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PujrCommittee Prepared to
Insist Upon Testimony
From Bfancier.
The Scrgeant-at-arms of the House Is
taking a Ions sleep today, following his
protracted vigil about the homes of Wil
liam Rockefeller, the much-sought mil
lionaire, -who finally "accepted service"
of a. subpoena from the Pujo money
trust investigating committee. Of
course, the subpoena wasn't actually
served upon the wealthy witness and
Charles F. RIddell. sergeant- at-arms,
still has it but to all practical purpose's
Mr. RIddell accomplished the object of
his 'search and he returned to "Washing
ton yesterday a tired and heavy-eyed
official. '
Mr. RIdell has filed the subpoena
away in his office and has marked it
as served, although service was made
by arangement between the Rockefeller
counsel and Samuel Untermeyer, attor
ney .for the money trust probers. As
soon as Mr. Rockefeller capitulated Mr.
RIddell withdrew his guards and camo
home' for a rest.
- Bills Delayed.
' It is estimated that the vigil about
the Fifty avenue and Tarrytown homes
of lip. Rockefeller, and the preceding
psoradlc search -for Mr. Rockefeller
since the Issuance or the subpoena
about forty days ago has cost the Gov
ernment approximately JS.OQO, .The Ser-geant-at-arms
of the House said today
that.it was Impossible to make an accu
rate estimate of the total cost as the
bills of the detectives and deputies en
cased .have not been presented.
Following th acceptance of service by
the millionaire's Counsel, John A. Gar-
ver, memoers or tne money trust in
vesting committee said today that Mr.
Rockefeller is. expected to appear be
fore -the 'committee on January .13. If
he makes a plea that he is too 111 to
appear, it Is the Intention of the House
Investigators to have a pnysiclan ex
amine the' copper magnate at the tat
ter's home.
' . ' Want Support.
Members of the committee do not
seem Inclined to take the unsupported
statement of Mr. Rockefeller's own
counsel and physician that It would be
dangerous for him to take the witness
If tha- committee's physician In the
event he Is named makes a report
that Mr. .Rockefeller Is in -precarious
health he may never be summoned be
fore the money trust Investigators. The
pujo committee, however, will make
very effort to obtain the oral testi
mony 'of Mr. Rockefeller, and if this is
Impossible will insist upon taking his
deposition. It is held that, the belated
acceptance of 'service, although it came
second-hand, would now place Mr.
Rockefeller in contempt of the House,
' unless he is desperately 111 .
Anacostia Branch of Eastern Star Loses Treasurer Serv-
ices Held Today in Suburb for Wife of Navy
Yard Employe.
Miss Jennie M. Waller, whose death
oeurred at her residence, 1313 Four
teenth street northwest, where funeral
services were held yesterday afternoon,
was the treasurer of Electa Chapter No.
2, Order of the Eastern Star, for a long
period. The burial was in Rock Creek
Funeral services for Mrs. Laura V.
Ramby, who died on Friday, were held
this afternoon from her late residence,
162 T street. Tho Rev. WHIard G.
Davenport, rector of . the Emmanuel
Protestant Episcopal Church, officiated.
The burial was in Congressional Ceme
tery. Mrs. Ramby was the wife of George
N. Ramby, an .employe of the "Wash
ington Navy Yard. She had been con
nected with Electa Chapter, No. 2, Or
der of the Eastern Star, for the last two
years. The deceased, who was fifty
eight years old, Is survived by her hus
band and a-family of grown children.
The Friendly League, composed of
Anacostia women, met with Mrs. Louis
Storck, in Maple View avenue, on Fri
day afternoon. Arrangements . for a
rneetintr at the home of Mrs. M. G. Lee,
in Tuli 'i street, on January 17 -were
madr. :; was agreed to give an even
ing program for tho husbands of the
members on January 3 at the residence
of Mrs. S. M. Frazler, In Maple View
avenue ""
The Presbyterian- Home .Board will
meet tomorow afternoon with Mrs.
Louis J. Smith, in Maple View avenue.
Committees for the ,new year will be
Elmer C. Mayberry, 'who was elected
recently to the office of .worthy patron
of Electa Chapter, No. 2. Order of the
Eastern Star, will' be installed at a
meeting' of Naomi Chapter, No. 3, O. E.
S., on Wednesday evening in the
Masonic Temple, In "Washington. A
delegation will go from Electa Chapter
ttf witness the installation:
Retail Merchants' Body
Plans Legal Battle to Stop
Their Distribution.
Misses Edith, and Bessie Pyles, who
were' visiting relatives in Falconer, N.
Y., have returned to their home in U
street. .
Physican, Bending Over
Woman Patient, Saves Her
From Serious Injury.
Asks House,, for Last Time, for
Money to Run Agricultural
"Secretary of Agriculture "Wilson, pa
triarch of Cabinet officers, yesterday
Bang his "swan song" before the House
Appropriations Committee his last ap
peal for money to extend the depart
ment's work before his retirement. He
discussed the new- agriculture appropria
tion bill, uniformly asking Increases in
appropriations for nearly all bureaus of
the department. .
That the nation's if not the world'i
beef- supply must come in the future
from -the "South instead of the West was
predicted.-by Secretary "Wilson. He said
depletion of cattle on "Western ranges
and changed agricultural conditions in
the once "wild and woolly" territorv.
result In a turning to the South for
beef cattle.
"Extension of the department's market
reports to a dally service was also ad
vocated bv "Tama Jim." and fh nrnh.
lems whicfi' his successor must face
were aetanea to tne committee.
Record of Operations and
Also List of His
- Plunder.
Thieves who keep diaries of their
operations should write in a code read
able ,onIy to themselves, is- the opin
ion of Percy West, a colored house
breaker arraigned in the United States
branch of the Police Court yesterday.
"I broke Into R. B. Ratdy's store
house and stole a quantity of brass and
other metals." was one inscription in a
diary taken from Wost.
Underscrlbed to this confession was
written "I am sorry I done this, but
I needed the money. I was out of
"Did you write this7' Inquired Prose
cuting Attorney Given.
"Yes. durn fool to do It, eh?" replied
the defendant. .
"I am accused of stealing a. horse
and buggy and learn the police are
after me. I did not do this, however,
and will be able to prove it when the
time comes," read Prosecutor Given
from the diary.
"Why. you're a thief with a system,"
aid the court, holding West in fciw
bonds for the action of the grand Jury.
"Yas, sir, but a very poor S7stcw."
replied the diary keeper.
Although West had denied in his
diary the fact that he stole the Iiores
and buggy, he also pleaded guilt to
that charge.
Army and Navy Union
Plans Basket Social
A basket social entertainment will be
given by the President's Own Garrison,
No. 101, Army and Navy Union, and
next Tuesday evening. Lunches will be
served by women. These with the name
of . the donor will be put in baskets
which will be auctioned to the highest
bidder. 'The one who receives the bas
ket will eat the lunch with Its former
owner. -The entertainment Is given for
tho benefit .of the flag fund, and wes
arranged by the entertainment com
mittee, composed of E. Linn, W. Green,
W. T. Cambell, J. C Hudson, B. Slark,
and I. Robinson.
BEACHMONT, Mass., Jan. 5. High
winds blew down a heavy chimney
early today. It crashed through the
side of a house, and directly into the
bedroom .of Mrs. Charles Crawford.
The mass of bricks nnd debris felled
Dr. Brainard A. Andrews, who was
leaning over, the bed taking her tem
The doctor's body, receiving the full
force of the shock, shielded his pa
tent and probably saved ner life. The
heaviest piece of debris struck the
doctor in the back, knocking him onto
the bed partially stunned.
Mrs. Crawford, who Is seriously 111,
Immediately fainted. Others in the
house came to the assistance of the
doctor and Mrs. Crawford.
Hoke Smith Appears to
Have Good Show for.Ad-
ministration Leadership.
Cummins Still Tries
To Get Vote on Bill
Senator Cummins of Iowa made an.
effort yesterday to get a time fixed for
voting on the resolution limiting the
President to a single term. He was, un
successful. He sought to have the elate
fixed at January 21. Senator Martin
requested that owing to the large num
ber of members absent he defer trying
to fix a day for voting until later, and
Senator Cummins did so.
Sharp rivalry ls arising; amo'ng the
Democratic Senators for the honor1 of
taking the leadership for Administra
tion policies after March 4.
Senator Gore, Senator Owen, John
Sharp Wllllani3. Senator Kern, Senator
O'Gorman. Senator Reed. Senator' Luke
Lea, and several others are going to be
in the limelight in this connection.
Lately, howsyer. there is a disposition
in manv ouarters to think Senator Hoko
Smith of eGorola. is the coming man.
Senator Hoke smith is ambitious, not
only to be'the Administration leader in
the "Senate but'to be the actual, titular
leader of that body. He has taken an
acsrresslvc course since -he has been
Senator, and "is going to be extremely t
active. Old-timers objesL.to. nis aspira
tions for leadership because he L is a
new comer, and some of the. progressive
Democrats attack the genuineness 'of
his progressivelsm.
Nevierthless. Senator Smith' Is a, fight
er, and he will have to be reckoned with
as a force, .on the Democratic Bide of
the Senatcr
Will Be Deported.
BUFFALO. N. T., Jan. 5. John Guro
and Josephine Darusz will be sent to
New York today In. an effort to deport
them. Both are Russians and twice
evaded the vigilance of the Immigration
Department officials. Yesterday they
were arrested for the third time.
Young men of Washington, and older
ones as well, who are in the habit bt
getting their hosiery and other inci
dentals by saving the coupons they re
ceive 'with cigarettes, cigars, and to
bacco, will havo to plank down the hard
cash for these necessities If the board
of governors;, of the Retail Merchants'
Association has Its-way.
Thar matter was brought up at a re
cent meeting:1 of the governors 'In tho
Chamber, .and it was agreed by those
present that the practice of giving such
coupons with purchases is in "direct
violation of the law of the" District. It'
is ciaimea mat it worKs a hardship on
the local merchants.
Legal Steps Urged.' " "
Henry T. Off terdl'nger, 'e. C. Graham,
J. K. Kaufman, C Nordlinger, and Jo
seph Strasburge'r were applnnted a com
mittee to present the matter to District
Attorney Clarence R., Wilson, and urge
him to take the necessary'legal steps to
stop the practice, If it can be proved
The governors also expressed unquali
fied disapproval of the practice of in
augural committees in the past of plac
ing many Imtugural contracts and pur
chases with , outside business houses.
This year's inaugural committee will be
.urged to place all the contracts they
can with Washington houses as, it is
claimed, at least 75 per cent of the fund
is furnished by Washington men.
Favor One Cent Postapi
The merchants expressed unanimous
approval of Senator Penrose's bill now
pending in the Senate providing for a
one-cent postage rate on first-class mail
mutter to be delivered within tho city
The merchants voiced'' protest at al
lowing outsiders to .conduct sales in the
city during inauguration week. Sidney
West' was authorized to take steps to
Mod the practice. A resolution of-regret
at the. death of Owen Owen, a
prominent member of the, association,
was- passed, '. . ,
Poor Laborer Refuses
Reward for Honesty
NEW YORK. Jan. 5. A poorly
dressed man, his hands and face grimy
with coal dust, shuffled into the East
Thirty-fifth street police station and,
placing a silver mesh bag before Lieu
tenant Thompson at- the desk, re
marked. " Just found, this."
The lieutenant opened the bag. and
drew from it a key of the Martha
"Washington Hotel, some valuable
rings, $8 in cash, and cards belonging
to Miss .Mabel Canning; of Philadel
phia. Thompson telephoned the Matv
tha Washington and was told the ho
tel was then benlg searched for Miss
Canning's bag. -j t-- r
A few minutes later Miss Canning
arrived in art automobile. She iden
tified, her bag and asked:
"Who was .the honest person that
found thlsr
She tried to press money on the man,
but he drew back, remarking:
"I don't -want reward for being hon
est." Thompson then persuaded him to ac
cept $5.
hief of Engineers Reviews
Work Done in This Sec-
tion of Country.
Only IS per cent of the river improve-'
ments planned by the United States
army engineers for the Potomac river
In this engineering district remain un-'
completed, according to the annuaf re
port of Gen. W. H. Blxby, chief of
engineers. Fifty per cent of the im
provements of1 Iho Anacostia are com
pie tedsays this report to the Secretary
of War. .
Work had been carried on the past
year on twelve. 6f the thirteen projects.
the thirteenth .being Acquia creek, Va.1
On these twelve undertakings the sum
of S430.292.95 has 'been spent, this ex
pense, being divided as follows:
Potomac river, .Washington, $69,576:64;
Anacostia river. S217.964.61: Potomac
river, Alexandria, 173,727.01: Potomac
river, lower Cedar Point. Md. C.964.86;
upper Machodoc creek, $11,303.33; Nomlnl
creek, f6.0S3.42; Urbana creek. 9S.U7.9l;
harbor Milford Haven, "f4.435.75;. Dymers
creek, f3.830.36; York. Mattaponl. ' and
Pomunkey rivers and Occoquan creek.
f20.a3S.6C; Rappahannock, river, $9,371.83;
removal sunken vessels and crafts,
In. discussing the improvements made
in the Potomac river at Washington
during the fiscal year, the report says:
"The work of Improvement during the
fiscal 'year consisted in dredging 453,552
cubic yards or material irom met wasa
lnirfon channel and depositing Ron sec
tion three of Potomac Park. The work
of maintenance for the fiscal year con
sisted in some redredging In Washing
ton channel. In repairing and rebuilding
-2.700 linear feet of sea wall and 3,548
linear feet or training dines, in -repairs
made to' inlet and outlet gates for tidal
reservoir, and in building and repairing
floating plant. The total expenditure
was S69.S76.W, of .which 121,269.83 was for
the "maintenance work."
$2 Fancy
: sky "
A 1 1 remaining
lots of uncurled
Ostrich, Maribou
and-Ostrich, and
Aigrette .-effects;
all colors:' sold up
to J2.0O. Clearance
Price, 69c '
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Attempted Delivery of Iowa Pris
' oners Stopped After Ex
change of Shots.
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Um ABtMril-fVktt 4
'i?Tj -" J--..-T--JTv 1 W
CEDAR RAPIDS. Iowa, Jan. 6. In
an attempted jail delivery at Marlon,
near here yesterday, Officer Charles
Glllln was shot through the chest and
killed and Officer John Cook wax shot
through the hand by Harvey Lee,
awaiting trial for safe blowing at Al-bernett.
Officers had a revolver fight with
the prisoners, handcuffed them and
none escaped. r
It is supposed that friends of Lee
on the outside set. off the dynamite
explosions to break down the, walls
and furnished him 'with arms.
VVnmn' (.Mnt, a mtmX,. ..? liMiillfnl lu v...... - tr -!.. . 1-. . . "
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broidery, lace, .beading, and ribbon. 'Special; 93c. -" n - -, jZ- ?
B BfaTSH '
- -
Georgetown A. O.'rL
Holds Meeting Today
There will be a meeting of the George
town District a. ,u. ii. tnis artemoon
at the Potomac Bank HalL Addresses
.will be made by Congressmen Hamill,
Curry and Taggart.
933 Pennsylvania Ave.
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yaras wiae oy zk -yards long.
llado straight with the selvage.
special..... 12Hc
4ox3v special..
SOxZi. special....
51x36, special....
430x3 best yet Linen-finish Pil
low uases, extra long, spe
50x90 Cot Sheets, for inauguration
purposes, while they last, OfTA
special .... Mli
42x76 Bolster Cases, open both
ends, with 3-lnch hem, t Q" a
special : l
3Mnch Bleached Cotton, free from
dressing; for underwear; 9c val- IT
36-Inch Domestic LongcIothA the
Ideal cloth for ladies' and children's
wear: no splitting or DreaK-
Ing; 12Hc value. .Special..
Mill ends of Herringbone Blue
Btripe Ticking; length's. 2
to 13 yard ISc value. 10m
Special , JL6C
Odd lots left from the Carlsbafs
rush, reduced, ror qulck-icJearMCe.
Women's Handkerchiefs hi' Irish
Shamrocfc Swiss, anfl allllntn; some
are nicelyejnbroldered.Tlegular Qa
UHcrand lie value at. Ov
2$c Kiadi, at c
Men's 'and Women's -Pure Line?
Handkerchiefs: some beautifully. em
broidered; others with' embroidered
initials: not all inlUalsln the. 14 i,
lot. Regular. 36c kind t:.,. XfV
59c, 69c and 75c
27-lnch Embroidery Flouncing Jn an 1
excellent assortment of ipretty'cat- I
tems; actual values are- 56e, sScj' al -
7oc a yard. For our January wajte
Sale; special at 30c. "T.
98c and $15
43-inch Emhroldery.'FTaunelhff. es
broldered on fine, quality; material te
a full assortment of. beautiful de
signs. Actual" values ,axe 98c ana
J1.23 a yard. Special forlhe. January
White Sale. 6Sc
Embroidery at MC
S-lnch All-over'Embrbldery. 'beia
tlful patterns: ul table for making
waists 'and yoKea. Regulari 76c val
ue' for our January White. Sale. 4Jc
a yard;.
. Art
- w w?T-y-Ap4pj &&:
:.'-t . 4v
3k(.-fc? t e"S'j . -'I
, L-- jA - - ----. .$

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