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Benefit Performance of "Old
Homestead" at the
(Contlnud from Flrit Pag.)
like you, Hanta Claui. Love and
kisses. LOUISE P.
Btlll another letter U aa follows:
Dear Santa tTlaus; I am a llttlo
cripple gtrl, and wish that you would
not forget tne. I can't get around
Uke the reat of the irls, and I havo
bacn crippled nearly three year. I
should loe to have some toya to play
with. Christmas will seem lonesoma
without anything;, and If you do not
remember me, I won't get none.
Are Many Heeding Aid.
Crippled, unable to run around with
the other little people, and no toys.
Quite a combination, isn't it? And one
about which endless remarks might be
made, but the St Nicholas Girl only
wishes to Impress upon the minds of
those who read this column each day
MUt there are many such, whose little
hearts will ache Just as badly as will
this little cripple girl's, should they re
celre no gifts next Christmas morning.
Just whaT one person can do by ap
proaching the right parties can be
shown by the following; incident Mrs.
Graves, of Calvary M. E. Church,
lit. Pleasant, went to the members
of the Calvary 31. E. Home Missionary
Society, and asked for small donations.
They did not give very much,- but they
gave enough so that Mrs. Grove could
buy a whole boxful of dolls.
Perhaps not more than 25 cents was
contributed by each Individual, but
there was enough to purchase a very
substantial addition to the Balnt Nicho
las girl's stock of toys.
Bought Ten Coupons.
W. W. Sjffltd. of Hlbbs & Co.,
bankers and brokers, with ten coupons
cut from The Times bought ten dollars'
north of seats for last night's benefit
performance of "The Old Homestead,"
niul Influenced many other financial
men to do tlio same. Logan Trlbo, I.
O. R. II., sent with a check for $3 the
following letter:
Saint Nicholas Girl of The Washing,
ton Times
This Tribe, being Interested In the
rreat iork that Is being done by tho
Washington Times, feels it their duty
to assist in making this (treat work
a success. Enclosed will be found a
ihecli for $.". nh'ch we trust will be
of some assistance to you In the
Christmas fund. Sincerely yours,
LOGAN THIDE. No. 8. I. O. R. Sf.
Curtis L. Levis, Chief or Records.
One of the largest men's Bible classes
toy, to be turned over to the St. Nich
olas Girl Sunday on December 15, when
each member of the class will bring one
top, to be turned over to the St Nich
olas Girl, and distributed by her on
Christmas morning.
Another Sunday school class of rlrls Is
dressing fifty little holts for the St. Nicho
las Olrl. and still another Sunday school
class of girls Is planning- to make fifty
pounds of home-made taffy to be given
the little tots who taste candy so sel
dom. Tomorrow the work of packing the
presents will begin in dead earnest,
when the members of the St. Nicholas
Girl's committee are asked to meet her
In the banking room of the Munsey
building, at 3 o'clock, to complete plans
for this year's distribution of toys.
Navy Department Wants
Expert Viewer of Scrap
An expert on wAatji mt4i ...
"scrap," la recommended aa a valuable
aia to tne navy in the annual report
of Paymaster General T. J. Cowles, of
tha Ha.rr. Such an exnart mum .
the Government much money from
25w inewBnai oinerwiae condemned.
(Through the assistance of the Bureau
of Animal Industry of the apartment
2 . ". o, luo inspection or meat
District Friendly Aid Society Plans
Entertainment for Tomor
row Night.
In an effort to raise money to care
for numeroua of the city's poor during
the cotd winter months to follow, the
District of Columbia Friendly AIM So
ciety has arranged to hold an .entertain
ment and dance In Carroll Institute
Hall, m.Tenth street northwest tonight.
The participants will be D. A. Ed
wards. Joseph R. Johnson, Lee Moxley,
the Misses Genevieve Pyle and War
garet Huse. Mrs. James II. Doran, Mrs.
A. II. May, A. E. Hmoot, Miss Grace
Hyler. and Messrs. Trodden and Mox
ley. The dance will be held Immediate
ly following the entertainment, and will
Include ten numbers.
The committee on arrangements Is
busily engaged today decorating the
hall with the national colors and evergreens.
Suffrage Advocate Pleads District
Cause Before Central
Labor Union.
The situation In the district when suf
frage existed and the promises made by
Congress at the time the commission
form of government was Instituted,
formed tho theme of an address by
Thomas E. VIII before members ot the
Central Labor Union, last night In Typo
graphical Hall.
Mr. Will said that the ballot belonged
by right to the people of the District
and that with this In the hands of the
workingmen, who form a large percent
age of tho population and with a nolce
tn the selection ot the men who admin
ister the government, tile National Capi
tal would have better conditions.
Dr. win expiainea tnat in interviews
with members of the House District
Committee, he had found a strong senti
ment favoring suffrage for residents of
the District, umong these being Senator
Moses E. Clapp.
Hood Building Blaze
Causes $1,000 Damage
Fire Marshal Nicholson today estim
ates tho damage dono by fire to the
Hood Building, C03 P street nortnwrst,
at $1,000. The blaze was caused by an
overheated furnace. The fire started In
the basement early today, and spread to
the offices of Joseph I. welter, George
M. Bond, and the Capitol Loan Com
pany. Insurance covers tho loss.
Pape's Diapepsin
Ends Indigestion
Time It! No sick, sour, gassy
stomach, Heartburn or Dyspep
sia in five minutes.
Tou don't want a slow remedy whn
your stomack Is bad or an uncertain
one or a harmful one your stomach Is
too valuable; you mustn't Injure It with
drastic drugs.
Pape'a Diapepsin is noted for Its speed
in giving relief: Its harmlessness; Its
certain unfailing action In regulating
sick, sour, gassy stomachs. Its millions
of cures in Indigestion, dyspepsia, gas
tritis, and other stomach trouble hat
made It famous the world over.
Keep this perfect stomach doctor In
your home keep It handy get a large
fifty-cent case from anr drug store and
then If anyone should eat something
which doesn t agree witn mem; ir wnat
they eat laya like lead, ferments and
aura and forms araa: causes headache.
dlaslneas and nausea; eructations of
acid and undigested food remember as
soon aa Pape'a Diapepsin comes in con
tact wim me Biomo.cn an aucn aisireao
vanishes. Its promptness, certainty and
ease In overcoming the worst stomach
disorders Is a revolatlon to those who
try It
Great Significance Seen
Recent Actions of
LONDON, Dec. 10. -Tile nlai mists had
their Inning today. The negotiations of
a 5,000,000 loan by Austrian-Hungary:
tho nudden rvs'gnallon of tha Austrian
war minister and chief of the general
staff, and tho Inflammatory hostility ot
tho Servian pices, those pessimistic
ones who feured an European war hud
grounds for their apprchens'ons, and
the optimists who have all along seen
peace like a duve settling over Krlday'a
peace negotiations and ambassadorial
conference could say little to offset the
Puttied By Action.
No good explanation had been offered
for the resignation at this time of Gen
eral Auffenberg, minister of wur of Austria-Hungary
and General Hcheinua,
chief of the general staff. Both said
that they resigned for personal reasons,
but coming at such a time us this, there
was no doubt among the diplomats that
their withdrawal had a wide political
It Is known that General KroLatln.
under sccietary of tho war of lice, who
succeeded Auffenberg, and Genernl von
Itoetzendorf, uppolnted chief of the
general staff, both belong to Austria's
war party. It wus considered probable
that In the event of war. Gcnerul von
llneticloi-r, who suvernl scars ugo held
the mine position, would become chief
of stuff.
General Schemua Inst week paid a
lilt to llerlln. litre he conferred with
Count Von Moltkr, chief of the gen
eral Mturf of the Oerninn army. Hcml
ofllclat ndtices then stated that tho
Austrian hud none tn Germany with a
proposition or it war against kubsii,
and that he whs discounted by the
Kaiser, who declared emphatically that
the German empire wanted no war ut
this time.
That Austria nlaced her 2S.OM,ono
bond Issue with Ameitcan bankers.
Kuhn. I.oeb & Co. und the National
City Bank of New York, wa regarded
as significant. Issued at 97 to draw 4tt
per cent, 4he bonds are redeemable at
par In eighteen months and two years.
Active preparations for the peace
conference continued, Turkish plenipo
tentiaries today were on their way to
London. It was said to be agreed by
the Balkan allies that Turkey must net
quickly In the matter or peace or ie
cume lighting. It was said that a fifteen-day
limit would be put on the
negoUatlona, and that If a treaty were
not agreed upon within that time the
war would be resumed.
Washington Railway and Electric
Company to Have Christ
mas Affair.
A Christmas entertainment for tho
children of employes of the Washington
Hallway and Electric, Company to bo
held at one of the theaters Outing the
holidays preceding the coming of Uant.i
Cluus has been planned by the board
of directors of tho corporation. 12, B.
lluriitt has been selected chairman of
the committee on entertainment, and
will have (Charge of perfecting the
plana for the affair.
Other committees have been named
as follows: Amusement P. J. Mershel
mer, .chairman; William N. DeNeale
and J. A. Kaiser; printing, a. P. Man
gun, chairman; C. E. Brown and L. P.
Helm; trees, W. 8. Ballengcr, chair
man; D. T. Frasler and C. 8. Itclch;
decorations, 8. I. Poison, chairman;
II. 8. Tolbert, Louis llronn, W. II. Pel
lows, Edward Htuuli and H. II. Hart,
Jr.; distribution, W. A. Wenner, chair
man; W. V. Dement, W. K. Anderson,
J. K. It. Hhaw. n. E. Saunders, L. L.
Johnston, II. 8. Oormloy, George De.
rcne and J. W. Wenner; purchasing,
M. M. MerrlU. chairman; V. A. Hliler
and It. W. Crowell; reception, C. 8.
Kimball, chairman; W. P. Iam, L. E.
Hinclalr, P. J. Whitehead, G. a. Whit
ney, K. fl. Marlow, H. M. Keyser. E. C.
Ilhlnehart, A. 8. Parry, J. E. Tentey,
G. 11. Hcttcw and William L. Clarke.
Several meetings of these committees
have been held to further arrangements.
A varied program of amusement will
he given the children, although the defi
nite program has not u yet been de
termined upon.
Many Patients Credited, to
District of Columbia Not
Citizens, Is Report.
The most satisfactory meeting yet
held by the subcommittee from the
committee on municipal finance of the
Chamber of Commerce, who are Inves
tigating the chaige against tho District
of more than $70,000 by the Government
Hospital for the Insane, was held yes
terday afternoon In the Chamber.
Alonio Tweedale, auditor for the DIs.
trlct. and George 8. Wilson, secretary
of the Board of Charities, were before
the committee and gave what Informa
tion they could concerning tho equity
of the charge, which Is believed to be
U was stated by Mr. Wilson, who Is
now investigating carefully every case
admitted to the asylum, that he found
patients for whom the District had been
paying for five, ten, and even thirteen
years, who were not properly charges
of the District.
It was the rense of the committee
that In all equity, grunting that the
I7t.0tw charge Is correct, the District
should be granted a lurge rebate for
those Instances where It muy be proven
thev huvc puld for patients that ought
to huvo been payed for by some Btatu.
It was brought out that at the pres
ent time the House District Committee
tins an appropriation of lo,ouo witn
hi.t, t. invMitiirnti. this and other mut
ters, mid It was decided that tho Cham
tier's committee should submit a partl.il
report to the Chamber at the present
time, and await the report of the Ilnuso
District Committee btforo aubmlttlni;
their Ilnai report.
The 1'srls mmkiiii uo., zz i-ine aireei. at.
Louis. Mo., manufacturers of Lasatlvs Oroma
Quinine, hate a ntw snd wonderful discovery.
aROVU-B 8A-NAHJ! CUTIH. which their
guarantee to cur any cm of ECZKMA, ns
matter of how long stsndlns. In 10 to 30
days, and will refund money If It falls.
cnOVK'B BA-NARK CUTIH Is perfectly clean
and dnw not stain. If jour drusgUt baan't
It. nd us toe and It will be sent hr mall.
Installation Ceremonies Will Be
Held on January
At a recent mtstlns fiM t... .u.
pioneer camp. Gen. Nelson A. Miles
Camp, No. l, United Spanish War Vet
ni"l. cmninder Charles Hlntenach,
presiding, the following officers were
?! V5 tor "' nulng year; Howard
M. Peter, commander; Blgmund Dlrn-
i.'i aenior vice commanaer; Charles
JJf.9"ffeLeJ''.. Junior vice commander;
Allltnn TV Utmttm Arln- ... .... I
Theodore Kraemer, officer of the guard;
II. o. Btroshlne, adjutant, and John F.
Dovle, quartermaster.
The installation of the newly-elected
officers In connection with officers
elected from other camps will be held
Jointly January 7, U1J, in their hall at
the comer of E and Eleventh streets
northwest. The ceremonies will be
ronducted by Department Commander
Jere A. Costcllo and his staff.
in Italian Town Protests
Against High Cost or
.i.UI.LAN' Pcc- I0--A a protest against
" Increasing cost of living, mqre than
S2i!2,rkl?.,nn-of -n'na; In the
provlnco of Ferrara. stormed tho homo
the mayqr. It waa learned today.
a??L .m'n.nw.'nt ,0 ,h official res!
?rn.f.L.t0. de,lvr a speech. The mayor
refused to receive them, and barricaded
ms doors.
..The workers retaliated by smashing
all the windows and doors, and had
!.! tJ,iehoul whWl nIarmes arrived
und dispersed them.
Recovery -of Valuables Fol
lows Hunter's Arrest in
New Jersey.
About half of the $1,000 worth Of
Jewelry and silverware alleged to have
been stolen from homes and apartments
in this city during the last summer and
fall by William V. Hunter, who waa ar
rested several days ago In Elisabeth,
N. J has been recovered by the po
lice. Central office Detective Evans wss In
New York yesterday and got about MOO
more worth of things said to have been
disposed of by Hunter In that city.
Prior to this the police hU recovered
about tl.OOO worth of the loot.
Following Hunter's arrest In Elisa
beth Major Hylvester and Detective
Evans went to that city and Inter
viewed the prisoner. According to the
major. Hunter admitted robbing sev
eral places In Washington. The prisoner
was turned over to Detective Evans and
brought to this city.
Uncle Sam's Coal Land
Is Worth $742,620,649
The United States owns coal lands
worth n3,.W, according to the Unit
ed States aeologlcal Survey tn today's
bulletin. The price set on this coal
land only a few year ago and before
the present system of classification was
adoDted was t2as.lK9.llo. Anyone with
a spare $300,000,000 to Invest could have
bought up these lands and cleared HW,
000,000 on the deal. The coal Is located
on 17,459,106 acres in the public land
Public Library Lecture
On Making of a Book
"The Graphic Arts" is the subject of
an addfess to be given Wednesday
evening In the Public Ubrary b Paul
Urockett. of the Smithsonian Institu
tion, president of the District st Colum
bia Library Association. The lecture,
to which the public Is Invited, will be
held In the library lecture hall at i:li
p. m. Mi. Crockett's talk, which will
be Illustrated with lantern slides, wilt
cover all the various stages in the mak
ing of a book. .
Don't Scold Croit,
IrriUbU Children
If tongue is coated, stomach sour,
breath feverish, bowels clogged,
give "Syrup of Figs."
Mother! look at the tonguel,aee If It
is coated. If your child is listless,
drooping, Isn't sleeping well, is rest
less, doesn't eat heartily or Is cross. Ir
ritable, out of sorts with everybody,
atomach sour, feverish, breath bad; has
stomachache, diarrhoea, sore throat, or
is full of cold, It means the little onara
stomach, liver, and thirty feet of bow
els are tilled with poisons and clogged
up waste and need a gentle, thorough
cleansing at once.
Give a teaapoonful of Syrup of Pigs,
and In a few hours tha foul, decaying,
constipated matter, undigested food and
sour bile will gently move on and out
of Its little bowels without nausea, grip
ing or weakness, and you will surely
have a well and smiling child shortly.
With Syrup of Figs you are not drug
ging your children, being composed en
tirely of luscious figs, senna, and aro
mattes It cannot be harmful, betides
thev dearly love Its delicious taste.
Mothers should always keep Byrup ot
Figs handy. It Is the only stomach.
liver", and bowel cleanser and regulator
needed a little given today will savo a
sick child tomorrow.
Full directions for children of all ages
and for grown-ups plainly printed on
the package.
Ask vour druggist for the full name,
"Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna,"
prepared by the California Fig Byrup
Co. This is the delicious tasting, genu
ine, old reliable. Refuse anything elie
Tie .Mst satisfactory selediou caa be mde froai this tpleadid
lock of kigh-clasa Footwear aid Hosiery. Prices are lowest
Big Stock of Men't Gift Slippers
Men's KJd Opera and Everett Blip-1 Men'a Chrome Tanned Kid
pers. In tan and black; AA 'Opera, Everett and Borneo Blip-
extra good value At.... 1WPerJ?ed......!f!!?.e.?:. $1.50
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and Rlbbon-trlmmed Juliets, In
drab, red, brown, green 01 CA
and black. Priced tPJUOU
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is; all colors tWS.UV
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I i.nliei Slippers. A large variety;
ei comfortable kinds. 01 AA
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trimmed Cloth Juliets, in 01 AA
red, brown and black. At 9XAJU
Misses' and Children's Red and
Blue Felt Juliets and Slippers
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Ladles' Pompon Boudoir Kid
Slippers; all colors; hand- 01 AA
turned soles, with heels.. wXUVF
If the Gift Is to Be Hosiery-
Tou will find It advantageous to Inspect our stock. It is more
than double tho slzo of that you will sc6 elsewhere. Hosiery for
men, women, and children ot tho most dependable quality.
Rubber Shoes Make a Nice Gift
Robber Boots and Shoes for the Entire Family at the Lowest Prices
HOW many hundreds of dollars have you already paid for rent?
Maybe you are just paying the first hundred then this ad
vertisement is even more important to you, for it will show you
. how to avoid an unnecessary expense that has driven prosperity from
many a door.
If you have long been a rent payer, there is no need for us to
dwell on this always unpleasant subject of rent.
How to avoid rent-paying is the text of this advertising sermon.
And it is a text that appeals alike to your intellect and your purse.
If You Are Paying Either of These Amounts of Money For
Rent Each Month, You Can Afford to Buy One of
These Homes
$22.50 $38.00
THAT is the monthly payment for one
of our Columbia Heights homes.
. 18 This $22.50 buys the home for you,
instead of merely paying rent for it.
A first payment of $t5o is all the cash
required. You then have but the monthly
payments of $22.50 to make until the home
is paid for. $22.50 a month is $270 a year.
Remember the total price of these homes
is but $2,750.
These Columbia Heights homes have six
rooms and bath. They are equipped with all
modern conveniences. Their location is in
one of the best residential sections of thecity.
TO IKSPKCT Take any 11th street
car going northueat, get off at Colum
bia road and walk one square east; or
any Hth stii'et car going noithwest, get
oft at Columbia road, und walk three
squares tust: or any Ninth street i-ar
going north" out, get orf at Columbia
roud und walk one squuro nest.
rrHIS $38 is the monthly amount for
i which you can buy one of our 14th
and Perry Street homes. A payment
of $300 cash gives you immediate possession
of the home and entitles you to these easy
payment terms of $38 per month.
These homes are of superior quality con
struction throughout. Their exterior at
tractiveness is enhanced by four porches.
The floors throughout are hardwood. Then
there are such extra features that add to the
interior attractiveness as a fireplace in the
j parlor and another in the dining room. The
trimmings of the various rooms are of hard
wood and the decorations are of the very
TO INSPECT Take any 14th
street car going northwest. Get off
at Hth and Perry streets, and you
are right at the properties.
The Women's Store, 1109 G Street
FirsLReduction Sale of the Season
Suits, Coats, Dresses, Etc.,
Go on Sale at January Prices
Suits, $15 Suits, $19.95 Suits, $24.7 5
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-Every Coat in the House Reduced
Choice of chinchillas, boucles, astrakhan, cheviots, broadcloths, etc.
coats, with guaranteed linings and the highest-class tailoring.
At $10
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Our Fur Department a Great Success
The women are delighted
with this department.
Unmatchable Coats, in Rus
sian pony, Baltic seal, and
French seal and genuine mole
skin and Hudson seal.
We can save you $50 on a
Beautiful Island Fox Sets, $15
Red Fox Sets.... $25 and $35
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- i
VkBBs ThaaaaaaaaaaaaaalW SBBBBBaaaa
aaaaPsaaaaaafafaW CBBBBBBBaV saaaaaaaaa
.efSjS MM
Originality and
cleverness lorfrely
determine to nliom
the tickets will do
Jot. Stmbnrger Co. 310-312 Seventh St. N. W.
Our FREE AUTO Service
This service Is for the free accommodation of those Interested In any of our properties. It does
not obllgntu you In any way. In fact, wo will be glad to take you to any other piupertles at the
Mnw time, fco that you eun make comparisons. Just drop u postul or phone Main S!I3 for this
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713 14th Street N.W.
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Each day two pairs of reserved seat tickets to Chase's Theater will be awarded for correct
solutions. 1st prize, two tickets; 2d prize, two tickets.
Names of the winners will be published each day, and they will also be notified by mail.
Tickets will be delivered only upon presentation of letter of notification, at The Times office,
Room 727 Munsey Building..
The Xireat Hidden Proverb Contest Is Now On
You will find it wonderfully entertaining, educational, and practically helpful.
Send your answers to
Washington Times, Washington, D. C.

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