t I,, ft... I.rr.l. .11 11 ...
vutll i.iuurm .' """ "..."" "". I .., . , :,,. ..,i,.li
business from Holding oiuco us 11 uirec- .hiuhviih. i.- ,....ul-iiv,..v...
...... 111... Illl.l !VM. l If If "
tor 01 a puimc 11111m,
"The attention of tho Commissioners
and probably the attention of your hon
orable body," rax tho letter, bus been
directed during ine pusi icw munnw
to the speculation In stocks of one of
our most Important public utilities and
to the organisation of a holding com
pany chartered under tho luws of Vir
ginia with tho cedent purpose on the
part of the proniottrs to absorb the con
trolling Interest In various public utili
ties. "The State ot Massachusetts has
guarded against foreign holding com
panies by legislation. 11 copy of which
is herewith Inclosed.
The provision suggesed by the Com
missioners to eliminate foreign lipid
Ing companies provides that "It shall bo
unlawful for any corporation, directly
or Indirectly, by whatevor means, plan
or device to hold, control or vote any
share or shares In the capital slock of
any public utilities corporation without
tho written consent of the commission;
piovlded, that such stock, bonds or
other evidence of debt may bo held
without such consent If necessary to
prevent los upon a debt previously
centraetsd In good faith."
Tho boy uald that It was by read
ing this book that he was first In
spired with the idea of becoming a
"gentleman burglar."
"If I have got to stay in here all
by myself," ho said, "I would like
to have that book. Maybe I can find
out where I made the mistake that
caused my arrest."
It was this that seemed to bother
the lad the most. His incarceration
soomed to trouble him but little, but
he seemed to feel that In somo way
he had bungled; had failed to make
the success of a career In crime that
characterized the "gentleman burg
lar" of fiction. , .
A few hours before, young Baker had
faced a score of detectives and police
men at headquarters and politely an
swered their questions about how ho
had entcied seven boarding houses In
the central part of the city Monday
night nnd held up the occupants at
the point of n revolver. On u table
near by wero the masks, handkerchiefs,
that he had used to conceal his fea
tures, u blackjack, revolver, and a false
"Tlmt's a Bood outfit." ho remntked,
inclng at the paruphernclla. "And It
did good work.
Forced To Be Thief.
lint linker asserted that he had not
selected burglary and housebreaking as
a profession from choice. Ho said he
nan Deen orren into 11 Decausc nc vuum
not get employment, and as long as he
had to be a burglar ho would be a
gentleman along with It.
While admitting the eight robberies
early Monday morning, he denied that
ho was the lad who, unmasked, held up
and robbed Abraham Olmberg, a gro
cer, at !h'- Florida avenue northwest,
Tuesday night. Ho denied any knowl
edge of the burglary of several houses
at Uvntiuvlllp. Mrt . oarlv yesterday.
The police say that there Is strong
circumstuntlal evidence that Baker has
some knowledge of the Hyattsvllle rob
beries. He claims he was In Laurel,
Md a shnrt distance beyond Hyatts
vllle, Tuesday night, but returned to
Washington before midnight. Tho rob
beries In Hvattsvllle did not occur until
after 12 o'clock. . .
The bev also admits that he entered
R.vnml nnnrtments and homes In dtf-
I parts of the city In the daytime dur-
tvununucu vu rs "
Two Reported As Likely Se
lections for District
A. Leftwlch Blnclalr to be Democratic
Commissioner of the District, and Col.
Spencer Cosby to be Engineer Commis
sioner In place of Lieutenant Colonel
Judsonthls Is the new combination re
ported at the White House today In an
ticipation of President Toft filling tho
vacancies that will occur In the District
triumvirate In January and February,
it appears that all of Capt. James F.
Oystcr'i enemies got out their hammers
as soon as the report was printed that
ho was bring seriously considered as
un appointee to succeed Commissioner
Johnston. The opposition may not be
effective in the long run, but for tho
piesent It tins been sufficient to cause
President Taft to carry Is search for
an available Democratic Commissioner
further than the names already sug
gested, The suggestion ot many names in the
prcnomlnatlon skirmish Indicates that
when President Taft finally makes an
appointment there will be a lively fight
in tho Senate on the confirmation.
So far no report nas come from tne
White lloube to Indicate that Commis
sioner Rudolph will not succeed himself.
What President Taft Intends to do
with Colonel Judson is not known. The
report that Colonel Judson will be sent
to Panama Is not credited In War De
partment circles. If ho Is relieved the
President would not appoint a man to
his place unless he weie thoroughly
conversant with Washington affalis,
and Col. Spencer Cushy Is presumed to
havo all the essential Information In
this respect.
Denial of the malls and prosecu
tion under the Sherman anti-trust
law as "conspiracies in restraint of
trade" face the nation's stock ex
changes and bank clearing houses.
This was the startling declaration
today of Congressman Pujo of
Louisiana, chairman of the House
Banking Committee, and head of
the "money trust" Investigating com
mittee. In an exclusive interview
today, Pujo ouUlned the revolution
ary reforms which tho Money trust
committee plans to force upon the
stock exchanges and clearing houses,
and hinted at startling facts which
the committee's preliminary inves
tigation of data had disclosed.
Conspiracy His Charge.
"1 believe It Is shown clearly that the
stock, and some of the produce ex
changes, as well as most of the 'clear
ing houses,' are conspiracies In re
straint of trade," the Louisiana Con
gressman declared. "Aa such all of
their Interstate business should be
barred from the malls. The committee, I
feel certain, will recommend such action
by the Executive branch of the Govern,
ment. In listing securities. In limiting
tbe size of their membership and by
various other restrictions, the stock
exchanges and clearinghouse associa
tions have become, In effect, gigantic
trusts monopolies of commerce. I think
their business can be denied transmis
sion In the malls under tho postal laws.
Scores Wall Street
"The New York Stock Exchange is a
striking example of this business doml.
"The postal laws will be Invoked to
exclude the exchanges, associations, or
bankers and brokers from use of the
malls In Interstate commerce unless
complete reorganization Is made. If they
are not reorganized, they will be treated
exactly as the Louisiana lottery was
"I do not believe Federal Incorpora
tion of stock exchanges will be at
tempted, but Federal supervision win be
Pujo said bills to enforce the drastic
upheaval and lemodellng of business
will be Introduced In Congress early In
January, The Money trust Injury,
which will be resumed Monday Is to'
obtain additional Information to frame
legislation along these lines.
Must Be Keorfaniied.
Discussing specifically the make-up of
tho clearing houses, and the abuses of
the clearing house system, Congresman
Pujo said:
"Clearing hnuses, composed of volun
tary associations of bankB as a vehicle
of exchange, must and will be reorgan
ized. As a result of lite Investigation
thus far of the 'Money trust' by our
committee, I understand that several
clearing houses are voluntarily le mov
ing restilctlons upon membership and
business methods. Some, I hear, have
agreed that their members may give
exchange without charge to their cus
tomers If they so desire.
"But the dealing houses must change
their methods and radically or face
prosecution under the Sherman anti
trust law as 'conspiracies In restraint
of trade.' They will also face the prob
able loss ot use of tho malls.
Banks Are Coerced.
"As now organized and conducted,
dealing houres force banks to Join, or
refuse to 'clear' their exchanges. In
moat rases this compels a bank either
to Join the association or go out of
business. Being denied the clearances
and support of other hanks, institutions
which refuse to Join the associations arc
business pariahs.
"To my mind this condition of affairs
haB become Intolerable unendurable.
"It Is the purpose of our Investiga
tion to present these conditions to Con
gress and to the country, with demand
for legislation und action which will en
(Continued on Pago Twelve.)
henjto met ut noon.
Amnlbus claims bill taken up for
Commission to Investigate tobacco
prices and question of combination
of foreign nations to depress them
Judge Archbald trial proceeds at 2
President's communication on Lincoln
Memorial sent to Senate.
House met at noon.
Adamaon bill for physical valuation ot
ralliouds passed.
Legislative appropriation bill called up.
Speaker Cluik accepted position of hon
orary president of Nutlqnal Fraterult
of Pages, nnd posed 'on Capitol steps
tor moving picture machine.

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