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La.Follette Measure Declared in
Interest of Health
Morals of Sex.
Declaring that the employment of
Women Is on the increase In WasHlng
ton, ana that the enactment of the
1 Proposed legislation not only will tend
to correct such abuses as exist, but
lll prevent their farther development,
the Commissioners sent to Congress to
day a favorable report on the bill in
troduced by' Senator La Follette "to
regulate the hours of employment and
areguard the health of females em
Ployed In the District of Columbia,"
The bill limits to eight hours a day
and six days a week the labor of women
uy "mU1' factory, manufacturing or
-Euiuucu esvauusnmeni, aresimaKing
or millinery establishment; mercantile
stabllslunent. store, restaurant, office. I
or where goods are sold or distributed
by any express or transportation com-,
panyorin the transmission or distribu
tion or telegraph or telephone messages
or merchandise.- Section 2 provides
that no girl under-eighteen shall be per
mitted to work In any of the estab-
p. m.
Has Injurious Effects.
The bill provides, further, for an ta
ttrvsj of rest of at least three-quarters
'of an hour after six hours of con
tinuous labor. In the event the estab
lishment closes not later than 1:30 in
the afternoon, women employes may
work1 continuously for six and one-half
In urging the passage" ofthe bill the
(.-oramlssioncrs say:
"Careful research,, made both in thin
country and In Europe, has established
?. .' that where women are com
pelled to labor long hours under either
Physical or mental strain it results in
Impairment, of their health. Where the
employment. Is of a physical nature or
an!c change, occur which phvsicians
save long recognized aa causing much of
its chronic Invalidism among -women.
Jt is likewise true that prolonged men
tal strain has its injurious effects. The
evil result of overwork is not confined
to the women 'themselves but Is an lm
portant factor In infant morbidity and
Would Protect Morals.
The enforcement of section i would
not only protect the morals of the girls
of the District of Columbia but would
lsq have an especially strong Influence
on their health. Those who are employ
ad at .night must sleep, at abnormal
Hours.." often "in rooms illy ventilated
ccanse-of"the dosing of doors and
.Windows, to exclude light and street
Eolses, and in addition are deprived of
the direct advantages of .necessary sun
ymt. "Thee conditions -are' especially
injurious to females under eighteen
years of age, since, being in a formative
period, they are more susceptible to
debilitating Influences than are adults."
The penalty provided by. the bill for
violation of any of Its sections Is a fine
of not less than $20 nor more than $50
for a flrstoffense; for a second offense,
by a fine of not less than 150 nor more
than J3. and for the third offense, by
a fine of not less than 30. The Com
missioners are authorized to appoint
three inspectors to carrv out the pur
poses of the act, at a salary of not ex
ceeding ftl,200 a year each.
Old-Line Democrats
Elect Shields Senator
Conservative Democrats won a victory
in Tenessee in the Senatorial election
when Chief Justice Shields received the
necessary number qf votes to elect him.
Senator Lea and the progressive Dem
ocrats were supporting Attorney Gen
eral C T. Cates. Hubert Fisher. State
renator from Memphis, former Prince
ton football star, broke from the fuslorf
lines and went to Shields. This gave
Shields the necessary number of votes.
The deadlock in Delaware continues.
In the West Virginia legislature, the
deadlock over organization of the State
senate was broken by the election of
Senator Samuel V. Woods, Democrat, as
president of that body.
Talks on Roman Africa.
"Koman Africa' was the subject of a
lecture delivered before the Archaelog
Ical Institute, in the home of Col. Rob
ert M. Thompson, last night by Prof.
Cordon D. Lalng, professor of the
American School of Classical Studies. In
Rome. The lecture was Illustrated. The
next meeting of the Institute will be
held on February 11. when Prof. T.
Lindsay Blayney. of Rice Institute,
Houston. Tex., will lecture on ''An In
troduction to Gothic" Art."
We Guarantee Parisian Sage to Cure
Dandruff, Stop Falling Hair or Itch
ing of the Scalp, in Two Weeks, or
Money Back. Giroux Mfg. Co., Sole
American Makers of Parisian Sage.
The above Is an offer we are most
proud to make. It ls'.an offer that no
man or woman need be ashamed to ac
cept' Parisian Sage is the quickest .act
ing and most rejuvenating hair restorer
in the world.
Its magical qualities have made it fa
mous wherever It .has been' Introduced.
It Is the only hair' restorer sold with
an absolute guarantee to cure dandruff,
.stop falling hair, or Itching of the scalp.
It cures dandruff by killing' the germs,
and it "kills them so -promptly that the
most skeptical give it " their 'warmest
But Parisian Sage Is more than a cure
for dandruff It will make hair grow on
any head where the hair bulb Is not al
together dead.
We want every reader of The Wash
ington Times to know that Parisian
Sage is 'the roost delightful hair dress
ing in the world. It is so pleasant to
use, and its effect is so invigorating
and refreshing, that It pleases every
body. And to the ladies we wish to empha
size the fact' that Parisian Sage is the
only hair tonic in the world guaranteed
to make the hair grow luxuriant, soft
and beauUful.
The girl with the Auburn heir is on
the outside package of every bottle of
Parisian Sage. Sold by O'Donnell,
and at drug stores and toilet counters
everywhere for 0 cents a large bottle:
Wilson Has Session
With Dentist Today
cipating that he's going to be too busy
to attend to such things after March
4. president-elect Wilson came to Phila
delphia today to have his teeth "fixed
up.'' He was accompanied from Prince
ton by his youngest daughter. Miss
Eleanor Wilson, who "commutes" be
tween her home and the Quaker City
every day to study painting.
Governor Wilson left at noon for
New York, where he expected to meet
Mrs. Wilson and put In an afternoon
shopping In preparation for his Inauguration.
Teacher Would Close
All Nation's Churches
HARTFORD, Conn.. Jan. 24. That he
favored a "closing up of all churches
In the country for a limited time as an
experiment," Is a statement made by
Prof. Wlllard C. Fisher, of Wesleyan
University, professor and former mayor
of Mlddletown In speaking for more
liberal Sunday laws.
. "i believe." he said. "In everybody
having an uproariously good time on
Sunday Religion is not going to
church. It Is doing well by your fel
low men."
Cooper and Claxton
To Address Graduates
William Knowles Cooper, of the T.
M C. A., probably will be the speak
er at the commencement exercises for
Eastern Htg.li School, to be held on
tho evening of eFbruary C, according
to an announcement made today.
A speaker has not yet been obtained
for the commencement at Business
High School, although negotiations
are under way.
The speaker at Central Hih Feb
ruary S, it has been announced, will
be United States Commissioner of Ed
ucation Claxton.
Four Speakers Heard.
By Sunshine Society
The District Sunshine Society meets
this afternoon In the Raleigh to' hear
addresses, by Mrs. Margaret Dye Ellis,
chairman of tho legislative committee
of the district W. C. T. U.; Mrs. Fred
T. Dubois, head of the "Blip Brother"
and, "Big Sister" movements, and Ed
gar '8. Martin, scout commissioner for
the District. A number of boys from the
scout organization will be present.
The society will also be addressed by
a representative of the local women's
suffrage bureau, who will tell' of plans
for the suffrage pageant on March 3.
Niagira FiHt to Be ;
Examined By Board
With a view to obtaining a report
for the use, of Congress'' before the ex
piration of the Burton- law, 'which pro
tects the waters of Niagra Falls 'from
further diversion. Secretary of War
Stimson appointed a commission to
make a .survey of the fall and report
how much. If any, water mar be di
verted without injuring the scenic
beauty of the great natural wonder.
The members of the commission, are
CoL Francis J. Kernan, Lieut, Col.
Mason M. Patrick, and Major Charles
Keller. ""'
Sre Tfa otk .PrufUnc
Noramlljr raedtelae; ot Is well
stocked witfcoar.lHmWtoC -TOSSliyV
IXBifor'youSioa't know -what' mo
ment it :may be- needed, t9 care a. sod'
denlyi developed 'case Of 8ore Threat.
Don'U take' unnecessary. :chaBes. ,
cause-Sore Taroatseemaa HttUf H.
menu Jt, majr be TonMlltls, Quinsy;
Croup, or Diphtheria tomorrow Cure
the Sore Throat by tatdijrTeXML
IJJE. tka oae; exeiuatseihrwat. ro-
eay. aaa prevest taese.are
ed diseases. . , ; t, v
One dose of TOX9IL1XK will
give relief, aad'a vsry-.xsw
doses will cure. It U the
stitch. In time.
25 cents ana SO cents Hospi
tal Size $1.00. All Druggists.
Open a Charge Account
MM to 417 & Seratk 8treet
Hen's $20 Suits
In the Cut-Price Sale
Choice of any $20.00 suit In the house, consisting of blues.
grays, and browns. In fancy cassimeres and worsteds. Un
usually good suits at their regular marked price of $20.00.
Special for $14.76.
Men's $17.50 Overcoats
In the Cut-Price Sale . . .
Any $17.50 Overcoat in the store, consisting of velvet and
convertible collar models, in blues and black kerseys, and
fancy mixtures. $4.25 saved on these coats if you purchase
this week.
Boys' $3.00 Suits
In the Cut-Price Sale
Boys' $$,00 quality double breasted casslmere suits, in
fancy mixtures, well made, and furnished with full cut Knick
erbocker trousers. Special price, $1.98 during this cut-price
Thaf s Proving Mighty Popular With
8,700 Pairs of Men's and Women's Shoes Go Into
The Greatest Shoe Announcement of the Year
This is not a sale of "odds and ends" or "broken lots," but shoes from our regular stocks, which but last week were selling at their regular prices-7-the prices
for which they sell the world over in season and out of season shoes that are worth their full value at all times. In order not to misrepresent in any way to make.
. this truIy'"An Affair oH-Jonor" we want to make jt perfectly clear that this is not a clearance of our entire stock, buithe shoei&in this sal&are from thevery "cream"
' of this stock. The public is snowing its-appreciation' of this "Honor" Shoe Clearance Sale. They know the reputation of the-House of BERBERICH for square deal
ing, and the guaranteed quality of BERBERICH footwear. Every Shoe Bears the Same Guarantee of Satisfaction as Though Regular Prices Were Charged.
900 Jair MEN'S $6, $7 and $8. SHOES I or
The latest English rribdels-the shpe styles that fashion favors forv men.
They are all new arrivals less than two months since they were P
put into stock. These are -regular $6, $7, and $8 values take your '
choice during this sale at $4.85.
So, Men's $4.50, $5.00 and $6.00 Shoes
H bH bbI isk- H
Burt & Packard's famous "Burro japs' 'the shoes of
These handsome English models come in all sizes and widths and
a splendid assortment of leathers. Make your call early in the week
while the assortment is at its best.
the strongest guarantee. If the upper
of any shoe breaks or gives out before the
sole wears through you can: have a new
pair free. Even the patent leather "Burrojaps" are guaranteed.
The guarantee label is sewn in the lining by Burt & Packard.
They are in every new style, all sizes and widths, and all the
new leathers. The selling price is stamped on the sole by Burt'
& Packard Co. $4.50, $5.00 and $6.00 your choice during
this sale, $3.85.
3,600 Pairs Women's $3.50, $4.00, and $5.00 Shoes for
Women's Goodyear Welt Shoes, up to the top Notch of Berberich aT p-W MKt
quality, with the' Berberich guarantee back of them. A splendid assort- ip M w
ment; in Patent Leather, Tan Calfskin, Gun Metal Calf, White Nubuck, HII. M Zj
Diu C-; A i . T : i ...:jal Tfu. i4. A.i W kr
uiauK. oauu, ciiiu vcivcl. in cvciy biz;e anu wiuui. me very ia.LCbL biyicb
of 12, 14, and 18 button heights, and in blucher and Laced Models
extra high cut patterns. Shoes that are known to be extra values at
their regular prices of $3.50, $4.00, and $5.00 you have your choice
now for $2.75.
350 Pairs Women's $3.50 Slippers for $
Just in the middle of the social season, when you need more slippers, comes this special chance. 350 pairs Worn- 1 1 1 1
en's Hand-Turned Satin Slippers; plain or beaded vamps; white, pink, and blue; every size and width. Our own "
good $3.50 values, at
.bbsbsbw If J? mJil .i&B
-V ,.
; -V&ti
Washington's Largest and Most Progressive Shoe House. Established 1868
This Sale Is On ONLY at Our Branch Store 813 Pennsylvania Avenue
v 1
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