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Rockefeller's Flight in Yacht
With Sleuths on Guard
Vexes Chairman.
Spurred by reports that William
Rockefeller, of the Standard Oil Com
pany, has sailed for foreign soil seeklnK
a haven from the Money trust subpoe-7.-.
Chairman Pujo today called a meet
ing of the House Banklnc Committee
for tomorrow to outline plans for fol
lowing the millionaire. Reports will
then be received regarding the chase of
-Rockefeller In New York by Sergeant-"at-Arms
Rlddell and Clerk -Jerry-South,
of the House.
Chairman Pajo stated today that
the cc-mmlttee will conslJer report
ing to the House Its Inability to sub
poena Rockefeller, with nil details of
the Jfew oYrlc situation since last
June. The committee will then ask
for an attachment against Rockefel
ler for alleged contempt of the House.
If this Is granted. It will enable Rld
dell to forcibly enter Rockefellers
New York mansion and search any
place he mav desire.
Chairman PwJo stated today that
nothing would be done to enforce
Rockefeller's appearanqe until tho
committee meeting tomorrow.
Riddle Ordered to Stick.
Orders were telegraphed to Sergeant-at-arms
Rlddell, of the House, In New
York not to relax- his espionage of
Rockefeller's home with his deputies
and private detectives, Rlddell will be
kept In New York the rest of this week
at least, it was stated.
Another complication to contemplated
proceedings in the House against the
elusive magnate, added to the perturba
tion of the Money trust Investigators to
day. This was an informal opinion of;
may require an act of Congres both the
House and Senate to accomplish
Rockefeller's arrest. Several parliamen
tary "sharps" declared that a resolution
of the House alone would not be suf
ficient. They declared, because of the
lack of. precedents, that the whole ma
chinery of government, the House. Sen
ate and President, might, be necessary
to authorize summary action against the
Standard OH head.
Chairman Pujo today reiterated his
belief that Rockefeller can be baled
here upon resolution of the House alone,
contending that he may be considered
a "contumacious witness" and in con
tempt of the House for aleged evasion
of service.
Evidence Of Contempt
Pujo cites -the" certificate of Illness for
warded by Rockefeller's physician as
evidence of Rockefeller's alleged con
tempt In that It Indicates the personal
knowledge of the oil magnate that he
is desired as a witness.
Minority Leader Mann and other par
liamentary experts, take the opposite
view. Insisting the House cannot pro
ceed by contempt action until the sub
h poena Is actually served.
NEW YORK, Jan. 3.-Sergeant-at-Arms
Rlddell. of the House or Repre
sentatives, and the eighty deputies and
detectives, who havebp asslstlasr-him-j
- -iii'crrBTCfenrf mimr twteh, down Will-1
jam ruic&eieiiEr ana serve mm wiin n
subpoena for the Pujo committee at
Washington, were grtatly upset today
by a seemingly authentic report that
their quarry- was safo-'y at sea on nls
yacht bound for Bermuda or some other
semi-tropical clime.
The information reached New York
by way of Brunswick, Ga., where the
"oil magnate was reported to have been
"seen leaving Jckyl's Island, near there,
to board a yatht on New Year Day.
Rlddell did not relax l he vigilant guard
..he has placed around the Rockefeller
Fifth avenue house, as he was Inclined
to the belief that the report was a ruse.
""I shall have the report carefully In
vestigated the first thing today," ue
said, "but In the meantime I shall not
withdraw my guards. The story looka
flshv to me.
Wherever the hunted man may be. It
It certain today that he is not on his
Tarrytown estate, for Riddell's assist-
ants were Invited Into that mansion
last night and allowed to make a thor
ough search of every room. The su
perintendent and the servants stood
round smiling while the searchers ran
sacked the house and outbuildings.
I.eo Women's flfn
KM Gloves . . "
YerJ" best $1.00 import
ed French kid Gloves in
black, white, tan, and
gray. Made with 3 silk
embroidery point backs
and guaranteed fingers to
insure extra serv- CCn
Tlieae S2S.00 ul(, 1.S7
$15.00 to $25.00
Women's Coats
Newest button over collar
Coats of this season's choicest
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mixtures. Clearance Q A P
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What Leaders Say About Rockefeller Case
"Rockefeler's evasion of service is
without parallel. I thlnlo Congress
has the right to order Rockefeller's
arrest." Jerry South. Chief Clerk of
House. Who Sought to Serve Sub
poena on Millionaire.
"It seems to me that Rockefellers
evasive tactics already constitute con
tempt of House authority." Congress
man Henry, Author of the Original
Money Trust Resolution.
"The accounts committee Is willing
to approve any reasonable expense
for the apprehension of Mr. Rocke
feller "Chairman Lloyd, of the Com
mittee on Accounts.
Scott Mayes Conducting In
quiry Into Financial Re-,
lations With Congress.
The Investigation of financial rela
tions between the District and Federal
governments which Is being conducted
by Scott Mayes on behalf of the House
District Committee may play an im
portant part in the consideration of
the District appropriation bill.
Mr. Mayes has been engaged In the
work- several months and has made an
exhaustive examination of the finan
cial accounts of the District on file in
the Treasury and Municipal Building.
No announcement has been made as to
when the investigation will be com
pleted nor of the nature of the report,
which, it Is believed, will be submitted
before the end of the present session.
It Is understood it will deal -exclusively
with appropriations made by Con
gress prior Jo 1S7S to be applied to
payment of the interest on the Dis
trict's debt, for which the Federal
Government has not been reimbursed.
A controversy over the Intention of
Congress in adopting the organic act
is anticipated in the event an attempt
is made to collect this sum.
The position Is taken by certain offi
cials that it was the intention of
Congresa in adopting the organic act
to bring the local andFederal Gov
ernment Into a new financial relatlon
bhip, and at tne same time discharge
the obligations previously incurred on
the ground that the people of the Dis
trict had been unduly burdened under
the old order of things.
Mr. Mayes, it is understood, has in
quired also into the charge of $769,536.09
against the District for the care of Its
indigent insane from 1SS1 to 1911. Tho
claim Is made by the Commissioners
that as the result of an error an over
charge of SSO.tOO against the District is
made on this account, a statement of
which already has been submitted to
Washington Exhibitors Take
Prominent Part in Balti
more Show.
Washington pigeon and poultry fan
ciers are represented In the fifth annual
exhibition of the Maryland Poultry and
Pigeon Association which will continue
In the tilth Regiment Armory, in .Bar
tJraore, until tomorrow evening.
The entry list contains 3,(00 single en
tries of poultry, pigeons, turkeys, and
waterfowl, the average or wnicn is or
exceptional quality.
The Washington fanciers taking the
most active part in the Baltimore show
are Miss Sophie PItchlyn, who Judged
the brown leghorns, and E. C. Duffy,
who won first prize with his five pygmy
pouter pigeons.
A Saturday Sale of Suits That Is
Unequaled For Value-Giving
$20 and $25 SUITS
200 Suits of finest qualities Heavy, Wide-wale
Serges, Whipcords, and Stylish Rough Pebble Cheviots,
in nine of this season's grandest styles to select from.
One particularly handsome model is of serge, with broad
lapels of panne velvet, edged with strips of silk praid and
buttons; cuffs and skirt are trimmed to match. Included
also are the always stylish and popular Man-tailored,
Hand-turned Buffed-edge Plain
Tailormade Suits all colors and
sizes, including misses'. For Sat
urday's Big Special Sale
S3.50 to $5.00 Women's
$1 .98
Women's all wool heavy
plain and fancy zig-zag sweat
ers in the new high or low neck
styles; single or double breast
ed; hip pockets and French
cuffs; Red, white, black, blue,
X $1.98
"I have not fully examined the
precedents, but I doubt that Rocke
feller can be guilty of contempt mere
ly through evasion of service. Con
tempt would more likely consist In
refusal to appear, after being sub
poenaed." Congressman Underwood.
Speaker Champ Clark issues 100 ad
ditional subpoenas for William Rocke
feller, and additional deputies take up
House leaders disagree as to whether
Rockefeller is already In contempt,
through hide-ar.d-seek tactics, or
whether he can be in contempt until
after he Is served.
Cruiser Natal Fires Salute
As Remains of Whitelaw
Reid Are Taken Ashore.
NEW YORK, Jan. 2. V driving
rain storm, with high northeasterly
winds end a smother of fog which en
shrouded the coast and made naviga
tion of small craft, let alone armored
cruisers and dreadnought types of
battleships, extremely difficult, mark
ed the home-coming of the body or
Whitelaw Reid. late ambassador to
the court of St. James today.
The big armored cruiser Natal, pride
of the channel cruiser division, and
set aside bv King George to bring
the body home as a tribute of respect
to the American people, led the pro
cession down the coast and In past
the Ambrose channel lightship, up
past quarantine and on slowly to the
naval anchorage In the North River,
below Grant's Tomb.
Flags at Half Hast
Flvlnc at half-mast from her flag
staff was the red-barred Union Jack
of England. At her main truck was
a big American flag. Astern In pen
tagonal formation came the battle
ships Florida, and North Dakota, and
the destroyers Roe. Grayton. McCall,
and Paulding.
The Plans provided ; for taking the
bodv of the dead ambassador from the
temporary mortuarv arranged on the
vessel at 1:45 this afternoon and loading
it Into a launch to bo taken ashore. As
the body was swung over the side the
batteries of the Natal and Florida
broke out alternately with nineteen
guns, the ambassadorial salute.
Tne bodv was to be taken ashore and
escorted by a marine guard to the Ca
thedral of St. John the Divine, at Am
sterdam avenue and lUJth street.
Marines Guard Body.
Marines from the North Dakota fur
nished the guard .of ihpnor. and eight
bcttv officers from that warship acted
as pallbearers. A special guard j)C
twenty marines" fully -equipped, were
detailed to act as thc'BUard-ln thtf
cathedral until the funeral tomorrow.
President Taft. accompanied by Sec
retary of State Knox, .other Cabinet of
ficers. Ambassador James Bryce. and
members of the Diplomatic Corps from
Washington will attend the funeral.
The Duke of Connaught, governor gen
eral of Canada.wlll be represented by
his military aide. Colonel Lowther.
The funerat will be In charge of
Bishop Greer, aided bv the rectors of
the cathedral, and after the services
there the body will be escorted to the
Grand Central Station by a detail of
regular army troops, marines and
sailors from the battleships.
Tor Infant and Children.
Till Kind YoqHiti Always Bofifiit
Bears tba
S3.58 Silk aHd tjt 1 Qfi
Matia Waists. P0
Handaomo satin messn
llne, chiffon taffeta and
all-over lace Waists, in
stylish shirt effect, or
richly trimmed models.
AH colors and (PI QQ
sizes Olt0
$6.00 to $10.00 Girls'
Heavy wool Kersey Goats,
in the new button-over lapel
style, with collars and cuffs of
contrasting material; flJQ ' AQ
6 to 14 years M.""
Body of Drug Clerk Found
By Rescue Party After
Long Ride.
Huddled In the comer of a Uxlcab
which had been stuck In the mire In
a lonely spot on the Anacostla road for
several hours, the body of Clifford H.
Offutt. a drug clerk, fifty-six years old.
of 109 C street southeast, was found
about 6 o'clock this morning.
Investigation by Central Office Detec
tive Weedon, Lieutenant Plemmon.
and Sergeant Webber, of the Eleventh
precinct. Indicated the man had been
dead since about midnight. Tlio body
was taken to the morgue where an in
quiry will be conducted by Acting Cir
oner White.
Off On Long Side.
Accompanied by Daniel B. Kcnnelly,
a carpenter, who also lives at 109 C street
-outheast, Offutt engaged the taxicab
about S:30 o'clock last night. They rode
about the city for several hours and
visited a number of restaurants. About
midnight It was suggested that they go
to the home of Dick Lee, a mutual
friend, living In Anacostla road, be
tween Twining City and Bennlng. The
road was In bad condition, ' and when
the taxicab got within a short distance
of Lee's home, a small bridge gave way
and the machine went down In deep
Help Him From Car.
Kennelly and Elmer H. Strang, thu
chauffeur, assisted Offutt from the taxi
cab and started up the road with him
toward Lee's home. Half way to the
house he was stricken with heart dis
ease and fell In the mud. The two men
were unable to get him back In thu
automobile. ,,
For more than an hour Strang tried
to get his machine out of the mire.
Finally he telephoned the garage for
assistance. An emergency truck was
sent out, but tho taxicab was so deep
In the mud that It was Impossible to
get It back in the road.
Ono of the taxicab employes discov
ered that Offutt was dead. It had been
thought he was asleep In tne taxicab.
Offutt had suffered several attacks of
heart trouble lately and It is believed
this was the cause of death.
Bloody Taxi Robbers Continue
Their Strike Against M'Lud
Chichester, Who's Boss.
LONDON. Jan. 3. More than 11,000
men were Idle today In 1 the taxicab
strike that ushered -In the British New
Year, and It was thought to-be certain
that Home' Secretary McKcflna would
shortly be appcalcd'tb "to, arbitrate with
The cmplojers cannot possibly meet
the demands of the chauffeurs, accord
ing to Lord s Chichester, head of tho
British Motor Cab Co.
He gave out a statement that the
wholesalers of gasolene had Increased
the price 62 per cent, and that the
taxicab employers could not afford fo
retail it to tho drivers at the price
stipulated by the men.
Of This Sensational Removal Sale
Now comes the most astounding reductions of all the
out every stitch of clothing in the shortest possible time. Prices that at the start
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Hurry here and take advantage of this unexpected money-saving opportunity.
Assortments are practically complete, and we can fit every size man from the splendid
lines of clothing now under the reduction knife.
Men's Suits
$10 Young Hen's Suits
$V2 Fancj Cassimere Suits
$15 Black Thibet Suits
$2 WO Black Tlay Diagonals
$18.00 Fancy Casslmercs
$18.00 Gray Chorlots and Tweeds
$18.00 Black Thlbets
$20.00 Fine Blue Worsteds
$2io0 Fancy Worsteds
$13.50 Young Men's Suits, 14 to 20
Boys' Suits
Former Uemoral
Price. Price.
$3.00 Fancy Casslmcres $1.69
$4.50 Fancy Mixtures. . .'. $2.48
$5.00 Fancy Tweeds and Casslmcres $2.93
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Former RemoTal
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$7.50 ChcTlote and Tweeds " .$8.48
$10.00 Heavy weight Fancy Effects $5.00
$12.00 Fancy- Scotch Mixtures $7.50
Corner Ninth
Daring Thieves in Automobile Get.Small Value in Return
For Daring Robbery Alexandria Churches
Arrange for Week of Prayer.
The itpre of the Potomac Grocery
Company in St. Elmo, on the main
road between Alexandria and Washing
ton, and the postofflcc, which occupies
a portion of the building, were entered
by burglars last night, who ransacked
the place and made their escape In an
automobile. The lock on the front door
was broken and today, when one of the
proprietors of tho store came to busi
ness, he found everything in confusion.
The thieves took a quantity of gaso
lene from a largo tank and also helped
themselves to a number of small
articles. Including shoes, chewing gum,
wrenches, etc. They invaded the post
office and scattered the mall, opening
the boxes and' taking out a number of
letters which were opened andlefton
the counter. The loss was small.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board, of school trustees was held last
night and reports made relative to the
condition of the public schools. Only
matters of a routine nature were con
sidered. A weeS of prayer, to begin next Mon
day, lias been arranged by the Minis
terial Association.. The following are
the dates and places of service: Mon
day night. First Baptist Church, by the
Rev. H. M. Canter, D. D.; Tuesday,
Second Presbyterian Church, by the
Workman Rescued Two Boys from
Lake Covered With
Thin Ice.
PA6SAIC, N. X, Jan. 3. Saving the
lives of tuo boys he found struggling
in Yantacaw lake in Dclawanna, Tony
Homhorst, a workman In the Worthen
Aldrlch bleachery, was rewarded with a
half holiday by his employers.
Homhorst rescued Howard Crawbuck.
fourteen years old. and Jacob Allmen,
fifteen 'years old, both of Passaic. Whilo
testing the strength of the thin Ice,
Crawbuck fell In. -Allmen went to his
rescue. He, too, became exhausted and
called for help.
Homhorst, on his way to the mill,
heard the cries. Removing only his
coat, he Jumped Into the Icy waters and
succeeded In bringing both to shore,
which was about ten feet away.
Veterans' Legion
--. ' JTd'Seat Officers
r fteceritlyelectedof fleets of Encamp
ment No. Ill, union veterans- region,
will be installed tonight. They are
James R. Pearson, colonel; Charles F.
LltUe. major; Henry X. Coudon, chap
lain; William M. Newell, surgeon; R. L.
Ford, quartermaster; Dwight M. De Sil
va. officer of the day; Oscar Carpenter,
officer of thn guard, and Horace H.
Brower, trustee.
Sacrifices Mark the Wind-up
ill Fornir Rtcirdt fir Big largains in Clefhiiig
Now Smashed During the Final Selling ef Our Stocks
years $7.75
and E
Rev. C R. Strausburg; Wednesday.
Washington Street Southern Methodist
Church, by the Rev. W. F. Watson,
D. D.: Thursday, Trinity M. E. Church,
by the Rev. John Lee Allison. D. D.;
Friday. Methodist Protestant Church,
by the Rev. O. A. Luttrell. The offer
ing on Wednesday evening will be de
voted to the 'Alexandria Hospital.
At a meeting of the Cardinal Athletic
Club last night, these officers were
elected: 8. A. Brcen. president;' M.
Howard, secretary: X Owens, Jreastfrer.
The Infant, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas E. Dyson died at the home
of his parents. 61S South Alfred street.
yesterday. The funeral was held this
Miss Julia Dixon, the ten-year old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W,
Dixon, died yesterday afternoon at the
residence of her parents, 123 Prince
street. The body will be shipped to
Olvlsons Wharf. Va., for burial.
The congregation of tho First Baptist
Church have eleetedVthe 'following offi
cers to serve for the present year;
James R. Mansfield, clerk; Samuel W".
Pitts, treasurer; Carroll Pierce, chair
man of the finance committee. The re
ports of the various auxiliaries and
qhurch officers showed that the affairs
of the church wert In a very healthy
The funeral of Frank McLearen, who
died Wednesday night at the Alexandria
hospital, will be held at 3:3) o'clock
Sunday afternoon from the residence,
1224 Duke street. -
Boy Recognizes His Mother and
Tells How He Was '
Wlllets, flvo years old, who was knock?
ed senseless on October It last and haa
been unconscious ever since, today haa
regained his senses and recognized his
mother In St. Timothy's Hospital. He
told her that ho was hit on the head
with a stone by an older boy. .
It was at first supposed that the
youngster had been struck by an auto-:
He suffered a compound fracture of
the skull and hi mental faculties were
so shocked that It was feared he never
would regain them.
Davidson to Address
Park View Citizens
flnrw.rlntendent.oi. Schools William M.
Davidson, and AS JEr Stuart, direetorof
Intermediate Instruction, "wllladdress
the meeting of the Park view Citizens
Associations, to be held in tho Whitney
Avenue Christian Church, Park road,
near Georgia avenue, northwest, at 8
o'clock tonight. School quesUons form
the program of the evening. The
womens' auxiliary will meet Jointly with
the association.- ,
last desperate effort toforce
Men's Overcoats
Former Bcmoral
Trice. Price.
$10 BInck and Fancies... ' $3.00
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$15 Noielty effects and Blacks $7.50
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$18 Vicuna and Tweeds $10.00
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$25 Plain and Fancy Soielties $14.50
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Men's Black Broadcloth-Kersey Overcoats, full
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i n 1 1 t'i t n ii iTnrrrrrrrnTi
if Bl
t ?
3BV "
BBksx. T
BnBsniNBB r
DHNBsnrlfiLx ?
BBBBKSZBBjBBBfcfcasajBgBBjittfejA & 7.
BJjJjjBBB flBjfll.B BBH BhBrBBBb BH I Bb I
mP25J -.X lvglnVr Jhk Ac- !VV vl- nlBP
aaaaaan Maaaaaai (s- aaaaav siiaai
1314 F St N. W., orffth and H St. N. E.
" '
" 7
run m rrrrnTiTtTiTTFR'
Ever Offered in
This Section
737 tt 741 12ft St. S. L
Just South Pa. Ave.
.Inspect these houses today.
Open, lighted, and heated un
til 9 p. m. Only $200 cash
and balance like Tent. The
homes with big lots. Boom
tor stable, garage, ana gar
den. Don't delay. Inspect
today. t
Price, $3,500
iiu i":-i-i-H-4K-:"K-:-:-:'fr:-H4i'KtjiM&'fci"i i m
. e, .v-- , .'v,?.-?
5JyE3feS j;

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