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William Machen Drops Pocket Billiard Match to George Kelchner by Thirty-two Point s
Gets Advantage of Thirty
two Points Over
Cleveland Overcomes Sanne
Tourney Held at Leader
0ort Kelchner In today struttlns
around the streets or ttp rat and
glorloui National Capital with all the
pomp of tha King's favorite peacock, aa
a remit of his thlrty-two-polnt victory
over William Machen; thoie two having
occupied the center of the mnge In the
pocket billiard tournament now In
progress at the Hoyai parlora. This
round of matches Ih being fought for
with every bit of speed that the billiard
hots can summons, as prizes amount
In to ISO will be awarded at the end
of the series. .
First prlxe Is 125: second, $13, and
third, 110. 13ut two matches have been
completed to date. Charlie Bartelmus
made his 100 while Rosenthal totaled
but 75 on Monday night. This tourna-
ment Is attracting all of the experts of
in city ana tne ract tntu aumiss
cratli has caused the Royal carle
parlors to
be thronged both Monday and Tuesday
Swan and Goodacre are scheduled to
band over the green table tonight In
the third match of the tournament. A
match will be played every night until
December 21. at which time every man
will have met the others once In the
The highest run to date has been that
of Bartelmus In Monday's set-to. Tho
same night Rosenthal was ablo to roll
up but eleven points for best run.
K notable Catherine; of bllltardlsts
witnessed the Clevcland-Sanne match
at the I.eadtr Parlors last night, who
those gentlemen buttled for honors In
the 18.3 balk line tournament, which
has been In progress for about two
weeks. Cleveland is one of the scratch
entrants and he defeated Sanne In to
Innings. The match was featured by
many difficult hots. which were lirll
Itantly executed at all times. Tho
game Ih for MO points.
Standings to dato In tho tournament
,r,! W. I.
Cleveland ?
.Tones '- ;
Hanne ;
Turton ' J
Iogan l J
Jlarklns v .
Oalllett - -
Linden and Lassley
Struggle for Honors
Linden and Lassley, the two athletes
who are striving for the honors In the
weekly events st the . M. C. A., mc.'t
again tonlcht In the last of the scries
of events. Linden la leading at the
present time with 1.4S1.3, whllo hl
rival's mark la MM. Three events are
on the card.
Should Lasslev win all three events
tonight he will be ahead of the leader.
Tha Mainline of the ten high men as
they enter the final contest of tho fall
V. M. C. A. cymnusluni aeries Ik: Lin
den. 1.4M.3: Lassley. MM; i:ider. 1.445:
White. 1.0K; Johnson, 1.U22.1; Karrell.
!'2t2; Ashley, 851.5; Schuler, S3J.2
Hamilton. 813.3. and Touhy, 7S.
The standing of the tram competi
tion, which Is being conducted In addi
tion to the Individual contests, la:
Team 3 (Linden cuptuln), 4.S03.5; team
3 (White captain), 4.U9.S; team 1 (Laps
lev captain). .97. and team t (Ham
ilton captain), 3,331.4.
Georgetown Meets Navy
In Football Next Year
Manager Barrett recently elected for
the football season of 1913 announces
that Georgetown will play the Navy
iiri tan uu uciouer u.
Following tho policy to schcduulo
games with stronger elevens next sea-
vi. mt- met sun in uip campaign nas
been fired. Other games w th strong
college clcens will be ananged later.
The baskeball learn will meet tho
Princeton Unlvemlty five ut l'rlnccton
on January on Its trip North. Manager
Madtgan, of the basketball team an
nounced (he date today.
Aloysius and Guard
Teams Meet Tonight
Basketball teams of the National
Guard and the Aloysius Club are ex
pected to furnish a cood struggle to
night In the Armory. The teams have
been recruited from a number of vet
eiana who are In good shape.
While the Guard live was soundlv
beaten by tho Y. M. i A. team last
week a period of t ruining and close at
tention to team plav ban put the five
In shape for tho contest which la to
start at 8:30 o'clock.
McCarthy Beats Flynn.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 11. Ileuten
to an almot unrecognizable maBS,
Jim Klynn. the I'ueblo Unman, 1b today
a vanished white hope.
Luther McCarthy, of Hprlngfleld, Mo
a lad of 21, put the seasoned cam
paigner out of the running In the six
teenth round of what ua bchedulcd
to be a twenty-round buttln at Turn
McCarey's Vernon Arenu Ian night,
mauling his opponent so unmercifully
that Itcferee Charlie Eytoii stopped the
& FIVE, CE.NT5 fc
ii i i i i . i ,, p
. , , .
i " I Thf M wAf . --M1B
Kffim&xi&&&em ummzmiam ergm
AM'l,0Khi s wyii sBPIK sHHII JUfS ' s&s JSJI I R5k5-S .MW VLJA
HwAa mtLtnCHR W ..P ' . y !7 stirs THjJSrlsKsfc. T'saaSi25P SsHHw(0r some
w the p(r-- ciakVs&s, Jr? V 2r.m& yy 2Mgfc JsfggMJLM JHSasw' OTsvTetSTNEfES
-e- "Ats or iu.iyioj' VC 'DsT y$y k n.itwMr'jP --il
CJECeipTS-- i? '" " MSshr llaasssssssssssssssssssssssWlaisBjSSjP lIMl iKCUHrtKR- fCHHV IP MAYHEM ENJOVCD
nTK f v t I ;j lit &
fgC ' , AS nf do TO feSS- OUR. OL0 fRtBNO 5IN
I tAKe his n-ABrgAg-AHce:'
' . V
Johnny McOraw Grills
His Eccentric Flinger
NUW YOItK. Doe. U.-'Thls latest
threat of Marquard's. Is veriest rot,"
says Manager McOraw. of the Giants.
"He Is Hlgned up to u three-year con
tract now and will report In the sptlng
Just like any other pltcner. Ho hasn't
a chance to get his 110,000.
"Ho says I didn't uunt to use him
In the world's series. Well, the truth
Is that I offered him two chances and
he took them, winning both games.
.Then when I offered to send him back
a third time, he had cold feet and
"If all he wants la advertising. I
haven't a kick. However, I must say
that running off with unothcr man's
wife Is not the kind of advertising that
helps a man or a club. He has hurt
both himself and the New York club
by his actions this wjnter."
International League
Fixes Salary Limit
NKW YOItK. Dec. ll.-A salary limit
of W.000 a month for each club, ex
clusle of the manager, has been fixed
ny me miernaucnai League. Toronto,
Jersey City, and Btiffulo opposing it. i
A hlnKlnir rnnH ha. ul,in hn.n .atuKtil i
ed. ond many believe this means u
coming struggle to gel Into the mujor
league ranks.
Syracuse has no chance of entering
the circuit, the directors rrowliliig on
un attempt to purchase the Jersey Cltv
franchise for transfer to the Halt City.
Oeruld Hayes from the American, As
sociation; Jack O'Toole, from the West
ern League, and K. H Qulgley, from
the New York State LeaKu, are the
new umpires In the league for 1913.
CtaUaahttf Daraiuac
Uallttgner KcCClVeS
Credit for Running
Johnny Gallagher Is being congratu
lated for having done exceptionally
good work not only In winning the
South Atlantic chumplonshlp at Balti
more on Saturday hut Tor having
learned with MrOuIre at New York and
run Kecond to tho famous Finnish run
ner, Kohlemalnen In a team race.
Gallagher i (-turned today from New
York where he and his partner wero
pitted against tho lrlnn and Smith. The
I ace was at twelve miles and Uallagher
went In two race Inside of tenty-four
hours show Ing great strength In both,
winning one and finishing second In the
Harris Will Lead
Business High Eleven
Harry Hnrrls. left halfback on tho
Buslners High School football team, Is
iccelvlnir congratulations tudav as h re
sult of the election which chose him to
lead the team In 191,1. Harris has been
n member of the eleven for the past
two years, and Inst season Proved him
self to lie one of the best players In the
nigli ecnoois.
At a meeting of the followers of the
tam ut which n banquet was tendered
Dr. William M. Davidson, Henrv l
Hlalr and Mrs. IMlth Kingman Kern,
members of the Board of Education
upokc with Cuthbcrt Farmer, Voach of
the font ball team,
Kelchner Sets Too: Speedy a Pace.
Tinker Expected to
Manage Cincinnati Reds
NEW YOItK. Dec. 11. Joe Tinker Is
expected to be named us manager of
tho Cincinnati club before nightfall.
Negotiations between Charlie Murphy
and Harry Herrmann are on once more
and tho head of the Reds says the deal
will go through this time to a finish
and Tinker will obtain his promotion.
"As soon as the directors of the Cin
cinnati club." said Herrmann today.
have had a banrn to rati! tne trane.
It will go through. That means that
some unii- luuny i inner miii uciuiiiq
manuger of the heds."
It Is rumored that Bobby Bescher,
the Beds' crack base runner, will figure
in the deal for Tlnl.er. though Herr
mann refuses to deny or nfflm the
storj. M'ke Mitchell Is certain to 8"
Ellis Ward Is Willing
To Resign From Place
l'HILADKLl'HIA, Dec. II. Kills
Ward, rowing coach at the University
of Pcnnslvanla flncc 1879, said today
that he was ready to resign and would
not embarrass the new rowing ami orr
recent athletic
In in anyway, ai
meeting It was decided that hla services
.- n.i Innffnr tiMceaaaxv. ' . .
.- n.i Innffnr tiMcesaarV.
Ward stated that he "nd n . cn(n,.'!"i
mil ScDtcmher. 19 3. but that If they
wanted to get rid of him all tlley liaa io
do was to pay mm mo i
his contract. '
Princeton to Elect
A Captain Today
PRINCETON. N. J Dec. ll.-The.
most Important meeting on the campus
today will be the gathering of the foot
ball men who played In either the Yale
or Harvard gamei to elect a captain for
1913. At the meeting this afternoon two
.. ..in , nivscntod. llobev Baker.
captain of the Mackey team, and George
Phillip", both of whom are members of
the Junior class.
Morris, by Knockout.
CHATTANOOGA, Tern., Dec. It. Carl
Morris dropped Bob Williams In the
ihlrd round of what was scheduled to
be an eight-round bout. After h ttlng
tho floor half a doxen times Wl Hams
went down from a terrific swing to the
stomach und was unable to rise.
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Alf ord ar
District National Bank
At the meeting of the American
league today In the Auditorium Hotel.
Chicago. It Is expected that the mag-
nalea will endeavor to prevail upon
President Navln not to uctcde In the
demandi of Ty Cobb. The "Georgia
Pc.ich'' Iuh asked foi a thrte-jear con
tiact ut I15,ciu4a jear. Naln has turned
him down, but may falter when the
waim weather appears again.
The magnates arc opposed to this
fancy salary Jimmy McAlecr knows
that Trls Speaker. learning of the stu
pendous salary being paid Cobb, will
demand a like sum. Indeed, Speaker
comes rrctty close to ctasilna: Willi Cobb
In achievements on the diamond.
Eddie Collins, too. Is another high
class performer, who, seeing the big
money paid Cobb. mUht rone thrniieh
with a similar demand. Surrendering to
Cobb means a geneial raising of salailes
all along the line and the magnates are
rot going to allow this to happen If they
can help It
ItU.-ebull men rav that the trame eun.
not afford to pay much higher salaries
than those now Ir. vogue and that ruin
stares them In the face with the boost
ing oi ine supenns. However, we are
never allowed to get any teal line mi
the earnings of the clubs, and so It
Etore Closes Daily P.
Saturday v P. M.
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Leaving Machen
must be taken foi granted that this
la so. , ,
It Is expected that Prank Vamll will
name the 1913 manager of his High
landers some ttmn today and Prank U
Chance, the depoped leader of the Chi
cago Cubs, Is touted as the one beat bet.
There Is said to be some kind of a
working arrangement that lets "Bed"
Corrldon out of the American League In
return fur the waiving by National
League ilub un Chance. Garry Herr
mann la engineering the Chance deal,
and this should spell success.
The presence of Fielder Jones, one
time winning manager of the White
Pox, has stirred up much comment. Ho
Is said to be a possibility as leader of
the Highlanders. However, he says thut
he la "merely calling on old friends."
However, he has said he would like
to return to the American league and.
If tho Chance deal falls, Jonrs may bn
the man to take chargo of the New
York club.
The annual meeting la sure to be
peaceful. Ban Johnson sees to thut
hlmrelf. President Minor Is represent
ing the Washington club and the other
dub mugnntes present are Charlie
I'omlskey and Jimmy Callahan, of the
While Rox: Jlmmv McAleer, Jake Wlahl
nnd Bob McHoy, or tne Kecr uox: ton
Hie Mack, of tha
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landers, and Hob Hedges, of the St.
Louis Browns.
The American League la In cxccllont
financial uondltirn. Ban Johnson Is u
marvclom manager or a largo organiza
tion and he keeps his fences well re
paired. There are no weak slaters to
be aided In the whole ilrcult. u dccldoJ
pAntMNl in the Vnllnnal t.eacue.
Mont cross, the old-tlmo shortstop of
the Athletics, Is out with his reslgna-.
Uon.as scout of tho Bt. Ixiuls Browns,
timorous! He hss been through with
the club for severul months.
Jack Ryan, should he become coach
at Virginia, will not Join the Cllmb-rs
until his duties end at Charlottesville.
Then lie will act as coach and scout for
the local club.
Pitcher Woodburn has been released
by the Cardinals to Louisville. Miller
Hugglns Is also thinking of sending
"Kube" Ellin to Indianapolis. He must 1
see Mrs. Brllton first, though, before
he announces the release.
Polo Teams Meet
To Play Off Tie
The i oiler nolo teams of Washington'
end Baltimore meet lomoriow night at
the Arcade to play the aecldlng game
In a series. P.ach IHu has won a ion
test. In the first game of the series Bal
timore won In the last minute of play,
tho rcoic being 1 to 0. In the ln"t game
of the meeting Washington made five
gonl while the Baltimore team was
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Tomorrow's Sports.
Basketball Catholic University vi.
University of Maryland, at Arcade.
Johnny Kilbanc vs. Tommy Dixon,
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Washington Team Opens
season at Annapolis
ANNAFOM8. Md.. Dee. ll.-nalian.
del College Is to open th basketball
season here with the Bt. John's five on '
Saturday night.
The schedule of the 8t. John's team ,
follows: December 20, Loyola, at Baltl.
more; January II. Catholic University.
at Washington; January u. Loro'a, at i
Annapolis; January 2A, Delaware Col- s
lec at Newark: Jamiarv ? pmm..,i. ' i
vanla Military College, at Chester:
January . Virginia Military Institute,
at Annapolis; Januarv 11. Wash nan.n
College, at Annapolis; February is.
Naval Academy, at Annanolla. v.hrT!
ary 17. University of Virginia, at Ani.
riapons; Kepruary :z, Washington col
lege, at Chestertown; Kebruarv M, ITnl.
1 verslty of Virginia, at Charlottesville!
Marcb I. Virginia Military Institute, at
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