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Fflr Tonight and
Last Edition
NUMBER 758. '
Yesterday's Circulation, 43,122.
Sixteen Pages;
' .'
Progressives Flock From All
Sections for Chicago
Conference. .
Moose Declare They Will Reject
Offers to Join Republican
CHICAGO, Dec. 9. With the spe
cial tralnload of Eastern leaders ar
rirlng today, Colonel Roosevelt head
ing the force; and with every train
pouring Progressive leaders and
workers Into the city from the Cen
tral West, West, and South, Chicago
has taken on all the appearance ot
a national conventlbn city once more.
The executive committee of the
national committee met to determine
the procedure ot the conference,
which has been no easy matter In
view of the large number of persons
who are attending The general
meetings will be held In the big ban
quet hall of the LaSalle Hotel,
which Is big enough to accommodate
the delegates to a 'national conven
tion, but may prove Inadequate for
some ot the gatherings that will be
held here.
!Cheers Greet Colonel.
Colonel Roosevelt had a warm recep
tion when he nine In at. the head of
the, Eastern contingent. Many of tho
'people already gathered most of them,
probably had .fat. .Men him -alhocth
shooting In Milwaukee, and thero was
something more than mcra enthusiasm
about the greeting extended to. him.
The Illinois State central committee
4 knd that State's Progressive member
of tho legislature ure to hold a session
tonight to arrange u geeural legislative
program and policy for me session soon
to open ut Hprlngtlild. The old Ho
publican niachlnn Is trying to figure out
u av to deprive about half the Pio
grcsslve) of tlelr "eats In the assembly,
on the giound of u technicality about
the wuv votes were cast under the Illi
nois cumulating voting Ian-,
Tho Mule canvassing board has thus
far refused to Issue ccrtlllcutes of elec
tion to the- Progressives.
Certificates Held Up.
Among tho leiidi'iH In the city today
were. Geoigc W. l'erklns, G I fiord Pin-
chot. Anion Plnchot, former Senator
Albert J. Ueveridge. Cornier State Jlc
publican Chairman Edwin I.ce of In
diana, and former Governor Otero, of
New .Mexico. On the train with Col,
Roosevelt were National Chairman
Joseph M. Mxon. O, K. Davis, publicity
Tilicrtor for the party; Oscar N. Htraus,
Frank A. Munscy. W. Doiirkc Cock ran,
llcolgc L. Record, of New Jciscy: T.
Douains Robinson, newly elected Htate
chairman of New Vork: Tim L. Wood
ruff, National Treasurer E. It. Hooker,
and many others.
Death Knell of G. 0. P.
There has been so much Indignation
over this move thut It Is doubted If the
old machine will dure so forward with
It. Progressives uud Democrats alike
declare that to do so vvo.i.d be to sound
the death knell of the Republican patty
In tho State, for all lime. Moreover, If
the Republican machine should attempt
It, there Is still doubt whether it could
control the legislature. One line of arm:,
ment among the machine people of both
parties favors it combination of old-line
Republican and Democrats with tho
program of election of one Democratic
and one Republican United Slates Sen
ator. In that case, the two would piobably
bo James Hamilton IjcmIn, Democratic
primary nominee, and Lawrence V. Slier
man. Republican pilnurv nominee. Uut
neither Lewis nor Alien nan looks at alt
desirable to a large (lenient of the
old organizations.
One of the moil Important muttoiu
that will iltinnnd tho attention of (!
national conference K that ot orgiinlza
lion for the fiitun. It Is Intended to
discuss verj cuicfull the organization
methods of the UorlullstN In this conn
trr "I'd alnoad, which I. live been very
PUn To Hire Workers.
This plnn Includes the ciuplojment
of reguiaily salaried organizers who
tour th" country, eftict organization
by counties, mm towns, uud Htate.',
arraiiBV meetings, help to piolde
(Continued on Second Pure.)
IMli- tonight and Tuesday, with rising
temperature Tuesday; lowest tempera
turo tonight ubout 20 degrees.
f. 8. Ul'HKAl I AFFLECK'S.
t, a. m 31 u. in 3.1
0 u. in 'It I' H, m .11
10 a. in K 10 ii. in ',-
11 a. in St) II a. m 77
i; noon 12 noon
1 p. in 33 1 p. in tf
2 p. Ill 2 P- m 13
Today High tide, 1:15 n. in.; 2:13 p. in.
Low tide, 3:15 a. in.. 9:26 P. in.
Tomoriow-HIgh tide, 3:W a. m.; 3:53 p,
m. Low tide, 9:31 a. in., 10.0S P. in.
7:07 Sun esls.
Sun rises
Benefit Performance Tonight
To Aid Poor Children
Of Capital.
Be Assisted By Society
Young Women as
With this Coupon and II any 11.30
or 93 Reserved Heat may
be secured for
For the evenings of December
9 or 10.
Lillian Alexander, Helen McCam
bridge, Anita Balllnger, Edith Swett,
Margaret Strawn, Gertrude Carpen
ter, Clara Stack. Harriet Snow-,
Helen Duman, Lillian Mcnaugb,
Mary Mlnntx, and Louise Verh
meyer are the girls who have en-
rolled themselves as the St. Nich-jhu;
olas Girl's assistants for this
evening, and have offered their
services as ushers at tho benefit per
formance of "The Old Homestead"
at the Columbia Theater. They nre
members ot the Sigma Lambda soror
ity, and arc so anxious for the suc
cess ot the benefit; that they buvp
broken social engagements for the
purpose of being on haacL-to sbJMK
tboso who attend the benefit to their
seats, and on Tuesday evening there
will be a dosen others girls well
known In society, who will perform-
similar duty at tho benefit. ' Mra.
Robert Sullivan and Mrs. Paul
Leah will be chaperoncs this even
ing. Receipts Kindly Donated.
Of course by this time everybody who
reads The Times knows that the cntliu
productlon of "The Old Homestead,"
that frand old plav that has charmed
people for more than it quarter of it
ctntuty, httH been turned over to the
St. Nicholas Girl, through the courtesy
of Alfred K. Hall, the business repre
sentative, and Frank Thompson, mana
ger of the company.
Manugcrs Mctzeiott and llerger of the
Columbia Theater hnvo been none the
less kind in turning over their share of
the receipts lor the evening, and wvery
pnny realized bv the two benefit eve
nings will -be used to buy toys for Wash
ington's unfortunate! little people, who
ore looking to the .St. Nlcholus Ulrl for
all the Christmas they will have this,
j ear.
Pathetic Appeals Made.
Meanwhile Haul a' Clous' mull at The
Times office Is Jammed with ictteis,
and each little ml.it-lvc contains a pa
thetic appeal from somo little, child for
Honta not to puss him or her b.
It takes all expeit to read some of these
tearful appeals, for they in a written
bv baby hands thut have not learned
to wtlto very well, Uut they all say
the same tiling "please, Santa Clans,
don't foriret us this year" and already
tho volume of mull that ban come to the
Ht. Nicholas Girl's desk has exceeded
that of lust season by about 25 per cent.
This fact tells the story of suffeilug
among the poor us nothing else can.
fin when hard times i-ome, somehow or
other Hanta Claui seems to shun tho
(Continued on Kouith Page.)
Father and Son Fire on Minister
Who Accompanied Woman
HomeSon Will Die.
GUIiENSUUUG, I ., Dec. 0.-OIU-r.inn
wuh mortally wounded, u second
badly hurt, and :i third slightly Injured
as it result of u duel among the three.
line of the men, Fleet llarral, a mln
ls7!r. escorted Mrs. Chuiles Lindsay
home after she hud sepal uted from her
husbuml. I.ludsuy called on lluir.il,
told him be was armed, and suggested
that ho get a gun. The minister re
turned with u weapon, and tho two
men llrcd. Lindsay fell
Nut Lindsay, his sun, then appealed,
and after helping Ills father iii, they
both oH'lied Dm on tho minister. In
the exchange of shots the koii was so
badly hurt that he will die.
Tho minister took tho two men In u
wagon to a doctor.
Housebreaker a Financier.
NEW VOHK, Dec. 9, Aroused by
sounds In the basement, Coioner Israel
Felnberg discovered u man who hud
broken Into the house. The Intruder
unfolded u plan tu make millions, lie
was sent to an Insane aslum.
Baltimore Banker Has Clash
With Attorney Unter-
Defends Mode of Operation of
Institution of Which He
Is President.
Ilaltimore bankers took the center
of the stage when the Money trust in
vestigation was resumed before the
I'ujo committee of the House today,
and Waldo Newcomer, president of the
Baltimore Clearing House Association,
proved the star combatant of the com
mittee's suggestion that clearing house
associations should be subjected to Fed
eral supervision.
Mr. Newcomer and Samuel Untcr
myer, counsel for the House Commit
tee, spurred for a half hour over the
question of Federal supervision, the at
torney limiting that clearing houses
were too much like private clubs with
arbitrary rule, und Mr. Newcomer be-
just us positive in his statements
' that supervision by the Federal Gov-
eminent was unnecessary.
Other Bankers Called.
Among the other Ilaltimore bankers
who tcstlHed were W. W. Cloud, presi
dent of the State Bank of Maryland;
John R. Ulund, president of the United
Mate Fidelity and Trust Company, of
Baltimore; und Eugene Loverlng, pres
ident of the National Bank of Com
merce, of the same city.
Cloud and Bland were called to tell
ortjliilf.ruiui'utcessful efforts to become
metrAjern of the Clearing House Asia
clutloto, Both declared they were re
fused admission, and Mr. Cloud assert..
ed that as late as May, 1911, he had
made another attempt to gain member
ship and hud been turned down with
out uny reason being advanced.
The committee excused for the pres
ent John D. Ilamsay, Douglas II.
Thomas, It. 8. Mooney, and William If.
U'Connell, Baltimore bankers,
"1 do not think the other Baltimore
witnesses need remain," said Samuel
I'ntt'imycr. and they left Immediately
for the I'nlon Station.
Mr. Newcomer will resume his testi
mony when the committee reconvenes
following the luncheon reces.
In the Interchange of views between.
Counsel Untermyer and Mr. Newcomer,
which amounted utmost to a Joint de
bate, the Baltlmareaii denied that It
was the practice of clearing house asso
ciations to take arbtrary action which
would lesult In the closing up of banks.
"Is It not true that the clearing house,
If It saw lit, might close up a bank In
twenty-four hours and Imperii Its de
posits?" asked Untermyer.
"The clearing house wouldn't do this
except for tho strongest reasons," re
sponded Mr. Newcomer,
"Time Is no power of review," sug
Bisted Mr, t'ntermjer and Mr. New
comer ugreed.
"And vet von are opposed to supei
vision of iteming houses by the Gov
ernment." said the counsel,
"I don't think It Is necessary, an
swered the Ilaltimore bunker.
"Isn't It true that clearing houses are
run iilnin-t like private clubs?"
"I don't uKtee with you,"
Must Be Good Reasons.
.Mr. Newcomer suld'lt was; much bet
ter to shut down it shaky bank than to
have the membris of the clearing house
association suffer through dlsohunercd
However, lie said, theic must be tin;
moit pressing reasons when tho clear
ing house takes steps which would liuve
the cfTcu uf closing up a banking Insti
tution. In u seiles of iiuest'.on, Mr. Un-tcrmc.vci-
fullul to have the witness ad
mit thut a State or Federal banking au
thoilly should hnvo tho right of review
of the acts ot dealing houso associa
tions. While the hsi notations might sumo-
times make mlstukcs. the')- were on the
whole well conducted und not In need
or the sum i vision Miggesieu, comment
ed M e. Now coiner.
"in otner wonis, you inniK tney uo not
need correcting," said Counsel Unter
mver, with u touch of sarcasm.
"Whnt harm could como of revls'nK
tho acts of a clearing house If It were
doni by the Htate banking uutlioilt.v.
it r insiaiiocT anacii iniermyer.
"It might depend on the State
, ii, mil., hu.t.
iug umhoilly," Mild the Baltimore
At the op"nlllB of the session Ml'.
I'ujn gave out the following statement:
- ." . "
Thomas A. Edison
Loses to Goulds
Review or ills Jl.aw.OOO claim against
the heirs of Jav Gould and the Atlanll
und Pacific Telegraph Company for al
leged Infiliigcuieiit of u patent "Du
ple" telegraphing device thirty uara
ago, was lefused to Thomas A. Udlson.
the liivenlnr, today by tho Supreme
Com I. IMIson lust in the lower courts
and the high' court today declared It
could not icvlcw the case us no Federal
question Is Involved.
Fifty Million Tons of Dynamite Ex.
plotted In construction of tho Panama
canal. Now at Its most Interesting and
instructive stuge. Heat leached by
Southern nallvvuy through New Or
leans. Consult Agents, TOG 15th at. and
KG F .t. N. W.-Advt.
One of These May
- JISBBBsSssSsssSsBaM . L JH
lsiKl BSx H IhIkRZIssssH? immwU& N
sssssssssssssss -ssssssssO UssssssssssssssssssstsHajisssssMmrttsl I
Br WVin ' isH UiH7:xSlrisHHLiHN
VsssssssssK'V '"' : rCsssssssssi MssssssViBSssKa4
IHssssKM CisMU sssH yB sssssssssssHllH
bbbbbV I- fit?' tM sbbbbbbbbbI H bbbbbV 'iIbbbbbbI " t-WiHHHil I
bLbBBBBBbI rMtM-Mi ft, SBBBBBBBb! lllllgBLBr' ': r. !s1BBBBBBBBBBBBB
Hi wmm WMKBmmmmmKsR
I fsBBBBBBBBBWHl,'li7't3'.,v bbbbbbbbI I ils35S35SEsaHrw,s vVLftTv
nfM?0 KEHKtf'iL ,,-v.r W
i4 IFiV'XSl t- 'fel fAW MRS. KOBETtT W. HABPJtB.
mWmk.n '' -WWi'V ' vAJbbbbbbbbbbbbV
U LIsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbB
gi r rgJI
Tr-o ary Mr a-CMte
Women Are Tortured, and
Wholesale Pillage Is
Carried On.
sages received here today from Oalll
poll report terrible massacres of Chris
tians In that district. The troops burned
tho houses, held many or villagers for
runsomi massacred those who refused
to pay, assaulted the women und car
ried on wholesale pillage.
The telegraph lines had been cut be
ond Oalllpoll, and the military authoil
tlcs, holding the Christian villages re
sponsible or the work, ordered q de
tachment of troops to punish the resi
dents. drayTSwagons
for parcels post
Capital Gets Only $2,500 of $300,
000 for Delivery Pur
poses. Washington's share of a $300,000 melon
cut by l'outinaster Oeuerul Illtrhcoek
today Is only K.500 und the money will
be used by Postmaster Merrllt not to
rent autoinobllcH for the parcels post,
but to hire u fow drayH and wtiguns.
The Postmaster General's order says
the annronrlstlon. which Is nart of the
i"i "" '."" ui'i""i'""
I tn lluui
be used for tho hlio of automobiles "or
other vehicles." It will liu "other
vehicles" hsie,
New Vork und soveial other cities
larger than this get flu.OOu each, and
Chicago has the largest slice, ir,,uoi.
Million-Dollar Baby
Is Born to Drexels
NEW YOnK, Dec, 9.-MarJorlo Oould
Drexel, eldest daughter of George J,
Gould and ICdlth Klngdon Gould, und
her husband, Anthony J, Drexel, jr.,
son of the Philadelphia bunker, uro re
joicing toduy over the birth of their
second child, u soven-und-a. half-pound
The ilrst of the Gould grandchildren
was a girl and there was great delight
today over the udvent of a male heir to
the Goiild-Drcxrl millions.
Tho couple were mu riled on April 13.
mm. Mother and child were if nor led
iat the Drexel home, MIS fifth, avenue,
as "doing well."
Be Temporarily "First Lady of Land
Deplores Effort of Congress
To Create 'Seven-Year-Tenure
Rule. '
I lie letlrcment and pensioning of
Government cmploes. when they shall
have reached uu ugi of Impaired use
fulness, la aguln strongly urged In the
annual report of ticcictury of War
Mr. Htlmnon d-pirclates the attack
mode on thn retlicmeiit plan duilng tho
last session of Congress, when tho
Oemocratli House attempted to put Into
effect a fceven-jtcr tiiuire for l-'ederal
employes. Tho eftcct of such legislation,
.(lit: Hciretaiy asserts, wuiibl have been
tu overthrow 1 1 1. merit toslein.
Other teaturts of the annual ro
poit nf the Sieteiarv of War Include
a recommendation for the restoration
of the army canteen, und this prob
ably will cause a Htoini on Capitol
In connection with the subject of
retirement for superannuated cm
Idoycf, .-'ecieturv ruimxun .!
"In my lust annual report I expressed
instlt as being hi-aitlly in favor uf
some measure by which emploM-s of
tho I'edrial Government might be le
titid and pensioned when they icached
u condition of Initialled usefulness
after years of faithful service. I cum
rstly iiucw that rccommf nd.illon.
H-Krct the attack made against tile re
tlrrmclit Plan
i... i i. t i i i
'wh'c'n'Z Xl'iHuldo
mlted tenure of office rider
.ot Congress
to attach a limited
to the legislative, esecullic. and Judl
elnl upproprLUlun bill. I believe (he
effect of such lrgllatluu would have
been to oveithrow (be meilt system.
Soap Manufacturer's Daughter
Can't Sec Joke at
PATKRBON. N. !.. fee. S.-Not tak
ing kindly to a praetlcul Joke which
took tho form of serving dog biscuit at
b bridge luncheon, Mil's llelcne Wenton,
daughter of h wealthy soup manufac
turer, has sued her hostess, Miss Hur
rlet Condon, for the umoiint ot a' dent
Ist's bill inclined III repairing damaged
When the game wsh nvei, lemonade
und cakea were served. Miss Wenton
.He the greater part of ono of the cukes,
because she did not want to off end her
hoMisH, hihI III her decile to be ugiec
uble she bioke off the edge of one tooth
and dislodged the gold tilling of an.
Washington Gets One Boot
Before Other Matters
Come Before Body.
Did the District of Columbia get Its
regular "day" In the House today?
It did not.
Instead, the House, as was expected,
side-tracked District business and took
up the legislative appropriation bill,
which will bo passed before adjourn
ment. It is then planned to call up
the special rule providing for the con
sideration of a bill to Investigate the
practicability ot having the Govern
ment acmilro Montlcello. the former
homo of Thomas Jefferson.
The action of the House Indicates the
District will have little show during
the short session. Chairman Johnson,
of the House District Committee, evi
dently anticipated the approach of the
legislative steam roller today and he
mude no tight to bring up District bills.
Among the bills on the calendar,
which says the second and fourth Mon
dsvs shall be devoted to District busi
ness, were the following:
For New Schools.
An act to provide for plans anl
specifications for two new school
Tho O'Shnuncssy bill to relieve cer
tain claimant on account of damage
to property In the grading adjacent
to the Union Station.
A bill to extend and widen Western
avenue northwest.
A bill defining the duties of guides
in the District.
The true consideration bill upplilns
to real estatu transactions In the Dis
trict. .... . V...
A measure providing for approval by
Congress of ull purchases of real estate
toward which the United States con
tributes. Several bills' amending tho Dlstrlt
code. ....
The Prouty bill to prohibit lobbjing
on the part of Government cmplojcs.
A bill requiring the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal Company to construct und
maintain brldse over the canal.
For One-Half Fares.
The Dyer measure providing one-halt
fuie for school children when riding on
the street i.illwuys of the Dlstiiel.
These meuHiires are Independent of
heverul score bills now awaiting action
by the House District Committee and
1. 1.. I. I. n. .-. At l..iit rnnnrtfiil tim IIIIKM
I Wllll.ll IIU " U' ' t" "-" "--
continued lacK of a quorum In thut
committee. Among the lutler class,
which have not even Dcen piaceu M'ou
the culendat, are the Jones-Wot ks ex
cise bill, the public utilities measure,
numerous street Improvement bills and
the measuie to regulate the price nf gus
In the District.
The last session of Congicss ad
louined August 3). The lurt District
Dav vviib July S. Friends of District
legislation fiar the present session will
exceed the record of the last In sldu
ti in king the Dlstrlit business.
- . ... w 1 v 1 If 1 ' U'"J, 111 Mil ,llin"i. ... "
MflR IN AI AKArIA!,-'uui ",i,t r' hua it""" i,oiic uf
MUD 111 lL-flimiUl. i opl;ll,IH .KUMhiK the alleged Kl.ift-
ling procllvlttiM of ceilulu members ot
I thn New Vork illy bnaid of Aldermen.
!iv nihc-r rnlnred Men Arc Beinil'
aix utner uoiorco. men ii. nnnb
Taken to Mooilc tor aaie
MOnil.K, Ala.. Dec. 9. A message
fiom Chbctaw county suis that throe
colored men wero hanged by a lynching
mob early today. Six more coloied men
Hie en route to this city for safo
Not His Business to Name Secretary of
Inaugural Committee. He Declares,
Threatening Vengeance.
Branding as false the story that there is a fight on for
the secretaryship of the Inaugural Committee, because of
the injection of the name of an outsider, District National
Committeeman John F. Costello this afternoon declared
that he had not suggested the name of Secretary Walter
Vick, of the Democratic National Committee, for the place.
The chairmanship contest is still on, but indications
continue to point to the selection of Eldridge E. Jordan.
Reliable information reached the Capitol today that
J. J. Darlington, one of the foremost lawyers of Washing
Project, If Authorized, Would
Entail Outlay of
When the fortification bill is reported
from the House Committee on Appro
priations In the near future It will In
all probability contain nn authorisation
for a gigantic seacoast formication
project at Cape Henry, at the mouth
of the Chesapeake. This project will be
designed for the protection of the ap
proaches to Washington and Baltimore.
The defense of the National Capital,
should war with a great power suddenly
break out, would be a dubious matter,
with existing fortifications. In the opin
ion of most army and navy authorities.
The subcommittee on fortifications of
the House Appropriations Commute has
Just returned from an Inspection of the
land around Cape lleniy. It has been
decided by the subcommittee to recom
mend that a powerful fortress be built
there, with disappearing guns and all
the modern equipment of an up-to-date
stronghold. In order to make It Im
possible for land sharks to hold un the
Government, provision will be put In
the bill tor the condemnation ot the
site, if need be. tl Is estimated that
land and fortifications, alone with
equipment, will cost In the region ot
New Haven Traffic Merger May
Get Mcllcn on
Attorney Louis D. Brandels will bo
the chief Inquisitor of tho New Haven
Grand Trunk traffic merger proposid
by tho New Kngtand delegation In Con
gress If the bill ot Congressman
O'Shaunessy of nhodo Island goes
through. Members of the New Kngland
delegation iissertid that they have
enough evidence on hand now to force
the granting of u thorough Investiga
tion by u Congressional committee.
1 1lls evidence will he piescuted to the
House Itulea Committee tnnioiiovv,
Picsldciit Mcllcn. Hccoidtng to Con
Biessiuun U'Shuuuessyy, will be u wel
come witness. If lin cuies to testify
at the heiirlngH wnlch will lie con
ducted III ltoslon and Providence be
sides New Ynil;. uccoriltng to lh" plan.
Mr. Uiundels Is talked nf for the At
torney Generalship under President
, Nt:W YOllI-w, Die. n.-So fai us Major I
'Gal nor Is tuncerned he made It plain
t ........ , II. ..I Ii, tlin uiinrfllii.
"eplylnit to AliUimen llinry D. I'm
iuV( m(U for (itl(w fii. llH,, ,,,., h
tGailioi) wiote u letter in fusing Uiu
' uldornian, who is head of the polb e
, probe, of being a giaftci, Guiiur today
I pleaded Justification.
, At the outset hi denied the cuntenlliiii
, that Cm run "vviih of good name, fame
'and standing" In the i-oinniunlls. Then
he declined nun veij- win m uiu suiii
H nts lompljlncd o"l weie tun Prior
tu September 0, 1111.', lie. laied tin; UU ue,
i.n iiu.i zone nn reiord us ciillllig the
attentions of aldermen to the "inlsirablo
.ratline" oi soim. of the uldcrmCn.
ton, is being considered for the bon.
or of Inaugural chairman by Nation
al Chairman McCombs.
Is South Carolina Man.
Mr. Daillngton Is from South Carolina
and Is a 'lifelong Democrat an
many qualities to recommend him. In
case there Is a failure to select any of
the prominent aspirants for the place,
Mr. Djrllngton is llkclv to be the choice,
Thut his name has been tuken under
consideration by Mr. McCombs Is
letrned on high authority.
The nppolntment of a committee of
three members of the Senate to ret
Jointly with another committee from the
House in arranging for the Inauguration
of President-elect Wilson, was author
lied bv thn Senate today by the adop
tion as a resolution presented hv Spiim.
tor Overman of .North Carolr.a.
m-. vick una ine Times' informant
regarding the tight story, on the other
hand, both declare that the suggestion
for choosing Vick. the secretary of the
democratic national committee. Is the
work of Mr. Costello.
Costello Calls It "Lie."
"I could name the party who gave
out tho story that there la a fight on
over the selection of Mr. Vick as sec
retary." declared Mr. Costello this af
ternoon, "and he's going to feel my
heavy hand before I'm through. Any
body with sense would know that the
chairman of the Inaugural committee
elects the secretary.
"It Is just a case of somebody trying
to make trouble by giving the Impres
sion that I'm trying to run the wholo
show. It Is a He that there Is any such
fight or that 1 suggested the name of
Mr Vlck for the secretaryship."
Vick Points To Costello.
Mr. Vlck. however, told a reporter for
The Times this afternoon that he had
not sought the secretaryship, and that
the suggestion came from Mr. Costello
during last week's visit to Chairman
McCombs. of the Democratic National
committee, at New York city.
"I think that he was Impressed with
my work as secretary for the national
committee." Mr. Vlck admitted. "How
ever, I have not sought the place and
1 do not now seek It, unless there Is as
on tell me, u right on. I'm a good
fighter, and If anybody Is trying to nut
up a light against me. I'll find ltme to
light back."
Thinks Hi mGood Man.
Mr. Costello admitted that he would
like "as good a man as Mr. Vlck" for
the secretaryship, but he emphatically
declared that he had had no hand In
nsklng for his uppolntment.
He said that his only consideration
at pi esent Is over tho appointment of a
chairman of tho Inaugural committee.
um in- uiu inn Kiiui-iptiiB iiiui announce
ment of Chairman McCombs' choice
would be forthcoming until tonight or
tomorrow. Mr. McCombs dined this
noon with Secretary Utiles.
A man who claims to be one ot thn
leadeis In the secietaryshlp contest to
day guvo The Times tho following uc
eouiit ot tho contest:
Manv of tho District Democrats op
posed to John F. Costello. the Dlstilct
nallnn.ll committeeman, started a strong
tight last night against Vlck, who, It is
said, Is Mi, Costello' s choice.
The leuders of the antl-VIck fight auv
that Costello has wanted to control tho
Inauguration ceremonies bv having his
own men in tho places of honor, but
that when ho found this Impossible, ho
took another tack and hit upon Vlck
us a sceietHi-y suitable to himself mid
Chulrnun Wllllum F. McCombs, of thu
national committee
Vlck Is a close .friend' of Costello and
his brother, Jerry. He Is also clox.lv
alllcd with the Costello faction of the
Wnsbliitgou Democrats.
Thosu lighting against htm say that,
IT Vlck Ib named It will be the Hist
time in the history of Inauguration
that a man from outside the District
Iiuh landed u phve on the coiumltl.
For political and business reusonn
these men do not want to see the plum
i"ontliiiiril on Page F.lcven.)
Senalc uut at noon.
Healing on Ki-nyon dlsordeily eslub
l'shnient bill before subcommittee ot
District Committee.
Aii-hb.ild tilnl resumed.
Overman mm tin cut resolution adopt
ed authnilmlug uu Inaugural commit
tee. Scnuliii Winks speuks on amendment
to Count itutlou limiting President to
mio tcitn.
Th llniito met ut noon.
Tlie District uf Columbia bill was ride. ,
Tin legislative bill was taken up.
Tin PiU Money Trust committee rV

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