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Snows Two Sides to Charac
ter In Way to Win Audi
ence's Sympathy.
W It could be Mid that on star
hoat brlghtsr than another In E. H.
Sothsrn's and Julia Marlowe's Shakes
pearean production! at the Belasco
Theater, Mile Marlowe would get the
honors (or her delightful acting for
the first four days of the week. Her
Beatrice, Katherlne. Juliet, and Viola
were superb and proved her to be
America's foremost actress In her line.
In the first four nlavs Mr. Kothern
showed his histrionic ability, master-
zuiiy actlns; Benedict, Potruchlo,
Romeo, and Malvollo.
But last nlirht, when "The Mrrchant
of Venice" was nresented Mr. Sothern
took the greater share of the honors
in nis characterisation of Hhylock,
the mottiv lander. Ha ahlv drawl
two sides to the grasping Jew, the
agjvrness for merclnary gain and the
deep.seated love for his daughter and
his race, with his fine touches of
aratnatlo art, he makes Shyiock al
most lovable, reveallns: that behind
the treat desire for wealth there Is
a heart broken by vicious attacks of
i wno naia ana oppose mm ana
bv. the daughter who fled from his
home with a Christian.
Wins Sympathy for Shyiock.
Shyiock Is Mr. Sothern's master
piece. He Is powerful, finished, capa
ble, drawing the fine lines with un
equaled finish, in the scene outside his
house by the bridge, when he and his
friends are unable to locate the fleeing
daughter, one can but sympathise with
his emotions. Then, In the court room,
when he Is about to exact the penalty
or his bond a pound of flesh cut from
Antonio he la at his best, the lust for
gold turning to a greed for revenge,
eager for Antonio to pay the penalty
that will cost his Ufs.
Miss Marlowe played Portia, winsome,
sweet, and clever, brilliantly assuming
the role of a learned doctor In the court
scene, where shs saves Antonio's Ufs
with her fins point In law. Bassanlo
was excellently played by Frederlok
Lewis. Hs makes an ardent suitor for
Portia's hand and a true friend to An
tonio. Mr. Lewis received numerous
curtain calls with Miss Marlowe.
Is Brilliant Production.
Sidney Mather makes an Ideal An
tonio, the dignified and graceful mer
chant who loses all his wealth by ship
wreck. P. J. Kelly Is Salanlo; Mllano
Tllden, Balarlno, and Walter Connolly,
Lorenso, with rare ability. Malcolm
Bradley played Old Oobbo, a character
bit, and Rowland Buckstone, Launcelot
Qobbo, his son, admirably.
"The Merchant of Venice" Is the most
brilliant production, from a scenlo
standpoint, that yet has been presented
by the Sothern-Marlowe company. The
street scenes of Vsnlce and the court
room scene were most notable. The
costumes wsre gorgeous.
Widow Is Beneficiary.
Mrs. Clara Rassbach Is named as the
oln tieneflciary In tha will af her hue
band, Herman Rassbach, dated April
u, 1910, rued in rrooaie court toaay.
more lines of display advertising than
its nearest competitor
For the first five days of this week
fie toaaliingtcm meg
shows a gain of
lines of advertising over the same period
one year ago
(And last year was The Times banner year)
The Times represents the most economical advertising buy in Washington
and advertisers are appreciating this fact more and more every day
Wants Man Who Will En-
force Sherman. Law and
Punish Malefactors.
The hardest proposition In the way
of Cabinet making that Ooveroor Wil
son has to solve Is the Attorney Gen
eralship. So say ths friends of ths
President-elect Tbey aver that It Js
not at all certain who la going to bo
ths head of the Department of Justice
under tho Wilson administration, and
that the question of Just how to fill
ins place is giving ar. wiison noi
utile concern.
Various names have been mentioned
for the position, including those of
Louis D. Brandeis, of Boston; George
Fred Williams, of Boston; Senator
O'Qorman, and Judge Weeteoit, of New
Jersey. The gossip here, however, Is
that the selection Is not yet msde, and
that the President-elect regards tho
Question of who shall be Attorney Gen
eral aa the moat Important Cabinet
question us nas to 'settle.
Waats Shsnnaa Law Triad.
In the first place, the Preoldent-aleet
Is anxious to see what can be done
by the steady and perslstsnt applica
tion of the Sherman law. In his re
cent message President Tart haa sub
stantially taken the nosltlon that tho
unremitting use ot tne one
and prosecutions of oombti
a Sherman law
commnauona in
restraint of trade through the courts
will bring about competition, and make
conditions In ths Industrial field satis
factory. .
While Prseldent'Sleet Wilson talked
more or less about regulated compe
tition tn the campaign, the truth Is
that the Democrats are all at. sea as
to what legislation to enact to sup
plement the Sherman law.
Vigorous Official Heeded ,
tinder the circumstances, co runs ths
gossip among ths Cabinet makers here,
the President-elect wants an Attorney
General who will enforce the Sherman
law with vigor, and who will do his
utmost to throw a squad of "male
factors of great wealth' Into the oold
cells of a prison. ...
In addition to that. If It Is Men In
4lanaaahla tn auBOtamtnt the Sherman
law with Important trust. and corpora
tion legislation, a man la. wanted at
the head of the Department of Justlos
who is competent, to .work out the
problem of what to 66. And If the
lealslatlva branch or tne Government
will not grapple with the trust and
corporation problem in a broad way In
the next administration. It Is essen
tial that ihara be a oomnetent De
partment of Justice to do the best It
Bryan's Brother Says
Office Story Is untrue
A widely circulated report that Wit-
Urn J. Bryan had obtained an option
on a suite of offices In Washington,
presumably to be In close touch with
the Democratlo Adminwrauon, is De
clared falss by Charles W. Bryan, the
Commoner's brother. .
"No euch option has been secured and
no such step waa aver contemplated,"
said Mr. Bryan.
Gift for Mrs. Taft
George K. (Konebrldge, of New Tprk.
a member of the North sue Board ot
Trade, today presented President 'Taft
with a sofa pillow, to be given to Mrs.
Tsft The pillow bears a picture of the
balanced rock In the Bronx.
Public Health Service Will
' Not Tackle Main Pollution
Probe This Winter.
Scientific tests of the waters of the
upper Potomac river and Its drainage
basin area, to aetermine tne extent ana
source of pollution ot the waters, will
not be mads until spring, according to
B resent plans of the Publlo Health
The examination to be made will be
Good and True
Safe and reliablefor regula
ting the bowels, stimulating the
liver, toning the stomach the
world's most famous and most
approved family remedy is
comprehensive and will Include exten
sive scientific surveys of all the terri
tory embraced in the upper Potomac
drainage area as described by the Geo
logical Survey, surface conditions over
this territory will be carefully gone
over, as well aa under drainage and
sewsge from farms and communities
through the Potomac valley.
Samples of stream water from the
river proper similar to those obtained
In the lower Potomac by experts of (fie
Bureau of Chemistry and representa
tives of the States of Maryland and
Virginia, will bo taken at freauent In-
tervals In tho upper Potomac,
It was pointed out today
would probably Interfere wl
that Ice
with Mlv
work In the upper river In the dead of
winier, ana mat much possible pollu
tion that might be ovldenced In sum
mer time would be covered and retarded
by extreme cold weather.
To Meet Tomorrow.
The District of Columbia branch of
the Association for the Advancement nf
Colored People will meet In the Zlon
Iisptlst Church, K street, between Third
and Fourth, tomorrow afternoon at S
o'clock! The Hev. J. II. Waldron, Mrs.
Mary Church Terrell, the Rev. A. C.
Garner, and L. M. Hershaw will mako
The Man That Pays Rent
Can Buy One' of These Homes
With the Same Money or Less
Than Rant
501 to 509 Randolph St. N. W.
Taka Any 9th Street Car to Randolph Street, Walk One Block East
They are finely constructed and finished throughout; contain six full rooms and tiled
bath; hot-water heat; well appointed kitchen; large concrete cellar; large lots, 20-foot front, and
all modern conveniences. No better homes for the price or near the price anywhere.
After you have seen these homes in a section filled with $5,000 homes, you should jump
at the opportunity to buy one for $3,750 on our easy payment plan.
Open and Lighted Until 9 o'CIock at Night
Rooms 514 and 515 Bond Buildintr
To be purchased and paid for by The Washington Times.
The ads in the classified advertising columns of The Washington Times are "little nuggets
of gold" they contain money-making, money-saving news in wonderful abundance. We want
every reader of our news columns to read the classified advertising columns, for we want you to
know of the many unusual opportunities to be found there; so we have devised a plan to draw
your attention to them.
Beginning today, December 7, and continuing until further notice, we will scat
ter through the columns of the classified pages a series of separate sentences which will not
be parts of any of the advertisements. You are to choose ONE WORD from each of these
sentences and put all the chosen words together to form a well-known proverb which we have
hidden in the sentences.
For instance take the proverb "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." It
contains 10 words; so you would find ten sentences scattered through the classified advertising
columns, from EACH of which you will choose ONE word to form the proverb. A new proverb
will be thus hidden away every day. .
Each day two pairs of reserved seat tickets to Chase's Theater will be awarded for correct
solutions. 1st prize, two tickets; 2d prize, two tickets.
Winners' names will be published each day, and they will also be notified by mail. Tickets
will be delivered only upon presentation of letter of notification, at The Times office, Room
727, Munsey Building.
You will find it wonderfully entertaining, educational, and practically helpful
OCnu yuui nnaw.o iu
Thousands of Pounds of Food
Lost in Vicinity, Says
That there are thousands of pounds
of food going to waste that can be pro
cured for the picking is the contention
of Fred J, Braendle, translator In the
United States Pension Office. Mr.
Brsendle refers to the mushrooms that
spring up after every rain on the farm
lands of Virginia and Maryland.
Mushrooms on the menu of a metro
politan restsurant are luxuries that few
can afford, and yet the same mushrcoms
grow practically everywhere and can
be had for the picking, he says.
After every rain the vaueys and sort
spots in Virginia and Maryland appear
to be studded with mushrooms.
D. J. Dunigan, Owner and Builder
Warren Cochran. Selling Agent
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The Liver if the .
Road to Health
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lew ot sfoease, skfc bisditwi awi
Perety vegetable. Vow gas. Asa)
One of the
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Phone M 5198
Timet, Washington, D. C.
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