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"Tf l-j-l.3$.g
Would Enable Wilson to Name
Progressive Members for
the Highest Tribunal.
Senator Gore's bill to add two jus
tices to the Supreme Court of the Unit
ed States has stirred up no end of com
ment in Washington. -
The probabilities are that when the
Democrats get Intojjower they will pass
the bill. This -will give President Wil
son the power to appoint two associate
Justices of the Supreme Court, some
thing he would not be able to do with
out the Gore bill, unless two of the In
cumbents should retire or death should
make vacancies on the bench. And
when it comes to this, the history of
the court shows that its members are
long-lived and few of them retire until
the grim visitor comes along and takes
them In the harness.
One of the most Interesting, phases.ol
the question concerns the attitude of the
court Itself. Of course, it is difficult
to Iinow exactlv the attitude of the Su
preme Court on anything until It has
handed down Its decision. But a good
story is told by a member of Congress
about a conversation he had with an
wnlnent member of 'the court not so
very long ago. This member of Con
gress expressed the view it might be
well to Increase the court in order to
lighten the laborious work of each of
the judges.
Debating Society Already.
Raising his hands, the jurist said:
"Don't try It. The court is enough of
s debatimr society already."
Cnmo .iiinTPRtlnnR are made that if the
bill should be passed and in any event
It will not pass before next Congress-Mr-
Wilson would appoint President
Trf Tit h!s in not taken seriously.
Th. Wo- nuestlon involved in the bill
is this: Will Wilson add to the court
two men whose bent of mind is pro
gressive or radical? Mr. Wilson has
already declared he will appoint none
but progressive men. and in. the light
oF that declaration -the belief Tiere is
that he would carry this policy into Su
preme Court appointments.
Court Growing Progressive.
Now it so happens that the Supreme
Court latterly has become a body of
marked progressive tendencies. It is
not as progressive as many would like
to see it. Still, the court has been
putting teeth Into the Sherman law at
a rapid rate in recent months. The
rules of equity practice have been
overhauled-and vastly improved. And
a distinct trend away from conserva
tism has been shown. The addition of
two associate Justices to the court
would go far to make the court one
of the most progressive of the country's
The question of how the court is made
up in a partisan sense counts for little
nowadays. The real question Is what is
the bent of mind of the Justices.
That the court Is now overworked. Is
generally accepted aarue. The duUesI
of a member of. the?court are labor!-1
o-is. ItTSvlar Benjna in lis cases, xo
add two to the court would help con
siderably In this respect.
Traveling Men Protest
Change in Mileage
A question Indirectly affecting all
trvaellng men and the general trav
eling public came before the Interstate
Commerce Commission for hearing
xciterday, when fifty railroads and the
State of South Carolina locked horns
01 er a question of where mileage books
should be "pulled," at the ticket office
or on trains by the conductor.
In South Carolina the roads formerly
Mid Intrastate mileage books called
"Korm "Z." which were "pulled" at the
ticket office. At the request of travel
ing men, the legislature at the last ses
sion passed a law requiring the roads
to accept the mileage on board trains.
'J he road then withdrew this intra
state Interchangeable mileage and re
quired t raveling men to buy separate
books for all roads.
Attorney-General Frasel Lyon and the
entire South Carolina railroad commis
sion appeared to prosecute the case be
fore Examiners Ryan and Elder of the
Interstate Commerce Commission.
A dozen or more railroad attorneys
are on the other side. A hundred rep
resentatives of traveling men's associa
tions are also at the hearing, which
took place In the Xew Wlllard.
Birth Anniversary
Of Prominent Men
George V. Kobart, writer of man:,
humorous stories and author of more
farce comedies than could be counted
nn the Angers of half a dozen handc.
was born in Cape Breton, N. S.. Jan
uary IS, 1SC7. After completing his ed
ucation in ills native proiincc, he lift
home to embark upon a journalistic
career. Ills iirst landing jlace wss
Cumberland, Md.. where for a year he
rved as managing editor on a Sun
day newspaper.
From Cumberland he went to Bal
timore to Decome a zjiecim jiuraorous
writer on one of the nenspapers of!
the author of the "Dinkclsplel" papers.
J Forbes ftoberUcn. the famous
yKngllMi actor, is sixty years old today,
nd Gen. Ian Hamilton, of the English
army, has also attained the same age.
Congressman George W. Taylor, of the
First Alabama, district, is now sixty
four yeart of age.
Election of Burleigh
Standpatters' Victory
Reactionary Republicans have won a
victory in Maine In the election by the
legislature of former Congressman Ed
ln C. Burleigh as Senator.
Ninety-one votes were necchsary to
a rholce and Burleigh receHed jutt
i Suit number. Gardner. Democrat, re
ceived eighty-two and Thompson. Pro-gret-olvc,
received seven. Mr. Burleigh
served six terms in the House and was
c spoke in the old Cannon machine.
Deadlocks arc unbroken In New
Hampshire. Tennesec, Idaho, and Illi
nois, as well as West Virginia.
Bill Asks Raising
Of Sunken Frigate
A plan to raise the United States
frigate Philadelphia from the harbor
of -Tripoli, where It has lalA for more
Aixzn 100 yeais. Is outlined in a bill
Sted by J. Hampton Moore, of
elphia, to the House. .
Philadelphia was destroyed by
More Stephen Decatur following
kiure by Barbery pirates.
Women Physicians From Over
Country Will Be Feature of
Suffrage Pageant.
(Continued from Flr3t Page.)
Spain, Russia, and other countries.
England probably will be represented
by characters dressed to represent
women of'thc time of Boadaeea, these
characters being followed by women
bound br modern conventions jirid for
bidden the rights of suffrage.
These characters could also be utilized
In the tableaux on 'the south steps of
the Treasury bulldlngi where a suc
cession of pictures will be given .while
the pageant is passing. Suggestions
for a ierles of evolutions by portions
of the pageant while they are passing
the Treasury, have been 'made, it be
ing the Intention to make the tableaux
practically an Integral part of the
pageant at this point.
Australian Women to Maroh.
Clad in natty marching costumes,
with legglns, short skirts and "rough
rider" hats, a large delegation of Aus
tialian women, representing one of the
first countries where women were ac
corded the franchise, willf occupy a
prominent place In the big suffrage pa
rade. These women will occupy the leading
place in the section devoted to delega
tions from countries in which women
have been granted suffrage. They will
be under the leadership pt Mrs. Leslie
Street, who Is organizing the squad, and
will have representatives of the "Island
continent" present from New York.
Pennsylvania, Maryland. Virginia, and
several other State. This section of
woman suffragists, as well as the other
sections devoted to women of foreign
.nations, promises to be not only one
of the mest interesting, but oneof the
largest cf the individual sections of the
Second only In Interest to the foreign
wpmen will be the wage earners. Of
ficials of the pageant declare the pres
ent agitation in New York and the
many public discussions regarding
women's wages have brought about a
desire for women and young girls to
take part In tne parade and show
"what sort of girls these are who are
demanding living wages."
Carload of Horses.
This section will be In charge of
Miss Bliss FInley, chairman, who Is as
sisted by Mrs. John P. S. Nelfgh. Miss
Lydia Burklln, and Miss Elizabeth Mc
Lean. Miss FInley Js In correspondence
with leaders of women's organizations
of wage workers in different cities, and
has already planned for several hundred
women wage earners.
A number ol Oklahoma suffragettes
who Intend to appear In the parade
here on the day before the Inaugural
have sent a request to J. W.- Kirk, a
resident of that State, and an owner
of thorough-bred horses, to forward a
carload of his finest horses to this city
Tor their use.
Mr. Kirk was originall yfrom Virginia
and there he acquired h!s love and good
judgment of horse flesh. Shortly after
the war Mr. Kirk went to Texas and
became a ranch owner. He later moved
to Oklahoma.
It is said that a request has also been
made to Mr. Kirk to send to this city
a pack ofhlshounda to be put at the
disposal of local hunt clubs during In
augural week.
Many pretty features are being pro
vided at suffrage headquarters. Bou
quets of white, green, and purple flow
ers are distributed to all who call to
day, and a larger banner Is to be in
stalled soon over the entrance. Mrs.
Hazel M. Stevenson, wife of Dr. J. Otho
Stevenson, of Dallas, Tex., vice chair
man of the National School of Splnol
ogy. who Is chairman of the house
furnishings committee of the suffra
gettes, has provided complete furnish
ings for all the offices. Many of the
things were contributed by merchants
abou tthe city who are in favor of
"the cause."
"Isn't Her Gom
plexion Beautiful !"
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f - SV ''y
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Z'.l '!
you Won't Want to Hide lour IWrk,
Xcck ami Knee After L'nlncr
Sttiart'x Calrlum Wnfcrx.
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bUBKEjEE llMsT-Tssm
. ' v. t. y .1
Connecticut Avenue Citizens'
Association Files Brief Be
fore Interstate Commission.
An attack on the so-called "Interlop
ing" Ehort-haul passengers who get on
the, Chevy Chase cars at the Treasury
and discommode the through haul men
and women. Is contained In the brief
filed this afternoon with the Interstate
Commerce Commission by Dr. C. W. A.
Vedltz and Jesse Crawford, acting for
the Connecticut Avenue Citizens' Asso
ciation. Thirty-seven out of ninety-two
men and women, crowded In one Chevy
Chase car last Saturday, are stated to
have been men and women who got
out before the car reached the Calvert
street bridge, most of them leaving In
the vicinity of U street where the
Chevy Chase cars turn westward.
The brief recites the facts that to
these short-haul passengers a one min
ute and one-half service i3 available on
Fourteenth street and a three minute
service on U street except in rush!
hours when the service Is two minutes.
With such service at their command, it
Is argued, the short 'haul riders have
no business on the Chevy Chase cars,
"nhlch were Intended primarily for the
use of persons riding on beyond the
loop," sa8 the brief.
Chevy Chase-bound men and women
were compeled to stand up while the
others occupied seats, on the dav men
tioned, says the brief, and the same Is
true of other dayes. It Is asserted.
The Connecticut Avenue Citizens' As
sociation Is at one with the Cleveland
Park School and Home Association In
urging that Chavy Chase line cars make
no stops oetween tne uaivert street
bridge and the loup. except at "fire
stojs" and street car line Junctions. This
will gain little in time but will keep
the so-called "Interlopers" off and mnke
more seats available.
The.Chevy Chase Circle men who pre
cipitated the issue bv filing a netltisn
to the commission will file their brief
tomorrow and will renew their request
for "exDress service" all the way from
the circle to the U. S. Treasury, cutting
out the Cleveland fark and wooaiey
Park residents. The circle men ask
that four cars In rush hours be so arranged.
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Funeral Services Will Be Held
From Undertaking Rooms
The funeral services for Mrs. Flor
ence Palmer Dlmmlck. wife of Brig.
Gen. Eugene D. Dlmmlck. U. S. A., who
died yesterday afternoon, at her apart
ment In the Cairo will take place to
morrow at Gawler & Son's chapel.
Mrs. Dlmmlck was a Miss Florence
Palmer Hazard before her marriage,
which took place In 1S06. She was her
husband's second wife. For a number
of years she has been an invalid and
resided at the Cairo. She leaves no
children, but Is survived by her hus
band. . .
Brigadier General Dlmmlck began his
career as a private In Company G. Sec
ond New Jersey Regiment, at the out
break of the civil war. Since thai .time , ho
has been in active service, and has been
promoted several times for bravcrj.
During the Spanish war he was In com
mand of the Second Cavalry.
The last rites for Mrs. Edith Semmes
Richardson were held this morning at
St. Peter's Church at 9 o'clock. The
death of Mrs. Richardson occurred at
her residence, 401 Tenth street. Monday
morning. She Is survived bv her hus
band, William M. Richardson.
Funeral services for W. H. Chllds.
who died yesterday afternoon at his
homo in Woodaldc. Md.. will be held
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
residence. The burial will be made
at Woodsldel
Funeral services for Francis Richie
Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hall,
who died in Denver last Sunday, will
take place from the residence of his
grandfather. James Lackey, 1209 La
mont street northwest, tomorrow morn-
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ingg.it 9:20 o'clock. Requiem mass will
be Sung at St. Patrick's Church.
The last rites for Anna Fraser, daugh
ter of the late Hanson IC Corning, and
widow of George S. Fraser. who died
in Morrlstown, N. J., on Tuesday, will
lie held at the Brick Church. Thirty
seventh street and Fifth avenue. Now
York, on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Inter
ment will be at the convenience of tho
The funeral of James D. Butt, who
died suddenly on Monday, took place
this morning at tho Church of the
Ascension, at 10 o'clock. The Rev. Dr.
Gunnell officiated. Interment was In
Rock Creek Cemetery. Mr. Butt was a
resident of the city for a part of each
year for fifteen years.
The last rites for Agnes Clare Simp
son were performed this afternoon from
the undertaking establishment of Gaw
ler St. Sons. The burial was at Rock
Creek Cemetery. Mrs. Simpson is sur
vived by her husband. Her death oc
curred last 'Monday at her residence in
Klncora, Cuba.
The funeral of Gertrude Harper Ad-
ler took place this afternoon from the
residence. 3125 P street northwest. The
burial was private. Mrs. Adler was the
sister of Robert X. Harper and widow
of Maurice J. Adler. who was prominent
In the business circles of the city.
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16, 1913.
Senator Poindexter and Other
Prominent Speakers Will
Give Toasts at Affair.
The get-together dinner at the Retail
Merchants' Association" at the Raleigh
tomorrow night promises to bo one of
the moat enjoyable affairs In -which the
business men of the city will partici
pate this winter.
R. P. Andrews, Isaac Gans and Sid
ney West, acting as the committee on
arrangements, are preparing a list of
toasts by Senator Miles Poindexter of
Washington. Congressman Julius Kahn
of California. Major Sylvester and other
prominent "speakers.
Acceptances have already Den1JrcJ
celved from commercial leaders In New
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore. Rich
mond and Norfolk, and the out-of-town
guest list promises to exceed the fond
est expectations of tho committee.
The Baltimore delegation will Dj?r
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especial interest, as a Retail Merchant
Association is now In process of forma
tion In that city and It Is understood
It will be modeled- lafgely after the
Washington association. ..
But the speakers and the out-of-town
celebrities and the splendid menu are
not the only attractions at the gel
together dinner." The committee claim
they have some "stunts" which are
positively original and the nature or
which they refuse to divulge.
Brookland Gets
New Masonic Lodge
With Grand Master Charles E. Bald
win presiding. East Gate Lodge, No. 34,
F. A. A. M., was Instituted by the grand
lodge last night In the hall of King
David Lodge, No. 23, of Brookland. The
following officers, elected a month aga
were installed by Past Grand Master
Ben W. Murch: E. A. M. Lawson,
master; W. Grant Lleuallen, senior
warden; Henry R. RJesburg, Junior
warden; Charles W. Kell. senior dea
con: A. E. F. Fletcher, junior deacon:
T. Homer Hall, senior steward: F. E.
Hrnderson, Junior steward: Charles L.
Mendel, secretary; L. H. Patterson,
treasurer: Everltt M- Pierce, chaplain;
W. A. BIdwfll. master of ceremonies,
and Joseph W. L, Caldwell, tiler.
Work for Capita!.
invitations have been sent out oy
Arthur Jeffrey Parsons to the commit
tee of 100 on the future development
of Washington and to others Interested
in the artistic growth of the Nat onal
Capital to a reception at his home, 1704
Eighteenth street northwest, Saturday
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President Taft's Efficiency and
Economy. Committee Sent
J Report to Confreet.
"Some of the 'coolers' from whtefc
water was .taken," in the Fore! Thea
ter building, to be tested for Infeei
tlous germs tinder the directloa of tie
-President's Efficiency aad Economy
Commission "were found to, be In a
jnere filthy condition than the waste
This Is the Indictment contained in
th report of that commission trans
mitted to Congress. .'..:
Seventeen tests were made of the
water and waste cans In the oalldiug.
The coolers tested are those frosa:whfch.
employes obtain, drinking waterv
In permitting the use or sach water
coolers the commission, decteres that
the Government has shown an "utter
disregard of the health and, welfare of
lean, and
Per lb. ..
3 for 10c
5th ft X sts.
Eastern Mkt
Mt Balmier.
HyattsTille, Mi.
Takoaa Park.
. i'-
, . 'H- -

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