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President, as Well as F. C. Sib-
bald, Sales Manager. Widely
Known in Washington.
'Wien tl'c Michigan Motor Car Coir
p.my selected T OUver-Trobcy us i's
lTjiiilnston repieentatlvc. It cngagc-l
aman who hat been prominent in tlie
business world of this city for man
oars. He i. identified with many on
Surprises here and lis latest Is the
(jhigan Motor Companj. with sa'c-s-j-ooms
and ser.-cc dt-partment at lrSi
nhcoiisln avcuc-. Jlr. I'robcy l
prudent and r C. Slbnald It, talcs
feanager ISotli have responsible po
rftiona in the Washington Automobile
15al-s' ssoclation, Mr. Probey be
Ite piSldeM and Mr' Sibbald tre
The 1313 Michigan, at JI.oSj. fu'l,
pipped. Biters motor buyers a car ol
from to 4G-horepower. four tpevu
irni w iu iv- excess tlrin.
handndriVeP"lt c'emS cont,.,
StrioBitehUW b generator sjsum.
zv"w it -amf-iun. u"v
known automobile
e'igineers In
ft 11- .. 1 (I11IILL ILitA.
ttinHtv of Atrerican. people.
"ZZtr' .l.r t
jV ?
of the
' u true cast en bloc The bore
Mfe; magneto niaarj "
.W! oT-hiirotor is single j
The TteP is circulated by gear-driven
?pntrmul Pump, through a cellular ra
'M5S2. Phi. oillnir system is of t he self-
WSifuA clrculatinB type. The clutcn
T derign-diamcter 1 inches, face"
vUfi c..miinn of Mlchican cars
wnbodUs four-fopiard speeds and le-
this transnilfelon Is the special design
rfMr. Cameron, after experience and
ttady of English. French, and Amerl
cfl cars. .
'Many hlsh-priced American csrs hae
used tlie four-speed gear set. but the
Michigan is the first car selling at a
rfedlum price to adopt this Important
feature. Four forward speed transmis
sfons are now round In 157 European
tofikes of cai-s. It seems to be the con
census ol opinion among automobile
engineers that in. 1314 four forward
speeds i will bo found in most of the
TtBdlng medium-priced cars.
with this transmibsion. having the dl
icct drive on the fourth, a much higher
efficiency Is obtained from the motor at
a much Jess expense. It also affords a
far greater flexibility than is posslbte
to-a tliree-Fpeed transmission, and adds
rtt;uch to the ease and pleasure of driv
Sag.'.Jt prorides an efficient and logical
-control of the car without waptlng fuel
ariS without racing the motor, conso
uently with far less vibration. Jta ad
.yar.ta.ces are especially noted In grade
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' M'jW. i JC bss ssssbssssssEIlim Lssbb i i4iMsssssssssslLsssssssssMi JsJIj- .. ... . . -. ss A.?. ?.-titftttlKKtKMifiuKn)1CJ:-''t I W .LJliHtsr
" - yf PZf " - s.sssssssssss"sslslslsllslssisMIIIIWHIfcMg?rS rS!?llsliim'lllllllim l . tLI ..Pl
" islVsssslMBtols . . h - BM . . . - - m m tSSSSi m .SSk. V Jt & A BsPBS W H
New Motorcycle Model
B ' WWjHU'ii JuW " NssffSssiBE?iBM. V iWblIW'lJl. ' -v? if?
American Automobile Associa
tion to Meet in Washington
in March to Discuss Issue.
That the Sixty-third Congress will de
vote much time and attention to the
establishment of a national policy of
road building is the fond hope of motor
car drivers all oer the country. AVhat
that policy will be Is jet to be deter
Having In mind the establishment of
a safe and sane policy of Highway con
structlon, the second. Federal aid good
roads convention has been called by
the American Automobile Association to
meet in Washington March 6and
primarily to concentrate the thought
and crystalize the good roads sentiment
of the country at largo along practical
and equitable lines of Federal participa
tion In road building. m
Every State will have Official repre
sentation at .the convention through a
delegation named by Its governor- It Js
expected nhe convenaon'vill 'bring' to
gether the greatest! aggregation of good
roads advocates ever, seen iliT the United
States. Washington," motorists! and the
Various business organizations are plan
ning to give the delegates a warm wel
come. Motorcycle Road Race
To Be Held Annually
Tlw Savannah Motorcycle Club has
announced the establishment of an an
nual motorcycle road classic to be held
each year at the time the Grand Prize
and Vanderbllt Cup races are run. It
Is proposed to stage two events one a
200-mlle race for professional riders and
the other a 150-mlle event for amateur
The Sensation of the 1913
Local Dealers Must Use Motor
Delivery to Compete With
New System. ,
"Although I am not a prophet, I am
quite willing to make one guess as to
, the effect of the new parcel post law,"
says one of the big motor truck mak
ers of the country. "My conviction Is
that it will cause the early motorizing
of all classes of delivery.
"In the first place the Government
itself will use mojor trucks to gather
and delier this new class of mall.
Horses may be used here and there at
first, but It will not be long before their
inefficiency will be demonstrated. Then
the express companies. In order to com
pete with the package-carrying venture
of Uncle Sam, will try to outdo him
in efficient service. That means thou
sands of more trucks.
"Sow, with the "sale by mall fellows
enjoying sifch rapid delivery advant
ages, the local dealer to the trade must
meet competition ylth the same sort
of enterprise. His watchword 'must be
service and service is 'a synonym for
motor delivery. With .the refallerjs pace
quickened the manufacturer and Job
ber who expect to sell him goods must
likewise cut out unnecessary loss of
"Thjs motorizing of delivery will
bring much wider benefits than the
quicker delivery of goods. It means in
evitably a bpeedler realization of na
tional good roads. Thus, every one us
ing highways", whether for business or
pleasure, will praise the day that de
veloped the commercial automobile."
Invent Motorcycle Gun.
A new motorcycle-mounted rapid-flrcl
gun has been invented. It velghs only
sixteen pounds as against the forty
three pounds of present pattern. It
will fire 300 rounds a minute.
A. 3k..r
m K mmmtm- ssw -
Berryman & Williams-Prominent
in Washington Circles Sev
eral Years. .. ; "-
One of the most attractive, exhibits t Neaily every motorist has experienced
at the automobile show next week will 1 Uk exasperating task of locating small
be that of Berryman & Williams, agents punctures in inner tubes. The follow
here for Harley-Davldson motorcycles. IK suggestions may serve to lighten
J. S. Bern man. head of the firm, nasi his trouble when he -next meets with
been prominent in motorcycle circles of
Washington ever since the "little
brother of the automobile" was first In
troduced in this city. He "s a member
of the National Capital Motorcvcle Club
and takes an active Interest In the
sport end of the motorcycle business.
The Harley-Davldson motorcycle has
enjoyed great popularity for years. Ten
years ago when the Harley-Davldson
Motor Company, of Milwaukee, brought
out Its 3'4-horsepowcr motor, other
manufacturers and riders of the then
popular Hi and 12i-horsepowcr type
called it a monstrosity. The machine
proved to be so universally satisfactory
that other manufacturers In turn were
forced to manufacture motors of like
size. A few years later the company
brought out a still larger motor, a 4
horsepower machine, which set a new
standard for motor size.
Two years ago the company became
convinced that a still larger .motor, if
properly designed, would render even
more satisfactory service than the 4
horsepower type. The Harley-Davidsorf
designers commenced work on a new
model with this Idea in view. Flnally
a satisfactory type was evolved and
built. Detail after detail was worked
out until a year ago when their en-'
glnecrs became convinced they had "de
veloped a really successful 5-horsepower
motor. The machine has created a
furore In the motorcycle world.
The Harley-Davldson Motor Company
Is said to be, the largest manufacturer
of single cylinder motorcycles In the
world. Last-year It claimed to havev
built more than any other two manu
facturers combined. 'The 1913routput.af
"3-S5" singles alone will aggregate close
to J2.000.000.
Three models comprise the line. They
are known as Model S-A. model 9-B.
and model 9-2, magneto ignition, full
floating-seat and free-wheel control be
ing standard on all three models.
Tightening of Screws -An
Aid to Ignition
It pays to pcrlodlcallr tighten the
terminal screws on the. magneto, for.
If they become looseifed. a certain
amount of resistance l apt to be in
troduced in the connections. This is
likely to absorb an extra amount of
current which thus cuts down, the effi
ciency of the Ignition system, and the
blame is laid on the spark plugs.
- w. "Hsbbbijjjjb' Pssiv
Season! Show.
I W 4
Suggestions Made to "Lighten
Trials 0 Automobilist Who
Meets With Mishap.
such a mishap
'In the first plape the tube should be
examined carefully to determine If the
puncture is large enough to be seen. If
not immediately visible, th,o perforation
may be very small,' no larger than a
needle point, and In this case" It Is .much
harder to locate. A
Inflate the tube slightly and hold It
rear the ground. Very often, if the
load is dry the puncture may be detect
ed by the disturbance of the dust made
by the escaping air.
Cheek Method.
If this test cannot be made or If it
does 'not discover the puncture, present
each portion of the tube to your check
until you can feel the rush of -escaping
air. These methods falling to locate, the
puncture, your only course Is to Im
merse the tube in a pan of water, sec
tion by scctlpn, end watch closely for
air; bubbles. "Where these bubbles rise
Is the point of puncture. ,
"Sometimes even the water test will
glveno indication of a leak, yet when
the lube, is refitted and Inflated, the air
.pressure will again decrease siowiy
You may then be practically sure that
tlie trouble starts near the nut at the
base of the valve. This Is assuming
that all other valve parts are in good
condition otherwise when the valve was
Immersed to water., bubbles would have
Indicated the leak. An invisible leak of
the' nature described could be produced
by screwing tlje nut at the base of the
valve too tightly, or not screwing it
tight enough.
Send It Back.
In cither case it Js safer to return the
tube to tho manufacturer, for it Is not
llkclv that tho motorist can make" a
salsfactory. repair.
If no puncture is found in the tube.
It would be woll to rc-test the valve,
Thii can be done while tlie tiro Is
mounted on the wheel. Simply turn the
wheel until the valve is pointing
straight down and immerse the valve in
a glass of water.
This is accomplished by raising the
glass . until the valve Is submerged. If
hubblt-s rise to the surface of the wa
ter examine the rubber security disk at
the bottom of the cap and If this is
damaged fit a new one in its place. If
vou have no regular rubber disk. us In
stead a small leather wiasheV or one
aiade of cloth smeared with cement.
i .liHV
Exhibit Spaces
Authority on Lubrication Says Cars Woufd Run.for Y$ars With
out Repairs or Adjustments If This One Element Coukf
Be Absolutel y Eliminated. .
"An automobile would run without re
pairs or adjustments for a million miles
or forcver-Ifilfrlctlon: could be alto
gether eliminated. It could not run 20
feet If frictld nvvcre not partially elimi
nated by the aid of lubrication," says
T. E. Toml!;json,-nne of the best known
oil men In the country. 1
" "In other'wSrSs," continued Mr. Tom
linson, "the relation between the eTl
clency of the machine is both direct ami
absolute. When dealing with 'such a
highly developed piece ot. machinery as
an automobile, the importance of lubri
cation can hardly be.overesUmated.
"Owing to the fact.thiitthe lubricat
ing oil used in a gas .'engine is burned
by the exploding gases, the oil leaves
n jtAnAnl. ..-! ..... .. .
. "wau ut iuuon narmiui to tni cvi-i
nuers wiinin wmch It Is deposited. It
is obviously desirable, therefore, to use
an oil which contains the smallest possf-
uie amount or tnose elements which
cause It to deposit carbon.
. Ashes Mere Carbon.
"Carbon la the ashes left by the oil
after It Js bilrned. These ashes arc the
sum of the actual carbon Inherent in
th, eoll Itself, known asflxed" carbon,
and the. coloring matter in the oil.
known as 'free' carbon. The amount
of 'fixed' carbon in an oil is deter
mined by- the gravity of the oil. The.
lighter the gravity,' the less, fixed car
bon; the heavier, the gravity the more
Hm, r?-..i:t&eriem:e Caches the
l ut 1r. thIs In tne use, of 'gasolene
the lighter gravity gasolene depositing
less carbon- than those with' a" heavier
." t -
"The amount of free carbon In an oil
Commercial Vehicles '
Of Two Distinct Types
There exist two definlto fields of com
mercial vehicle endeavor, one of which
Is 'best served by electricity, -the other
by gasolene, a fact on which experts in
transportation generally' agree. Just
where the dividing line should be placed
Is the. one subject for argument.
The advocates of each type, admit
that the gasolene driven trucks have a
greater radius of action and a larger
reserve of power. On the other hand,
the electrically driven truck Is free from
odors, requires less co-operation from
its driver in the way of minor atten
tions and Is much simpler to repair.
It Is also easier to maneuver in dense
traffic. . " v
Motorcycles Exported.
American imotorcyclcs 'are' being ship
ped to Turkey .and Spain. The export
trade in this type of machine Is grow
ing rapidly.
3 and 4, Convention Hall
is determined by the color of'-the oH.
The lighter tricolor, theteM"free car
bon; the darker the fcolor, .themore
free carbon. - "" V
The amount, of carbon .which 'an oil
-km deposit, therefore, is indicated by
.us gravity and Ita color niglf gravity
and light color denoting the desirable
freedom from carbon.
"Crystal oil are oils which have been
iiiicreu unm an me coloring matter
or free carbon has been removed. As
extended processes of filtration are ex
pensive, particularly so when applied
to high grade lubricating oils, this type
of oil has neVer been generally mar
keted. While any crystal oil Js better than
that same oil would be before it was
filtcicd to a crystal color. It must be
r hnn.i ..mnvMl Al
rememDered mat this crystal color in
itself does not tell the whole story-The
' nil nulMt Yll 0 tmnA 1nlii-4f4nt ii troll
..... - -.
. v Clarity No Guide.
"A sewing machine oil might be fil
tered until -crystal clear and yet that
crystal clarity would not at all indl-
cate that the oil was suitable for auto-
mobile lubrication. The oil must first
be the .best lubricating oil, and If that i
oil Is then filtered until crystal clear.
that crystal clarity will then indicate.
mat tne 011 is tne Dest lUDncant pos
sible to use.
"Crystal oil will not only deposit
'much less carbon than other oils, line
the little carbon' it does deposit is ofva
nature that will do the Jeast harm in"
tne cylinders. Dancer colored oils de
posit a thicker and mora gummv form
of carbon which becomes incandescent
and causes damage.
"While 'crystal oils cost about twice
as much as ordinary oils, this difference
in cost will be much more than coun
ter balanced at- the end .of the season
by the general mechanical condition of
the motor."
Automobile Concerns
Enter Bowling Teams
Thev automobile Is to take a promi
nent place In "bowling. Just as it has
In other lines ot sport and business,
when the American Bowline riontma
meets -for Its annual tournament in
Toledo, February 2 to March JZ.
Already "dopesters" are figuring out
the chance several teams reDrescntinc
big automobile factories throughout the
country reive to "get Into the money."
One ot tho leading contestants thus far
entered Is the team of the Wlllys-Over-
lanu uumpany, 01 xoteao.
New Motorcycle Uses.
Hew. uses for the motorcycle are be
ing discovered xevery day. The latest
use to which the "little brother of the
automobile" is being put Is in the de
livery of newspapers, a paper In Pensa
cola, Fla-, having Installed a motor
cycle svstem of delivery.
4 I
amkriiti' 'i
-. . j.
i. ,!$ ,
Knows That CrOtht s am) R6k
Win Not Be subject to Ptey.
ful Gusts of Wink'1
1 -v i;.
0na thIn D-rtt-uiii -,) ,
' ,.une tnl"- Particularly noUceaN to
1 the automobile Industry, i the mf-
eratlon given to th needs of ta ttmti-
nine user. It is auite clear that mk
- .. ' --
as never before are catering to the vot
of the feralnlno side oU tta timuboM
and are 'supplying' vehicles" t& better
adapted 'to their needq than any Js Ue
past. ' i' ?
Tho fore doors that were the Mg- ad
vance In the 19U'jraofea Werer ese site
that way. Tlio woman who fett ce
splcuous In the. front sea t-aad hesitate
to drive on that account t eels pro
tected and shielded by the "doors' rt
ar liberty to handle' the Pfdals anil
levers as. she pleases. She knows that
the winds and gusts which constantly
h dn.AVlA .a mM... . lit- - .
uinucudi i, v'-ijr wiiu iap rooes a
-skirts to - her 'annoyance are; taut h
me rore oors and she drives1 wha
-srea-ier commence accordingly;
As cars have grown larjief and atsn
luxurious they have reqritnfa larger ea
Bines and these have been harder fa
start. Many large cars iHtfCtbereceni,
been beyond the muscular iailmy. ut
the fair driver to get" th'eNeBgiae uacr
way and so have' not bees salted to fcir
use, Today nearly every make of W
Is being equlpped'-wlth self -starting dV
vices wmen aa away wita the
mm iu Hindu
r ,1 'i
Another-automobile advance tfiafay- )
eal3 to'women drivers-Is the Wilnrfar !
peals to'women drivers-Is tne rpteetar
TUr Mvfctn
Even heating comes In for coaaMetZ-
tionl The- town" ear -msu?b -
fortable as one s heme by' using- tfu
beat of tne exhaust gases to warm air
wnicn rises inrougn aradiator sm,
keeps the interior of tne.car-boHt want
ana pure. Jne tore aoors, and wWM Y1
shield keep oat the" wintry J stoats freer
tne open cars in a. pracacsJ irnininr.
so that winter driving' Is.Ta pteasnw
as compared tothat-iOffafewMsett
years ago.
Magneto Bearings.
Require.CarefHl Otiwj
The armature of the aaagaete is,
mounted on ball bearings,, which should,
be oiled regularly, accerdteg to the
amount of usage. It-TrUUhe'foasd ts
in genera each of the beaiiags tshesid
be supplied with four or1 five dreas ot
oil verr three weeksjor-every H saSes,
The platinum contact-peats-stiesH fee
carefully protected from ;ofl, as' oH
tends to burn them -and 'cstisesfBeer
contact and consequent!ytmfeetng-e th
engine, it snuuia ue oorue in mud -that
the circuit breaker and Its Baits
do not require oiung.
irtrt Tinr rpniiir. niiine- -- m -
...w. ..-.. . , , w- BH
' 4
,iTt iScSfe-S -

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