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Club Officers Expected To Be Re-elected Tuesday :C fiance May Cause Trouble With Yanks
Committee to Report on Pur
chase of Land Near
Senator Gallinger Has Added Much-Needed Word to Baseball Dictionary
fOO Afce A
wool. Ne&Ne ceases
Georgia Avenue Property
Will Be Placed on
the Market.
volr. officious iNreR.FS3-eNC
f. TO SNARie THAT spHEviwD J
'thc twig- swpct - tf-JS
LC I sv vTSSTcmUuwC 0,ts are Sfeityjmxl
"Sra.. T2& t- 7rif!H LOase amp of a esYfL.
I - V AC. v,ro-rrr tfiTC'Vl FWP V- s &J-'NOL& ) r. T!llll
Charlottesville Matter to Be Set
tled Finally This
At the annual meeting of the Wash
ington Baseball Club in the club head
quarters Tuesday at noon, the entire
present board of directors and officers
are expected to be re-elected. The club
is successful and there is no reason for
any changes in the personnel of the of
ficers. The only important transaction will
t5 the report of a committee upon the
MMibiUties of purchasing a strip of
land immediately adjacent to the ball
park behind the right field fence. It is
the intention of the club to buy this
land, if possible, and move back the
garden wall so that lads like Ty Cobb,
Joe Jackson, and Harry Lord cannot
bounce the pill over it for homers.
The Toronto club, champions of the
international League, will be seen here
next spring in an exhibition game th
day before the regular season gets un
ier way, April 9. The Maple Leafs
have many former big leaguers and
tome promising youngsters who should
attract a good-sized throng of the faith
ful. Only two or three more games
will be scheduled byllanager Griffith.
Henry in Hospital
"llassa" John Henry, the Climbers'
big backstop, is in the Georgetown Unl
vreslty Hospital where- he will under
go an operation on his Injured knee
either today or tomorrow. A floating
cartilage must be removed before he
will regain his old form behind the bat
The-operation Is not considered serious
and he is expected to be on his feet in
side of a week.
This week is expected to bring final
decisions regarding the training camp
of the Climbers for 1313. Manager Grif
fith expects word from representatives
in Charlottesville some time this week.
IX his plans go through successfully,
he will not visit the college town. If
they don't, he will go down himself
for a final tour of the metropolis of
the Virginia valley. Falling to find
suitable quarters then, he will con
sider invitations from other towns.
Southern Pines, Jf. C, has made an
excellent offer and stands a good
chance of having it accepted, if Char
lottesville doesn't come to time.
Fortress Monroe has put in a good
ML too. but Griffith will. make -no d
cislon until he has looked into the
matter carefully.
Donlin on Move.
Mike Donlin is to move again. The
presence of Willie Locke at the head
of the Phillies means that the slugging
Mike must go to s-ome other club.
Locke doesn't think Donlin fast enough
for a major league club. He thinks
that, if Mike wasn't good enough for
the Pirates, he can't be sood enough
for the Phillies. Donlin got $3,000 for
lamming the pellet in Pittsburgh, and
a drop to the minors will make a big
cut in this stipend.
.Tomorrow the National Commission,
baseball's final court of appeal, meets
at Cincinnati for election of officers,
and consideration of the Class AA
salary limit squabble. The officers will
remain as they are now. Garry Herr
mann, as chairman, and the two major
league presidents on the board, through
virtue of their league titles. Secre
tary John E. Bruce will be continued
In office. '
Service Elevens Play
Final Game Today
The All-Army football team Is meet
ing a team composed of All-Navy play
ers at Union League Park this afternoon
in what is thought to be the last foot
ball game of the seascm.
"Both teams have been in preparation
during the past week, and one of the
best games of the independent season
ic being looked for. "Hip" Dugan is
to referee the contest
Stars of Fort Myer. United States En
gineers, Fort Washington, and Fort
Hunt are numbered on the Army ag
gregation, while the Sailors claim to
have two men who fought hariT against
the Vlgilants while wearing the Blue of
the Relna Mercedes outfit
Manager Thomas, of the Sailors,
states that his team is in the best of
shape, and ready to go at the Sailors
sit the first whistle.
Three men from the Ozark will play
on the Navy team, as will several sea
men gunners and United States marines.
The sailor outfit has been practicing
hard for this game, and Manager Thom
as Is confident of victory.
The SalloS will have big Harsch in
full. Sullivan in half, and Carpenter in
quarter. Patten will play the other
Georgetown's Athletes
Fail to Win Points
j?in(j- after- the 5awe fl-t
,the senatdp. umll be extensively
Quoted x
ON6 FOTlLe MASS OF -rwisreo
.and PMNCr PENTW-rres
usual. (esucrS"-
s r""V ' (THANK3)
bcoes aO vU. rffteV
cans c?tiFFTH 5m j ( ( ;asjy V rgg
T1 '. r i ) ) MlCDV ,ir TcESHArepN '-3s'
' -; V J i L rv 3 H v 'skulls ARe as pejoiiN
i ' C V V ..-v- PB OFDeNTRlTES AS A J
r V-- - -' r it J T X mex(can puppv ls PL. S
j :,,,- K X riy) ADORN MENT--0 pg' WW
j vvvs:ri iaAer. . mm. ryr -wil. -ica-a- 3- a 1 j -v c-7vi-v
r.- i ik ftrTTfrat f - rtnrri "sa ar?siuf$', "f. vjimi nrr?- r.-
"i &. i mt igz J i . jt&eriiri fJXl 10 i" cllrrw Ullllr. 41111111111
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I THcM I w Ir.f I A, BlNOte- . Wl
I . 1 '
will, be CITED
..lo . ' v- "'
Kxlt Automobile Club of Wsafctostco
After an existence exteadlse over a
period of six years the orsanlaaUea.'mtf
disbanded last Bight, at the sjhmmI
meeting, not a dissenting vote betec
recorded against the resolution offered
by "W. 8.. Duvall to dissolve the ehisv
Immediately after this actios was takerf
It was decided to form .an. aatomosHo
association patterned after organlaa
tlons In several other cities" that have
been highly successful In promoUsff and
protecting the Interests of autosaeMIe
owners. -
A. committee. coasl.itiiMr of TV. S Da.
vail, chairman; John K. HeyL W. C-
Long, Otto J. DeMoll. H. a Chnndtes. '
Claude Miller, J. M. Stoddard, aad
Charles J. Butler, was appelated le
draft a constitution and by-laws of "He
proposed organisation. This cetmnHtee
will meet Friday night at the Graft.
The annual dues In the new assodaUes
will not exceed 46 per annsm aad tbe
officers will consist of a preaMect, seere-
tary-treasurer, and. an attorney,- T
association will be incorporated "wUfcta
the next few days: The old dub's een
try home' In' Georgia avenue will be sea
and the-purchase price tarsed into 'the
treasury of the new organisation. Ped.
lng the election of-peraiaBent, efScers
the officers of the Automobile Club ef
Washington will serve In the same ca
pacity. The officers-are Prestdeat Har
rington Mills. Secretary-treasurer Job
K. 'Heyl. Assistant Secretary Jre
It Is expected the proposed associa
tion will attract a' large mab'orsbl
and that It will wield a powerful to-
-fluence for the good motorists and bjo-
tonng. t
Has Nucleus of Strong
Team to Open His
Marshall Tjow, Bob Eller. and John
ny Gallagher failed to win a single
point latt Ight at the punlor metropoli
tan championships In New York. The
JfUli-Amerlcan A. C won the champion
ship by two points from the New Tork
A. C Charlie Brlckley was beaten out
for third place in the twelve-pound shot
put by Johnny KHpatrick. former Tale
football star, and W. C. Maxfield. of
Mercersbcrg Academy. Whitney, of
Dartmouth, won the event.
Rusie in Jail.
SEATTLE, Jon. 5. Amos Rusle, the
once great pitcher of the New Tork
Giants, Is In Jail here today on a charge
of having threatened to kill his wife.
who is an invalid paralyzed in her
lower limbs. It ls alleged that Rusle
on Thursday ejected his wife and
daughter from their home.
Tomorrow Sports.
Harvard vs. Ottowa, hockey, Bos
ton arena. f
Knockout Brown vs. Joe Phillips,
fen rounds, at Providence, R. I.
Jimmy Walsh vs. Matt Brock, ten
rounds, at New Orleans, La.
F. Leroy Chance, peerless leader, will
very Kkely hook up with the New Tork
Tankees Tuesday in Chicago when he
encages Frank Farrell in a tete-a-tete.
Then look out for smoke in this little
old American League There will be
things doing in New Tork next sum
mer. Of course, Frank Chance isn't going
to win any pennant in 1913. Indeed, he
may consider himself fortunate If he
can pull the bemlred Tanks out of last
place. It takes time to build up a win
ning machine even when you have a
nucleus. A good nucleus exists in New
Tork, but It isn't any more than that.
That's why the former Cub chleftan
is apparently unwilling to sing a one
year contract. He knows that one year
does not allow a manager a fair trial
of his ability. Farrell may prefer this
one-year thing, but It's a safe bet that
Chance will hook up for longer than
that and that Ban Johnson will have
a finger in the pie himself before the
negotiations between the manager and
the magnate are concluded.
But the team, where ls that? Harry
Wolverton wasted much time last year
with a bunch of "hams" shifted to him
by that energetic scout (?), Arthur
voracious irwin. He wasted time. yes.
but he proved that not'one of them was
worth the powder to blow him off the
payroll. So Chance can leg!n where
Wolverton left ofT.
Has Good Pitchers.
Clark Griffith welded a winner with a
nucleus of two pitchers, an lnflelder and
an outfielder. Johnson, Groom, Mc
Brlde, and Milan formed the keystone
of the Climbers' arch of victory. Frank
Chance will find almost as good a nu
cleus In New Tork.
I The Tankees" pitching staff Is woithy
of commendation. Russ Ford, Ray
Caldwell and Jack Warhop are a trio
of level-headed performers. Ford was
a frost last yoar. but he seemed to
have lost Interest under the manage
ment of Wolverton. Caldwell didn't
follow training Instructions and had
trouble with his boss on that account.
Warhop did fairly well. With Chance
to handle them, this trio of Tankees
should come close to making trouble for
everybody in 1311
Then look at Ray Fisher. George Mc
Connell. George Davis and the new
man, Keating. Certainly Chance should
get at least two out of that bunch to
form a competent staff of five twlrlcrs.
McConnell pitched excellent ball last
season and should repeat. Davis and
Keating come to the Tankees with
plenty of recommendations.
Outfield of Hitters.
Truly It is an outfield of erl table
sluggers that will welcome Chance at
the opening of the coming campaign.
Birdie Cree, Harry Wolter, and Jack
Lellvelt all pound the pill for .325 or
more, while Bert Daniels Is good for
.275 almost any old time.
The weakness of the Tankees comes
In the Infield where only Hal Chase has
proved his worth. Roy Hartzell was
beaten out of third base last year by
young Mldklff. This young Russian may
continue to develop into a star next
season. That will aid much. But still
there are two open places at short and
Claude Derrick, who subbed for Jack
Barry, the Athletics' star, will be found
In the battle for the vacant place at
short. Derrick ls rather tall for a
shortstopper, and yet he Is no taller
than George McBrlde, who has at
tained some reputation In the posi
tion. .Jack Martin, slammed In the lamp
by Walter Johnson last spring, and
then shunted to Rochester, will be
back, trying for 0 regular Job. Martin
has plenty of "pep" and, If he can hit,
may beat out Derrick.
Priest In Scrap.
Johnny Priest, the Washington boy,
is also In the scrap for third base, come
to think of it. His hitting ls much
too light, for fast company, though,
so he ls expected to glide gracefully
back to the New Tork State League,
where he performed last season with
more or less success.
At second base is another hole.
Stump is a candidate for the position,
and Hal Chase threatens to cavort
around there If Chance decides to re
turn to the game as a playing man
ager. Chase's southpaw efforts were
seen in this city last July, and evoked
laughter from the bugs. No, Chase
will not clav second base for the
Tanks. but there's no one in sight
right now for the place.
Harbison, obtained from Atlanta, is
said to De a classy periormer in tne
shortfield. and his admirers predict he
will surely be the Tanks' regular short
stop. If he beats out Derrick, there
may be room for the latter at second.
But, however, you look at the problem,
you will easily see that F. Leroy
Chance, peerless leader of the Chicago
Cubs, ls bumping into plenty of hops
when he assumes control of the New
Tork Tankees.
Team work has been absent In the
performances of the Tankees for at
least two seasons. This will be history
In 1518, for team work ls Chance's mid-
Defeats Loyola College of
Baltimore by 19 to 17 in
Overtime Game.
Confident of winning In Its next en
gagement, Gallaudet is preparlnB for a
week of hard work. An overtime came.
In which a win was recorded In the last
minute, getting a 13-to-17 victory oer
the l.oyola College team, of Baltimore,
Is added to the Buff and Blue string to
day. With a fast plajlng team and one
well versrd In basketball, Gallaudet
faced Joola In Bultlmore last night.
The homo team showed to advantage
for the flrat part of the contest, famili
arity with the floor and coney tlons
standing them In good btcad.
At the end of the first liaf, Lojola
led at 9 to 6. Neither team was able
to score on account of the fact that
the guards blocked hard and stuck to
their forwards at all times. Galladuet
was slow and not in the best of con
dition, which account for the fact that
the team did not win more decisively.
Durlan and Rasmussen, the Galladuet
guardB, showed at advantage In the,
second half, while the forwards nut on
Increasing speed and managed to get
a tie. A goal was shot In the last min
ute of the overtime period.
Line-up and summary:
Gallaudet. Positions. Loyola.
Foltz R. F Scheurich
Drlggs L. F. Corcoran
Clasnen .'Center Cook
Durlan R. G Brooks
Kassmussen L. G Joyce
Substitution Keeley for Foltz. Field
goals Keeley, Drlggs (2), Classen, Dur
lan, Raosmussen (3). Scheurich (2), Cor
coran, Joyce (1). Goals from fouls
Durlan (3), Scheurich (3). Referee Klr
by. Scorers Messrs. Johnson and
Bourbren. Timers Messrs. Carey and
Farquhar. Time of halves 20 and 15
minutes. Extra period Five minutes.
George Bonhag May
Coach Yale Runners
NEW HAVKN. Conn.. Jan. 5. Kf-
forts are being made here to obtain
George Bonhag,, America's premier
distance runner, to act as coach of
the Tale track team. He ls now con
sidering a handsome offer made him,
and It Is thought he will accept.
Wants Golf Meeting.
CINCINNATI, Ohio. Jan, 6. Tho Cin
cinnati Golf Club Is seeking tho annual
Western championships, and will put
In a bid for It at the meeting sched
uled to be held In Chicago January it.
Cincinnati Favored in the
Scramble for the Former
ST. LOUIS, Jan. C Three clubs are
today fighting to obtain the slgnaturo
of Roger Bresnahan to 1913 contracts.
It Is believed that Cincinnati will win,
and that the former leader of tho Cardi
nals, now that he has compromised with
Mrs. Britton, will sign within a few
days to backstop In place of Iirry Mc
Lean. Bresnahan declines to say how
much he has received from the Cardi
nals, or which tcam he will finally go
with, but Joe Tinker ls rxpectcd hero
tomorrow to confer with Bresnahan.
"I am pleased to have this matter set
tled," said Bresnahan today at the
Planters'. "Tou know, I'm u regular
ball player all the time, and so long
art this affair wa In the air I was
unable to do business with any 'of these
clubs seeking my services, i was al
was ready for a compromise with Mrs
Britton, but I didn't Intend to let theni
run roughshod over me. My contract
wa an good as gold, and I knew It
"I can't say right now where I shall
1'iaj- nun nrawin. ijncago, Cincinnati.
. -..u ..uU.ii limn inauc ,ne oners. I
am considering them all, and shall make
iiij utri:i0iuii in a. lew UUyB. J eXPCCt
Joe Tinker here today or tomorrow
nut J'm not saying I shall slBn with
While unwilling to say how much he
It Is believed here that Bresnahan drew
down a cool tSO.OQO from Mrs. Britton.
Baltimore Will Seek
Middle States Regatta
BALTIMORE. Jan. r. -Baltimore is In
the field for the annual Middle States
regatta, usually held In Pl.n,.ii.i
and the Patapsco Navy, us bg an
nual meeting, has placed itself on rec
ord as willing to gp to the front for
the regatta. Philadelphia. Boston and
New Tork are after tho national re
gatta, and there is no chance of Its
coming to this city. But there Is a.
chance for the Middle States meeting
rnd cery rowing club In the cit win
Join In the effort to .bring inhere
Washington p. C.. had It last Lab
Bay and will hardly seeff It again.
Temporary Captain.
NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Jan. 6.-In tho
in England with Coaches Harrlman and
"uusris, iiuimuay I'iiiiDin nas been
chosen as temporary captain of the
VbIa rw TT tin hnn n u- -
- -.-... ..-w ..i.,, VIi iJic p(iUiiU
for threa vears. rowlnrr on h .n-ii.., I
eight last year. .ji
Entire Circuit Should Benefit
by His Taking Man
t agement.
die name. No more petty back-biting.
senseless bickering, criminal "laying
down" will be seen among the Tanks
with Frank chance at the wheel. He ls
out for business all the time, and will
not keep a man jvho isn't taking his
Job seriously.
, It-would be a great help to the Amer
ican League could the Tankees climb
up the ladder at least as high as the
first division. The metropolis gives
to the Giants hundreds of thousands
of dollars, and only .thousands to the
Tankees. Could the latter be winners.
New Tork's fandom, always willing to
follow the victor, would run after them,
and Frank Farrcll's row would be most
easy to hoc.
The entire league could not but bene
fit by this slate of affairs. Even the
lowest clubs In the. standing would
make money on their visits to the big
town, whereas now even the best teams
cannot draw more than S.000 people to
that windy place on the Hilltop.
That's why Frank Chance has been
obtained to lead the Tankees out of the
wilderness. He ls believed to possess
the necessary requirements. Indeed, he
has proved It In tho past. That's why
no foolish auestlon of length of contract
ls going to stand in the way of hla
going to the team. Ban Johnson will
see to that.
be built up for
"Pop" Lannigan Starts To
morrow With Virginia
Track Squad.
"Pop" Lannigan starts tomorrow to
build up a relay team to meet George
town in the lattcr's big Indoor meet on
March 1. In Washington. He has the
best of prospects, too. for he has Cap
tain Cooke, Todd, and "Mickey" Guy
from last year's team as a nucleus. He
will spend most of his tlmo from now
nn HPi-lclnc for another runner capabio
of upholding tho honor of tho Oracuc
and Blue In tho relay.
Undergraduates here arc talking of
tho prospects of a dual meet with.
Georgetown In the spring. They would
like such a meeting of tho two universi
ties, and would be perfectly satisfied
to hae It held at Washington, though
Lambeth Field would bo an ideal place
for It. It Is possible that a mass meet
ing may bo called for the purposo of
booming this meet.
"Virginia has somo good material for
its track team." said "Pop" Lannigan
today, "but victory over Georgetown
xneuns a lot of hard work ahead of the
squad. Such stars as Bob Eller, Chap
man, Gallagher, Davis, ana Landon
should have tho edge on the betting in
a meet with us. we ne oniy uooKe.
Todd, and Harris of assured merit.
They should win points, but the rest of
tho squad Is untried."
Harris, the speedy sprinter and hurd
lor, who broke his arm in tho Georgu-town-Vlrglnla
football gamo last No
vember, has completely recovered from
his injury and Is out for the track
team again.
It's on with a rush!
The Bieber-Kauf man Co.
a 1 - . ,-
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