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Child Asks The Times to
Remember Her Blind
With this Coupon and i sny lt.50
ox 9 Itsfmd Stat sy
secured (or
Fot tiw stmUi of Dteimbor 9 or
There' a little girl out In George
town who never can be taken out of
her bed because she Is afflicted, and
he lies alone In the room all day
because the only one who can take
care of her her grandmother must
go out and earn enough to- buy bread
for both of them.
There's a little boy down in the ex
treme southeast who has no mother
pr father, and who Is lame. He la
only six years old.
There is a little girl down on First
treet southwest, who lives with her
Mtnd grandmother, and who doesn't
want any Christmas present for her
self, but who begs Santa Claas to
"please bring something for grand
tfta." The little lame boy wants a train
f cars and some candy and nuts.
Missed By Santa Claus.
He doesn't know what Christmas ii,
except (or what people have told him
about It 8anta Claus haa never vUitcd
hie poor home.
The little afflicted girl In Georgetown
aye, "I am big (or my age. and pleaae
give me something I can wear."
These are only three out at the thou
sand (rom whom the Bt. Nicholas Ulrl
la lecelvlmr letter theae days. And
aren't ome of the letter enough 10
melt the heart of atone?
It they could all be printed, the 8t.
Nlcholai (Jlrl feela quite aure that the
pennies and tho dimes and the Christ
maa toys would come In so fast that It
would take a bigger commltteo than
sho has to take care of them.
But Charitable Washington Is waking
up to the suffering that Ilea right out
side Its doors. Donations are coming
In In the nay of toys and money and
offers or assistance. Yesterday, follow
ing the announcement that the manage
ment of "The Old Homestead" had
placed at the disposal of the St. Nich
olas Qlrl the Columbia Theater for Mon
day and Tuesday evenings, a letter waa
received from Miss Louise Kent, who Is
playlne In Washington this week, which
was as ioiiows:
Actress Has Dresse dDoll.
Dear Bt. Nicholas Olrl: I am so In
' terestod In the wonderful work that
The Times Is doing that I (eel as
though I must do my part In making
aome little child happy on Christmas
Day. 80 I have dressed a doll (or
you, and you can do with It what
ever vou please (or the benefit of
your Christmas toy fund. With the
doll goes my lovo and beat wishes
for a merry Christmas (or all Chil
dren, hero In Wshlngton and every
where. Sincerely.
Hiss Dolly has been dressed by Miss
Xeat In a costume exactly similar to
the one she Is wearing this week In
her sketch In which she la appearing In
Poll's Theater.
Chance to Aid Charity.
The announcement In yesterday's
Times that the Columbia Theater had
been turned over to the 8t Nicholas
Olrt for Monday and Tuesday has re
ceived generous response (rom kind
hearted people who wish to' help Santa
Claus along. As was made known yes
terday, the coupon printed In The Times
is food (or any tlM or C reserved seat
In the Columbia Theater on Monday or
Tuesday evening, when accompanied
Dy n.
This gives everybody to see a grand
old Play at a bargain price, and to help
one of the best movements that haa
ever been Inaugurated in the Capital
City. By aacrJndng the pleasure of
going to the theater later In the week,
why not benefit this wonderful move
ment by going to the Columbia on one
of these two evenlngsT Even, thouch
you have seen It onee, "The Old Home
stead" la worth seeing a second, and
even a third, time, and when It la taken
Into consideration that every dollar
spent for a ticket at the Columbia on
either one of these two evenlnks means
a dollar's worth of toys, this 4s a way
of helping the St Nicholas Qlrl that
ahould.not be overlooked.
Remember, though, unlesa the coupon
accompanies the ticket, the Christmas
fund will not be benefited.
Next Wednesday momln a Uttle
army of Banta Claus' helpers will com
mence packing the toys that have al
ready been aent In, and the St. Nicho
las nlrl um everybody who Intends
to send donations of toys to do so a
promptly as possible. Up to thin date
tha nnMilne- and (Ulnar of the letters
which have been sent to Banta Claus
haa occupied the time of a dosen girl
volunteers, and the number of letter
haa rMirtiM already fnur flaurea.
wnen one rememoer inai ine requests
e: the children' are to be fulfilled, within
reason, an Idea may be gained of the
task that confront the St. Nichols,
Olrl and her helpers, and her reason
for asking that all donation be sent as
soon aa possible. The time for send'ng
money and toy will be continued until
Chrtstma Eve, but the evident need for
prompt action 1 before the committee
just at the present time.
80 the St. Nicholas Girl ask that
those who wish they could do something
for the poor Utile children of Wash
ington, be alive to the work which con
front the Bt. Nicholas committee and
send In the contributions as quickly n
possible. Toy, dimes, pennies, nickels,
and bill ar equally welcome, a well a
volunteer helper.
Write or telephone the St. Nleholna
Olrl of The Washington Times, and tell
her Just what you want to do.
Does Not Think Betrayal
Strange When One of Apos
tles Sold His Christ.
NEW YORK. Dee. 1. The great Beck-
cr-Rosehthal gambling graft case wa
analysed today by Mayor William J.
Gaynor. He pointed out lessons that
may be drawn from It by the executive
and people of other American cities.
"The white-haired, gray-bearded cxecu
tlve frankly admitted there had been
plenty of graft hero and that some still
remains. He Insisted, 'however, that it
was being gradually stamped out and
defended the rank and file of 'the New
York police as me oeai in ne wurm,
n,im, insisted that ha knew cer
old-time police Inspectors were graft
Allies and Turkey Prepare to
Take Up Pact in
' London.
Petroleum Monopoly pill I Intro
duced in Reichstag.
Champ Clark Unwittingly Violates
Rule He Himself
When Speaker Champ Clark tried to
violate one of the rulea which he him
self had laid down for the conduct of
the House business. It was his
daughter, Genevieve, who upheld the
majesty of the law last night.
Recently the Speaker had a sign put
up on the elevator In the southeast cor
ner of the House wing. "Member and
I the overcrowding of this olevator by
visitors and relative 01 mtmuwi "
tho Speaker and Miss Clark came out
fronv the Speaker'a private offleo yes
terday, he stepped Into the elevator and
aid. "Come on In."
Miss Clark would not do so She
walked downstairs, reminding her fath
er that rules were rules for her a well
as anyone else.
Sons of Veterans
N Entertain O. A. R.
Lincoln Camp No. t. Sons of Union
Veterans, entertained Lincoln Post. G.
A. R., and auxiliary organisations. In
the O. A. R. hall Thursday night. Past
Commander Parker Trent, of Lincoln
Camp. poke on "How to Xncreae the
Membership of our Orders." and a liter
ary and musical program waa given by
Miss K. Ryal. J. W. Reynolds. Miss
Beatrice Cosgrove, and other.
To Propose Union of
Presbyterian Bodies
A bast of union between the South
ern Preabyterlan Church of the United
State, and the United Presbyterian
Church of America, will be submitted
to the assemblies of the two organisa
tion In Atlanta next spring. Announce
mint was made yesterday that a plan
had been L agreed upon by committees
Sf thi7hui?hea in this cltv Wednesday,
and now is ready for ratification.
Gaynor Insisted that he knew certain
era. He vouia not nave neen lurvnuu,
he said. If one or more had been caught
In the recent upheaval, and hopes and
rather expect ome will yet be landed
'"Tne'miyor Insisted that three thtnga
contributed to graft-the enforcement of
the liquor regulation, antl-gambllng and
antl-prostltutlon law.
Chances For Graft
"A police force haa two thing to do,"
said the mayor. "First, and tnot Im
portant, I It duty to preserve outward
order and decency throughout the city.
That I It first duty, and to deal with
the ordinary run of crime. The second
duty Is to deal with these three things
that I have mentioned. That has to be
done largclly through secret work. We.
therefore, established (or that work a
iqund of 1 men. Three lieutenants
were put over this squad, and they
and the squad were put under the po
lice commissioner himself. Nobody else
could give them an order.
"1 knew that the commissioner could
not be corrupted, but of. course, we all
knew that member of the squad un
der him could be corrupted here and
there. Lieutenant Becker waa one o(
these lieutenants. He got In with a
notorious gambler and scoundrel named
Jack Rose, and was corrupted by him,
and waa for aome months, 1 suppose,
taking graft before the murder ot
Rosenthal. He completely dece ved the
commissioner. But I did not condemn
tho commissioner (or It and throw him
to the wolves, a the sensational press
loudly demanded that I ahould do. On
the contrary. I atood by him because,
ho had done no wrong. I
Betrayal of Waldo.
"Ot the twelVe who dipped the sop)
iih i.ii. one betraied him. It was
not at all astonishing that Becker be
traied Waldo.
Our present social system." continued
the may..r. In discussing tne social rw..;
"al forcta many jtuuuk ,... -astnir
In order to get a Hying. When
""... .1.1. ar. nlrt nlttanCCS tOO
Ing It tney yieia id mo .i. -
m?n. If they were paid '&
.... ...i.ii ha vtoiri. I do not make
any pretense that we cn do away with
the evil altogether. D? not misunder
stand me at all. Eer since I have been
ma or, in aaaressuia tir ,
making public statements. I have been
entirely (rank on this subject and sub
jects like It. I will not pretend tnat we
can do things which I know we cannot
do. AH we ean ao is mo ow wo t-n
to keep the evil down.
"The police commissioner ays h
thinks that these women do not exceed
B.ooo in numner in ims cuy, uui sun
that la a mere estimate. ( that 50U0
could all be locked up or run out of tho
city, or aot rid of, an equal number
would very promptly tako their places.
That Is perfectly well known to every
one who knows an) thing about the
matter. Wo have to work nway attalnst
vice of all kinds, and keep them down.
Some think the mayor should stop every'
vir unit crime at once. Why nil the
preachers In the world have not yet
brought about an observance of the Ten
Alley Improvers to Meet.
A meeting of the Alley Improvement
Association will be held In the Shlloh
Baptist Church tomorrow, with tho Rev.
J. Milton Waldron presiding.
Teur drusslst will refund monsy If PAZO
Ointment fells t euro Itching. Blind, Bleed
ing er Protruding Piles In I to U day He.
LONDON, Dec. 7.-It waa officially
decided, today that the Balkan peace
conference, to begin Friday, December
u, would be held In Bt. James' Palace.
The palace la the official residence of
the King In London, and state tunc
tlons ore held there, though King
Qeorge usually occuplea Buckingham
War Situation Sams. I
The Balkan war situation today prac-1
tically waa unchanged. There was no '
confirmation of the Constantinople dis
patches that Greece had affixed a be
lated signature to the Baghtche pro-,,
iwwi ivr an snnuuev. jie ir me ceuia i
be learned, Greece sUll refused to Join r,
the truce agreement, and were con
tinuing their operations before Ja'nlna
and on the Island ot Chios.
The other Balkan states and Turkey
were continuing their preparations for
the peace conference, which. In ap-
Karent defiance or all superstitions, will
egtn In London on Friday, Decem
ber 11
Athens dispatches gave assurance
that Greece would participate In the ne
Kolla tlons.
Tries to Split Alliance. '
With peace of some kind, no matter
how costly, assured by the protocol It
waa agreed that Turkey had turned her
attention to a policy of diplomacy that
would sow the seeds of dlssentlon
among the Balkan allies. In order that
Turkey might conclude as favorable a
bargain as possible.
With all of life Ilnlkan belllgerants
appointing their peace plenipotentiaries
and all of the six powers accepting the
proposal for the ambassadorial confer
ence, the outlook (or lasting peace
throughout Europe waa considered
BRRLIN, Dec. 7.-The government's
retroleum monopoly bill, believed to be
doomed to defeat, was Introduced In
the Reichstag today by Imperial Treas
urer Kuhn. In a speech defending tha
menmire he denied that the bill 'de
clared war on the Standard Oil Com
pany. Ha said that It was designed
nniv a protective measure, to pre
vent the Standard Oil Company from
setting what threatened to be an ab
solute control of Germany's oil Indus
Munron's Paw-Paw Pills are unlike all
ether laxatives or cathartics. They coax the
liver Into activity by senile methods. They
do not scour; they do net gripe; they do not
weaken; but they do start all the secretions
of the liver and stomsch In a way that soon
puts these orasns In a healthy condition and
corrects constipation.
Munyon's Paw-Paw Pills are a tonic to the
stomsch. liver and nerves. They Invigorate
Instead of weaken; they enrich the blood In
stead of Impoverish It; they enable tha stom
ach to get all tha nourishment (rom food
that Is put Into It.
These pills contain no calomel, no dope,
they an soothing, healing and stimulating
They school the boweta to act without physio,
l'rlca II rents All drufftits.
n '""" safls. saaSA -sw CP9 jsasfisw
Thousands and thousands of eyes
will be focused on
every day, beginning today, in solving the Daily
Proverb Problem, complete announcement of which
you will find jn another advertisement today under the
'Tree Tickets for Chase's Theater"
Read this announcement and don't fail to have
your advertisement in the Classified Columns, daily
where it will be seen by
Thousands and Thousands of Eyes '
ssssssssssssssf M I I I
National Hotel
Winter Garden
Washington's newest and best appointed Cafe.
Nothing approaches it south of New York in char
acter and convenience.
Music Fountains Flowers
On Sunday evening a special Table
d'Hote Dinner will be served from
6 to 8 at $1.00 per plate with wine
You'll find it a very exceptional dinner a
Menu of wonderful variety and careful preparation.
Miss Thomas, well-known soloist, and Green's Orchestra
in attendance.
You can have tables reserved by application to the
hotel office.
J. D. KYNASTON, Manager.
Here's an Opportunity
For a Quick Purchaser
No. 1352 Perry St. N. W.
Price, $5,200
At Practically Purchaser's Own Terms
Pei aad Ink Sketch, Showing Faralshed Interior Effect
New home never occupied in neighborhood composed of $6,000 to Si 0,000
Constructed of handsome pressed brick, re-enforced with steel. Six spacious
rooms, completely equipped' bathroom; four porches, two fireplaces, hardwood floors
throughout, hardwood trimmings throughout, brass art lighting fixtures, finest deco
rations throughout, completely equipped laundry, with stationary tubs and extra
servants' toilet in cellar; modern hot-water heating plant, extra hot water heater.
TO INSPECT Take any 14th streetcar goirjg northwest and get off at 14th
and Perry streets or phone Main 2345 and we will motor you out. Open for in
spection every day till 8 P. M.
Look for Our Oreen aad White 5lga 713 14th Street
Inspect Today or Tomorrow Come Out
I -
I III PARK BasssslsssssSHBPi
1357-9 and 61 B St. S. E.
Ill Only One Left
III Six rooms and bath. I
III Hardwood flnlsh throushout. I
III LarKC lots and parking to alley. I
III Dout'lp porches, 7 by IS ft. I
III Holland window shades. I
III Extra largo closets. I
Open and. Lighted Until 9 o'Clock P. M.;
Lots M by 112 to M-ft. alley.
Mirror doors.
Floor planed and oiled.
Pmed streets and sidewalks,
ltooni tor garage or stable.
1226 to 1238
Maryland Ave. N. E.
Only Two Left
Elx and eight rooms and bath.
Hardwood finish throughout.
Kleetrlc lights.
Large lots with 45 feet ot parking
to alley.
Parquetry flooring.
Double porches. 7 by 11 feat
Holland window shades.
Maryland avenue la one ot the finest streets In northeast, and houses
at above prices are seldom to be had. Don't miss this chance. Come out
before too late.
tut -mi ii Kiifc langts.
Uxtra large closets.
Mirror doors.
Floors planed and oiled.
Paved streets and sidewalks.
Itoom for garage, or stable.
Two atylcs of houses.
ssssssssssaT ??rTgriaaBgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggBgggggggggggggl
915 D Street N. E.
Just Completed
Only $100 Cash
House Open Daily and Sunday Until 9 o'Clock
Lighted and Heated
Come Out This Evening or Sunday
Six Rooms and Bath.
Hardwood Finish Throughout.
Large Lota and Parking to Alloy.
Double Porches, 7x16 ft.
Holland Window Shades.
Extra Large Closet.
Mirror Doors.
Floors Planed and Oiled,
Parquetry Flooring.
Ulectrlo Lights.
H. R. HOWENSTEIN CO., 1314 F St. N. W

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