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Radicals Want Bill of Imme
diate Effect, But Conserv
atives Favor Delay.
When shall the tariff bills to be passed
bv the Democrats In special session ot
Congress become effective?
This problem promises to start a con
troversy as soon as tariff legislation
!s well under Tray. The radical and
conservative forces have already begun
to tine up. the radicals favoring ji.bill
of immediate effect, while the conserva
tives Tvish to postpone the date of Itti
effect. . . .
The Democrats have passed tariff bills
in .two sessions of Congress. The
Democratic tariff bills which President
Taft vetoed are admitted to be as radi
cal as anything the Democrats 'will at
tempt In the future, and the "fight on
the amount of revision will center, on
the question of how much more con
servative they may become without
ttultifiing themsehes.
The time question Is open and affords
fElr fighting ground fcr both sides. The
tadic&ls. Including the Bryan Demo
crats, belieie the bills should become
effective shortly after passage.
r Would Test Legislation. N
"The business Interests of the country
have been Informed on two different oc
casions of the kind of bill the Demo-eats-favor,"
said a Democratic Con
gressman who is friendly to Bryan.
."It, Is .becoming the practice more and
more to deal with these questions In a
practical manner; that Is, to put new
rates for transportation or for public
Mrvlce of other character. Into effect
Md give them an actual test. If the el
ite t is bad there Is then a chance ef
fectively to remedy, mistakes before It
ts too lete. If the tariff bills to be
passed, which 1 hope will be passed dur
ing a short session, are not put Into
effect for six months or a year, we will
be on the. heels of a Congressional elec
vhen the merits of the bills will be ob
scured by political anrument and bias.
"What is a scientific bill today may
not be scientific a year hence. Condi
tions change. We are legislating for
today, or will be as soon as the special
fesslon is convened, and it Is only good
cense to try tne new legislation at
Precedent With Conservatives.
As opposed to this view, the conserva
tives argue that business interests
should be given several months in which
to study the new legislation, to dispose
of surplus stocks where such a policy
seems desirable and generally to pre
pare themselves for business conditions
aa determined bv the tariff bills.
4 it has been the practice in past years
To postpone until several montns after
passage the taking of effect of tariff
Mils. The conservatives will have pre
cedent to support their argument. As
against this the radicals will urge that
Democratic tariff legislation Jn the year
J813 rises under unique conditions; that
the bills to be passed and put into effect
during a Democratic Administration
have been effectively published for two
years, so that business Interests will
have no cause .to be surprised or shock,
ed at the changes "that are made.
Senator McCumber Wants Sani
tary Covering for All
Loaves in District.
If a bill introduced by Senator Mc
Cumber becomes a law all the bread
aold In the District will have to be
, wrapped.
The bill provides that persons, firms,
cr corporations in the manufacture of
bread are prohibited from removine It
from the building where baked before
iscJosing it In a suitable, sanitary wrap
per. It is also made unlawful for a
dealer or other person to aell or de
liver bread which has not been prop
erly wrapped by the bakers.
The penalty for each offense Is a fine
T1 not -over J100, or Imprisonment not
over three months, or both.
Dawe Says Education
Will Eliminate "Hobo"
Education in the nation's life will ul
timately eliminate the "hobo," accord
Is to O. Grosvenor Dawe, editorial
chief of the Chamber of Commerce of
the United States.
Mr. TJawe delivered the first of a
series of lectures on the "Elements of
the Nation's Business," at the T. M.
C A. last night.
Both the knights of the road and the
idlers of the city's streets are parasites
upon industry. Mr. Dane declared.
There will be fewer hobos whn we
have a more Just system of taxation
that will prevent the accumulation and
passing on of tremendous fortunes, and
when, through education, we turn out
moie efficient individuals.
Baby, Pronounced Dead,
Brought Back to Life
. NEW YORK, Jan. After a family
. (physician had pronouncel dead a baby
born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Italetz,
the husband telephoned Sydenham Hos
pital, and Dr. Harry Fried responded.
He sought to Induce respiration by
varlous means, and was unsuccessful
after an hour's effort.
"I'm sorry." h said, "but I can do
The mother s tears roused him to re
newed effort. He breathed Into the
baby's lungs, and a half hour later,
when the physician was almost ex
hausted, the baby began to cry.
Meningitis Threatens
Arkansas County
A serious epidemic of cerebro
spinal meningitis has broken out In
iJepanto, Poinsettc county. Ark., ac
cording to reports coming to the Pub
lic Health Service. Surgeon General
Blue was Informed today that there
liavo been twenty-two cases reported
with eighteen deaths.
Mjr Om "MOMO QUNNsVlk b
Laxative Broo Qaiaaaa
i OtMh Om Dy, Onfu 3 Dy
Tafts Are Hosts to Bril
liant Array of Society
Of the many brilliant entertainments
held at the White House under the
present regime, the reception given by
the President and Mrs. Taft last night
In honor of the members of the Diplo
matic Corps, stands out as Incompar
able. In point of number It was prob
ably no larger than In other years, but
the combining of the court dress of the
diplomats and their wonderful decora
tions, and the more than usually large
d'splay of Jewels, with the remarkable
gathering of distinguished and Interest
ing guests, marked It as such.
Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Mrs. Henry
Clews, and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbllt
came from New York for the occasion,
and the interest in them was only di
vided with that taken in Lady Aber
deen, of Ireland, and Miss Violet Aa
qulth. of England, who -also were among
the guests. The newly appointed Con
gressman from New York and Mrs.
Peler Goelet Gerry, the latter formerly
Miss Nathilde Townsend. also came In
for a large share of attention.
Decorations Wonderful.
Quantities of palms, ferns, and roses,
carnations, and orchids adorned the
"White House for the occasion. Ameri
can Beauty roses In tall silver Jars were
used In the Red Room, whcrethe honor
guests assembled; orchids, pink blos
soms, and white roses In the Blue
Room, where the President and Mrs.
Taft received the guests, and in the
Green Parlor and East Room delicate
pink carnat'ons formed the chief deco
ration. The Marine Band was stationed In the
famous red corridor, lending a touch
of brilliant .color. A program of Inspir
ing music was given during the recep
tion, and at 11 o'clock the band moved
into the East Room, where It played a
dance program until midnight, when
the majority of the guests departed.
Miss Taft and Charlie Taft asked a
few young persons to remain for in
formal dancing.
The reception began promptly at 9:30
o'clock. The buglers of the Marine
Band opened it, as usual, with their
herald of the coming of the President.
As the President and Mrs. Taft started
down the marble stairway from the
second floor where the receiving party
gather, preceded by the White Houso
aides and followed by the Cabinet of
ficers and their wives', the band played
the National Anthem.
Cabinet In Line.
The President and Mrs. Taft had In
line with them all of the wives of the
r-.t.!..... -.k ht --,, Mr.. Mnr-1
Veagh, Mrs. Stlmson, Mrs. Wlckersham,
ir-.l. -r Qilm..n Xfr. Wli-lrn)i!im
Mrs. Fisher, and Mrs. Nagel.
Col. Spencer Cosby. U. S. A., made
the Introductions to the President, the
French Ambassador and Mme. Jesser
and being the llrst to flreet him. Then
followed the other members ot the
rortif. according to their rank.
Shortly after the reception had be
gun the state dining room was opened
ana a ounei supper oi -uu3, itwi ciu,
was served throughout the evening.
Mrs. Taft In Black.
Mrs. Taft's gown waa of black lace
and charmeuse.
Mrs. Knox, wife of the Secretary of
State, who stood beside Mrs. Taft, wore
a gown of pale green satin with an
overdress of green net embroidered and
trimmed with silver lace.
Mrs. Mac Veagh. wife of the Secre
tary of the Treasury, wore a gown of
yellow and white chiffon made with a
long square train of yellow velvet em
bossed Jn flowers In the natural shades.
The bodice was adorned with rare
point lace and was richly embroidered
In pearls. She wore pearls.
Mrs. Stlmson. wife of the Secretary
of "War. who was next in the receiving
party wore a handsome silver and white
brocade gown.
Mrs. Wlckersham, wife of the Attor
ney General, wore a beautiful gown of
silver and gold brocade, the bodice of
which waa trimmed with handsome
cream lace embroidered In rhinestones.
The gown was made with a full court
train of brocade fastened with rhlne
stone ornaments.
Gown Of Mrs. Meyer.
Mrs. Meyer, wife of the Secretary of
the Navy wore a stunning gown of
black chiffon and embossed velvet over
a white lace foundation. She wore a
diamond tiara, necklace and corsage
Mrs. Nagel, wife of the Secretary of
Commerce and Labor wore pink brocade
and rhinestones.
Miss Helen Taft wore pale green char
meuse with a green tulle drapery.
Mme. Jusserand, wife of the French
ambassador, mauve satin brocaded In
Mrs. Bryce, wife of the British am
bassador, white brocade and lace.
Mme. Bakhmeteff. wife of the Rus
sian ambassador, dull black crepe with
Miss calvo, pale blue satin.
Mme. Calderon, wife of the minister
of Bolivia, pink satin with an over
drapery of gold brocaded chiffon.
Miss Elena Calderon. white brocaded
crepe trimmed with lace.
Mme. Hlcno, wife of the Spanish min
ister, white satin draped In violet chif
fon. Mrs. Castrlllo, wife of the minister
of Nicaragua, white satin.
Mme. de Pena, wife of the minister
of Uruguay, black and white chiffon
over satin.
Miss de Pena, Paquin model of rote
colored satin with touches of black
Miss Carlota de Pena, apricot bro
cade and lace.
Mrs. Havenith In Black.
Mrs. Havenith, wife of the Belgian
minister, black chiffon.
Princess Traidos Prabandh, wife of
the Siamese minister, naie lilnp char
meuse with a tunic of blue chiffon trim- I
ined in rhlnesstoncs and purple satin
girdle caught at the side with a large
nink rose inset with brilliants.
Mme. Pezet. wife of the minister of
Peru, silver bid silk with a draperj- of
tulle embroidered in a design of flowers
The New Eli itt
F Street at Fourteenth,
Another of those enjoyable Sunday
evening Table d'Hote Dinners will be
served tomorrow from 5:30 to 8 in the
brilliant Crystal Room.
$1.25 per Plate
(With Wine.)
It has become a very popular fad to
dine at the New Ebbitt Sunday evening
because we make such a feature of the
menu and the service.
G. F. SCHUTT, Proprietor
in pink and blue beaos. On the bodice
were touches of cream lace. Her Jewels
were emeralds. .......
Mme. de Laboulaje. wife of the sec
end secretary of the French embassy,
white satin. . . -
Mrs. Loftus. wife of the secretary
. i-.M .-..-. iaoii,n nfnW satin Wltll
an overdress of" chiffon richly embrold- j
"Mme. Peyn'ado. wife of the minister
from the Dominican republic, old rose
lme. Vasslllcff. wife of the naval at
tache of the Russian embassy, white
and gold brocade with rhlnestone trim
mings on the bodice. .
aime. Borja. wile of the secretary of
Hip Salvador legation, pin cieijy uc
li?.,. rfmmi ith silver and Vene- , Mrs- Cornelius Vanderbllt. gray chif-S"?-2?mSS?
JSffinSndil fon embroidered In steel and rhinestones
(n. TTniriiiiii wife of the military
attache of the Spanish legation, black
velvet with white lace on the bodice.
Chiffon Over Satin.
Mrs. Hanlel von Halmhausen, wife of
the counsel of the German embassy,
white chiffon over whtte saUn, em
broidered In pearls and trimmed with
silver lace.
Mme. -de la Cueva, wife of the first
secretary of the Mexican embassy, black
cliantllly lace trimmed with velvet and
embroidered In Jet: corsage trimming of
pink roses; emerald necklace and dia
monds. . . .,
Mrs. J. W. MacMurray, lavendar satin
trimmed In lace. , . , ,
Mrs. William Barrett Ridgeiy s gown
was stunning. It was made with" a
foundation skirt of cloth of gold with a
full court train of gold brocaded satin
outlines In dark fur. Falling from the
waist line were folds ot point dAIencou
lace forming a tunic The bodice was
made of flesh colored tulle and lace
with touches of gold.
Mrs. John R. Williams, black chiffon
rter white satin richly embroidered In
Miss, Dorothy WHllams, white satin
Miss Katharine Brltton. rose colored
riocaded satin with touches ot brown
tulle on the sleeves and bodice.
Mrs. Wlnthrop, wife ot the Assistant
Secretaiy of the Navy, black meteor
satin made with an ovcrdrapery of
white Italian filet lace veiled In fino
black silk net with sash of rich black
velvet embroidered in crystals.
The Misses Meyer. -The
Misses Meyer, daughters of the
Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Meyer,
white brocade with draped skirts with
a panel effect In the back of black vel
vet and embroidered In rhinestones and
trimmed on the bodice with lace.
Mrs. "William Aiherton DuPuy. pink
gttin with panniers of lavendar chiffon
hand painted In a design of flowers and
trimmed on the bodice with dark fur
Mm William MeNelr. cold
cnanneuse inmmeo. wim jjuui ire
Mrs. Albert Akin, of New York, who
is visiting her parents, the Attorney
General and Mrs. Wlckersham. cerise
velvet embroidered on the bodice in
rhtn-rnnfn JlTliI nlnlr crystals.
Mrs. Edward S- Worthington, of Chi
cago, house guest of the Secretary of
the Treasury and Mrs. MacVcagh, pink
and silver brocade.
Miss Helen Cannon, soft black satin
with a bodice of white lace and tulle
embroidered In rhinestones and pearls.
Miss Virginia LeSeure. Nile green
chiffon over satin trimmed with green
Miss Amy Gillette, white satin em
broidered in gold and trimmed with
Mrs. Henry B. Dlmock. eoft blackysllk
embroidered. In black silk and trimmed
on the corsage with rare cream bluo
satin brocaded In gold.
Mrs. Ayres. wife of Congressman
Steven B. Ayres, mauve brocade with a
drapery of seeded tulle and lace.
Miss JTeanette Ayres. nalo blue bro
cade with an accordion "pleated over
dress of white chirron cloth trimmea
with lace .and rhinestones.
Miss MacMurray. gold-colored satin
with a border design of nasturtiums
brocaded In velvet in the natural shade.
Mrs. Astor In White.
Mrs. John Astor. of London and New
York, one of the lun'se-gussts of the
(Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Meyei,
rich white satin brocaded in Dlack vel
vet In a design of roses, cut nlth a
square neck, outlined with pearl trim
mings. She wore a long string of geor
geous pearls.
Mrs. Henry Clews, also a guest of the
Secretary and Mrs. Meyer, silver bro-
Stomach Starvers
Eat Anything Now
No Indigestion, Dyspepsia or Sour,
Gassy, Upset Stomach for
'Tape's Diapepsin" Users.
Every year regularly more than a
million stomach sufferers In the United
states, England, and Canada take
1'ape's Diapepsin, and realize not only
Immediate, but lasting relief.
This harmless preparation will digest
anything you eat and overcome a sour,
gassy or out-of-order stomach five min
utes afterwards.
If your meals aon't lit comfortably,
or what you eat lies like a lump of
lead in your stomach, or If you have
heartburn, that is a sign of indigestion.
Get from jour pharmacist a 50-cent
case of Pape's Diapepsin and take a
dose Just as soon as ou can. There
ill be no sour rinlngs. no belching of
undigested food mixed ivlth acid, no
Btomach gas or heartburn, fullness or
heavy reeling In the stomach, nausea,
debilitating headaches, dizziness or In
testinal griping. This will all go. and,
besides, there will be no sour food left
over In the stomach to poison your
Dreath with nauseous odors.
Pape's Diapepsin Is a certain cure for
out-of-order stomaens, because it takes
Hold of jour food and digests It Just
the same as If our stomach wasn t
Relief In five minutes from all stom
ach mlserj- Is waiting for Jou at anj
drug store.
These large 60-ccnt cases contain more
than sufficient to thoroughly eure al
most any case of dyspepsia. Indigestion,
or any other stomach disorder.
Beautiful Gowns Are Worn
by Envoys' Wives and
Nation's Leaders.
cade with a diamond tiara and a
nionu ana pearl necklace.
Mrs. Richard Townsend, silver and
v.hlte brocade with touches of lace and
brilliants. In her hair she wore a dia
mond tiara.
Mrs. Peter Goelet Gerry, soft satin or
a very pale shade of pink with an ovcr
(11 ess of naie mauve and crold brocade.
witn touches of rare lace on the bodice.
tier jewels were a diamond tiara and
Mrs. Thomas W. Symons. white satin
with an overdrapcry of lavender bro
caded chiffon.
Miss Margaretta Symons, deep pink
chiffon over satin.
Miss Letterman, black charmeuse and
Mrs. Whitaker's Gown.
Mrs. Wallace A. Whltaker. black
charmeuse made with a draped skirt
and a bodice of white shadow lace over
flesh colored chiffon and edged with
Mrs. Henry D. Clayton, cream satin
draped In green brocade with a touch of
pinK in the corsage,
diamonds and pearls.
Her Jewels were
Mrs. S. H
Dent, Jr., white brocade
and diamonds.
Mrs. C. C. Glover, wine colored paon
velvet and chiffon embroidered In rhine
stones. i
Miss Mabel Moardman. red velvet
heavily embroidered in rhinestones on
the bodice.
Miss Nannie Randolph Heth, black
charmeuse with diamonds.
Mrs. Spencer Cosby, white satin drap
ed In black chiffon.
Mrs. Timothy T. Ansbcrry, white
lace over white satin.
Mrs. Wade Ellis, wisteria satin bro
caded in golj made with a draped
bodice of shadow lace embroidered in
lhinestones, necklace of diamonds and
Miss Luella Chase, pink charmeuse
embroidered In gold.
Visitors From England.
Lady Aberdeen and Miss Asqulth,
house guests of the British Ambassador
and Mrs. Bryce, wore beautiful gowns.
Lady Aberdeen was In green satin with;
For $
You Cannot Find a Value Equal To These
NSIDE, these homes
contain 6 full rooms
and bath. The wood
work trimmings through
out are given a beautiful
hardwood finish through
out. The parlor is orna
mented with an art mantle
and combination book
case. A broad plate rail
surrounds the dining
The light and ventilat
ing facilities arc most
modcrnly planned. All the
usual 20th century con
veniences will be found
already installed.
One feature the house
wife will appreciate is the
fact that an extra inside
hall door connects direct
ly with the kitchen so that
the front door may be
reached without first pass
ing through the dining
room and parlor.
The heating plant is of
the most advanced type.
Both kitchen and bath
room arc fully equipped,
And The Full Price Is But $2,750
TO INSPECT Take any 11th street car going northwest, get off at
Columbia road, and walk one square east; or any 14th street car going
northwest, get oft at Columbia road, and walk three squares east; or any
Ninth street car going northwest, get off at Columbia road and walk ouo
square west.
Look for Our Green
and White Sign
a handsome diamond tiara, and lllsd
Asqulth wore a becoming gown of soft
white satin and la
.Mrs. John W. Tlmmons flesh colored
satin and lace.
Mrs. Krne3t S. Garllngton,1 pale bluo
crepe de chine with touches of lace on
the bodice.
Mm. Snanson, gray chiffon and lace, i
.Miss Knthcrine Ltklns, beaded net
heaUy trimmed In crystals.
Mrs. Martin Littleton, white satin
draped in black chiffon embrotdered in
Mrs. Gore, wife ot Senator Gore, whltb
satin with a di apery of American
Beauty chiffon.
Mrs. Henry Corbln, silver brocade.
Mme. Hauge, sliver brocade with
touches of black.
Mrs. Bulkley In Pink.
Mrs. Robert J. Bulkley, pink brocade
trimmed with soft white lace'
Mrs. Harry Rapley, soft pink satin j
brocaded in gold.
Mrs. Atlee Pomerene, white brocade
trimmed with real lace.
Mrs. L. F. Gotlieb, white satin bro
caded In purple velvet.
Mrs. Grace Garec wore King's blue
satin veiled In chiffon.
Mrs. James R. Mann, pale blue char
meuse made, with panniers of chiffon.
Mrs. A. Garrison McCIintock, blue
satin and white lace.
Mrs. Stephen Slocum. white satin em
broidered in silver.
Mrs. Leonard Wood, wife of the chief
ot staff of the army, taupe satin bro
caded in velvet.
Mrs. J. B. Aleshlre, pale blue and
gold brocade.
Miss Aleshlre, pale blue crepe de
Miss Dorothy Aleshlre, white chiffon
embroidered in crystals.
Miss George HarrIsoribIack crepe de
Miss Leila Harrison, yellow chiffon
over white satin.
Miss Rebekah Wilmer, pale lavender
charmeuse and white lace.
Miss Margaret Perln, white chiffon
ever satin.
Lodge Officials
Will Be Installed
The Installation of the officers of the
National Capital Lodge, Independent
Order of B'rith Abraham, will take place
at Pyth'an Temple tomorrow night.
Lewis S. Gottlieb, deputy grand master,
will have charge of the ceremonies.
Alexandria Boys
Visit Capital Scouts
Troop I, -of Alexandria, Va., Boy,
Scouts, under the charge of Scoutmas
ter Harry W. Rudd, came to Washing
ton last night, to visit Troop 19, of the
Washington scouts In their headquar
ters In John Marshall place.
1 50 Cash
For $22:12
Tkene Homes Are Junt Aa Tbl
-, ir $ v ,v , s i4i- $- v "-"-i "" " i'zkm
v . '-'& J& &v9M
K jK-j. , 5iJ - sSKHk IsssHS mMOI
LB-' ssssssssHIbssssSI isssssbsssssBbssssRP!9!Pb bssssssK" VB
C MLsssssH bsssH &i ssss'.$;ssssB f'ld' "LssH IB 1
m V ., j . B vwft 'v B IB W ! sllllllH .
r i !5Bbs --!' i.Til-? "t B m C HK 1
L. .J bsssssBbssssssssssssssssssssssssB1 JHMBBBB B ' Jl LssssssB- '' I
vttZm "? r j J" w ' 'BIH ? - i
mmerm mphswmM .-,- n ,' , , , t , . j. w.t
tfB225H!Hfii M-ntii..r n "I' ' hi m?-J..BBBMs rrrr
iHbilllH'illlllHBi " "JMMMIK.- IMW
-v .BH' MBB Bl a'ifci4.MMMv-.MaKcf9!tL.B muMi
713 14th St. N. W.
Peculiar Wound Is Discover
ed in 'Back of Decapi-
- tated Head.- -
. The authorities - of Anne Arundel
county, Md., believe today that the
unidentified white man who was bound
to the Pennsylvania railroad tracks near
Patuxent, early Thursday morning, was
murdered before he was placed on the
tracks. The authorities believe the body
was placed on the "railroad tracks In
the hope of covering up the crime.
This new version of the mysterious
murder is based on a peculiar wound
in the back of the man's head. "When
the head was found. In a gully nearly
twenty-five feet deep .."and about one
hundred yards from -where the body
was bound to the .rails, the face was
perfect, there not being a scratch or
blemish of any kind.
The wound on the back of the head
was evidently one that had been made
with a blunt Instrument, presumably a
club or a pair of brass knuckles. Tho
wound was' not the kind that would
have been made had the head been
struqk by the heavy wheel of the loco
motive. On the other hand, it Is pos
sible the wound may have been caused
by the head having, been hurled against
a tree or fence when the body was
I decapitated.
i Police Photographer Fred Sanbcrg.
who went to Odenton yesterday and
photographed the head, said today he
was convinced the murdered man -was
not anv of the persons missing from
their homes In this city. .He said Hit
man's description did not correspond
with, tljose of any missing Washing
tonlan. The fact that, the man's thumb
had been amputated fomc time ago, and
the wound entirely,, healed -will make it
an easy matter to identify the victim
if .anyone who knew him should view
tne ooay, saia canDers. t
Tour drufcrtet will refund monev If PAZO
Ointment, falls to cure Itching: Blind.. BtoO
lnr or Protrodlnr Pile tin C to 14 days. Uc.
1'liotograpU Shown Them To Br.
.Jw;v, i
Funeral on Sunday
For Senator Davis
LITTLE -ROCK. Ark.. ,Jan. 4. Thhe
funeral ot United States Senator Jeff
Davis, who died suddenly yesterday at
his home, will take place at 3 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon.
Among those mentioned for Senator
Davis seat are former Congressman
Stephhen Brnndlgc. whom Senator
Davis defeated in the r primary iast
September; Attorney General Hal L.
Norwood, and Congressman Oldfleld.
M-fri-ttii'M'iM- -:;:: m i i-m
il Til
? ' - xnft
. 3
ssssssssssssssBBflSLsssBHBBSsssssssaV ii
sssssssssssssssssssssssssM-? . k'fe-:-jflC. VH
M Mw K.4 J-w !. -W L.4LssssssssB
WyBMBIssssssssssssPBWWWpWtjBjBajgc I
1314 F St N. W., or 7lh and H Sts. N. E.
r- saturdayVpegial,
40c LB.
. v -
"All the Virtues and -All the Merits
of the Best."
CANDY '. '' ' ;
NEW' STORE, -720 11th St. N! W.
Tel. Main 5134.
meeting of the stockholder -of TbeWajh
lnirton Lan and Trust Cbmpanr.' for tbe
election of Directors and for the purpose- of
transacting; such other business as may law
full" come before the stockholders In central
meeting will be held at the of nee of the
company at 1! o'clock", noon. Tuesday. Janu
ary 14. 1913. The polls will remain open to
receive otes for such election between the
hours of twelve o'clock, noon, and two
o'clock p. m. on that date. ILUtRY G.
MEEM. Treasurer. "
V Slop In and try one of our FAMOUS .
T LUNCHES. 12 to 2:30 p. m. Delicious .
T Dinners. S to J:M p. m.
DINNER 75c :
4. Restaurant A LA CARTE.
4. FROM 7 TO 7.30 P. M.
IE 10T1I & II N. W. if. 2t.
JL l-
I-I'I Vi-l"i-irimi"ilrVli"Vl"l i-i-i-1-i-I-;
SAGE. ALL PORK. For sale at all ltadla;
stores or Columbia Prov. Co.. 9a La. ave.
Every woman's heart responds to
the charm and sweetness of a ba
by's voice, because nature Intended
her for motherhood. But even the
loving nature of a mother shrinks
from tbe ordeal of suffering and
danger. "Women who use Mother's
Friend are saved much discomfort
and their systems are in a healthy
condition to meet the time with tha
least possible danger. Mother's
Friend is recommended only for
the relief and comfort of expectant
mothers, and its many years of suc
cess, and the thousands of endorse
ments received from women who
have used it are a guarantee of tha
benefit to be derived from its use.
Mother's Friend allays nausea, pre
vents caking aaa r
of the breasts, I lnff fjfS
and in every Sf-rr Jlv
way contrib- 5TIUMftttll
utes to strong. r-jre
healthy motherhood. Mother's
Friend is sold at drug stores. Write
for our free book for expectant
v vB
Makes a Strong Plea f :
For White; Slave Law
Asking that the "white sbive .J","
be sustained on the ground fthat the
Government has as greafa re fpons Witty
to protect women and girls as It baa
to protect the Community agalniti in
terstate commerce in tubercular cat
tle. Assistant Attorney" General Harr
yesterday made a vigorous plea.' In the
United States Supreme Court.
i i-i-rrM'-i-i-ri'i-'M-'M-r-i-M-i-i-M r-f
Ever Offered in
This Section'
7371. 741121k St.S.E.1
I L C -.&L. D Aa
Inspect these houses today.
Open, Iighted,"and 'heated un- ?
til 9 p. in- Only $200 cash
and balance like rent. ThejT
homes with bigr"lots. Uoom :
for stable, garage, and gar- jr
ucjj. iuu u ucij. auocuvT
today. ,
Price; $3500
inrB cunii. jio. charge tf -sot
IRVING- ST. . - -
By-Laws; notice Is hereby given thaT.th
annual meeting; of the stnckboIdtrs-oC -Th
Capital Traction Company for tho Uectlon of
directors for-the ensulnj: year and such' othsr
business as". may be brousbt before tho 'raet
lnr. will be held at tbe office of the Com
pany. Thirty-sixth and M. streets nonhwesr.
Washington. -D. c.. on Wednesday. ''January
S. 1S13. at 10:15 o'clock a. m. The polls will
be open from 11 o'clock a. m. ohtll VI o'clncic
noon. , U. D. CRAMPTON.
' Secretary.
si.oo -
COMPANY ot Washington and Georxetawav
Tth street and Louisiana avenue, northwest.
Tbe stockholders of tbe Firemen's Insuraac
Company of Washlnston-and Gcorxetomi will
meet at the offlce on Monday.. January th.
1113. for the purpose of electing; U directors
tor the ensuing: year. Polls open at .11 a.
m.. and close at 13 m. W. U. HOFFMAN.
Entire stock or the F. K. B. Co.. No. 1119-11
Hth St. N. W.. conslstlns of a complete, As
sortment of automobile supplies and acces
sories, also rubber goods In great variety.
All goods at bargain prices for quick clear
ance. - "
Rooms 30 and SI. U. S. Trust Bulldlnjc. Perm,
sjlvanla ave. and Tenth sL. N. Vf
All parties desiring; to furnish quarters to
lsltors during- inaugural period, are re
quested to call at this otSco or send de
scription of rooms, stating; the number of
persons that can be supplied with beds or
cots, with or without meals, terms, etc
M. I. WELLER. CbaEmanT
1 Committee on Public Comfort-
Instead of rmiaonon-.
tablets or Uqolds.
Best germicide er dis
ease prenme. zsc. AU
Druggists. Booklet and
sample rree.
115 !Cth S! V. T.
"?-. ?
Jfk y
i f
k -
.. '-j,-, j2&i gyjggawga 4bJk -

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