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Griftli Begs to Differ From Chance in Naming Teams Henry Is hnptwjfamfc
Named on Handicap Committee
.! -V ' -" i-$-"i tfiw-Sp'vii""ar
Says Peerless Leader Should
Wait Awhile for Fans to Be
stow Title on Outfit.
f fiiwrt (.rifilt? brain box of the
Climbers, differs from F. Lcro Chance ,
in roTT'Tiir n hlir lpneue baseball team.
Chance has issued notice that hereafter
it shall be "New Yorks" and no longer'
Highlanders. Iltlltoppers, , Hillmen.
Tankces or Yanks. Not dignified enough
to suit Friend Chance. The Peerless
Ce&dcr is always for dignity.
"I don't know,'' saysNGriff, "I think
Chance should wait till the season gets
tinder way. Then the fan3 will name
his team for him, without his asking,
""Naming a ball team hardly rests with
the manager. It's a job for the fans
wily Llie wiiicra iiu fccouta -
names, but I do know tliat the names
they give stick to the teams. No man
ager caa order any "name for his team.
"Here in Washington my team is
known as the Nationals, but this is
true .of this town alone. Wherever we
go iriy players are known as the Sen
ators. Last year they became known
as the Climbers, a pretty good name,
too, when you look over the history
of Washington teams. This new name
means something everywhere we go.
Nationals is a bad,name in two-Ieagne
cities. Senators is pretty good, but
Climbers looks good to me, for that's
what we're going to do. climb Into
first place.
"Of all the names given the New
York. club. I think Yankees is the best
to date. The Giants will always bo
known as the Giants, but the Yankees
are the American Leaguers, and until
they make a better name for them
selves, that looks th best to me.
Henry Improving.
Moeca Tnhn" Henrv. the Climbers
big backstop, is steadily improving over
i nnrtrinwn University Hospital. His
knee s being (baked and today Mlque
Martin began his famous massage treat-
m. t.t.w .1.1. La ion malro a mftrhl
menu im wio . ..- -
statue get out and dance a Jig, therefore
he has me oesi 01 iiupca iur v
TU'have John in shape for his best
i. -. ,m.r" eiv Mlnnp. the
nuiK UIJAW CM... "- ... " ". "
pafe and sane trainer of the Climbers.
"He II soon De up ana ouu i 11 u
him ready by the time we start our pre
liminary work at the gym next month,
and when the season opens he U be once
more tho first string catcher, leading
the league, too, or 1 miss my guess.
The plaster cast has been removed
from Henry's knee, but a heavy packing
is still on the job. As soon as that is
removed the big, fellow will be ready
to make that hurried leap to Ambers.,
llass.. where he will chat with the pet
cows and commune with the prize
chickens on his dad's farm until order
ed to Teport here for the preliminary
Discover Wonder.
Now they're touting young Shanlcy
In Detroit to be faster than Ty Cobb.
By the time the season opens this mad
ness will have worked itself out and
sanity will once more have returned
to those energetic young men in the
City of Straits. It's trulv amazing how
many can "beat Cobb" or "make John
son look like a shine." They re on
every side In the bushes. They remain
In the bushes, or else they emerge for
one brief breath In the big show. And
No football et-
President Butler denies that Columbia
will have a football eleven next season.
It is strange that the authorities at this
big university can' blind themselves to
the popularity of the game, to Its com
parative freedom from tcrious injuries
under the present rules and to its Im
mense "pull" for other sports of a
minor nature.
Must pay up.
Us up to "Curley" Brown to pay bis
debt tb the Jockev Club before he can
hope to stage races at laurel next Octo
ber. This is interesting to Washlngton
ians. for the proximity of this popular
track means that many make the trip
..very day during therace meet. It is
expected, though, that Brown' will pay
and obtain his sanction.
Lock.e, Joker.
Willie Locke announces that his Phll
l'ts will be "one of the first eight teams
to finish in the National League pen
nant nice." Glancing quickly at the
loster. one discovers eight teams in the
league. Hence, the natural conclusion
Is that Willie is a Joker. Fie.WJIlle!
Fitzgerald loics.
Johnny Fitzgerald, major "C Boston,
has lost out In his light against Rob
jlflloj, secretary-treasurer of the
vorld'B rhampioiis. and threatens to
lake his Influence oer to the National
League club. Horrors: How McRoy
&nd McAlcer must worry' McRoy
"pulled a bone" last October, but he has
the backing of Ban Johnson. Nuft ced!
Georgetown Improves.
A distinct improvement In team work
In the Georgctown-St. John's Coll je
basketball game at the Arcade last
night. After the earlier games of Un
reason many were discouraged by the
Basketball. Georgetown vs. Mary
land Aggies, at Arcade.
Hockey, Harvard vs. Princeton, at
Boston arena.
Standing broad jumps, stretch
kick, and 100-yard potato race, at
Y. M, C. A.
American indoor Ice skating cham.
pionhsips, at Cleveland, Ohio.
Opening of annual midwinter han
dicap trap shooting tournament at
Pinehurst, N. C.
Opening of annual bench show of
the Cleveland, Ohio, Fanciers' Club.
Ray Bronson vs. Tommy Howell,
ten rounds, at Kansas City.
Jack Dillon vs. Leo Houck, six
rounds, at Philadelphia.
y.iytjVJb, -t.t, AIJSM.t'fe V t.'"V
Forrest Cady Main
Attraction on Card
Of Wrestling Bouts
Forrest Cady, catcher on the
world's champion Boston Red
Sox, Is quite a handy wrestler,
jiiid lie is expected to be one of
the main card at the Illinons A.
('., Rock Island, on January 23.
However, If Jimmy McAleer
hears of the shoir, he may send
a rush order to his catcher to
cut out that dangerous game.
Cobb and Johnson continue on their
merrv way', winning greater and greater
glories. i
Shan ley. wno seems 10 nave gnairucu
..i .nm. ... Utifiincrt nn In th CTen-
ijuiic avitit ,u. . ...0.v... ... ---
tral Association, was seized by Col. Bob
Hedges, the grouchy boss of the
Brownies, and given one short, sweet
trial In the Mound city. men ne
faded awav away. He found that
Ithody Wallace, aged, decrepit, and
hamstrung as he is supposed to be. was
a far better shortfteld artist artist than
the Burlington team ever will produce
In a dozen seasons.
All this wonderful speed of young
Shanley failed to materialize when he
Joined the Browns. Anyway, what good
is just speed when you can't hit the
pill hard enough to keep it out reach of
the voracious inflelders. That's about
Shanley's class, too light with the wil
low. So he was quietly allowed to slide
out or Si. Louis to Detroit.
Crazy About Kids.
Up in Detroit, by the way, they are
going crazy about kids. Perhaps it's
a case of the wish being the father of
the thought, but they certainly are
waxing enthusiastic over the young
sters Hughey Jennings will try out in
the South. Some of those kids have
.ome chance of staying, too, particular
ly Bobby Veach. Oscar Vitt, and a
pitcher or two. The others well, Mis
souri has matiy sons all over this broad
When thev learned Shanley was a
Tiger, the jungle scribes Immediately
1....1 klm running T)nnnlf Rllich neck-
and-neck race for the honors in the
shortfleld. Then they swucnea 10 nrsi
base and had him showing up George
Monarty. JJei usuner. ana bum .
ford to be pikers around that corner
of the Infield. Now they've got him
the speediest runner In major league
baseball. . ...
The betting Is still good that Ty
Cobb will continue to shine for Ihe
Tigers in 1913, this talk of J15.000 belnn
malnlv just mere bunk, while friend
Shanlcv will disappear In the rush for
the jobs offered by Hughey Jennings.
The lad who failed to make an im
pression in St. Louis can hardly be ex
pected to scintillate in Detroit.
Rondeau On First
At the draft meeting in Cincinnati
last year Clark Griffith drafted Henry
Rondeau. a catcher, from the Jersey
City club, and shifted him to Detroit.
This player, not a youngster by any
means, expects a trial at first base
with the Tigers, if the other candidates
fall to show the necessary class.
stops In the International League last;
season, being snaaeo. oniy u i "" S
Schang, the Buffalo receiver drafted
. .u Uiti. -.
of the HilltOD coal
failure to co-operate
shnnfprn hut last nl
shooters, but last night's worlc showed
that some valuable practice has been
mat some valuable practice has oeen
had at Georgetown-slnce the University
of New York game. ,
More billiards.
Follow inc the appearance of Willie
Hoppe here Washington lovers of the
billiard eame are to have another treat.
Earl Williams, who Is one of the most
expert cue artists of the State of North
Carolina, will be at the Royal Parlors
throughout the present week, and all
comers are welcome to challenge him.
Large crowds are sure to see this star
of the green table.
To be congratulated.
C. Eugene Edwards, C. Edward Beck
ett and H. P. Foley are to be congratu
lated on their selection by the Ama
teur Athletic Federation, as the official
handicapping committee for the Me
morial A. C. marathon to be run on Feb
ruary !. The above selection Is agree
able to all of the athletes. Whether or
not this marathon race will be helJ
without the A. A. U. sanction Is still
undecided, but, at least, the Memorials
had better move cautiously when they
begin to buck that athletic body.
A "new" scheme?
New York is thrilled with the an
nouncement that Chance will have a
numbor of anonymous scouts working
for him next summer In the bushes,
and hastens to dub this a "new"
scheme. Connie Mack has been work
ing tliis scheme successfully for years.
But. then, he's In Pliilly, too far away
for self-centered New York to notice.
letters are here for Robert Williams,
Wahlnrtntl A A. nnrl YoUnir MlkC.llS.
otherwise known as MIky Cefarattl. Ap
ply to sporting conor.
Sullivan Lectures
Before Brooklanders
rt..it, TTntt'atitti' tiirientM have, had
the pleasure of listening to Ted Sulli
van's baseball lecture, McMahon Hall
being well tilled last night while the
former Washington manager and now
White Box scout delivered his address.
The lecture was filled with lntercstlntr
and amusing inside anecdotes of great
players of the past and present.
Alfred J. Ilackman. president of the
athletic association at Brookland. Intro
duced the speaker of the evening, and
short addresses were made by Thomas
B. Ryan, manager of the basketball
team: Paul Croarken, editor of the Uni
versity Symposium, and "Wild Bob"
Silk, president of the Leo XIII Lyceum.
Thursday night Sullivan will give an
Illustrated lecture at Brookland, and Is
sure to have a large audience. He Is
booked to appear at Brown, Holy Cross
and Yale before leaving for ills home In
Rondeau, Jersey City Catcher,
May Be Tried at First Base
by Hug hey Jennings.
bv Connie Mack. In addition to wolk-i
l k.litn Kn Knt ha fllfin Mtlllhll Ht !
first base and did his trick in the gard-
. .j ... .ilt n.i fill.at-nlinri
en now ttuu iiitii. s"c mi .
performer, it might b said.
aw k.iMnr' tit nt nmlnrn hall.
Rondeau blossomed into a backstop for
Jesse Burkett's club In the New Eng
land League. The Bosion nea ooi kim
I..M .. klm n.l hA mlvlit tlflVP ll&d a
chance with them but that hi health
went back on him. Tne itea box snin
ed him to Providence In 1911 and last
v,.- huntfrf him ln .leraev I'ltv as part
payment for Hugh Bedlent. Now he's
back In the big league wun ecry up-,
portunlty of being Q.car Stanage's un
derstudy. Connie Mack's chief task this season
seems to be to develop oungsters to step
into tne places soon w ot ien "l-,v
hy his trio of veteran lillngers. Lddie
Plank. "Chief" Bender, and Jack
Ccombs. indeed, aside from finding out
field talent, that's about all he'll bother
about down In Texas.
Three of the JIackmen's youngnters.
Pennock. Brcr-n. and Houck. looked
pretty good at times last year. This- Is
particulariv true of Brown. He Is a
husky lad. has control and a fair as
sortment of curves and apparently
enough brains to make a pitcher. Pen
nock seems too light for fast company
yet, occupying somewhat the same po
sition that Joe Engel does here, promis
ing much with Increase of years, weight
and 'experience. Byron Houck pitched
good ball most of the time in 1913 and
will be trained carefully at San Antonio
for the coming campaign.
Of the other less known performers.
Connie will be fortunate if he can find
two worth noticing. But this wizard
of the national ratne will devote his
entire time to developing youngsters
from now on, realizing that his veterans
are about through in the big show and
that good men must take their places
when they drop by the wayside.
Meets Georgetown, Catholic
University, and U. of P. on
Local Diamonds.
Tale's varsity nine will be seen here
In March in three games, meeting
Georgetown, Catholic University and
Pennsylvania. The Ells generally have
a fast team and It will take all the
rfh i? .tin InraT (itflmi in win from
eiAc'tot' vl ... w.-. . ... - .- -
them. Tale will open Its season with a
Southern trip, playing the first game
with Washington and Lee at Norfolk
and gradually working North.
Thirty-one games have been sched
uled, maklne this year's season the
longest In years. Following Is the
schedule, an games Denis injcu
New Haven, unless otherwise specified:
March 21. Washington and Lee at
Norfolk: 2. Holy Cross, at Norfolk; ZK,
Penna. at Washington; 25. Georgetown,
at Washington; 26. Catholic University,
at Washington; 29, South Orange Field
April 2. New Tork University; 5.
Trinity: 9, New York Giants, at Polo
Grounds: 12. Wesleyan: 16, Fordham;
iu rnnihum' !!3. Columbia: 25, George
town: 2fi. Penna.: 30. Tufts.
I Jlav-2. Virginia; 3. Brown, at Provi-
i oence; , Aumciai. ,v. .-...... -
delphla: U, Dartmouth; li. Holy Cross,
.. W;..t... !- nrawn: 24. Cornell.
at Ithaca: 2T. "Williams; 31. Princeton.
June-4.Holy Cross: 7. Princeton, at
June i. "" i' V . -vrir
Harvard; 18, Harvard, at Cambridge;
! Harvard, at New York city in case
21. Harvard.' at New York city In case
of a tie.
Jay Kirke Will Not
Be in Preliminaries
BOSTON. Mass., Jan. Sl.-Jay Klrkc
has bten heard from. He appears, to
be very thankful that Manager Stall
ngs. of the Braves, thought twice about
letting him slip back to the minor
leagues, and Is full of rosy prophecies
for the success of the W'alpole street
club this season.
Kirke will not be one of those to
accept Stulllngs' Invitation to do pre;
llmlnary training at "The Meados
plantation, having prevlousb made ar
rang"ments to visit his wife's old home
In New Orleans and to be there during
the Mardl Gras festivities. Mrs. Kirke
was Miss Anita Sadller. of New Or
Ieanf. Otis Crandall Makes
Record at Crow Killing
UVPORTE. lnd.. Jan. II. Otii Cran
dall. of the pitching staff of the New
York Giants, made an Indiana hunting
record today when he killed 201 crows,
the heads of which, under the bounty
law of the State, will entitle the twlrlcr
to $19.10. Crandall, whose 'home Is at
Wadena, a little town In Benton county.
In3.. has been spending the winter In
hunting. Crandall believes that this
icar will be his belt as a pitcher. The
'-!.!....- -.r fl.n mtln in-run nrr- nronar-
I Inc to tender Crandall a faiewcll ban-
for training quarters.
Some Easy Money.
NEW YOItK. Jan 21. Johnny Kil
hane. the featherweight, has arranged
to pick up some more easy money In a
ten-round bout with Young Driscoll, at
the Irving A. C , of Brooklyn. January
728 Thirteenth Street
30 Years' Practice Treating
Stomack and Nervous Diseases.
Indigestion. Loss of Appetite, Consti
pation. Dizziness. Bad Taste, Fullness
J.ftcr Eating, Wakefulness, Loss ot
Flesh, Heart Trouble. Palpitation, Kid
ney and Bidder Trouble, Stricture, Sal
low Complexion, Pimples. Blood and
Sltln Diseases. Loss of Vitality, and
Special and Private Ailments cured
promptly ("0C" iclminlntcred).
Consultation free, medicine furnished,
charges low. Hours 940 to 1 and 3 to S.
Closed Sundays.
?X9- ?"
ii .
m ja.jeu.
Of National Guard Athletic Asso.
Defeats Kelchner by 100 to 58,
and Will Take on Charles
Bartlemus Tonight.
. . ... , !. ...... .. I.lllin-.l I
Anotner ireai is in mmc it ...........
enthusiasts of Washington in the ap
pearance of Earl Williams, or .-orin
Carolina, who will be at the uo ai
billiard parlor every night this week
Williams gave his Initial exhibition
last night against George. K-lchncr, of
this city, defeating the Wasliliigtonlan
by 100 to CS All comers will be takrn
on by Williams throughout the after
noons aim t-vcnings oi ui v,
Charles HurtlcmoU! being the MUIardist
scheduled to face the North Carolinian
Admission is free, and nil are i-.or-dlally
invited. Game will start promptly
at 8 o'clock.
the fashionable full
dress shirt with the
patented tape adjust
ment the bosom cannot
bulge. Ask your dealer
for this comfortable style.
MM MM Csfcr Co Maker. TVsr. It T.
-j, j- --r iitttXi.
.. ' . '" .BiXTHfo ( yo .-. e..; .. .- 4i..JiJo.:''wVT-
K sssssaHssssssssssi
-n. ' . - , " ... av k v v ...Mny-i i
Of Young Men's Christian Association.
Yale Track Team to
Come to Washington
vriv HAVEN. Jan. si. "Yale's track
engagements for tho season were to-J
, .llxKn I
uay announce" o i"uu
February 8. Eoslon Athletic Associa
tion games; 15, Columbia University in
door meet. New York city: March 1.
Georgetown indoor meet. Washington:
April W, Penn Indoor games, Phlladel
nhinr Mnrv to. Princeton dual meet at
Princeton; 17, Harvard dual meet at
Yale Held; 24. Interscholastlc games at
Yalo Held; 30-31. Intercollcglato games,
place undecided.
Every winter suiting and
EwlECwvCBOwVBSHr ' liisssr' ylssssssBSsaaasssssssfsssslaW wmJim
mm I (My
new season and we arc offering the highest class fabrics and
reservations. No exceptions.
We've Put the Whole Stock
All Suitings Sold Up to
$27.50 to Measure
$5, $6, $7 and $8 Trousers to Order
Ends of Fine Suits Sold Up to $35
O 1
blfM .
C. Eugene Edwards, C. EdwarrJ
. Beckett,' and H. P. Foley to
Handle Proposed Run.
C. Eugene Edwnrds, of the ?atlon.iI
Guard A. A.: C Edward' JJeckett, ot
the Washington Y. M, C. A., and Jh
P. Foley, of the Memorial A. C, will
receive tlis appointment from the Am
ateur Athletic Federation, as official
handicapping committee to take charge
of the Memorial A. C. ten-mile rac,
which will be held February 8.
According to Information received,
today the Memorial A. C Is still ho!d
Intr tn Its nollcv of running the race
without ,an A. A. U sanction, but al
lowing the Amateur Athletic Federation
to take charge or the race.
TttA.ii ! nn i.ffnft'ln am- war. AtSm
cording to the1 Memorial A. C. repre
sentative, to buck the A. A U. It i
not generally Known tnai ine .Ama
teur Athletic Federation Is compatible
with the A. A. XL and Is purely an
nrmnlntlnn controIBnK atkletlcs in
certain localities.
"We have more man ajworoemoeni m
all In the United States."- ay Captain
,MI..A "T.. Waeh ntHnrt lf nf fll
athletic clubs with the exception of
Carroll Institute 'ana s me wwwuimi
A, A. are with us and there is no doubt
but that we can hold the Jlemorial A.
C. run without Interference."
Like Other Cities.
The Amateur Athletic Federation In
the city Is like those In the other dtee.;
is merely a protective, asodatlon for
particular locality in no way opposing
the Amateur Athletic Union, and lias
been started here in Washington.
In order to show exactly what Is be
ing done along this line of endeavor,
the Federation sends out the following:
In some centers wnere athletic fed
erations have been proposed, some fear
has been expressed among-high school"
with reference to the standing of high
school athletes who have competed in
such federations when these- same ath
letes entered college. We addressed a
number of physical directors In college
on this subject and publish the repllea
of same. Dr. Joseph E. Raycroft, of
Princeton writes aa follows:
"There is nothing in the rules of any
college or university that I know of In
the country which will bar a bona flde
student, whose amateur standing Is un
questioned, and who has satisfied schol-
membership upon its representative ath
letic teams. ,
"The lact that a. boy has taken part
overcoating in the house must
Jyyy'jzziffli m i
Absolute Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded
rTnw7sT C 44 Tailors 6 stores at
ILlll C VVf Eighth
'v.'-v ..ifc.c..,--. w
Pruning Knife Busy
On the Kaplanden
MTe$, I'm a8ig the prute
IrnlfeV 878 Jm BfrahNjlMMs,
MHBffcT of the XavlMfen,
'd I'm dolt it nlth
freifcaffMt, foe, -There's
sease fa taklac; a whale anyr f
players to the traMa? eaap M
,the srla The awaaer aer
has a ehaaee to tt taep all hi
jetfra aa4 wastes hi tiaw aa4
theirs. That's wbj l'ai sea;
themfcaek to the hashes ww."
In fedratlon meets while he -was la
high wbool might pofWy te brought
up against him It he wished to com
pete In open meeU -while cpHege ta
dent or after graduation- I doubt Terr
much though whether any web action
would be. Ukea K the man amatesr
status were beyond ssssldoa. Certainly
sueh a dlscrlmlBatloa would be most oa
Just. and I believe wottld react against
h- o-tu tontMl tn make It.
Asoierst 3Ua Writes,
W miote next from a letter froa Dr.
Paul C- PhHliDs. of ABaberst:
niMiir in vnnr letter rezarding the
possibility of the partldpatloa In ath
letics of amateur federatiosa interfer
ing with the eHgibffltr ot high school
boy when they come to eoHegeI eaa
see no cause lor alarm on inor pn.
"Aa long aa the ellglbHUy rslea
the amateur federations conform to
t.A ... .. rntntlijif Athletic As-
sodatlon. contestants under tne rales 1
or amateur ieoeration thj
eligible a any others for college teams
competing In Intercollegiate athletics. I
have since the receipt of Tour letter,
read over again the last constUuuoa
and by-laws of the Intercollegiate As
aoclatlon of Amateur Athletics of
Amterica." and can sea no clause which
would prevent college" students from
competing in intercollegiate athletics
simply because they had represented
amateur federations previously."
Sargent I aFa-ror.
Dr. Dudley A. Sargent, of Harvard.
"I have been; obliged to delay an
swering your letter, until I could get
an. expression of opinion on the ques
tion raised from the different members
of our athletic committee. They say
that Harvard does not require the
Tremendous Reductions in Quality
Tailoring to Wind Up the Season
Stein's Entire Stock of Elegant
Winter Suitings and Overcoatings
to measure tPTIf PrirA
at practically lil i I IOC
go regardless of loss to us. We
tne nnest tailoring senice in aiuhm.h i s" . "
Into These Two Bargain Lots
AH Suitings &
Sold Up to $40
B s
- .yja "t,f,.&'is-:iL-sin .
Organization Receives Letters
ing the Community Idea.
sure of A A. V. for its athletes. In
other words, men competing to your
athletic federation will be ellgfWe for
Harvard teams provided they rae-all
tte eligibility roles outlined' t th
inclosed sheet. It is possible, however,
if there is some agreement between
the Intercollegiate Athletic Association
and thevA- A. IT. that such- a, ma
might be barred from the Intercol
legiate track games. We do n&L know
what agreement there may be. between
these two organisations:
vaaSa SUte College, in writing to an,j
official In the Northeastern Pennsyi- 3
vvw rcuna.ivn. j-. . . .
"Replying to yonrs oi receni oaterj
nnnninv fmal.iir sthlotlc Federatlnn' "-
of NortBeastern Pennsylvania.- wouU j3
say that I see absolutely nothing ur j '
bar -any of your memoerirom peruci i
..L- .... a. .. s-.A.w AftfiA M.RAn. .
or otherwise '-.;
Scout Barrett Is
With Browns Again
ST. LOUIS. Ho.. Jan. 2L In renewing;
m, tmm v 9 .a f Tl1mct in nQftVlt: & i
- -t Tl ,, ... - .1... luln ... lvft ..
successive document, he has signed.
vumic; J3Af(;vk (frvuauiy a c a . -j..
ora- yer gumsnoe men. remain ia-s i
Jong tae service ot any- tuc am ;
11n-w0rr-- TZA-rrvtt ha mAilft a name fur
hisaself. and Colonel Hedges Is hapojr-4
to announce that Charley will be wltfc
ss again in ffll"
Barrett has founo; some very serrjee
able players. He Is responsible for Eart -Hamfiton.
Mack: Allison. Gas Williams. ;
Pee Walsh and others too numerous 'to'
mention, bete on Hedges payroll. AM '
we all know that Hamilton. Allison et-
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Denies Football Is
To Be Resumed Now
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NEW TORK. Jan. SL President ,
Nicholas Murray Butler denied today
that football will be resumed at Co
lumbia next fall. He said that the r
port in yesterday's afternoon papers
was "hews to him and that it was n-founded-
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